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  1. As stated in the main post, I work a part time job, and do freelance 70% of my income, becoming a small business owner soon. Only the part time is (fully) currently documented, I understand that this might make problems even with a Co-Sponsor, should my Fiance mention my freelance work if asked about it in the interview is the question or would it complicate the situation
  2. This forum is a life saver and such an amazing resource to have access to during the long and difficult visa process, thank you all in advance!
  3. Hello all! My girlfriend is about to do her interview for the K-1, I work part time but the majority of my income comes from contracting and free lance that I don't have exact documentation of every job. My girlfriend wants to know should she bring mention my free lance work or only my part time job if asked about during the interview (We have a Co-Sponsor so that part should all be taken care as far as the i-134 is concerned)
  4. Trying to understand, if I don't meet poverty lines alone I can use a Co-Sponsor, does that mean I need to send in an I-134 filled out in my name and also an I-134 filled out in their (with supporting evidence?) If I'm not meeting the requirements at all do I just use them as the main Sponsor on it since it doesn't have to be the petitioner?
  5. If I still live with my family (5 people) and have one of them as a co-sponsor but am technically renting would the entire household still be 5?
  6. If I were to get a new job say later this week what evidence would I include since I wouldn't have a W2 yet? Just the first pay stub?
  7. I work a part time job (which is under the poverty line) and do free lance for the rest of my work, I would like to use a family member as the sponsor. Can I use them as the main sponsor, or do I have to file them as a "Co-Sponsor" still? Can I fill out all of Part 3 with their information? Will their W2 be Sufficient or is a statement from their employer a must?
  8. I am supposed to mail all the papers just with paper clips to each section? On their website it says nothing that can't be "easily disassembled" and the binder fits that. Have they rejected applications that were binders before?
  9. Pictures of the trip to the museum are included, so I thought I was include the receipts.
  10. Receipts I've added as supporting evidence are in Polish, will this affect my case?
  11. Hey, so on the USCIS website it says "All forms and supporting documents submitted must be single-sided, standard 8½ x 11 letter-size pages." My Fiance wrote her letter of intent to marry on A4 paper, will this affect my application?
  12. Hey, my Fiance is a Belarusian citizen. I don't exactly understand your comment about this exception. Can you please elaborate?
  13. Thank you all so much! So much love in this community, it's a difficult process and I am glad I found this forum.
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