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  1. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for June 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates.
  2. I thought this might help those of us considering a legal name change. The N400 application is (in most cases) a great time to legally change your name. It's fast and it's free. Outside of the N400 process, a name change requires a visit to your local courthouse, may require a public announcement in a newspaper (depending on your state and local laws) and will cost you money. In New York City, the cost is about $65 while on Houston it is over $400, so cost varies from city to city. You can change your name to anything you want within certain limitations. You can't change your name to impersonate someone or in an attempt to hide your identity for illegal purposes. Other than that, it's up to you. If you are Arthur Robert Wilkinson, you can become Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz. It's important to note that if you are just changing your last name to take your spouse's last name or to revert to your maiden name, then a legal name change is not required. This is because a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate acts as proof of legal name change. This is true EVEN IF your certificate does not show the new name that you want to take. For example, if Anita Mary Harrolds marries Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz, she can legally be known as Anita Mary Leibowitz even though that name does not appear anywhere on the certificate. In fact, she can also hyphenate both last names without a legal name change. However, if she wanted to change her middle name from Mary to Margaret, she would need a legal name change. To request a legal name change through the naturalization process, fill out the name change section of the N400. The interviewer may ask you to confirm that you still want to change your name because some people change their minds between the application and the interview. The interviewer may ask for proof of your current legal name. In case of a discrepancy between your green card and your passport, a birth, marriage, divorce, or name change certificate determines your current name, so make sure you have these with you (if they apply in your case...it's always a good idea to have your translated birth certificate with you at the interview). The interviewer will print out some forms (three I think) for you to check and sign. These should have your old and new names on them. You will have to be scheduled for a judicial oath ceremony. This is because USCIS does not have the legal authority to change your name and must ask a judge to do so. If your city has regular judicial ceremonies then there shouldn't be any delays. If your city holds regular administrative ceremonies, but not many judicial ceremonies, then the name change may cause a delay. Some cities (including San Francisco and San Jose) have stopped scheduling judicial ceremonies altogether. Applicants in these cities cannot legally change their names through the N400 application. Your interviewer will inform you of this and will cross out the name change section during the interview. You will have to request a regular name change before or after naturalization if you live in these cities (see above). At your oath ceremony you will be given your naturalization certificate as well as a name change certificate signed by a judge. This second certificate will show your old and new names and you'll need it to update your name with your banks, on your drivers license, credit cards, etc. In addition to doing all the paperwork to make these changes, you'll also have to consider the effect of the name change if you have dual citizenship; your name on your two passports may not match and your other country may require you to go through different name change procedures or may not allow name changes at all. People do travel using passports with different names, but you have to be careful when booking tickets and you may want to travel with your name change certificate (and translations). If you want to check whether or not (and how often) judicial ceremonies are held in your location, find your office here and look under naturalization ceremonies: http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices
  3. Hi all, Didn't see a topic for N400 February 2022 filers so though will open one. Not sure if it will help or not since I would say the processing times will depend a lot on the local office.
  4. Didn't see a June 2022 N-400 Filers group, so thought I'd start it. Also, saw some folks saying they had issues at interview if they filed the first day of their 90-day early filing window. Anyone else have that issue? Since last week, I also received an update that my pending I-751 has been transferred, assuming to the local office that will process the N-400. 90 day mark for submission: June 15, 2022 Submitted N-400: June 15, 2022 (online) N-400 Online Biometrics Waiver: June 15, 2022 (online portal) N-400 NOA1: June 15, 2022 (online portal) I-751 Pending: Yes, submitted June 17, 2021 (SRC) I-751 Pending Case Transfer Notice: June 18, 2022
  5. Starting a thread so us fellow November 2021 can get together and help each other. Filed online under the 5 years rule on Nov. 1st in Atlanta GA. Good luck to you all!
