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  1. I am creating this thread to help all of the Houston 2017 filers come together and share updates in one place. Since Houston is one of the most slowest offices currently, it would benefit all of us to communicate and share any experiences we are going through when it comes to the AOS from a K1 visa in Houston. Please share any communications you have with Infopass associates or USCIS phone calls, and any other movement or changes with your case. My current timeline: AOS NOA1: 06/17/2017 Ready to be scheduled for interview: 07/18/2017 On old USCIS site: USCIS currently can't provide you with any information...: April 2018
  2. I'm currently in the process of preparing my AOS packet and had a couple questions regarding my vaccination records. I know they need to be translated, but does it have to be notarized? And should I take the original record along with the translation when I go for the medical exam? I still haven't scheduled it yet because of this question. I've been seeing a lot of different information online and I'm confused. Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. I filed for adjustment of status in NSC. They forward it to NBC after a couple of months from where I received a biometrics appointment from and completed it. NBC then transferred my case to the local USCIS office from where I received an interview appointment. During the interview they issued me an RFE asking for a waiver on my J visa's two year home residency requirement. I filed for I-612 in CSC and was approved after which my case was transferred back to NSC where I originally filed it for adjudication. I was hoping that NSC makes a decision, but I received another transfer notice that my case was sent to NBC for the second time. Can anyone speculate why did this happen? Could it be that biometric and medical exam results are valid only for 15 months and I have to do them again? Will I be reinterviewed for any reason?
  4. Hi all, I recently got married on a K1 fiancee visa and am currently filling out the forms for Adjustment of Status, but I'm a bit puzzled as to what documents are needed for the medical. I had my medical examination in the UK on October 10th 2019, a little over 5 months ago. It is to my understanding that I don't need to file the I-693 since my medical was less than a year ago, is this correct? I was given a sealed medical packet along with my K1 visa, is this to be submitted here? I have a sheet from my medical in the UK listing my vaccinatons and whatnot, should this be included as proof of vaccinations? I have a disc with my chest X-ray on it from my medical that was given to me at my K1 interview in London, is this to be included too? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. Hello, It seems we don’t have a sub-forum exclusive for those who filed their AOS petition this month – September 2019, so I thought I would create one. Hope this channel helps us communicate and share our experiences. I look forward to hearing from fellow September filers. Good luck to all of us! My details (married to a US citizen and currently working/living in the US currently on L1B😞 Marriage-based AOS packet mailed by FedEx to USCIS Chicago: 9/8 AOS packet delivered: 9/11 Received SMS notifications to inform that USCIS received my case: 9/17 Cheques cashed by USCIS: 9/18 Received letters (NOAs – form 797C) for I-130, 485, 765, 131: 9/20 Waiting for biometric service appointment letter
  6. Hello all, I entered on a K1, got married within the 90 days but we have not yet filed our adjustment paperwork for various reasons. My K1 is now expired and I need to fill out my current immigration status on the I-485, I have no idea what to put. Do we need to file an I-130 as well? I can’t seem to find a clear answer - I’ve seen multiple people on this website stating they didn’t file for AoS for months (even years!) after legally getting married on a K1, but I’m also reading conflicting information that even if you did everything right regarding the K1, you are “unlawful” once it expires despite being married and you need to file an I-130 at the same time which seems arbitrary? Others have said you only file I-130 if you didn’t get married within the 90 days. I’m so confused! tl;dr: Definitely married within the 90 days, K1 period now over - what is my immigration status for I-485 and do we need to file the I-130? Very grateful in advance to anyone who reads and can advise!
  7. Hi everybody! I am sorry if I'm making a duplicate thread - I tried searching for an answer but could not find one. Therefore I am reaching out to you :) So, I am one of those people who are sending in my AOS package after February 24th. I have heard rumors and read on the USCIS website that there might be a change in fees regarding the AOS process. As of now the fee for AOS is $1,225 and the I-765 and I-131 for free if you send them in along with the AOS. I have read what the USCIS are saying about this on their website, but it seems like the fees are still the same as before. Are they though? Or have I misunderstood something here? Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend.
