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  1. Hi everyone! I might be wrong but I haven't seen anything about this.. I am about to submit my concurrent filing packet (I-485 and I-130) and I choose to pay my fees using money orders. However, I am not sure if I should attach all 3 money orders ( 2 for the I-485 and biometrics since money orders are capped at $1,000 and 1 for the I-130). Should I attach them all together at the very top or should I attach them each to the appropriate forms? (in other words should they stay all together at the top or separated in the packet ) Also, since money orders can't be over $1,000, how should I split the fees for the I-485 and biometrics into 2 money orders? Thank you for your help!
  2. Cost recovery is the stated goal, so: N-400 fees to go from $640 to $1,170 (83% increase) "Weighted-average" fees across all applications going up 21% Effective date is unclear, but I assume Oct 1, 2020 Lay press report: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/08/politics/asylum-fee-uscis/index.html Press release: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-proposes-adjust-fees-meet-operational-needs Proposed rule (technical): https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-24366.pdf?utm_source=federalregister.gov&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pi+subscription+mailing+list
  3. Hi there! I am completing all my supporting document for the form I-485. I have one question - I have been citied in 2019 I received a traffic ticket in mail. A photo of me was taken while I ran the red light ( I know big mistake, the yellow light was very short I thought I'd make it). Anyway, I then decided to go to court because the fine was $490 and I did not want to pay it - in court the judge lowered my fine to 7 hours of community service which I have completed and I did traffic school. On the "yes or no" questions on the form I-485 I have answered "yes" twice due to mentioned situation and explained it at the last page where they give us the extra space however I found this information on USCIS website (photo attached below) . Now I'm not sure If I need to mention my ticket to USCIS. And also If I do mention it is it enough just what I would put on the last page of the form as additional information or should I write a whole separate letter explain everything in more detail. Had anyone had similar experience? Thanks for all the help!
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/public-charge/injunction-of-the-inadmissibility-on-public-charge-grounds-final-rule?fbclid=IwAR3kQCxIUBHfRrnqkAHP7IIo1rZV0c2irFw4jx_ukIPZq7IV-SyWke1CaX8 First good news of 2020, as stated in the link attached, for whosever is filing for AOS in these days, is NOT required to fill the I-944 anymore! "As long as the July 29, 2020, SDNY decision is in effect, USCIS will apply the 1999 public charge guidance that was in place before the Public Charge Rule was implemented on Feb. 24, 2020 to the adjudication of any application for adjustment of status on or after July 29, 2020. In addition, USCIS will adjudicate any application or petition for extension of nonimmigrant stay or change of nonimmigrant status on or after July 29, 2020, consistent with regulations in place before the Public Charge Rule was implemented; in other words, we will not apply the public benefit condition. For applications and petitions that USCIS adjudicates on or after July 29, 2020, pursuant to the SDNY injunction, USCIS will not consider any information provided by an applicant or petitioner that relates to the Public Charge Rule, including information provided on the Form I-944, or information on the receipt of public benefits in Part 5 on Form I-539, Part 3 on Form I-539A or Part 6 on Form I-129. Applicants and petitioners whose applications or petitions are postmarked on or after July 29, 2020, should not include the Form I-944 or provide information about the receipt of public benefits on Form I-485, Form I-129, or Form I-539/I-539A."
