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  1. My husband is adjusting status through me a USC. On june 12th USCIS received our case and began working on it. on August 16th, 2019 we received an RFIE which states: Submit a copy of the primary birth record issued by the appropriate civil authority for the applicant. The U.S Department of states visa reciprocity and civil documents indicates the only acceptable document is the Copy of Birth Folio, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos." If the Copy of Birth, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos," is not available , you must submit acceptable secondary evidence AND a letter from the government or other authority. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to; church or school records, listing your parents names and your date of birth; hospital records of your birth; or other official records indicating a country and record of birth. Im so confused because we sent his birth certificate. I have attached a copy of what the one we sent looked like. It is not my image, I got it from google. Ive been doing some research and Im coming up with copies of stuff we cannot get easily, if at all. Im so scared that my husband wont get accepted over this. Anyone in a similar situation?
  2. Hello all, I had my overseas medical examination in my country (Malaysia) last August 2019. I rejected all vaccinations when filing for K1 Visa due to pregnancy. I arrived in USA on Sept 2019, and currently filing for Adjustment of Status. Do I still have to go through another medical examination with civil surgeon in USA? I can't have any vaccinations done until I am due in February 2020. What should I do with my I-693? Do i still file it? It says on the website that you don't have to file another medical examination for K1 applicant since a medical examination was already done overseas. Thank you in advanced!
  3. Hello, It seems we don’t have a sub-forum exclusive for those who filed their AOS petition this month – September 2019, so I thought I would create one. Hope this channel helps us communicate and share our experiences. I look forward to hearing from fellow September filers. Good luck to all of us! My details (married to a US citizen and currently working/living in the US currently on L1B😞 Marriage-based AOS packet mailed by FedEx to USCIS Chicago: 9/8 AOS packet delivered: 9/11 Received SMS notifications to inform that USCIS received my case: 9/17 Cheques cashed by USCIS: 9/18 Received letters (NOAs – form 797C) for I-130, 485, 765, 131: 9/20 Waiting for biometric service appointment letter
  4. My peruvian birth certificate has an accent mark in my last name but my passport and visa stamp don’t, and this is because my another country ID was print everything in capital letters which means no accent marks. In order to get the passport and visa i had to use that ID and no my birth certificate. So I wonder if this would be an issue when I apply for the AOS. Thanks so much in advanced! 😭
  5. Hello everyone. Here's my timeline: Date Mailed: 01/18/2018 Date Received/Priority Date: 01/22/2018 Received Text/Email: 01/29/2018 Date Received NOA Letters: 02/02/2018 Received Biometrics Letter: 02/08/2018 I did Biometrics today. Yesterday I received a courtesy letter from USCIS on a yellow paper informing me that they have reviewed my documents and noticed that I haven't submitted the form i693 and to bring an updated from(medical exam) at an interview. They also said not to send it right now, to wait for a RFE before the interview. However, I haven't received an interview notice. I know it's too soon for that but I was wondering what it meant. Does it mean that I wouldn't get an RFIE and my case is ready to move forward?
  6. Hey guys. I am at the moment waiting for a letter from USCIS with the scheduled date for my upcoming Green Card interview. My office is in Atlanta, GA. Is there any if you guys that recently went through an interview and want to share your experience?
  7. I submitted my medical exam alongside with my I-465 July 2018 and I’m going for my AOS interview 10-10-2019 in NYC. I just want to knw if my medical exam has expired to get another one done before the interview or will I get a letter information me that the previous one I submitted has expired.
  8. Hello, I moved to the US on a K1 in October and applied for AOS, EAD/AP in November. I received an RFIE today for AOS/i-485 and it's in regards to my Birth Certificate. I am completely confused why I got an RFIE, as the document I submitted is a CERTIFIED copy issued by my government in the UK. It's a full birth certificate, written in ENGLISH. This birth certificate has been used for years and accepted at every point it has been used, by the UK government AND during my K1 application. I don't understand why now it's suddenly an issue. I have included the relevant pictures below with personal information blanked out, if anyone has any advise please let me know. Thanks!
  9. I’m going to USA on k1 to marry my fiancé and will after that apply for AOS. me and my fiancé is going to stay at his mother’s apartment but there is a problem. She might not want to tell the landlord I moved there because they are only allowed to be 4 people living there but with me we will be 5 people. will this cause a problem when applying for AOS? Do uscis want proof like a statement from landlord that i live there?
