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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, We just received our DQ and wondered if anyone had updates on how long HK is taking "DQ --> Interview Scheduled" Any hints here? Thanks much!!!
  2. Hello! I’m currently waiting for the NVC to schedule my interview. My case is documentarily complete and just pending for the interview date. It has been 2 months since my case became docuemntarily complete. How long is it taking for the Tegucigalpa consulate to schedule CR1 appointments? How long did you had to wait in your case? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have been searching the forums here but have not seen any timelines for 2023 at the Cairo Embassy for CR-1 Visas. What are the waiting times after DQ looking like in 2023? Does anybody know. From what I have seen in 2022 it’s around 5 months. Has it sped up? If anyone has any information on that please let us know.
  4. Hi All, Just for the sake of educating ourselves, what is the roadmap for the processing of an I-130, I can't seem to find a stright answer. What i mean is, we have submitted, our application and received the first I-797C notifying us that Nebraska has our case. What comes next? Then after that? Then after that? Best, -Chris
  5. We are extremely concerned as the day tracker on our UCIS tracker has completely stopped and is no longer displaying the days counted. Can you please investigate and let us know if anyone has had a similar experience or if you have any insight into what might be causing this issue with the document?
  6. Hello ! So , I am a US citizen and my fiancé is from Brazil. We filed our I129F in July of 2022. We soon received our case number and receipt notice. We had more optimist processing times in July, now I'm not seen anyone with they're case moving in less than a year but also I am having a hard time finding people that filed in 2022 . Please if anyone is currently in the same timelines as us comment and help me understand what to expect! Also, should I expect any other notification before the approval? Are we supposed to wait in silence until then? Since there is no light at the end of the tunnel, what do we do if we want to get married sooner?! Please help! Any hints of what to do or tell me your story help me understand what to expect!
  7. Just a quick question, been trying to find an answer for this but couldn't find any. So let's say they want more proof from you, or you missed something on the application. My question is do they send the RFE notice by mail when they are finally about to process your application which is 10-13months or so? Or I'm misundertanding this? Thank you.
  8. Team, While attempting to update my timeline on my frofile it is becoming more apparent that the names used on this site for actions are not common enough for the basic user to match with the status of their case or form being used. I am looking for a simple guide on site function and how to update/maintain my profile. Another option would be for each section in the timeline check list to be in the order of processing and match the same order for the edit function. My goal is to update the status of my I-751 on my profile and I do not have any clue base on the selectable options in the edit profile page. I know I sent my package to Arizona but am not seeing that as an option.
  9. Hello, US Embassy Jamaica are processing IR1/CR1 interviews starting with reschedules of interviews cancelled in March/April due to Covid-19. Anyone been rescheduled yet? What about new interviews for DQ's since April? I became DQ on June 17th, no interview date yet. Trying to get an idea of how long interviews are taking to be scheduled.
  10. I sponsored my girlfriend, her son, and most recently niece to the US. I had met them when I was living in Ukraine some of us just before the war started. I was able to get approved in 2 days, and my beneficiaries in another 1 to 2 days. I was surprised how fast and easy (I have strong financials). Land entry from Canada was slow and only got them 1 year parole for some reason. The border agent was not so friendly. We were a hassle to his day I think. The niece came by air and was quickly processed at the airport and got 2 year parole. We got the TB tests done just in time, then saw the web site does not require uploading results. Just self attested. Seems surprising. Of course we have results saved away. Work permits and SSNs can be applied for online for a $410 fee from the beneficiaries' account. A fee waiver request can be done but must be a paper application by mail. One of our family applied first online and it was 1 day for them to take money from my bank account, 3 weeks to get fingerprinted, 5 weeks work permit arrived in the mail today. Social Security Card is supposed to come no later than one week. It was easy to get them all joint accounts with me at Bank of America. As soon as they get social security numbers they will become their own private accounts. There is some financial and health insurance subsidies and we are trying to find out more about those. Information online is sparce, it directed us to call a refugee aid non-profit, which we did and are supposed to get a call back. Has anyone from Ukraine gotten any of the financial/housing/food/health assistance or have information on how that works?
  11. Wow... it's been about 10 years since I was an active part of the VJ community. My husband is starting the process of renewing his Green Card. I was wondering what kind of supporting documents they are looking for at this point in the game? We've been married for 13 years, have a beautiful daughter, and have lived in the same house the entire time. I'm just not sure what to gather for this process. Thank you for any insight you may have on this process! I'm also looking for the USCIS processing times, and I can't seem to find it. Help! Thanks, everyone!!
  12. I was trying to find information on how long it takes for the green card to be mailed to your US address after entry with a permanent resident visa. My husband has his interview in Costa Rica on August 9, 2022 and is planning on coming soon after if it all goes well. Anyone have similar experience and can tell me how long it took for the green card to arrive? Thanks!
  13. I had my state senator reach out to uscis last month and they recently sent me the below update. Does this mean anything? Hi Wendy, Thank you for your inquiry on behalf of your constituent, ______, regarding the I-129F petition, filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). I am able to confirm that your constituent’s Form I-129F petition (receipt number (removed)) is assigned to an officer and undergoing review. While we are unable to project a specific date a decision will be rendered in his/her case, new correspondence can be expected shortly. Please advise your constituent that he can remain updated on the adjudication of his case by entering the receipt number in the "Check Your Case Status" portal, located on our website at www.uscis.gov. If you wish to follow-up to a Service Center response, please do so by submitting a new inquiry via the OLA Web Portal or, if unable to submit via the portal.
  14. Submitted N400 online on 4th February 2021. I live in San Jose and hope it to be the local office for processing my case. Biometrics exempted on 10th February 2021. The Acknowledgement letter received on Feb 4 indicated 11 months as the expected time to decision. Current online Status shows 9 months as the expected time to Decision. Wondering if this 9 month period is from date of application or from now onwards?. Any clarification? Can any other applicant share the kind of time being taken by the San Jose Centre?
  15. What do we do if our IR1 visa expires while waiting to receive our green card in the mail?
  16. Hello fellow Vjers, I am a US citizen and wanted to bring my mom from the Philippines. I'm debating whether we should apply for immigrant or non-immigrant visa. I'm considering the timeline of the processing. We want her to be here in the US as soon as possible. I'm hoping to hear from a fellow IR5 petitioner whose visa application has been recently approved. I'm wondering about how long the process has been from your application to approval. I read that Visa interview timeline is 500+ days from application for non-immigrant visa.
  17. Today is interview day! Please pray all goes well. Those who are waiting, I know it’s hard but your time will come before you know it. TIMELINE PD Oct 2020 Case sent to NVC Jan 2021 Docs evaluated - missing docs March 2021 Expedite request sent Oct 2021 Expedite request Granted Nov 2021 Interview date Dec 6 2021
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