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  1. Hello everyone, Thankfully we're done with the interview back in March 10, 2020. We weren't approved on the spot sadly. Although we were advised to watch out for the decision in the mail. As of today we still haven't received anything. Aside from the "Interview completed" message online, there's no other updates. I'm slightly pessimistic so I can't say if the interview went well. But my partner believes so. 😅 Is the result taking too long? Or are we in for a bit of a wait? If we are, how long would the proper wait time until we need to contact them?
  2. I filed for adjustment of status in NSC. They forward it to NBC after a couple of months from where I received a biometrics appointment from and completed it. NBC then transferred my case to the local USCIS office from where I received an interview appointment. During the interview they issued me an RFE asking for a waiver on my J visa's two year home residency requirement. I filed for I-612 in CSC and was approved after which my case was transferred back to NSC where I originally filed it for adjudication. I was hoping that NSC makes a decision, but I received another transfer notice that my case was sent to NBC for the second time. Can anyone speculate why did this happen? Could it be that biometric and medical exam results are valid only for 15 months and I have to do them again? Will I be reinterviewed for any reason?
  3. Hi! I really need some help and insight here. I entered US in a K1 visa. I married my Fiance within 90 days and filed my I-485 3 weeks before the end of my 90-day period (which is March 16). However, I received a Rejection Notice (dated March 17) because the APPLICATION WAS FILED ON AN OUTDATED VERSION OF THE FORM. USCIS just wants me to resubmit the application on the current version. And that's fine with me and my now-husband. My only concern is that my 90 days is over. Am I out of status already? Am I now illegally overstaying in the US? Should I resubmit even if 90 days is past due? Thank you to anyone who would share their advice. Little things help. God bless!
  4. Anyone else here who's field center for their AOS is San Francisco, CA? I checked USCIS Processing Timeline, and they are currently processing November 28, 2016 applications... Have you heard any update on your application?
  5. Cost recovery is the stated goal, so: N-400 fees to go from $640 to $1,170 (83% increase) "Weighted-average" fees across all applications going up 21% Effective date is unclear, but I assume Oct 1, 2020 Lay press report: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/08/politics/asylum-fee-uscis/index.html Press release: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-proposes-adjust-fees-meet-operational-needs Proposed rule (technical): https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-24366.pdf?utm_source=federalregister.gov&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pi+subscription+mailing+list
  6. Hi there, I’m filing for a spouse-based green card and I have some questions regarding some of the forms. Some of the questions might seem redundant, but since my husband (a U.S. citizen) and I are planning to file with no lawyer assistance, I want to make sure we’re doing this right. I currently reside in the U.S. Here it goes. I-130, “Petition for Alien Relative:” 1) Is it ok to submit uncertified photocopies of our marriage certificate and birth certificates? 2) As a proof of U.S. citizenship, multiple websites list examples of acceptable documents, such as the U.S. birth certificate, Valid U.S. passport, Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, and Consular Report of Birth Abroad. Should my husband submit all of these docs, or is one or two from the list enough? 3) Regarding our join joint bank account statements, statements for what period should we consider to submit? We have had two joint bank account for almost three years and submitting all the statements seems a lot. 4) What are good proofs for our bona fide marriage, aside bank statements, photos, and proofs of traveling together? 5) What is the best proof that we live together now? (We’ve been living together for two years) I-485, “Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status:” 6) Can I use an uncertified photocopy of my foreign birth certificate and translate it on my own, or do I need to turn to a certified translator? 7) As a proof of lawful U.S. entry and status, is it ok if I send an uncertified photocopy of my visa in my passport? 8) I do not have any previous interactions with law enforcement, do I still need police records testifying that I do not have any records? 9) Do I duplicate documents that are asked for in multiple multiple forms, e.g. I-94 travel record, valid U.S. visa, passport, images, or is one of each good? I-765, “Work Permit Application Form:” 10) I’m currently on my student visa (F-1). Based on my F-1 visa, I have been allowed to work on campus. Does this count towards previous work permit, i.e. do I need to count my F-1 status and submit proof of previous authorization to work in the United States? If so, how does this proof look like? 11) Do I need to include an additional 2-inch-by-2-inch passport-style photo with I-765, or the one asked for the I-130 enough? Many thanks! Wish me luck.
  7. Hello, My SO is applying for AOS and we are working through form I-485. She has a record due to a physical fight many years ago...not a proud moment for her. We have answered all I-485 questions relating to arrests/convictions truthfully and supporting documentation will be included for immigration. My question is about I-485 Part 8 Question 58c - "Have you ever ordered, incited, called for, committed, assisted, helped with, or otherwise participated in intentionally and severely injuring any person?" We met with an immigration attorney recently for a consult, and she advised that my SO could truthfully answer "No" to this question, as this section is intended to uncover organized, political crimes that would make one permanently inadmissible (combined with the fact that my SO has already disclosed the incident elsewhere on the I-485 application). I have been unable to find any additional guidance online. I am curious what others think about this specific question on I-485? I recognize no one can provide legal advice. Simply looking to see how others interpret this question to decide whether I should consult with a few other attorneys.
