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  1. If someone traveling from Europe to the USA on ESTA, meets (after they arrive here) and marries them in the USA (after day 91)... and he never leaves. The couple did not know each other before the trip so they could not be misrepresenting themselves upon arrival. When he applies for adjustment of status, he can stay while the adjustment is being processed. QUESTION: CAN HE WORK WHILE WAITING FOR THE DECISION? not talking about me -- Asking for a friend of my husband.
  2. My peruvian birth certificate has an accent mark in my last name but my passport and visa stamp don’t, and this is because my another country ID was print everything in capital letters which means no accent marks. In order to get the passport and visa i had to use that ID and no my birth certificate. So I wonder if this would be an issue when I apply for the AOS. Thanks so much in advanced! 😭
  3. It's been about 16 weeks since we did our interview. The interviewing officer said we were approved and would receive our green card and ssn within 4-6 weeks. The status hasn't changed online and and support team said they can't help us til 2024. Is there anything we can do to check in on the status?
  4. Hi ! So my husband (beneficiary) and I (petitioner) received this RFE for AOS. Short story long, we filed form I-864 and form I-864A with my parents as we lived with them. They sent us this RFE (attached) but now we don't need their affidavit anymore as we finally filed our taxes and made a bit above poverty line. Should I just submit our taxes and a letter explaining that we no longer need my parents? Or if it's easier what should I submit of proof that my parents are my household members and that we are related? this is 2 page This is 1 page This is 3rd page (sorry)
  5. Hello everyone, We're a couple consisting of an American woman and an Egyptian man; we're currently trying to figure out the optimal way in terms of time and legality to get married and reside in the United States. We've done our research regarding the K1 and CR1. It does seem like the K1 could be our best option. Getting married in Egypt and then applying for a CR1 is not an option because of the absence of civil marriage in the Middle East along with other legal challenges (notary appointments, etc.) that would make it difficult to achieve or would take several months before we even get to file the CR1 paperwork, making the K1 actually faster. The problem with the K1 is the period of time spent not being able to work after getting into the U.S, as it could take up to a year if we’re unlucky. So, after searching more, we found out that there are ways to get married on a tourist visa by getting the foreign partner into the US on a tourist visa and then either: Get married after 90 days and then apply for Adjustment of Status and overstay until we get the interview for the CR1. Get married almost immediately after getting into the US and then leave the country on the specified departure date. Wait a few months (90 days?), and then apply for the CR1. Even though the first option would get us together faster, we’re not sure if it’s actually completely legal or not, and it possibly has the same issue of not having a work permit during the period we wait for the CR1 interview. Meanwhile, the second option sounds more doable since the foreign partner can work immediately after entering the US, but we’re still not sure if the USCIS would deny the application because we would have gotten married on a tourist visa or if that would be legal in the first place. We're hoping someone who has done something similar before (getting married on a tourist visa) could help us decide if that's even a legal option or not. Thank you!
  6. My wife and I (I am a US citizen) got married in Asheville (where much of my family lives) and were on our little honey moon road-trip back to Los Angeles when, going through Texas, we got stopped at an immigration checkpoint. Due to my wife being out of status (details in the link below) they said we needed to file our paperwork immediately (which we had mostly prepared and presented to them) or we would be detained at the next checkpoint. We did so the following morning (today) -packages I-130, I-485 and form I-765. Details of my wife being out of status: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/400481-aos-from-overstay-f1-visa/ Today, we went through another checkpoint and despite having proof of mailing the package this morning via USPS (and an exact copy of the package we mailed), they said we needed to get an I-797 Notice of Action before we could continue our travel back to Los Angeles. However, reading on the USCIS website, it says that the 797 form doesn't actually protect my wife in any way although some agencies may honor it to pass through checkpoints: "USCIS recognizes that some state, local, public, or private benefit granting agencies may accept Form I-797C as collateral evidence for awarding a benefit they administer. USCIS reminds those agencies that Form I-797C is only a receipt proving an applicant has submitted a benefit request; USCIS has not determined whether that applicant is eligible for an immigration benefit." They released my wife, but not without first threatening to send her to a detention center in El Paso. They warned us that the next checkpoint we encountered may not let us (her) pass. They assured us that the I-797 would 100 percent secure her passage (despite what I learned by reading the USCIS website afterwards), just as the first checkpoint had assured us that showing proof of mailing the application would keep us safe on our way back to LA. At the moment, we are in Alpine, TX -as far as we know- surrounded by checkpoints in every direction but south. Because of the severity of the potential consequences and the different, seemingly inaccurate processes each checkpoint has told us to keep us "safe," does anyone have any experience or knowledge to help us plan a course of action to return home safely to Los Angeles? Thank you so much for any insight!
  7. Hello everyone! Next week I have my I-751 Divorce Waiver interview. Do I need my lawyer to come to the interview? Since this interview is to prove the marriage was bona fide I don't see why my lawyer should be there, he is charging me $900 to come. I used him to file and send the application and answer the RFE. Should I go by myself?