  5. Hey guys, I am not really making this post to ask a question but provide my experience with this and update as I go. Others can put their experience if they would like as well. Anywho...I e-filed the I-130 on June 9, 2020 and on June 10, 2020, I received a notice saying the application was accepted and is being processed with a priority date of June 9, 2020. I was also able to download a PDF version of the I-797 immediately. USCIS also mailed a copy of the notice and I received that on June 15, 2020. Also, I live in California but it looks like the efiled form is being processed at the Texas Service Center. I did it this way because I was still waiting on some documents for the I-944 and wanted to get the process started. Also, because I was able to upload all of the documents for the I-131 online and even pay the fee online so it was one less packet to mail and worry about. Another reason I did it this way is because I couldn't find many threads of people who have done it this way so there are not many experiences. Also, you can still file the I-485 in Chicago "concurrently" but you have to send it in with a copy of the I-797 notice for the I-131 showing it was accepted. I will be sending the I-485 shortly and will update with what USCIS says. I have a cover letter and a copy of the I-797 near the top so they know I've already filed the I-130. So, I will update this thread to see what happens and if you've done it this way as well, maybe put your experience with this. Thank you,
  6. Hey everyone, Hope everyone is safe and well. So I recently moved to the USA on a K1 visa a month ago, and I am currently sorting out paper work for the AOS, so in other words the i-485, i-944 and other required forms to submit. For part 3 of the I-944, it asks: 11. Do you have a U.S. credit report? 12. Do you have a U.S. credit score? I've gone online and called Annual Credit Score, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (over 2 hours on hold!) to try to receive a credit score/report, but they require a Social Security Number (SSN). Unfortunately, I don't have a SSN and the SSA offices closed the day after I arrived - so I am unable to obtain one. I do have a credit card here as an authorized user of my wife's account, so I will start to build up a credit history, though it may be too recent to show up anyway. TDLR; Basically, does anyone have any suggestions on how to display evidence for the I-944 of not being able to obtain a credit report? I saw a similar post to this (click here), and feel we aren't the only ones in this situation. The best we've been able to think of is screenshots of websites of errors on credit reporters when applying, and the closure of SSA offices - and/or providing a notarized affidavit explaining the situation (but this may be tricky, given the need for witnesses and evidence). I even asked the credit reporters about being to provide a letter on their behalf, to state that I am unable to get a credit report. The best I got was a 'shaky maybe' from Equifax, if I write to them with evidence of identification - but this won't come for approximately 30 working days. Ideally though, we want to be sending the AOS forms off ASAP, and want to make this application 'watertight'. Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated - thanks!
  7. Hey all, I got my I-140 approved on 6/10/20 and mailed my I-485 on 6/17/20 (received by Dallas lockbox on 6/19/20). Still I did not receive my confirmation texts nor my checks were deposited. I have few questions? Am I in the correct place to ask about 1-140 based I-485? Is there a thread for June 2020 fillers for me to follow up their timelines? Have anyone of you are experiencing such delays with NOA specifically from Dallas lockbox? Thank you!
  8. Hey, I remember recently seeing in some other threads that applicants were getting their I-765s denied because they didn't include a payment, even though the payment is included in the cost of the I-485 package and they shipped it all together. I made sure to note that there was no payment enclosed because I was filing together with I-485 in the same package. Will this suffice or should I go as far to include an entire copy of the I-485 with the I-765 as evidence? What should I do?
  9. Hi All, My I-485 package was rejected and returned to me, because of my mistake on the credit card form. (I feel so dumb...) The whole package is returned with bar code printed on the bottom of every page, and the first page of some forms has the bar code crossed out by ink pen. (?!) The forms has been reorganized and stabled into different piles, and all my tabs were removed. So here are my questions: (1) Since the bar code was printed onto every page, do I need to reprint everything? (2) I submitted the package before my OPT expired. Now that I want to re-submit and my OPT is expired, do I need to go back and change answers in the forms where they asked about illegal stay in the US? Or is it sufficient if I apply a proof for my first submission? Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your help!
  10. Hello ,everyone. I've sent my I-485 package back in April to Chicago office. They rejected the case because the forms were outdated. I've sent the fixed package again and they recieved it on May,1 (the UPS notification says that the package has been signed by someone named John). It has been 18 days since I sent it and I've got no news from USCIS and now i'm really worried that my package is lost. Idk what to do, guys. I check the case status on the USCIS website several times a day but all I see is the same rejection notice from April, 17. Has anyone had the same kind of a problem? I'm really confused.
