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  1. Hello, My immigration lawyer assisted with i-751 filing in January 2018. This was an early filing as my 2-year green card expired in September 2018. Lawyer explained the battered spouse waiver permits early filing. Submitted a 9-page personal statement on the emotional, psychological, and financial control and cruelty I experienced from the now ex-husband. Together with letter from counselor at a domestic violence service provider, psychiatrist diagnosis of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, 4 separate police reports, and 6 affidavits from friends supporting the marriage and the subsequent abuse. 19 months later, I received RFE from USCIS stating: 1) my personal statement was credible; 2) insufficient evidence of battered spouse; 3) I need to submit further evidence such as medical reports, photographs of injuries sustained from U.S. Citizen Spouse, and personal statement as well as affidavits from others supporting that I suffered as a battered spouse; 4) no mention of bona fide proof of marriage. The problem is the abuse never became physical. Had I stayed longer, it very well could have become physical. That is besides the point. It has been challenging to manage my emotions since the receipt of this RFE because A: I am reminded of the abuse that I have started to slowly heal from; and B: my immigration lawyer has been on vacation for the past 2.5 weeks. The deadline to submit additional evidence is in 7 weeks. Questions: 1. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Could you please share your experience in terms of what further evidence can be submitted? 2. The marriage has ended in February 2018 with a divorce. I understand should the current i-751 ultimately be denied, I can re-apply with a divorce waiver. Should I re-apply now or proceed with the current filing? 3. Should the current filing ends up in removal proceedings, will I have the opportunity to request in front of an immigration judge to consider my case for a divorce waiver? 4. Since there was no mention of additional evidence requests in the RFE, does that mean USCIS has determined that I submitted sufficient evidence that the marriage was in good faith? My ex-husband did not allow for my name be added to his accounts, instead he asked me to write him checks each month when I got paid. Also, we purchased a co-op apartment together (in both our names), and filed taxes together for 2 years. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello, A friend of mine and his wife filed i130, i131, i765, i485 in October 2019. Interview was postponed in April 2020 due to COVID, and was rescheduled in January 2021, in Holtsville, NY Field Office. Following the interview, they received an RFE for 2020 IRS transcripts, 1040 and unemployment insurance benefits and end dates. They sent this on February 17th via UPS, and was signed for on February 18th. Since then, there has been no movement on his case. He has contacted both tier 1 and tier 2 agents, and been in touch with his congressperson, but has been stonewalled. He has been told that none of the RFE has been applied to his case, and that he can re submit the documents at this time. His EAD card has expired as of March 2021, and he did not file an extension, as he was told by his lawyer that, due to the AOS interview, it could potentially complicate the process. He is undergoing extreme financial hardship at the moment, as he is unable to work, and his wife is still on a low UI benefit. Can anyone please provide me with any potential avenues to pursue in assisting my friend? Thanks
  3. I received an RFE from NVC but I'm not sure if I should send the missing and corrected documents to NVC or bring it to the interview? I have tried calling NVC and we all know how looking the wait is on the line but I will continue calling! I hope someone on here can provide some answers I will paste parts of the email from NVC that are not clear to me and highlight them in bold letters and my questions will be highlighted in red. Thank in advance to those that will take time to answer my questions! ______CORRESPONDENCE INSTRUCTIONS:_________________________________ When responding to the National Visa Center, please include the bar code sheet that came with this letter. Failure to include the bar code sheet may cause a delay in the processing of your case. The bar code sheet should be placed on top of all documents being submitted for this case and mailed to the address provided. PLEASE NOTE: No interview will be scheduled until ALL of the information requested has been returned to the National Visa Center. ______3 - BIRTH CERTIFICATE:_______________________________________ The birth certificate we received is from the incorrect issuing authority. ______F - FINANCIAL EVIDENCE:______________________________________ We reviewed the Affidavit of Support form and supporting financial documents you submitted. While we will schedule your case for an interview, there is something incomplete or missing. This could affect the Consular Officer's ability to make a decision on your case. On the attached Affidavit of Support Assessment Letter, we have put an "X" by each item you need to correct. If your Affidavit of Support form needs correction:  Fill out a new form online.  