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  1. What could be the reason that others in the same field office are approved for their GC before me if they sent their application 2 months after me? I haven't even received my EAD and I get no response to my service requests. I contacted my congressman and he received a reply back that my application is within normal process time. But still, others are approved before me, who applied after me. What can I do now? Just wait?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone who has filed a k1 *been the petitioner* has had a juvenile record and if so what did you provide to prove it was dismissed? I need to provide that it was dismissed, but my case never went to court. Thanks in advance!
  3. NVC has sent our petition to the Embassy/Consulate in Rio De Janeiro, which is the only location in Brazil that processes K1 visas. Currently our status on the CEAC website says 'In Transit'. NVC emailed us that our case was being sent 4 days ago. My question is: "Does anyone know the approximate timeline from NVC (In Transit) to when the Consultate will email us the information we need to schedule our interview?" We completed our DS-160 online 2 days ago. Just looking for an approximation, as we have held off everything with the wedding until we knew when we would be closer to getting her Visa. This site, and its members, have been an incredible lifeline throughout this long process. I can't thank everyone enough for the information they've shared up to this point.
  4. Hi all, I got a question if I can relocate and live in the US under my b1/b2 visa rules up to 180 days and then fly back to my home country for an interview? I understand that theoretically I can do so but in this case, it will be better to interview somewhere in the US or at least Canada. Is it possible? Because it's around 1k USD to fly back home and then return to the US. Also same question about medical the US or Canada? Also can I clarify a list of vaccines required for K-1 medical exam!? Maybe somebody already know... Country of application: Ukraine Application date: 20OCT17 NOA1 date: 24OCT17
  5. Hello, I have recently received my afficiate of support form from my co-sponsor, however he has completed the form in dark blue ink and answered ‘I do not intend’ for question 38. Will they accept the form like this? Also the supporting evidence he has sent is: A copy of his social security pension statement A letter from his employer A letter from his bank showing holdings Is this enough? People keep mentioning w2s but the form didn’t mention them. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Just a little background info first- My fiancé and I have been together for the last 3 1/2 years. We met in America, fell in love, and have made an honest go of it. Once I graduated university it seemed that we were finally able to begin our journey to have the rest of our lives together. This last fall my fiancé got a job in NJ as a soccer coach, here on a J1 visa. The company he was with wished to extend his visa due to a strong performance, and gave my fiancé the receipt and information of the filing with the USCIS for an extended visa. This company told him that as long as the visa was processing, he would be able to continue work. Fast forward to December, my fiancé's contract was up (December 1st) and we got engaged (yay!) on a trip to Seattle. Part of this trip was to go into Vancouver for a couple days, and then return to the states for the Christmas Holidays, so my fiancé would return on his ESTA and not overstay the 30 day grace period since his work contract ended. Here comes the nightmare... When we attempted to cross the border, Border Control pulled us in, and after many hours of investigation found that this company my fiancé worked for in NJ had incorrectly filed for the visa extension, and my fiancé had technically been working illegally for 2 months. Border Control did not find my fiancé criminally responsible, so he wasn't banned or anything, but they decided he would need a Visa to re-enter the country and his ESTA would no longer be valid. My fiancé had to return to the UK. This was pretty heartbreaking, and a week before Christmas mind. After a couple weeks of thought, we decided my fiancé would apply for a B-2 Visitors visa, so he could visit for a couple months, and we could begin the process of the K-1 together. However, fate had another nasty trick up its sleeve and my fiancé was denied a B-2 visa because the consulate interviewer felt if we were engaged, we should be applying for a K-1 and not a B-2, unless we were trying to get married on a B-2. Which we weren't! We were just honest to god trying to see each other for a period of time before the 8-10 month K-1 visa process began. SO after this long story, I just wanted to ask if anyone had been in a similar situation, and if I should be worried about him obtaining the K-1 Visa because he was denied entry and denied a B-2. We've been in love for nearly 4 years, and have tried to do everything right. We just need a little bit of luck.
  7. Hi All, Has anyone had a K-1 interview at the embassy in Accra in 2018? If so, can you please help me be sure of everything my fiance should bring to the interview? I've done a lot of independent research but I want to be sure he has everything needed. He just submitted the DS-160 a couple of days ago. We already scheduled his interview online. Should we expect to receive something via email regarding what to bring now that the DS-160 was submitted? Thanks in advance on any direction regarding what to expect.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm gonna send my AOS package in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I have a few questions and I hope you can help me. 1. When I did the medical exam for the interview (K1 visa) they gave me a CD with my Chest X-Ray . Do I have to put it in my package and send itfor the AOS? Or I have to keep it? 2. What kind of evidence I have to send to prove our relationship? The photos, the boarding pass and the marriage certificate are enough? Do you have any suggestion? 3. My birth certificate is in Italian. Do I have to send a copy in english? Thank you for your help!