  10. Hello Everyone, I received an RFE for I-864 and I-130. We found a joint sponsor for the I-864, but for the I-130, the RFE said "ALL pages of the form are not present or of the same edition date. Submit a properly completed and signed form I-130". I checked the USCIS website, and we sent in the exact edition available there, so i'm assuming some pages may have been misplaced? Hence, I would only have to send in a new I-130 and not I-130A or the evidences, because they did not ask for that? Also, how do I actually assemble this?, it is a little off, as I need to attach the actual RFE letter with that as well. Thank you!
  11. My wife entered the US on a K-1 visa late November 2018. We filed AoS in December after our wedding. Her EAD came over the summer after we had to put in a request to expedite it. She has now started a teaching job, and her EAD is only valid until the end of May 2020. She could get a one-time extension through November 2020, but that would not last her through next school year and could put her job in jeopardy. Our case is at the Orlando field office because we live in Central Florida now. We are moving to our house near (but not in) Orlando by the end of the year. With the house, we need both of our incomes. The Orlando field office has a long backlog with an estimated time range of 13.5-33 months. Their “Receipt date for a case inquiry” was recently backdated from 2018 to November 26, 2016, as of today. While Jacksonville, Florida’s, processing time is not great, it is at least better: 11-25 months. The Orlando field office is actually closer, but our neighbor was assigned to the Jacksonville field office. His wife got her green card within a few months of their wedding. This was several years before we got married. On my wife’s first week of work last week, her school put us in touch with an immigration lawyer who wants to have a $250, 1-hour consultation with us. We just need to ask that lawyer if we can transfer my wife’s case to Jacksonville. After a lot of effort this summer contacting USCIS, our Congressman, and others in the government, we’re not happy about the government stringing us along regarding her continued work authorization. I’m apprehensive at spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, especially while we have a house under construction. I've used JustAnswer several times before to help us fill out forms, but there's more at stake here. So before I continue down a path with this lawyer, I just wanted to check here: has anyone else engaged an immigration lawyer from a similar situation (planning ahead for EAD renewal after K-1 AoS)? Did it help? Any other thoughts or advice?
  12. Starting new thread for November 2017 AOS Filers in proper standard VJ format.. MONTH YEAR AOS Filers Hope all novembers filers enjoy this jouney. Some references for November Filers; https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do https://www.uscis.gov http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?cfl=&op1=&op2=&op3=1&op4=1&op5=&op6=All
  13. Hi, I received a RFE for original birth certificate yesterday. We initially sent copies of birth certificate translation in English assuming it will suffice. Unfortunately, it didn't and we are really disappointed on ourselves for sending only copy of translation. The RFE states "Submit a copy of the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by appropriate civil authority. USCIS will only accepts a long form birth certificate which lists at least one parent. If the document is in a language other than English, You must submit a copy of foreign birth certificate and a complete English translation." So in this scenario, we are to submit COPY OF ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Which is in FOREIGN LANGUAGE) and ORIGINAL TRANSLATION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE correct? I got advise that original translation would have been suffice had we have sent it at the first place. USICIS doesn't accepts copy of translation? Translation must be in original form? As I understand the requirement, I am about to submit a COPY OF FOREIGN BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE and ORIGINAL TRANSLATION along with the copy of RFE letter and cover letter. Please correct me if I have to send any other documents. Also, any other info is much appreciated..
  14. Hi, I entered US in May 2019 on K1 visa and have already applied for AOS after getting married. My I-94 expired in early August. When I went to DMV for a driving permit and submitted all the required documents including the NOA for submitting my AOS, they said that they cannot issue a driving permit to me as my I-94 is expired and the SAVE system doesn't verify my status. They raised a request to SAVE and gave me a verification code to check online. I received a mail that my current status in SAVE is "Not Verified" and I cannot be issued a DL, ID, or Permit. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Will the current status be changed to "Verified" and if yes then how long does it take?
  15. My brother is waiting for immigration on an F3 visa, which has priority date of December 2007. Recently the second date has become current. (The date where you start filing), but the first one is still 6 months away. He already has a valid B2 visa. He has visited US once for 4 weeks. Can he come the US now on B2 and file for change of status from B2 to F3? Is it possible to get a Green card or an EAD with AP?
  16. I came to America on a k1 visa on the 11th last month. We are planning to have a court wedding on the 4th of October that is near to the 90 day expiration date. Does having a wedding date close to expiration date and then applying for AOS hinder our case in any way? I need advice so that if needed we can push the date ahead instead. Is it okay to apply for AOS after the 90 day period?