Print, sign and send the form to the principal applicant so he or she can take them to the visa interview. Do not send the updated form to NVC. If there are supporting documents missing:  Send the missing documents to the principal applicant so he or she can take them to the visa interview. Do not send the documents to NVC. After NVC schedules the immigrant visa interview, we will send you an appointment letter with additional details. You do not need to contact NVC or send us additional financial information at this time. Do I send the documents to NVC or take them to the interview? It says that no interview will be scheduled until all of the information requested has been returned to NVC and then on the Financial evidence part it stays they will schedule the case for interview but there is something incomplete or missing? Then it says to take missing documents to the interview. So do I send the correct birth certificate to NVC then take missing financial evidence to interview or do I wait for an interview and take correct birth certificate and financial evidence? Do I send documents to NVC or not? Are they going to go ahead and schedule an interview or not? SO CONFUSING!!! ______10 - PHILIPPINES NBI CLEARANCE:______________________________ POLICE RECORDS Available and reasonably reliable. Philippine-born immigrant visa applicants 16 years and over are required to furnish certificates issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The green NBI certificate annotated for travel abroad is the correct certificate. ASSESSMENT LETTER for Financial Sponsor _____________Diana______________________ Regarding Your Form I-864 Affidavit of Support and Required Financial Evidence ===================================================================== ====== These instructions refer only to the Form I-864 completed by the financial sponsor named above. The National Visa Center (NVC) reviewed your Form I-864 Affidavit of Support. This form had one or more sections with missing or incorrect information; was missing required supporting documents; or both. Please review the instructions below. You will need to correct your Form I-864 and collect missing documents as requested. Do not send the corrected form and documents to NVC. Instead, give all requested documents to the visa applicant, who should present them to the consular officer during the visa interview. Please make the below corrections to your Form I-864 or gather the requested financial evidence: [x] You must submit the following financial evidence: [x] If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law because your income was too low, for the most recent tax year ____2015_______________________________ , attach a written explanation indicating why you did not file a Federal income tax return. If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law for any other reason, attach a typed or printed explanation including evidence of the exemption and how you are subject to it. [x] Your _________2015__________________________ IRS transcript from the most recent tax year. It says here that these instructions refer only to the Form I-864 completed by the financial sponsor named above, which is me BUT they are asking for 2015 IRS transcript or written explanation indicating why I did not file tax return on that year. I have been a stay at home mom since 2011, for years 2013-2016 my mom claimed my daughter and I as her dependents on her Federal income tax return. I provided my mom's IRS transcript for years 2014-2015-2016 on AOS packet (she is my co-sponsor and filled out form I-864a) . I have provided my mom's IRS transcript for year 2015 where it clearly shows that I am her dependent, I also provided a note saying that I am a stay at home mom with no income of my own therefore was not required to filed tax so I do not understand why there are asking me for 2015 IRS transcript or written explanation and evidence as to why I was not required to file tax. I'm not sure if they lost the 2015 tax transcript therefore they are asking for another copy? Do I just send another copy of my mom's 2015 tax return to my husband to bring to interview? and do I still provide a letter explaining why I don't have one even though I was a dependent on my moms tax return that year.
  4. Guys I need help I had RFE ask for 1- SUBMIT BIRTH CERTIFICATE AFFIDAVITS for my child 2- SUBMIT MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE AFFIDAVITS for my wife they already have the birth certificate and marriage certificate but they need sworn Affidavits I need help how to write those affidavits country is Somalia 🇸🇴
  5. Hi Guys! So, today - May 1st, 2020, I received the RFE letter. I wanted to share everything with you and see if you can help me with the preparation of the packet. I want to thank you in advance for your help. You guys are amazing!! 