  8. Starting new thread for November 2017 AOS Filers in proper standard VJ format.. MONTH YEAR AOS Filers Hope all novembers filers enjoy this jouney. Some references for November Filers; https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do https://www.uscis.gov http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?cfl=&op1=&op2=&op3=1&op4=1&op5=&op6=All
  9. Hi everyone, A friend of mine came to the USA to attend a conference and after the conference, he met his long time sweetheart and they started kicking it and decided to get married in order for him to stay. However, she is a permanent resident and not yet a citizen. She meets all the requirements to become a citizen, but she hasn’t filed her N400 yet. They love each other and went right ahead and got married. My question is, can he adjust his status since she’s not a citizen yet or does he have to wait until she’s citizen before his status can be adjusted? Also, what are other options that he can explore?
  10. My AOS packet (I-130, 131, 485, 864, & 765) was rejected and returned due to a simple number error on my credit card form. The packet was returned stapled into 11 sections, in an order that looks mostly random to me, with an attached plastic bag holding my photographs, original envelopes, and folders. Of course, there were also the I-797C notices and the green form. Do I resubmit this EXACTLY how I received it with the fees corrected (staples, weird order, plastic bag, & all) or do I go back and re-order everything to how USCIS requested it in the first submission? The USCIS website for original filing specifically says no staples, to clearly separate each application, and include cover letters, so I don't want to mess this up again by returning what they sent back to me if it's wrong. The only reliable info I can find about refiling is to return the original documents with the stamps now on them, and put the green paper on top. Nothing out there about the order, and no instructions on the 797 either. Help is appreciated!
  11. Hi there, I am an E3 visa holder looking at applying for an adjustment of status through marriage here in the next couple of months. I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the form I-508 needs to be filed with the AOS package? I have read different accounts of people not filing it in the beginning and having to fill it out in triplicate at their interview and people filing it with their AOS package just to cover bases. Also, I am not sure what filing in triplicate means? Thank you to anyone that can give me any advice on this matter (and please feel to move this content to a better suited forum)
  12. Hi everyone, Some context: K1 visa received, one-way ticket purchased, just nine weeks to go (I arrive March 15 and we get married on the 28th!!!) We wanted to get a head start on the AOS process. We would so appreciate it if someone could kindly help us with the following: 1. Provide some feedback on our cover letter (PDF attached, or the PNG file if the former doesn't work) and also double-check that we listed all the materials that we need to submit with the packet. 2. (Please confirm or clarify) if it makes a difference to include copies of my (beneficiary) birth certificate and our marriage certificate with I-765 and I-131 applications. We noticed that both the birth and marriage certificates are not included in the list of required documents on the USCIS website, but we've been seeing a lot of VJ-ers include them in those two applications. Many, many thanks! AOS Cover Letter.pdf
  13. Hey there! I've visited VisaJourney for the insight plenty of times now but this is my first post - I'm a UK resident engaged to wonderful Idahoan, we've just started filling things out and gathering evidence of our relationship, but I've got a question regarding my surname and need to work out the best way to proceed before we actually file. I've long intended to change my surname and know what I want to change it to. In England this is a fairly simple process and can be completed by Deed Poll - once approved I'd need to reach out to the passport office, my bank, workplace and such so the change is reflected there too. However, I'm hearing that this may have the potential to significantly complicate our application, and if it comes down to it I'd much rather stave-off changing my name if that means we can be together sooner. I've seen answers on the forum talking about changing surname at marriage (usually one party taking the surname of the other, or, with one poster, both parties selecting a fresh new name jointly) - we love eachother immensely but are simultaneously very independent people - in her case, she wants to keep her current name, and in mine, I'd like to go forward in our new life together with the surname I've chosen to myself. Do you know if it's possible for me to make this change at marriage? If so, how does this affect the AOS, who should I inform, and how should I fill the documents out accordingly? Is it best to change it in England and bring a copy of the accepted deed poll forward, or would the discrepancy between my birth certificate and historic documentation against the new name just needlessly complicate the process? This is unconventional territory, and if anyone here has experience and wisdom on the matter we'd both be eternally grateful Thanks, and all the best to you!
