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  1. What type of proof do I need to establish a relationship with my husband? I have our marriage certificate, lease and a joint bank account. I worry because they're all from 2019. Our relationship began in April 2017 and he moved in with me late that year, but we didn't add him to the lease. There were a couple untility bills in his name, but I cannot find the damn lease for that property! I moved away for university in September 2018 and he stayed at the house. Eventually he moved near me in 2019 and we now have our own flat. Given our lack of documents, what else can we use? Thank you for any advice 🙂
  2. Hello, my fiance has his interview on Wednesday and we just now realized it asks for the original and a photocopy of each document. Is it okay if we dont have copies or is it mandatory? If it is, is the photocopy required for every document or just certain ones?
  3. Hello All, I had my interview on 22nd Aug for Cr1 at Mumbai Consulate. received 221g and asked to submit relationship listed docs along with passport. I have submitted everyting was asked on 6th Sep. My Ceac is showing READy since interview day and last update was 11th OCt. Few of my friends that i know on my whatsapp group got their visa last week and one got this week. having similar dates of interview (21st,22nd &sa 29th Aug) they all have submitted same docs on 3rd or 6th of Sep which, i also did. I don't know what's happening with my case. I'm really frustrated and confused. It's getting difficult to wait. Please help with your suggestions would be helpful in this situation and point of life.... .
  4. We have been logging in and checking on CEAC and we have noticed that the systems are down since around 5 days ago. However, we got a message from NVC thru email today and we need to upload documents but upon clicking on "invalid doc" it shows the systems issue message in the image below. Is this happening to everyone? Oh what timing! 😫
  5. Hello, my fiancée is Venezuelan and is under the impression that in order to have his documents fully validated (birth certificate, police report, etc) he needs to get an apostilla, which is some kind of extra step to make official and formal these documents. This is different and a part from the notarization process. Does anyone know if this this is required for the K1 interview documents? We have our interview in a couple weeks in Bogotá and he’s stressing about this apostilla stuff, but I haven’t heard anything about it whatsoever from my research in the K1 process, nor is it mentioned in the packet or any government website. Thanks,
  6. My peruvian birth certificate has an accent mark in my last name but my passport and visa stamp don’t, and this is because my another country ID was print everything in capital letters which means no accent marks. In order to get the passport and visa i had to use that ID and no my birth certificate. So I wonder if this would be an issue when I apply for the AOS. Thanks so much in advanced! 😭
  7. Hi guys! So we have submitted our docs in CEAC and so far, we're waiting for response. Now we just read how the orientation and type of document (pdf or jpeg) would affect the approval of the documents. I reviewed what we've sent and we have sent most in the upright position (easily read) except for my husband's(petitioner) and my joint sponsor's certificate of natiralization were rotated clockwise! Also, some of my scanned documents are in jpg! Should I be expecting them to be rejected?
