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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a green card holder and applying for F2A immigration for my wife. (We filed I-485/I-864/I-130/I-765/I-131 concurrently in October 2019.) A few weeks ago, we got the pink RFE letter which is related to I-864. (please kindly look below images) After reading the letter, we understood what mistakes we made: (I'm the petitioner) 1. I filled "$0" in the forecast annual income column because I had no income at that time. (but I have now) 2. I didn't submit any tax documents for the previous years. How will I reply to this RFE: (I found a joint sponsor.) For joint sponsor: 1. submit joint sponsor's I-864 / evidence of income / federal return tax documents for the previous 3 years/ evidence of being a U.S. citizen For me: 1.submit a "letter of employment" 2.submit my paystubs 3.submit 2019 federal return tax documents (Married Filing Jointly) 4. submit a copy of RFE letter 5. submit an updated petitioner I-864<===?????(I got a new job and paid tax, so much information should be updated) My question is shall I submit my updated I-864 as well? In other words, shall joint sponsor submit his I-864 and I also submit my updated I-864? I'm really confused. Some of my friends said yes, while others said no. Could someone provide the correct way to reply to the RFE based on this situation? I really do appreciate it.
  2. I, the petitioner, received a request to submit all the W-2s and 1099s for my 2018 tax return, which I did. Then I got a message after 3 weeks making the same request. I've checked and double-checked the W-2 (1) and 1099s (2) that I've uploaded. The 1099s were accepted and the W-2 rejected with the note to upload all W-2/1099s for [NAME] 2018 tax return. I have checked to make sure all the numbers are reported as they should be on the return, so it is not that they don't match. Has this happened to anyone else? It is making me feel crazy and I'm not sure what to do. Should I upload the same W-2 again with a note that it is the only one and hope it works? Should I upload all of them together in a single PDF with an explanation showing where the amounts appear on the tax return? I know 1099s make the income confusing. If anyone has advice, I would so appreciate it. My husband (the immigrant) is in England until the visa is approved, while I am in the US. We've now been apart for more than a year. The continued delays and feeling at the mercy of cryptic messages is so frustrating. Thank you thank you
  3. Hi there, I would like to have some insights, as I'm in a complete blur right now. I filed to remove the conditions on my green card and received a RFE back in October 2019. I filed and sent everything to the Vermont service center before the dead line of January 23rd 2020. My green card is extended to June 2020, but now I have no updates or information on if my case was approved. I checked the status and got this notice. Can anyone guide as what it may mean? Thank you.
  4. Hi! I'm currently filing I-129F form with my fiance and since she is not so familiar with these government forms and technology stuff, I(Alien fiance) am preparing most of documents so I'd like to get checked if I'm doing everything right. No one wants to get RFE especially when it is already expected to be delayed a lot due to COVID-19, right? So, below are the documents of what I'm filing in the packet. - 1. G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions - 2. Cover Letter - 3. Form G-1145, Notification of Acceptance of Application/Petition - 4. Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé - 5. Passport style photo (Petitioner and Beneficiary) - 6. Copy of the Birth certificate (Petitioner) - 7. Letter of intent to marry (Petitioner and Beneficiary) - 8. Evidence of In-Person Meeting And for 8. Evidence of In-Person Meeting, I wrote circumstances of the in-person meeting within 2 years of the filing date, just like the one in I-129F form. And I put my passport page that shows the stamp, my boarding passes and screen capture of flight receipt with my name and date to support this statement. and I added 4 photos of just us on a trip and a photo of us and her mother at the airport when I was leaving. Total of 5 pages. I'm so nervous and delay of me moving there is the last thing I want right now because we've been together for 8 years with long distance and it is finally time to close it. Please let me know if you have filed similarly or if you received an RFE before for having done same mistakes like I might have done here! Thank you!!
