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  1. I am creating this thread to help all of the Houston 2017 filers come together and share updates in one place. Since Houston is one of the most slowest offices currently, it would benefit all of us to communicate and share any experiences we are going through when it comes to the AOS from a K1 visa in Houston. Please share any communications you have with Infopass associates or USCIS phone calls, and any other movement or changes with your case. My current timeline: AOS NOA1: 06/17/2017 Ready to be scheduled for interview: 07/18/2017 On old USCIS site: USCIS currently can't provide you with any information...: April 2018
  2. Help, My wife came here on a k-1 visa and we applied for her green card shortly after getting married in the US. A couple of months after that we got in a financial pickle and my wife decided to look for jobs. She had received an SSN after we got married and we thought that she could get a job with that while we waited for her EAD (been 200+days and still waiting for that) and her green card. Long story short she got a job at the chiropractic office and everything was fine for 6 months. Just last month I stumbled upon a rule stating she technically isn't allowed to work with her type of SSN. We are freaking out because we are near the end of the green card process and most likely have an interview coming up. She quit her job as soon as we realized what she was doing was unlawful, but I fear that she had the job for much too long and that her green card application could be denied. Is there anything I can do?
  3. Hello Everyone, I think I'm facing major problem dealing with AOS based on Approved Vawa. and just looking to see if anyone have had such similar experience. March 2006: I was attending school third year with 2 more semesters to graduate. I Applied for J1 to the US (Summer Work and Travel). June 2006: I did interview at the consular and got approved Aug 2006: Received the stamp on the passport to Travel (It was weird to take 2 months to print stamp on it) and I left to my destination. I arrived in NY, my Job offer was at a different state, asked the officer if I could work here, he assured it alright and proceeded to admit me (10 mins max to enter the state with no issues at the airport or secondary). They issued my visa for a month and half only. Sep 2006: I found a job in CA and went to it, started there and as of today, still at the same job!, I got my social, drivers license... and practically lived there, Paying my Due Taxes, Opened my own business on the side and all good. Time passed by, I met my ex wife and got married in 2009 May 2009: Got married shortly after started having problems and so on, she refused to Petition me for immigration. Nov 2009: Separated, We found out she was pregnant, tried to work it out but no luck Jan 2010: Ex Wife Filed Divorce, Restraining order claiming she is scared, judge granted it 1 year knowing it was not right. July 2010: My Son Was born (i was present on her request even through there RO), filed request for custody Oct 2010: Custody hearing, I Got custody of my son. 50/50 Dec 2010: we started dating again Jan 2010: moved in back together, 3 months after started having issued again, i found out she was on anxiety pills..etc that causing here to be so angry mostly if she don't keep up the medication which she didnt. April 2010: we had major issue, and big fights, I filed for R.O and I was granted 1 year. Proceeded with Divorce. she moved out, back to regular custody plan 50/50 May 2011: filed for Vawa. I485, EAD - Received EAD Aug 2011: Divorced finalized Jan 2013: Vawa was denied May 2013: I was placed in removal proceedings Aug 2013: I filed another VAWA with More Evidence. Jan 2014: Vawa Approved, I-485 Sent to Local Office Feb 2014: Removal Proceedings Terminated to Adjust Status. April 2014: AOS Interview Notice for June June 2014: Attended the Interview with my Lawyer. The IO was so focused on denying based on any reason,he didn't even ask for the medical which i had on hand, didnt ask for any documents. He asked about Divorce even though my lawyer said he have no right to ask because already out of his authority or something, i still answered. he kept going back and fourth about me knowing that I will come to have that job and I just used J1 as method to come to the US. Even though I never knew the company but he alleged that i must have arranged it before i come. I explained to him i was living and finishing school, i made a mistake when i was young that I overstayed and my attention was not to just come and stay. however, he repeated same question like 18 times in different ways which made me feel like he was trying to trick me to say that I did, and eventually my lawyer told him this is interrogation not an interview you keep repeating same thing for like 1 hour straight, and asked to have things in writing (it was not recorded) which we did , he asks a question in writing and I answer in writing in the immigration office which i never heard an officer doing that . (according to my lawyer he just didnt like me, and anyone could see that very clear ) July 2014: received RFE to file waiver for Fraud/Misrepresentation based on not attending the original job that i was supposed to go to. or it will be denied on Sep 2014. My question is the officer assumed something that is not correct and made his decision, my lawyer said filing waiver is admitting fraud which i never attend because it was not the case, accordingly to immigration rules having a child that i Raised and cant take with me (I pay child support on time, and my taxes all good and paid since i stepped in this country) , child is NOT considered immediate relative for extreme hardship waiver,on the other hand, not filing waiver will place me in court system for removal, and I can see a judge and fight the point that the offices made his decision according to his thoughts not a single fact, he didn't ask for any proof or any paper or anything, when i went into the interview he was not interviewing he was finding a way to deny it. anyone had such an experience? and if you did how did it go?
