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  1. I'm posting to those who run VisaJourney.com. Several of the Embassy's now are requiring a documents review prior to your visa interview. The purpose of this pre-interview/documents review is to get your documents in order for your upcoming interview. This pre-interview is required for the embassy my fiancé is interviewing at. If you miss the pre-interview, your actual interview is CANCELLED. I would recommend VisaJourney enters this as an optional field for the visa timeline, and if anyone has questions on the pre-interview, we can use this forum to answer them here.
  2. Hi August 2022 Filers, Hope you all are doing good. It is hot out here in Texas. I will be sending my packet on or during second week of August this year. I wanted to touch base on what are some of the important documents that you have gathered, that we must include in our I-751 packet? Similarly, I will be sending my packet from Dallas, TX. I was wondering which service center my packet is most likely to land into? Appreciate your input, Thanks!
  3. Hi there! We finally made it, after a 2 year process it's time for the K-1 Interview! In the email received from the Malaysian Embassy, they state that original documents will be required at the interview. However, I've done a ton of searching and can't seem to find out which documents MUST be original. Could someone point me in the right direction or let me know which documents must be original? From what I've found, the only thing I see so far is that the Birth certificate must be original. Does this mean the petitioner's birth certificate (and other documents) needs to be shipped to the Beneficiary's country? I really appreciate all the help! I will be emailing these questions to the Embassy in Malaysia, however they often take quite long to respond (and often don't give the best answers) so I'm asking here as these questions have been pressing on my mind. Thank you very much for the help, it's much appreciated <3
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. Can someone please inform me about the documents that my fiancé needs to bring on the day of the interview? I want to ensure that we have everything necessary. Thank you!
  5. Hello all, I have a question about something that was put on our file. So my wife doesn't files taxes or tax returns which she have written a letter explaining that. Today we got anoter RFE after her 1099s and Letter of Explanation for not filing taxes was accepted that she needs to send/upload Federal Income Tax return or transcript...well she has been on Social Security Disability for 11 years and she has not file any tax returns etc. Anyone has the same situation and how did they resolved it? Cause this is insane and we don't know what to do once its says on a irs website that she doesn't have to file taxes if she is on disability SSN....ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated it and it will be highly rewarded with good Karma and great luck for all of you. P.s. please check the photo uploaded. less
  6. Hello all..i hope you are all doing well and your documents are getting DQd and ILs are flying through the door/email and getting delivered quickly like an invitation from Hogwarts...🤩 Does anyone knows how long does it takes for NVC TO review re-submitted documents? We are literally waiting on 2 documents and we basically filed them the same day/night 28th of march and lunch time on 29th straight away when we found out that we have to re-submit them.... Anyone with the same experience? And idea on time frames that will be awesome. Kind Regards #KindnessMatters 🫂💯🫂
  7. Hi, I've searched through the forums but can't exactly find my issue. I was recently approved for a EB2 NIW and have just completed my DS260 form on the CEAC webpage. However, there is no upload documents section present on the webpage and I am unsure if I should email or mail documents to the Department of State instead? As a self petitioned visa, I do not require affidavits of support but so need to upload a birth certificate, police check etc. I believe. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. My wife has petitioned her mother to come here on an IR-5 visa. She just received an interview date in early February at the consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. We are trying to make sure she has all of the documents she needs at the interview. We are confused, though, about whether she needs to bring proof of my wife’s (her daughter) citizenship status - i.e., naturalization certificate or US passport. The confusion comes from reading 3 different things in 3 different (official) places. One says to bring ORIGINALS (and copies) of ALL documents uploaded to CEAC (which would include her naturalization certificate). Another official source says to bring proof of status such as “a COPY of naturalization certificate or US passport.” And the checklist that my wife’s mother has to print and bring to the interview doesn’t mention bringing proof of status at all! Obviously, we will have her bring a copy of my wife’s naturalization certificate and passport. But I’m just wondering if we need to risk mailing her official certificate to Vietnam, given how unreliable and slow mail service can be (in our past experience). Anyone know for sure if the petitioner’s official (original) Certificate of Naturalization is needed at the IR-5 interview in Ho Chi Minh City? Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. If your DOB got changed due to Educational certificates, and new passport's DOB don't match the previous passport's DOB, then how to deal this situation and what's the procedure of sounding Bonafide in their eyes ??
  10. Wow... it's been about 10 years since I was an active part of the VJ community. My husband is starting the process of renewing his Green Card. I was wondering what kind of supporting documents they are looking for at this point in the game? We've been married for 13 years, have a beautiful daughter, and have lived in the same house the entire time. I'm just not sure what to gather for this process. Thank you for any insight you may have on this process! I'm also looking for the USCIS processing times, and I can't seem to find it. Help! Thanks, everyone!!