  8. Hi everyone, We are preparing for our interview, which is scheduled on May 18. I know this has been discussed throughout VJ, but wanted to see if anyone who completed their interviews recently have encountered issues with your DS-3025 vaccination records, since the new COVID vaccine requirement was put in place? My husband was a K1 visa holder and had his medical done in Oct. 2019. We filed for AOS at the end of April 2020 - well before the medical's one-year mark. I know of an April filer who was asked to do a new medical despite meeting these same requirements, so I'm curious if anyone else was asked to do the same thing. Right now, we're just planning to bring my husband's DS-3025 and COVID vaccination card.
  9. Hello my wife is a resident alien and wants to travel but we haven’t completed out adjustment of status yet. Can we file an i131 and get her permission to travel even though we haven’t submitted a i485.
  10. I am creating this thread to help all of the Houston 2017 filers come together and share updates in one place. Since Houston is one of the most slowest offices currently, it would benefit all of us to communicate and share any experiences we are going through when it comes to the AOS from a K1 visa in Houston. Please share any communications you have with Infopass associates or USCIS phone calls, and any other movement or changes with your case. My current timeline: AOS NOA1: 06/17/2017 Ready to be scheduled for interview: 07/18/2017 On old USCIS site: USCIS currently can't provide you with any information...: April 2018
  11. Hi All! My wife recently emigrated to the US to Florida specifically. At our Clerk of Court we were only given to option to execute our marriage license/certificate using our original legal names, with no means to change her name on the license or certificate. We are getting a lot of conflicting information about how to move forward with the name change and continue with the AOS documentation. The Clerk of Courts tells us we need to visit the Social Security office but all of them are closed and impossible to get appointments in our area. We have heard that it is possible to complete the name change by executing the I-485 (and other AOS related documents) with the name we want to change to and list her legal name as other names used. We've also heard that we would receive her Social Security card in her new name and work permit etc. in her new name. Can anyone verify if this is accurate for the state of Florida? As mentioned, the Clerk is telling us to go to Social Security, but everyone else is stating they did their name change through these other methods. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  12. Hey everybody, I recently came to the US on a K1 visa and got married about 2 weeks ago. I’m getting ready to start the whole AOS process but I was wondering, I’m confused on whether I need to do a whole medical again since there are confusing steps online. I already did one before I got my visa as you have to on a K1 but I don’t understand why some people are saying you have to have another medical after you arrive, get married & before you apply for your adjustment of status. Also, I opted for getting my vaccines done in the US instead, does that also affect anything? If someone could tell me what actually happens, I’d be grateful.
  13. Hello! My husband and I got married in February in the US after he received his K1 visa. We submitted his I-485 for adjustment of status shortly after, and are still waiting. We are considering withdrawing the petition, however, as we have an opportunity to move abroad. I'm just worried if there are any ramifications of withdrawing the petition. I know that straight-up abandoning the petition has some consequences, so I'm worried some of those still may apply. Specifically: 1) Will the withdrawal reflect badly if we choose to apply for a marriage visa to return to the States down the road? 2) Will it at all affect his ability to come back to the States to visit on his tourist visa? 3) Once we submit the withdrawal, is there a time limit that he has to leave the country? He has been here over six months now, so he would have overstayed both his K1 and his tourist visa. Any insight would be so appreciated - thank you! Sondra
  14. I got a Request For Evidence (RFE) for my Adjustment of Status (AOS) which I was allowed to respond to online using MyUSCIS (rather than physically mailing the missing evidence). As of today (November 19th 2021) my online account says "response was received" for the RFE. Can I trust this message or would it be better to call USCIS and confirm that they have my new documents? Note: I have tried calling USCIS but it's impossible to talk to a human representative.
  15. Hi Everyone, me(Stem OPT- F1) and my fiancé (US Citizen)got married in March and we’re filling up i485,i130,i864,i765,i130a,i131. While filling up forms, she also change her last name on Social Security Card only as below. ex. Her original name: A S P changes name: A S J j is my last name. so as a petitioner, what name she should use on the forms? should we use new name? New name is only update on SS . mother documents such as DL, lease, insurances have old name. Another question is for me (beneficiary), For employment history on form i485, I have done 2 on campus job during my grad school, do I have to mention that in Part3. Page 5? Also while on initial OPT, I had two unpaid work and then unpaid internship which got converted to paid full time job. Any help is really appreciated, thank you!!
