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  1. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for June 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates.
  2. My earliest accepted filing date is 7/11/2020, I wanted to go ahead and get this thread started if possible! I'm hoping that our wave will not be as impacted by COVID since USCIS is resuming operations June 4th.
  3. I thought this might help those of us considering a legal name change. The N400 application is (in most cases) a great time to legally change your name. It's fast and it's free. Outside of the N400 process, a name change requires a visit to your local courthouse, may require a public announcement in a newspaper (depending on your state and local laws) and will cost you money. In New York City, the cost is about $65 while on Houston it is over $400, so cost varies from city to city. You can change your name to anything you want within certain limitations. You can't change your name to impersonate someone or in an attempt to hide your identity for illegal purposes. Other than that, it's up to you. If you are Arthur Robert Wilkinson, you can become Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz. It's important to note that if you are just changing your last name to take your spouse's last name or to revert to your maiden name, then a legal name change is not required. This is because a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate acts as proof of legal name change. This is true EVEN IF your certificate does not show the new name that you want to take. For example, if Anita Mary Harrolds marries Geraldo Mohamed Leibowitz, she can legally be known as Anita Mary Leibowitz even though that name does not appear anywhere on the certificate. In fact, she can also hyphenate both last names without a legal name change. However, if she wanted to change her middle name from Mary to Margaret, she would need a legal name change. To request a legal name change through the naturalization process, fill out the name change section of the N400. The interviewer may ask you to confirm that you still want to change your name because some people change their minds between the application and the interview. The interviewer may ask for proof of your current legal name. In case of a discrepancy between your green card and your passport, a birth, marriage, divorce, or name change certificate determines your current name, so make sure you have these with you (if they apply in your case...it's always a good idea to have your translated birth certificate with you at the interview). The interviewer will print out some forms (three I think) for you to check and sign. These should have your old and new names on them. You will have to be scheduled for a judicial oath ceremony. This is because USCIS does not have the legal authority to change your name and must ask a judge to do so. If your city has regular judicial ceremonies then there shouldn't be any delays. If your city holds regular administrative ceremonies, but not many judicial ceremonies, then the name change may cause a delay. Some cities (including San Francisco and San Jose) have stopped scheduling judicial ceremonies altogether. Applicants in these cities cannot legally change their names through the N400 application. Your interviewer will inform you of this and will cross out the name change section during the interview. You will have to request a regular name change before or after naturalization if you live in these cities (see above). At your oath ceremony you will be given your naturalization certificate as well as a name change certificate signed by a judge. This second certificate will show your old and new names and you'll need it to update your name with your banks, on your drivers license, credit cards, etc. In addition to doing all the paperwork to make these changes, you'll also have to consider the effect of the name change if you have dual citizenship; your name on your two passports may not match and your other country may require you to go through different name change procedures or may not allow name changes at all. People do travel using passports with different names, but you have to be careful when booking tickets and you may want to travel with your name change certificate (and translations). If you want to check whether or not (and how often) judicial ceremonies are held in your location, find your office here and look under naturalization ceremonies: http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices
  4. I have compiled a list of DC filers going back to October, Feel free to add/update/correct accordingly. Note, DC Field office comprises of all the counties listed here. UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE Uwe..............|11/16/96|10/03|--/--|10/10|11/03/16|11/08/16.|02/22/17.|03/17/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...| jc84.............|01/12/12|10/15|10/27|10/25|11/14/16|01/26/17.|03/20/17.|04/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC CGu13............|--/--/--|10/17|10/21|10/24|11/17/16|11/21/16.|03/19/17.|04/18/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Mehmet&Elena.....|10/20/11|11/30|12/05|12/01|12/28/16|01/04/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Bubblybee........|05/30/13|12/02|12/06|12/07|01/03/17|01/30/17.|04/20/17.|05/22/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Lavoparents......|02/23/12|12/12|12/15|12/22|01/11/17|01/30/17.|04/22/17.|05/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Blazers..........|02/22/09|12/13|12/20|??/??|01/10/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SC333............|06/13/05|12/15|12/23|12/22|01/17/17|01/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SimpaticoJT......|04/04/13|12/16|12/21|12/21|01/18/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Cybermax.........|03/27/12|12/27|12/29|01/14|01/30/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Annandale,VA.....| vik376...........|02/27/14|12/28|01/11|01/12|01/31/17|04/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington,DC....| LJVA.............|01/--/13|01/17|01/25|01/30|02/14/17|03/06/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......| ToRo.............|05/02/14|02/02|02/08|02/08|02/28/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Reda.............|05/02/14|02/11|02/15|02/13|03/01/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC nmic7............|05/05/14|02/15|02/16|02/17|02/28/17|03/23/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|LIN DGTB.............|07/23/94|02/27|03/06|03/06|03/20/17|03/29/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC KSWSKY94.........|01/25/12|02/28|03/07|03/07|03/27/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC VAMAS............|09/23/13|03/06|03/08|03/13|04/13/17|04/17/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC SHAIZ............|--/--/--|03/08|03/14|03/14|04/04/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC
  5. Raleigh, NC filer here. I didn’t see a June 2021 Forum so started one! N400 will be sent off by my Immigration lawyer on 6/14. I am extremely excited. Wishing everyone a speedy and smooth naturalization process. 🇺🇸
  6. I have been going through n400 time line and the updates for most who filed in Atlanta seem like its either the users don't frequent this forum or have not received any updates yet..which is not very encouraging because most go back a year+ So are there any ATL filers that are still waiting in line for interviews? had their interviews? oath ceremony? etc? please share your experience Thanks a lot
  7. Hello Newark field office here. aug 2020 online filed. Moved out of state last month and I updated my address via USCIS website. I was supposed to get reply to address change request last week. How long do they normally take ? my new field office is scheduling bio appointments but i already got bio reuse letter in feb. assuming this is still good ? hoping that the new office speeds things up for me. thank you
  8. Hello everyone. Im posting this to share my experience and as reference for others First i was scheduled today 6/7/21 at 9:15am (in San Bernardino, California) 9:05am- went inside the uscis building (they wouldnt allow you in earlier than 15mins from your appointment time); 9:10am- reception check in (i wish i brought my phone with me inside i thought it wasnt allowed but everyone has their phone with them) 9:40am- i was finally called for my interview Officer, asked for my passport (if i had one he said), driver’s license and green card Started with reading test , “today is columbus day” Followed by writing test, “ Columbus day is in October” Then the civic test; 2 rights in the declaration of independence Number of voting members of house of representatives 2 parts of congress what does the judicial branch do who is the chief justice 1 war fought in the 1900s trick question; he asked if i voted before i said no then asked again if i already registered to vote and again i said no Review of what is in your n400form asked for my first name, last name, middle name, then my ssn asked where i live, who i live with; (i had to give my other child’s birth certificate since she wasn’t included in the application initially) Asked if i was working, he then asked a follow up question of what i have been doing for the past 5 years since i just started working recently asked what and where my spouse is working Asked if this is my only marriage, and then if this is my spouse’s only marriage No other additional documents needed Final questions, where the standard if you were in a terrorist org, committed genocide, if convicted, if evaded tax etc he said he will approved my application and to proceed downstairs for my certificate 10:00am - proceeded to the oath ceremony room on the ground floor to fill up form that said nothing change from the time of interview to the oath taking ceremony (questions on the form where the same as the final questions above); they will give your oath taking packet (basically some pamphlets about citizenship and passport, small flag and copy of oath of allegiance) 10:15am - Oath taking; Got my Certificate of Naturalization 😁 documents i brought with me for the interview are; Original documents: Marriage Certificate CRBA and Birth Certificate of my children Spouse’s Certificate of Naturalization and passport My passport; green card ( both my 10 yr green card and my 2 yr expired green card from when i was in a cr1 visa) Copies of documents: copy of green card copy of the original documents above tax transcripts (4 years including 2020) car insurance mortgage; previous rental lease life insurance utility bills Joint credit card statements copy of passport pages with entry and exit stamps (if you went outside the us), visa page note: they didn’t ask me anything but i brought everything just in case. That office used to not conduct same day oath taking but probably due to covid they do now, Which is more convenient for everyone. Good luck everyone!! Thank you to everyone here for guiding me through my immigration process by posting their experiences. And now to pay it forward, i hope i might help someone who wanted an updated interview experience.
  9. I was arrested back in the mid 2000s. It was mistaken identity and quickly resolved as such. I declared it on all my forms and have a police certificate showing no convictions and police computer print out showing no charges etc. Is that enough for an N400 interview? It’s hard to get any more documentation because there wasn’t any!
