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  1. Hi! I used a lot of vj information to filed for aos and I wanted to share with you my experience and my aos package. I'm from Argentina and I came to America in November with a J1 visa (summer work travel program), after dating my husband for a year, we got married on May 7th. According to my visa, I had to go back home before June 30th and even though I married a US citizen and I knew if I overstayed it was going to be waived, I was still so worried that I filed for AoS asap (June 19th). A few things I'm going to say before I talk about my application is that I think 50% was pure luck, it was filing at the right time and date. The other 50% making sure nothing in my application could make the officer doubt and ask for more information or evidence. I made sure everything was disclosed and explained, it must have been either a pain in the ### or a blessing for whoever that took my case cause it was 400 pages long lol. Also the fact that my office was Reno helped a lot, I went twice for biometrics and interview and there was no one, the parking lot was empty, so they're pretty low on cases there. I didn't get help from a lawyer 'cause I considered my case was simple, it wasn't worth the money, we were on lockdown so I didn't have much else to do but getting obsessed with sending the perfect application, visiting hundreds of VJs topics and watching youtube videos. Another thing, specifically for I130 is that I was scared because my husband and I are in our early 20s, we got married a year after meeting each other, 7 months out of those 12 we were in a long distance relationship, he still lived with his parents, we both had part time jobs, we don't own anything, so we had to prove our love by telling them our story. How meant to be we are, how we clicked instantly, how we talked 3 hours a day every day, how I told him he could come to visit me and the next day he went to get his passport and bought flight tickets to see me, how we can't imagine being away from each other, that we did it for 7 months and we don't want to do it ever again, how we have plans for the future, etc. Our bonafide evidence was full of stories and we attached them with tickets, passes, reservations, photos, invitations. By the time of the interview we did gather a lot of primary evidence and the officer that interviewed us was more than pleased. This was my package main cover letter I had to explain a few things when I filed: 1. During a road trip all my forms of identification were stolen, so I lost my passport with my visa stamp and my country ids. Thankfully, I was able to get an emergency passport and sent that in the package with an explanation of what happened and secondary proof that I was here legally such as letters from my sponsors, employers, job reviews and flight tickets. 2. I was given an extension of my visa because of the pandemic, so I sent a letter from my sponsor that explains the extension and extra information on why I was given this extension (the borders of my country were closed and all my flights were canceled) 3. My husband was a dependent of him mom for 2017 tax returns so we wrote a letter that his mom signed. 4. I944 was intense haha, we couldn't get IRS transcripts before sending the application because at that time IRS offices were closed, so we sent the biggest WE TRIED letter, where we stated that we received no answer from IRS so we were going to send 1040s and W2s. 5. We didn't have a credit score or report because none of us has credit cars, loans, car, leases, anything. We're still pretty young and we haven't thought all that out yet (we should soon). So we explained that, we sent transunion letter saying we didn't have any of that, screenshots of the experian website saying they couldn't find me and I tried to get a credit card online and I didn't qualified. 6. For Education, I did an evaluation of my college transcripts with a NACES authorized agency (IEE), also I graduated from college but I came to America before i could sign my diploma so I don't have my diploma with me and that's the way I can prove I graduated, what I sent to prove I graduated was a certified letter by my college that stated that I did in fact finish college. The evaluation agency wrote that my degree was incomplete because they didn't accept the certified letter but I sent everything in my I944, cause why not. 7.I didn't send proof I know how to speak Spanish because that's my native language and in my transcripts from school we don't call Spanish classes that, we call them Language classes. I wrote a letter swearing I know Spanish and that's it. When I filed I was afraid that my husband's tax return were going to look bad, because in 2019 he made a little over the percentage he had to make to sponsor me, in 2018 he made half of that percentage and in 2017 he was a minor and was a dependent of his mom. Still I sent all that information because if I disclosed it first it means I'm ahead of any questions they can ask us. That's just my mindset, I know a lot of people believe it's better to just put the last tax return information and that's fine. Also when we filed, my husband was unemployed and so was I (pandemic related), so we sent his last pay stubs and that's all. (He did have a part time job but that didn't make enough to support me at that time and he didn't file for unemployment) Another thing is that (PLEASE DONT DO IT) I worked in the past unauthorized, this was way before I met my husband and I didn't think of the consequences, I had no idea at some point it could come back to bite me. So, I disclosed it, I said from what date to what date and in I485 I said yes to working unauthorized and violating the terms of conditions of my nonimmigrant status. So this was my timeline and here's what I sent the June 2020 filers group and hour after the interview: And that's it. Right now, I have a job offer and I'm waiting for my green card to arrive. I'm excited about the winter, being with my husband without having to think of visas, uscis, forms, is great. I did get only the conditional green card, so in 2 years I'll have to do this again hahah. I hope this long post helps you, please let me know if you have any questions, this was my experience, probably had a few mistakes, it's not perfect, I was just very lucky this process went as smoothly as it did. Thank you thank you thank you VJ members for answering all my questions and giving me so much information!
