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  1. HI, Currently I am working in USA on H1B visa and my company filed green card for me. I got the i140 approved on March 3rd, 2019. Now I will get married in May, 2019 to my girlfriend from the Philippines, currently living in the Philippines. Once we are married, I will invite her to USA on H4 dependent visa. My question is once she arrives in USA, can I file adjustment of status for her i.e. i485 and then green card?
  2. Hello, guys ! I, really, need your help! My EAD card was sent to me today, I received it in the mailbox and was so happy to open it. Out of that happiness, I did not notice that my last name is misspelled on EAD card. It came as a combo card. After searching trough the papers, I have noticed that this mistake was on my end, as the EAD form was the only form that we sent with a misspelled last letter of my last name. I filled the EAD form and Advance Parole form separately, with EAD form containing the misspelled name, while AP form contained the correct spelling. I've seen that I entered the name wrong in the EAD filling form , that the wrong name was put on the NOA1, and 4 months later, NOA2 form, and I did not notice the mistake. It is just one letter, the last letter of my last name. Apparently, thats the legal name I put in the box of I765 form, with a mistake, but all other boxes on the same form, as well as other forms, had my name correctly spelled. I have not received my SSN number and I am afraid that, since I opted to receive it along with I765 form, will have the misspelled name, as well. Can anyone, please, advise me what to do ?! I will be calling USCIS on Monday, to explain the situation, but from what I have read, I will have to send the card back, with a new application form, including the fee and with all of the other details supporting the fact that my name was misspelled.Apparently the process can take up to 90 days and I really do not have the nerves to wait another 3 months after I've waited for 5 months... I have several question and I would very much appreciate if a person, who has knowledge in this, takes a look at this: 1.When opting to get SSN while filling out the I765 form, is the legal name put on the I765 form for EAD and SSN the same ? I am afraid that, in the situation I wrote up, I will get an SSN misspelled, as well? 2.Since, from what I've read, the EAD card has an alien number, which does not change, and, apparently, the SSN also has a number that does not change ( only under rare instances ), will I be able to work, using the numbers and copies of my EAD card and SSN card, while getting them renewed for a mistake ? 3.Since the processing times are long, and EAD serves temporarily, until the Green card is received, should the misspelling of one letter make a big issue with employers ? I wouldn't be worried about this if the Green card was coming shortly after EAD, but knowing processing times, it can take months for that, and it will take approx. 90 days to get the EAD card renewed, because the mistake was mine and I have low hopes of USCIS having mercy and helping out by filling out that it was their mistake or to expedite my case due to financial losses I've been suffering because of the long waits. Anyone that can help, please ?
  3. Hello! I've read that the CIS pulls out informations for green card based on I765 - EAD form. I have an issue that my EAD form contains my misspelled letter of the last name. All other documents have my name right, but what worries me is that , despite that I485 ( AOS ) form is done correctly, I will receive my green card misspelled due to the error I made on I765 form I also heard that I will be able to get that corrected at the interview since officer is able to override the computer. Anyone with some info ? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. Here's my timeline: Date Mailed: 01/18/2018 Date Received/Priority Date: 01/22/2018 Received Text/Email: 01/29/2018 Date Received NOA Letters: 02/02/2018 Received Biometrics Letter: 02/08/2018 I did Biometrics today. Yesterday I received a courtesy letter from USCIS on a yellow paper informing me that they have reviewed my documents and noticed that I haven't submitted the form i693 and to bring an updated from(medical exam) at an interview. They also said not to send it right now, to wait for a RFE before the interview. However, I haven't received an interview notice. I know it's too soon for that but I was wondering what it meant. Does it mean that I wouldn't get an RFIE and my case is ready to move forward?
  5. Hi all, Could anyone share the timeline for me? I got my "Ready to schedule an interview" since June 20th, and yet receive any official schedule. If you went through an interview in SF, CA, please share your filling date and the day you receive "Ready to schedule an interview" status with me , it will help. Thank you for your time
  6. My husband filed his I-485 on July 20, 2017. As of mid-October, our status has said, “Your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview.” NO change since then. I looked at the processing times both on this website and on the USCIS and both have Houston taking longer than anywhere in the country. Why??
  7. Hi all! I got an RFE letter from USCIS requesting more financial docs. My husband and I have prepared those already. The thing is that with my initial package I haven't included any proof of relationship. Now I'm thinking to include some photos and other stuff together with financial docs. It won't hurt, will it?