  8. Hello My fiance has an interview for his K1 visa at the London Embassy in about 3 weeks. We are confused by a few things because all the sites say different things, so I've got a few questions. 1. Do I need to bring the ORIGINAL I-797 NOA? We never got that in the UK, and it is currently at my moms house in Florida. I have a photocopy of it, and can get the original but I don't know if I actually need it. 2. I've seen people/sites say you need the ORIGINAL I-134. How am I supposed to get the original if it was sent off to the embassy in the packet? I have a copy of it (A copy of the whole I-129 petition), but I don't understand how I'm supposed to produce the original for this. 3. For my I-134 I'm using an annuity fund, which the majority of isn't taxable. So I can provide photocopies of my annuity fund agreements and monthly/yearly payouts that are stated on there, and again does this paperwork for the fund need to be ORIGINALS? Or can it be a photocopy. And would I need/should we print out my bank statements showing these deposits being made into my account monthly? 4. Does my fiance need to take MY (us petitioner) ORIGINAL birth certificate, naturalization/passport/etc. to his interview? Or will a copy of my certificate/passport suffice? Or does he not need anything of mine? The sites are all so conflicting. 5. Do I need the Original I-129 approval notice? Again, this is in Florida and we are currently in the UK waiting for his interview, so I can get all this sent over but I'd rather not have to send originals with sensitive information over but if I must I will. 6. Can anyone who has had a RECENT interview at the UK Embassy in London for a K1 visa tell me what documents they brought with them? I get the general sense of my fiance's passport, ACRO report, DS-160 confirmation, etc...but what about all the rest that I've read about people bringing? One site says one thing, his confirmation email with instructions says another thing, the london embassy site says another thing, it's so confusing. 7. I read on this forum that I (USC petitioner) can attend the interview if he requests that I come, but when we called the UK embassy in London they said I would not be allowed in. So which is the real answer lol. 8. Lastly, regarding my I-134...does anyone think it will be an issue with the fact that it's an annuity fund? I make well above 100% poverty line on it, even well above the 125% and I've got the paperwork/proof of it. It's just the majority of it isn't taxable income. Thanks in advance
  9. Do I need to send the requested documents listed in the instruction letter (packet 3) to the U.S. Embassy or can I just bring them all to the interview? Some people seem to have just brought it to the interview and didn't send anything to the embassy. From my understanding, it's just to speed up the process a bit, and is not an actual requirement. This is in Tokyo btw. Thank you.
  10. We're waiting for our interview date and we're organizing the documents, the original ones. We're just wondering if they take the original ITR or will they give it back? Also, how do we organize our couple pictures? Like in an album of some sort? Thank you in advance!
  11. The original of my customary divoice document got missing after submission to NVC, what do I do? Should I obtain a fresh one before my interview date? Will the embassy accept a fresh one?
  12. Unfortunately our Embassy, Amman Jordan, is NOTORIOUS for not mailing/emailing packet 3. Its up to us to figure out instructions on our own. Some may get lucky and get someone from the Embassy on the phone to detail it but that hasnt happened for awhile. Very unfortunate. So Im depending on you guys to help some of us here. Perhaps Jordanian members here too? My biggest concern is the required ORIGINAL documents we must provide. I did find an outdated list on the Embassy website. Let me know what I am missing here: - Original I-134 signed in black ink from petitioner plus a copy and a signed I-134 copy from Co-Sponsor - with extra copy of each - Original Employment letter from both petitioner and co-sponsor - Original paystubs plus copies for petitioner and co-sponsor (co-sponsor will also include copy of business license since self employed) - Original certified signed 2018 tax returns or transcripts for petitioner and signed copy from co-sponsor - Original Certified Copy of Birth Certificates plus 1 copy of each for both Petitioner and Beneficiary - Original Certificate of Non-Conviction plus 1 copy for Beneficiary - Original Civil Certificate Letter plus copy for Beneficiary - Original Divorce Decree plus 1 copy - Sealed Medical Examination Envelope - 2-4 passport photos Also - Valid passport and copy of Passport for Beneficiary - Copy of I-129F - Copy of NOA2 letter - DS-160 confirmation - Photos of us - Chat/Video/Call logs Then...what from the above must be dropped off prior to our interview? Our Embassy indicates no less than 1 week, no more than 2 weeks prior to interview , documents must be dropped off at Embassy between hours of 11-12pm on working days. They do not indicate exactly where, what needs to be attached to it, NOTHING. If anyone knows, I would appreciate it. Then last but not least, IN WHAT ORDER DO THESE DOCUMENTS HAVE TO BE IN on day of interview? Again, no one has received instructions or packet 3. Even those way ahead of me as far as I know. Thank you! @A.Na. @leng22 @nkayx @C&M.2018 @Shrouq615
  13. Hi everyone, My fiancee and I applied for a K-1 visa long ago, I had my medical exam already and my interview in Ankara is on Tuesday 11th. When looking for what documents are required, we always saw that we need to submit the I-134 affidavit of support only, that's also what our lawyer said. I received an email from the embassy, however, which I noticed too late because it landed in junk mails, that says that we also need the I-864. In the mail there is the I-864 and I-134 in the "All applicants" section but the I-864 is not in the "details for each applicant" section. This is a bit confusing and it's the first time that I read I need that form for a K-1 visa. Do you think we should get it done quickly with high shipment costs or do I misunderstand something? I appreciate your help. Extract of email is below with only the important details: Documents to bring with you (all applicants) * I-134, Affidavit of Support (Original), If you are a Diversity or Fiancée Visa applicant and you have a sponsor, then you should use I-134 Affidavit of Support form. * I-864, Affidavit of Support (Photocopy). Details for each applicant Applicant 1: R. A. Status: Interview Scheduled; Interview Appointment: 11 July 2017, 08:30 Documents and/or Actions Required: * I-134, Affidavit of Support (Photocopy).
