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  1. Hello everyone, I have applied for I-765 (EAD) for employment authorization. Currently, I'm on an H4 visa which was issued last year. This is a standalone application in the sense that I have only applied for EAD. My application processing center is in California, and the last update I got from them was about the receipt notice last week for April. So it's been more than four months since I have gotten any updates from the USCIS. I was trying to see if I can get a response from USCIS. I do not qualify for expedited requests as my reason is more of "I'm freaking frustrated". I do have a pending job contract. After talking to a lawyer, he said it's possible and would cost around $4500(!!). My application is still processing for 4 months, which is still under the processing time suggested by USCIS, which is 9 months. I'm trying to see if it's worth going down this route as it's a lot of $$$, and if there is a really low chance of this resulting in anything I'd like to know beforehand. Does anyone have experience with successfully filing a Mandamus? Any help appreciated.
  2. Hi! I am a K1 Visa holder. I am ready to file my AOS (I 485 + +I 131+ I 864). I have a couple of doubts. I am moving to Denver CO so my original I129F address will change in these new forms to my new Denver CO address. So I should file to Phoenx Az lockbox correct? From this Lockbox where will my file go? So i can check processing times. I am worried specially about my EAD so I can start working (read these are taking to long...). Appreciate input on these. Thank you!
  3. My friend’s lawyer said to my friend that ”You can work and pay tax since you are a spouse of US citizen. It’s nothing have to do with immigration process, but to work and put tax. She said it’s kind of special measures so that IRS can collect taxes because a lot of people work under table anyways and there is income limit of course. If you file tax for the income, you should file as a sole proprietor. “ Anyone knows about this? If you know the information and or the link? I will help the friend’s tax file for this year, so I need to know but my friend didn’t ask her lawyer much about that.. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello - I am leaving the country and returning with AP for the first time. I am applying for AoS as married to a USC, and I received my EAD/advance parole a few weeks ago. I just accepted a job at a firm that provides advice/capital raising to cannabis firms in the US, and and owns minority percentages of cannabis companies. I do not believe we are doing anything federally illegal. We are not "touching the plant." We are not involved in the actual growing and selling of weed, just advising those who are (state legally) doing it on how to grow their business. 1) Is it likely they will ask who I work for at the port of entry on my return, and press me for the name of the company? (trip is for leisure but I will be at a port of entry for first time in 4 years) 2) do i have to tell them the name of the firm and what the firm does if asked (it has a website so it can be looked up), or can I just say "Finance/advisory/capital raising firm" and leave it at that? (I have no intention of lying or misrepresenting myself, just not giving all extraneous information unless required) 3) will it be a problem to enter if I work for this firm and they get the name and industry out of me? Thanks
  5. Hi, Previously, I asked if here if it's possible to work while my EAD and AOS applications are still pending. I got my answer and I'm so thankful to the members who provided the great article for reference; TLDR I can if I want to but that's risking it as there have been no precedents that have gone to court. Now, I'm wondering if the same rules apply to investing/trading stocks and/or cryptocurrency? It's not employment and I will be using my own savings before coming here. Anybody have any experience and advice? It's not mentioned anywhere in the USCIS website and all I could find on the web are questions about WORKING, nothing about investing/trading. Anyone on the same path as mine? K1 fiancée adjusting to PR that's done or is doing this?
  6. Hi All, I just received my EAD card and I am a graduate student on F1. the day my EAD Card arrived, i got a new social security card. this social security card is the same as the previous one I had with the conditions "valid for work only with dhs authorization. My question now is, am I not supposed to work the number of hours I want and not be limited to 20 hrs per week as with F1 conditions for international students since I have EAD card. My EAD card also says "terms and condiitons" None. Thank you
  7. i-765 just had the new version on 5/31/22 the old one from 2020 still acceptable but i rather have the new version just in case
  8. HI All, Can anyone please share expediting AOS and EAD? Any experiences? I am an active duty US army member and my fiance is currently on a K1 visa here. We have filled for AOS, EAD and AP. I just have the receipt numbers starting IOE, how do we know as to where my EAD is being handled? What would be the process for expediting AOS? is that even possible? We filed in Feb 2022.
  9. Automatic Extension Period of Work Permits for Certain Applicants Release Date 05/03/2022 WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a Temporary Final Rule (TFR) that increases the automatic extension period for employment authorization and Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), available to certain EAD renewal applicants, to up to 540 days. The increase, which will be effective immediately on May 4, 2022, will help avoid gaps in employment for noncitizens with pending EAD renewal applications and stabilize the continuity of operations for U.S. employers.
