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  1. Hello everyone, My wife received her F21 visa and have entered the country. I'm excited about this new journey but have some questions about the next steps. Could anyone please help me with the following: 1. How does she go about obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN)? 2. Does she need to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the US? If this isn't the right forum for these questions, kindly let me know where can find the appropriate information. Thank you in advance for your guidance!
  2. We filed for AOS for my husband on June 30th for his K1 visa. His EAD was approved on August 2nd and he received the card on August 12th. He received his 1st social security card on August 3rd with the "valid for work only with DHSauthorization." On September 13th, we got a notification there was a change in the status of his case and received a new social security card in the mail without restrictions. It is the exact same card number as the previous one. However, when we check the status of his case there is no change, it still says "case is being actively reviewed by USCIS." We have not received any written notification either. Has this ever happened to anybody?
  3. Hi all, I wanted to make this group to post updates on everyone's AOS/EAD/AP etc. I'm personally very interested in everyone's work authorization status, if you've already received yours? My timeline is; Feb. 24 2023: AOS/EAD/AP submitted Mar. 03 2023: Rejected (used an old version of form) Mar. 04 2023: AOS Resubmitted Mar. 28 2023: RFE received May 19 2023: response to RFE submitted Waiting since.
  4. Hello, I received two emails last week from USCIS saying my case status has been updated, but when I check my case status online is still says my cases are being "actively reviewed". I did however find under Documents for my I-765 a notice of approval where it states my EAD and advance parole have been combo approved. Yay! Does anyone know how long it will take for the actual case status to update to approved? Also, how long does it normally take from the approval notice to receive the actual EAD card in the mail? Thank you!
  5. Hi: My mother in law just got here to the US on a humanitarian visa. She came through U4U. How can she adjust her status? My wife, is a USC over 21 years old and she would like to start the process of adjusting her status. Problem is we have no idea where to start. 1) how to get her application for a Social security card? Is is faster to do this before the adjustment or together when filing for everything? I heard U4U gets their EAD and social security card real quick. 2) How to apply for EAD and AP (if she is elegible) 3) How to get her vaccination done and where to get it done and is it done before we start all the immigration paperwork? 4) Is she eligible for somekinda goverment program, since she is 74 y.o? Medicaid? There is no set rules or answers on USCIS on how to proceed, since her case is not the majority of U4U cases or should we just go with a lawyer and let them do it for us? Thanks for any advice. Please move this topic to the appropriate forum if needed.
  6. Hopefully my question is straightforward—a family member is keeping me up to date on her husband's case, who just received EAD approval (the card should be arriving in a week or so, I suppose) and Advance Parole approval. This is my first time seeing an I-512L Advance Parole form, and when I search the forum a lot of the posts are over ten years old. Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of approved I-131 cases are simply rolled into the "combo card" where the recipient doesn't get a separate Advance Parole document? For what it's worth, checking his cases, the EAD was approved on February 22nd, and the tracking said the card was produced today on February 28th. On the AP side, it says it was approved on February 23rd and produced on the 24th. Is this a case of strange timing where they were considered separately? If the AP had been approved before the EAD, does that mean it would have resulted in a combo card? He is still waiting for the EAD in the mail, but seeing that the AP paper arrived in the mail it seems like there would be no point in USCIS issuing that if they know they were about to issue the EAD a few days later. Also, he has a single copy of the I-512L Advance Parole form and I see old forum posts referencing that there should be two originals. Is there a problem or should there be a single? Finally, if the EAD that arrives in a few days says "Not valid for re-entry to the U.S." at the bottom but he has the just-received AP document, he can take those two items along with his foreign passport to leave the U.S. and then re-enter, right? Does it have to be an emergency or can it be for any reason? Thank you! Edit: Adding here that after googling around I have come to understand that in or around 2022, USCIS started decoupling the work permit and advance parole applications to speed along processing and therefore no longer issue combo cards, which answers all of my questions except if there are supposed to be one or two originals of the Advance Parole document. Leaving this up for reference and hoping someone can let me know if there is indeed only supposed to be one I-512L included in the mailing.