  8. Hi there! I am currently applying for Aoj along with I-765 for work Authorization. on my I-485, currently have a Request for information however my I-765 is currently overdue processing time and it is still "active." I'm not sure if my RFE stops the I-765 from processing as I'm trying to get the documents together to send it off ASAP. so if anyone could let me know if my I-765 is being held up by the RFE on my I--485 that'd be great! Cheers!
  9. I posted a question several days ago about the new I-485 (re: photos). And someone posted another question on the thread about what to fill in on "Receipt Number of Underlying Petition" questions someone responded: "if you dont have any other petitions that you submitted before. Just leave it blank." But I think the answer should be the number printed on my NOA2 / i797??? I have one that begin with 'WAC' followed by 10 digits number. Am I correct?? Can someone help??? Also in that same thread someone told me to file I-130 with my AOS.... Why am I filing I-130?? I came in with I-129F (K-1) and am now married to my petitioner. I-130 is petition for K3, am I right? AM I GOING CRAZY???? HEEEELLLPPPPPP.......
  10. Hello! I hope someone can help me! Does anyone have wxperience or info about retired joint sponsors? What documents do they need to submit besides Tax Returns for the most recent year? Thank you!
  11. I married a women from Venezuela, She is in the US with her two children 13 & 11 with all pending asylum cases. We want to file for adjustment of status to obtain green cards. On the USCIS site it says I have to send 3 different I-130 forms one for each? Do I have to pay the 535 fee for each? I thought I could just send in one I-130 because the children are considered derivatives? Then once that is done or concurrently file forms I-485 one for each. We would like to get the ball rolling I'm just not sure how many I-130's to send in and also would like the children to be able to travel to see their biological father in Chile.
  12. Hi all, I wanted to start a thread with general questions about my AOS process and to learn from everyone who has gone through a similar scenario. Here are a few questions as I am gathering all my documents: Q: Should I file form I-693 along with all of my initial documents? A: There is no need. Schedule an examination after the interview date is set. Q: Do I need to translate my vaccination record etc.? If so, can I translate everything myself? A: Q: My husband is filing form I-130 online. Should I also print everything and file form I-130 along with form I-485? A: Q: In Part 1 of form I-765, do I choose 1.a Initial permission to accept employment or 1.c renewal of my permission, since I have used an EAD twice before (once after undergraduate and again after graduate degree) A: Q: In Part 2 of form I-765, #12, do I select "yes" even though my employer "filed" Form i-765 for me previously? A: Q: We have a joint lease for an apartment in Raleigh, NC but I commute to work in VA and have another apartment in VA what address should I use for all my forms? A: Background information on us: I am a resident alien working under my H1B visa (since June 2019) I moved to the states 8 years ago (F1 - undergrad, OPT, F1 - graduate, OPT, H1B) I married a US citizen on Jan. 31, 2020 We are planning on submitting everything as soon as possible since we have been doing long distance for over a year and would like to live in the same place! I greatly appreciate any help on this. If you are going through the same thing, please feel free to ask your questions and I hope to be able to help out as well. Thank you so much in advance!
  13. My fiancee and I got married within 90 days of her entering on the K-1 Visa but it says in her passport that the visa expires tomorrow. We have not filed the AOS papers yet because of financial issues. Is she going to be deported or something??? I read different things on every website I look at. What do we have to do now that we are past the K-1 date? Which forms do we need to fill out exactly? Please help. Thanks, J & G
  14. Hi! I was contacting a friend who gave me an offer for A summer job. Right now I'm currently going through the process of applying for a I-765 (which I should receive within the month) and a I-485 and I was wondering if I could legally apply for the job. My thought process is that, if I'm just being offered and I accept the job, is not the same as working and by this summer I should have the Work Authorization to start earning money. Though I can understand it being against applying for jobs. If anyone could help me out that'd be great!
  15. Hi! We already submitted our I30 and I30a and we only have the first NOA: receipt. so, Is it possible to submit my AOS packet even though our I-30 isn’t approved yet? Do you guys think they’ll accept it since I am already in the US. Ps. We did not do the so called concurrent filing since we thought the I30 should go first. It was just now that we learned we can file them together since I am already here in the US
  16. Is it possible to submit our AOS package without the approval of I-30? Currently living inside the country (US) We did not know that we can do the so called, concurrent filling (AOS and I-30 together) As of now, we only have our receipt for the I-30 and I-30a. Is it possible that they would accept the AOS packet if we send it to them?
  17. Just curious on the reasons you could get an rfe for aos . I’m just thinking if I could possibly get one for my medical (I’m due for a shot I believe), & possibly needed to add more evidence of marriage such as pictures or joint evidence.
  18. Hello! I hope someone can help me! What documents does a petitioner that is self employed need to file with the form I-864? And is it true when you are self-employed you need to show 3years of taxes? Thank you
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm becoming very impatient! I have a job offer and I need to start working from 22nd January. Can you guys help me to get an idea when my EAD should be approved by? Case is with National Benefit Center (MSC). 08/30/17 -- Filed I-765 and I-485 09/25/17 -- BIO Completed // 11/15/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 12/05/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 01/08/18 -- Called USCIS, escalated case to Tier 2, then escalated to Tier 2 Supervisor who told me she would call back in a few days, still waiting... On the USCIS tracker it only shows "Fingerprint Fee was received" since 09/12/17 for I-485; and "Case was received" since 09/07/17 for I-765. Its been 134 days!