  14. I have seen two statements on various gov and non-gov websites. The health examination records will be in a sealed envelope that says ‘DO NOT OPEN’ on it. But the envelope does not say ANYTHING about not opening AND the Consular officials in Taipei (location of interview) opened the health examination packet. At the interview, you will be given a sealed packet to bring with you to the POE. But my wife was NOT given any sealed packet. Are these problems for us or are the instruction outdated?
  15. hello everyone, may i ask anyone here (philippines) who has the same situation regarding submission of 221(g) letter re: f2b retention letter. my interview was on september 4, 2015 and all was well until my consul told me to submit a f2b retention letter, no other documents was needed since we ask are there anymore documents and she just told us that we go to step 5 that is the window 5 i guest for further instruction, then the person in that window told us what to do and same submit f2b retention letter. we submitted the letter on sept. 9, 2015 and until now we are still waiting. during the interview another person has the same situation the submission of f2b retention letter, but his consul told him to go upstair (EMBASSY) for additional instruction, well the instruction was to submission add: documents like: letter of approval, cenomar, cert of naturalization of the petitioner. he did submit but at a later date somewhere 3rd week of september. he was approved just this today (October 17). the thing is will we submit those documents that he was obliged to submit? the consul told us to submit f2b retention letter, thats it. I know that somehow it is a case to case basis. but to enlighten may we know from you who experience this kind of situation.
  16. Hi Everyone, My fiance is required to drop off documents about 2 weeks prior to our interview. In regards to the Birth Certificate for both Me, the Petitioner and my fiance, the Beneficiary, do I need to make sure MY original birth certificate is in the package he drops off or just a copy and then have him carry in my original day of interview? Same with divorce decree? Our Embassy has 2 different instructions posted in regards to this. Traditionally what should be done?
  17. I have delivered the documents through American Express on 8-may-2019 now it's abount 24 today didn't get any response from embassy about received the documents CEAC status update on 17-5-2019 when i send inquiry and the embassy response is we didn't receive your documents yet i have cheaked the ustraveldocs online account its says ( escalate to post) whats that means can any one plz assist me thank you
  18. Well, it finally happened. The dreaded K1 interview is now history. Just waiting on the medical results and to get my passport back. Question is what do I do with all the paperwork? Weight is critical and there is a ton of it. Do I need any for adjustment of status, getting bank account/drivers licence, social security number? Or can I just shred the lot except for originals like birth certificate etc?
  19. Hi! I was wondering if I need to translate Spanish documents to fill CR1 paperwork. By documents I mean: birth certificate, police records, screenshots and chats. I can't find any information on official sites but I've read that it's not needed for Spanish documents.
  20. My wife came over on a K-1 and we married this month and just submitted our AOS application. Today I added her to my healthcare plan via Healthcare.gov. After it went through they said we need to submit documents to show proof of her immigration status. What documents should we exactly send? I am surprised they don't ask for a marriage certificate.