  5. Hi! For the How You Met part, can we mention that we met thru a free dating website and name it specifically? Some say don't mention because it might get an RFE, while some say to disclose it. I would like to mention it to establish how we became a couple. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! I am hopping someone can help me. So I applied for my green card in December, 2019 i had my biometrics in January and now I just received an RFE regarding the I-864. We used my father in law as my joint sponsor bc my husband is self employed and he has so much write offs and on his taxes it showed low income. In the RFE says the joint sponsor doesn’t make enough.. (he makes triple the amount needed) they are telling me to find another qualifying joint sponsor.. I am not gonna do that.. Can I use my husband the petitioner instead? he shows great income for the previous year.. I hope someone can help me! Thank you!
  7. A month ago I got an RFE asking for a I-864 coming from the petitioner's in this case my wife, we did send one but it was a Joint sponsor, anyway I got all the information ready to sent on what the RFE is asking for, but here is my dilemma: I just got my medical exam done, but I don't know If I should sent it with the RFE that way I don't get a pink letter saying I need to get my medical exam, anyway I hope I can get some help or advice here since I am planning on sent the package between today or tomorrow.
  8. Hello, My removal of conditions was denied January 22nd due the USCIS claiming they had not received the evidence requested by them. I entered in August 2014 on a K1 visa, adjusted status accordingly, have worked and travelled since 2015 and now my petition is denied after failure to respond to an RFE (which we did) I was advised by a lawyer to refile the entire petition from within the US rather than appeal as the chances of a successful appeal are slime to none. Has anyone refiled within the US? What forms am I filing this time? Any help is appreciated. Leaving is not an option as I am 6 months pregnant with our 1st baby! Thank you in advance for any help you can provide during this extremely stressful time.
  9. We just received a letter from uscis indicating that I would need to get the 'certificate of making interim judgement final' from the family justice court. My first marriage was under muslim law and thus it was under the jurisdiction of the shariah court. So when I had my divorce finalised. It was also done in the shariah court. I submitted my divorce decree as an evidence however they require me to get the above document. It is unlikely that I would be given the above document even if I asked for it as the family justice court did not preside over my first marriage. I have contacted relevant parties and am awaiting a response. Just wondering if anyone has faced anything like this before? Please share.. would be really thankful to hear from someone..
  10. Hi, I recently had my greencard interview and was told by the officer that everything was approved aside from my medical, which he said the doctor had failed to fill out correctly and I was going to need to file a new medical. The officer said that the notice should go out the next day and if not, early next week. This was over two weeks ago now and I have had no update to my case nor have I had anything in the mail. Is this a common phenomenon? Do RFE's take a long time even just to be issued? The USCIS helpline said I should just send my completed medical to the office that I had the interview at, but that goes against the process the officer described which was to wait for instructions in the letter. Has this happened to anyone else? If anyone else had an RFE after the interview , how long did it take to be sent? Thanks all for the advice!
  11. Hello! Just want to ask if anyone of you met their fiancé thru Facebook group page? And they mentioned that Facebook group in their 34a, letter how we met.. We didn't attach the terms and conditions in our packet.. But we're worried now, because some says we should have attached it.. But before we sent it, I asked 2 of my friends if it is required, they said no.. I'm so confused ?? anyone of you here got an rfe because of it? Or anyone of you stated the Facebook page and did not attach the Terms and conditions but still approved? Thaaaank you! ?
  12. Hi! We received an RFE for a fine in Switzlerand (over €500..the petitioner, not myself). We have been in touch with the police department that issued the fine and received their police report, a pdf which is an official document signed by the officer. We have also requested for a police certificate for Switzerland. It was just a fine and no charge or conviction was made (it was a moving violation before someone asks ). We have a translator ready to translate the documents before responding to the RFE but my question is: Is this pdf valid as a certified copy? Or would we need a physical copy with a wet signature? We are repsonding with 1) Ticket received on site 2) receipt of fine payment 3) police clearance from Switzerland 4) police report from the local unit. Is this enough? We will have them notarized also before submitting....I'm just curious if we need a wet signature from the local department.
