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  1. Although every case is different, it's still nice to have other cases to reference on since there is a lack in timeline tracking for waivers... I wanted to start a forum for members to enter there time lines in hopes that others can maybe have some insight on processing times as well. This is for I-212 ONLY. CITIZENSHIP VISA TYPE + timeline K1 denial : FEB 13th 2019, CANADA PHEONIX LOCK BOX I-212 waiver submitted: FEB 26th,2019 RECEIVED DATE (NOA): MAR 15th, 2019
  2. My k1 Visa Timeline (Philippines): Sept 15- Sent packet Sept 18 - NOA1 (USCIS website) Oct 1 - NOA1 Hardcopy Jan 7 - NOA2 (USCIS website) Jan 11 - NO2 Hardcopy Jan 23- Case # received from NVC Feb 5 - Case in transit Feb 10 - Case ready Feb 21 - received NVC letter Feb 26 & 27 - Medical @ SLEC (PASSED) March 5 - Interview (PASSED) *I did not do the medical and the interview because my last day at work is on Feb 21. I decided to leave work before doing them since it is difficult to gather papers and documentation while employed doing nightshift* Medical Experience: If you have your menstruation on your medical as I did, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO BACK ANOTHER DAY. You can finish it all the same. Eat and drink a lot before you enter the premises. Food is not allowed, but they do allow water provided it’s inside a clear container or bottle. If you wear contact lenses like I do, please bring a lens case or glasses. They make you remove them and it will be a major hassle if you dont have a case to put your contacts in. I arrived at SLEC at 5:30ish AM and it was the day after the People Power holiday. Since it was a holiday the day before, the line was long. While in line, guards will hand out NCOV questionnaires. Once the employees outside started checking the papers at around 6AM, it was not that long of a wait and I went inside the facility at 6:45AM. They asked for 4 pieces of 2x2 photos with my full name on the back of each photo (I already wrote my name before it was my turn and dont use gel/sign pen since it stains and smudges), NVC letter (I brought the original but they will ask for a photocopy of it later on), Interview Appointment confirmation (if you already scheduled one. I brought another original and gave it to them. But if you do give them the original, you can always reprint it from your email), Registration Confirmation for the medical, Passport Biopage copy and my original passport. They stamped my hand with a letter A and the guard handed me a number and proceeded to go inside. A lady who is walking around will assist to you to a row of seats near the entrance and they will take your picture on the first door on the right next to the staircase. They will instruct you to remove ALL jewelries, necklace and earrings. This is when it became complicated for me, I have 10 piercings on my ears and they are placed on unusual spots, I removed 8 of them but was unsuccessful in removing the rest. I talked to the person who is about to take my picture and told him I have a couple of piercings left inside my ear. He said not to worry, and proceeded to take my picture. After that, I then asked the lady where to go. She said to go to the seats upfront and wait. A couple of minutes a lady started going around asking for people who doesnt have a colored tag on their papers. I raised my hand and she ushered me to a seat infront of the counter and took my number. When it was my turn, I gave her my papers and the lady on the counter took my fingerprint, wrote something on my passport and asked again if I have a copy of my NVC letter. I told her I dont have any and she said to give it tomorrow. She asked me about what kind of visa I am applying for and what is the petitioner’s relationship to me. She made me fill up a form and sign some papers. She then told me to go to the counter on the 5th floor to pay. NOTE: dont use the elevator unless youre going 3 or more floors. A lot of people uses it especially the old people and take the stairs instead. I went to the 5th floor and there was no line. Only 5 or so people are on the waiting room at the 5th floor at this time. I was then told to proceed to do xray on the 3rd floor. 7:30AM I gave the receipt form to the lady on the counter on the xray floor. She said they will call my name and wait. I just waited for 5 mins and they asked for my passport. They made me sign a form and write NOT PREGNANT next to my signature. They will ask women if they are pregnant because xray is dangerous to the baby if you are. She then told me to the changing room and remove any necklace and tie my hair into a bun. If you didnt bring any hair tie, it’s okay because they provide rubber bands inside the dressing room. DONT FORGET TO CHECK FOR YOUR PASSPORT EVERY NOW AND THEN. I forgot mine inside the dressing room and good thing the lady who went inside gave it to me. Thank God for her When it was my turn, i told the xray tech that I have 2 remaining piercings left and asked her if I should remove it. She said it’s fine. I took my xray twice because the first one I didnt manage to take a very deep breath. The tech then told me to proceed on the 4th floor for the Urine and Blood Test. 8AM I gave my papers once again to the counter on the 4th floor. Note that in all procedures you will give them your medical papers they have provided and you will wait for them to call out your name. Once they did, the lady on the counter asked me when is the last time I peed. Good thing I woke up at around 3:50AM and that is the last time I peed. She said I can now proceed to the door on the left side and there is another tech waiting there with