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  1. Hi everyone! We are Planning to travel Guam USA this april which is US teritorry. My GC and AP are still in the process. I’m from texas. It is safe to travel in Guam without GC/AP? We’ll just stay there for 3 weeks and go back again i texas. Anyone has done with this? Thank you for the response! 😊
  2. Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me with this since the USCIS is impossible to get through to. My husband and I got a RFE in the mail about my name in the AOS application not matching the name they have in their records , which makes no sense since people send in applications with their married name all the time and you state your maiden name that absolutely matches their records. That RFE, seems ok but we were also sent an RFE for the advance parole application but it seems different from the other? the RFE for the work permit is a normal standard one but the other one came with an envelope stapled to it and the date was crossed over and it says "remailed". At the bottom of the letter there is an official stamp that says "action completed, approved for filing" . needless to say my husband and I are very confused as to why this was sent to us but only for one of the RFEs. another thing is that the status of the two applications are different in the tracking app. One is in the yellow with an RFE pending and the advance parole one is in the green and just says "document was sent to me" . Someone please help? I'm getting no answers and I don't wanna make any mistakes sending any answers in.
  3. Hey, Both my wife the USC and I live abroad. On form I-864 my wife thought that she filed taxes in 2014, but after talking to her parents they told her that they never filed her taxes on 2014. Because she was a student at that year and made less then $5000 which is underneath the poverty line and therefore exempt from filing. What to do? we already sent the package.. How do we update our form?
  4. Hi so I filed for my AOS on 24th Jan via the fedex facility at the Chicago lockbox. i still haven’t heard back - check still hasn’t been cashed and I haven’t received a text or a noa1 Should I be worried? Has anyone else been in this situation. ??
  5. Hi everybody, I got married 10 days ago and I'm now doing the paper for the AOS. I came on a K1 visa mid-December. It might sounds stupid but i'm confused about where to find the DS 3025 and what it is exactly. I had my medical examination in Belgium in November 2017. I believe I don't need to fill in the i693 as for now but I can't find the " DS 3025 ". Am I going nuts? Thank you!! Alexia
  6. Hi there! My husband got his EAD card back in Nov 2017 and til now, Feb 2018, he wasn't offered a job yet. It's so frustrating especially being in the Silicon Valley and knowing that he has had an awesome experience in tech back in Manila. However, he has received denials on denials of emails. I know they say start back to basic but not even the basics are getting him anywhere because he's too "overqualified" We're currently pending an I-485 from K1 in San Francisco as our Field Office. Still waiting for the interview schedule. Please share experiences on how your partner was able to overcome this. I would appreciate your responses.
  7. Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me where can I find the current USCIS processing time for I-485, which is based on K1? I can't find it on the Forms list at MSC on the below link: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abc3x8ylrOBJScyeqvRfw I filed I-485 on August 30, 2017, along with my I-765. Since then, I received my EAD on February 2, 2017.
  8. Hello, I have a question regarding vaccinations in the USA, I require 2 vaccinations before I can file for AOS. I spoke with a lady at the civil surgeon's office who informed me I had to have my vaccinations done at the local health clinic and then schedule a physical for $400 with the civil surgeon. I was under the impression that it was the civil surgeon who had to administer my vaccinations and I didn't think I would have to take another physical, what's my next step? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Good Day! Need your help guys. I’m from Mississippi came here with K-1 visa. Got married and applied for AOS. I have a question how long foes it take to recieved my EAD Card after EAD approval mailed and what document should i bring to travel outside USA for vacation? Please any feedback on this or who experienced same as me. 😞 AOS filing date: Sept.8,2017 Biometrics: October 3, 2017 Ready for Interview status Online but they haven’t set a schedule for me yet 😞 Recieved approval EAD/Advance Parole: November 28, 2017 we’re planning to go back to the Philippines this April. So any suggestions guys!
  10. Dear VJ Fellows Please Advise! So, I've been in conversation with this production company for a few months now for an upcoming TV production(I work in the film industry.) They offered me a position end of last year. But I need to travel outside the US during the 6 months of production possibly March to September. We filed our AOS and my AP+EAD December 27th, biometrics appointment January 31st, expecting AP+EAD mid-March. The company is not US based, so EAD is not an issue. Plus I still have my EAD from my previous visa. My concerns are: 1): Our interview may be scheduled during the time I'm abroad. In that case, we will have to reschedule the interview. I've seen posts about unsuccessful rescheduling, can anyone advise us on this? 2): With the AP, can you be outside the US for over 6 months while AOS pending and come back to the US without a problem? Do I need to travel back to the US every 2-3 months to keep the time frame shorter? If I can't come back to the US after 6 months of travel what should I do? 3): Will it be a red flag for the interview officer to see that I was away for so long? But the nature of my job is largely based on travel, 90% of the big gigs I get are not local. I'm very frustrated because this is one of the kind opportunity and, to be honest, I already gave up two very big gigs last year in order to get through all the immigration procedure. And in the film industry, everyone knows everyone, I'm afraid if I say no to too many gigs, people will stop asking... Plus, I haven't got any big gig for a long time. What would you do in this situation??? Thank you!