  2. Hi! I am a US citizen and have applied for a I-130 for my parents on 3/31/2021. I am trying to apply for I-485 for them and it asks for their birth certificates. They were born in the 40's and 50's so they do not have a birth certificate. Can they self swear n affidavit in front of a notary and use that as secondary proof, since its not a good time to get an affidavit from India? I am also planning to get a 'Birth certificate based on passport' from the Houston Consulate (we live in TX) by sending their passports as another secondary form of evidence. Please advice if this would work or if any other suggestions for getting their birth certificates. Thanks!
  3. Anyone else here who's field center for their AOS is San Francisco, CA? I checked USCIS Processing Timeline, and they are currently processing November 28, 2016 applications... Have you heard any update on your application?
  4. Did this happen to anyone else? When I got to my appointment today the officer called my name and asked if I can speak English, when I answered yes he told my husband to sit down again and wait for me. Only i went to the interview then, just talked through my I-485 and got approved right away. I mean it all went good but I never heard that only one spouse went to the interview
  5. I'm currently working for a company with my H1b, my I-485 along with I-765 is currently being processed (spouse of a US citizen). I have been speaking with a company, and I would really like to start working for them sooner rather than later. They won't do an H1b transfer at the moment, so an approved I-765 is my only bet. From what I see in processing times, my I-765 won't be approved/processed for at least another 6 months. Under the circumstances, is there anything I can do to expedite the process? I won't be able to file expedition request under financial loss, since I'm already working for another company. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do (or any lawyer can do) for me to start working for this other company soon. Is there any clause for H1b workers + I-765 combo that I'm not aware of?
  6. So we are currently in the waiting game the last letter we received after our RFE was accepted at the end of March was about getting my wife's immunizations and that we would take to an interview unless it was not needed and would be required to send. However looking through our process we have never been scheduled a biometrics appointment. From what I see other state this is normally done within the first few months of processing. We got married last August and submitted in September, with the accepting the fees by the end of September. The next communication was the RFE in January which took us a few months to get situated due to the legalities of adding her to my bank accounts. Anyone know if this is normal or is there a way to inquire if/when they would request it be completed?
  7. Long story short: Husband came here July 2020 on a K1 visa, we got married in Aug. 2020, submitted attempt 1 at his AOS packet in September. Got denied due to some errors, resubmitted in October and got NOA1 on Nov. 6, 2020. We have heard absolutely nothing since. I don't know if he needs a biometric next, or if he would just do his green card interview, but at this rate we have no idea what's next because they haven't said a word in almost 8 months. Our receipt # is from the National Benefits Center; our local office is Indianapolis. I know it always takes long and is even more delayed due to COVID, but this is putting a huge strain on our family. He needs to be able to work and visit his family abroad. Not being able to do so has been extremely hard for him, obviously. It's putting us in a difficult spot financially as well. I'm aware that this process often takes quite awhile, but I want to see if there is anything at all we can do to help move things along. Does anyone have suggestions for how to help move things forward? Or get a timeline of sorts? We did reach out to a senator or two, which I just learned is a thing, but not sure if that'll help. Any suggestions appreciated!