specimen bottles. I told her I have my period and she said it’s fine as long as my urine isnt bloody and I have only to fill up half of the bottle and collect the first catch of urine. So what I did is that I wiped down good so that there wont be blood or else I would have to do it again in an hour. They have a female janitor to clean the toilets and assist you inside and you have to leave your stuff inside a wooden box on a table inside the bathroom. Once I’m done, I gave my sample to the tech and told me to proceed to the room on the right side this time for the blood test. They have 2 techs drawing the blood on the room so the line isnt that long. When I’m done, they told me to go to the 5th floor again for my vital signs and physical exam. 8:35ish I went up to the 5th floor. There is a lot of people now and some are even standing up. But take note that you are not allowed to loiter or standing up because the staff will usher you into a seat to prevent congestion on the walkway. I asked the security guard where to place my papers. She told me to walk up to the front desk where they do the vitals and weight taking and place my paper on a box labeled “USA WITHOUT COLORED TAG”. I placed it there and waited for my name to be called out. I waited for about 30 mins before they called out my name for the height and weight taking. After taking those, I waited for about 15 mins for my vital signs to be taken. They only take the pulse, Blood pressure and temperature. After that, the nurse said I should wait for them to call me again for the eye exam. Another 30 mins or so waiting time and once I got called out, I went to the door on the right next to the US COUNTER. I told the nurse that I am wearing contact lenses for my sight. She made me read an eye chart and then asked me to remove my contacts: Good thing I came prepared and I brought my contact lens case. At this point, I am as blind as a bat. I can barely see without my contacts or glasses on. I asked the nurse if I could put it back on but she said to leave them out for now since the doctor might ask me to take them off again. So I gave my papers to the US COUNTER; they gave me a questionnaire to answer on paper and waited for my name to be called again. This time, they called out my name via PA system and I made my way (almost felt my way since Im almost blind) to the US Counter again and the lady told me to go to Door 5 for my physical. I waited for about 5 to 10 mins for my turn. 10:15AM I went inside the room for my physical and the doctor was not friendly. She is very unapprochable and for me, very unprofessional. As a nurse, I have worked with various doctors but this one takes the cake for being the most unfriendly. She is commanding and her tone is snipped. The minute I walked in she barked out orders to remove my clothes, wear a gown and leave only my underwear. She asked for my last menstrual period, what educational background is, if I am pregnant, sexual history. She then checked my reflexes, she checked my arms, legs, chest and even my back. I got nervous because she didnt even ask if I have any exposure to TB, history of asthma, and any other pulmonary evaluation. For about 15 mins, I was done. I went back outside to put on my contact lenses and gave gave my papers back to the US Counter. They gave me a receipt and told me to go back tomorrow at 9AM. I finished at 10:30AM. 2nd day: I woke up at 6am and left the house at 6:30. When we arrived at the facility at 7:30, I walked up to the guard and told him im for the 2nd day of exam. He told me to go inside near the entrance. The guard then took my receipt and asked me to place my finger on the fingerprint scanner so that they will know what floor I would be. Once I placed my finger and my picture popped up on their screen, the guard smiled at me and told me to go to the 2nd floor for immunization. I took a deep breath. I was so relieved. Thank God! So i went to the 2nd floor and I placed my receipt on the counter. The lady then gave me a waiver to sign for thr vaccine and they will call me once more if it was my turn for immunization. I waited for about almost 2 hours until they finally called out my name. I went to the door on the right. A male nurse asked me if I remember having scars from chickenpox. I told him I had chickenpox when I was in highschool, but I dont think I have any scars. So he said he will give me 3 shots: 2 on the left and 1 on the right. I had the TDAP, Varicella and MMR vaccine. Afterwards, he told me to go down to the main counter on the ground floor and wait for them to call my name for releasing. I waited for about 15-20 mins until a nurse called out my name from the counter window. She asked me to double check the information on the paper she gave me and sign it. She told me NOT to open the brown envelope and I should take a picture of my vaccination records that she will give me. She handed me a CD for my xray results. She said that I should not open the CD as well, and present it along with the vaccination records once I am already in the states for my AOS. I also gave her my copy of my NVC letter. She sealed all my papers inside an envelope with glue, and reminded me to present it to the consul for my interview. I was done. It was about 10ish or so when I got out. INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: My Appointment is on 7:35am and they started to let people in at 6am. Once I neared the first toll they asked me to present my appointment confirmation page. They made me go to lane 3 for immigtants/k1 and they made us put our passports inside a ziplock bag and presented our DS160. They put a barcode and sticker on top of my ds160 form