  10. Hello, My EAD is approved but I still don't have a SSN, I've been told it keeps getting automatically deleted from the system because we didn't get it processed before the 90 days were over so we had to wait until I've got my AOS to apply for one again. Is it possible to apply for a SSN once I get the EAD or do I really have to wait for the AOS? Our AOS is still being reviewed because of an RFE. Also, is it possible to work with my AOS pending or without a SSN but with an EAD?
  11. Hi VJ Fam, So I did submit my VAWA Application and I received a Prima Facie, and AP. Only my EAD was sent back for RFE. It states that I didn't submit sufficient evidence. My previous EAD was approved based on marriage with my ex-wife. We are currently divorced and she withdrew the last i-485. I applied for a new i-485 and also got a receipt for that petition. My question now is, what evidences do I need to send back to USCIS in response to my RFE for EAD. Thanks
  12. I filed I765 a few weeks ago and put the OPT start date in Aug because my job start in Sep. However, I plan to take consulting/volunteering/internship arranged by my university before the OPT start date. I plan to work with a company outside of the States - go to their office and work - but my university will also pay stipend to me. Is it possible to do that? From what I understand, I will be exempt from having to wait for OPT start date because: - I will work remotely outside of the States and it is not required foreigners to get any work permit to work for US company - I am not hired by university as an employee, just as an individual contributor paid with stipend. So it is more like a foreign freelancer? I just want to make sure that I do not miss anything here Another question is can I also do this before my EAD card is arrived/approved (assume that I can find a way to send my EAD to my international address)? Thank you for your help!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm adjusting status and entered the country with a K1 visa. We filed for AOS November 24, 2021 and had my biometrics appointment March 15, 2022. I've been trying to find an estimated waiting time between the biometrics appointment and the reception of advanced parole and EAD, but I have not been successful in finding any estimate. Does anyone know how long is it taking right now between biometrics appointment and reception of advanced parole/EAD? Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, My husband is encountering some difficulty with renewing his driver license. His EAD/AP combo card expired this past Wednesday, and his Texas DL expired along with it. He sent his renewal applications for the EAD and AP back in May. He has IOE receipt numbers (which I thought were supposed to process quicker!) Apart from receiving his I797 Notice saying that his EAD would automatically be extended for an additional 180 days after it expires and another notice stating that USCIS would re-use his biometrics taken last year, it has been radio silent. He had an appointment to renew his DL last week at the DMV in Fort Worth and brought his I797 extension letter along with his combo card that was about to expire. As expected, the DMV employee AND the employee’s supervisor were not familiar with immigration law. My husband had to explain over and over again that his extension letter is proof from US Immigration that his work permit will remain valid beyond its expiration date. He showed them the pages we printed out from the USCIS website that explained the nature of the extension in length, but they wouldn’t budge because all they were seeing in their system was that his work permit was about to expire. They said they couldn’t issue a new license based on that information. Thankfully, my husband knew to ask them to run a “second verification,” which is when the DMV contacts Homeland Security to inquire about a person’s immigration status and driving eligibility. It usually takes 3-5 days to run this check. We just received a letter from DPS dated Sept. 16 - the day after my husband came in for his DMV appointment. It stated that DHS was not able to verify his documents. We are at a loss because we know of other people here in TX who were able to successfully get their documents verified during this second stage. DPS stated that they have forwarded the documents to USCIS for a THIRD verification. Apparently it can take USCIS up to 20 days to respond… Has anyone in TX encountered a similar outcome? Was the third verification stage successful for you? I’m wondering if we are facing these road blocks because we went in and tried to renew the license BEFORE his EAD expired. The other posters who shared their experiences stated that they went in after their cards expired. This is such a hassle, as my husband has to drive regularly around our city for his job. I just checked with USCIS and they said that all looks good with his application, but it’s still pending….
  15. Hi! Just wondering what everyone's experience with the Texas Service Center's processing time for an EAD (for a J2 visa holder, but any information at all would be greatly appreciated!). The application was received by the service center on February 23, and have not yet received any NOA (Notice of Action) from them (neither in the mail nor via email, even though I registered my email address to be contacted). Any words of guidance/assistance/experience would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  16. Hi All, Question, how do i get to ask for a schedule of the biometrics? Once i have the receipt numbers is there a way to get them to schedule for one? Thanks a ton in advance? What is the best way to expedite AOS/EAD, husband is in the military active duty.
  17. Hi! We filed for my husband's AOS (Adjustment of Status) via marriage the first week of January, with the help of a lawyer living out of state. It has all been going well and incredibly fast, and after only 6 weeks from filing, my husband already had his biometrics taken, and his EAD (Employment Authorization Document) card is on its way! But, we just realized our lawyer did not send us the form I-131 for AP (Advanced Parole) 😤, meaning that we never signed nor filed it. (Note: his I-485 is still pending and we have not gotten a notice for the interview). My two questions are: 1. Does the EAD card come as an EAD/AP combo even when we didn't file the I-131 form? 2. Is it worth filing an I-131 even after having his EAD card and while waiting for the I-485 approval? We do have a couple of important family events abroad coming up we'd like to attend. Thanks!