🏆 This is what I sent to USCIS on July 12, 2019. Vermont center. Evidence of our bona fide relationship: • Copy of our Marriage Certificate • Copies of our joint tax return for 2017 and 2018 • Copies of our tax transcripts for 2017 and 2018 • Copies of our W2's for 2017 and 2018 showing same address • Copies of bank statements from our join bank account for the past 24 months • Copy of our joint account debit cards • Copy of our apartment renters insurance showing joint policy • Copy of my spouse's life insurance policy showing my name as the beneficiary • Copy of our original apartment rental contract showing joint cohabitation • Copy of our renewed apartment rental contract showing joint cohabitation • Notarized sworn affidavit letters of support from family and friends • Letter from the Building Management Office confirming our tenancy and joint cohabitation • Copies of electricity bills for the past 24 months showing joint account • Copy of our Costco joint membership • Copies of checks that we have paid the apartment rent with from our joint bank account and the landlord's receipts. • Copy of check that we have paid the IRS from our joint bank account • Copies of medical records, phone bills, online orders, furniture deliveries, bank correspondence, IRS correspondence, Department of Motor Vehicles, USPS package deliveries, promotional materials and other showing same address • Copy of an email from a real estate investor in regards to future investments addressed to both of us • Copy of a reservation confirmation for a United Airlines client event that we attended in New York City showing both of our names • Copies of Driver's Licence and State ID showing same address • Copy of our airline tickets from our trip to Chicago, Illinois • Copy of our hotel reservation confirmation letter in Chicago, Illinois • Explanation to why we don’t have a joint health care insurance • Explanation to why we don’t have a joint phone plan • Pictures together from 2016 to 2019. BELOW IS THE RFE LETTER. They are basically asking for the same things. I don't understand. Compared to other people that I know, who have gotten green cards, I think I have sent more than enough. Unfortunately I don't have anything additional from what I sent 10 months ago. We don't have a kid, we don't have a car, we don't have a joint phone bill because his company pays for his bill and we don't have joint health insurance because we've been changing jobs frequently and we couldn't be on the same plan. Do you think if I send the same documents, but with new dates for the past 10 months it will be sufficient??? AWAITING FOR YOUR ADVICE :))
  6. Hello everyone Im based on 3yr marriage and I751 pending,just passed test on last week,get RFE same day on my online account at uscis,letter said need some documents about my 3yr marriage like Tax return,lease,bill or receipt ...... show name and address both my spouse and I .has someone experienced that? After uscis receiv My documents how long time will Uscis action for my case ?thank you .PS:my interview at DTLA CA
  7. My wife (and I) had her AOS interview just recently on December 12, 2020. We just got an RFE letter (sent on Dec 31), saying "you must submit a complete form I-693... that shows that you received the Influenza vaccine." She had her K-1 immigration medical exam before coming to the U.S. on 9/30/2019 (when it was NOT flu season), so she didn't get a flu shot. On her DS-3025, it stated she completed all her vaccination requirements. We filed AOS within one year of her overseas medical so we didn't fill out an I-693. We just sent her DS-3025 paperwork with the I-485 AOS package. Shouldn't her flu shot still be waived since her medical exam wasn't during flu season? Do we have to find a civil surgeon and have him give her just the flu shot and fill out the I-693? Will the DS-3025 be valid for her other vaccinations or is she going to have to go through a whole medical/vaccination exam again? Her overseas medical exam expires on 3/29/2021, which is the date we have to turn in the RFE. Thank you.
  8. 1. My window to file ROC was last December 2020 2. Submitted my documents 02 January 2021 3. received in the AZ lockbox last 04 January 2021. 4. And the good news that I finally got my notice of extension 09 February 2021 I'm a bit worried because I was preparing my ROC documents, I only included tax transcripts that me and my husband filed jointly, and did not include the tax transcripts married but filing separately. is there a possibility that I'll get a RFE on the aforesaid?
  9. Two weeks ago I had my n400 interview, it lasted about 1 and 1/2 hr. I passed the civic,writing and reading. However when the officer asked questions about on my n400 application, about taxes if i have an overdue taxes i answered NO, my reason was because i am on a monthly payment plan of "certain amount " per month. I also file my taxes every yr. I provided 5 yr worth of Income tax return but the officer was not convinced and gave me an RFE ,requesting me to submit further evidence of my monthly payment recipt for my overdue state tax. The letter that the officer gave me, stated this "Please note it is your responsibility to show that you are current on your federal and state income taxes. Unless you establish an extenuating circumstance for why you failed to pay your taxes at the time they were due, you may be found to lack good moral character." The next day i decided to pay the whole full balance. Then I sent all the documents requested on rfe to uscis website with a cover letter explaining that the financial hardship was due to covid and unemployment of my spouse (USC) we entered into payment agreement tot ake care of taxes obligation and have been able to pay in full all our taxes due. My question is how long does it take to get a response from USCIS after i sent all the evidence to support RFE? Is there any chance that they could deny my application? Because of my overdue taxes eventhough i entered into a payment plan to tale care of the responsibility despite of covid? Thanks in advanced.