  10. Hi!! This may be a stretch but I wanted to get all the West Palm Beach FL members who are filing or have filed, and are still waiting, to join this forum. It's a great way to keep updated on the West Palm Beach office and how fast they are processing our applications. WELCOME 😁🤗
  11. Hi All, My husband applied for citizenship while I was serving a two year teaching contract in Saudi Arabia in order to be able to save up enough money for IVF. We visited within 6 months in those two years until tragedy struck and while finally successfully pregnant I gave birth to twins in my 5th month, one died, and the other spent 4 months in the NICU. The laws in Saudi Arabia dictate that I must be employed or leave the country, so I had to sign another 8 month contract to be able to stay by my fragile baby's side. Obviously at this point my husband was not going to leave my side, and unfortunately his citizenship was rejected due to staying outside the US more than 6 months. He appealed and had his n-336 hearing in which the officer was extremely sympathetic and simply asked for more evidence such as death certificate, hospital records, and medical and employment records for my husband in the US. We had 30 days to send them that evidence and the only way to do that was online through his USCIS account. We did it within 8 days. Then, after 30 days he was sent a letter of rejection saying that we never uploaded the evidence asked for-even though it is CLEARLY on his account, I can see it uploaded with the date and everything. I called the hotline and they were basically "sorry we can't help." He now has 120 days to apply to the judicial court in the district where he lives. NJ is the state we are in. I'm so frustrated and have zero idea what to do! I can't find any information about filing this last appeal, how much it costs, how long it takes, etc. Has anyone done this before? Please help! Thank you!
  12. Hello all, I'm new to this website but heard you guys help like a family. I need your help to fill the N400 Application. So I got Dui in 2015, and now I am filling N400 but while filing online they ask me the following questions: YOUR ARREST HISTORY, YOUR CHARGES HISTORY, YOUR REHABILITATION (ARD) HISTORY, YOUR PROBATION HISTORY. Im little confused what I should fill when they ask me about the dates and other information?? I have Attached screen shot of my question and the following Information regarding my Arrest. Arrested/Detained/Cited: 10-04-2015 Place of Arrest/Detained/Cited: Miami, FL,USA Court order (Charging sentence) for ARD: 03-13-2016 ARD completed Date: 05-15-2016 Court Disposition: 10-21-2016 Probation was for 12 months but after 6 months they dismiss it. Please help me to put correct dates and information in the form. I will appreciate your help. Thank you again Tom
  13. Hello All, Has anyone been through the interview process with a reckless driving misdemeanor on their record? I am trying to find more information on this topic in Seattle, but couldn't find much. I have my interview scheduled soon and I am very concerned about this when it comes up with the officer.
  14. Hi guys, I have questions related N-400 proof documents. I'm filing N-400 based on the marriage. 1. For submitting the proof of required and volunteer documents for N-400, which is better to submit between one big files gathering all the proof or individual files? 2. Which files are good to submit to proof of my marriage besides required documents(like copy of green card, tax return etc.) for N-400? Should I prepare the document of proof as much as preparing for the green card? 3. For bank statement, should I submit during all 3 years of marriage? or just recent ones? Also, my marriage is sincere, but we got married while I came to the US with ESTA (we met and had a relationship outside of the U.S), would this be a problem to interview for N-400? Thank you!
  15. Hello All, Please I filed my N400 at the Pittsburgh office online late February. I only got a notice of biometrics reuse. Initially it said **time to next steps** 20 days. This disappeared and this week showed ***estimated time until case decision*** 12 Months***. From this forum I see that the PIT office processes N400 within 3 to 4 months but not sure why my says longer. Should I be worried about the estimated time it shows me or does this change often? Anyone had a similar experience? Any inputs appreciated. Thanks, Ben.
