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  1. Hi, our case was recently approved by the USCIS. But we don't know what next steps to do. This is their email to us: The above petition has been approved. However, you indicated on the petition that the beneficiary intends to apply for an immigrant visa abroad at a U.S. Embassy or a U.S. Consulate and will also apply for adjustment of status in the United States. Since you have indicated both options, USCIS has retained the petition. If the beneficiary intends to apply for adjustment of status in the United States, they should submit a copy of this notice, along with a Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. They can obtain Form I-485 from the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov, by contacting the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283, or by visiting the local USCIS field office. Filing address information can be found on the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov. If the beneficiary decides to apply for an immigrant visa outside the United States based on this petition, you should file Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, to request that we send the petition to the U.S. Department of State National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC processes all approved immigrant visa petitions that require consular action. The NVC also determines which consular post is the appropriate consulate to complete visa processing. It will then forward the approved petition to that consulate. The NVC will contact the beneficiary of this petition with further information about immigrant visa processing steps. Me and my daughter are still in the Philippines and we've never to America. My husband is a green card holder. What's the next step that we should do? Should we file for the i-824, we're not sure if our case is also sent to the NVC. Hope you can help me. Thank you!
  2. Hi All, I just received my EAD card and I am a graduate student on F1. the day my EAD Card arrived, i got a new social security card. this social security card is the same as the previous one I had with the conditions "valid for work only with dhs authorization. My question now is, am I not supposed to work the number of hours I want and not be limited to 20 hrs per week as with F1 conditions for international students since I have EAD card. My EAD card also says "terms and condiitons" None. Thank you
  3. Perhaps anyone can answer my question : backstory : removal proceeding ( asylum) & marriage with US Citizen 11/30/20 spouse filed for i130 - Potomac ( hasnt been approved ), they took our money on 12/28/20 and case has been currently review by uscis ( thats it, they only change the status because they took our money that day) since then. no change, nothing 02/07/22 filed i485 - NBC 03/14/22 checked uscis processing time i130 in potomac. and it said they are doing PD 3/4/2021 ( jumped 6 months within a day ) so our i-130 petition date become " outside normal processing time ". tried to file inquiry from uscis website but after spouse pressed the button to send, it said "it still currently within normal time). which is not because they are already doing receipt date for 03/04/21. 3/14/22 chat emma and please look at the screenshot. basically the chat emma agent said, ' you cant inquire anything, because u filed ur i-485 last month, so your i-130 PD date is irrelevant and it follow i-485 PD. we ( USCIS) also cant do anything because currently ur case move from potomac to NBC adding comment that outside processing time request doesnt speed up my case, and the only service request that will speed up a case is expedite case" but at the bottom of the chat he also said " expedite request are being denied at this time" so all this time we waste 16 months for nothing? we cant raise enquiry ? what if i never apply for i-485 ? im so frustated right now. the only reason we file standalone i-130 because i currently in removal proceeding and need the judge to dismiss the case before proceed with i-485. the only reason i-485 was filed last month because there's s some changing in ICE/OPLA last year, PD ( prosecutorial date ) is back. but if i can get i-130 approved, we can by pass the step of sending documentation to OPLA and go straight to the judge 3/30/22 i tried to file for outside processing time again and we got the generic response " thank you for your request" USCIS will review and process the request nowwwww it made me thinking and questioning if what the chat emma guy said true or not? since today the request goes through. so my question is ( sorry its long and winding road but ive been in limbo for 17 months now ) 1. is it true there's no point of filing outside normal processing time request? if theres no point, why they have form for that? 2. and we can file expedite request but USCIS will denied almost everything ( see the screenshot ) so again? whats the point then? 3. is it true that USCIS wont look at i-130 PD because i happened to file i-485 last month? p.s i have a lawyer thanks !
  4. Hello AOS gurus, I'm following the visajourney timeline for K1 to AOS https://www.visajourney.com/guides/k1-fiance-visa-flowchart/ Since many of the AOS Field Offices processing times are over 2 years https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ And if the interview date is after the 2-years of marriage from K-1 and AOS is approved, is the 10-year green card granted or the 2-year green card? If the 10-year green card is granted, then it would save a Removal Of Condition process, and we should be rooting for the AOS interview delays? Thanks for any responses.