  21. Hi everyone, I am just now starting to figure out how to make posts in the correct places, so forgive me if you have already seen this question elsewhere. My fiancé and I are planning to get married in Cuba, and then start the process for a spouse visa. I have followed the required steps, which is as follows: 1. Birth certificate, divorce decree, and affidavit of single status certified as true copies by my Secretary of State. 2. Birth certificate, divorce decree, and affidavit of single status authenticated by the US State Department. 3. My documents are now being translated by a certified translator and will be notarized The only remaining step is to have my certified, authenticated, and translated documents authorized by the Cuban Consulate in Washington D.C. If you have gotten to this step, I am sure that you know how confusing and frustrating contacting the Cuban Consulate in Washington D.C. can be. I have been calling every day for the past two weeks because I want to know EXACTLY what I need to bring in terms of money, identification, etc. No one ever answers the phone. No one ever responds to my emails. So, I have turned here to reach out in hopes that someone out there who has gotten married in Cuba can perhaps give me some guidance in this matter. I have decided that it will be most effective to travel to Washington D.C. and visit the Cuba Consulate in person, but I want to have everything lined up before I make that trip. Here are my questions: 1. How much does the Cuban Consulate charge to authorize each document? 2. Can I pay in cash, or do I need to pay with a card or a check 3. Can I have this service done in one day? 4. What kind of identification do I need to present? 5. Are there any additional forms that I need to fill out in order to have my documents authorized by the Cuban Consulate for use in Cuba when I get married? 6. Is there any additional advice that you would give someone who is trying to navigate this process alone, without a lawyer or a service? Thank you to anyone who responds to this. I am honestly at a loss because I keep finding conflicting information, and sometimes no information at all. I would really appreciate in insight anyone has on this matter. -Cheney ❤️
  22. Our K1 Visa was already approved and the US Embassy Manila kept her passport until we provided a few extra documents, at which time they would send her the K-1 Visa attached to the passport. We then decided to not get married and broke off our engagement. We didn't want to defraud the government so we cancelled the entire K1 petition with a letter signed by both of us and submitted to the US Embassy Manila. They received it. Now we cannot get her passport or documents back. We've tried calling the help center and emailing the US Embassy several times, to no avail. Can she just walk into the u.s. embassy, Manilla and request her passport be returned to her with the accompanying documents? Because that's what we're at the point of doing because nothing else works. So the question is can she just walk in and get her passport returned to her ?Thank you in advance for your responses. J.
  23. Hello community! On January we married with my boyfriend from USA in Ukraine. We are together already one and half year. He come many times to Ukraine to me but I never was in USA. Now I'm pregnant 5 months and we decided to apply for I-130 and start immigration process for me to move to him. He will apply for petition in USA. I really have trouble with documents I need to send him from me. What support documents we need to give together with petition? How it suppose to look? (only electronically or also papers by post office) Should I translate to English and notarize certificate of marriage and my birthd certificate or do apostles in Ukraine on original certificates? Should I do certificate that I'm pregnant? And also translate and notarize? Sorry for maybe not so smart questions, but I want to be sure and don't make mistakes when I will send everything for first step to him. If you guys know, please write me. Thank you, Katya
  24. hey there, me again! first off this is the most helpful website and im thankful for all you guys taking time to help. so i have just submitted all the files to the CEAC page, and it states that you must bring all files in hard copy to the interview.. but its a bit confusing as theres documentation that i had to submit for my father being the joint sponsor like his license and birth certificate that obviously i cant bring with me.. do you guys know what the protocol on this is?
  25. Hi, sorry I'm sure there are threads already asking this question but I was unable to find any pertaining to Morocco specifically. Is anyone with a spouse from Morocco able to tell me if they were able to submit all documents online during the NVC stage, even the I-864? Did you have to mail anything to NVC? I can't seem to find a clear answer on this. I'm still waiting for a case number so I can start paying the fees. Thank you.
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