  10. We received a RFE requesting evidence to establish a life together. When I sent our package I included where I added my wife to my medical, set her as my primary on my life Insurance with my medical, as well as my primary on my 401K/Stocks. The letter they sent is yellow not pink like we had for the missing I-485 items. Is this because they would just like additional information and the two pieces I sent were not enough? How much more should I send, I plan on adding her to my Banking Accounts, but I don't see the need to add her to my mortgage or utilities. Since this is our first year of marriage we don't have tax returns, and being young have never setup a will or power of attorney.
  11. Hi everyone! My father is the joint sponsor for my husband. He applied as a household member (i864a) because i was staying with at my parents place at that time. But i am no longer living with him. My latest w2 will reflect a different address. We are already documentarily qualified. Will this change in my address lead to a delay? Will we be asked for more information and get a new DQ date? And in this case will it push back our interview date? Thanks!! And help would be incredibly appreciated!!
  12. I need advice. I just received a RFE for my I-751 and they need more proof for a bonafide marriage. My problem is we have never had joint utilities EVER. Any and all bills have been in my husband's name because the companies we were with wouldn't allow more than one person to be on the account. When we bought our house last year we just transferred the address for all of our utilities. I don't drive so I don't have a driving licence/insurance, we have no health insurance not since October 2019, we don't have a will or life insurance. Our home we bought we've been renting out since June to avoid foreclosure and have since been living with my husbands dad. They said the birth certificate wasn't valid that I sent for our daughter (the one we were gave at the hospital). Money has been so tight that we weren't able to apply for her birth certificate online (I've just now ordered it to send as evidence). Also,i haven't worked since I moved here. When I received my green card I found out I was pregnant 2 months later, my daughter has just turned 1 and I'm a stay at home mum, so I have never dealt with the finances or had any policies taken out by me. All I can send is bank statements from 2018 when we got married to now. Our daughters official birth certificate. Affidavits from our family. Apartment leases from before we bought the house (which we've provided before). Also a letter explaining the above and why we don't have joint utilities etc. I provided in the initial pack; Hospital Birth certificate for our daughter Discharge instructions for me from the hospital Vet Bill's (were only in my name but listed our current address) Joint Bank Statements from Feb 2020 to current Closing documents for our house and insurance Lease agreement for our tenants with us listed as landlords Photo's it's not a lot but it's all we had and im so scared that providing the little additional evidence we have isn't going to be enough. I can't be seperated from my daughter or husband, it's making me sick to my stomach.
  13. Hi, I have submitted I-485 form. I did not have birth certificate at my birth. So I provided birth certificate (late) from my birth country and also affidavit from my parents. Last week I got RFE which states " You have submitted secondary evidence and/or a birth affidavit as proof of birth record. However, the evidence you have submitted is insufficient. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include but not limited to church, school records listing your parents' names and your date of birth. -I have certificate from high school which have my father's name (not mother's name) and my date of birth. Will this certificate work for the evidence? In addition to a birth affidavit and secondary evidence, Title 8 code of federal regulations, section 103.2(B)(ii) states: "Where a record doest to exist, the applicant must submit an original written statement on government letterhead establishing this from the relevant government. " -As I understand, I have secondary evidence for birth. I think I could ignore above paragraph. is this correct? I asked with a lawyer, he asked for $1000. Is there any less expensive legal support? Thank you I appreciate your suggestions
  14. I filed for k1 visa on March 3, 2020. My fiance is in the Philippines and I'm in the US. On September 21, they sent me an RFE. I replied to RFE on October 16. Havent recieved a response as of yet, so I will request update on December 15 (60 days after). The RFE was for evidence of bonafide relationship and I provided everything they requested in excess. Now, I am curious about getting married online while we are still separated by travel restrictions. The Philippines won't let me travel there because we are not married. I just read about getting married online as being legitimate and I have vacation planned for January that is use or lose. I would love to be able to go over there and wish now that we had gotten married while I was there in January/February. I'm pretty sure I understand that it would kill the k1 visa and I would have to start the process again as a spousal visa. Also, I'm going to wait for a response from USCIS before proceeding with this idea. I would appreciate feedback as to if this is a good idea or not. I work full time and cant quit and move over there just yet, but I get 5 weeks vacation a year. I really do want to see her, but this would mean potentially more time separated as would need spousal visa instead.
