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  1. Hello people!!! I have been having a few issues with my AOS based on a k1 visa . 5 months ago I file my AOS then uscis sent me a RFE,they asked me to find a joint sponsor that could cover the poverty guidelines because my wife didnt cover it. So the point is that we live far from her family and she doesnt get along with them either to ask them to be my joint sponsor. So what we want to do is to add a friend of us that is willing to be our sponsor but we have been having a little bit of issues because he didnt file taxes on year 2016 and that is what they are asking to add if I find a new joint sponsor. so I want to know how to do in this case. what papers can I add there steap of a tax return paper that shows he earn enough to support me.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am an American citizen and I have filed the Adjustment of Status(AOS) application for my husband in September, 2017. We also applied for EAD/AP (work authorization/advance parole) combo card along with application. It has been 130 days since our NOA1 (Sep 18th 2017) and my husband and I are starting to worry. Has anyone else taken this long for their EAD/AP? We have submitted a service request today (Jan 29th 2018) and I was wondering how long does it usually take to hear back from a service request? How long is the processing time now? (We are in Massachusetts). Thank You guys
  3. My fiancé just had his medical at Knightsbridge and I am furious. He was missing one tetanus shot and the nurse refused to give it to him and told him to go to his GP. He was in the military and got out approximately a week ago so he does not have a GP. I have no idea now if he can even get that vaccine in the UK and it will be valid for the AOS form. Can anyone please help me? Other than that, he said everyone was absolutely wonderful with the exception of the nurse who was rude and very short with him.
  4. Hi everyone, my fiance's home state is NY and we would like to have the wedding in another state. Will this pose a problem when we file for the AOS? How do we go about with the process if and when we get married outside of his state of residence?
  5. Hello everyone! We have sent our documents last friday and ETA to USCIS will be on February 2. 😁
  6. Hello just looking for some insight if anyone has had a similar situation. Here is my AOS filing history: August 15 2017- married September 25 2017- packet sent to USCIS September 26 2017- delivered to USCIS Chicago [day 0] October 24 2017- biometrics appointment [day 28] December 27 2017- inquiry about EAD [day 92] January 4 2018- RFIE mailed to lawyer [day 100] January 19 2018- RFIE response mailed to USCIS [day 115] January 26 2018- USCIS received response to RFIE [day 122] Basically, I submitted all required documents via my lawyer. We received the RFIE because my lawyer incorrectly put their law firm address where our US mailing address should have went. That was the only reason for the request for evidence. USCIS received the response on January 26. I am wondering how long this will delay my whole case and when should i expect a decision and my work permit? Has anyone had a situation like this before? I have no criminal history or problems with immigration. I am a Canadian citizen. Thank you for any insight!
  7. Hi All I would like to share my case details Category F2A PD Dec 2014 I485 files Nov 2015 Interview Dec 2017 Last status held for review don contact for 120 days letter I am wondering they kept the file for 2 years and whenever asked USCIS responded by saying security checks & background checks Now after renewing the Combo card (Work + Parole) twice and now applied for the 3rd time I am wondering how many people are in the same boat. Background I am from Pakistan, previously on F1 then H1B no status issues ever Just trying to get feedback from people in the same boat and decide whether its worth the wait being here.
  8. Hello! There is something I'd like to have some advice on. Thank you for reading in advance. I am filing I-485 and I-130, concurrent filing, soon. My current status is H-1B, which is going to expire in May. My employer will extend it. The whole time I believed that I don't have to request EAD and Advanced Parole with the I-485 application, because I will still be in H-1B status even after May while the new H-1B extension is pending, and I don't plan on traveling abroad. However, I noticed that majority of people file for EAD/AP with their I-485. Should I? I know filing for I-485 won't conflict with future H-1B extension petition, but wouldn't EAD conflict with my H-1B? I know I need to maintain the H-1B status, just in case the I-485 takes long or it goes wrong for some reasons. Or could it be that simply requesting it and receiving it won't affect anything, unless I report to the employer and the employer changes my visa status? I hope I am making myself clear. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I am starting this topic under: Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas I accidentally had mine under K1/K3 posting. So I decided to make this one here. You can see my timeline in my signature below.
  10. So I'm not sure if I'm in the wrong or the person working at the Social Security office was wrong when telling me this. Me and my wife went to the Social Security Office so that I could apply for a Social Security Number. I'm aware now that I should have done this before we got married, but we were not aware of it at the time. The person we spoke to told us that, because we had gotten married and sent off our AOS documents (still pending), that I could no longer apply for a SSN under a K-1 Visa, and that I should apply for an ITIN (for tax purposes). However my I-94 is still valid, and I have all the necessary documents. Just wondering if anyone knows if I should still be able to get an SSN after getting married?
  11. Hi, I came into the US on a K1 visa, got married and now going through AOS. I received my EAD last month and now have a job doing some contract work. I've been asked to fill out the W-9 form. Since I don't yet have my green card, I'm not technically a resident - therefore am I considered a 'resident alien' or not? The instructions accompanying form state that a US person is: I'm assuming that those of us with an EAD must qualify as a US person - otherwise how would we be able to work? - but I wanted to check with anyone who's done this before, as the wording is unclear. As a side note, if anyone else has filed as self-employed/sole-proprietor whilst on an EAD and can offer general advice, I'd be very appreciative of any insights. Many thanks!