and proceeded go inside. Once inside, guards are around with 2 conveyor belts to put your bags in. NO DEVICES ARE ALLOWED so it’s best to leave them to your companions outside or leave them at home; because if you, they will make you go outside to dispose of the gadget. You will have to go inside a metal detector too. If you have piercings like I do (I have ten piercings on my ears) dont worry, they’re not that strict about that. After checking, they’ll make you go inside the door now for the main building. There are two wings: the left and the right. The right one is for Immigrants/k1 and on the left is for Non Immigrants (Tourists). They will make you sit on the Immigrant side on the right. Wait for the ushers to call you on what booth number you should go: this is the pre-screening part. The filipina lady told me to present my da160, my passport, orig birth certif, orig NBI, orig CENOMAR, affidavit of support, tax transcript (IF YOU HAVE w2 and the ITR OR 1040, NOT TO WORRY. You could present that if you DONT HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT) Pre-screening (Filipino Consul): -what is your name? -what is your birthday? -what is your full address? -what is your fiance’s name? -what is your fiance’s birthday? -what is your fiance’s address? -how did you two meet? -are you married before? -are you pregnant? She then told me to go to the fingerprinting area. It was in booth number 51. The woman taking the fingerprints is an american woman but she will tell you what to do. In my personal experience, I have EXTEMELY SWEATY hands so I had to take them twice. Afterwards, she then told me to proceed to the interview section and wished me goodluck. Just ask around for the ushers (staff with the blue shirt) where to go. I asked one lady where the interview is and she told me to sit on the rows of seat on the right side. The wait is long: I fell in line at around 7AM and was called by the american consul at 9:45AM. There are 6 booths, But only 5 active consuls are doing the interview. At this time, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HOLDING YOUR PASSPORT ANYMORE and should have finished the finger printing. When it is my turn, I was assigned on booth 64 or 63? And he was a white male. He’s alright, not too friendly, not too strict either. I greeted him goodmorning with a smile. He told me to present my ds160. He made me raise my hand to swear that all I tell him is true and correct and place my right hand on the scanner. Interview (American Consul): -what is your name? -what is your fiance’s name? -how old are you? -how old is your fiance? -what state is he in? -how did you two meet? -what does he do for a living? -what do you plan to do once youre in the US? -when’s the first time he visited? -are you married before? -is your fiance married before? -do you have kids? -does your fiance have kids? -how many times he visited here? (He then pulled out a picture that my fiance sent on his i-129f packet showing me and fiance’s trip to pampanga with my parents to visit my grandmother there) -are these your parents? (I nodded yes) -do you have any wedding plans? Then he said, “okay, I will now approve your visa. Please wait for 2-3 weeks for it to arrive and grab that brochure next to you to double check your mailing afdress” I told him thank you so much, have a good day. With a smile of course And then that’s it. It’s a 5 minute interview and they didnt even ask for a co-sponsor (my fiance makes $21,423/yr but I have a co-sponsor just in case) and he didnt even ask for the proof of relationship. Thats it guys. Hope you find my post useful. Good luck!
  3. Hello...my husband is Nigerian and we have been married since 2017. My husband interviewed June 2018 and was placed in AP for additional relationship information. He was called back March 2019 to come back and bring more pictures and paperwork. He went back on April 3 2019...they didn't interview again, they took his paperwork and told him they would call him. We didn't hear anything back and as you all know, the email inquiries are generic. I called multiple times with no answers. Finally July 11, 2019 the Embassy emailed me stating that the case was being sent back to USCIS for recommendation to revoke and I would need to wait to hear from them. We still have not heard anything from them and when calling, USCIS says they don't have the case back. NVC doesn't answer and ceac still shows admin processing. What is the typical timeline for when a case is sent back to USCIS? Will I get an email when they receive it? Has anyone gotten reaffirmed with having to rebuttal? How long after reaffirmation did you wait for a 2nd interview? Please help. I need to figure out how much longer we will be waiting and if I need to plan another trip. Thanks
  4. I just checked my EAD case status earlier this morning, and it turns out my request to expedite was approved and my card is in production! Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the VisaJourney community and everyone who has ever shared their timelines (I probably read every single timeline out there while in nervous anticipation...). Below is my detailed timeline and process notes in case anyone is / will be in the same boat as I was. Timeline: 05/16: Married to USC 05/24: Submitted I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131 applications 05/25: Priority date 06/01: Received job offer to start August 6, 2018 06/07: Received NOA1 in mail (notice date of 05/31); application being processed by National Benefits Center 06/09: Received Biometrics appointment notice in mail (notice date of 06/01) 06/19: Biometrics appointment completed (could have done early walk-in, but wanted to get expedite supporting documents ready first) 06/19: Called USCIS and submitted service request to expedite EAD on the basis of Severe Financial Loss (end of current employment on 6/29 plus pending job offer to start 8/6) 06/20: Walked in to Congresswoman's office and hand-delivered case form, cover letter, and supporting documents (see list below) to Constituent Services Representative 06/22: Email response from USCIS asking for supporting documents for request to expedite: "Upon receipt of your request for expeditious processing, your case was reviewed and a determination was made that we need additional information to make a decision regarding your request. Please fax proof of a pending job offer to ###-###-####, Attn: AA####, Div #, Team #." 06/22: Forwarded USCIS email response to Constituent Services Representative, who confirmed that an expedite request has been submitted on his end as well 06/22: Faxed over supporting documents to USCIS fax number provided in email response Cover Letter; USCIS Email Response Above (they request you include in your fax); Pending Job Offer, with 8/6 start date; and Statement from Current Employer (at the time) on Termination of Employment 6/29 06/22: Submitted case to Ombudsman (https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance) with cover letter and supporting documents 06/26: Email response from USCIS: "We received your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly." 06/29: End of current employment (at the time); effectively unemployed 07/06: Ombudsman responded saying my case is within normal processing times, but to respond if I believe I qualify for expedited processing. I responded and reattached cover letter and supporting documents 07/06: Constituent Services Representative from Congresswoman's office followed up with USCIS 07/06: Case status online changed to "Card in Production"! Notes on a couple factors (real / intangible) that may have affected my expedited processing: I am a Canadian citizen marrying a USC. I have been in the U.S. three years under the TN work visa, and four years prior to that as a student and working in the U.S. every summer. Seems like a fairly vanilla case Just a pending job offer is rarely enough anymore, but my current employment at the time was ending as well. Furthermore, when I applied, my wife was in between jobs, so our application paperwork has her down as unemployed as well. Having both of us unemployed may have pushed my situation towards the "severe" side Since these things are always subjective, I believe a good cover letter can really make the difference. In mine, I emphasized how, more important than the money, I am a young college graduate about to lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which would be a major setback to my dreams My birthday is today (07/07), which may or may not have affected anything haha Happy to answer any questions / clarifications. Best, George
  5. My fiancé and I have applied for a K1 Visa and we are near the end finally! However, recently I have felt super discouraged because we cannot schedule an interview and was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any advice? We have submitted everything, paid all fees, and the status of our visa is "READY for interview...please schedule an interview". However, every time I get on the website to schedule an interview for the past 2 weeks it just says " no appointments available". I refresh it very frequently and check often, and still nothing. When I emailed the embassy they said it was just a "first come first serve" type of thing. There is a time estimate of 6 days for nonimmigrant visa appointments, but no kind of time estimate for the k1 interview. I just don't know if I need to expect to wait a few weeks to a few months. It's so hard and stressful to not know any timelines or what to expect...I just feel in the dark. thank you for any help!
  6. Hi I applied for the N600 back in July 2019. I did the biometrcis and still seeing the process is under review. I am not getting any message that it was sent to the local office. Any idea how long it takes? Thanks
  7. Disclaimer: The flowchart below is designed to illustrate a typical K-1 Visa application process and should be used for reference only. This flowchart can not take in to consideration a great number of variables and/or events that may alter this flowchart for a particular case such as a Request for Evidence (RFE). Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information. Please begin by reading the Step-by-Step Guide to the K-1 process (for the US Citizen). You should also refer to the K-FAQ's for more information. The timeline below will help you visualize the entire process. Please note that the details of the process are not included below, they can be found in the links mentioned previously. BEGIN: Timeline (approx) Step Information Varies 1. U.S. Petitioner gathers various documents U.S. Petitioner gathers various documents (birth certificate etc) to send with I-129F * Start ASAP N/A 2. I-129f Package sent U.S. Petitioner sends compiled I-129F package to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox which will forward the package for processing. * Triple check everything. Double check all forms with examples available online. Send postage with an return receipt requiring signature when it is delivered (not necessary but highly advisable for peace of mind). Make a complete copy of the entire package. 2-3 Weeks 3. 1st Notice of Action (NOA) U.S. Petitioner Receives first Notice of Action (NOA) acknowledging K-1 petition has been opened *Typical wait time is 2-3 weeks after the Service Center receives the I-129F. See Processing Times 4. 