  16. So I'm here for some ideas and what to do because i was unaware of certain procedures or interview techniques now being used by uscis. My Situation is as such, in 2020 my plan was to go Jamaica and get married to my then baby mother there, but covid happened making it impossible, we have always did visits back and forth since 2018 after the birth of my daughter nd she has a B1/B2 Visitors Visa (didn't see them for a whole year due to covid restrictions). Long story short she came here for summer break and in less than a month I convinced her to lets do a crazy wedding meaning just us and witness and court house because I didn't wanna be alone without her and my daughter again for so long, this was all on me and she agreed and we got married (less than a month after POE). Part of my decision was merely based on being in the military and wanted to make sure my family was cared for should i get deployed and anything happened. Now she is still on a visitors visa (until January) and paid leave from her current Job (Jamaica) until January 2022. what are my options if i decide to file for her and make adjustments. one lawyer coated a $12000 cost because he said I need a waiver because we got married so quick. what are some of yall experiences in this situation and what's yall advice in these situations Appreciate yall comments, thanks
  17. The I485 was file via mail and the first NOA was received in one week later. The receipt number starts with IOE, which means the electronic immigration system and at the very bottom of the form it shows National Benefits Center with an address in Lee's Summit, Missouri. In some digging I have done online it mentioned that when you receive this first NOA, the address at the bottom is your processing center however, there is no processing center in Missouri, so anyone knows how can I determine where is my processing center? Subsequent NOA for the I-765 and I-131 all have receipt numbers with IOE and the Missouri address on the bottom of the page. Thanks
  18. Hi everyone! I have a pending I-485 case and my EAD/AP combo card expires on Sept. 22. We haven’t received any word on our green card interview yet, so we decided to go ahead and submit our EAD/AP renewal applications this month just to be safe. We sent the applications via USPS Priority Mail on May 10 and it was supposed to arrive on May 12. Instead, we received an “In Transit - Arriving Late” update on our tracking page and it has been stuck on that since May 16. We opened a case with USPS last week and did not have any luck getting any updates from them (followed up with them daily). We didn’t want to delay the renewal process further, so we decided to re-send our applications - this time, via UPS Next Day delivery. The moment I got home from the UPS store, I received an email from USPS saying: “Our records show the Priority Mail Item #*** was scanned and distributed to the PO Box unit (60680) May 12, 2021. It is very possible for the item to have been delivered without a scan, if an item is not scanned the tracking will not update. Also, it could take up to 15-30 days for USCIS to send a notification of receipt.” **sigh** It’s still not a definitive answer or a guarantee that the package was, in fact, delivered safely... but now that our second application has been mailed out, is it going to cause any issues down the line if USCIS does indeed have the original application? We included cover letters on our new applications that explained the situation and stated that this was our second attempt at filing these renewals, but I’m not sure what else to do, since we haven’t even received any case notifications. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thank you!
  19. hello, two weeks ago I went to get my biometrics done (fingerprints + photo). On my USCIS profile, the status of my EAD and AOS says "Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS", and the date of this update is the same date of my biometrics. My question is: am I supposed to receive a notification/message from USCIS about my fingerprints? If so, how long does it take/do I need to contact USCIS? Thanks for your help, Sara
  20. HI there, I am a Canadian citizen currently working/staying in the US with a TN Visa. My fiancé is American and we have been living together for a year and eight months. We also plan on getting married soon. My TN visa expires in November 2022. What options do I have to obtain a green card? I cannot decide which route to take and what forms to use. Thank you.
  21. Long story short: Husband came here July 2020 on a K1 visa, we got married in Aug. 2020, submitted attempt 1 at his AOS packet in September. Got denied due to some errors, resubmitted in October and got NOA1 on Nov. 6, 2020. We have heard absolutely nothing since. I don't know if he needs a biometric next, or if he would just do his green card interview, but at this rate we have no idea what's next because they haven't said a word in almost 8 months. Our receipt # is from the National Benefits Center; our local office is Indianapolis. I know it always takes long and is even more delayed due to COVID, but this is putting a huge strain on our family. He needs to be able to work and visit his family abroad. Not being able to do so has been extremely hard for him, obviously. It's putting us in a difficult spot financially as well. I'm aware that this process often takes quite awhile, but I want to see if there is anything at all we can do to help move things along. Does anyone have suggestions for how to help move things forward? Or get a timeline of sorts? We did reach out to a senator or two, which I just learned is a thing, but not sure if that'll help. Any suggestions appreciated!
  22. My husband's AOS interview is coming up on August 23, and I'm trying to understand if I am supposed to go in as well. The notice says a bunch of times to not bring anyone into the interview with you, but now I'm getting information that sounds like I should go in because I will also be interviewed. Could someone please clarify this? Should I just go in and let them send me away if they don't need me? (This will be in Indianapolis btw)
  23. Hi, Adjustment of status is applied for immediate relative after I-130 approval received. But in the mean time I-130 is transferred to NVC for consular processing. We read that we should send letter to NVC informing change in process that beneficiary applied for AOS. Also requesting NVC to send I-130 back to USCIS. Is there any other action should be taken ? Within how much time NVC will take an action and send it back ? Will they give us any confirmation that case has been sent back to USCIS ? Please advise !!
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