  9. NVC To embassy - london

    Hey I was just wondering how long people waited for the case to go from the NVC to the embassy in London?? Thanks in advance.
  10. CEAC “application received to AP

    My fiancé’s case changed status this morning to “application received” and now it says “administrative processing”and it has changed to “non-immigrant.” Does anyone know what I should be expecting next? Or rather, hoping for next?
  11. My boyfriend and I got our NOA1 for our k1 yesterday! (sent Feb 7th) I'm taking it as a good karmic sign that we got it on Valentine's Day. 😂 I know we're a long way off from finishing the process but I've been really curious about the POE part. My boyfriend and I are currently living together in the UK and I'm just curious how many others flew back with their Fiance's with visa in hand? Did you go through the "non -USC" line with them, if yes, how did it go? Just wanting to hear some personal stories from people who have been through it already. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but thinking about the end of the process makes it a bit less stressful. Just as an edit since it's usually brought up when I say we live together in his country... we did look into doing a CR1 and decided that the k1 was a better fit for us and our personal timeline. We have a lot of support from my family and his so him needing to work right away wasn't a deal-breaker, and he's planning on using the time off to explore what he wants to do before going back to school in the US.
  12. Hello this is probably a dumb question - but my fiancee and I just mailed off our K1 application to the Texas service center. I checked their website for processing times but the chart confuses me... https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do Is it indicating that they are currently working on K1 visas from back in July? Thanks!
  13. I arrived at the embassy at 9:50am (Appointment at 10:30), I handed over my passport and DS160 to the guy at the tent and went straight in and through security within 3 minutes. Once I reached the next area I was sent to the front of the queue (I assume everyone else was queuing for tourist visas), the ladies at the desk advised me to take the lift to the 1st floor, once I got there I turned left and followed the signs to windows 19-24 which is the immigrant visa section and was almost completely empty. As soon as I walked around the corner my number was called. I spoke to a very nice officer who took my documents, my fingerprints etc and we just chatted while he processed everything. He informed me my medical hasn't yet arrived :'( When we were done, he advised me there would probably be a bit of a wait until the 2nd officer sees me so to call Knightsbridge and see what's going on. I called Knightsbridge and they told me it will be sent over in the next couple of days...so word of warning: Even though they say 5 working days, give it longer if you can to avoid delays and the mini heart attack you get when the officer tells you it's not there. I allowed for exactly 5 clear working days and it wasn't there (I also overheard someone at a window who'd had it done the week before me and his results weren't there either). From arriving, handing over documents, calling Knightsbridge it only took about 20 minutes. I then waited for around 30 minutes before I was called up by the second officer. He wasn't as friendly as the first guy I saw, but he was nice enough. First he checked my fingerprints and had me raise my right hand to swear I was telling the truth. After that he just went through my documents, asked how we met, had I been to the US before, how we intend to support ourselves, then talked a little bit about where I'll be living, but that felt more like just chatting than being quizzed. He rounded it off by telling me I'm approved pending the medical and he estimates it will be around 2 weeks until I have my visa in hand. The interview bit only took maximum 10 minutes and I was out of the embassy and on my way to celebrate by 11am. The embassy itself is a nice big building, very minimalist inside. Everything is clearly signposted, but there are also police dotted around who are happy to help with directions. There is a waitrose opposite if you want to get breakfast or pick up a newspaper before you go in. The staff were all friendly and happy to help from what I saw. Tips: - Take a bottle of water, I didn't see a drinking fountain around and you could be waiting a while. - Take something to do/read - data internet connection is spotty, so phone/tablets aren't much use (other than for actual phone calls...) - Relax! All in all a good experience, just need Knightsbridge to get there a***s in gear.
  14. Hey guys, Forgive me if I've posted in the wrong portal! Can anyone shed light on this process. I've searched previous threads but can't seem to find any from recent years. I'm an Australian who lived in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa for over 12 months and I'm trying to find out how to apply for a Canadian Police certificate. Being outside of Canada there's a different process and from what I gather you need to pay someone to take your fingerprints (in your home country) and have them sent to Canada to have the check done? The timeline on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website says it can take up to 22 weeks for processing if NO match is found... hence why I'm trying to get the ball rolling with this one now since if I wait until closer to the NOA2 date it may not arrive before my interview. I did read a thread from another aussie who mentioned hers never arrived in time for her interview and when she went in and they asked about living outside of Australia they didn't require any Police Checks from her Working Holiday Visa stints abroad... (and as much as I wanna just hope they do the same for me I do want to attempt to get the cert) So if anyone has done this recently from outside of Canada I'd love to hear how you did it cause the website is super vague and confusing! TIA <3
  15. Hello everyone, I was starting to check what I have to send for my AOS. I tried to search here and online but everyone have a different list, different forms, so I don't know which one is the correct one. Do you know any website that can help me with the package? Thank you!