  8. Hello! Filling out I-485 and completing the I-94 information. I entered the US as F1. My I-94 states "date of expiry" as D/S. My status later changed to H1. But i haven't left the country to get the H1 visa stamped on my passport so my approval notice has the I-94 which has an expiry date (xx/xx/2022). Question - Do I use the I-94 information (for expiry date) on H1 approval notice? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you Naveen
  9. Hello! Filing for Adjustment of Status and I-864 for a spouse in (mid) 2021. No dependents. My "current" (for year - 2021) income is above poverty guidelines. My 2020 income is also above the poverty guidelines. But 2nd most recent and 3rd most recent years are not above poverty guidelines - because I was a student. Part 23.a. I have filed taxes past 3 years but only the most recent year meet the poverty guidelines. I will have to select yes (i.e., Yes, I have filed taxes for the past years). Part 23.b I understand that this is optional and I do not to submit the tax documents for 2nd and 3rd most recent years - So i leave this unchecked. Question - Part 24.b and 24.c - Since I left 23b unchecked, can I leave 2nd and 3rd most recent years' income as blank? Concerned because - I said yes for 23.a - that I have filed taxes for the past 3 years. Will there be an RFE because of this? Or am I just overthinking this? Or do I need transcripts for 2nd and 3rd most recent year to prove I was a student then? Any advice would be very helpful!! Thank you very much!
  10. Hello, My husband arrived on a K-1 visa in April - we are currently trying to complete his adjustment of status paperwork. After arriving in the USA, we applied for a SS# - getting an appointment was delayed because of COVID and his application was submitted May 12th. I called this morning and his SS# application is still in administrative processing and it has been for 4 weeks now. Can we go ahead and submit his adjustment of status and EAD (I785) paperwork with a pending SS#? He will have been in the USA 2 months this week. Thank you!
  11. Good morning! I'm a US citizen through naturalization, and my mom came to visit at the beginning of the year. We decided that she is going to stay here due to COVID situation in her residence country. Her tourist visa allowed time on her passport passport (I-94) is going to expire by the end of June. We sent the I-485 Adjustment of Status application to USCIS Lockbox and was delivered on May 25th. I know that because of Covid NoA are taking longer than usual, and now I'm thinking that her i-94 might expire before receiving any notification that her process has started. Should I file for a visa extension? Should I just wait? If her visa expires does she have to go back to her residence country? Any help will be appreciated... Thanks!
  12. Hello! Filing for Adjustment of Status and I-864 for a spouse in (mid) 2021. No dependents. My "current" (for year - 2021) income is above poverty guidelines. My 2020 income is also above the poverty guidelines. But 2nd most recent and 3rd most recent years are not above poverty guidelines - because I was a student. Part 23.a. I have filed taxes past 3 years but only the most recent year meet the poverty guidelines. I will have to select yes (i.e., Yes, I have filed taxes for the past years). Part 23.b I understand that this is optional and I do not to submit the tax documents for 2nd and 3rd most recent years - So i leave this unchecked. Question - Part 24.b and 24.c - Since I left 23b unchecked, can I leave 2nd and 3rd most recent years' income as blank? Concerned because - I said yes for 23.a - that I have filed taxes for the past 3 years. Will there be an RFE because of this? Or am I just overthinking this? Or do I need transcripts for 2nd and 3rd most recent year to prove I was a student then? Any advice would be very helpful!! Thank you very much!