  8. Hi, so when we initially filed, we had done the I-130 form back when we were living in Connecticut, in December of 2017. At that time we didn't file the I-485. We then moved to Seattle in February of 2018 and then filed the I-485 and I-765 around March 2018. We kept the old Connecticut address (my parents were still living there) initially since were told by someone at the USCIS office that it might mess up the process, but we eventually decided we should change the address. In August 2018 we filed for the address change and as soon as we did that, it said we had the interview cancelled. We never got a notice before that of the interview even being scheduled. We haven't had an update on the case since then and we're worried if the application got lost or something. My other question is that we had the I-693 done last year in April, this was about a month after filing the I-485. I was wondering if we don't receive the interview before that time, will we need to do the I-693 again? I know that it initially expired in a year from the date it was done. However, I've seen some people mention it lasts for 2 years now, but they say it had to be done 60 days before filing? Will we need to redo it in our case since the doctor signed it after we already filed the I-485 a month before? Thanks!
  9. So here is my case. I was 26, from Mexico, my mom is a us citizen and I was living in Mexico, one day in 2016 while I was visiting my mom and family (since I am the only one with visitor visa of my family all of them are us citizens already) a lady that was helping people to send migration papers in the area and friend of my moms friend told my mom that I can move to usa and while I was here get the aos and send i130 as well. I read that I wasn’t able since i was older than 21 and I have to wait outside but since she said that I can since my mom is a us citizen, that doesn’t say online because they don’t want everybody doing that of coming to USA visiting and with the intention of do the aos and other reasons she told, that I just had to come to country and send applications before my permit expired, so that’s what we did, we sent i130 and i485 (she doesnt even tell us about the work permit or travel permit) and all was normal I had my biometric appointment they even asked for more info and we sent it but one day we had a question about my case we went to an attorney office and this guy help me as well and he didn’t say anything bad about me being 27 either, then I went to this guy office again and he was off that day so we went with another lady in that same office and that day was when I knew i didn’t apply for the aos! By that time I already overstayed in USA already without knowing I was doing it and so i was sad, scared that if I leave I was not Going go be able to get back to usa no more for a lot of years without seeing my family often and we are very close! I paid 2000 for all applications transcripts etc for nothing and even worst I orverstayed in the country! By that time I had my boyfriend and we decided to move together. After like 8 months he asked me if I wanna marry him! He was us resident in the process to become us citizen. After the proposal and before the wedding I got the letter for the aos interview but I didn’t attended! A lawyer told me they could send me to Mexico so i decided not to go to the interview and I got in the mail the response! My aos and i130 was denied! And in the letter said i am not authorized to remain in the USA and should make arrangements to depart as soon as possible. I got married and my husband got his us citizen last December now we want to send application for i130 and i485 but I am scared because I overstayed and I already apply for aos and was denied! So do I apply ? What are my options here? Help!
  10. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of waiting for my PD to become current. My spouse is a conditional GC holder, and just filed for removal of condition (I-829). Here is my timeline: Type: F2A 01/2017: USCIS WAC Received I-130 07/2018: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Received I-485, I-131, I-765, routed to NBC 08/2018: Biometrics done for I-485 and I-765 08/2018: Received RFE for I-130, and RFIE for I-485 09/2018: Mailed Response for both I-130 and I-485 10/2018: WAC approved I-130 Local USCIS Office: Santa Ana I'm still waiting for EAD/AP to be approved, and not sure how long does I-485 take because my spouse just filed for her I-829 to remove her conditional status in 08/2018, and the processing time is about 3 years. Anyone have experience with this situation before? Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, i received a letter from USCIS after my greencard interview,it requested me to either submit a i601 OR provide the evidence that i failed to depart the US for the reasons that's beyond my control. (the letter said it appears that i am inadmissible to the US under INA212(a)(6)(c)(i) for fraud or misrepresentation.) background: got married on Sep 2017 (we were in a relationship for more than an year) entered the US on Dec 2017 with ESTA i was planning on staying just a month, but my father in law got badly injured 10 days before i arrived, and my husband's grandma passed away 3 days after my arrival. my husband was the only person that makes money after his dad was injured, and he was upset and under stress so i decided to stay here for him and his family. my question is 1. Do i submit a 601 or provide the evidence that i failed to depart for the reasons that's beyond my control? 2.i have an infopass appointment next week, what can i ask to help with the situation? 3.if i chose to provide the evidence and my 485 gets denied, do i need to leave the US straight away? 4.if i apply for CR1 when i return to my country, does the previous denial record affect my future application? any suggestion is welcomed, thank you.