  14. Hello, We are shortly going to be filing for AOS after I arrived here on a K1 visa in May. We are a little confused about the sponsor's "current individual annual income" on the I-864, and seem to be getting conflicting information from different sources. My fiancee (soon to be wife) started a full time job at the beginning of May, with a salary $40,000 per year. Prior to this, however, she was self employed, and for the past few years her income has not met the threshold. I understand that it is current income that they are most concerned about, however, we are confused about a couple of things: 1. For the part in the I-864 where she has to record her "current individual annual income", would she enter $40,000 (as this is what she will be earning annually), OR should she calculate the income based on what she is expected to earn in 2017 (i.e. what she expects to earn from this job from May - December, and anything she earned prior to her becoming employed in May)? I have seen conflicting answers on this. 2. When we submit the application, she will have 4 months of paystubs, as well as her initial employment letter. Would this be enough to satisfy them? Thank you!! Dan
  15. My husband is adjusting status through me a USC. On june 12th USCIS received our case and began working on it. on August 16th, 2019 we received an RFIE which states: Submit a copy of the primary birth record issued by the appropriate civil authority for the applicant. The U.S Department of states visa reciprocity and civil documents indicates the only acceptable document is the Copy of Birth Folio, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos." If the Copy of Birth, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos," is not available , you must submit acceptable secondary evidence AND a letter from the government or other authority. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to; church or school records, listing your parents names and your date of birth; hospital records of your birth; or other official records indicating a country and record of birth. Im so confused because we sent his birth certificate. I have attached a copy of what the one we sent looked like. It is not my image, I got it from google. Ive been doing some research and Im coming up with copies of stuff we cannot get easily, if at all. Im so scared that my husband wont get accepted over this. Anyone in a similar situation?
  16. This is my RFE, " The petitioning sponsor on form I864 Affidavit of support, must submit a complete federal income tax return submitted in the Federal Revenue Service (IRS) for the most recent tax year. If you submit a transcript it must be it must be a tax return transcript from the IRS. If you were not required to file a federal income tax return under the U.S. tax law, attach a written explanation of why you are not required to file. " see , " filing requirements in the IRS form 1040 filing instructions to determine whether you were required to file" .... I would of sent a pucture but my phone takes bad pictures. SO ,will i explain about 2019, because i will be sending probably after the new year...thanks so much in advance!
  17. Hi all I am a K1 Visa recipient and my husband and I are filing our AOS soon. I have a question regarding the required tax documentation on the I-864, Affidavit of Support. I understand that if we file AOS before the end of 2019 our most recent tax year would have been 2018, and we've got that. But if we file in January 2020, would our most recent tax year be 2019 already, thus requiring the proper documentation for 2019 instead? I ask because the company my husband works for doesn't send out W2s until February, but we REALLY don't want to wait any longer to file our AOS because my I-94 had been expired since October 22nd. We've planned to file this December 16th but something came up, and we might have to reroute the budget for that one onto something else.... sigh (I know, I know, we're filing late, but life happens and so here we are...) 😅 So I'm thinking: 1) Perhaps USCIS would allow the submission of 2018 records due to the fact that tax season for 2019 won't be over until April 2020 anyways? 2) Perhaps we could include an explanation on our cover letter as to why we're submitting 2018 records despite 2019 ending? So yeah, I would appreciate any input from anyone who can help. Thank you all
  18. Hi all, I'm in the States with a work visa, soon to get married to the woman I love (yay!) she's from MA (her parents live there) but we both live and work in NYC Since we'll have to go through the AoS procedure, question: Does it make any difference if we get the marriage license and certificate in MA or NY state, when it comes to the Adjustment of Status procedure? I mean I don't want to go to any MA USCIS offices because we got married there, lol. Thanks!
  19. Hello, My wife came to the U.S. on a K-1 and we married this past March and applied for Adjustment of Status. We have been living in Connecticut in a house owned by my parents but this past month my wife started a job in NYC so we rented an apartment in NY to be closer to her work. We now have an appointment for our interview in Connecticut, and I am wondering if we can still do this interview in Connecticut? My drivers license is still in CT and we will file taxes in CT, but we also now are staying at this secondary apartment an hour away. Will this be a problem? We really don't want to change our case to NYC since we have an interview this month and NYC is so back logged. Plus we still have and use this house in CT, just not full time currently.
