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Found 27 results

  1. Hi All, I just received my EAD card and I am a graduate student on F1. the day my EAD Card arrived, i got a new social security card. this social security card is the same as the previous one I had with the conditions "valid for work only with dhs authorization. My question now is, am I not supposed to work the number of hours I want and not be limited to 20 hrs per week as with F1 conditions for international students since I have EAD card. My EAD card also says "terms and condiitons" None. Thank you
  2. Hi! Just wondering what everyone's experience with the Texas Service Center's processing time for an EAD (for a J2 visa holder, but any information at all would be greatly appreciated!). The application was received by the service center on February 23, and have not yet received any NOA (Notice of Action) from them (neither in the mail nor via email, even though I registered my email address to be contacted). Any words of guidance/assistance/experience would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. I'm currently finishing my pre-opt period and graduating in may 2022 🥳. We (my wife and I) just summited the forms i-130 and I-485! Now I face a dilemma, Do my I-765 as adjustment of status and wait for the work authorization or apply for the I-765 as student and do the OPT ? Any ideas if doing I-765 as student would mess my adjustment of status process?
  4. Hi, so I am an F-1 student who are getting married to a US Citizen this year & I applied for a SSN due to getting offered a campus job. How should I fill out the I-765 form when asked about SSN, do you apply for a new card or keep the card you get from the application you did for the school job? Also i also have no idea when I will get my SSN, it’s almost been a month and I still don’t have the card in my hands even though they say it got processed, and I am worried I won’t know my SSN by the time we get married and file everything, therefore I am super confused on what to file on the form. I’m super thankful for any help
  5. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  6. I wish somewhere in the K1 process it mentioned making an appointment with the Social Security office to get an SSN. Evidently immediately upon landing in the US with a K1 visa the fiance can and SHOULD go get an SSN. As it stands we got married and then filed for I-485 Permanent Residence and I-765 (Employment Authorization). These take 5-6 months and included SSN creation, however that's six months without being able to obtain things that require and SSN, like bank account, driver's license, etc. It's too late now for us, but if your fiance lands here, immediately visit the Social Security office with your unexpired I-94 (Department of Homeland Security Arrival/Departure Record).
  7. hello guys, i switched my case to vawa . my ead expired since the last march 2020. i didn't renew it because I thought that I have to wait until my case get approved under vawa . but i received a lot of advices that i can renew my ead by filing I765 form and I131 form c9 category. i filed them the last and the Vermont Service Center receive them . my question is do i have to refiled I-485 form ? when i filed the vawa , my i485 form was on pending
  8. Hello, I’m asking for my friend who got done with her biometrics last week. We just noticed that there is no barcode for I-131, travel documents on Biometric letter. Only 2 barcodes for I-485, and I-765 on it. The status on USCIS web shows I-131, so she definitely sent applications and USCIS accepted. Is this common thing recent days? I applied for same thing and there were 2 barcodes for I-765, and 131 at the time, but it was 3 years ago, so something has changed?
  9. Hello. I’m an f1 student who is recently graduating this month from my university in California. I got married in 2019 and my wife petitioned for me to change my status, we filed for I-765, and I-485 which is still in process. I have not gotten the work permit or green card yet. My wife lives in Dallas, but we explain to USCIS that I was going to school in California because I had a scholarship here and I’ll permanently be moving to texas once I graduate. But I still haven’t received any work permit from the petition that my wife filed for me. So I just wanted to know if I can still file for OPT as an F1 because I’m still in status and I’m graduating this December. Will that be possible?
  10. Hey, everyone! For starters, thank you all so much for creating and contributing to such a broad and deep repository of knowledge and stories about the various visa processes. It's no exaggeration to say that this forum has been truly life-altering. So, here's the story! My fiancee is in Canada, I'm in the US. She works as a freelance artist, primarily making her income on shops like Etsy, from YouTube, and through artistic commission work. We don't live together yet, but of course plan to change that when the K-1 is granted. My question is: Once she crosses into the US on her K-1 Visa, and our 90 day marriage timer starts, does her freelance art qualify as "work"? As in, is she legally disallowed from making any money from art while physically in the US until a Work Permit is granted? She also receives monthly royalties from YouTube (and other sources) for work she did in the past. Does receiving payments for past work constitute "work" that would require a permit? My hours of research have been very frustrating and confusing because most people don't have the weirdly specific situation we're in. I was hoping the VJ forums might have some people that could shed light on our problem! Thanks for reading. -Amber
  11. Seeking tips on receiving SSN. We filed the 485 and 765 at the same time, Feb 2021. Biometrics taken April. Green Card interview beginning of July. Green card arrived a couple weeks later. All good on the 485 side. However, no updates re: 765 since April. USCIS website states "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken" April 24. Unable to submit a case inquiry since last update was "too recent". Called USCIS, they'll send instructions to SSA to create SSN when 765 is done processing. Called SSA, they haven't heard anything from USCIS re: my wife. Really need to get my wife's SSN to take care of tax and insurance issues. Has anyone been in this situation before? Were you able to do anything besides wait? Any tips? Coming up on a year since 765 was filed. Thank you!
