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  1. Hi everyone, As an F1 student adjusting status through marriage, do I have to send USCIS any documents showing my legal status such as the school's I-20? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I just received copies of my marriage certificate and it says that they expire after 3 months (Basically April). Is that something I should keep in mind before mailing it to USCIS? I'm adjusting status from F1. Thanks.
  3. Hi, My husband and I got married in January and want to move in together. We live in LA and rent here is ridiculously high so we're thinking about renting a room or guest house since it's cheaper. If we do that, we won't have any bills under our name, no lease agreement, electric, internet... The only thing we can get is probably a letter from the landlord but nothing official. Do you guys recommend renting a room or should we try to get an apartment in a complex in order to get all the bills and lease agreement under both our names? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm newbie here so I wanna apologize if my given information isn't clear. So my PD for I-130 is 05/22/17 (still pending) however I've heard good news that there a quite a few people are getting approved for May 2017, CSC and from my country. I filed for AOS with I-765, I-131 06/25/18. I expedited my I-765 and got it early September but until now I have heard nothing about my I-131 even tho I've tried to call them 4+ times to expedite/investigate. Still nothing. Anyways, I got RFE for I-485 last October and I already sent out the package to respond November but it seemed that they lost my package and they claimed they never received. We tried to call 5 times and they told us to wait till they respond but no respond so far, investigation was opened but no reply, tier 1 said tier 2 would call, NO CALL. NOTHING. Until we freaked out and re-sent the package once again in 02/01 (friday). 02/04 I got the status changed " respond ... received". Okay, great this time they got it. Fast forward I got the status changed "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 02/12/19, which was yesterday. My field office is Mt. Laurel NJ. I've read a lot of people had to wait for 7 months + for the status to change from "ready to schedule" to ..."interview was scheduled". However, since I already sent out the i-485 last year, would it count the pending time as waiting time? Or I would have to expect the date to reset from the time they received my RFE respond? Any odd chance that I will have my interview before my I-130 is approved? I know I won't get a GC if my i-130 approved, but I just wanna make sure I understand everything clearly. Looking forward to any helpful inputs/experience. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi there! I've noticed that no one opened a discussion for July 2018 AOS filers, so I decided to do it. Since we're all going to be anxious, why not share and experience the anxiety with the online community? HA! Let me start by sharing a few things about me. I'm a veterinarian in my home country and my husband is a physician. One day my "then-fiance-now-husband" surprised me with a visit to the county office to get a marriage license! After a week we got married by a retired judge, it was a very simple and sweet ceremony and I've never been happier in my life. I'm currently a homemaker/housewife and I spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter when I'm not busy studying for my USA vet boards. I do reccomend finding something to during the wait, it will definitely help with the anxiety. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hello, I got marriage last month and I'm working on getting everything ready to file. My question is about joint bank statements: Will we need bank statements with detailed charges over a certain period of time, or would a letter from bank stating that we have a joint account enough? Do we need to disclose the amount of money in our bank account? Thank you!
  7. Hi, I am an F1 student in the process of AOS (sending package in March). What are my options when it comes to health insurance? What is the most affordable insurance I can get? Can I get for example ObamaCare? Is it good? Thank you.
  8. Hi, I'm an F1 student that just got married 2 weeks ago. I will file for AOS in March. I was on OPT a year ago and was given a social security card. However, I'm wondering, when I apply for work authorization during the AOS process, will I get a new social security number/card? I hope I will because I believe that the current one I have is being used without my permission. Please advise. Best,
  9. My boyfriend and I are starting the K1 visa process but are worried about whether my past F1 denials will cause the embassy to believe that I only wanted the F1 to get married. I was an Au Pair in my boyfriend's city, so I have spent a considerate amount of time with him whilst there. After my time as an Au Pair I applied for F1 (via change of status) at a school in the same city and was approved. I then left the US for Christmas and had to reapply for the F1 at the embassy in the UK and was denied last month. We have since decided to get married so that I can be over there with him. I know that previous F1 denials generally don't affect the K1 process, but we are wondering if they could deny our K1 petition assuming I only wanted the F1 to get married (this is not true I have a 4.0 transcript and was working very hard). I also do plan to study over there my original course of study eventually once we are situated, as I do not have a degree from the UK . Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for any advice!
  10. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could apply for a F-1 Visa while my I-130 is pending? How would the process be like? Would I have to go through AOS? Please help!