  4. Hello. My I-485 case was updated on 1/18/19 (Friday) to ‘Interview Was Scheduled’ but I have not received any interview notice. Houston Field Office. Was it mailed last Friday, Saturday or Tuesday? MLK was a Holiday. I do not see anything in my USPS Informed Delivery account as of today. Could my lawyer recieve the interview notice?
  5. Hi all VJ'ers! I am needing your help again here. I am on the process of filling out the I-485, I-765 and I-131 for my children who are all minors. Just having a dilemma with regards to the Applicant's Signature part. My question are: 1. Should I just sign the applicant's signature part and print name and put mother next to it. 2. Should I still fill out the preparer's Part or just leave it blank. Would really Appreciate your answers on this one. Thank you all.
  6. Hello. I have an upcoming interview for I-485 and I-485A on 2/25/19. Approved I-130 (USC Mother). Family preference FB1, unmarried, son 21+. Mother will also be with me at the interview as well as my Lawyer. Do I bring all originals and 1 color photo copy of each document? List: (They were already submitted to USCIS). I received 1 RFIE for BC with EC (USCIS accepted the document). I-94 Card. Updated I-693. Mother’s Passport (My entry stamp is on it as my own passport did not exist then). My 3 Passports (First 2 are expired). My Birth Certificate with English Translation. I-864 - Joint Sponsor is my USC Brother 100%, 2017 all tax returns and W2 with December and January pay stubs. RD is 10/4/17. Employment letter? My mother had no financial info but we still had to submit it. Brother’s Certificate of Naturalization? His BC? ETA-750 Part A & B with CA DOL receiving my Labor Certification on or before 4/30/01. Biggest issue is that I never received any acknowledgment receipt. It just has the date (on or before 4/30/01) and their staff initials listed on it with job code. Also it states EWI (no idea why). Proof of physical presence on 12/21/00. Initial EAD (C09). Parents Marriage Certificate. Mother’s BC? Her Certificate of Naturalization? Anything else I should bring?
  7. Hi there, I am an AOS applicant (I-485) who recently got her EAD (I-765) and now I want to apply for an APD (I-131) as I really want to visit my family back home after not seeing them for nearly 2 years plus my grandmother who basically raised me passed away shortly after I arrived in the U.S. with a K-1 visa so I was not able to go to her funeral and I really want to be there for the second anniversary of her passing with my family. I've been reading multiple forums from different websites and I've found nothing but conflicting information on this topic. I've read the I-131 instructions multiple times and I just want to make sure everything is perfect in order to avoid an RFE. On the I-131 form clearly states on page 2 of 5 Part 3, "If you are applying for a non-DACA related Advance Parole Document, skip to Part 7; DACA recipients must complete Part 4 before skyping to Part 7." Therefore as instructed I skip to Part 7 where it says "On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advance Parole Document, what circumstances warrant issuance of advance parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions)" so I go to the I-131 instructions page 9 of 15, where plainly states "If you are applying for: c. Advance Parole Document for Individuals Who Are Currently in the United States: If you are in the United States, you must attach: (2) An explanation or other evidence showing the circumstances that warrant issuance of an Advance Parole Document; OR (3) If you are an applicant for adjustment of status, a copy of a USCIS receipt as evidence that you filed the adjustment application; " so from this I get that I do not need to add or attach any explanation or other evidence since I am an AOS applicant and I must only attach a copy of my receipt, form I-797C as evidence that I previously filed the AOS I-485 application. However when I asked on this immigration forum "Avvo", some lawyers replied that I still needed to complete these parts. I'm not sure if they misunderstood the information I provided them with and that's why I'm being so annoyingly specific on this one. I really want to hear from people who got their I-131 approved and make sure I got everything right. It seems pretty clear to me and I just want to get this mailed asap knowing everything is alright with my application. Also, on Part 3 when asked expected length of the trip, is "TBD" a valid answer? as I can't honestly state in days how long I'll be there for. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Greetings, I entered the United States with my daughter on a K1 and K2 visa. My fiance, now a husband, got married within 90 days of entry. However, my visa expired on December 10, 2018. That being said, I am currently applying for registration of permanent residence (AOS). For financial reasons, we give priority to my application and will do my daughter's at a later date. I know this may seem like a silly question but I was wondering what I should answer on Form I-485 with regard to the section "Information about your children" where it is asked, "Is this child applying with you?". In addition, under "Information on previous marriages", the question "Prior Spouse Date of Birth", I do not remember his date of birth, I have not spoken to him for more than 10 years and I have no means of contact either. Not to mention, our divorce certificate does not indicate this information either, unfortunately. Can someone help me with this? I want to make sure to fill everything in correctly before sending it. This is obviously something I do not want to take lightly. I appreciate it enormously! Thank you! ❤️
  9. Hi, I just received an interview notice for my 2 years Green card that will be occurred in January, 2019. Please share your experiences and advises for me on the interview, it would be very appreciate I will list below the list of what I bring to the interview day, please comment if I'm missing anything, and what should I fulfill to my package. I live in Virginia, VA, get married to a US citizenship, my husband born in US. I was under OPT of F1- student visa and my OPT expired 07/12/2018. Here is my brief timeline on the process 05/20/18: Getting Married I did not celebrate my wedding party yet because i wait for the green card to go back to my country so my parents can attend my wedding. Only married at court with my husband family. 06/20/18: Submit my package to USCIS 07/24/2018: Biometrics done 08/16/2018: my expedite working permit request approved because I have job offer. I have working permit and go to work on September. 12/12/2018: Interview is scheduled 01/16/2018: Interview day Here is what I prepared to bring to the interview: Passport, driver license, birthcertificate, ssn for both of us Marriage license My Medical form I-693 Letter schedule interview from USCIS Tax return for previous 3 years 2015, 2016, 2017 of my husband. 3 pay subs before interview of my husband Bank statement showing our saving ( both are currently working and both deposit money into the account) A car Registration showing both of us ownership. Car Insurance (showing both name) credit card statement (showing both name) Life insurance (we both buy it and put each other name as beneficiaries) 401k beneficiaries information for both ( I and Him both have) Front page at personal info at Work's profile.. my husband is my emergency contact Airplane tickets to other states of US (5 trips together so far) Lots of pictures together ( pictures with friends, family, pictures that we are going on trips with friends and family) Moviepass membership for two in one year (sign up same time) One month (AUG18) we are in the same health insurance (since I got a job, i choose to split out from him to go with my company insurance because of it its more cheaper than go with him) ONE Affidavit of friend who verify the authenticity of our relationship (did not submit that in the package) Outline of our relationship (did not submit that We DO NOT have: Utility bills - because we still live with his parents, and his parents are paying bills House rent/ mortgage: same reason above Wedding ceremony & pictures on the wedding day: my parents can not come to US so we are waiting to go back to my country, and we are saving money to buy house. Because we do not have a wedding together, that is not normal to all the couple who apply for adjustment of status and that makes me very worry. Please drop some comments to give me advise . Also, advise me on what will they ask on the interview because we are very worry for the upcoming interview. Thank you and I really appreciate it Jacklyn.
  10. I came to the US on an F1 visa. I got married in 08/17 and filed for AoS in 11/17 (My wife is a US citizen). Both my wife and I have been working all these years. I received an EAD and Advanced Parole in 12/17. I traveled abroad and got a PAROLED stamp on my passport on my return to the country because my AoS was pending. My understanding is that currently I do not have a status (even though the F1 visa on my passport is unexpired) because I have the PAROLED stamp in my passport switching my status from F1 to 'no-status'. My AoS is still pending, and I have sent a follow up to USCIS since it is outside processing time. In the past I have used tax prep software that was provided by our university. The forms used were Form 1040-NR and Form 8843. The forms need to be physically mailed in, and couldn't be filed online. My question now is: Which tax forms I would use to file this year? Should I jointly file with my wife? If so what status would I say I am? Thanks for your help!
