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Found 9 results

  1. EO Suspending Immigration Visa for IR-5 , F1, F2A, F2B, F3, F4 etc. for 60 days – Clarification Needed. Does it mean stop processing of I-130 , at every stage ( USCIS , NVC , Consulate , Interview ) or only at the final stage of issuance of the IV . Clarification is required if I-130 processing for these categories will continue inside USCIS/NVC/Consulate internally but only issuance of Visa will be put on hold for 2 months . Therefore there will not be any delay in processing of I-130 at these stages ? Subsequently they will start issuing the visa after the Interview , after 60 days . Or otherwise they will drop out these cases all together at all levels and stop I-130 processing . So there will be delay at every stage ? ---------------------------------------------------------
  2. REPOST Hi, ☺️ before i start, i am the foreign spouse, currently in germany and my husband is a USC present in WA. CR1 Questions regarding DS260 / NVC Case I was reading through some websites from the gov and nvc about civil documents but nothing for any additional evidence. when i first filed for the i130 i was reading through some discussions like here and they said that we have to gather additional evidence of when we would next visit, new photographs or anything new. so just read through the nvc page and they only want the civil documents? i was going to add some new supporting letters from friends and family, since they got to meet him here before the pandemic went viral, also we’ve been on trips in cities and have hotelinformation etc. i was going through a sample of the DS260 and there is a question at the end which said ‘ were you on a J visa and didnt fulfill your 2 year stay? I was on a J visa for 1 year and 9 months (2017-2018 - exempt from 202?? or 212?? stay, i believe it is called) because thats how i decided and basically fulfilled my time. So do i check NO or YES? this question really confuses me, lol question to where they ask about employement : currently unemployed due to corona - is that exactly what i’ll state in the explanation box? I will have my interview here in Germany, so that i can immigrate to WA and be with my Husband and someone said that i dont have to translate the documents because they are in the german language. Is that correct and will i upload my civil documents and any additional documents to the nvc in german without a translation to english? Thank you for your help! I will really appreciate it 🤗
  3. Hello! My husband (USC) wants to pay his 2019 taxes, but we have some doubts. I am in the process of CR-1 and I live in Mexico, but I do not declare taxes (it works differently in Mexico than in the US, you do not need to declare if you earn less than a certain amount per year) and i've never been in the US. 1. Can he add me as a dependent? he sends me money every month. 2. If I can't get an ITIN because I don't have tax returns and I've never entered the US (they ask me to have US stamps in my passport) is there any other way to add me without the ITIN? or does he have to fill his taxes as a single person? 3. last year due to ignorance and because he had never lived in the US, (he was born there and emigrated to Mexico as a child) he filled taxes as a single person, this was wrong? our interview for the CR-1 visa will most likely be at the end of this year, weare afraid this may be a problem, I think he need to make a correction to the taxes sent from 2018 but I am not sure. sorry for the bad english :( and thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, We have our scheduled interview date from NVC (December 5th 2019) 😁, and when we registered on the CGIFederal portal we requested "Premium Delivery" for return of the passport, rather than collection from CITIC bank (this option can be changed at any time prior to the interview). My wife lives in Shanghai so we will be travelling to Guangzhou together. Question: For those of you who didn't encounter any issues like AP or RFEs during or following the interview process (ever the optimist), which option did you select and how long did it take until the passport was in your hands following the interview? (We are trying to figure out which would be faster.) Thanks everyone. We are so close we can taste it. 🙏
  5. Hello everyone! Noobs here! Bangkok US CIS just emailed us last week our Packet 3 so that we can start the IV. I want to move to Texas by mid-November. What would YOU do? - I completely move from Asia (been here 19 years) to Houston leaving Thai wife behind. She applies now for IV. She comes to US once IV is complete. - We both fly to Texas now (me move, she vacation) and after Christmas she flies back to Bangkok and applies for IV. - Other options I'm in a rush to sell our business here (we might close this Monday), fly to Texas to help care for parents (80s), and look for new job. Thanks all! Rob
  6. My father's initial status was Administrative Processing after his immigrant visa interview on June 27. He had to submit a few documents like updated police certificate and family registry and i864-A so he was given 221g. After submitting the documents on July 17, my mother's visa went from READY TO ISSUED on Aug 1 and my father's visa went from AP to READY FOR INTERVIEW. The date has been updated a few times but case still ready for interview. No feedback from embassy. Please help if you know anything about this scenario!
  7. My lease is up in 2 months and we will be moving to a different place. I am filling out DS260 for my parents and there’s a question to where they should mail their green cards once the everything is done. I am estimating that it will be at least 3 months after nvc approves their documents, get an interview appointment and whatnot. Is it safe for me to put my grandmother in law’s house who lives next state and put my name as a contact? We go there often and handles some of our letters. I just dont want to risk losing their green cards to the wrong hands when the time comes. Or should I stick with our current address and call them to change it later? Do you even call the uscis for that even though my petitions went to nvc and consular processing? Let me know. I really want to get this done already.
  8. Hello, A couple of weeks ago, I received the congratulation letter in the USA embassy as my DV was approved by the consular officer during the interview last Month. However, I have not yet got the issued visa status although the case status was already updated within a week after the interview and remained Ready not AP for weeks till now!!! Was the approval decision in the interview final? May the file review by an officer result in a conclusion different than the approval earned during the interview? What are the procedures usually taken by them during such time? How is this situation (Ready status) different than Administrative Processing? Advise about this situation, please! Thanks in advance.
  9. This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
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