  11. Hi, My spouse and I got married last week. We wanted to start a new lineage with a completely different last name. That was not possible here in California so I took his last name and kept mine as my middle name. My question is, when can we change both our last names? Will it interfere with my adjustment of status (I am filing in late February)? Will it confuse immigration if I file with my current married name and while the package is processed, I go ahead and start the court process to change our names. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I'm seeking for some similar experience to my case. I'm on F1, student visa; currently working full-time on OPT. My EAD card ends on Feb. 11. I'm planning to get married to my boyfriend and was wondering if applying for the marriage-based green card during my 60 day grace period is too soon? I was told you should wait around three months to send the application? So assuming we get married by Feb. 11, and send out the application on the very last day of the 60 day grace period that would be around two months. Would love to know if anyone here has similar experience.
  13. I used to be a permanent resident of the U.S. but voluntarily gave up the green card b/c my family and I were living abroad for too long. Now I am back in America as a student on an F-1 visa. I still have my social security card. Do I need to get a new social security card? I was told that I would have the same social security number for life, but I'm not sure if I have to update my records at the Social Security Office.
  14. Hello Visa Journey members. This thread is for anyone that has a Priority Date/Receipt Date from the second half of 2017 (July - December 2017) waiting to get their interview scheduled at the Houston Field Office. Please post your PD/RD and your current USCIS online account (both sites and App) status’. Have you received an interview letter and if so, when is your interview date? Please share your interview experience for those that already had their interview, thanks.
  15. Hello everybody, I'm currently an international student under F1 visa and may I have an opportunity to be sponsored to a Green Card application. I'm going to my 2nd year at the College. I have talked to few immigration lawyers but each of them says a different thing. Do you guys know if: 1. Am I eligible to be sponsored to a Green Card application without a Degree? (under Skilled Workers category) 2. Am I eligible to be sponsored to a Green Card going directly from an F1 visa? 3. Is the GC process "easier" than the H1B process? (talking about immigration factors) PS: I know I can't work for this company until I get my GC, that's not a problem for the process. Thank you very much.
  16. Hello! Read a lot of the AOS forums are mostly K1 and wanted to know and share any news/updates to any fellow F1s doing AOS. Please share yours and help me calm down as I low-key panic during the wait. I'm doing F1 - AOS based on marriage. 05/07/18 – Mailed package 05/09/18 – Case received date. USPS delivery 05/16/18 – Text and emails of Receipt of Application 05/16/18 – Cashed checks 05/21/18 – Receipt of Application by mail 05/26/18 – Appointment Notice for Biometrics 06/04/18 – Biometrics Appointment 06/25/18 – Online update: Fingerprint taken on the system 07/02/18 – Online update: Fingerprint review completed I read online an approximate timeline adjusted to 2018 that said : NOA 2-3 weeks. Notice Biometrics 3-5 weeks. Biometrics 5-8 weeks. Receive EAD card 12-16 weeks. Notice of Interview 4-10months. AOS interview 6-12months. Green Card 8-14 months. Now, I was looking good on my timeline right until the biometrics and according to this one I'm already behind on times. And yes, I'm freaking out about it.
  17. Long story short i was studying in LA 2012-2014, took a leave of absence with intention to return fall 2015, in march 2015 i went to renew my visa which was expiring in may, the visa was renewed, in may i flew over to LA to spend the summer there before school started. I was turned away at POE because my sevis was cancelled (which i had no clue about and was not informed when i renewed my visa). I was given a 5yr ban because i didnt have $3k on me to pay for a return ticket. I want to finish my degree so I got a lawyer who prepped the 212(d)(3), went for the interview this july. The officer asked me to explain what happened and why I got the expedited removal. I told her what happened she said she believed me. She gave me a green 221g but said she didn't need the waiver packet and didn't look at it. I tried to insist but she said it wasn't necessary, she was going to 'make my application nice' and would get back to me. She said she wanted to keep my passport so that I could just "pick up the visa". The only document she looked at was my i-20. Its been 3 weeks and they havent requested any documents, status is still under AP. Uni starts in 2 weeks. I cannot find anything online anywhere about a 5yr ban 212(a)(7) waived with a 221(g) with zero documents so i dont get whats going on. Anyone know anything about this or had a similar experience? TIA
  18. Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I are getting married soon and we're debating wether or not we should do a confidential marriage (it's allowed here in California). What that means is that there won't be any public records of our marriage for people to get. We are considering it because we are gay and I come from a muslim country that criminalizes homosexuality. I just want to be able to go back and forth to see my family safely. I fear that if I get a normal marriage license, everyone could easily find out by doing a simple google search which in turn could jeopardize my safety whenever I go back to visit. Also, my boyfriend isn't out to his parents either so he doesn't want them to know just yet. Will having a confidential marriage raise any red flags for USCIS? We are truly in love with each other and genuinely want to get married. Please advise. Thank you.