  11. I just filled out I-864 for the AOS application and noticed at the top that the expiration date is 7-31-2017. Now I'm terrified that this form is outdated and wont be accepted. I went to USCIS site and couldnt find anything newer than this one that expired last year. Any recommendations or suggestions ?
  12. Hello everybody I went to H&R Block earlier to get our Tax done and get the refound. I have my conditional GC, I worked 3 months ( Sept-Nov 2017) last year and I had a big doubt about what our tax preparer did My wife and myself filled jointly but my question was about the Healthcare part If I remember the lady checked this '' US citizen abroad and non citizen'' and if I understand correctly this part is about citizen or non citizen abroad right ? Which is not my case for me because I haven't been abroad since I moved here And furthermore she checked all the months from January to December with that exemption thing I'm so lost , completely lost , what does that mean ? Please tell me that the lady was right all along and I'm just worried for nothing ? If she made us fill something wrong then what are the consequences ? Thanks for reading
  13. I'm about to apply for the AOS/Green card for my wife and stepdaughter and dont know what to pay for. I'm positive I read somewhere on the app that if they had a medical exam within the past year they would not need to pay for another medical exam. But on the directions for AOS/green card it says first page " USCIS no longer accepts forms submitted without the correct biometric services fees. You must pay the applicable biometric services fees at the time you file your form. We will reject your form if we receive it without the correct biometric services fee, as specified in the form instructions. Any help would be a huge help. I'm afraid to send it without the biometric service fee and have it rejected and add even more time because it has Advance Parole added to it so they can fly home and visit their sick family, and I dont want my ignorance to ruin their green card application.
  14. We are doing the AOS from he K1. Been over a year since marriage and arrival. Went to civil surgeon and got the medical and shots and such. But I am confused about how it goes into the AOS packet. Do we need the I-693 filled out in addition to what is in the envelope? Or for the AOS packet, the sealed envelope is ALL we need for the medical? Or do we send a I-693 and keep sealed envelope until interview? thanks fo any and all help
  15. Hey! I was just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation, My AOS (with EAD and AP docs) were received on November 24th I've been to my biometrics appointment, which was december 20th On the 26th of December they sent us an RFE for my joint sponsors birth certificate (which was fine and we managed to get it sent off the very next day) They recieved it the 5th of Jan and then finally my case updated today saying that we are ready to be scheduled for an interview I am yet to have an update on my EAD/AP though and am slightly concerned that my I-485 is the only thing progressing. Super excited to be able to be working/ driving and able to go and see my family again so am interested to hear of people in a similar situation or other peoples timelines featuring an RFE, thank you!!
  16. Hi everyone! New member here seeking advice. I am getting married to my American partner in June (yay!), we've been together for years and live together in NYC. I am currently on an O-1 visa that is in good standing and expires Jan 2019. We've heard some conflicting things about traveling before filing for the green card after marriage and I'd love to hear others' experiences. I am leaving the US for a work trip in May. I'll be reentering the country on my O-1, and this isn't the first time I have reentered the country on this visa. Does that affect when I can safely apply to adjust my status? I've heard that I should wait a little time after getting married and marriage certificate before filing so that there's no question over my intent to stay in the US, but then others have said I am free to travel and reenter on my O-1 and file for a green card at any time. I've also heard that because I intend on getting married, and will be reentering the country with that intent, I should possibly apply for the fiance visa. It would just be a few weeks before our wedding that I plan to travel, and I also want to get my green card application in as soon as possible after marriage in order to avoid possible delays in employment authorization (I have a full-time job). Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks so much.
  17. Guys, guys!! I FINALLY have my interview date! 7 months of sitting around the house unable to do anything and pulling my hair out! It all feels so worth it now. However... I do have questions for people who have already gone through the interview, as suspected. Preferably Kansas City office but if not that's perfectly fine! I feel just the same as I did for my K1 interview haha! • How was it, were they nice and friendly? • What types of questions were you asked? • How long did the process take? • How long until you actually received your greencard? and for the most obvious... • What did you take with you and what were you asked for?? I am so grateful to everyone who has reassured me and who has helped me out on here so far! You have no idea just how much of a help you truly have been! THANK YOU!!!
  18. So I am currently in my AOS process and filed for my EAD. My NOA1 was November 2nd, had my biometrics Dec 7th, received a RFIE dec 4th and responded dec 7th. There have been no updates since fingerprint fee was received, I still haven't received a response notice after they received my RFIE requested documents. I have heard about people getting state senators to help, how does that work? I call them and what? I don't like talking to people on the phone when I have no idea what to say or do. Getting very frustrated and impatient since I see plenty of people who filed 1-3 weeks after me who received their EADs already.. And I am also confused about how long my case has been pending. I thought I hit the 90 day limit today, but someone pointed out to me weekends and holidays don't count.. if that is true my cases have been pending only for 61 days.. 54 if they paused while they waited for the RFIE documents. So I can't make an actual inquiry until March 9th....?