  17. I'm the US citizen, and I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. She is on the lease from now until the end of July 2020 (though she may move out as early as May). My fiance will be coming here and we'll be getting married sometime around Feb-March 2020. My place is affordable for two people, but the lease says for an additional person to be added, it'll be an extra $150 per person per month. With the current timeline of our visa process, my fiance living here will only overlap with my roommate for 4-6 months. My landlord is very much hands off; he is never around and I haven't seen him in probably a year.. he just sends his employees to take care of the lawn and that's it. He doesn't even take care of maintenance issues, let alone pay attention to what we're doing. I'm wondering - to save money, do you think my fiance could just stay here not on the lease for a few months once we're married, then get added to the lease for the following year in place of my roommate? I really don't see a point of adding him to a lease for a few months. I wasn't sure if at any point the government would ask for proof that we're living together, like a lease with his name on it... if that's the case, maybe I could provide a copy of the lease for 2020-2021, as this will have his name on it. I just didn't want it to be an issue that he's not on the 2019-20 lease. (also if my landlord miraculously notices he's staying here I could just say he's visiting or staying with me for some reason) I'm really not trying to be shady, we just really can't afford that much in rent, especially with all the plane tickets and filing fees and such. Let me know what you all think would be a good way to proceed.
  18. Adjustment of Status (AOS) is the process by which a non US Citizen petitions the USCIS to become a Permanent Resident of the United States. To qualify the non US Citizen must reside within the United States and meet certain criteria as outlined on the I-485 Form instructions provided by the USCIS. Petitioning for Adjustment of Status can take several months to over a year and will require biometrics to be taken and a formal interview at a local USCIS office. If the person petitioning is the Spouse of a US Citizen then the immigration officer conducting the interview will require proof of a valid marriage as part of their processing. While a petitioner's Adjustment of Status application is being processed many people also file for (or co-file with their AOS) an Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole allowing them to work and travel to and from the United States prior to their AOS application process being completed. [NOTE: The same acronym AOS is used to refer to the I-864 Affidavit of Support form.] Additional Reading: Adjustment of Status for K1 and K3 Visa Holders K1 Visa Adjustment of Status Tips Adjustment of Status Tips for various Visa Types K1 Visa Adjustment of Status FAQs K3 Visa Adjustment of Status FAQs
  19. Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience of how I adjusted from a TN status to a Green Card through marriage. This wasn't easy and it caused us a lot a headaches. So if I can help some people I will glad to! We didn’t use a lawyer. If you read the forms and instructions carefully everything should be fine. Our story: I met my husband back when I was on a J1 visa summer 2012. Since then, I had another J1 visa in 2013 and I had a TN visa since June 2014 (oh and I got a new job in June 2015 so I asked for a new TN at the border). So we got married November 2015 and decided to apply for an adjustment of status (AOS). Our AOS package included 4 forms (I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765). General advice: - Do not send real documents. - Send copies and scan everything you sent them just in case! - I didn’t have an alien number or visa number since my TN isn’t a “visa”. You write none or N/A (read instructions on the forms) - When the form asks for your class of admission, visa type, current status, how you arrived in the country etc. We put “TN-1 Status” - Make sure you have enough time remaining on your TN status. It can take a few months for the application to process. As soon as you get married you should sent the AOS package. - You should receive a work authorization/Advance parole card within 90 days. This card allows you to work and travel while your application is processing. - For the medical exam, make sure it is completed by a Civil Surgeon. You can find one on this website: https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor . You can get prepared and make sure you have all the immunisations done first. The physician says that people are frequently missing the flu and tetanus shots. It costs about $200 for the exam. - When filling out the I-864 it will ask you for 3 previous year’s tax records. You can easily request these records from the IRS. - Send your package with tracking features so you know when it gets there. - Once they get your case, you can look on the USCIS website to know if they updated your cas - I was so nervous for our interview. The lady was very rude (but i guess this is their job). No questions about the TN at all. She just wanted to verify that we were a real couple. We learned the next day that our case was approved. She didn't tell us right away if we