  16. Hello all, My fiance had his interview today and they kept his passport. However, they did give him a slip on request for additional documents. I sent in all documents as soon as I was home today and he forwarded them to the London Embassy. Anyone know how long until his visa will be issue on average? TIA.
  17. I have been waiting 8 months now for a response from USCIS. I have submitted and inquiry which they say they've "sent a response" for but I haven't received it. If it's coming via snail mail, does that mean it's bad news? Is anyone else having the same time frame for wait times? Is there any way to contact anyone in the CSC that may be processing the petition?
  18. Well, this is a heads up for all those who are going to the London Embassy for a K1 interview. I was told numerous times on visajourney London only requires one I-134 and I would not need to fill one because my uncle is my co-sponsor. Well, that is false. My fiance just got out of the London Embassy and they told him I needed to fill an i-134 with supporting documents too. I am really upset right now since I've asked so many times and I was given the wrong information. I know this is a quick easy fix but I had hopes for an approval today after this long wait. The interviewer said it could take 3-4 weeks now which I don't think is true but I am disheartened right now and trying to send in everything by today.
  19. Overall, my experience with Knightsbridge was pleasant, but with a little more waiting than I'd have liked! My appointment was at 10:10, so I arrived at 09:50 - the location is quite tucked away, and it took me about 5 mins to figure out where I was going, even with the help of Google Maps! The streets on Google maps aren't connected, as the surrounding area has a lot of shops, so it can be hard to see where you are going but use the landmarks as best as you can! The building itself looks like a residential building, but has a plaque reading "Knightsbridge" on the door. Inside the building, you need to take the first door on your left. Reception was busy, so I had to wait 15 minutes to be seen. Then, the receptionist took my paperwork from me (including passport and passport pictures) and scanned it all in, before giving me the original copies back (minus the passport and passport picture). She then gave me a urine cup and a clipboard with a couple more forms to sign. I went to the toilet and completed the urine sample, which I returned to reception, and then sat in the waiting room and filled out my forms before returning them. 15 minutes after returning my forms (10:35 appx), a friendly gentleman called my name. He took me to the back room and explained that he would be taking my chest x-ray. He gave me a gown and directed me to the corner of the room, which had a medical curtain to pull across. He asked me to remove all items on my upper body (t-shirt, jacket, bra and necklace) and put my hair up on top of my head (in a bun) - there was a mirror with a shelf on it to keep my necklace and a hair clamp (the kind that you squeeze to open) for my hair. Luckily I had a hairband to use. Then, he asked me to stand in front of the x-ray machine with my chest pressed against it, chin resting on top and moved my arms into a strange position (like your hands ar on your hips, but not quite). He asked me to hold my breathe, then it was over and I could change back into my clothes as he developed the x-ray. He showed me my x-ray on his computer and told me it looked okay and that I could go to the waiting room again. He was really friendly and pleasant, and the experience took around 5-10 minutes. I was in the waiting room until 11:20, when I enquired at reception as I had been waiting for a while. I was told that the doctor was looking at my file and that I was next. I believe I saw Doctor Fong, and she was very pleasant. She apologised for the delay, and explained that she was having problems drawing blood samples due to the cold weather. She went through my paperwork with me and enquired in more detail about my history of mental illness (depression, anxiety and self harm) which I explained to her. She told me I'd need a letter from my GP but said I'd get more info after my test. We moved to the bed where I stood as she asked me to cover one eye and perform an eye test (simple, reading letters off the wall). Before sitting on the bed. She looked in my ears and mouth, and then asked me to change into my gown. Then, she then tested my blood pressure and my heartbeat (front of my chest and back). Then she asked me to stand up and she checked the back of my legs (unsure why), and said we'd be moving to the blood test. She asked how I was with needles and I told her that I wasn't very good with them. I was offered the opportunity to lay down or sit up on the bed (I chose to lay). She tried to draw from my left arm, but was unable to. She asked if she could try in the other arm with me sitting, which I agreed to. She drew the blood and went to write a label. When she came back, I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and she said I looked pale. She then moved the pillow to the bottom of the bed (so my feet were elevated above my head) and asked me to lay down for a bit. After a few minutes, she said I looked better and could slowly sit up and get dressed in my own time. Then it was explained that I would see the vaccination nurse next, and that they cannot send off the papers to the embassy until they get my letter from the GP. I returned to the waiting room for another 10 minutes, and was called by the vaccination nurse (12:00). She was very friendly and went through my papers with