  13. Hello Everyone, I want to share my experience with you. My husband came to America on a K1 visa during the pandemic and we were unable to get married in NYC due to the shutdowns of my state. Eventually we got married and filed for AOS in October. USCIS sent me an RFE after he had his biometrics appointment and asked for a valid petition because his K1 visa had expired. I spoke with numerous lawyers and all of them said that my husband would be fine with withdrawing the application and filing for an I-130 since my husband came here legally. I withdrew the petition in April and filed an I-130, I-130A, I-485, I-131 and I-765 in May. It was received and signed for on May 6th, 2021. I felt relieved. Two days ago, I received an official withdrawal letter from USCIS saying that my old petition is withdrawn, that my husband can submit a new petition and that he has to leave the country within 33 days since he overstayed his visa. I spoke with a few lawyers since Monday and they have all said to not worry since I have already filed an I-130 and AOS paperwork. They said that I shouldn't do anything else except wait for my NOAs and to relax. I'm still very nervous and scared. Does anyone have any thoughts about my situation? Best, A
  14. Hi all, We are in process of adjusting status after my fiancé arrived on k-1 visa. We just married last week and are in process of filling out all the required forms. I wasn’t sure if we needed to fill out I-130 along with I-485? Or do we just need to fill out I-485 and attach the I-129F approval? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Hi everyone! I have a pending I-485 case and my EAD/AP combo card expires on Sept. 22. We haven’t received any word on our green card interview yet, so we decided to go ahead and submit our EAD/AP renewal applications this month just to be safe. We sent the applications via USPS Priority Mail on May 10 and it was supposed to arrive on May 12. Instead, we received an “In Transit - Arriving Late” update on our tracking page and it has been stuck on that since May 16. We opened a case with USPS last week and did not have any luck getting any updates from them (followed up with them daily). We didn’t want to delay the renewal process further, so we decided to re-send our applications - this time, via UPS Next Day delivery. The moment I got home from the UPS store, I received an email from USPS saying: “Our records show the Priority Mail Item #*** was scanned and distributed to the PO Box unit (60680) May 12, 2021. It is very possible for the item to have been delivered without a scan, if an item is not scanned the tracking will not update. Also, it could take up to 15-30 days for USCIS to send a notification of receipt.” **sigh** It’s still not a definitive answer or a guarantee that the package was, in fact, delivered safely... but now that our second application has been mailed out, is it going to cause any issues down the line if USCIS does indeed have the original application? We included cover letters on our new applications that explained the situation and stated that this was our second attempt at filing these renewals, but I’m not sure what else to do, since we haven’t even received any case notifications. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thank you!
  16. Important information is highlighted in bold My wife and I want to change her name to take my last name. Our marriage certificate just lists our current names as they are since there was no option to change the name here. From what I've researched, that is still okay and the best way to change her name is while applying for the I-485. So what I've done is changed her last name on the form to my last name, and her middle name is now her maiden name (I assume that is okay?). The only exceptions are for areas on forms that ask for her name as it appears on a form, and I've put her old name under areas where that is applicable. I'm also concerned about the I-131 because there isn't a spot to put former names, so do I put her new name or her name as it is on her passport? The last thing I'm concerned about is writing her name in non-Roman letters. On the marriage certificate and the rest of the forms, we're using her name with Roman letters (that's how it appears in the marriage certificate/social security card, and it's how she's been using her name here. Her passport even has her name in roman letters even though that's not technically the native way of writing her name). So on Part 4 of the I-485 "Information About Beneficiary" it says to type/print her name and foreign address in their native written language if it does not use roman letters. Is this safe to skip? She lives here in the US so she has no foreign address. Also, Part 4, number 5 says "Other Names Used" but it doesn't say anything about foreign letters, so I've left her old name romanized). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to those who answer.
  17. Hi All, First time poster, I was wondering, I'm filling out my parents I-485 and I saw that they recently again changed the rule for N/A not being an issue (but only for certain forms). So my question is do I have to type N/A in the questions where they say (if applicable) or where they have multiple questions of the same time (e.g. Part 1. Question 2 to 4) or if they do not have an alien number, do I type in N/A? Am I not suppose to leave any blank no matter what (eg: even when I have selected in Part 2 as 1a family based, do I have to write n/a in 1g other eligibility?) Sorry if I confused you all and thanks for the help in advance. V/R, Max
  18. Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time finding the most recent answers to this as these forms updated recently. I submitted my husband's AOS package (I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131) on May 6th, it was received in Chicago on May 8th. We downloaded and starting working on these forms in early March so when the changes to the I-485, I-944, public charge rule updated, I didn't realize it till it the package was already sent. All other forms in our package are the latest edition, but the I-485 and I-864 are one edition old. We also included the I-944 with all evidence, which is not needed now? Should we expect a full rejection/return of the package and prepare the new forms to resend? I am worried because with the longer processing times, my husband's B-2 expires on May 22nd and I don't want him to get in trouble for overstaying. Thank you for the help!