2nd Notice of Action (NOA) U.S. Petitioner Receives second Notice of Action (NOA) acknowledging K-1 petition has been approved * Start gathering documents needed by beneficiary (Fiance(e)) - See K-1 Guide. *Beneficiary can research and prepare forms required by embassy. 2 Weeks 5. Case Forwarded by your Service Center to the National Visa Center (NVC) Case Forwarded by your Service Center to the National Visa Center *Two weeks after you receive the NOA2 you can contact the NVC to see if they have received your approved I-129F. You can contact them at 603 334-0700. Their homepage is here. Welcome to the US Department of State! Things move much faster now :). 1-4 Weeks 6. Case Forwarded by NVC to U.S. Embassy in your fiance(e)'s country Case Forwarded to U.S. Embassy as specified in the I-129F. *NVC uses DHL to send the package, which typically delivers a package worldwide within 3-5 business days. 1 week 7. Case received by Embassy from NVC Embassy receives package and processes it. They will then prepare a letter to be sent to the foreign fiance(e). *5-7 business days after the NVC sends the package to the embassy, you can begin contacting the embassy to see if they have received it. 1 week 8. Forms and Checklist sent to Beneficiary Forms and Checklist sent to foreign Beneficiary (Fiance/e). *This will be sent out within a week (typically less) from when the embassy processes the received petition. This package will include a checklist of items and paperwork that must be collected. Some will be sent back asap, and others will be sent back later or brought to the interview. Varies 9. Foreign Beneficiary compiles required forms Beneficiary fills in Forms and assembles various documents *The downloads section for K-1 Visa's has a list of some forms the fiance(e) will need. You can practice with these forms. N/A 10. Completed Forms sent to Consulate Beneficiary sends completed Forms to U.S. Embassy N/A 11. Fiance(e) must attend medical interview prior to interview Attend medical appointment. *Some embassies require the medical the same day as the interview. Most require the interview to be done ahead of time and have the results sent to the embassy directly from the doctor. *This may occur after an interview date is given. 1 week to issue date 12. U.S. Embassy issues Beneficiary with Interview date U.S. Embassy issues Beneficiary with Interview date *This may occur before your have your medical. You will need to get the medical done before the interview as instructed by the embassy. 1 Month to interview 13. Beneficiary has Interview at U.S. Embassy Beneficiary has interview at U.S. Embassy for K-1 visa. All being well case is approved. *K-1 visa will be issued either the same day or within the next week depending on the embassy with some exceptions. Timeline (approx) Step Information N/A 14. Beneficiary travels to and enters the U.S. Beneficiary travels from their country to be with the U.S. Petitioner (Fiance(e)) in the US. *Must enter the US within (typically) 6 months of the K-1 being issued. 5-20 minutes 15. Point of Entry (POE) in U.S. Beneficiary arrives at Point of Entry (POE) in U.S. and shows K-1 to the immigration officer. 1 hour (early morning) 16. Apply for Social Security Number Apply for Social Security Number (SSN) *See the SSN step-by-step guide for more info. This will allow you to open a bank account and do other things (many states require this for a drivers licence, etc). 1 hour 17. Apply for marriage certificate Apply for marriage certificate. Must marry within 90 days of entering the U.S. on a K-1 visa. VARIES! 18. Get married Get married. and give each other a pat on the back. You've both earned it! 1 hour (early morning) 19. Change name on SSN Go back to the SSA office and bring your SSN Card and marriage certificate. Change your name. Varies! 20. Complete I-693 Complete I-693 per the K1/K3 AOS Guide. This is required so that your vaccinations can be documented properly on the I-693 as part of your completed AOS package. You can complete this step at any time after entering the US. N/A (File asap once you marry) 21. Apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS), EAD, AP Apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS) to receive a "green card" and become a Legal Permanent Resident. You should file as soon as possible. If you have not filed for AOS and your K-1 expires, you will be considered out-of-status until you file. Make all attempts to file before you become out-of-status. You may also file for your EAD and AP at this time. *EAD allows your to work (will need to reapply every year until your AOS (i.e. "Green Card") application is approved). AP allows you to leave the country on a vacation / trip while your AOS application is being processed. Please read this regarding when to file for AOS and not becoming out-of-status. See Processing Times 22. Receive EAD / AP Receive your EAD and AP via US Mail. You will have a biometrics appointment prior to being issued the EAD. See Processing Times 23. Interview for AOS (I-485 approval) Interview appointment for AOS. When approved you will receive an I-551 stamp in your passport indicating you have been approved for AOS and will also receive your green card in the mail later. *If your interview (and specifically the approval) occurs within 2 years of your marriage you will be granted a conditional permanent residency (2 year validity). If this happens you will have to apply to lift conditions 90 days prior to your 2 year green card expiring. If you are 'adjusted' greater than 2 years after you were married you should receive a normal 10 year green card.