  11. Hello there. Hope everyone is doing well. So my husband (USC/petitioner) and I are preparing to fill out the I-864 form for me and our 2 year-old daughter (IR1/IR2). And we just have a few questions. BTW, He filed 2 separate I-130 forms, got RFE for both cases, and just waiting for approval. Question 1) Does he need to fill out and upload 2 separate I-864 forms for each of our cases or fill out only one i-864 form and upload the same form for both of our cases? Question 2) In Part 3, Item Number 1, as shown on the pic attached, are we right in ticking the YES box? Since our daughter will be immigrating with me at the same time, do we tick the box of Item Number 2 and write her name on Family Member 1 (Item 4.a onwards)? Question 3) I've read from the past threads that instead of I-864 form, I-864W should be uploaded for beneficiary less than 21 years old. However, I believe it is no longer required by the NVC and the form is not in the USCIS website anymore. As per the USCIS website "Form I-485 is now used to collect information previously collected on Form I-864W, Request for Exemption for Intending Immigrant’s Affidavit of Support. Adjustment applicants no longer need to file Form I-864W." Does my husband need to fill out I-485? Feel free to share your experience. Any response will be highly appreciated.
  12. I am about to file form I-290B because my I-485 adjustment of Status (Marriage with US Citizen) was denied due to missing form I-864. Question: Even though I the beneficiary filed for I-485 that was denied, am I the one submitting for I-290B or the sponsor which is my spouse? it is confusing, the denial letter states the beneficiary cannot file I-290B. I am the applicant of I-485 that was denied but also the beneficiary of the filing for AOS/Green Card. If anyone can help, thanks. Also is there a template / Cover letter sample that addresses the I-290B Motion to reopen? thanks.
  13. My husband came to the US 2 years ago and was waiting on his asylum case, which is still pending. We got married in November and decided to start the process to change his status. He has his 2 children with him (mother passed away) and I of course want to include them with his application. After researching, I think that I can file his I-765, I-131 together and all for the same fee as the I-485 if I file them jointly correct? Is there anything else I can file with that or am I missing something? Any advice would be appreciated. I need a tribe to help me through this journey.
  14. Hi Guys, I need your help on what to respond with. I received a yellow RFE around April 24th 2020, it states that: My initial Household was just "2" for me and my wife. and my income alone clearly meets the 125% Federal Poverty Guidelines for Hawaii. Why would they say that they could not determine? my income? or i just probably forget to sign it? but i doubled/tripled check before sending out the documents. I kind of doubted and thought that it's maybe because i filed the AOS and sent it just before (March 31st 2020) the expiration of the old I-864) , and that they haven't really got to take a look at it until early April, which is past the expiration date, based on the "Online Status Update" because of all the policy changes that's happening to USCIS and Covid-19. Im about to send them "my reply", which includes a newly updated I-864 expiration date (October 31, 2021) with a total of "4" household size this time, which i included my mother and father this time since they live in the same household as ours. I also added forms I-864A for both of them and added all their income to mines which "over exceeds the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 4 Household Size". But I'm worried that USCIS might reject our AOS petition because suddenly i have 4 in the household size when in prior i only sent 2 as my household size.. what shoud i do? write them a letter stating that even my income alone can hold for the 2 household size?
  15. So I got the standard rejection notice, I attached it to this post. I have gone through this and I believed I submitted EVERYTHING. We have a copy of our NOA approval, his visa from his passport and an original Marriage Certificate that shows we got married within the 90 days. The only issue is that we filed after the 90 days. Could that be the issue? Do they want me to file an i-130 now? I also attached a photo of my NOA for reference. Is this the correct NOA? Also, I did research when we were filing it out and saw people saying that K-1 visa applicants don't have an A-number so I left that blank. Now that I'm looking at my NOA again, is that the number next to the beneficiary? We filed a i-485, i-944, i-846 & i-485 and yes, I put the correct designation in i-485 Part 2 -> C. Please help, I've looked this thing over front, back... every which way and I can not figure it out. I saw on another post that someone suggested making an appointment but I doubt they're letting people do that during this pandemic. For reference, I am an American born citizen and my husband is a Canadian Citizen. We live in California. I really appreciate everyone because this process is INSANE!!! Thank you all!!