  5. Hello! Hope you all are doing well and that I'm in the right section here. My parents recently filed the I-130 form for me (unmarried son, over 21 years old / F2B). Right now I'm living in Germany but I want to leave it in the end of the year and live as a perpetual traveler / digital nomad until I'm allowed to enter the US as a permanent resident. This means I won't stay longer than 180 days/year in the same country. Unfortunately my family and I are running into a problem. As we understand we have to immediately notify the USCIS when I as beneficiary relocate somewhere else. Since I will fully deregister myself from Germany and don't register somewhere else officially (like a normal relocation), we don't know what we should tell the USCIS to prevent the application getting cancelled. I won't obtain any special visas and travel only via normal tourist visa if that's important to know. I already thought about asking my sister here in Germany if she would be willing to let me user her address for this purpose but she declined. Also my parents and I are wondering if I can just tell the USCIS that I won't have a permanent address anymore but my parents (petitioners) address in Florida as contact address? Which consulate would be responsible for my case when I officially deregister from my home country? Does anyone know how I can handle this correctly? I'd be absolutely happy if someone can help me out since this topic gives me nightmares and absolute headache for weeks now. Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Hello all, I am in the process of applying for a green card through my US citizen. I had a question regarding the Report for Medical And Vaccination Record aka I-693. If I live in OH and apply for a green card from OH. Is it okay if I get my medical checkup from a different state? I have already sent my package that had I-130,I-485,I-765 and I-864 to the lockbox and plan to bring the I693 to the interview. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi!! I have already filed AOS and haven't done medical eval yet. We are planning to do that when we get our interview invite (takes 2 weeks where I am and 30 days before our interview so we have about week/2 for breathing room) bringing that Med exam with us to interview ALONG with form 601. Question: Will the adjudicating officer be able to decide on our exemption request form 601 there during interview or will our case be denied or post poned? Trying to wonder do I need submit 601 before interview since I already filed 485 or good enough to bring to interview or both? I know it should have been filed with 485 from the beginning but I learned of that after I sent it in and trying to do what is right to remedy the situation now! Thanks!!
  8. Short summary, I came here on Visa waiver. Got married. Filed for adjustment of status with wife and MIL join sponsor. I was given an RFE for proof of status of the joint sponsor. We sent in her birth cert originally but it was old and the seal was impossible to see in the photocopy. Figured that might be why it was rejected. But it also has her maiden name listed on it and we filed with her current legal name, her married name. We ordered a new birth certificate and figured we'd send a copy of her marriage certificate along with it. Unfortunately I found out today, she's only listed as her maiden name on the marriage certificate and it doesn't mention the name change. It does show her husband listed with her new married name though, is that enough? I know we could file for a new passport and that would cover it but the evidence needs to be submitted by June 27th and her expired passport is a decade+ old so I think we'd need to go through the full new passport process. We're also moving and I have exams in June so we can't really add more to the plate. My core questions are: 1 - will a full birth certificate showing a seal be valid even though it shows her maiden name? 2 - if not will the marriage certificate with her maiden name but showing her husbands last name being the same as her current legal name be enough to prove her name changed? 3 - Am I worrying about nothing or should we expect it to be rejected? 4 - What is the process if it is rejected, will we get another RFE or should I prepare to file a motion to reopen with a different joint sponsor or even just refile? Thank you very much for any advice. This website has been a godsend throughout this whole process.
  9. Hello, a few weeks ago, I went to my local DMV to renew my ID with my new EAD card. Just like the first time, I needed to wait for a letter from the DPS stating my lawful presence had been verified by USCIS and come back to finalize the application. I finally received the letter but it says they verified my I-551 permanent resident card (green card) and that my lawful presence was verified. The problem is that I do not have a green card and applied with my EAD. All the other info on the letter is correct. One important note is that between applying for my ID and receiving this letter I got an update that my case was ready to be scheduled for the green card interview. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any advice? thank you! ps: I tried calling USCIS but cannot get to a real person. I’m going to the DMV tomorrow.
  10. Hi Everyone, We filed I-130 and I-485 together for green card for Spouse of US citizen in Sept 2021. Biometrics were taken in Oct 2021. I-485 is moving forward with status showing "case is actively being reviewed" while I-130 is still pending on "Just Received". It has been now 8 months for I-130 not moving and we tried to enquire about that and we were told that it is still in "pre-processing/background check" and that cases in this phase cannot be expedited. 1- Is this usual 2- Is there something we can do about that? Thank you
  11. Hi everyone, We are preparing for our interview, which is scheduled on May 18. I know this has been discussed throughout VJ, but wanted to see if anyone who completed their interviews recently have encountered issues with your DS-3025 vaccination records, since the new COVID vaccine requirement was put in place? My husband was a K1 visa holder and had his medical done in Oct. 2019. We filed for AOS at the end of April 2020 - well before the medical's one-year mark. I know of an April filer who was asked to do a new medical despite meeting these same requirements, so I'm curious if anyone else was asked to do the same thing. Right now, we're just planning to bring my husband's DS-3025 and COVID vaccination card.