  15. Hi Guys Thank you for reading this. I'd like to ask for your help about online form of I-130. My husband(🇺🇸) and I(🇯🇵) are trying to reapply I-130 online because USCIS denied our previous due to RFE submission overdue even we clearly respond within due date!!! So this time, we decided to reapply online because we don't want them to lost anymore documents... Anyways, we have several question about I-130 online form but some questions are slightly different from paper version so I want to be more careful to answer it. Please give your advice how we can respond those questions. Q1: Was beneficiary EVER in the United States. >> I've visited US many time but as a tourist with Visa Favor program. So I think my answer is "YES" Is my understanding correct?? Q2: Was the beneficiary EVER in immigration proceedings? >> What's the definition of " immigration proceedings"?? We applied I-130 once yes but our previous case was denied due to above reason and I've never been deported and never had experience of immigration court hearing. Is my previous I-130 filling inclueded in "immigration proceedings"? I get so confused YES or NO which answer we should pick😢 Q3: What was the beneficiary's class of admission? >> A similar question in paper version but there is a introductory remark and said " If the beneficiary is currently in US, complete Item Number 46.a-d. I was in Japan when we filed last time so we just typed N/A last time but ... how should we answer for this time?? Q4: What is the beneficiary's Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record number? >> Same as Q3. I was in Japan when we filed last time so we just typed N/A but how should i answer for this time ?? Should I type "N/A" or type my last entry to us and explain the reason in additional comment section?? Q5: What was the beneficiary's date of arrival? >> Related to Q3&Q4, how should I answer this question. Q6: When does the beneficiary's authorized stay expire? >> Related to Q3, Q4&5, how should I answer this question too.....??😰 I really really appreciate if you guys give some advice!!! Kimidoko
  16. Hi Guys Thank you for reading this. I'd like to hear your advice about "how I should explain our previous I-130 case which was denied due to submission over due of RFE". My husband responded their RFE( his US passport copy) on time but it seemed that they lost the package he sent and they denied our case. He didn't keep any receipt or tracking number so we decided to star over again online. We are planning to submit our history of relationship essay with our photos and chat log as an evidence of our relationship. And ... the problem is how i should explain our previous I-130 application. we got denied by USCIS's mistake but i don't think it's good idea to describe that part in our essay. But YES! we applied once and got denied so i need to be honest and describe how we spend and live separately while waiting our first I130 was being processed. Just describe RFE part calmly and objectively or don't mentioned that part and describe our daily conversation or event we experienced....?? Which do you think is better and safer ?? Kimidoko
  17. USCIS received my RFE last July 2020. And until now there is no second response yet. Huhu. What should I do? Does it normally take long like this waiting for an RFE decision? Please help. Thank you.
  18. Hi guys🙂 I need your advice and want to learn from your experience. We(🇺🇸🇯🇵👫🏻) received a letter from USCIS an it said that they denied our case due to submission over due of RFE. I almost fainted when I heard the reason from my husband because.... my husband clearly respond their requirement and sent additional docs to their office!!! In my husband’s opinion, they might lost the package somewhere in their office or the package just didn't reach to their office by some reasons.... (he was quite clam and said ”mail lost” always happened in US😑) The letter mentioned USD 630 for appealing but there is no guarantee that USCIS change their judgment so we are thinking about to reapply. What we want to learn is following points. 1: whether we need to write additional letter to explain the reason of reapplication or not 2: What kind of docs would be preferable to add Here is our case history ------------------------------ End of Apr. 2019 : Application sent to USCIS May.7.2019 : NOA1 (Nebraska) Mar.2020 : initial review Apr.23.2020 : Case Transfer notice ( from Nebraska to Texas) May.17.2020 : RFE Jun.12.2020 : Sent additional docs to Texas office Oct.30.2020 : Denial letter --------------------------------------------------------------------- To be honest, I still hard to believe that our docs got lost somewhere.. 😭😭😭 (And mail lost never happen in Japan so totally doesn’t make sense for me😂) But we need to move forward so it’s be really helpful if you could share your experiences and knowledge with us!! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ Stay safe everyone!! Kimidoko
  19. I sent a response to USCIS after I recieved a rfe for proof of bonafide marriage over a month ago and today I recieved a notification that my case is actively being reviewed. Does that mean the 60 days response time has just begun?