  19. On May last year I sent the whole package for adjustment of status (i-485 / i-130/ i-130a/ i-944) two weeks later I got the confirmation that my package was received and the check was cashed, the letter also said I would receive a following letter with confirmation for my Biometrics, but I haven't received it yet, and its been almost 1 year, should I be worried or this is normal time because of covid? does hiring a lawyer help? BTW Im located in Orlando, FL. thanks for your comments! Ari
  20. f GOT APPROVED. wE WEHello, my name is Laura. Almost 2 years ago, after my fiancée proposed on August 2019 we applied for the K1 Visa and our I-129F got approved. While we were waiting for our interview date so we can finally get the visa (Him in the US and me in Venezuela) the Covid19 hit and the borders of my country (Vene zuela) closed (March 2019). After 1 year and 3 months of being on a long distance relationship (8 months of those during quarantine), when the borders finally opened we decided to meet for Christmas 2020 (We were still waiting for an interview in Bogota Colombia) (I came on a Tourist visa and we were actually doing tourism on a 2 week road trip were we visited 7 states from NC to WI). By the end of January 2021 and close to my return ticket we finally received news about the embassy stating that they will continue with the interviews. Although after a lot of thinking, we agreed that it was risky to travel during those times (What if they just close the borders again and I don't have the enough resources to stay in Colombia, no family, anything, My house is in Venezuela where I lived but there is no embassy there) and that all we wanted was to be husband and wife as we always dreamed of. So, we got married on April 2020. Now, we are filing for AOS and I encountered this question: Part 3. Item 1. "Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status at a U.S. Embassy?" Yes or No. The reality is that a K1 is a non immigrant visa, but with intends to immigration. So, I am confused about what to answer. We are planning on sharing our story. We applied for a K1 after getting married as it is supposed to do. But this pandemic hit us hard. So now we just wanted to move on and finally start our lives together. I am worried that it will affect our case.
  21. Can someone help me understand what my PD is ?? I’m looking at our 797C Notice of action and for the I-485 where it says priority date it’s blank. Do I not have a priority date or did I get lost in all the cases? We have gotten up to the point where my wife had her biometrics appointment and now waiting for the combo card. What should I do ??
  22. I am filing concurrently for my mom. And I am trying to figure out what it means in the I-131 instructions when it is asking for an evidence showing circumstances that warrant AP? Also, for the copy of document showing present status, is it I-94 even though it is expired?
  23. I am preparing a concurrent filing packet (I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131) for my mother where I plan to use the CC payment option since the few checks I have remaining show an old address and I am paranoid that scratching it off to write the new address might not gel well with USCIS. Since USCIS guidelines state that each filing fee must be paid separately for each application/petition and to place the form on top of the application. I think I am going to send everything in one big envelope, so will I need to put both the G-1450 forms together, on top of the entire packet? Or should it be separated and put on top of each respective application, one on top of I-130 along with its supporting documents and other above I-485?
  24. I am preparing all the paperwork to file a concurrent petition for my mother (I-130, I-485 & I-864, I765, I-131) and having a hard time deciding how to put everything together. I have heard some use different envelopes/folders for each different application, whereas some mentioned everything was sent in only one envelope. Which option is better and organized? Is one way preferred over the other? Any tips or suggestions will be really helpful. Also, if I send in separate folders, do I have to write separate checks, for the I-130 and I-485? Or add up all the fees and write one check.
  25. Hi all, I hope someone very knowledgeable can help me on this. My status for I-485 through marriage is currently just waiting for an Interview to be scheduled but it's been over a year now since they declared "Interview Ready to be Scheduled" and I'm still waiting. My brother just got his US citizenship recently and he is trying to sponsor my parents but according to a lawyer they talked to, they might need to reopen our family's asylum case which has been "Closed Administratively" since Obama's administration. My name is on that case and I am wondering if by reopening the case, my I-485 through marriage will be effected or is it because of the asylum case that I'm stalled for an interview. I have not gotten any letters explaining if there's any thing that's really blocking my interview from the USCIS. Please help me if anyone know anything regarding this, thank you!
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