  11. Hello, Our case got DQd on June 29th, 2022 and we are currently waiting for an email regarding next steps. In addition to the DQ notice, we received a review note that stated the following: "This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview." My wife had just graduated University and started her first job at the time of this sponsorship process and so her tax documents at the time I guess did not satisfy the minimum income requirements. As we went along the process, she got a new job and has been there for almost a year and we uploaded documents showing her current salary which more than meets the requirements. I didn't think we needed to have a joint sponsor because of this. Now that this note is on our file, we have a joint sponsor and we have completed the AOS form and gathered the financial documents to support it. In terms of uploading this on to CEAC, is there a specific way this must be done? Firstly because this is a joint sponsor and secondly because NVC has already accepted our previous documents and have stated we are documentary qualified. So I'm wondering if we just upload as normal or do something differently. It even says "an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted". I would like to do so anyways to avoid any further conflicts, delays, or issues. Secondly, at the time of me submitting my civil documents, my passport was not expired. It expired throughout the process. I have renewed my passport and have both my old and new ones with me. Should I be uploading the new one on to CEAC or is this not necessary? I'm assuming I should still bring both to the interview? Thank you for the help and feedback!
  12. Good morning! I am a little confused on what to provide for my husbands interview in Casblanca (not yet scheduled, just trying to put things together now)! Can someone clarify what this means? If you are married: Your original marriage certificate, sworn English translation, and a photocopy. If you were previously married: Your original divorce or spouse’s death certificate, sworn English translation, and a photocopy. If you are older than 16 years of age: The original police certificate from your country of current residence and countries of previous residence. If these three items are all true, you must bring a more recent police certificate to the interview: You are older than 16 years; You obtained a police certificate and submitted it to NVC more than one year ago; and You still live in the country that issued the police certificate. I find the wording very confusing. I am the petitioner, I know my husband has to provide his police and court record with translations and copies, but I am not sure what this means for me. Is this something I provide? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Hi everyone! I'd really appreciate some guidance here. We are gathering the documentation to apply for K1 and I've been researching everywhere, but I wasn't able to obtain reliable information about the need to have a certified translation of my marriage certificate, as I am divorced. Can I translate my own document, or can it be someone else fluent in the language, or is a certified translation registered by the notary mandatory in this case? Thanks for any help 😄
  14. Hi! I married a Costa Rican and we started our visa journey in August 2020. We had finally gotten all the docs sent and accepted in CEAC for the DS260 and I864, but as of today, March 18, 2022 it changed to incomplete for the civil documents. It says the passport, police report and photographs are missing, yet I submitted them in September 2021. They requested an additional document in December, which I submitted immediately. Any idea why they’re asking to send these documents again? Also, does this mean we are closer to the interview? A new section on CEAC popped up in the corner saying our interview location and priority date, but from my understanding, spousal visas aren’t limited, so we shouldn’t have to wait long for an interview. It’s been a long 19 months!
  15. Hello everyone, i am a dv2022EU selectee and I have the case nº around 2200. I sent ds260 in june.. But still no email requesting for documents from kcc. Anyone in the same situation?
  16. Hi all! My wife (the petitioner) and I (the beneficiary) received our Receipt Notice on October 19, 2021 for our I-130 petition. Since then, we have not received any other communications. We have received an estimated timeline for approval of around September 2022. We understand that time is something we can't change (duh!) but we wanted to make extra sure that we had our file submitted correctly, so that it can hopefully move as smoothly and efficiently as possible! At the time we submitted our petition, we uploaded the following documents: Form I-130A Petitioner's 2 passport sized photos Beneficiary's 2 passport sized photos Petitioner's birth certificate Petitioner's information page of passport Marriage certificate (married in 2017) 2 separate lease documents showing joint tenancy Bank statements from joint account from 2019, 2020, and 2021 These are still the only documents we have on our USCIS account's Documents page. Our questions are: Are we missing anything obvious? (we've double-checked the requirements list, but you never know) We currently only have the information page of the petitioner's passport uploaded. Should we upload all pages of the passport to our file? Also, we have stamps showing a trip we made together to Mexico, and the beneficiary has numerous entry stamps to the USA over the past few years too. Would it be worthwhile to also upload all passport pages of the beneficiary? On Form 1-130A, Part 4, 6.a. (Spouse Beneficiary's signature), the beneficiary did not sign this section digitally or with pen. I remember reading that if this form is submitted digitally, no signature is necessary. Can anyone confirm this is true? Should we also upload 5-10 photos of ourselves in various places, or will the leases and joint accounts likely be enough to prove our relationship is legit? The beneficiary has previously lived abroad in 4 different countries (including the country we are applying from - Canada). We understand the next step in the process will require him to get a Criminal Record Check from each of those 4 countries. Should this be something we begin now? We are happy to get them organized and ordered now, but our only concern was if USCIS had a time limit for when they can be ordered. I.e. Please submit criminal record checks dated within 3 months of today. In that case, the CRCs we order now could potentially expire' down the line. Any help regarding this too would be much appreciated! Have a great day!
  17. Hi Folks, It's taken us nearly 4 years but she finally has visa in hand for her and her 15 year old daughter. What documents did you bring - e.g. Original Birth Certificates, Drivers License, School records, etc. What did you wish you had brought with you?