  6. Hello everyone. Im posting this to share my experience and as reference for others First i was scheduled today 6/7/21 at 9:15am (in San Bernardino, California) 9:05am- went inside the uscis building (they wouldnt allow you in earlier than 15mins from your appointment time); 9:10am- reception check in (i wish i brought my phone with me inside i thought it wasnt allowed but everyone has their phone with them) 9:40am- i was finally called for my interview Officer, asked for my passport (if i had one he said), driver’s license and green card Started with reading test , “today is columbus day” Followed by writing test, “ Columbus day is in October” Then the civic test; 2 rights in the declaration of independence Number of voting members of house of representatives 2 parts of congress what does the judicial branch do who is the chief justice 1 war fought in the 1900s trick question; he asked if i voted before i said no then asked again if i already registered to vote and again i said no Review of what is in your n400form asked for my first name, last name, middle name, then my ssn asked where i live, who i live with; (i had to give my other child’s birth certificate since she wasn’t included in the application initially) Asked if i was working, he then asked a follow up question of what i have been doing for the past 5 years since i just started working recently asked what and where my spouse is working Asked if this is my only marriage, and then if this is my spouse’s only marriage No other additional documents needed Final questions, where the standard if you were in a terrorist org, committed genocide, if convicted, if evaded tax etc he said he will approved my application and to proceed downstairs for my certificate 10:00am - proceeded to the oath ceremony room on the ground floor to fill up form that said nothing change from the time of interview to the oath taking ceremony (questions on the form where the same as the final questions above); they will give your oath taking packet (basically some pamphlets about citizenship and passport, small flag and copy of oath of allegiance) 10:15am - Oath taking; Got my Certificate of Naturalization 😁 documents i brought with me for the interview are; Original documents: Marriage Certificate CRBA and Birth Certificate of my children Spouse’s Certificate of Naturalization and passport My passport; green card ( both my 10 yr green card and my 2 yr expired green card from when i was in a cr1 visa) Copies of documents: copy of green card copy of the original documents above tax transcripts (4 years including 2020) car insurance mortgage; previous rental lease life insurance utility bills Joint credit card statements copy of passport pages with entry and exit stamps (if you went outside the us), visa page note: they didn’t ask me anything but i brought everything just in case. That office used to not conduct same day oath taking but probably due to covid they do now, Which is more convenient for everyone. Good luck everyone!! Thank you to everyone here for guiding me through my immigration process by posting their experiences. And now to pay it forward, i hope i might help someone who wanted an updated interview experience.
  7. Didn't see a May 2022 N-400 Filers group, so thought I'd start it. Good luck.
  8. I am trying to figure out when to apply for Citizenship. I understand taking 3 years from the date of gc issue. However, do you take to the account foreign trips and subtract them from 90 days? GC says 03/12/20. Applying to Nader 3 year rule. If 90 days subtracted, can apply starting December 12. However, over these 3 years we traveled abroad for a total of 31 days. Do you subtract only 59 days from 03/12, which takes to the account period that I was out of the country or subtract 90 days and do not take to the account 4 vacation trips out of IS for a total of 31 days?
  9. Hi, I filed my N400 exactly 90 days before my 5 year anniversary. My application was not submitted when I was with the officer because the system was showing missing 1 day. Read below for more details. Anniversary date- 05/09/2022 N400 Filing date- 02/08/2022 The USCIS early filing calculator showed the earliest acceptance date as '02/08/2022'. Also, I had verified using Naturalization eligibility tool from USCIS which showed I was eligible to file. So I went ahead and filed my application that same day. Receipt/Notice dates all show the same date. I was interviewed a few days ago and here is a breakdown of the interview. Officer went over all the items, civics tests, read/write and yes/no questions. I cleared all of them. He brought up that the system is showing I am missing 1 day and questioned if I had filed too early. I responded that I filed on feb 8, 2022 and it was the earliest date as per USCIS that I could file and I had checked this in multiple USCIS eligibility calculators. Also the USCIS account had no warning. He continued on with the interview and I signed everything. Officer mentioned he has raised an IT ticket for the IT team to look into it and he can't submit the application without getting that fixed as the system would reject it otherwise. He gave me the N652 results form indicating I passed and he is recommending me for approval but needs to wait for the IT fix first. Which he said would happen pretty quickly but not while I am there. Its been about a week now and my status still shows as "interview was scheduled". As days go by I feel nervous that something isn't updated right or that my application is just left pending. Has anyone had this issue before? and what was the resolution? How long did you wait before the status changed after interview. TIA.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have my Form N-400 pending for some time now. While I do not expect any movement any time sooner, I have another question. Does anyone know of any USCIS Policy regulating processing times? I understand there is nothing as far as the maximum time, but is there anything that establishes a minimum bare time limit or a standard?