  20. Hi everyone. Sorry for this potentially irritating post asking for help, but I've spent a very long time looking for answers that relate to the new i-485, and I'm coming up dry. I'm filing AOS from a successful K1, and I'm a little stumped on the following: - Part 1, 22.a: When I last arrived in the United States, I was inspected at a port of entry and admitted as... (I'm not sure what to put here, as the categories they give - student, visitor, exchange worker etc - don't apply.) - Part 1, 24: My current status. (Do I put "K1 nonimmigrant" here, or is there something else that I need to enter as I'm now a conditional resident?) - Part 2, 3: Receipt number of underlying petition. (As this AOS is a result of my I-129F petition, do I need to put that receipt number? Or does this question refer to something else entirely?) - Part 6, 1: Information about my children. (I now have 2 stepkids, as a result of my marriage per the K1. Do I add these to the form, or do they not technically 'count' due to them being my stepchildren through the marriage relating to this AOS/visa case?) I know I'm asking for a lot of help here! Sorry - I hope someone that has already filed from the same position as me can give me guidance. Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.
  21. Hi guys, just had my interview today and i thought it went well until the officer handed me a letter stating that my case is still under review and will do further background check. Is there anyone here whow had the same senario? what are the chances i get approved / denied. Need you opinions. Thanks in advance
  22. Got RFE on I-485. I am a July 6th,2019 filer. Married to LPR. Local Office : Michigan. Have approved 1-130. Michigan is usually quick in terms of scheduling interview and i was wondering why there is no update in my case. Anyway got an update for RFE today. Possible reasons for RFE: I was on F1 OPT while i applied AOS on July ,2019.I changed to H-1B work visa on October 1st.Not sure if there is any confusion in there and that may be the reason for RFE. My wife is the petitioner and she is unemployed ,but i work and earn 70K + ,so in I-864 i have my financial info/W2/Tax Returns included and we are showing that household income(we live together) is above the limit required.
  23. I am a US citizen with a foreign fiance who currently holds a valid B-2 visa. It appears through what I've read, including the USCIS' website, that once we are married, which will take place outside the US, we should be able to do an adjustment of status for her while on a visit to the US. The purpose of which, to secure her an IR1/CR1. My only concern is that I've found a couple info sources that state entry into the US on a B-2 visa with the intent of later petitioning for AOS would be visa fraud. This asserts the alleged fraud is due to the reason given to the customs official for entry was something related to tourism or temporary visit, and therefore with intention to exit the US before your stay allowance expires. The ultimate result would be that during the processing in route to an IR1/CR1 a USCIS official conducting an interview would discover this 'deception' and you would be liable for the consequences. 1. Is this actually a valid concern we are likely to encounter? 2. Would it be preferable to get legally married within the US (prior to foreign ceremony and legal marriage), and immediately file I-485, I-130, and I-131 (in order to travel a couple months later abroad for the ceremony)? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  24. Hi all, I'm in the process of gathering all my documents and came across some varying information on when to file form I-693. Some people said this form can be filed at a later date and some are saying to file it when we initially file everything else. Does anyone have experience with this and know what is the best thing to do? And did you have to bring your foreign vaccination or immunization record to your doctor's appointment? Not sure if it's relevant but here is some background information on our case: I am a resident alien working under my H1B visa (since June 2019) I moved to the states 8 years ago (F1 - undergrad, OPT, F1 - graduate, OPT, H1B) I married a US citizen on Jan. 31, 2020 I greatly appreciate any insight you guys may have on this. Thank you so much in advance!
  25. Hey all, I posted this letter in the Sept 2016 AOS filers, but I have more information now and wanted to see if a wider array of folks might have insight. My husband and I applied for his AOS on 9/22/16 - so we were ecstatic to get an email from our attorney yesterday stating that we have an interview date set for 5/18/17. I have been collecting evidence of our life together for months. But when I got the actual paper request, I am not sure it is a I-485 Interview notice. It is not on the I-797C form, and it looks more like a G-56 request. The paper (it's attached) just states that it is a "appointment" and only asks for my husband to appear with his passport and completed medical. The box for me (the USC) to appear is not checked, nor is the box for evidence of our marriage. I sent an email to my attorney explaining this and said, is this really the green card interview, if so why are we not being asked to bring evidence of our marriage, assets, etc? And if this really is just an appointment for my husband to turn in his medical - will we then have to wait for the "real" interview later on. She responded to me stating this this is definitely the notice for the green card interview, and left it at that. I am starting to get really irritated with her. I don't care one way or the other if we have to do this appointment and another interview, we are a real couple and I'm not worried about proving our relationship, I just want to understand and be prepared for this appointment. Thoughts would be most appreciated! Also for context, my husband is adjusting from a B2 visa, he is a Canadian citizen, and we had an approved I-130 before we filed for AOS.
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