  16. Hello Folks, A relative of mine has a peculiar case that we need some guidance with. Background Recently received a Notice of Decision for I-485 Denial. The reasons why I-485 was denied are: 1. Record of entry into the United States not completed (Although he filled out I-94 portion and added I-94) 2. No I-864 attached 3. Birth Certificate not acceptable (Old form) Now below are the questions we have: 1. He has a copy of the I-94. (Entered in 2003). However, the passport he entered with has long been lost. In his first application, he stated that the passport is lost and therefore does not have entry passport and visa information. How can he get around this problem? Note that the I-94 is available. 2. The I-130 is pending. No decision yet. Do you suggest that he starts all over again with both I-130 and I-485? In case I-130 is approved, can he file a new I-485 against the same old I-130? What are the chances that the I-130 will be approved though I-485 has been denied? Please share your experience and/or knowledge. Thank you
  17. While filling out forms I-485 and I-765 there is a question about " Place of Last Arrival into the United States". My wife and son both had a pre-clearance (sealed package was given to agent) in Abu Dhabi and came to Houston (final destination) via Chicago. Question: What should I put in Place of Last Arrival into the United States?
  18. I was going over the I-485 with my husband and suggested he include his DUI even though he was not charged and there is no police record because he got his license revoked. He thinks if it’s not on his police record it’s not considered a crime. I would like others opinions on the matter. I suggested mark yes to the crime question and then explaining further.
  19. Hi folks, So I have a serious American girl friend that I have been dating for about 7 months. I just graduated from college on F-1 and now I am currently staying in the states under OPT, which grants me 90 days to look for a job (my last day under OPT is right around May 20th). Because of the coronavirus pandemic, my job searching has been extended a lot longer than expected and me and my girl friend decided to marry a bit earlier than we had planned. I have researched what I needed to do in terms of getting a marriage license. However, when it comes to documents and deadlines regarding immigration, I am a bit uncertain. I read from https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/A2en.pdf that I'll be needing I-130 from my spouse and I-485 from myself. My question is are I-130 and I-485 all the documents that are needed? and do I have to be approved before May 20th? or can I apply before my last day to not breach any immigration laws? Thanks a lot in advance : )
  20. Hello All, I have really screwed up and I am trying to understand what will happen from here. My husband has come to the US on a K1, we got married and sent off our AOS. Long story short, when they received our AOS, the filing fee check had bounced a few times. I'm sure they are currently in the process of sending our packet back to us, and we will refile once it is returned and assure that the next check we send will not bounce. Here is our issue: The point to which our AOS packet is returned to us and sent back may overlap with the 90 days the I-94 allows him to be here lawfully. I believe he becomes "Out Of Status" or something to that effect. My question is what happens in that overlap between when the 90 days expire and the AOS is received again? Worst case scenario is that overlap is 1-2 weeks based on processing times. He is lawfully abiding by the rest of the terms of the I-94/K1 visa. Will that overlap time count against him? Is there anything else we will need to include in the packet we return since the time has overlapped? I have scoured many other forum posts to this but specific advice would be helpful. Thanks
  21. Hello guys my I-485 got denied and here is the reason: My I-130 got approved but this got denied, we already talked to lawyers and they told us that we can just refile for the I-485 since I am “out of status” right now since my green card expired already. i just have question filing out the I-485 form: 1. My current immigration status? Should I put that I am “out of status”? 2. Can I still pit my alien numbers from my green card before? 3. Information about immigrant category, am I going to be the principal immigrant now and put the receipt numbers of he approved I-130 or should I put my parent’s information as the principal applicant? anything would help guys! Thank you !