  20. Hello all, new here. I'm looking for any advice I can get. The Background My wife and I are in our mid-late 20's, I'm a USC and she's a Polish Citizen. We met while she was working here and dated long distance for a while. On one of her visits here (B2) we got sick of the way we were living and wanted to marry. The ceremony was a tad rushed as we decided this close to her authorized stay expiring. Unfortunately this was in vain, as we hugely underestimated how difficult it'd be to get her health records from Poland and our AOS application was not filed until several weeks after her would-be departure date. We applied and had a fairly normal timeline for NYC filers. She received her EAD a little over a year ago and has been working fulltime while we're establishing our life together. Our interview was just scheduled for two weeks from now. The Evidence: We're taking the proof of AOS very seriously given the overstay and the non-immigrant visa. We know for a fact we'll be examined under a microscope. Unfortunately, we paid a consultant to help us file i485+i130 who recommended we did NOT send evidence of a bona fide marriage so this is the only shot we've got. We have: A joint bank account. She's set up for direct deposit, lots of living expenses Car title in both our names Car insurance in both our names Life insurance beneficiaries for each other Apartment Lease in both our names Renters insurance in both our names Utility bills in both our names Internet bills in both our names Roughly 100 mailing labels addressed to both of us (I'm a shredder so I had these anyway) A photo album of about 60 pictures of us both from the last 2-3 years. A good portion are with family members, some from Poland Flight itinerary from my visit Her name and SSN are on my tax return documents The Ugly: Here's what I determine will definitely bother a USCIS Officer: No wedding photos besides one blurry shot (you can barely tell its us) There's a separate bank account in just my name (result of a big identity theft attack that hit us last year), my paychecks go here to split the money Separate health insurances (financially made sense given our employees) No rings (we were pretty deep in debt when we married, we're thankfully fully out now) B2 Visa implications Overstay (explained above) There is a second vehicle in JUST my name (I bought this in cash and we needed it registered asap for my new position, she was away at work so I rushed the DMV stuff myself) The tax returns have her name and SSN but aren't joint, they're "Married Filing Single" at the advice of my tax preparer. She had no income in 2018 as she'd only just gotten the EAD by year's end. Stokes Interview: We practice common Stokes Interview questions every night. I do everything with this woman and visa versa and have no fear about an inability to pass one of these. It's the evidence I'm worried about. The Plea for Help: She truly is my world and I want this life together so badly, but as you can see my case is far from anything to feel confident about. Please help critique my evidence, give me tips, anything I can do to strengthen this upcoming interview.
  21. Hello, USCIS received my AOS package on October 8th and they sent me the receipt notices and my P.D is also October 8th, however until now I have not received the biometrics appointment notice and it is almost two month? I did a service request since November 11th and haven't heard anything since then. Anyone with similar case or know what is going on? I am filling from Brooklyn New York and currently my case is in NBC since they received it. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  22. Helo, I wrote on my I-131 from Expedite request and i attached a letter with evidence to that expedite request, I sent my package on October 8th, haven't done biometrics yet. Should i request another expedite request? Has anyone done that? if so, how to do it? Thanks a lot
  23. Hi, Did anyone get a status update that says "fingerprints review was completed" on their I-485 without doing biometrics? Is that an error?
  24. Hello everyone! I am currently filling out my I-485 and I just needed clarification on a few items, if anyone can help: Note: I posted the same topic recently but put the wrong title in and forgot to add tags, plus I needed to edit the content. Apologies for the redundancy. If the site admins could delete my previous post, kindly do so. Here is the link of said post: Here are my I-485 queries: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 Part 1., 25.a.-25.c. - Provide your name exactly as it appears on your Form I-94 (if any) > I obtained my I-94 from the website and it only shows my first and last name. Does this mean I leave the Middle Name item blank, write N/A, or still write my middle name even if it doesn't show on the I-94? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Part 2., 3.-4. > Is the Receipt Number the one formatted as such: WAC1990123456? > My NOA2 shows the Priority Date as blank. Should I put N/A? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 Part 6., 1. - "The term 'children' includes all biological or legally adopted children, as well as current stepchildren..." > My husband has a daughter from his previous marriage, but I have not legally adopted her and she's not his dependent. Is she included in the "stepchildren" clause? (I'm uncertain about the legality of the terms is all) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 Part 8., 63.b. - If your answer to Item Number 63.a. is "Yes," do you believe you had reasonable cause? > I answered "No" on 63.a. so this item should be N/A to me, but there are only Yes and No boxes. Should I check "No" anyway, write N/A, or leave it blank? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any help is appreciated. 😊
  25. Hey guys, as usual I've been reading some conflicting information online about what is required for AOS on a K-1 visa & need some clarification. I entered the US with my K-1 a couple of weeks back & got married, however the K-1 itself expires pretty soon. As far as I understand, the visa itself is basically irrelevant now that I've entered the US, but I've read in various places online that I need an unexpired K-1 visa in order to file for AOS. This would be pretty inconvenient as mine will expire before I get an SSN, amongst other things. Am I right in thinking that now I'm married I only have to worry about filing for AOS before the I-94 expires? And that the K-1 expiry date has no more relevance now that I'm married & in the US? Or will I need to hurry up & file while the K-1 is unexpired?
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