  8. Hello everyone! Noobs here! Bangkok US CIS just emailed us last week our Packet 3 so that we can start the IV. I want to move to Texas by mid-November. What would YOU do? - I completely move from Asia (been here 19 years) to Houston leaving Thai wife behind. She applies now for IV. She comes to US once IV is complete. - We both fly to Texas now (me move, she vacation) and after Christmas she flies back to Bangkok and applies for IV. - Other options I'm in a rush to sell our business here (we might close this Monday), fly to Texas to help care for parents (80s), and look for new job. Thanks all! Rob
  9. Anyone here from the Netherlands knows how long it takes the US embassy in NL to approve an expedite request? My lawyer sent an expedite request for my IW1 visa on August/30. In September/04, we received an email from NVC stating its under review. But till now i haven't heard anything from NVC!!! I heard so many ppl here in VJ got their expedite requests approved in 2 to 3 days. Some ppl say, the timeline depends on the US embasy I'm dealing with. Is this delay means they will not approve the expedite request or it means they will approve it?! Cuz I also heard some ppl got their expedite requests rejected after one day review and some in 24 hours!!! But i never heard someone got it approved after one day review. So cuz of that I am assuming if they planned to reject my request, they would reject it since last week in a short period of time like after 1 or 2 days. ( just trying to figure out their technique of reviewing the expedite) i know i should be patient and wait but its taking longer than anyone i saw in VJ so far!!! Its stressing me out. Documents are submitted and fees are all paid since 3 weeks. Idk why I feel this expedite request we made is delaying the whole process. Maybe if we didn't ask for the expedite request, then the case is completed by now. Please anyone (especially dutch ppl) let me know your experience with the US embassy of NL, like when did u asked for an expedite? How long it took the embassy to approve it?! Is the US embassy of NL so quick in reviewing documents and requests? Thanks,
  10. In a K1 Visa, after getting the case number, what is maximum allowable time to submit the Packet 3 information? We are recognizing it is taking ourselves some effort and time to collect the birth certificates, i-134 documents & etc.
  11. Hi all, I wanted to update my timeline but didn't know what approximate date to put on NVC Receive: 1. My NOA2 is dated April 18, 2019 3 weeks and 5 days later... 2. We finally got a hold of NVC on May 14, 2019 and got our case number (but I suppose they could have assigned it earlier) Based on that info, what could be the approximate date when NVC received our case from USCIS? I appreciate any help. 😊
  12. Would you please take a moment to help us figure out a realistic timeline from sending K1 and receiving the NOA? Any help is very very much appreciated! We thank you, Lisa and Jon
  13. Wifes Ead NOA was recieved back September 20 Bio done on Nov 14th . We got NOA 2 for I 485 "your ready to be scheduled" back Feb 12. No RFE recieved and have called twice for expedite request. They told us the last time we called wait until May 15 then we can do so.ething. I have a lot of anxiety with this and although I have a good job I'm still having a tough time. Anything I can do? Anyone recently in the same situation/ timeline? I figured I'd visit Congresswoman's office as a last resort.
  14. We are getting pretty frustrated. My wife really wants to work, we have a 3 year old that goes to preschool and she wants to help support her family back home. I looked into getting her EAD expedited and since she is unskilled worker chances look slim. Can anybody give me an idea what to expect or some advice to get things moving? We got the receipts and never had any RFA (which is good) but our time is taking much longer than some of our other friends.
  15. Hello, everyone. I'm wondering about k1 visa timelines. IT's very important for me right now, coz i'm at a crossroads, we just filed for i129f. And attorney says it's gonna be a year or more! If it's year i can finish master degree here, if it's less like 6-8months , then i won't. soon i have governmental exams and i don't know what to do! he filled the form in Florida. And another one, me and my family want to visit him and his family in us, should we apply for tourist visa or just wait and don't rush? (if you had any experience like that please let me know) my family has good income to show. And i was in us before on j1 visa, actually we met in us.