  12. My wife, a usc, and i applied for AOS after my student visa expired. Now we are getting a divorce so i withdrew my application. I want to leave the country without any problems. What should i do? Please i need directions.
  13. Nov 29 2018 we received the reopen notice for my i485 then December 15 I got an email, saying There has been a recent processing action taken on your case. Receipt Number: MSC@@@@@@@@@@ Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On November 21, 2018, we mailed your document for Receipt Number MSC999999999, directly to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your document by December 21, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request the document be sent to you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. This step applies to applications that result in an applicant receiving a card (such as a "green card") or other document (such as a naturalization certificate, employment authorization document, travel document, or advance parole). Applications will be in this step from the time the order to produce the card/document is given until the card/document is produced and mailed to the applicant. Does it mean im getting my green card? Or is it the document that I received nov 29th. The document I received was dated for nov 21st
  14. Hi everyone, I am from Ft Myers waiting to be scheduled for an interview. All of you that belong to ft myers office can you please share your experience and timeline? would be nice thank you!
  15. It's six months waiting for interview and almost a year waiting for the entire process.... is that normal to wait 6 months or do i have to expect RFE....i am scared. Ft Myers Field office
  16. Hi Guys, Please I need your advice toward a matter of denial. My i485 was denied because I failed to submit 1. Evidence of assets from either the petitioner or the joint sponsor that meet the federal poverty guideline or 2. A qualified joint sponsor. The joint sponsor failed to submit evidence to show that ***** can be qualified as a household member: no marriage certificate was submitted to show that she is the spouse of the joint sponsor and she is not residing at the same household nor was she claimed as a dependent on the joint sponsor tax. What can I do now?
  17. Hi Anyone able to advise me - what is the standard wait times to receive mail for USCIS (giving notice of Interview, please Its been a week since my case status was updated online but have not received anything in the mail yet? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi everyone, I have several questions about bringing my parents from Canada to US. And doing it the right way. I understand there is a choice of doing it while they are in Canada or doing it from US, hopefully someone can help me with clarifying somethings. 1. If I would like to petition for them after they enter the US, can they go through the boarder normally (Canadians don't needs a visa) or would that be illigal? If so what's the best way to do it? Would it affect their adnace parole later to leave if needed? 2. I also have a minor sibling brother. If they do the process from Canada can he enter the US with them once they get their visa? What the best way to go? If you know any info or have been through this, specifically Canadian because sometimes it's easier. please comments below!! Thank youu
  19. I had my interview 2 weeks ago and the interview went good. The officer was cracking jokes with me and my husband and he gave me a letter and ticked off the part that says, "Your application is being recommended for approval..." He then told me I should get an approval notice and card in mail within 30 days and on the front of the paper he wrote in red ink, "CR6" and at the back he wrote, "Apply for i751 90 days before second anniversary". I know 30 days isn't up yet but I'm worried that I haven't received the official approval yet. When I called USCIS last week and spoke with a level 2 officer he said my case hasn't been approved and the officer has 120 days to do so? Why would the officer said he's approving me when he didn't? Also, this morning I awoke and checked my cases in .gov but my i485 application was removed from the website. When I tried to add the receipt number back to the 'my cases' list, an error message came up saying that the receipt number doesn't exist. Anyone had any similar experiences? Please shed some light on what is going on here.
  20. Should a person change their last name from maiden name to married last name before filing I130 & AOS? Sister has marriage certificate but since she doesnt have a SSN, she cant apply for ID, DL, or SSN. Does she use married name on all documents?