  12. I decided to create this group for 2021 AOS filers from Washington D.C., so we can share our experiences, timelines and any information that may help each other along this journey. God speed and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
  13. I had applied for both travel Parole(I-131) and EAD(I-765) (pending I-485 Employment base) together I received my I-131 approval letter not card a month but not yet revived my EAD yet. My wife applied as my dependent she got both her I131 and I765, is this something normal ? Has anyone been in this situation ? Any input will be great help
  14. Hi, Let's say my i-129f gets approved before my i-130. Xhat is the point of Adjusment of Status then? Like will they abandon the i-130? Can't I just wait for the i-130 to be approved and come back to my country when I need to finish the process ? Also, if I apply for EAD, can I leave the US with my K-3 or will they consider as abandonment of EAD ? Thank you so much for your help
  15. Hi all, I have applied for AOS based on my wife's citizenship. We got USCIS I797c notice for all applications yesterday. My EAD is expires on 10/31/21 and visa will expire on 01/09/2022. Looks like It will take 8-9 months to get my new EAD based on the backlogs. Can I keep working with the same employer with I797c notice? or I have to wait until I get the real EAD card on my hand? Please advice, thanks for your help.
  16. Hi everyone! I have a pending I-485 case and my EAD/AP combo card expires on Sept. 22. We haven’t received any word on our green card interview yet, so we decided to go ahead and submit our EAD/AP renewal applications this month just to be safe. We sent the applications via USPS Priority Mail on May 10 and it was supposed to arrive on May 12. Instead, we received an “In Transit - Arriving Late” update on our tracking page and it has been stuck on that since May 16. We opened a case with USPS last week and did not have any luck getting any updates from them (followed up with them daily). We didn’t want to delay the renewal process further, so we decided to re-send our applications - this time, via UPS Next Day delivery. The moment I got home from the UPS store, I received an email from USPS saying: “Our records show the Priority Mail Item #*** was scanned and distributed to the PO Box unit (60680) May 12, 2021. It is very possible for the item to have been delivered without a scan, if an item is not scanned the tracking will not update. Also, it could take up to 15-30 days for USCIS to send a notification of receipt.” **sigh** It’s still not a definitive answer or a guarantee that the package was, in fact, delivered safely... but now that our second application has been mailed out, is it going to cause any issues down the line if USCIS does indeed have the original application? We included cover letters on our new applications that explained the situation and stated that this was our second attempt at filing these renewals, but I’m not sure what else to do, since we haven’t even received any case notifications. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thank you!
  17. Hi I applied for SSN and received it 2 weeks after my arrival on a K1 visa, and before getting married. I only used it to open a bank account, on the doctor's office forms and lately to file taxes with my husband (although I've never been employed since I got here) We applied for AOS earlier this year and didn't realize I could apply for an EAD using I-765. We got an RFE and while responding to it, my lawyer included I-765 and I-131 with the RFE response. The problem is she said it's very unusual to get an SSN without EAD but as long as it was done legally I should be fine, but I should be prepared to offer an explanation when asked. I'm still confused and worried. My SSN says "Valid for work only with DHS authorization". I didn't have an EAD but I also never used it for work since I know I can't legally work. My biggest worry is will this cause a misunderstanding at the AOS interview and put me in trouble? Did the Social Security office make a mistake? Are people on K1 allowed to work during the 90 days?
  18. Long story short: Husband came here July 2020 on a K1 visa, we got married in Aug. 2020, submitted attempt 1 at his AOS packet in September. Got denied due to some errors, resubmitted in October and got NOA1 on Nov. 6, 2020. We have heard absolutely nothing since. I don't know if he needs a biometric next, or if he would just do his green card interview, but at this rate we have no idea what's next because they haven't said a word in almost 8 months. Our receipt # is from the National Benefits Center; our local office is Indianapolis. I know it always takes long and is even more delayed due to COVID, but this is putting a huge strain on our family. He needs to be able to work and visit his family abroad. Not being able to do so has been extremely hard for him, obviously. It's putting us in a difficult spot financially as well. I'm aware that this process often takes quite awhile, but I want to see if there is anything at all we can do to help move things along. Does anyone have suggestions for how to help move things forward? Or get a timeline of sorts? We did reach out to a senator or two, which I just learned is a thing, but not sure if that'll help. Any suggestions appreciated!