  18. I am female u.s. citizen currently collecting documents for my Moroccan fiance and I to be married in Morocco. we will continue to the spouse visa process. does anyone know if any documents needed for marriage in morocco need to be apostilled? if they dont need an apostille, do they need any form of notorization before i bring them with me or send them to my fiance?
  19. VAWA Topic about ALL the evidence needed. Feel free to share what you have, don't have or you're missing and trying to obtain.
  20. I’m currently away visiting my parents and just got notification that I have an interview for N-400. I can’t fly back until the night before my appointment and don’t have all the required documents on hand. the documents I have on hand: - Green card - notice of Interview document - drivers license I’ve lost my British passport, I hope that won’t be an issue! Since I was approved for I-751 (removal of conditions) while awaiting my N-400 interview, do I still need to bring proof of marriage? If so, will they accept copies of documents that I can’t bring? For example, can I bring a copy of my wife’s birth certificate if her mother emails me a photo of it? thanks
  21. Hello everyone, I am knew here. So I petitioned for my husband who lives in Haiti. He has sent his birth certificate and extrait d'archives to make a correction to his mother's name. He has also requested our extrait for the marriage certificate. It has been 10 months since he has been waiting on the documentations. He is constantly being told that the director of the National Archives has not been in the office because of the kidnappings so he has been working from home. Does anyone knows what is going on with the National Archives and why is it taking so long to receive the documents? Thank you in advance.
  22. Hi everyone! I am a CR1 applicant from the UK. My interview is scheduled for the 10th Sept and my medical is NEXT WEEK on Tuesday 24th. Both in London. I am getting a bit flustered and confused with the required docs as sent through/shown on the website by VisaMedicals when I booked my exam. Hopefully this can be a new thread to combine answers to save people combing through different ones for info! The main questions I have are; On the visa medicals website they specify the vaccination list must have 'original certification' - is the print out from my GP enough? I also still have my OG red book that I will take too. But do I need the GP to sign/stamp etc as well? My GP surgery seemed to get a bit confused when I asked them for a print out of my patient summary - I am collecting it tomorrow but it seems they are providing me with selected pages, such as my vaccination summary, illnesses/disabilities page, medications list. Is this enough for a 'summary' or should I ask them again for the full summary just in case? Any advice would be super great! I have a mild physical disability that I have had no "treatment" for as an adult. It affects me extremely mildly, and is managed mainly by normal yoga/exercise. Would the info included in the summary pages above be enough, or will I need to get a specialised report for myself as I am now? The instructions are a bit unclear about whether such info is expected to be included in the summary or not - I know letters and referrals and detailed info is needed for mental health issues and STDs, but this does not fall into that category. It says to bring any glasses/contact lenses you use with you, but should I take my prescriptions for both just in case? ALSO, I have both a UK and a German police cert - do I need to take both? It says that copies are acceptable, so if so I'll need to take a copy of the German translation as the original is in the US with our lawyer. It seems VisaMedicals only needs my UK one though? Does anyone have any experience of having two? Thanks in advance friends! Looking at the list it all seems like it should be very straightforward but I am a little bit terrified that I'll miss something and be pushed back!
  23. Hello There. I would like to share my IR1 journey so far. I will keep it short and simple. We tried our best to find a joint sponsor to support our case, unfortunately we weren't successful. After much consideration and consultation we finally decided to try our fate with whatever we have in hand. We got married in 2018 and we have 2 kids (my wife + 2 kids all US nationals) 2017- 2018 (my wife was living abroad with me - Saudi Arabia). in 2018 September she went back to the USA so we can start our immigration process, later we got the news that she is pregnant with our 2nd child (birth year 2019) and that same year(2019) we got approval from USCIS and our case was transferred to NVC for further processes. 2019 September she visited me again with the new born baby and we got stuck due to COVID situations all over the world until Mid of 2020. Finally after settling in with the new born & getting back to USA 2020 September she started working and she is earning 2k over the said poverty guideline up to this date. Since she started working in Sep 2020, her 2020-W2 only shows income and deductions for the period of 4 months. (Sep2020 to Dec2020). We have included a self-explanatory letter (stating why we didn't file taxes for the year 18/19) along with 2020 W2(4 months), 1044(4 months). All proofs have been attached such as resident permits for staying outside, birth certificate of our child born in 2019 etc. We have included employment letter & paystubs covering period of (September 2020 to July 2021) Our NVC submission date is 02nd July I would like to know anyone out here in the VJ forum facing a similar situation as me, it will help prepare for what's coming ahead for us. Also I will keep this thread updated for the sake it can help someone in the same boat as me. Thank you for taking time to read this post. Wishing everyone a wonderful day ahead.
  24. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  25. The documents tab on my USCIS account stopped working last Thursday. Before then l could see a list of all documents submitted as well as USCIS notices. Now it defaults to the case status. Any similar experience?
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