  11. Hello I was wondering if there is any AOS filers from Phoenix or anywhere from Arizona. My PD Aug-07-17 I got my Employment card in February and then after that here I am in October still waiting for my interview to be schedule .
  12. Hi all, I am a K1 VISA beneficiary, I am now married, and I'm finally able to sit down and start the AoS application. I have read the guide on here, as well as the instructions on the I-485, I-131, and the I-765. In the beginning I thought I only had to file these three forms, and file them together. (with all of my evidence of course) I'm not always the best at filtering through the correct information but I do my best, but somehow I've now ended up with 7 different forms, and I was just wanting to check that I had it right, and that they were all necessary. My queries are with regards to the following forms: I-130 (Is this to be filed separately, or with the the I-485, I-131, and the I-765) I-130a (as above) I-693 (Does this go with the I-485 as "evidence", or does this get given at the interview?) My paranoia is usually fueled by how old the original posts are, and what updates are applicable etc. I'm almost confident I'm on the right path, I was just hoping for further clarification from anyone who has submitted these forms recently, and how the journey has been so far. Thanks all in advance.
  13. Anyone here who has done AOS interview in Portland, Maine? (K1) My I-485 case just updated to "ready to be scheduled for interview"! I am wondering how long we can expect to wait to be scheduled for the interview here in Maine since I have seen that in some states you wait months until it is actually scheduled. I am still waiting for my EAD to be approved, pending 187 days now.. I contacted my senator's office again last week and they put in another inquiry and emailed me USCIS's reply this morning to me, and tonight we get this update. We'd prefer to have seen the EAD updated to "approved" but this is better than nothing after waiting for more than 5 months for any updates....! USCIS told the senator my I-485 was waiting for my background check to clear and that the I-765 is assigned to an officer and I should receive a notice shortly(we'll see about that). Just so surprised since my field office is supposed to working I-485 on January 2017, I filed Nov 2017.
  14. Hi everyone I am a US citizen and my fiancee is a foreign national who currently lives overseas. I was planning on filing for her K1 visa to bring her here, but she also has an approved H1B petition. She will be coming to the US on the H1B visa next month and we intend to get married in the US. I have a few questions 1. Will there be any issues adjusting status from H1B? I understand that H1B is also a dual-inent visa (like K1) but unlike K1, the intent of H1B visa is to work in the US and not marry a US citizen. I am a little worried if USCIS would assume that her original intent was to marry a citizen. 2. We plan live in different cities after marriage for a while until she gets her EAD, as her H1-B job is not in the same city where I live. Will this be a problem to prove the bona-fide marriage since we are not living together? Once she gets her EAD, she plans to move in with me and find another job where I live. 3. Alternatively, she could leave her H1-B job after marriage and move in with me. Would that cause any issues since she will no longer have her H1 status? 4. Also, do you guys recommend changing the last name after marriage and then filing for the I-301/I-485 with the married name or file with the maiden name? Thanks for your help!
  15. My husband is a full time student and working part time. He was recently hired this September 2018 and we are filing now the AOS this February 2019. He used to work back in 2015 and had to stop because he got accepted in his desired University (Also here in the US). I have several question regarding the I-864 affidavit of support. Our current situation is: - He didn't made it to the poverty guidelines that is why we're filing a joint sponsor (his dad) - He doesn't have 3 recent tax return sheet (only 2015, his previous work and 2018 his part time work now) My questions are: 1. In the part where he should input the 3 most recent tax income, should I leave the other two blank? the 2nd and 3rd most recent? 2. As I believe so, the Total Income per year stated in Income tax return is different from current annual income. We will request Certificate of Employment reflecting this current annual income so that it is visible for the checker. I just want to verify if we are correct? Thank you very much for all your help.