  16. Hello Everyone, We can now happily, proudly, and with a GREAT relief announce that, "I am officially an American Citizen!!" It has been a long and interesting journey, and we're glad it is now finally over. A MASSIVE and heartfelt thank you for EVERY Visa Journey member that post and/or answer questions here. It's been a very helpful resource and a wealth of information. THANK YOU. I'm writing this post to hopefully inform applicants who will be attending their Oath Ceremony at the Federal Building's Courtyard in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. ARRIVAL My appointment was at 9am, but I arrived at the venue at approximately 8:30am. Instead of entering the building, as you would if you're coming in for an interview, you should go immediately to the Courtyard in the back of the Federal Building. Apparently oath ceremony started early, I think 8am? So there were already quite a bit of queue when I arrived. There will be an agent / officer that would go up and down the queue calling specific applicant names. Those whose names were called will have to follow said agent and correct/confirm something with their application (i.e. typo/changes in name, DoB, gender, photos etc.) If your name is not being called you are fine, just stay in the queue. On the off chance that you missed the announced names, the agent who will later on verify your documents will inform you. Also if you did not receive any email or a phone call from USCIS between your final interview and oath ceremony you're most likely not on the "naughty list". No need to worry. ATTENDANCE In the interview notice it was written that only the people being sworn in will be granted access into the building but apparently a lot of people bring their families and at least a plus one to their ceremony. The whole thing was outdoor, everyone was masked and kept 6 feet away form each other. I'm assuming majority, if not all, of them were vaccinated. So I am not worried. The whole thing was very relax and easy, breezy, beautiful #CoverGirl While I was queueing there was a family of 6 in front of me (mother, father and 4 children, and only the father was being sworn in, I met him during my interview). So I guess if you want to bring your loved one(s) you can, but DO NOT quote me on that, I was just writing of what I see this morning. Please note that USCIS is not providing any 'waiting area' so if your plus one(s) need any special accommodation you are responsible to provide it to them. They may be able to sit on the garden side while you're in the queue but it'd limited space and you'd be under the sun. Also don't let your child(ren) run around or scream about, this is not a school yard. ATTIRE Everyone was pretty casual / smart casual. I was wearing my favourite jacket and dress pants. I think of it as if I'm going to attend the wedding of my favourite cousin or my best friend. But if you can't find the 'even' to dress up or do anything special, there were a lot of people in polo shirts and jeans, or a shirt and jeans. Again, the whole thing was easy, breezy, beautiful #CoverGirl If you want to wear a traditional attire you can, but be warned that you'd be standing outside and 80% of it you'd be under the sun. OATH TAKING The actual ceremony happened VERY quickly, they'll verify your Notice for time and date, ask you to hand over any expired/current green card or other USCIS issued form of ID / permit, and then check your page 4 of oath notice (the one with yes/no questions), and then they hand you the "Welcome to America" white envelope and a US flag. They will point you to the area of courtyard where you'd be sworn in. Following the Oath, they'll point you to another table where you'd get your Certificate of Naturalization. Be sure to check your name, DoB, and country of birth. After verifying your details you're pretty much done. You can take a photo with your certificate in a designated area, between two American flags. I left the venue at approximately 9:45am. CLOSING: Good luck and congratulations to everyone. Best, J/G
  17. I’m soo stressed and depressed right now I went for my interview for my N400 I’m already a 10 year green card holder I have no criminal records or any thing I’m divorced to my spouse and had all the necessary documents I passed all the texts and then he started grilling me about my ex and why he will help me if he was abusive cos he was that’s what led us to break up the officer wouldn’t understand why when I came to the country I was a house wife and depended on my ex for 4 years he then said my case is too big but made me sign my name change I needed and all the other forms I had to sign then told me he can’t make a decision and gave me decision cannot be made at this point I don’t know what to do I’m soo worried 😟 and also I forgot certain dates from the past he was asking me
  18. Hi, Any Sacramento Field Office N400 Filers here? They seem to be one of the slowest field offices and I was wondering if others could share their journey to see where we’re at. TIA!
  19. Hello all San Francisco filers, Please use the following link to the google doc to update your case status for easy sharing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18hTpWD640G8VSM6U5q1kL9CipTpaq06_khdtPBtKkno/edit?usp=sharing @nikha Thank you for giving this lovely idea from San Jose forum. Much easier to track in the google doc.