  22. Hello Guys! So I am filing for the I-485 again... since I got denied the first time, the reason was my mom has to file for I-751 removal of conditions but she did not include me so I figure I filed by myself for another petition with my husband now. I got approved for my I-130 but got denied for the I-485. Talked to 4 lawyers today and we decided that I file for the I-485 with my husband's petition since my 2 year conditional already expired last August 2019 and they said it is very hard to file for the waiver and late submission. so my question is, for the I-485 part 1 question 24: for my current status do I put "no status" since my cr2 visa already expired last year? and as well as do I put in my Alien numbers frm my visa before? What should I do? anything would help. Thank you so much
  23. Hi, I'm currently applying for Adjustment of Status and my I-765 is highly overdue, and I have a job offer for a summer job that wants me to start filling out forms. Now I know I'm not allowed to work until I get my work authorization approved however I've been waiting since Late July of Last 2019, There was a bit of a hold up with one RFE that I sent in last month however I've heard nothing since. I was wondering if I was allowed to fill out the tax information like the W-4 without getting into trouble, I wouldn't start working until the 13th of June so I have a lot of time but I didn't know if that would make me ineligible if I give my to-be-employer my information to be ready by then. I think I'll get my I-765 approval by then but I don't want to jeopardize my application. Basically I'm asking weather if giving my would-be-employer the necessary information for them to be ready to employ me would harm or make me ineligible in my immigration process. Cheers, Hamish
  24. My interview experience: Length: About 20 minutes. My Lawyer had already arrived early. My petitioner (USC Mother) and I arrived about 45 minutes before interview time. I wore my signature suit and Tie. I was called on time. My lawyer instructed that my mom stays in the waiting room. IO checked my ID. I took the Oath. From the start, IO said he was a little confused because my 2001 ETA 750 Labor Certification said EWI which was clearly an error from my then attorney. My lawyer explained to the IO that I entered on a B2 Visa. IO asked for proof and I showed him my original I-94 to satisfy that requirement and this was the only document he asked for. (Entry type would not have mattered since I was grandfathered into the 245i benefit which means EWI’s are also covered). We also had the Visa # stamp as well on my mother’s expired passport. IO then asked us to bring my father in because for some reason he thought my father was the sponsor (he is deceased). He only asked my mother her full name. IO seemed fairly new so we had to clear some stuff up. My lawyer actually did all the educating part to the IO. IO was wondering why I was using 245i if I had legal entry so my lawyer told him that I Overstayed my Visa and it was necessary for me to adjust under 245i if I wanted to do the AOS. IO asked my full name, current address and DOB. We had to correct the birth year on I-485 because it was a typographical error from USCIS. IO asked random few questions they were YES/NO and I got them all correct. He then asked for updated I-693 which I submitted to him. He then went off to check off the pages and did work on his computer. He gave me the standard white sheet which stated: ‘Your Case is being held for review’. IO said this was the normal process for everyone to run background checks. I think he had to get approval final from his supervisor. My lawyer who has 20 years of experience partially congratulated my mother and I and thought interview went well and was confident. Next morning, I woke up to ‘New Card is being produced’ which should be the 10 years and I should be eligible for Citizenship in 4 years and 9 months.
  25. Hi! I really need some help and insight here. I entered US in a K1 visa. I married my Fiance within 90 days and filed my I-485 3 weeks before the end of my 90-day period (which is March 16). However, I received a Rejection Notice (dated March 17) because the APPLICATION WAS FILED ON AN OUTDATED VERSION OF THE FORM. USCIS just wants me to resubmit the application on the current version. And that's fine with me and my now-husband. My only concern is that my 90 days is over. Am I out of status already? Am I now illegally overstaying in the US? Should I resubmit even if 90 days is past due? Thank you to anyone who would share their advice. Little things help. God bless!
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