  20. Greetings My Friends, I've been on this site for awhile now, and I would hope that the journey to get my husband to the States would be concluded. It's not. My husband was inadmissible due to 40 year old crimes when he was a stupid 18 year old. Our interview was in London on February 2nd of 2018. We submitted a 601 waiver on March 12th, 2018 through our first lawyer, and we waited for an entire year...then we received the RFE. The RFE clearly showed that they didn't even open or even read any of the evidence that we sent, they even said his crime was "violent and dangerous" taking it to a higher level of hardship. It wasn't. He was involved in a fist fight, and no one was seriously hurt. Our lawyer wasn't available for us, so we hired another. A month after the RFE, the London Embassy added a "misrepresentation" a year after our interview. NOT COOL! Our lawyer submitted the RFE on June 11th, when it was due. On August 22nd, the CEAC changed from "Refused" to "Administrative Processing". We've had our Congressman submitting inquiries every 30 days...with the rote responses. It is now 142 days since Nebraska has received our RFE. Anyone else having the same or similar experience?
  21. I got rfe for proof of bonafide marriage at USCIS stage. I am trying to upload my documents but they say uploading but are not actually being uploaded. Someone suggested uploading one at a time but the notice says I only have one chance to upload the documents. Has any one had experience with submitting more than one files? I'll attached screenshots
  22. https://i.imgur.com/e1qZe6v.jpg Hello, I got an RFE for a K-1 Visa. (Image above) Apparently I didn’t check one of the boxes about if I met my fiancée through IMB (which I can’t believe because 3 of us rechecked the documents before sending). So for this, do I simply just check NO and then mail it back? I saw on the internet that some people made cover letters but not sure if that’s needed for something as simple as this? First time posting here, thanks in advance!
  23. I, the petitioner, received a request to submit all the W-2s and 1099s for my 2018 tax return, which I did. Then I got a message after 3 weeks making the same request. I've checked and double-checked the W-2 (1) and 1099s (2) that I've uploaded. The 1099s were accepted and the W-2 rejected with the note to upload all W-2/1099s for [NAME] 2018 tax return. I have checked to make sure all the numbers are reported as they should be on the return, so it is not that they don't match. Has this happened to anyone else? It is making me feel crazy and I'm not sure what to do. Should I upload the same W-2 again with a note that it is the only one and hope it works? Should I upload all of them together in a single PDF with an explanation showing where the amounts appear on the tax return? I know 1099s make the income confusing. If anyone has advice, I would so appreciate it. My husband (the immigrant) is in England until the visa is approved, while I am in the US. We've now been apart for more than a year. The continued delays and feeling at the mercy of cryptic messages is so frustrating. Thank you thank you
  24. Hello forum, I am very upset and frustrated at this point and would appreciate any helpful advice with my circumstances. I filed an 129F back in February 20, 2020 and received a receipt that my document was received. I have been tracking the progress of my case and on July 20th, it shows that an RFE was requested and the notice was sent out and I should call the USCIS if I do not receive it by August 04 2020. I did not receive it and reached out the USCIS. I have escalated this issue to a Tier 2 rep which confirmed that the original notice (supposedly mailed on July 20th) was NEVER sent out and made a request for a duplicate to be sent out on September 01 and I still have not received any notice. I have called USCIS multiple times regarding this issue and have been handled with disregard, only providing the same information and the option to make a service request for a duplicate to be sent out. Meanwhile I was informed that there is a possibility that I can receive the notice via email, however the tier 2 officers are "unable to access or click on it" , citing a computer error. I was also informed that they can reach out to the supervisor at the center (CSA) and have them contact me, but till now I have not received any call and just confirmed through a tier 2 rep that that supervisor request was never processed. I am very frustrated and would like someone to please help me out as I have filed my petition since Feb and there is NOTHINGI have received, not updates just only an RFE notice that I still have not received. Who else can I speak about this matter (besides Tier 2) that can help my case? I would appreciate any help. SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY, NO COMMENTS THANK YOU
  25. My joint-sponsor filed for an extension for his 2019 tax return, and I submitted that with the AOS documents on the CEAC portal. Everything was accepted, but I got an RFE for my joint sponsor's 2019 tax transcript. I thought they might ask for it at the interview, but I wasn't expecting an RFE at this point. My joint sponsor rushed to file, and hopefully we'll have the transcript in a couple of weeks... ...but will this keep our case from getting DQ'd? (I'm waiting for them to accept a couple of re-uploaded civil documents, otherwise I'd probably know already about the DQ) Or will they move on with scheduling an interview and we'll just be expected to bring the tax transcript then? I've read mixed information in the forum. Thanks in advance for your help!
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