  12. Hey everyone! My fiancé and I are considering to do the religious exemption to avoid getting the COVID vaccination. My question is if I were to file for the religious exemption and USCIS denies it, will my AOS application be all together denied or will they give me an opportunity and a time frame to get the vaccination as a last result? I'm trying to understand what exactly happens if exemption is denied. **Please spare me your opinion/political discussion. I just want the facts and evidences with your answers. That will be of great help! :) Thank y'all so much!
  13. Below you'll find the cover letter for my AOS application (concurrent filing of I-130 + I-485) for Canadian citizen adjusting from B2. Any suggestions or edits would be very much appreciated!! U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services PO Box 805887 Chicago, IL60680-4120 Nature of the submission: Concurrent filing of I-130: Petition for Alien Relative & I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status for Hailey Gremminger, a citizen of Canada. To Whom It May Concern, Enclosed please find forms I-130: Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130A: Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, Form I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I-864: Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, Form I-765: Application for Employment Authorization and Form I-131: Application for Travel Document. Attached please find the following forms in support of this adjustment of status case: Form I-130 Filing fee of $535.00 US Table of Contents Form I-130 Copy of petitioner's birth certificate, showing birth in the United States Copy of petitioner’s United States passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of petitioner Two color passport photos of beneficiary Bonafide relationship evidence (joint health insurance, joint accounts, photos with family and friends, wedding photos, evidence of flights and hotel stays, previous joint lease, social media posts, telephone records, affidavits etc.) Form I-130A Form I-485 Filing fee of $1225.00 US Table of contents Form I-485 Copy of petitioner’s United States passport Copy of petitioner’s United States birth certificate Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of beneficiary 3. Form I-864 Form I-864 Copy of petitioner's birth certificate, showing birth in the United States Copy of petitioners individual federal tax return forms Copy of petitioners W-2’s Letter of employment Copy of paystubs for the previous 6 months Form I-765 Form I-765 Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Two color passport photos of beneficiary 4. Form I-131 Form I-131 Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of beneficiary
  14. I'm the beneficiary of I-130 petition submitted in May 2020 (23 month). I'm on TN status expiring in October 2022 (in 6 months). Processing times for CSC say 23-30 month which means any time between now (April) and October. I'm certain while I-130 is pending I can follow up with I-485 (with I-765 & I-131) and it will count as concurrent filing. So if I send AOS now and, say, within the next 2-3 months I-130 & I-485 is reviewed will I be able to receive my GC before my TN expires? Based on what I gathered applying for a new TN at the border or requesting an extension through I-129 after sending I-485 is not an option as filing I-485 explicitly shows immigration intent. I'm not sure what is the best course of action form this point. Should I not follow up with I-485 now and apply for TN extension through I-129 while I-130 is still pending? I really do not want to miss out on concurrent filing either.
  15. I am creating this thread to help all of the Houston 2017 filers come together and share updates in one place. Since Houston is one of the most slowest offices currently, it would benefit all of us to communicate and share any experiences we are going through when it comes to the AOS from a K1 visa in Houston. Please share any communications you have with Infopass associates or USCIS phone calls, and any other movement or changes with your case. My current timeline: AOS NOA1: 06/17/2017 Ready to be scheduled for interview: 07/18/2017 On old USCIS site: USCIS currently can't provide you with any information...: April 2018
  16. Hi everyone, Can the status ‘card was mailed to me be a green card’? I filed an I-485 in 2019, was approved and an interview was scheduled. Unfortunately due to circumstances I could not attend and filed for an I-360 which was approved last week 03/23. My lawyer put my approved I-485 on hold/pending in anticipation of the I-360 approval. Will I have to do an interview or can USCIS send me a GC without due to already being approved in 2019? Any advise and help is welcome!
  17. Hello! My spouse and I had our marriage-based green card interview today in the NYC office. (She is the U.S. citizen.) I had taken a sealed copy of my i-693 with me. The USCIS officer unsealed it, typed the surgeon’s name into their database and said he was not certified with them. I had found this physician through the USCIS “find a civil surgeon” tool and told the USCIS officer that. The officer said that the surgeon may have just not renewed their certification recently. I visited the surgeon’s office and this was the first time they’d heard of any such problem. They gave me a copy of their letter from USCIS from November 2021 confirming their continued certification! My wife and I are worried that the USCIS officer may have just mistyped the surgeon’s name or something petty like that. The officer issued me an RFE at the interview and said I should upload a proper i-693 online or mail it to his attn at my local USCIS office. I don’t know what to do though. Should I reupload the same i-693 with the surgeon’s certification letter and a cover letter explaining this? I would love to not swallow the fees and have to take a second exam elsewhere.
  18. Hello. I got an RFIE for Birth Certificate with English translation. How reliable (Authentic) is Mamoo In Pakistan website services to get the NADRA/Union Counsel Birth Certificate mailed to me here in USA?
