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  1. Hi guys, I been stressing out for years. I was charged with possession of controlled substance. The case was dismissed VA 251 deferred disposition with a plea of not guilty. It’s been 5 years since the case was dismissed. Is it okay to happy for naturalization? That’s the only charge I have no other crimes expect small traffic tickets
  2. In 2017, I was charged with a felony for the possession of controlled substances. I went through the first-time offender program, and I pled NOT guilty to the charge. Subsequently, I completed a 6-month probation period, which included rehabilitation classes, 100 hours of community service, and a driver's license suspension for 6 months. Since coming to the US, the only issue I've had is this, and very minor traffic tickets. Since it will be 5 years, I am planning to apply for naturalization. I need help with the N400 questions; if anyone has had a similar experience or has knowledge in this matter, please share. 1.Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested? My answer NO 2.Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason? YES 3. Have you EVER been charged with committing, attempting to commit, or assisting in committing a crime or offense? YES 4. Have you EVER been convicted of a crime or offense? I'm thinking to say NO since I plead not Guilty and no admission of facts sufficient. 5. Have you EVER been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example, diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)? YES 6. Have you completed the probation or parole? Y 7. Have you EVER been in jail or prison? NO ( I was in jail for 2hrs for fingerprint) I pleaded Not guilty on the final order, I also Consulted with immigration attorney months ago he saw all my paperwork and said no admit on of guilt. He also said it’s a pre- sentence and the court withheld the finding of guilt pending sentence and it doesn't count as a conviction for immigration purpose, even if I served probation.
  3. Hello, in 2017, I was charged with a felony for the possession of a controlled substance. I pleaded not guilty to the charge, and the court ordered me to serve probation under the VA 251 First-Time Offender Program. After completing the program in 2019, the case was dismissed due to a plea of not guilty. That is the only incident in my history, except for minor traffic citations before 2019. I haven't had any citations or criminal issues since 2019. Now, my green card is about to expire, and I want to apply for N400 in 2024. Is it okay? I need your help; I have been stressing out for years.
  4. As we approach October 2022, creating a thread for those planning to file N-400 in October 2022
  5. I am about to apply for citizenship, marriage based, we did our tax me and my wife together last 3 years using H&R block and randomly I was checking our account and I found that’s we gave a balance due to pay for IRS, However we already paid and done our tax with a professional agency. I m pretty sure H&R block miscalculate our tax. My question is do I need to fix that first and wait to apply for citizenship or I just send my tax return for 3 years, Since fixing that tax thing may take time
  6. Hi all I submitted my N400 application online today and got my receipt notice and biometrics notice reused pdf files online!!! still waiting for my lifting conditions application to progress beyond fingerprints reused 13 months after that status changed!!
  7. Well another year another month of N-400 submissions. This thread is for all of us that will be filing the N-400 in January 2023. Our window opens up January 3rd and we will be filing January 6th. Our ROC is still pending and was filed on January 6th 2022. Good work everyone getting to this point in your journey. Will post more once the N-400 has been filed on the 6th! Welcome to the thread!
  8. This thread is for those filing the N-400 in February 2023. My window to file opened up in November 2022 (three-year rule), but I filed it online on February 8, 2023. Received the NOA immediately on the website. Three days later, got the biometric appointment (on March 1) letter posted online (now waiting for it to arrive in mail). Also, the processing time dropped from 16 months to 8 months after they scheduled the biometrics. (My ROC is still pending and was filed in November 2021.) Good luck to all of us.
  9. Hi all, I filed my i-751 a year ago and I'm preparing to apply for citizenship. We just found out that my attorney made a mistake on my I-751 form and had me as unemployed despite me being employed. Did anyone have a similar situation and how did you fix it ?
  10. Hi, Any Sacramento Field Office N400 Filers here? They seem to be one of the slowest field offices and I was wondering if others could share their journey to see where we’re at. TIA!
  11. I am in a strange predicament. We filed for my husband's removal of conditions in June 2020. Then last year in Nov 2022, we also filed the N-400. On October 11, we received the notice for an interview for both which is scheduled for Nov 15,2023. We have a trip planned to Mexico and Mexico doesn't accept the I-797 as a valid proof of residency. We were trying to get a Mexican Visitor Visa using my husband's Indian passport and all the supporting forms but the passport becomes invalid after the interview (if we take the oath the same day as it is an option). If we take the oath, we would have to apply for a US passport which definitely would not get here on time for our travel. If we delay the oath, do we get the 10 year green card pretty soon before our trip (scheduled for Dec 16,2023)? What else can we do? We really don't know what to do at this point and we really don't want to miss the trip to Mexico. Any suggestions would be appreciated please!!
  12. Used the old people way, mailed my package out. It was received on Dec 2nd. Hopefully I'll get the NOA receipt very soon. Knock woods folks!
  13. Hi, I submitted my N-400 around a week ago, and when I got to the following question, I answered NO: 19. Did you EVER receive any type of military, paramilitary (a group of people who act like a military group but are not part of the official military), or weapons training? Yesterday I completed a concealed weapons license class. Would this change my answer? I haven't actually submitted the paperwork to the state yet. If it does change it, how do I proceed? Thank you!