  18. We need help please our new born baby in NIC UNIT since he delivered almost 45 day's and doctors said maybe he still be there more 5 or 6 months and we have other 17 month baby in home because all this my wife dont can work and she is petitioner for me we really struggling now financially. Can we apply for expedite our case so i can start work and help her and own family and if expedite is denial is any effect on our case ?
  19. HI All, Need your advise on this aspect. Members helped me with the aspect of K1 visa, i am forever grateful for the help they provided. This is what i am planning to submit, AOS : i485 Vaccination record G-1145 i94 i129f noa2 Birth certificates both Passport bio page both Beneficiary 2X2 photos Check for 1225 i864 Few photos together Marriage certificate US citizenship proof of petitioner Does anything else needs to be needed? EAD : i765 g1145 i94 i129f noa2 marriage certificate Beneficiary 2X2 photos AP: i131 g1145 i94 i129f noa2 marriage certificate Beneficiary 2X2 photos Does anyone think anything else needs to be added. Can you please let me know once i have drafted. Where do i send this package to ? Which lockbox should i be using? I am located in hawaii. I am an active duty service member.
  20. My fiancé interviewed for his SSN 15 days after his arrival in the US on a K-1 visa. Everything at the interview went fine and the SSN official said he would get the approval in the mail in 2 weeks and the SSN card in a month. A month came and went and we thought maybe there was a delay due to the holidays. After the holidays, we checked in with our local SSN office and they informed us that Dept. of Homeland Security found an error on our application and it was still pending. SSN office couldn't say what the error was, but they would check and get back to us. After a week of calls with our local SSN office, we were told the error was fixed (SSN office said they were never informed what the error was) and we would be receiving the letter of approval in 2 weeks. Well, another two weeks went by and we never received the letter. I called the SSN local office and it was back to the story of there was an error on our application (again couldn't say what said error was) and because the K-1 visa was about to expire in a couple of weeks, my fiancé would not receive a SSN. The SSN office informed us we could reapply once my fiancé's visa was renewed or extended. I am pretty confident there was no error on his SSN application/supporting documents (we checked everything over multiple times and the SSN officer we interviewed with also confirmed that the SSN application was filled out correctly and matched the supporting documents). I'm not sure what we could have done differently except checked in earlier when we didn't receive our letter within 2 weeks, but not sure it would have made a difference anyways. My questions are: 1. Has anyone else experienced this particular issue? Does this happen frequently? (From reading here on VJ, I know many people have issues arise when dealing with the SSA) 2. Any ideas what the error could be that Dept. of Homeland Security was referring to? Just wondering if this issue will pop-up again when he reapplies. 3. From everything that I have read, it seems he will have to wait for his EAD/AP to reapply for his SSN (contrary to what the local SSN officer said) but I wanted to confirm. Thanks for any insights, KateD
  21. Hi, Has anyone successfully been able to expedite EAD application for dependents? I keep hearing that Texas has close to 15 monhts processing times. What reasons you used to successfully expedite EAD for dependents? I have filed on April 01, 2021. I was able to sucessfully expedite my EAD. (medical worker) However, still waiting on my dependents EAD. Thank you.
  22. Hi, so I am an F-1 student who are getting married to a US Citizen this year & I applied for a SSN due to getting offered a campus job. How should I fill out the I-765 form when asked about SSN, do you apply for a new card or keep the card you get from the application you did for the school job? Also i also have no idea when I will get my SSN, it’s almost been a month and I still don’t have the card in my hands even though they say it got processed, and I am worried I won’t know my SSN by the time we get married and file everything, therefore I am super confused on what to file on the form. I’m super thankful for any help
  23. I received my EAD card and it mentions my Given name as "Eduardo " and Surname "Metzker" whereas my Surname in Passport and marriage certificate is "De Souza Metzker". Back side of EAD CARD also shows only "Eduardo Metzker". I think it was supposed to be Edward D Metzker in the front and Eduardo de Souza Metzker in the back of the card right? I am planning to visit my home country. Will this card be acceptable at port of entry while coming back to US? Thank you.
  24. So, I requested an expedite this morning and during the afternoon I received 2 calls, number 2028382200. I didn’t answer immediately but I tried to return the call and there was a recording saying that I was called by uscis and that I’ll be called again in the next 24-48 hours. Does that usually happen? I’m worried that is something serious and didn’t answer when I could. Or worse that is a scam and they probably get ahold of applicants phone numbers. Any information related to this is appreciated. ETA: I requested to reset my password 2 days ago so now I’m not sure 🤔 if it had to do with that.
  25. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
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