  16. hi, I am starting to look into the possibility of applying for permanent residency through AoS from my F1; at the same time, I am looking into extending my F1/I20. My USC partner and I are not married yet but have lived together for two years and are considering marrying sometime in the next year. I arrived in the USA in 2015 on an F1 visa for a 5 year grad school program. The F1 visa in my passport has a May 2020 date, and so does my current I20. My graduate school program will take me at least 6 years to complete (this is true for most students in our program), and it will be fairly straightforward to get my school to print out a new I20 with a May 2021 date (there is funding in place for my 6th year of school). I usually travel to my home country at least once a year, and I'm trying to figure out when to apply for various things and in what order - the main thing that I'm confused about is whether or not I'll be able to exit and re-enter the USA in order to visit my home country once we've filed for AoS. I'm also worried about extending my F1 (not the I20, that's easy) given that I have plans to marry a USC. Our current plan is for me to extend my I20 this coming fall (fall 2019) so that it'll be legal for me to be in the USA on my student status through May 2021; note that on this plan, I'm not wanting to actually get a new F1 visa in my passport with a May 2021 date. Then, we're planning to visit my home country together in January 2020 (I'd re-enter on my current F1), and to get married in the USA either right before or right after that, and then file AoS paperwork early 2020. Then, my plan is to just stay in the USA without leaving and trying to re-enter until I have a green card. All of that being said, there are a couple of major downsides to this plan: - I'm a scientist and it may be beneficial for my career to present research at international conferences, so not being able to do any conferences outside of the USA until I have a green card isn't ideal. - There's some chance that my grandma with Alzheimer's (she's over 90 years old) might pass away after I've filed my AoS paperwork but before I would have received my green card. Would I then need to choose between missing her funeral while I stay in the USA or going to her funeral and risk not being let back into the USA? Some other options - this is where I have questions! 1. Should I apply for a new F1 visa stamp (that would be valid thru 2021, like the new I20 I'd have at that point) at my home country's consulate during our January 2020 trip? I'm worried about doing this - back when I originally applied for my F1 in 2015 I had no plans to stay in the USA, but right now I have demonstrable ties here (e.g. a shared lease with a long term partner who I'm considering marrying). But I'm also thinking questions like that might not come up (since I am also actually extending my grad school program with a year) and so maybe it's dumb not to do it, since the F1 visa would allow me to re-enter the country easier between May 2020 and May 2021 should I need to leave and re-enter for work or family reasons? 2. Right now I'm not planning to apply for a travel permit with my AoS application - I've heard from other USA-international student couples at my university that their lawyers recommended against traveling in and out of the country until you have the green card in hand. Should I be applying for that anyway and then only use it in case of emergency (e.g. grandma passes away)? Or should I apply for it anyway and then plan to travel as normal (1-2 short trips per year for work/family purposes)? 3. Right now, I'm also not planning to apply for a work permit with my AoS application. As a graduate student I already work, have a SSN and pay taxes all within what is legally allowed with my F1 visa (so basically I work for the university for 20 hours per week as a teaching or research assistant - added benefit is that this means the university covers my tuition), and I don't plan on changing that until I graduate in May 2021. Again, I've heard it said by other USA-international student couples that it's a risk to get a work permit associated with the AoS and then (with that work permit) work more than is normally allowed on an F1. Cause then if the green card gets denied, you can't easily fall back on your F1 since you'll have stepped outside of what's allowed on that. 4. We are not currently planning on getting a lawyer - the relationship is bona fide, I am here legally, neither me nor my USC partner has broken any laws, my partner earns more than enough to meet I864 requirements on his own, so basically as far as we're aware there are no red flags at all that might make our application difficult. Couples we've spoken to who applied pre-2017 under the previous administration think we should be totally fine without a lawyer, but couples we've spoken to who applied under the current administration are saying it's more difficult nowadays and recommend for sure getting a lawyer, even if our case is seemingly straightforward. I have enough money saved up to pay for a lawyer if need be, but I'd rather not spend the money if I don't need to. Is that dumb? 5. Are there any major things I'm overlooking? In case it's relevant, after graduating with my PhD I'm planning to apply for academic jobs in the USA, probably both postdocs and tenure track professor jobs, though there's also a chance that I'll want to apply for industry jobs. Our reasoning is that a green card will provide me with more flexibility in applying for jobs. If I apply for jobs on my current status, I'd be looking at either F1 OPT (+ STEM extension) and/or J1 (which can have a requirement to then stay in your home country for 2 years afterwards, which I don't want given that my partner lives & works here in the USA) for postdocs, and H1B on the off chance that I'll land a tenure track job. However, what I really want to avoid at all costs is not being able to work the job I want because of visa procedures (e.g. because I'm still waiting for a greencard). Thanks in advance for any advice you might want to share! I'm a risk-averse academic and tend to overthink things a bit, so this post became pretty long... thanks for bearing with me!
  17. Hi, My fiance received an RFE letter in the mail after 5 months. Before the letter was delivered we were speculating that the RFE might be about the case of my fiance that happened 20 years ago where he plead guilty to a case of groping a minor. Luckily, it was that (the USCIS had asked for me to submit my letter of intent to marry my fiance), my fiance gladly complied and mailed the letter the next day. My question is, does the USCIS normally sent all RFEs at once and if they are satisfied with the letter of intent to marry that we mailed thats it? That we only need to wait for their confirmation? Or will there be another RFE that might be mailed later on which might be related to my fiance case history 20 years ago? It wasn't a rape or physical abuse but groping and all his records were deleted. Please enlighten me as everyday that we are waiting for the update from the USCIS is putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance. Thank you.