  14. Heya, Came upon another snag whilst filling out the N400 during the section about employment. I need additional paper but is there a specific template for this additional sheet? The instructions don't specify what it's supposed to look like or not look like.
  15. Hi, I have a simple question regarding the N400, part 10, item 3: "How many times have you been married? (including annulled marriages, marriages to other people, and marriages to the same person)?" I'm tripping over the tense used in that sentence and I've only been married to the one person and that is my current spouse (US citizen). I'm overthinking it and i don't know whether i should answer 1 or 0? Bit of the background; I'm planning to file the N400 under the 3 year rule.
  16. Hi all, I am wondering which case would be better when filing for N400 with a pending i751. Do I wait for my i751 to be approved first then apply for N400 or do I apply for n400 while my i751 is still pending ?
  17. Hello, I would be eligible based on (90 Day period) on Dec 1st, 2023 to apply for N400 (3 year Marriage eligibility). We have been staying in US for entire 3 year period. We will be traveling out of USA on vacation (visiting multiple counties ) from Nov 1st week and coming back on 1st week of Jan 2024. I have below questions and any help on those would mean a lot!. 1) Would I be able to apply right after we are back in US (Jan 1st week)? 2) Do I still qualify for 3 Months Residency period rule, as we will be out for 2 months right before applying \(We have been staying in same address for more then 4 years)? 3) If not, do i need to wait 3 months from Jan to apply for N400 ? 4) If the form is only and i am eligible in Dec, Could i still apply online when i am on vacation from out of USA ? Appreciate any feedback on these, thanks !
  18. I recall there was a document in past which listed all the oath ceremony dates in Houston. I can't find it online anymore. My mother is approved for naturalization after the interview. She has to travel overseas to attend a wedding. Thus we want to plan accordingly so that we do not miss the oath ceremony.
  19. I am curious if there is a minimum required advance notice that an applicant is entitled to before appearing to the interview? On a purely anecdotal level, I know that these notices usually come in 4-6 weeks in advance, but I am not sure what is legally mandated (if anything).
  20. The big day is coming up and I've been given conflicting advice about whether or not I should bring lawyer to my Naturalization interview. My case: • I'm a Canadian who entered on K1 visa, married promptly, and received my 2yr GC without issue. • My USC spouse became abusive/unfaithful/an addict. We divorced: I applied for ROC with a divorce waiver and was granted my 10yr GC without an interview. • I applied for naturalization under the 5yr rule. Many people on this site have been vocal that USCIS will go through your "entire immigration history" to make a decision on Naturalization, and given the way my USC marriage went I'm dreading the idea of having the IO dredge up/pick apart the details of my failed relationship. With this in mind, some have suggested I bring a lawyer so that the IO won't ask any off-color questions, etc. Others have said that since I applied under the 5yr rule that the details of my former marriage aren't necessarily relevant -- and that especially since I was given a 10yr GC without an interview, I already gave USCIS enough evidence to prove without a doubt in their mind that what happened-happened and won't need to get into it again. The details of my failed marriage are heavy - it was exceptionally traumatic, and needing to make a decision about this is causing me a lot of grief - so I may as well open it up to public discourse. ^^^ All of that said (and to benefit others considering legal assistance) what are good reasons to hire a lawyer to accompany you to the interview? Weigh in!
  21. Hello, I could not find a general N400 thread for our St. Louis office. I want to create this post for all the applicants who are applying for N400 in St. Louis. This will help to see the estimated wait time for St. Louis office.
  22. Hello everyone had my interview February 14th at the Tampa USCIS office which I was passed my US citizenship interview. I did change my last name. Anyone out there had any experience on the wait for your oath ceremony with a name change. Have a cruise booked in July and just want to make sure I have enough time between my oath ceremony and cruise to get my passport.
  23. Hi. For people who received their interview notice, about how long before the scheduled interview did you receive the notice? I am seeing that for people in my area (Los Angeles) people are having their interviews about 4 months after their biometrics, but I was wondering when they are receiving the notice for the interview, because this website does not record that. Thanks!
  24. Have anybody recently had their N400 interview in the Centennial CO office? Are they doing same day Oath? My interview is on Jan 6th 2023
  25. My wife and I both got our interview notices in our portal on May 24 - over two weeks ago. We downloaded the PDFs and the mailing address is correct in both It's been two weeks of daily checking USPS informed delivery - no letter from USCIS at all. With the previous notices (after filing and for the biometrics appointments we got the physical copy within a week). Any idea what could have happened here? The interview is still over a month away, maybe there's a backlog in sending out mail on the USCIS side? Or did USPS lose them? (I'm planning to contact USCIS in about another two weeks once the 30 day window has passed) And presumably showing up with a printed copy of the interview notice is fine, right? I had to do this when I walked in for my GC biometrics, when USCIS wrote down the wrong city and state and called me up to ... an ASC in a different state, but a bit worried it's more serious for actual interviews. Thanks in advance!
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