  13. Hello, I just received an RFE about my AOS paperwork asking for a long-form birth certificate. In Ontario, Canada we are usually only given one that is the size of a regular plastic card (SSN card, debit card, etc) that does not hold parental information on it. I have been requested to provide one that does include parent information (my parents have never had one like that before) . I was just wondering if anyone else has ever been in this situation? I have applied for one online from back home, and I am unsure if I will be able to receive it due to the time restrictions I need it delivered by. I'm just worried and wondered if anyone else has had this issue or not and can offer some comforting advice. Thank you
  14. HELP!! My employer, a non-profit organization affiliated with a university, just received an RFE questioning if they are "cap exempt or not". So the RFE basically asks for more evidence that the organization is doing more substantive research work and that is more closely affiliated with the university than just having a publishing/research contract with each other. I am super nervous since I haven't been able to find online any similar case of RFEs for H1B and I don't know what to think of it. Any help will be appreciated, from pointing out other resources online of how similar cases have been resolved, or if you had a similar case, what was your experience? Thanks everyone in advance!
  15. Hello everyone! 1. I mailed my AOS paperwork on 10/05/19 2. I got mail with NOA on 11/01/19 saying they have received my documents, the biometrics fee and they are working on my case 3. I received a RFE on 12/07/19 saying I have a missing Medical Examination (we didn't sent it because I wanted to file my petition before my DOS2019 expired and the lab results were delaying a bit so we thought we will just bring the medicals at the interview date) The letter said: - If i receive a mail with visa interview date, to bring the medicals then, or - if my case doesn't require me to have an interview, they will send me a letter with instructions when and where to mail my medical examination. Now the questions here are: - in this RFE I have only 1 stated issue with my petition - the missing medicals. Does that mean everything else on my application is all good and it's just the medicals? Or should I still worry and hope everything else (sponsors, etc) is all good? - is it normal to receive RFE before I have even received a date for biometrics? Thank you so much in advance!!
  16. Hello buddies I wanted to create this topic on I-751 (petition to remove condition on residence) for New York filer. A lots of people getting MSC receipt number which is believed to end up with an interview in the local office, but there’s no specific processing time for New York field office, please feel free share your processing experience here
  17. Hello. I came to US with K1 visa and now I'm in adjustment of status process. So we had our interview in the end of September and the officer was "nice" enough not to approve us at once. She said she will need additional proofs. So I got the RFE and send additional photos, bank statements and affidavits from friends and family. Long story short. As I was going to have my interview soon I didn't send a renewal request for my EAD which will expire in January. I feel like this gonna take a while and I would have to quit my job cuz I won't even manage to renew my EAD. Any suggestions what I could do? Do you have any idea how long it's gonna take for them to process my case again? Thanks a lot.
  18. We got an RFE asking for my husband's (the sponsor) tax return whereas he was in the Peace Corps for 2 years and then moved back to the US and practically did not work thus was not required to file for tax return. He has a job now and is above the poverty line and the USCIS seem to not have to problem with the sponsor part, they just wanted the tax return, what should we do? Would a proof showing that he was not required to file tax return enough?
  19. Hello, My wife who is a USC and I just received an RFE that said the below; "The petitioning sponsor lists their income on form I864 as an amount considered as sufficient however no evidence has been submitted as proof of current income". They then proceeded to ask for Paystubs for the past six months and a letter of employment. When we filed we only submitted tax transcripts for the last three years for my wife and also a joint sponsor affidavit(with their W2, last year tax transcript and current Paystubs at the time). To respond to the RFE do we just submit the Paystubs and letter of employment since we already submitted everything else or does my wife and joint sponsor have to fill new I864 affidavits and then include all the requested income documentation in the RFE? Secondly do we have to attach the Yellow Rfe letter when sending or a copy would do? Thank you.
  20. Hello community! Me and my fiance are applying for a K1 visa, received our NOA 1 in Sep 20th 2019. The problem is that I'm a little bit worried about getting an RFE because I have read that it's common in RFE. Should I get prepared to receive an RFE? If I get it, should I resend a new I-129F package or only the mistakes marked in the RFE? Thank you for reading.