  12. Hi VJ Friends, I honestly don’t know if I’m in the appropriate forum but here we go: My husband is about to have 2 years since entering the USA under the CR-1. I know we need to do paper work before his conditional gc expires. I just honestly don’t know how this work. Am I suppose to receive a notice when should we start? What is the process?! Is it considered AOS or ROC? Those are are 3 of my main questions as of now. I will greatly appreciate any information. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi everyone, I am a student on F1 visa who will be graduating in August this year. Late last year I got married (yet to submit the marriage license & get the marriage certificate) and my wife is a US citizen. I want to apply for adjustment of status (EAD card & advanced parole as well) before my graduation. My concern is that I traveled to my country with my wife after the wedding and entered the USA on F1 visa. I am maintaining my full course load as of now. Here is the timeline of the relationship. 2010 June - I come to US to pursue a Master's on F1. 2012 April - We meet. 2012 Dec- We move in together. 2013 July- I finish my Master's & start my PhD . 2015 Dec - I travel to my country, I get another F1 visa as the previous one expired. 2017 Oct - We got married (in USA). 2017 Dec - We travel to my country, she meets my parents, we have a traditional engagement ceremony, she flies back to US while I stay there for a few more weeks. 2018 Jan - I travel back to USA, I reenter the USA back on the existing F1 visa. Only a handful of people (6 or so) know about our wedding. None of our relatives know about it. We are going through a wedding ceremony (on the same day of our actual wedding last year) this year. We decided to do it exactly a year before to avoid family drama. I had spoken with a school official regarding this situation and he had not mentioned that traveling back to US on F1 after getting married might be an issue. I wish I had done more research & consulted a lawyer prior to departure, but it is too late now. Earlier I was considering filing the papers for myself, but now it seems like I should hire a lawyer. I am aghast that I might have committed a huge huge mistake by not applying for AOS right after the wedding. What can/should I do now other than hiring a lawyer to file the paperwork ? And when exactly should I file the paperwork (30/60/90... days) ? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, I'm on J1, my fiance is a U.S. citizen. We are getting married in 2 weeks and I want to know the exact list of documents we have to mail the very first time. I want to send everything I can at the same time. These are the ones I know of: AOS I-130 I-864 I-131 I-485 G-1145 G325-A (Foreign National+US citizen) I-693 I-765 Plus supporting dosuments and payment. Did I miss something? Thank you!
  15. Hi guys. I've read several posts about this but I haven't found what I'm looking for, so please help! I came to the US with a K1 visa in January 2017. I am still waiting for my GC interview to be scheduled. I have EAD and last year I made exactly $100 (out of tutoring a student) minus -$300 on business expenses, so net income is -$200. My husband has a regular job at a company. My questions are: 1) Can we still e-file our taxes (as we have to attach the statement where we say we want to treat me as a resident alien for tax purposes)? Is there a way to attach this statement with TurboTax or other e-file programs? 2) If we do e-file, can we add my income of $100 as "miscellaneous income" (TurboTax charges $89 for self-employed taxes, and I don't wanna be ripped off after losing $200 last year)? 3) Do I actually need to declare that income (I now that I don't have to pay any taxes because I made less than $400 as self-employed, but do I still need to declare those $100)? 4) Finally if we can't e-file, how do we do our taxes?? I have no idea, and my husband has always used TurboTax before. Thanks for answering!
  16. Very long story made short. My fiance / wife arrived in the U.S. by way of a K1 Visa in November 2016. Two days prior to her arrival I lost my contract with the Federal Government. I went thirteen months without income. Because financial priorities shifted during my unemployment status, we married right away, but put off her AOS until we were more financially stable. One year later I am back to work and doing well. I had no income for 2017, but my new current annual salary is in the low 90k's (well above required income). When providing tax transcripts for the previous three years (as requested on form I-864), I will show $0 and no taxes filed for 2017. I do have a letter from my current employer stating my current salary with projected long-term employment. QUESTION: Will no income for all of 2017 negatively affect our situation when filing for AOS? Did I screw up by not working the year prior to filing?
  17. Very long story made short. My fiance / wife arrived in the U.S. by way of a K1 Visa in November 2016. Two days prior to her arrival I lost my contract with the Federal Government. I went thirteen months without income. Because financial priorities shifted during my unemployment status,. we married right away, but put off her AOS until we were more financially stable. One year later I am back to work and doing well. I had no income for 2017, but my new current annual salary is in the low 90k's. When providing tax transcripts for the previous three years (as requested on form I-864), I will show $0 and no taxes filed for 2017. I do have a letter from my current employer stating my salary with projected long-term employment. QUESTION: Will no income for all of 2017 negatively affect our situation when filing for AOS? Did I screw up by not filing sooner and / or not working the year prior to filing?
