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  1. Hi, I just received an interview notice for my 2 years Green card that will be occurred in January, 2019. Please share your experiences and advises for me on the interview, it would be very appreciate I will list below the list of what I bring to the interview day, please comment if I'm missing anything, and what should I fulfill to my package. I live in Virginia, VA, get married to a US citizenship, my husband born in US. I was under OPT of F1- student visa and my OPT expired 07/12/2018. Here is my brief timeline on the process 05/20/18: Getting Married I did not celebrate my wedding party yet because i wait for the green card to go back to my country so my parents can attend my wedding. Only married at court with my husband family. 06/20/18: Submit my package to USCIS 07/24/2018: Biometrics done 08/16/2018: my expedite working permit request approved because I have job offer. I have working permit and go to work on September. 12/12/2018: Interview is scheduled 01/16/2018: Interview day Here is what I prepared to bring to the interview: Passport, driver license, birthcertificate, ssn for both of us Marriage license My Medical form I-693 Letter schedule interview from USCIS Tax return for previous 3 years 2015, 2016, 2017 of my husband. 3 pay subs before interview of my husband Bank statement showing our saving ( both are currently working and both deposit money into the account) A car Registration showing both of us ownership. Car Insurance (showing both name) credit card statement (showing both name) Life insurance (we both buy it and put each other name as beneficiaries) 401k beneficiaries information for both ( I and Him both have) Front page at personal info at Work's profile.. my husband is my emergency contact Airplane tickets to other states of US (5 trips together so far) Lots of pictures together ( pictures with friends, family, pictures that we are going on trips with friends and family) Moviepass membership for two in one year (sign up same time) One month (AUG18) we are in the same health insurance (since I got a job, i choose to split out from him to go with my company insurance because of it its more cheaper than go with him) ONE Affidavit of friend who verify the authenticity of our relationship (did not submit that in the package) Outline of our relationship (did not submit that We DO NOT have: Utility bills - because we still live with his parents, and his parents are paying bills House rent/ mortgage: same reason above Wedding ceremony & pictures on the wedding day: my parents can not come to US so we are waiting to go back to my country, and we are saving money to buy house. Because we do not have a wedding together, that is not normal to all the couple who apply for adjustment of status and that makes me very worry. Please drop some comments to give me advise . Also, advise me on what will they ask on the interview because we are very worry for the upcoming interview. Thank you and I really appreciate it Jacklyn.
  2. I've written this forum a handful of times and I'm still in disbelief to say we are still waiting my husband's AOS approval. We interviewed July 2017 and our status hasn't changed since. Since then, I have made appointments to the USCIS office, called their offices, asked my lawyer to get involved and finally wrote my senator (in NY). Thankfully my Senator was able to expedite his EAD renewal but said he was still not outside of the "standard" processing timeline. This was back in June. I just really can't believe we're still waiting....
  3. I prepared my AOS packet and then got slammed at work with a project with an impossible deadline. I won't be able to submit our AOS packet until this weekend (on 08/18), but I had my fiance sign all of our documents which are dated 08/13 - including the check for payment. USCIS may not receive the packet until 08/20 or 08/21, and the dates will be a week or more old. Does anyone foresee this as an issue? I really don't want to have to go back and reprint and redo all of the pages that had my or her signature on them, but I also don't want to risk acceptance or a RFE for this. Anyone have experience with this in the past or any educated advice? Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Hello all - I am a tourist overstay granted Advance Parole along with my EAD, received through my marriage to a US Citizen. I thought that people here who have been in the same situation - ie >180 day overstays (and otherwise subject to 3 year or 10 year bar if s/he were to have departed the country prior to receiving advance parole) who were granted Advance Parole and traveled and came back with no problems could post their experiences here to give the rest of us comfort and confidence. Stories where people were actually denied entry also welcome here, for comparison purposes. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, i field in January 2018 and after bio and waiting for 4 months i've got a request for additional evidence (on the app says additional) but i received at home a pink letter says initial evidence. i am reading on groups and forums that this rfe can reset your waiting to day 0 so it will took me another 90 days to receive my EAD card. Is this true do this rfe delay the entire process? I am very discouraged. I can't get a job or a driver licence and the idea to wait even more drive me crazy. is there someone that can clarify me this situation? thanks
  6. Wondering if anyone out there in Dallas, TX are having the same issue as us. Wel filed back on April, 2017 for my husband AOS. We got a confirmation few days after on April 30th & May 3rd! Within two months we got the biometric appointment(June 2017) but now we are on February 2018 and still no sign for the interview. On their website it says “ready for an interview since September 06,2017” Did anyone file around this time? If so, how is it going for you? *we did not hired a lawyer, file everything by ourselves!
  7. Good Day! Need your help guys. I’m from Mississippi came here with K-1 visa. Got married and applied for AOS. I have a question how long foes it take to recieved my EAD Card after EAD approval mailed and what document should i bring to travel outside USA for vacation? Please any feedback on this or who experienced same as me. 😞 AOS filing date: Sept.8,2017 Biometrics: October 3, 2017 Ready for Interview status Online but they haven’t set a schedule for me yet 😞 Recieved approval EAD/Advance Parole: November 28, 2017 we’re planning to go back to the Philippines this April. So any suggestions guys!