  19. Hi ,I’m double checking everything on my forms. Do I need to sign the addendum page ? Or only if I provided extra sheets for additional info ? Thanks
  20. I'm currently finishing my pre-opt period and graduating in may 2022 🥳. We (my wife and I) just summited the forms i-130 and I-485! Now I face a dilemma, Do my I-765 as adjustment of status and wait for the work authorization or apply for the I-765 as student and do the OPT ? Any ideas if doing I-765 as student would mess my adjustment of status process?
  21. I’m Italian and my spouse (fiancée until 2 weeks ago) is an American citizen. After having my K1 visa approved last July 1st, the corporation I’ve been working with for several years sponsored an L1b visa to let me have an immediate work permit and having me working for them in their subsidiary in US. When I got into the US with a K1 and an L1b visa on my passport, I was asked with which visa I wanted to be admitted and I confirmed the intention to enter with the L1b. L1b has granted me the work permit and the opportunity to freely travel in and out of the country. Two weeks ago I got married with my fiancée in Michigan and I’m restarting the immigration journey. I suppose now my spouse should file the I-130, together with my I-130A, the I-485 and the ancillary forms. I wonder if there’s expertise in the forum to clear a couple of doubts I have as described below. While filing the I-130 and the I-485 I’m not supposed to request a work permit since it is already granted by the L1b visa. Correct? Would I keep the possibility to travel, temporarily leave the US and return with my L1b or the adjustment of status process invalids these privilege? In other words, am I free from the obligation to request an advance parole document through the I-131 and from being stuck in the country until the whole process is completed? Thank you in advance for any informed advice you can provide!
  22. Hello All, I wanted to seek advice on this forum. I have an 18 year old son who came to visit me from the Philippines for the holidays (he entered December 19 of 2021). We have had a rocky relationship as he was raised by his grandparents. I've been asking him to consider me petitioning him to come live with me. Unbeknownst to him, I filed for an I-130 a week after he arrived. (I know, that was a rookie mistake). I don't want him to be "dinged" for fraud as it was really me (his mother) who filed for this. We have not filed for an i-485 as I haven't convinced him yet to stay. He is on a tourist visa and is allowed to stay here until June 18. Questions: Is there a way I can recall the I-130 filing and just wait to see if he even wants to stay? And then file it together with the I-485? If there is no way to recall it, what should I do next? Assuming he wants to stay---do I wait a few more weeks to file the I-485? What happens if the I-130 is denied? What happens if it is approved? I am a US citizen (by naturalization) and have been a US Citizen since February 2016. While his paperwork is in "process" are there any school/university options for him? Or does that have to wait until his green card gets approved? Thank you in advance. I appreciate any insight I can get.
  23. Hi All, It looks like the mailing address for I-485 package is not always the Chicago Lockbox? https://www.uscis.gov/forms/all-forms/direct-filing-addresses-for-form-i-485-application-to-register-permanent-residence-or-adjust-status For reference, I'm filing from NM and it looks like it should be the Phoenix Lockbox. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Everything I have read on VJ says I-485 applications go to Chicago. Of course things change so always good to double check. KateD
  24. Hi there, came across a few questions re: I-485. For context, I'm going through a marriage-based, AOS. I came to the U.S. on an F-1 visa, stayed after graduation on an OPT. My last port of entry (snippet of my current I-94 below) was while I was on F-1 OPT status. Between then and now, I've changed my status to a TN (because my current employer was not e-verify). I have not left the U.S. since. Now comes to my predicament on the I-485 app. from the screenshot below, I have the following questions regarding the parts. NOTE: I'm taking the text "When I last arrived in the United States" at face value and quite literally. 25.a.: since when I last entered the U.S., I was on F1-OPT I can see the argument for either "temporary worker" or "student". Leaning towards temporary worker. 26.b. Here, I'm confused. My I-94 stated D/S, but my TN has an expiry date in 2024. Should I leave it blank and write in "D/S" or enter the expiry per my TN visa? 26.c. Given it's asking for my class of admission per my I-94, I'm inclined to write "F-1" 27 Here I'll obviously type in TN-1
  25. I wish somewhere in the K1 process it mentioned making an appointment with the Social Security office to get an SSN. Evidently immediately upon landing in the US with a K1 visa the fiance can and SHOULD go get an SSN. As it stands we got married and then filed for I-485 Permanent Residence and I-765 (Employment Authorization). These take 5-6 months and included SSN creation, however that's six months without being able to obtain things that require and SSN, like bank account, driver's license, etc. It's too late now for us, but if your fiance lands here, immediately visit the Social Security office with your unexpired I-94 (Department of Homeland Security Arrival/Departure Record).
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