  19. I currently live in the US and work for a company here under OPT with F-1, and I applied for STEM OPT Extension. I already mailed the packet to USCIS and they received it, but then I realized I had an error on the I-765 form. For "Place of Birth", there are 3 boxes: "City or Town", "State/Province", and "Country". I entered Town, Province, and Country of my hometown address, but I yesterday realized I should have entered the address of the hospital where I was born. It turned out from my birth certificate thingy in my country that the province and country of my hometown address are the same as those of my hospital address, but the towns are different. About 6-7 years ago, I applied for J-1 visa when I came to the US as an exchange student, and on my DS-2019 from then, it correctly uses the town of my hospital address. This time on my I-765 form, I mistakenly used the town of my hometown address. Is this going to be a problem or the cause of rejection? I am freaking out, and is there anything I need to do? It seems like some people say as long as the country and province are correct, it is not a big deal but I am worried. Can someone please give me advice. P.S. I still haven't received the receipt notice I-797, but I am sure it is on its way.
  20. I'm currently working for a company with my H1b, my I-485 along with I-765 is currently being processed (spouse of a US citizen). I have been speaking with a company, and I would really like to start working for them sooner rather than later. They won't do an H1b transfer at the moment, so an approved I-765 is my only bet. From what I see in processing times, my I-765 won't be approved/processed for at least another 6 months. Under the circumstances, is there anything I can do to expedite the process? I won't be able to file expedition request under financial loss, since I'm already working for another company. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do (or any lawyer can do) for me to start working for this other company soon. Is there any clause for H1b workers + I-765 combo that I'm not aware of?
  21. I was under H1b when I submitted my spouse based green card application. I-485 and I-765 is still in process and with Covid and everything, I'm not exactly sure how long it will take. My company recently got acquired by another company and I'm in desperate need to get a new job. Is there any way, or provision, through which I might be able to work while my I-765 is is still in process? I'm not sure if there are any new exceptions or exemptions in place due to Covid related delays, but I'm hoping to leave no stones unturned.
  22. My EAD was approved and shipped on 4/7 to my attorney's office. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the status changed to "Awaiting Delivery Scan." It further mentions, "The delivery status of your item has not been updated as of April 12, 2021, 09:10 pm. We apologize that it may arrive later than expected." The status has not changed since. Does anyone have any similar experiences? How do I navigate this with USPS and USCIS? I have received EAD/AP approval notices, but not the card. I have seen few horror stories where the card never gets delivered and is lost by USPS.
  23. Today, I finally got a receipt notice of I-765. It was renewal based on C09. I realized that my immigration lawyer wrote my last name wrong. He submitted case inquiry to fix typo error through online. I know having a receipt notice of I-765 automatically extends work permit upto 180 days. But can I still work with receipt notice that has name error? (my EAD is expired.. but if I get 180 days extension I can work) Lawyer said I can but I don't trust him anymore since he made a basic mistake...
  24. So I already have a job in the US on a H1B visa, and it is set to expire in August of this year (about 5 months left). I did my biometrics last month, sent the RFEs for i-485, and I'm basically doing the waiting game at this point. Unfortunately, my I-765 was rejected twice because I put in the wrong category twice, and it twas only accepted in January of this year (I sent it in in November, and USCIS sat on it for ages...) So I think while both applications have a chance of being approved by August, I don't feel confident that either of them will definitely get approved. I'm talking to my employer, and they told me that because I'm Canadian and the H1B quota isn't full, they won't file for an H1B extension (I don't really understand this tbh), and that there might not be another option. I feel like the HR isn't fully informed on i-485, because a google search shows that I can try to expedite my case. The only thing is, I don't think my case is urgent yet since I have 5 months. So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with the expedite request, when I should file it, or if it's even worth it. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!
  25. Hello, I am on F1 visa (doctoral student). Married to US citizen, filed I-130 and I-765 in August 2020. However, I realized that I need to file I-485 too. Can somebody tell me if we need to submit I-864 Affidavit of Support too? And what are total requirements if I am missing any other requirements then this (I-94, passport pictures, marriage certificate, I-20, joint bank statements, birth certificates, passport copies, visas, receipts of I-765 and I-130. And I-864 now or once I get approval? Aside from that if I need to file something else too to get green card and work authorization? Need help Thanks MBA-098
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