  7. I am new here and have scrubbed the forum for answers and might have just missed it, as my concern pertains to an EAD expedite but without a pending job offer. I would appreciate any advice for financial loss as an expedite reason but for financial obligations overseas. A quick background - I filed for AOS after 120 days of being in the US. We got married 15 months before that. It was not concurrent filing, by the way. I went back home after we got married, and continued working until I resigned. I visited my husband in July 2022 (we initially planned to do every 6 months of alternate traveling to our respective locations until the petition comes through) but we got anxious about the delay as we plan to begin a family that we decided to apply for AOS in November. The I-130 at this point has not moved for 13 months despite our constant follow ups and a congressional. My AOS + EAD + AP was filed and I was made to undergo biometrics. I would like to apply for expedite at least for EAD because the money I saved up is almost gone. The thing though is that the financial loss is mainly for my financial obligations back home/overseas. My husband is employed and has provided for me since I got here but we agreed that my financial concerns are my own, and I also would not want to burden him with it. The obligations are not substantial (for some, but to a Php earner like I used to be, IT IS) if taken in on a monthly basis ($800 for loan amortizations and $900 for parental assistance with living conditions and medicines) but they are regular, like clockwork. I have funded this for a year with my savings some of which were also used to pay for half of the AOS fees, my plane ticket, very minimal grocery expenses since I got here (the PHP to USD exchange rate slapped me hard despite these "little expenses") etc. Now that source has dried up. I wont be able to present a JO as not having an EAD blocks me from even being considered for a job. Even part-times in bookstores and retail shops require an EAD. I was also informed that any virtual work that seems to be popular now is not allowed because even if I get paid through my PH bank account, the work is still done in the US where i'm physically located and that is "working without a permit". I have attended "almost there!!!" interviews like that which didn't push through with an offer (I was short of saying you can hire me and pay me third-country labor rates despite my being in the US, please just hire me! but i guess they'e not that interested, and i digress). Anyway, I have belabored the point too much. I requested an expedite and received a USCIS email requesting me to fax supporting docs. I just dont want to mess it up and save both of us time because I know there are far more valid expedite reasons that mine. Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. We got an EAD approval notice today. Only 1 month and 12 days later after USCIS received! Looking at the notice I see this section: "If you have a pending or approved Form I-140 and a pending Form I-485, you may request to change employers if your Form I-485 has been pending for at least 180 days. In order to do so, you need to submit documentation about your new job offer. For more information on how to request a change of employers and what information you must submit, please visit the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov. If your EAD card expires before we make a final decision on your Form I-485, you may apply for a new EAD card." My wife, who is the recipient of this EAD, is currently unemployed. But she has an employer lined up. Can she just start working for that employer? The text above implies that EAD is tied to a specific employer. Does she need to do anything in that regard? Like let USCIS know who is going to be her employer? And what is the process if she decides to change an employer in the future? Thanks!
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/news-releases/uscis-redesigns-green-card-and-employment-authorization-document
  10. i recieved my gc approved but the aed and travel authorization was terminated. The application was closed "because the applicant or petitioner received a ststus or benefit through other means". Should i apply for another aed and travel authorization?
  11. is my answer for this question c9? if not what is it for spouse of us citizen?
  12. I am a citizen my brother overstay on his visitors visa and currently lives here. Can I file for him. How long would I130 take to get approve and could he get EAD while we wait, if so around when would i be able to file for that, same time as I130 or after approval? And i would file I-485 after I130 has been approved right?
  13. Hi guys. I'm in a tough situation like many of you here. My OPT is expiring in Jan 2023. I have a STEM degree, but my employer (Walgreens) is not willing to fill out I-983 training plan for me as a part of STEM OPT application. I'm trying to fight this and convince them to fill out the form. However, it seems like the best bet for me is to expedite the pending AOS EAD (F2A). I've submitted an expedited request with the reason of job loss and not being able to pay rent, insurance, and e.t.c. Is this convincing enough for my request to be approved? I'm also thinking to ask for help from my congressman if my attempts don't succeed. This is a long shot but has anyone here worked for Walgreens and applied for STEM OPT through them? Is there anything else I can do to salvage my situation? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, I have applied for I-765 (EAD) for employment authorization. Currently, I'm on an H4 visa which was issued last year. This is a standalone application in the sense that I have only applied for EAD. My application processing center is in California, and the last update I got from them was about the receipt notice last week for April. So it's been more than four months since I have gotten any updates from the USCIS. I was trying to see if I can get a response from USCIS. I do not qualify for expedited requests as my reason is more of "I'm freaking frustrated". I do have a pending job contract. After talking to a lawyer, he said it's possible and would cost around $4500(!!). My application is still processing for 4 months, which is still under the processing time suggested by USCIS, which is 9 months. I'm trying to see if it's worth going down this route as it's a lot of $$$, and if there is a really low chance of this resulting in anything I'd like to know beforehand. Does anyone have experience with successfully filing a Mandamus? Any help appreciated.
  15. Hi! I am a K1 Visa holder. I am ready to file my AOS (I 485 + +I 131+ I 864). I have a couple of doubts. I am moving to Denver CO so my original I129F address will change in these new forms to my new Denver CO address. So I should file to Phoenx Az lockbox correct? From this Lockbox where will my file go? So i can check processing times. I am worried specially about my EAD so I can start working (read these are taking to long...). Appreciate input on these. Thank you!