  21. So my sister got married on a tourist visa. She is from Mexico and have been in the USA twice. The first time she came to visit the the family which was last year, when she met a USC friend. She been talking to him for about 2 years now. She came to to the USA to see him and get to know him more with no intent to get married or anything. The USC friend later decided to propose and get married after 90 days of her stay in the USA. They married shortly before her I90 permit expired. They are planning to file to I130 and AOS. How can she prove there was no intent to get married, without getting viewed like preconceived intent and get approved for GC? How successful can the case be if she applies asap? Any cases where this has happened and got approved for AOS? Please share your success stories. And what forms or evidence was provided to convince immigration. THANKS
  22. Im a K1 filing my I485. I have a problem with my mother's identification that I just found so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to input her info into the I485 as my parent. I filled out the I129F with the identifying info I knew for her not really based on any kind of documentation so now that I have found her registration of birth I am kind of at a loss as to what to do. 1. Her birthday is sometimes stated as Oct 23rd while other times Oct 28th on her id's. Her registration of birth states Oct 28th. She did not have a birth certificate but she always stated her DOB was incorrectly filed so I assumed it was corrected along the way to be the real date of Oct 23rd. Some IDs still state her DOB as Oct 28th. When she passed away I recorded it as Oct 23rd though. Which date should I use or does it really matter? 2. Her name was misspelled on her registration of birth by one letter "Gladis". Again that misspelling continues on some pieces of ID but not on others. I input what she always used when it came time to register her death certificate "Gladys" on the I129F. So there is a discrepancy between her registration of birth "Gladis", her death certificate "Gladys" and what I put on my original I129F "Gladys". My birth certificate states the corrected name "Gladys" but it also just states her maiden name even though she was married when I was born. What should I use as her birth name and and as her legal name on the I485? Is it a big deal that I am changing the info now after what I submitted on my I129F? 3. She has no middle name at all on any of her ID"s but I always knew her middle name was "Agnes" (which she hated) so when it came time to register her death I thought I was doing the right thing by inputting "Agnes" as her middle name not knowing that it wasnt on any of her ID's. Should I use it in her legal name as that is what is on her death certificate? Or do I need to go by what is on her registration of birth? 4. Her place of birth is listed as a block and parcel number only (no town, no city). I have input her city of birth as "Unknown (and then the Province of birth in brackets)". Is that acceptable? Basically, should I use all of the info that is listed on her registration of birth for her birth name and birthdate (Gladis and Oct 28th) even though it is incorrect and is not what I input on the original I129F? And then use all of the information how it is displayed on her death certificate for her legal name? EVEN THOUGH THEY DONT MATCH? What does USCIS use the info for anyways? Are they going to investigate my parents to confirm all of the info is correct? I am at a loss as how to know which is the legally correct info or where to even confirm anything at this stage of the game...HELP! ORRRRR am I just overthinking? I input her info as Gladys Agnes (married last name) and Oct 23rd on the 129F. It did not ask for her city of birth on the I129F, only the country.
  23. Good day to you all! I was just wondering how long they judge the process for an individual who is, to put it simply, perfect in filing and following procedures regarding Family-based AOS that started from K-1? Matter of fact, I am referring to the events that can possibly happen after the AOS interview. As of this writing I have yet to update our timeline, but once I get my wife's documents I can edit everything and everyone will see that, what we are experiencing does not match any time averages in this field office. Point is we have not gotten any mail, or I-551 stamp in her passport after the interview, and neither approval/denial of her application from this field office.. Furthermore, her EAD/AP is in the window for renewal and we don't even know the exact detail of her Immigration Status, if pending or expired or whatever and because we don't know, it is hard to file for renewal for any category or if we even be allowed to be in c.9 category . https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/automatic-employment-authorization-document-ead-extension The only thing that changed to her I-485 Case in any way, shape or form is this and I quote from the Online Case Status Lookup "On June 20, 2018, we updated your name for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSCxxxxxxxxx" I hope someone can guide us.
  24. My Father's History: Came to us without inspection on November 11th 1995, applied for asylum and was denied and asked for Voluntary Departure on August 14, 1996. HE DID NOT LEAVE. 5 years passed, its now March 2001 and president bush granted TPS for those Salvadorians with deportation orders and no criminal records. My dad applied and was approved. 4 years later, In 2006 he applied for advanced parole and was approved. Traveled to El Salvador and re-entered the US just fine. 17 years later still with TPS and no criminal records, I filed AOS for him because I turned 21. Went to interview and since my dad does not have good memory he lied under oath and said 'he has never been in proceedings of removal' which he was, in 1996. We received a NOID (notice intention of Denial for his permanent residence) NOID says he can applied for a waiver of inadmissibility (I-601) but I looked at those criteria and its a pardon and he needs to show extreme hardship for U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident spouse or parent (NOT child) In this case, what do we do? will his AOS just get denied and end of story. What will happen once his TPS is removed in 2020?
  25. Hi all, my pd is Jan 2018, my case is ready for interview for almost 4 months. I requested an infopass this month to discuss about my case....do you think i will ever have any update about my case or not from uscis going to infopass appoiment? or do you think will be a waist of time? I've never been to an infopass i don't know what to expect from it. I will appreciate any suggestion about what kind of questions i should ask at this appoiment or your experiences. Thanks !