  21. Hello guys. I really need some help here. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if I’m doing this right haha. My fiancé is American and I’m Brazilian. He got arrested last year in December and is still waiting for his court day. He filled out the k1 visa process and got an RFE saying they need some proof of his criminal records and if it’s pending or not. But he has been calling so many people and nobody helped him. Saying they don’t have anything cuz he never went to court. Aka didn’t happened yet. Our deadline is getting closer. I’m scared. What should we do? Btw his lawyer the one they gave him from the government said he can’t do anything about it. I’m desperate you guys. Please some help or advice. 🥺
  22. RFE lists what documentation I submitted (which looks awesome in my opinion) and then they give the one liner: “However, the documentation submitted is insufficient because a bit more evidence showing a joint assets is required.” Yup, plural “assetS” and all. Then they list the following 3 categories of recommendations for things to include: children, combined financial resources and joint estate/health/financial arrangements. We initially included copies of medical records of my OB visits for our daughter (born after we sent in the I-751), joint tax returns, lease agreements and rental insurance showing both our names, car insurance showing both our names, car registration showing both our names, CC statements, T-Mobile statements showing how often we communicate, affidavits and photos. Based on this request for more “joint assets”, plan on sending: - baby’s birth certificate - photos of birth, 3-4 during her first year including photos of vacationing in my spouse’s home country where baby met her paternal fam, her 1st birthday -Copies of DL showing same address copy of the title of the car showing co-ownership -new joint CC statements -documentation of 401k showing spouse as beneficiary -new joint tax return and W2 -updated lease agreement and renters insurance -documentation of how baby is on his dental plan and on my medical plan Is this too much, too little? We don’t have a joint checking or savings account but I have no problem adding him as an owner. Is that OK to do now or will it work against me and be shady that it was a recent thing? Or should I just write a letter explaining why we don’t have joint checking/savings? There’s really no special reason, many couples don’t so I’m not sure why that would be what makes or breaks our case? But do let me know if that’s been the case! Appreciate all the help and insight. Thank you!
  23. Hi All, I need help regarding the RFE I received recently for the application(I-751) I submitted in August 2018 to Remove conditions. They mentioned in the letter that the evidence provided is insufficient to prove a good faith marriage. They go on to mention that they have received the following from me Lease Joint Account Bank Statement (with one page of transactions) Tax returns. Photos, travel and affidavits And they failed to acknowledge receipt of the following other documents I submitted Health and life insurance which shows my name and my spouse's name. Joint Car insurance. Joint Costco membership card. Individual credit card statements. As they have mentioned not to submit copies of documents previously submitted. Should I submit the other 4 again? Looks like they lost these documents. Also, In addition to the above documents, I'm going to provide the following financial documents 6 months of Joint Credit Card Statements (Shows only my name in the statement, but my spouse is on it as well). Individual, Bank Statements (Checking and Savings) for a duration of 2 years showing the same Home address. Shared Utility Bill (Car Parking) for a duration of 2 years showing both names. Do I submit these documents the same way I submitted my application packet? Thanks for reading! Any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. Bummed....after 125 days , just received an e-mail notice that there has been an update on our case. I got very excited that all will be done soon....well the excitement diminished after I read I should be expecting a RFE letter within the next couple days. I thought I did a great and complete job with my I-485 packet.... Of course, I have to wait for the letter to know what the USCIS is specifically requesting. Last night, I looked over my packet and realized I never submitted a translated copy in English of my wife's foreign Birth certificate....I'm hoping that is all they are requesting ... I went ahead and got a certified translation of the birth certificate, so its ready to send off ASAP. Anyone else have similar experience with RFE's? --I'm worried it will set us back a lot. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi!! My husband is US Citizen and he submitted my application (I-130) which got approved on February 1st, 2019 and on August 21st, 2019 they asked him for Initial Evidence which they received on October 29th, 2019. Does anyone know how long will USCIS take to approve I-130 petition or make decision after RFE recieved? Thank you!!
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