  19. I was wondering if we have a lot of Los Angeles filed office AOS filers, maybe it would help to get some data points here. My main concern is how do you plan travel for after you get your AP and until you get your interview notice? I do not want to book travel and then get a notice that my interview is during that time... As best I can tell, it used to be 7.5 months from receive date to interview, and now with the latest update it is 6 3/4 months or so. One member here I believe got scheduled 6 months out recently, but I can't find where that post was (the search here when you type in Los Angeles is too hard to sift through). Any other LA filers here? Maybe you can share your dates and we can get some educated guesses going
  20. Thank you in advance for your guidance and support. I've mentioned some of the following information before, but never for this particular question. I will do my best to keep it precise. My fiance / wife arrived to the U.S. in November 2016. I lost my job with the federal government two days before her arrival (11/2016) We were married within a week. I was unemployed for one year through November 2017 I am working full time now with an annual salary in the high 80's (well above requirements) Because I was unemployed, we neglected to file for my wife's AOS until now Now that I am working, we are in the process of building the AOS packet. Because I won't have to file taxes for 2017 until April, am I safe in providing tax records for 2016, 2015 and 2014 respectively? My 2017 taxes will show just two months of salary. I would like to avoid the most current tax year if I can. Considering W2s are just now going out, can I send only the previous three years as long as we send the AOS package before April?
  21. I have 2 Adjustment of Status forms or I-485 for my wife and stepdaughter, but now I dont know what to do or how to pay for them. The website says I need Alien registration and DOS case ID #, which they do not have. And it wont let me pay online without these numbers. I read something on USCIS site that says they should have an immigration packet- but if so I'm completely lost they have no packet- all they have are their K1 and K2 visas. Do I just send a money order in with the I-485 applications or is it a requirement to have this immigration packet first with these numbers so that I can apply for permanent residency for my wife and stepdaughter? Any help would be a HUGE deal as we're completely lost on this whole process.
  22. Background info: My husband came here on a K1 visa. We applied for his EAD and AOS on 2017-09-25. We received an RFE for Initial Evidence 2018-01-10. They claimed that I did not prove to be over the 125% poverty line (though I am, and provided tax forms, letters from employers, pay stubs, etc.). I resent all this evidence, as well as added a joint sponsor just to be extra careful. I'm certain we've done absolutely everything we need to do; I'm also certain that I am over the 125% poverty line (not by too much, but still over the mark). Our congressman has been inquiring for us; we added the joint sponsor; we've stuck to this long process for what seems like forever. But I still have this awful weight on my chest that we will get denied, even though we meet every qualification. As I write this I guess I'm looking for sympathy and a kind word more than anything (life will be so much easier once my husband is able to work and money is less tight), but I'm out of ideas. Is there anything I can do at this point except wait? Any words of advice?
  23. Hi There, I just sent in my package today and it should be received in the month of February so i decided to start a thread for February Filers! Good Luck Everyone and keep us posted! Arrived in USA (Tourist visa December 20th,2016) Married - September 12th, 2017 Filed (I-130, I-130A, I-131, I-485, I-765, I-864)
  24. I came to the US on a K1 fiance visa last year, got married, and we are now in the AOS phase. We are still waiting for my documents to come so that I am able to travel again (outside US) and work. I was wondering, financially speaking, how long does my American husband (petitioner) have to be making 125% above poverty guideline? He definitely makes way over the minimum required but lately we have been thinking about him taking a month or two off from working, possibly quitting his current job, so we can travel for a little bit. His job only allows a week or two at most of vacation time, so we won't be able to fully vacation and enjoy the other side of the world. He wants to visit the other side of the world, as well as spend more time / interact with my side of the family, and also to learn my native language. We have enough finances that allows him to take half a year off working, so that is not an issue - but legally speaking (tax purposes and all that), will this affect our situation as a K1 visa fiance applicant (now wife)? We aren't leaving the US for good or abandoning anything, just planning on taking a month (or two) long vacation. Has anyone else done this and will his "unemployment" (so to speak), affect us? Or does he have to be constantly working?
  25. Hi everyone, I received my green card today, after a successful AOS from my K1 visa. I was expecting to get a 2 year green card with conditions attached to it, but I have actually been given a 10 year card which says IR1 in the category space and I understand that this is unconditional. I don't want to run into any problems down the line if this has been given to me in error and I should have reported it or something... is it common to just be given a 10 year IR1 card for some reason, as opposed to the 2 year conditional one?? If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. If it's a totally normal thing, I'll just celebrate extra hard! Thank you.