  11. What should i expect after a rough n400 interview with a junior officer & got decision cannot be made? did my N400 interview with my wife present in the waiting area & had a rude & condescending jr officer. Interview took around 45 minutes, I passed the civics and english test & the officer accused me of being in the military, i explained i worked as a TCN( 3rd country national) civilian contractor in Afghanistan as a logistics clerk prior to me ever coming to the states), the officer being a military vet himself did not understand how i was in Afghanistan and not be in the military and accused me of being in the same military base he was in Afghanistan i explained to him the base i was while employed in Afghanistan as he argued that on my A file i have a photo of myself wearing US military uniform(which was a screenshot of a message with my ex) i explained to him that on that instance i was casted as an extra for a film production locally here in my state playing a military guard, which he denied that answer and asked me if i would like to change my answer and admit i was in the military and i promptly said no as i have never been in the military. My attorney interjected several times for the badgering and the interview was stopped and handed decision cant be made. Online status still shows interview scheduled and it’s now 35 days…any thoughts on what to expect, are they doing additional background checks ??
  12. Applying for citizenship based on 3 year rule. I am calculating first day that I can apply by taking green card “resident since” date and subtracting 90 days. However, we had 4 out of the country vacations for a total of 31 days. Do you subtract the time outside of the country from these 90 days and apply 31 days later?
  13. Hi, Any Sacramento Field Office N400 Filers here? They seem to be one of the slowest field offices and I was wondering if others could share their journey to see where we’re at. TIA!
  14. I have compiled a list of DC filers going back to October, Feel free to add/update/correct accordingly. Note, DC Field office comprises of all the counties listed here. UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE Uwe..............|11/16/96|10/03|--/--|10/10|11/03/16|11/08/16.|02/22/17.|03/17/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...| jc84.............|01/12/12|10/15|10/27|10/25|11/14/16|01/26/17.|03/20/17.|04/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC CGu13............|--/--/--|10/17|10/21|10/24|11/17/16|11/21/16.|03/19/17.|04/18/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Mehmet&Elena.....|10/20/11|11/30|12/05|12/01|12/28/16|01/04/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Bubblybee........|05/30/13|12/02|12/06|12/07|01/03/17|01/30/17.|04/20/17.|05/22/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Lavoparents......|02/23/12|12/12|12/15|12/22|01/11/17|01/30/17.|04/22/17.|05/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Blazers..........|02/22/09|12/13|12/20|??/??|01/10/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SC333............|06/13/05|12/15|12/23|12/22|01/17/17|01/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SimpaticoJT......|04/04/13|12/16|12/21|12/21|01/18/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Cybermax.........|03/27/12|12/27|12/29|01/14|01/30/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Annandale,VA.....| vik376...........|02/27/14|12/28|01/11|01/12|01/31/17|04/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington,DC....| LJVA.............|01/--/13|01/17|01/25|01/30|02/14/17|03/06/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......| ToRo.............|05/02/14|02/02|02/08|02/08|02/28/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Reda.............|05/02/14|02/11|02/15|02/13|03/01/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC nmic7............|05/05/14|02/15|02/16|02/17|02/28/17|03/23/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|LIN DGTB.............|07/23/94|02/27|03/06|03/06|03/20/17|03/29/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC KSWSKY94.........|01/25/12|02/28|03/07|03/07|03/27/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC VAMAS............|09/23/13|03/06|03/08|03/13|04/13/17|04/17/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC SHAIZ............|--/--/--|03/08|03/14|03/14|04/04/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC
  15. I have been going through n400 time line and the updates for most who filed in Atlanta seem like its either the users don't frequent this forum or have not received any updates yet..which is not very encouraging because most go back a year+ So are there any ATL filers that are still waiting in line for interviews? had their interviews? oath ceremony? etc? please share your experience Thanks a lot
  16. Hello everyone, My Naturalization interview is tomorrow morning and last night I found out that I am registered to vote!! I'm in New Jersey and have checked my voter information online. I only saw that my registration is active but no actual voting record. I have sent an email to the elections commissioner to be deregistered. What does this mean in easier to understand terms: Clarifies that USCIS will not penalize an applicant who unknowingly or unwilfully registers to vote. I don't know what else to do. I really want to be approved tomorrow 😩 Please help me
  17. Hi everyone 🙂 I entered the US on a K1 Fiancée Visa in May 2018. I filed form I-751 in July 2021 and received an RFE in April 2022. I will be sending my packet of evidence to respond to the RFE in a few days. Can I file for my N-400 at the same time? Or would you advise I wait to hear back on form I-751? Thanks in advance!