  20. I'll be applying for naturalization through marriage in a couple of weeks. I already have my 10-year GC, and I will meet all the continuous residency requirements before I apply. However, in a few months we may be traveling to my home country. Here's why: Last year I lost both of my parents suddenly during the covid pandemic. As their only child, I have a ton of stuff to take care of in my home country (paperwork, red tape, their belongings, houses, etc). I have not been able to do many of these before because of the pandemic. So in a few months my husband and I are planning to travel to my home country to take care of everything, and as I'm self-employed I will have to pay my country's taxes for that amount of time. I'm not sure how long taking care of everything will take us, but it may be more than 6 months. Bureaucracy is slowwww. I was thinking of applying for a Re-Entry Permit before we leave the US, so as to not lose my permanent residence and eligibility for naturalization. Do you know of someone who has gone through a similar situation, and if so, how did it go? Do I need to have an approved Re-Entry Permit before I leave, or can I apply and leave before they make a decission on it? Also, it is at all possible to do the interview/oath abroad? I've done a lot of research, so I'm looking for actual cases of people in a similar situation, not general info. Thank you.
  21. on April 7th 2021, my interview for N-400 got scheduled for May 13th. i got the mail for the interview date last week and realized my i sent my original Bangladesh passport for renew and it will take another month for the Bangladesh embassy to renew and send it back to me. So unfortunately i don't have my original passport(sent the original for renew) and i don't have any photocopy of my old passport. I do have the tracking details and tracking from website that my passport renew in progress. If anyone had similar situation please let me know what should i do in this situation as in the interview later it mentioned to take passport as one of the documentation. thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, Really appreciate if you anyone has the similiar experience can advise what to do ? My Interview was on february 2021, Interview went very well and IO was very friendly and asked 6 questions and i have answered every questions correctly and passed the language test and then he asked some general questions from the application and it also went well, then he said he is recommending me for approval and i will get the oath letter through the mail in few days. The overall process took only 15-20 minutes. i was waiting for the OATH letter since then, but i didnt get the any update for the next 4 weeks, Then i see after one month the online status is showing as "Interview Cancelled" and we will reschedule to another date and after 2 weeks the status got change to "we have scheduled your interview" and i got the same letter like the first interview letter. Now i have the interview next week and i dont know what to do ?
  23. Hello just asking about filing n400 for employment. I worked as caregiver and then nurse what occupation should I select since there is no healthcare occupation on the list thank you m Marie
  24. Hello Everyone, I need some inputs from experts in this forum. My application for naturalization is denied 9 Expecting denial letter any time soon ) Reason : I filed my application of March 9th, 2020 in Cleveland. I was just moved to Cleveland on 01/15/2020, so not able to justify three months residency in current jurisdiction. Interview officer wen on my civics question and reading and writing skills and then started going through my application, and he found that by the time I applied my stay in Ohio is 52 days only and the requirement is 90 days. I really don't know how I missed it though :(. Officer told me he is rejecting my application and will receive a denial letter soon. After doing some research on VJ, I found that I did satisfy my residency in current state requirement. Here is the reason why I think its a mistake from office. I got GC on 06/01/2015, Five years will complete by 05/30/2020, where as I applied on based on 90 days early filing. For early filing the current state of res1dency requirement seems different. See the below statement. D. 90-Day Early Filing Provision (INA 334) "In cases where an applicant has filed early and the required three month period of residence in a state or service district falls within the required five-year period of continuous residence, jurisdiction for filing will be based on the three-month period immediately preceding the examination on the application." As per the above statement by 05/30/2020 I am meeting the required 90 days stay in current jurisdiction. I am thinking of appealing my denial, please suggest. Thank You!
  25. My Immigration is officially done!!! My N400 experience was both exciting and nerve wracking! The goal to ensure that your paperwork is sufficient down to the studying the citizenship material was taxing but was ALL worth it! I had my citizenship interview today at the Milwaukee, WI field office. My application was under the 3 yr rule. I arrived 1:15pm per instruction from the appointment letter. Check in procedure was smooth and organize. I was called exactly 130pm. The IO asked for my DL,GC and Passport. He started with the Civics test and answered all of the questions. Reading and Writing tests were completed without any issue. He went over my form and just asked me a few questions. He asked if I was working and replied that I work as a CSA at a utility company. He said it must be a tough job. He asked if I get yelled a lot? We ended up chatting about the nature of my job coz I told him that we respond to emergencies and outages too. I informed him that I need to change my response for group membership coz I said no yet Im a member of a labor union, he said not to worry about it and then handed me the results form after having me sign a few documents! I was out after 10 minutes! He didn’t even ask for any of my documents! Later on, my case was updated to advising me of my oath of ceremony scheduled! I WOULD HAVE NOT MADE IT WITHOUT THE HELP OF EVERYONE HERE IN VJ! Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your experiences and knowledge! God bless you all and more power!
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