  18. My mother petitioned me and I got form I-130 approved in December 2013. My Priority Date is 12/23/2013, which becomes current in September 2015. I had my I-485 filed by an Immigration Service in Sep 2015 for Adjustment of Status under F2A category, but somehow the document got lost in the mail and USCIS never cashed out the check. I turned 21 in May 2015, but with PCSA I am still eligible for F2A at the time when the Immigration Service sent out the I-485, which is Sep 2015. Now I completely trust that immigration service and forget about it until May 2017, where I had to refile my I-485 for Adjustment of Status. I now received my EAD, Advance Parole and a Notice from USCIS telling me to take medical examination to prepare for the interview. Also noted that I have been a full time F1 student this whole time, from 2010 to May 2017, and I am currently on OPT at the time I recently file my I-485 form. With that background, I have 2 questions: 1) For this upcoming interview, would it be possible USCIS will deny my case since I am no longer eligible for F2A category? How do I prove to USCIS that the Immigration Service that I paid for had sent out the I-485 and other documents in 2015 (when I am still under PCSA and fully eligible for F2A category) and it was lost in the mail? 2) Worst case scenario, they denied my GC during the interview and push me down to F2B category (unmarried son over 21), would I be out of status by then? My OPT card expires May 2018 and I don't think they will interview me before this period. I'm so worried and it would help me a lot if I could get help from someone who has experienced the same story.
  19. Hello good people, So I have biometric appointment coming up in a matter of days however I just found out (15 hours ago) that I have unpaid traffic fine from 11 years ago and there’s a bench warrant for my arrest. This discovery has me freaking out to high heavens. I made what was supposed to be a quick, simple call to the county magistrate court to make sure everything was in good standing and to see if I could get more certified copies of court dispositions and or proof that I paid all my fines. Long story short we found out that I never paid my fine and therefore there’s a warrant for my arrest, I asked her if I could pay the fine over the phone she said no I have to send a money order with citation number on the money order and they will withdraw the warrant once the payment is received. Once she gave me the citation number I went to the court website and looked it up hoping to be able to pay it online, it gets tricky I found the case and it say it’s open and the fine is $200 however the clerk told me I owe $450 so called back the clerk and told her I don’t have $450 at the moment and it will be a week or two, I can only come up with $200 and some change and I was willing to pay it right now and finish the rest on the coming weeks she refused and told me to send in a full amount or go in person unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near that county/state anymore. Now I don’t know whether to reschedule the biometric appointment till I take care of this issue or print out the invoice from the court house and send the $200 money order and carry the copy with me to the biometric appointment. What really surprised me is that weeks after the missed due date I went to the same court to pay another traffic fine and nothing was mentioned or brought up and ever since I’ve been stopped twice by state patrol admittedly in a different state and though I was never cited they still ran my license and last trooper told me he wasn’t going to give me a ticket because my record was clean and he didn’t want to sully it. Any suggestions, advice are welcome. thank you all and good luck
  20. I know that the actual time it takes to actually get an interview date scheduled varies by local office etc but i am just curious: How long did it your status to change from "biometrics" to "ready to be scheduled for an interview"?
  21. Hi all, I have a concern regarding my AOS package. I have entered US using k1 visa and got married to usc. Then filed my aos including travel and employment authorization form. But i inadvertently forgot to put employment history of my native country. I put unemployed everywhere. In this case will i be able to update that form? My preparer told me to not do anything and asked me to wait until USCIS asks me to provide details. Will it cause a major problem for my entire green card application.? My priority date is September 18 2017. I haven't got any reply from nbc. Only completed my bio metrics on October 11. Haven't received my ead or ap yet. No RFE or RIFE. Please advise on this scenario.
  22. Hi guys, I don’t know if anyway here have been through something similar. My boss really likes my work and deliveries. He knows I applied for the K1, and he knows I would quit when I had the visa in hands. But the thing is that he offered me to keep paying for my salary (which would be paid for the affiliate in Brazil) but work at the dependencies of the affiliate in the US. And in the future, when I have my work permit, they would hire me through the affiliate in the US (becoming an employee of this one in the US and quitting from Brazil). My question is: even not receiving a salary through a US based company, could that potentially hurt my AOS process? I wouldn’t do anything that could be a problem in the future when applying for the green card. And that includes giving up on a job if I have to. I was going to do it anyway in first instance. But of course, the possibility of working and having a salary is always something to think about. What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  23. Recently filed Marriage based Green Card in Denver.I have been sitting home over 2 months now I cant work cant drive. Looking for other people who filled around same time ? Helpful tips to keepy myself budy during day ?
  24. I was debating recently with a friend whether or not is possible to file for AOS if your F2A PD becomes current for file, and your i130 is pending. What do you guys think?
  25. Today at the airport, my EAD card was lost while checking into my flight to Paris. I have a flight in the morning from Paris to the US and no longer have my EAD card. After multiple attempts to find it and file a police report I haven't been able to locate it. I have photocopies of my ead card, my advance parole approval notice, pending AOS receipt notice, marriage license and original K-1 visa on me. What can I do? Can I still board my plane to the US and what are my options if not? My wife is in the US and can go to our local uscis office or anything that can help. Anyone have any ideas how to solve this??