  16. Hello All, My GC was approved in early January. I was on an L1, have been working with the company (combined with overseas) for 11 years or so. The second week I got back, we received an e-mail from the President that we had lost an account worth double our annual profit from the previous year. This was accompanied with a vague statement about looking into what this new reality means for the business and how to respond. He also encouraged employees to discuss their anxieties, ask questions and talk about it. Everyone naturally assumes, we will need to cut costs accordingly and we have been through 2 re-organizations in the past to get us to profitability (layoffs). So my question is - given the above - is it reasonable for me to switch employers without waiting the regularly advised 60 days? I've been approached by a recruiter for a position with the same title, that pays substantially more, but they want me to start asap (within 2 weeks). That puts me just over 30 days since I received my GC. My direct boss hasn't told me my job is at risk - the only thing I have is that e-mail above. I don't want to put my GC at risk or risk have it be revoked.
  17. My wife and I filed for AOS, along with EAD, back in November. We got a letter from USCIS, just before the holidays saying we didn't give them enough information, I'm guessing proof of her income, to provide a new affidavit along with additional information. We put it off for just after the holidays as that was stressful enough, then the shutdown happened which meant we couldn't access the IRS resources for a time, luckily we were able in the end. I'm going to list everything we now have and we just want to be sure if this should be enough now: - Photocopy of the letter that was sent, this was requested by them so no doubts there - New affidavit of support, this time we listed my assets as I have over $50,000 in checking and savings which we didn't disclose before. When we got that letter there was conflicting information, one saying we didn't give evidence of proof of income (despite including a letter from her employer). And the other saying we didn't meet the minimum requirement for the feudal poverty guidelines, which according to my maths should be about $20,575, and then saying we would need a joint sponser. My wife currently makes $35,000 a year, although she started this job in April, would this given them some issue? - We have included her W-2 for 2018, which we weren't able to before but we have it now. It doesn't say on the W-2 when she would have started, the overall income is lower as she only started in April, but she still made $25,000 in that time so that should still be enough? With the letter from her work backing this up allow them to work out how much she would have made over a full year, then take it all into account. - We've printed off bank statements from the last 12 month for my wife's checking account. I don't have an American bank account that goes back 12 months. We have a joint checking and savings but both have only existed for around 6 months, and were in her name initially and now have both of ours. Would they be able to tell it's the same account just by looking at the A/C, plus would they mind that they don't go back 12 months since they haven't existed that long? Likewise I do have my own checking account but that's only 3 months old as we only opened that after we got married. - We were able to get her tax returns again. Last time we included the last 3 years, even though 15 & 16 were optional. We have decided not to include them this time. I can't imagine we'd be able to do 2018 just yet, or anyone for that matter. But we have her W-2 as mentioned and her pay stubs and letter from employer again. - Six months of pay stubs as said above, didn't include these last time, mistake on our part we admit. That's everything we have and everything that the letter listed that we needed to include, to the best of our understanding. A whole section of what they needed was dedicated to getting a joint sponsor, would they still expect us to get one, even though we've proved as much as we can that we don't need one according to the guidelines. I'm thinking this was maybe added automatically as before there wasn't enough proof before? Should be still get one of her parents to joint sponsor just to be sure? Or would me just including everything about my savings be enough, along with the additional evidence were supplying proving with little doubt what my wife makes? Thank you for anyone taking the time to read this. It's been stressful for us since filing it, only to get this back at us. We just want to get it right once and for all. Then relax for a few months before preparing for the interview 😁.
  18. When my husband and I initially filed for his K-1 visa, I had a different work situation and was barely above the income threshold, so we used my dad as a joint sponsor, just in case. Now my income is more than sufficient to sponsor my husband, and I can provide evidence in pay stubbs (but not via taxes, yet). Any advice on filing with or without my previous joint sponsor for the adjustment of status, form I-864? Will the adjustment of status be denied if we do not list the same joint sponsor (when we no longer need one)? Thanks in advance
  19. Almost complete with my AOS filling but... I was quite hesitant with the signatures. The signature I used in the Marriage License and my signature in Passport biographic page is my maiden name signature. That's the only official documents with signatures I have. Should I use my old maiden name signature or make a new one in these forms? TIA!