  8. My mother petitioned me and I got form I-130 approved in December 2013. My Priority Date is 12/23/2013, which becomes current in September 2015. I had my I-485 filed by an Immigration Service in Sep 2015 for Adjustment of Status under F2A category, but somehow the document got lost in the mail and USCIS never cashed out the check. I turned 21 in May 2015, but with PCSA I am still eligible for F2A at the time when the Immigration Service sent out the I-485, which is Sep 2015. Now I completely trust that immigration service and forget about it until May 2017, where I had to refile my I-485 for Adjustment of Status. I now received my EAD, Advance Parole and a Notice from USCIS telling me to take medical examination to prepare for the interview. Also noted that I have been a full time F1 student this whole time, from 2010 to May 2017, and I am currently on OPT at the time I recently file my I-485 form. With that background, I have 2 questions: 1) For this upcoming interview, would it be possible USCIS will deny my case since I am no longer eligible for F2A category? How do I prove to USCIS that the Immigration Service that I paid for had sent out the I-485 and other documents in 2015 (when I am still under PCSA and fully eligible for F2A category) and it was lost in the mail? 2) Worst case scenario, they denied my GC during the interview and push me down to F2B category (unmarried son over 21), would I be out of status by then? My OPT card expires May 2018 and I don't think they will interview me before this period. I'm so worried and it would help me a lot if I could get help from someone who has experienced the same story.
  9. Hello! I got married this weekend to my beloved husband and now we are looking into filing papers to adjust my status in this country. We already have the I-130, work permit form and the other form that I need to fill out myself but I spoke to the person filing our marriage certificate and she said that we also have to file birth certificates, I-94, passport, 6 passport sized pictures, marriage certificate, medical letter (I-693) and my husband has to file pay stubs for the last three months, letter form his employer, Tex returns, birth certificate, 2 passport sized pictures, drivers license, Social security card, US passport. Do we have to file all of that for the adjustment of status or is there anything else we need to file along with all the other paperwork? We want to file all of this by next week so I really need some quick answers!
  10. Hello! My fiance is Cuban and arrived to the US on a K1 visa in early September. We got married last week and are applying for Adjustment of Status. I wanted to make this forum for anyone going through the same process, previously, currently, or in the future, in order to share helpful information and advice. Questions Does anyone have a checklist of documents/information they submitted along with their AoS, SS, and EAD applications? Are all documents, including marriage certificates, meant to be submitted in copy form? As K1 visa applicants that were approved, do we have to submit as much evidence about our relationship as we did for the I-129F and visa interview? Does this include photos, messages, call logs, shared bank accts, etc? Finally, since our fiance's completed their medical in Cuba or wherever their home country is, do they need to do this again in the US? If not, what paperwork from their initial medical exam do they need to submit? Thank you all in advance. Tagging @058rocale and @forena99 who have also gone through the process and have been immensely helpful throughout! <3 x
  11. Hello all- I submitted my complete adjustment of status package, and it was rejected. The reason for the rejection was a problem with the fees- I had included a cheque with my husband’s name and last address on it for 1225$. I have no idea what the problem is with the cheque- it was made out to the department of homeland security in the amount of 1225$. The only issue I see is that it’s in my husband’s name only with his last address on it- not our current marital home. I’m adjusting status based on marriage from f1 student. i also don’t know what to do next- do I fill out all the forms all over again, and get a new physical and resend with a money order? Or can I send the same forms back with the correct payment? I am so discouraged!! Please help!
  12. Hello, I am writing to find out what are my options if I am in the US on a visitors visa when my I-130 is approved. We originally signed up for consular but was wondering what are the possibilities of changing to adjustment of status if we are already there and the petition is approved?
  13. Hello! I am filling out the I-485 and do not understand this question... Evidence of Continuously Maintaining a Lawful Status Since Arrival in the United States Anyone applying under the following immigrant categories must submit evidence to show they have continuously maintained lawful immigration status while in the United States and are therefore not barred from adjustment by INA section 245(c)(2): applicants applying under a family-based preference category or an employment-based preference category; special immigrant religious workers, Afghan or Iraqi nationals, and international broadcasters; and selectees under the Diversity Visa Lottery program. Acceptable evidence may include, but is not limited to, copies of the following documents: Form I-797 approval notices for all extensions and changes of nonimmigrant status; Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record, including printouts of paperless I-94 admissions; Form I-20, Certi cate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status - For Academic and Language Students, or Form I-20, Certi cate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) Student Status - For Vocational Students, including all pages containing notations by authorized school of cials; Form DS-2019 (formerly IAP 66), Certi cate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status, including all pages containing notations by authorized exchange visitor program of cials; or Passport page with an admission or parole stamp (issued by a U.S. immigration of cer). Include evidence for every time you entered the United States and for the time periods spent in the United States. See the Additional Instructions for information on whether your speci c immigrant category requires this evidence. If you are applying as an employment-based rst preference, second preference, or third preference applicant or as a fourth preference special immigrant religious worker and you believe you are exempted from this bar by INA section 245(k), you should submit evidence to prove you qualify for this exemption. For more information, see www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/adjustment-status. My fiancé (husband now) came here, got married, and now his 90 days are up. He has no status as of right now. What can I send in to show them evidence of continuously maintaining a lawful status since arrival to the USA.
  14. HI All, My fiancé and I are hoping, assuming all goes well from this point on, that he will be in the country sometime between November and late January (we got an RFE a week ago but I sent it right back and got an email two days later saying it'd been received). He and I will get married here once he arrives, obviously, but we were hoping to travel and maybe even have a wedding party in Spain next summer and/or at Christmas. Therefore, does anyone know the approximate duration of time it's taking for Spanish citizens to get AOS once marriage has taken place and the application has been submitted? Also, we have heard various things about the likelihood of his being able to travel. One Peruvian friend who just got her permanent green card and has been here for years said he'd have no problems getting Advance Parole. Another British friend said it's very likely he WON"T get AP since he's never lived here before. I'm mostly just wondering whether we'll be able to plan any international trips after he arrives. We both love to travel!