  19. Hello, My fiance is overseas (Ukraine) and I, US citizen, want to bring her in. I know by now that there are two options: 1. the fiance visa (K1) and 2. the spouse visa (marriage first) (CR1). In addition to these, she is thinking of applying for an F1 visa as she wants to study further (in this case marriage will be delayed). My questions are the following: 1. Is it true that the K1 visa is faster than the CR1? 2. Can a person in K1 visa attend university? (I already read that can't work) 3. Is it true that in K1 visa the chances accept-deny lately (with the new administration) are 50-50? 4. If F1 visa is pursued, could one apply also for CR1? (the result of F1 can be found out very soon unlike the one of CR1). Thank you very much!
  20. Hi everyone, If you have a Priority Date in the F1 category that falls within the year 2011 or later, do share your experience with us. Thank you.
  21. Hy i just seen that there is no topic for oct 2017 i-130 filers so i started this.... Welcome all here.. This is my story Hy I applied Petition I-130 for my spouse,my son under 21 years unmarried. And my daughter over 21 unmarried. So their categories are( IR 1)for my spouse( IR 2) for my son and (F1) for my daughter. I am u.s citizen and they are currently in Pakistan I apply on 24 Sep and received NOA 1 for all these 3 petitions on 13 Oct as their priority dates. So hopefully,i an expecting my son and spouse to be here soon with me and as they fall in IR categories and my daughter is over 21 she will have to wait....that is not right for me What is the expected time for all these petitions?
  22. Hi guys, I'm an F1 student and I'm marrying my boyfriend in January 2019. My visa expires on December 2018 but my I-20 ends on December 2022 (that's when I'll graduate with my bachelors). Tuition for international students is high so it seems like a smart financial decision to drop out after getting married and re-applying after I get approved for in-state tuition in California. My question is when can I drop out without jeopardizing my legal status, is it after I file for status adjustment? Thank you.
  23. Hi, Me and my boyfriend are getting married next year (January 2019) and I am trying to find as much information as possible since we are not hiring a lawyer. I was wondering if there were any helpful guides out there for F1 students besides the on VisaJourney? Based on my understanding this is how the process works after getting married: I. Mailing AOS package which consists of: I-130 PACKAGE Cover Letter Personal Check for USCIS Form I-130 (Filled out by US spouse) US Spouse's Birth certificate F1 Student's Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate 2 Passport Photos (US Spouse) 2 Passport Photos (F1 Student) Evidence of real marriage I-485 PACKAGE Cover Letter Personal Check for USCIS Form I-485 (Filled out by F1 Student) Copy of F1 Student Passport Copy of I-94 F1 Student Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate 2 Passport Photos (F1 Student) I-693 (F1 Student) I-864 I-765 (F1 Student) II. USCIS RECEIVES PACKAGE III. BIOMETRICS APPOINTMENT IV. INTERVIEW V. WAITING Please let me know if I'm missing any information. Thank you.
  24. Hello, I am on F-1 status and my visa just got expired a few months ago. My original visa was issued for University of Minnesota for my masters but now I am in a different University doing my PhD. I have a valid I-20 for my PhD till 2021 and so I can legally stay in the US for now. But I need to travel abroad and therefore need a valid visa. Can I get a new visa without having to appear for an interview ? Or do I have to go through the same procedure as the first time ? Thanks and Regards
  25. My niece is 16 and finished high school one year early in Jamaica. Shes interested in coming stay with my family here in the U.S. to do what would be considered here, her senior year. She has been approved for a visitors Visa and has traveled once during last year to stay a time with family here in U.S. What steps does she need to take to apply for a student Visa? I'm confused on how exactly to go about it because school has already started here and she has just brought this up to us. She's applying to a community college in Jamaica but otherwise has no schooling left as a youth in Jamaica. She'll be 17 in December. Would she even be able to take this year to go through the application process and then (if approved) enter U.S. high school as a senior next fall?