  16. My friend’s lawyer said to my friend that ”You can work and pay tax since you are a spouse of US citizen. It’s nothing have to do with immigration process, but to work and put tax. She said it’s kind of special measures so that IRS can collect taxes because a lot of people work under table anyways and there is income limit of course. If you file tax for the income, you should file as a sole proprietor. “ Anyone knows about this? If you know the information and or the link? I will help the friend’s tax file for this year, so I need to know but my friend didn’t ask her lawyer much about that.. Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi All, I just received my EAD card and I am a graduate student on F1. the day my EAD Card arrived, i got a new social security card. this social security card is the same as the previous one I had with the conditions "valid for work only with dhs authorization. My question now is, am I not supposed to work the number of hours I want and not be limited to 20 hrs per week as with F1 conditions for international students since I have EAD card. My EAD card also says "terms and condiitons" None. Thank you
  18. i-765 just had the new version on 5/31/22 the old one from 2020 still acceptable but i rather have the new version just in case
  19. HI All, Can anyone please share expediting AOS and EAD? Any experiences? I am an active duty US army member and my fiance is currently on a K1 visa here. We have filled for AOS, EAD and AP. I just have the receipt numbers starting IOE, how do we know as to where my EAD is being handled? What would be the process for expediting AOS? is that even possible? We filed in Feb 2022.
  20. Automatic Extension Period of Work Permits for Certain Applicants Release Date 05/03/2022 WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a Temporary Final Rule (TFR) that increases the automatic extension period for employment authorization and Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), available to certain EAD renewal applicants, to up to 540 days. The increase, which will be effective immediately on May 4, 2022, will help avoid gaps in employment for noncitizens with pending EAD renewal applications and stabilize the continuity of operations for U.S. employers.
  21. Hello, My EAD is approved but I still don't have a SSN, I've been told it keeps getting automatically deleted from the system because we didn't get it processed before the 90 days were over so we had to wait until I've got my AOS to apply for one again. Is it possible to apply for a SSN once I get the EAD or do I really have to wait for the AOS? Our AOS is still being reviewed because of an RFE. Also, is it possible to work with my AOS pending or without a SSN but with an EAD?
  22. Hi VJ Fam, So I did submit my VAWA Application and I received a Prima Facie, and AP. Only my EAD was sent back for RFE. It states that I didn't submit sufficient evidence. My previous EAD was approved based on marriage with my ex-wife. We are currently divorced and she withdrew the last i-485. I applied for a new i-485 and also got a receipt for that petition. My question now is, what evidences do I need to send back to USCIS in response to my RFE for EAD. Thanks
  23. I filed I765 a few weeks ago and put the OPT start date in Aug because my job start in Sep. However, I plan to take consulting/volunteering/internship arranged by my university before the OPT start date. I plan to work with a company outside of the States - go to their office and work - but my university will also pay stipend to me. Is it possible to do that? From what I understand, I will be exempt from having to wait for OPT start date because: - I will work remotely outside of the States and it is not required foreigners to get any work permit to work for US company - I am not hired by university as an employee, just as an individual contributor paid with stipend. So it is more like a foreign freelancer? I just want to make sure that I do not miss anything here Another question is can I also do this before my EAD card is arrived/approved (assume that I can find a way to send my EAD to my international address)? Thank you for your help!
  24. Hi everyone, I'm adjusting status and entered the country with a K1 visa. We filed for AOS November 24, 2021 and had my biometrics appointment March 15, 2022. I've been trying to find an estimated waiting time between the biometrics appointment and the reception of advanced parole and EAD, but I have not been successful in finding any estimate. Does anyone know how long is it taking right now between biometrics appointment and reception of advanced parole/EAD? Thank you
  25. Hi everyone, My husband is encountering some difficulty with renewing his driver license. His EAD/AP combo card expired this past Wednesday, and his Texas DL expired along with it. He sent his renewal applications for the EAD and AP back in May. He has IOE receipt numbers (which I thought were supposed to process quicker!) Apart from receiving his I797 Notice saying that his EAD would automatically be extended for an additional 180 days after it expires and another notice stating that USCIS would re-use his biometrics taken last year, it has been radio silent. He had an appointment to renew his DL last week at the DMV in Fort Worth and brought his I797 extension letter along with his combo card that was about to expire. As expected, the DMV employee AND the employee’s supervisor were not familiar with immigration law. My husband had to explain over and over again that his extension letter is proof from US Immigration that his work permit will remain valid beyond its expiration date. He showed them the pages we printed out from the USCIS website that explained the nature of the extension in length, but they wouldn’t budge because all they were seeing in their system was that his work permit was about to expire. They said they couldn’t issue a new license based on that information. Thankfully, my husband knew to ask them to run a “second verification,” which is when the DMV contacts Homeland Security to inquire about a person’s immigration status and driving eligibility. It usually takes 3-5 days to run this check. We just received a letter from DPS dated Sept. 16 - the day after my husband came in for his DMV appointment. It stated that DHS was not able to verify his documents. We are at a loss because we know of other people here in TX who were able to successfully get their documents verified during this second stage. DPS stated that they have forwarded the documents to USCIS for a THIRD verification. Apparently it can take USCIS up to 20 days to respond… Has anyone in TX encountered a similar outcome? Was the third verification stage successful for you? I’m wondering if we are facing these road blocks because we went in and tried to renew the license BEFORE his EAD expired. The other posters who shared their experiences stated that they went in after their cards expired. This is such a hassle, as my husband has to drive regularly around our city for his job. I just checked with USCIS and they said that all looks good with his application, but it’s still pending….
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