were approved. I was so anxious for that 24 hours! So relax and just answered the questions they will ask you. Our package looked like this: COVER LETTER We wrote a little introduction and list down what that packaged included I-130 PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE - G1145 E-Notification of application/petition acceptance - Form I-130 signed by petitioner - Check of $420 made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Copy of petitioner birth certificate showing birth in the U.S - Copy of petitioner’s United States passport biographical page - Copy of marriage certificate -Copy of applicant’s passport biographical page - G325A signed by US Citizen petitioner - G325A signed by applicant - 2 Passport-style photos of petitioner - 2 Passport-style photos of applicant - Evidence of Bona fide Marriage (Copy of joint bank account statement, affidavit letter from family friend, selection of pictures that document relationship and marriage) I-485 APPLICATION TO ADJUST STATUS (This form allows you to adjust to permanent residency) - Form I-485 signed by applicant - Check of $1070 made payable to Department of Homeland Security - I-693 (Medical examination completed by a Civil Surgeon sealed in an envelope) - Copy of passport's biographical page - Copy of I-94 - Copy of Marriage Certificate - Copy of Birth Certificate with translation - G325A signed by applicant - Two (2) Passport-style photos from Applicant - Affidavit of Support from the petitioner US Citizen: § I-864 Affidavit of Support form completed § Copy of Petitioner’s IRS tax return transcript and W2 for the year 2014 § Copy of Petitioner’s pay stub (leave and earnings statement) from actual job I-765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT DOCUMENT (This form allows you to work while you green card is being process. It doesn’t cost anything extra) - Copy of I-94 form of applicant - Two (2) Passport-style photos from applicant - Copy of biographical page of applicant’s passport - Copy of marriage certificate (for name change) I-131 - APPLICATION FOR TRAVEL DOCUMENT (ADVANCE PAROLE) (This form allows you to travel while you green card is being process. It doesn’t cost anything extra and if you leave the country while your application is pending they think you are dropping your application) - Copy of I-94 form of applicant - Copy of applicant’s passport biographical page - Two (2) Passport-style photos from Applicant FYI, Our time line: 05/2012: J1 Visa 05/2013: J1 visa 06/08/2014: TN visa 05/27/2015: New TN visa (changed my job) 07/24/2015: We got engagement 11/13/2015: We got married 11/16/2015: We sent the AOS package 11/18/2015: Email saying that they received my case 11/24/2015: Email saying that my case has been accepted 12/22/2015: Biometrics appointment 01/06/2016: Email saying that we have an interview schedule for 02/10/2016 02/03/2016: Work authorization/Advance parole card is on production 02/10/2016: Interview day 02/11/2016: Email saying that my case was approved 02/11/2016: Received my Work authorization/Advance parole card in the mail Now waiting for the green card to get in the mail! Good luck!
  20. Hi everyone! I am in the process of getting my citizenship and would like to file for my parents as soon as I am done. Meanwhile I was thinking to have all the required documents ready for them. Both my parents live in India and are retired. They don't have a birth certificate or marriage certificate. Even though their DOB and marriage is validated in legal documents like passports and adhaar card. Has someone been in a similar situation and what did you do that worked out for you? I have read in previous threads that in these situations, we can have a signed affidavit by city's municipal corporation which can be submitted in lieu of non availability of birth and marriage certificates. Is this a valid statement? And if yes, can someone provide me with the template of the affidavits that they used for this purpose? Also, if someone can guide me with the list of other supporting documents that may be needed and should be submitted? Thanks and appreciate the help.
  21. A friend from a foreign country has been working at a consulate office for his country here in Chicago since 2010. He has since gotten married (to someone from his country) and brought her here on his A-2 (diplomatic workers & family) visa. They had a child who is a US Citizen and carries a US passport two years ago. In other ways, they do not own property here and the child hasn't started school yet. They have just learned that their A-2 visas will become non-renewable in 2021 due to a new rule in their country or the US. In any case, they'd like to stay. He says his coworker is doing an adjustment of status from A-2 to green card, but he has older kids and owns a home. His country is not at war, there are no other asylum-related issues or concerns about safety if he returns to his country. He just feels this is a better place to raise his child and has already established a home, family, and friends here. I can't see any cause for adjustment since the section 13 requirements do not apply. Has anyone heard of such a case or seen any success in this type of adjustment? I'm happy to help him submit all his documents, but I feel like it might be wasted money if they'll never approve it.