me. She explained that I'd need 1x MMR booster and 1x influenza vaccines and said that I can get these done at my GP or when I arrive, OR at Knightsbridge for a fee (MMR booster - £50, Influenza - £12). I asked for the vaccinations there, to get it out of the way, and again was asked how I was with needles. She was very helpful in preparing me, and explained the symptoms (achiness and tenderness, feeling hot, headaches) and how to deal with them (lots of fluid, paracetamol if needed) before performing one injection in each arm. She told me when she was going to do something ("I'm just going to touch your arm here now") and told me to take a deep breathe before the injections. Overall, she was very gentle and I had no problems. I returned to the waiting room for another 5 minutes and was called to reception at 12:25. I was given back my passport, and vaccination details and asked for a payment (£365 total). She gave me a letter to give to my GP for the mental illness check, which basically explains that I am seeking to immigrate and that the surgery need information on my general well-being, any treatments and a final ruling with regards to my mental health. She said I need to get the letter from my GP emailed or faxed over, and only after they receive that can they send my papers to the Embassy. She also explained that my blood, urine and x-ray results would come back in around 48 hours, and if there were any issues, they'd get in contact with me/ And that was it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be glad to answer Melodie (UK K1 filer)
  20. Well, my wife just got her I-485 interview notice in the mail today. I couldn't find any recent posts (2016 or newer) about this so I'm making one now to help those around the same time period. Question 1 My Wife and I filed also for EAD, request for work authorization in order to work whilst the Green Card is approved. We haven't gotten anything about that yet; does this mean she'll have her GC approved before the EAD can be issued? Question 2 What happens after a I-485 interview? How long does it take to get a GC if the interview is successful? Thanks in advance, guys!
  21. Hi guys,does anyone have an early November 2017 PD and still waiting for EAD?my PD is november 3rd and today is 105day of waiting,l already did my biometric early december but my case has not been updated it still show case was received.l did my bios in Pittsburg PA and my case is in NBC MO, l have raised two service request but am yet to get any reply,l even spoke to tier two officer who told me my case is still in National benefit centre and that NBC is still working on 1st September 2017. I'm so frustrated and depressed.l see some people who filed after me getting approved and l cant understand how that is possible if indeed uscis process cases based on first come first served basis..some of the people getting EAD are in service centre.I hate sitting iddle because l was used to working and being busy l feel so unproductive.someone please tell me what else l can do to expedite my case or how long l have to wait.l wish l came on cr1 visa.
  22. My wife and I received an RFE today for our I-485 application. Although it was totally our fault for leaving one part blank on page 3 (the name of sponsors), the RFE also requests to send copies of federal income tax returns and supporting documents (W-2s, 1099s, Form 2555, and tax schedules). Now I've only been working for the last three years and my first Job was in Singapore for a foreign entity (Singaporean company). Because of this set up, the company I worked for will not issue me a w-2. I have been filing though for the last 3 years my income to the United States and the only forms that I can provide are: 1040, and form 2555 (foreign earned income exclusion). Is there anything else I should provide to back up my tax returns from the last few years? Side note: I no longer am based in Singapore since we as petitioners must be domiciled in order to get the K1 Visa. I now live in the United States and I am currently self employed (it has been less than 5 months). I do have a co sponsor because I've heard all of the nightmares that self employed individuals have gone through even if they have been self employed for years.
  23. I have a question regarding the K1 process. Our case already left the NVC to the consulate in Cd. Juarez, my fiancé (petitioner) already received a letter from the consulate but the thing is, while checking the flowchart here, on step 8 it reads "Forms and Checklist sent to foreign Beneficiary (Fiance/e)." yet I haven't received any mail from the consulate. Should I go ahead an fill out the DS-160 and follow the steps given on the letter that my fiancé received or should I wait for the forms and checklist to arrive? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. I had my medical on the 30th of january this year. During I was told I would need a tdap, flu and chicken pox shot. I had the tdap done at the embassy practice but I was told I can have the rest in America due to applying for k1. I am very sensitive to vaccines, this vaccine has left in bedridden and in agony for 2 weeks now after I ended up in hospital. A flu shot did the same thing to me 10 years ago and it took me 8 years just to recover fully. She told me as I've had chicken pox 3 times I could get a blood test to prove I have antibodies. And for flu I may get away with not having if it's not flu season. But reading up it's not clear. If my medical was during flu season and I apply out of it, would I still need a vaccine? And how do I prove I have antibodies for chickenpox? Can I have a blood test by my doctor?