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Found 7 results

  1. Can someone please help me. I applied for B2 visitors visa last week and got rejected may be because I am a single mother and they thought I was looking for some opportunities in USA. Although I never had such intention in mind. Now I am getting a chance from my company to apply for B1 visa to attend a conference. What are my chances of approval?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new here and I really need the advise of experienced people on here. Here is my dilemma: I have a child with a lady whose half-sister is in the Military here in the US. My child and the mom are based in Africa. The half-sister is about to graduate Military Technical school and she wants to invite my Baby mama to attend her graduation. I do not have any objection to her coming to attend her sister's graduation provided she can hand over my child to someone that will be able to take care of her while she's here in the US for the graduation. Based off of what we discussed, my baby mama wouldn't leave the child behind in Africa, she plans on bringing the baby along. Mind you, the child is just 4 years old. What chance does she have of being granted a visa alongside with the child? Myself, I'm also in the military but I will not be graduating my Technical school until 3 Months after my Baby-mama's sister graduates hers. Mind you, I'm planning on having my child witness my graduation as well. My dilemma now is, what if my baby-mama's visa application to attend her sister's graduation is denied, will it not have any adverse effects on the application for my child to come for my graduation because I'm going to be inviting both of them (Baby mama and Child) since the child is still a minor.? Let's assume she got approved for her to see her sister graduate, can they remain in the US till I graduate so that my child can see me graduate as well before they return back to Africa? Can she mention it to the IO during the interview that the child's father (Me) is also in the military and will be graduating soon, will that increase or decrease the chance of them getting approved? I really want my child to be here to see me when I'm graduating but I cannot have only the child here without the mommy accompany her. I'm definitely at a cross road now. Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, I entered the United States last year in November to do a volunteer year. I was admitted as a b2 nonimmigrant visitor which expired 6 months later in May. I filled out form I-539 late March/early April and sent it to my organization who said they would file the form for me and pay whatever fees where necessary. I stayed in the United States till the beginning of December. It resulted in an overstay of approximately 187 days because I thought that I was given an extension of stay since I did not hear back from on whether my application was approved or denied. When I tried to re-enter the United States in the beginning of January to fulfill my volunteer year with another 6 months my visa has been refused to enter the United States and withdrawn my application. So I was being sent home and told that I have to apply for a new visa and I would need a waiver to overcome my Inadmissibility of overstaying. So I filled out my new visa application and went to my nearest consulate in Germany. They accepted my case and said they’ll file a waiver for me. My question now would be is it possible that I will get an fast answer? I saw on every website that a waiver application takes usually 4-6 months maybe even longer to get approved cause if this process takes so long it wouldn’t be worth for me to lose 6 months to come back to the United States. I know that the waiver is a complex and tough thing to get but what are my chances to get fast approved?
  4. I (21/F) am trying to get my Nepalese fiance (27/M) to come to visit my hometown for Christmas and New Years. I will be on a three-week break during this time and we thought it would be perfect. We have been dating for 5 years and we met each other in person almost 2 years ago. I have visited his home country 3 times. This is great, but now my family wants an opportunity to meet him, I also want to show him my hometown and I want him to spend the holidays with my family. Although we are engaged we cannot get married for another year because I have to finish my degree. We have been reluctant to apply for the visa in the past because he told me that many Nepalese people get denied and we are engaged. I know one of the requirements of the tourist visa is to show strong ties to his home country and to show that he has no intention of immigrating. His ties are: His engineering that he has had for 3 years, his mother is sickly and he pays for her medication and other health expenses, He helps with household funds such as the vehicle payments, utilities, and whatever else is needed. He does not intend to immigrate because: He has to return and help his family with the bills and be there for his mother, his boss will only give him a maximum of 14 days of vacation, He is helping his family pay off debts and is one of the working members of the family. I will have to start my final semester of classes, We cannot get married because I am in the process of completing my license requirements for my career. We are well aware of the process and the fact that us being engaged can hurt our chances, but we have not desire to get married at this time because it is not feasible. He is not a rich guy but has money saved up. He will be supported by me during his stay and we plan to fill out the sponsor form. The two weeks are going to be pretty straightforward. He will meet my family, spend time with me, join us during our family celebrations and go sightseeing with us. My family is actively asking him to come and visit so should we write an invitation? Also, should we buy the plane tickets beforehand? What should we do to make this process go as smoothly as possible? Also how long will this process take? I know I am not applying for him, but I just wanted more information to see if he should even bother trying and what can be done to increase his chances.
  5. HI I'm from Nicaragua, I just receipt an invitation for a religious event in Miami Florida. But I have 2 concerns: 1- The Us embassy in Managua is closed for public for security reasons and the only thing I can do is go to Costa Rica to apply for it but makes me worry because since Nicaragua is in chaos for politic problems they may denied my request. 2- I want to go with my son and wife to apply and I dont want to waste my money. Any ways the question is: does any of you have been in Costa Rica or another country to apply for a tourist visa other than yours?? What advice you would give me to be successful in our interview?? Thank you very much! Danny
  6. Hello everyone, My husband and I are planning to have our wedding this summer in July of 2018. My husband's family is in Cambodia and applied for B1/B2 tourist visa's for our wedding. HIs parents, 1 aunt, and 1 niece all applied. His niece is the only one who can speak English, but she was denied and the others approved. They said she didn't show significant ties to her home country. We are going to reapply right away, and I'm going to write an affidavit letter of support and have it notarized, also we are going to have her bring her school schedule showing her final exams are in July AFTER our wedding, and that she must come back to complete her University and graduate. Also we are showing that she is working in the family business and wants to stay in the business. My question is, would it be helpful to also say she is engaged to be married in Cambodia, even though she isn't? And, is there anything else I can do to help her attain the tourist visa besides sending the letter of support and preparing her for how to answer the questions to convince them she wants and needs to come back to Cambodia? Thanks in advance for any help or advice!!! Becky
  7. e-l-l-e

    Advice for B1/B2 visa

    Hello, My sister in-law has an interview tmorrow at the US embassy in Dominican Republic for a B2 visa. We want her to come visit for a couple of months. She has 2 kids and works as a hairdresser at home. does anyone have any advice for helping her pass the interview? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!