  18. I’m in the process of applying for citizenship and I am bit confused re listing my trips outside of the states for the 5 year period. I came to the US on November 2018 via K1 visa. That brings me to 3,5 years of being here. I have traveled twice outside of the states within those years and easily stated it on the application. What to do about 1,5 year period (2017 - November 2018)? I did travel to Mexico and Russia but it was not “outside and back to the states” since I was living in Canada and travelled outside and back to Canada. Do I list my trips AFTER coming to the states permanently? I hope I was able to state my concerns clearly. TIA!!!!!!!!!
  19. Hi, I am applying for Citizenship and while filling out the N400 form, the questions about Arrests and Citations ahs got me tied up. I have a speeding ticket, which was taken care of. I was declared not guilty. I had to pay some fine as parking ticket. Should i need to mention this ticket as a citation while submitting the application. Do i need to get a Certificate of Disposition for this?
  20. Here’s one for us April 2022 N400 San Fernando Valley filers! Any progress since filing application?
  21. I am applying for the citizenship based on 3-year rule: being married to us citizen. The question: how many times your husband has been married? Before current marriage I have been married twice. Do I put number of marriages as 3, including current marriage or 2 (just prior marriages)? thank you
  22. Hello All, I attended my N400 interview this month (April 2022). I don't have any criminal convictions but I was arrested (misdemeanor assault domestic) in 2015 and the case was dismissed in 2016. I filed N400 after 5 years. I sent all certified copies. During interview IO says he need to check GMC timeline of my case and approve if falls outside. What I don't understand is lack of GMC needs a conviction but I don't have any. My case is still in interview was scheduled state and no updates. I was a little nervous at the interview as I felt overwhelmed by the process and was stressed I was called in 30 min late. I worked hard all my life and felt helpless that all my life is now decided by this IO. My wife got her citizenship but I did not
  23. Good afternoon everyone, I got a super speeding ticket in January, 2021 in GA I am applying for Citizenship and will this be a reason for N400 denial? Has anyone experienced the same? It was super speeding ticket not just a ticket Thank you so much for your feedback
  24. I had my n400 interview on 05/03/2022 5 year basis. The officer said i passed the test but he need more documents and i have to wait for mail . That proves i worked and reside in the US "Paper said . Decsion cannot be made at this time". He want me to provide all the income for past 5 years 1099 papers and all other income iam self employed . And he said it have to match my tax returns. Even though he had all the tax information and transcripts. I would expect cos i had to stay 8 month outside the usa due to covid it was impossible to travel. I explained all this to him and provided my intent to come back before the 6 month mark even the airline ticket i bought for that. My question is few hours after getting home i was checking my case status online and it say status recommended for approval and another inline for oath cermony. Made me real happy even though it doesnt make sense after requesting more evidence. I wonder if any one had similar situation. And if i still should be worried that i will receive an rfe still or status change to rfe or iam good and should be just waiting for my ceremony date. It doesnot make much sense but why he said i need more evidence then status changed to inline for oath cermony . Iam happy it did but still worried though. Thanks in advance
  25. I was denied my N400 due to the IRS not registering certain tax years, which has been corrected. However my N336 which i never received notice to attended a hearing for (no electronic via online USCIS profile or in writing in the mail) was denied cause i never showed up for a hearing i never knew was scheduled. I have no idea where to turn next. I cant afford a lawyer. The blogs and letters say i need a court date with a district court but everywhere i call or email they say i’m not in the system. How do i get into the system for a hearing?? Please any help
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