  18. Hi so finally my case is documentairly qualified...the email I received today stated they will contact me and my husband once they’ve scheduled an interview in Islamabad. I would love to hear from others their experiences and advice etc 😊🤞🏽So excited to finally going forward in our journey!!!!
  19. Hi guys. I’m really confused. My fiancé submitted the I29 for the K1 visa the first week of September. We still have yet to hear ANYTHING or receive any mail notifying us that it has been received. The money has been taken from his account for the application- and that is the only reason we know that it’s gotten to Texas. Is this normal? It’s February 3rd!!
  20. Hi, I just received an interview notice for my 2 years Green card that will be occurred in January, 2019. Please share your experiences and advises for me on the interview, it would be very appreciate I will list below the list of what I bring to the interview day, please comment if I'm missing anything, and what should I fulfill to my package. I live in Virginia, VA, get married to a US citizenship, my husband born in US. I was under OPT of F1- student visa and my OPT expired 07/12/2018. Here is my brief timeline on the process 05/20/18: Getting Married I did not celebrate my wedding party yet because i wait for the green card to go back to my country so my parents can attend my wedding. Only married at court with my husband family. 06/20/18: Submit my package to USCIS 07/24/2018: Biometrics done 08/16/2018: my expedite working permit request approved because I have job offer. I have working permit and go to work on September. 12/12/2018: Interview is scheduled 01/16/2018: Interview day Here is what I prepared to bring to the interview: Passport, driver license, birthcertificate, ssn for both of us Marriage license My Medical form I-693 Letter schedule interview from USCIS Tax return for previous 3 years 2015, 2016, 2017 of my husband. 3 pay subs before interview of my husband Bank statement showing our saving ( both are currently working and both deposit money into the account) A car Registration showing both of us ownership. Car Insurance (showing both name) credit card statement (showing both name) Life insurance (we both buy it and put each other name as beneficiaries) 401k beneficiaries information for both ( I and Him both have) Front page at personal info at Work's profile.. my husband is my emergency contact Airplane tickets to other states of US (5 trips together so far) Lots of pictures together ( pictures with friends, family, pictures that we are going on trips with friends and family) Moviepass membership for two in one year (sign up same time) One month (AUG18) we are in the same health insurance (since I got a job, i choose to split out from him to go with my company insurance because of it its more cheaper than go with him) ONE Affidavit of friend who verify the authenticity of our relationship (did not submit that in the package) Outline of our relationship (did not submit that We DO NOT have: Utility bills - because we still live with his parents, and his parents are paying bills House rent/ mortgage: same reason above Wedding ceremony & pictures on the wedding day: my parents can not come to US so we are waiting to go back to my country, and we are saving money to buy house. Because we do not have a wedding together, that is not normal to all the couple who apply for adjustment of status and that makes me very worry. Please drop some comments to give me advise . Also, advise me on what will they ask on the interview because we are very worry for the upcoming interview. Thank you and I really appreciate it Jacklyn.
  21. Got the news of approval today, 7 days after our Status adjustment interview. Will answer any questions to try and help.
  22. sooo here we are again waiting yet again lol received approval 10/24/18, got case number 12/17/18, submitted documents and paid fees 12/21/18. NVC received everything 1/10/19, they emailed me stating I need to submit my 2017 tax and make sure it is with every page I guess soething was missing also I added my father as a household member to combine income so they needed me to submit 2017 w2 also and so I did they also need tax transcript but it seems IRS website has been down for sometime now and that's the only thing missing at this point. when I submitted my dads 2017 w2 I added a comment and wrote about the transcript and stated IRS website down etc. anyone have a similar issue where something was missing? or did anyone have something missing but they still scheudked interview? also how long after do they schedule interview? need some positive vibes please!!!!!!!!! 🙏
  23. I’m US citizen Filed i130 for spouse in May, finally got Noa2 10/26/2018 now just waiting to see what happens next. Called NVC and they received petition but will not hear until 4-8 weeks just hoping others can share their timeline with dates and how long their process went and what to expect Thanks 😊😊😊
  24. Hello! I recently filed I-90 because my 2 year conditional green card had an error (wrong resident since date). I sent the application on December 3rd, 2018. According to the proof of delivery from FedEx, It was delivered and signed for on December 4th, 2018. It’s been 2 weeks or 14 days now and I still haven’t heard back from them even though I did send G-1445. My question is how long do I have to wait for NOA1 (receipt notice)? It’s been 14 days now and I’m getting kinda worried. Especially considering that I sent my original green card with that application. I thought I would at least get a text message by now saying they received it but so far nothing. I’d really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!
  25. Hello all... especially those from high fraud countries.... could you please fill out your timeline?? It would help those coming behind you to clearer understand this cumbersome process. It's beneficial for the community at large. Please consider. Thank you
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