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  1. Hi all, My medical health exam is booked for the 26th of June, and my Interview at London embassy is now booked for July 18th. Do you know how long it takes for the results of the medical exam to get to the embassy? You reckon from the 26th of June to the 18th of July is enough time? Do they send it to me and then I take it with me to the interview? Thank you
  2. Thank you, Do you also know if the DS-160 has expiration once it’s been completed? regards
  3. Thank you do you know if the DS160 has an expiration? I created yesterday, but if I schedule my interview for Mid July, will the DS160 still be valid?
  4. Hi all, I received a letter from the Embassy saying I can now register/schedule for an interview date. However I have already booked a cruise trip from Miami and wanted to do the interview after I come back from the cruise, 13th of July. If I pay the fee now, can I Schedule my interview date for after the 13th of July? or will they pick the date for me? Will I have any problems entering Miami since I have already submitted my DS-160? thanks in advance! Jon
  5. Ohh you received it very quickly 😯! Thank you for checking and providing the link
  6. Thank you Lee, I might wait until end of next week, if I don’t receive anything then I will contact the UK embassy and find out more from them.
  7. Thank you. Do you know how long it took you to receive that letter? Also, I’m just waiting to renew my passport in the next week so I can apply the DS160 with the new passport to avoid any problems/delays
  8. Good afternoon everyone, Im currently in the stage where USCIS has accepted my case and sent to the NVC on April the 12th. May the 07th I received my K1-FTP with my case Number and on the 13th of May my case got updated to "Ready" for an interview. I have seen a few people asking how to upload documents and pay fees, but can't find the right place to upload them? - do I apply now for the non-immigrant visa DS-160 or shall I expect to receive something on the mail from them to advise what the next steps are? and if my passport is expiring soon, I think there's no problem with applying the DS160 with it and then renewing my passport, am I correct to believe that, or is it best to wait for the renewal to then apply for DS-160? am I also right to believe that once I apply for the DS160, I will then be able to book my medical appointment and interview? Any help is appreciated,
  9. Good evening, I will be renewing my passport soon due to having less than 6 months validity. I'm waiting to get the new passport so i can then apply for DS-160, but my question is , if i decide to do the DS-160 now with my current passport number, will I have any problems? - I seen there was someone who asked this question, but it was back in 2016, not sure how strict the US embassy in LONDON are. My police certificate and all the USCIS paperwork etc. are with my current passport number that is about to expiry, will this cause me problems for the interview? - do i have to notify someone about the change? Thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for your reply, But even if I have to schedule my own interview, i should be expecting some kind of emails/mails from them correct?
  11. Good afternoon, Im in the process of applying for a K1 visa, the USCIS has accepted our case back in April and has sent the case to NVC which then NVC has sent the case to my local Embassy in London, UK. I haven't heard anything from them yet considering it's been sent to the UK on the first day of this month and today is already the 20th, more than 2 weeks with no updates. What shall I Expect or do? - I believe I should have received an email from the embassy within 2 weeks, am I correct? Thanks in advance.
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