  20. Hi! So still currently finishing my I-485 application and I have a question about the physical address. Our situation is this, Husband's main address is his parents' house, after the wedding, we moved out to a different apartment we rent. The question and seek your advice is: What address should I use in the I-485, US Mailing address and current physical address? Should it be his parents house or our new apartment? I have having doubts because address used in most of documents are his parent's house. The document for apartment rent is just under Husband's name, not the both of us. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hey Everyone! I did a search to see if anyone had already answered this question that I have but I did not see anything so here it goes: My husband and I put together all of the paperwork for his Adjustment of Status from an E-2 visa to a green card as we recently were married. We filed all of the following forms together into one packet: I-485, I-864, I-130, I-131 and I-765. We submitted around the end of July 2017 with e-notification forms attached to most documents. Here is the issue: I re-did his I-485 form before sending the packet due to a typo/error in one of his answers and accidently put his first name in the last name box and his last name in the first name box on the first page. All of his other paperwork has his first and last name in the correct boxes. He recently went to do his fingerprints at our local USCIS and they pointed this out to him. What is the right course of action to get this corrected? Has anyone else made this small error before? How did it affect the processing of the paperwork? We are freaked out because it costs so much money to file and we don't want to have crazy long delays as a result. We called the customer service hotline and she created a ticket but didn't give us any next steps. Thanks so much for your help!
  22. This is for a K1 Visa - Green Card I-485 Adjustment of Status - Interview. The tax returns they have showed I made $44,440.00 in 2017 👍. This year I made less than $21,000, about $19,000- $20,000.00 for 2018 the company changed a lot, even its name, and things were a lot worse. However, my wife got a job at $11 an hour (full time 40 hours a week I think) and in the last 2 months and made a little bit of money, hopefully at least $2,000.00 we haven't filed our taxes yet but if we file together as a married couple it should be at $21,000.00 give or take. Which is okay right? Now for the other problem, about 8 weeks ago, I had a car accident, broken neck fracture of the 7th cervical vertebrae which I am currently recovering from. 😢😢 I have an appointment on Feb 11th, and may remove my collar, keep it on and maybe even surgery I don't know what will happen. But I've missed 2 months of work, i have a doctors statement saying I may not work and that I have an appointment on Feb 11th and they'll make a decision on whether I can return to work, etc. , and a statement from work that I am on extended medical leave but still employed at the same position. So, are we going to be denied and told we need a co-sponsor/joint sponsor? What if I hadn't made $21,000 this year, what if me and my wife together make $21,000 for the 2018 year?? (but the interview is before taxes are filed) Any help appreciated, need to know the answers to these questions.😟 Colton
  23. Hello. I got an RFIE for Birth Certificate with English translation. How reliable (Authentic) is Mamoo In Pakistan website services to get the NADRA/Union Counsel Birth Certificate mailed to me here in USA?
  24. Hello all, Would it be advisable to use a vacation my wife and I took to her home country as evidenced of a Bona Fide marriage? I know that it seems the obvious answer is yes, but here is the background. TLTR: Got married within 90 days of a vacation to wife’s home country. Have heard this could be considered visa fraud under a 90 day rule. Looking for advice/clarity. I am a US citizen. My wife is an F1 student from South Korea. We met about two years ago and have been together ever since. In August of 2018 we decided to go on vacation to South Korea so that I could meet her family and learn more about her culture. At the time we had no intention of marrying soon, we had talked about it but planned on waiting until she had finished nursing school. Upon return to the US (sep 14) we received notification that she had not been accepted to nursing school. So we were faced with a difficult choice. To get marrie d or to try our luck at long distance relationship while she was required to return to Korea and reapply to nursing school.(because her F1 OPT is finished at the end of December, and at that time, her F1 visa expires.. unless she were to be accepted into another school and got a new i20) And because of the timing there were no alternative schools she could apply to and be accepted without a lapse in visa. The issue I’m worried about is that we got back from Korea on Sep 14 and got married Oct 7th (30 days apart). And she entered on an F1 visa, which prohibits immigrant internet. I have heard that it could be assumed we had immigrant intent when she entered on her f1 since we married within 90 days. Aka visa fraud. Should I be worried? And will they know about our trip anyways?
  25. Hello my wife and I are having some confusion regarding forms I-485 and i-130. She arrived here at the end of May on a K-1 Visa. We were married on June 2nd on said K1 visa. And now we were trying to determine which forms are mandatory for adjustment of status. When you go to the USCIS page they make no mention of i-130 based on K1 Visa. Now I see numerous people mentioning the i-130 form and I just want to make sure whether we need to fill that out or not.