  22. Hi, I have a question about a joint sponsor while filing for AOS. My wife’s income is insufficient to meet the minimum requirements since she’s a student and we’re aware that she can add her household members’ income to meet that requirement. But that option is not possible for us either so we’re looking for a joint sponsor. So my question is can our joint sponsor add their household members’ income to the joint sponsor’s income in case him/herself can’t meet the requirements? Thank you in advance, any help would be much appreciated! Good day
  23. Hello everyone, I finally sent in, and received my Notice for my I-130, I-485 and I-765. However, in my bio metrics and I-485 notice, the C/O name is missing 1 letter from my middle name. My actual name is correct in all the notices. Do I need to worry about this? because my actual name is correct, and only the C/O name is misspelled. Thank you
  24. Just wanted to post my experience at the Long Island City ASC office in case it's useful to anyone else in the Queens/NYC area! I got back from my appointment this morning. I received my biometrics appointment notice on 12/21/2018, with an appointment date of 01/02/2019 at 1:00pm for the Long Island City office. I had planned to try and do an earlier walk-in during the break, but never got around to it. I walked in this morning around 8:15am to try and do it earlier that my scheduled time, since I work down in Brooklyn and it would have been a hassle to come back for the appointment in the afternoon. I'm glad I did! The ASC is easy enough to get to -- about a five minute walk from the Queensboro Plaza and Court Square 7 train stops. When you first walk into the ASC, there's a small vestibule type area, with a security guard blocking the entrance to the main waiting area. There's a window to the main area so you can see how many people are inside/how fast lines are moving. There were already about a dozen people "in line" in the vestibule (more like crowded into the small space in something vaguely resembling a line). I showed my appointment notice to the guard, who said "WOW...WAY TOO EARLY! Get in line." He said this to a few people, some of whom had earlier appointments than I did. He was a bit gruff, but not unfriendly. I ended up waiting in that area for about 15 minutes, at which point the security guard told us to head inside and grab a clipboard off a desk. There's no formal security -- they didn't check my bag for my cellphone (which was on but silenced) or make note of my lunch bag, even though no food or drink is allowed. People were using phones in the vestibule, so as long as you don't take them out in the main waiting area or have any open containers of food, it seems like you're fine to have them on your person. The clipboards had a brief biographical info sheet that we were to fill out, then get into another line to hand the sheet over the to receptionist. Even though people had earlier appointment times, it really doesn't seem to matter once you're in the building, where it's more first-come-first-served. I filled in the paperwork quickly (it's just name, sex, hair/eye color, etc.) and hopped in line ASAP. The receptionist took my completed sheet, appointment notice, and Canadian passport. Since I'm waiting for the green card to change my name on my passport/drivers license, etc., I also brought my NY marriage certificate, which notes my new married surname. When the receptionist went to check my passport against my paperwork, she noted the different names, and I handed over the certificate, which she accepted without issue. She had me flash my hands quickly to be sure I had no visible cuts/injuries, then gave me a number and told me to wait until it was called. There were about 5 biometrics service areas in the back, with 3 people working. Sat down and waited about 10 minutes until my number was called. The man who took my fingerprints and photo was super friendly -- I wish I caught his name, but he instantly made me feel at ease. I handed over my papers, and we joked about the tough return to work after the holiday. He chuckled when he saw my passport, saying: "Why would anyone leave Canada? It's so nice!" and mentioned he had relatives there. He took the photo first, and showed it to me on the screen. We joked more about how nobody likes their "official" photos, and he said that he thinks it's weird when people DO like them. Then, he had me confirm that all the information he transposed from my papers was correct, sign my name and took my fingerprints on a digital touchpad. Once that was all settled, he had me fill out a quick customer service survey (a "how did we do today?" sort of thing) and sent me on my way. All in all, I was in and out in about an hour. I think it was a bit busier than usual today because of everyone getting notices over the holidays, but once things got moving, it was pretty seamless. By the time I left, there was a much longer line, so getting there as close to opening as possible was a good call. I don't know how it would have gone if I tried to walk in days before my appointment (I imagine it wouldn't have been a big deal if it wasn't busy) but even if the guard gives you grief for showing up early, they'll still let you in, after which point it's a free for all!
  25. Hi! I am having some issues with my case and I wonder if anyone here would be able to help me or shed some light on what could be the issue. I came to the US in 2015 on a F1 student visa, started dating an American Citizen and on August 11th 2017 we got married in Beverly Hills. My process timeline is as follows: November 2017 - Filed I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765 - I didn't submit all the documents required, I left out the Affidavit of Support (I-864) since my husband's last tax returns and pay stubs wouldn't suffice for him to be able to be my sponsor, but if we waited for him to file his following taxes, it would be enough. 11/20/17 - Got all the receipts for the forms above 12/19/17 - Received a Request for more evidence, requesting the Affidavit of Support 03/01/18 - Got noticed they received my I-864 03/27/18 - Received I-797s stating that my EAD + Advance Parole request have been approved 04/12/18 - The USCIS Case Status on their website reads "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 10/12/18 - Applied to renew EAD/AP combo card, since mine would expire on 03/26/2019 and I was instructed to file about 6 months before it expired 05/09/19 - Got noticed that my EAD/AP application was denied because my I-485 was denied. HOWEVER, I never had my interview or gotten notice about it. The online USCIS case status checker still states that "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview." I will contact an immigration lawyer to help me with this issue, since I should be eligible for the residency as well as the EAD while I wait for the process and I don't know why I was denied. I have some questions about my employment eligibility while I sort this out, does the denial mean I have to immediately stop working or can I keep working while I apply again? Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips on how to handle this or lawyer recommendations? Thank you so much! I was as thorough as I could with the background info, but please let me know if there's anything else you need to know in order to give me your opinion. (:
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