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Found 27 results

  1. My fiancé submitted the petition on February 26, 2021 but so far we haven't received NOA1, what should we do? We're thinking of getting married by proxy but we're not sure. Thank you!
  2. Good morning! I'm a US citizen through naturalization, and my mom came to visit at the beginning of the year. We decided that she is going to stay here due to COVID situation in her residence country. Her tourist visa allowed time on her passport passport (I-94) is going to expire by the end of June. We sent the I-485 Adjustment of Status application to USCIS Lockbox and was delivered on May 25th. I know that because of Covid NoA are taking longer than usual, and now I'm thinking that her i-94 might expire before receiving any notification that her process has started. Should I file for a visa extension? Should I just wait? If her visa expires does she have to go back to her residence country? Any help will be appreciated... Thanks!
  3. Hi we received a text back in March saying our case was received. I checked on the case status checker and it says they received ours in January. However we only ever got a text - never any mail or email. The text did say form I-1797 will be sent to us but we never got it. Do we need the physical noa1 mail or is just the text fine? thanks!
  4. It appears there have been no NOA1 receipt notices received by I-129F applicants since mid-December. I am one of the people that haven't received my NOA1 (packet received by lockbox on 13th Nov). Does anyone know whether they are actually processing the K1s right now? I don't understand how it could possibly take SO long even if there is an influx of applications. It's getting really frustrating.
  5. Hi everyone, my fiancé (the petitioner) had received a text saying ‘USCIS: your case was received. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-1797) to follow in Mail. ’ and gave us a receipt number. It’s been 7 days since the text and we have not received any mail or email, how long does it take to receive form I-1797? Also I’ve entered our receipt number in the status checker and it says that the number is not recognised. Anyone know why that is? Thanks
  6. We received the NOA1 last evening March 7 for our I-129F via text message. The check still hasn’t gone through and we’re wondering what happened. There are sufficient funds in the account and no issues with the check we sent. I’m worrying if the check slipped out of our file during the sorting process. Anyone have this issue?
  7. We received our NOA1 for my husband's AOS application on Nov. 6, 2020. We haven't heard anything since then. I know they're super behind (and that they work slowly, even before COVID), but I don' t know if I should worry. Does anyone know when we should hear back about the next steps? And what the next steps are? My understanding is that there's an NOA2 at some point related to the boimetrics appt... I'm a little confused about what's next and how long that part takes. Any insight is appreciated!
  8. Please direct me to a Thread for People Waiting on Green Card after Arrival. Thanks
  9. October 12, 2019 - Filed for AOS, EAD, and AP October 24, 2019 - Received NOA1 for above filings March 27, 2020 - Received EAD/AP combo card September 28, 2020 - Filed for renewal of EAD/AP combo card (including one form G-1125 for both forms I-765 and I-131) September 30, 2020 - EAD/AP renewal forms received by USCIS lockbox, Phoenix October 19, 2020 - It's been three weeks, and still no NOA1 acknowledging action on application for EAD/AP renewal When first filed in 2019, it took only 12 days to receive NOA1. Now it's been 21 days and still no NOA1. Am I wrong to expect that USCIS will even send me a NOA1 for EAD/AP renewal applications? I did fill out two forms G-1125.
  10. The best way we were able to prove having met each other within the last 2 years was a trip we took about 2 years ago. The trip was from the 23rd of December 2018 and lasted until Jan. 3rd 2019. I have sent the application on Dec. 5th but so far have received no NOA1. I see that many people get a NOA1 around 10 days after sending their application and some get it after just a few day, should we be getting worried? The shipping was priority express and I sent everything correctly. The tracking said it was signed for and picked up on the 8th, so 7 business days ago. Any tips?
  11. Hi everyone, My fiancé and I send out our K1 10/26, it was picked up from the lockbox 10/29. We haven't heard anything yet (over 30 calendar days now). Is this normal? Can we do anything? Advice is much appreciated.
  12. We got our NOA1! We filed on 10/13 and got NOA1 yesterday. Just thought I'd share to give a bit of hope to those just starting during these wild times.
  13. Hi, my fiance applied for my K1 visa and in June 2020, he received the NOA1. I am still waiting for my NOA2. Has anybody received their NOA2 yet, if applied in June this year? Please let me know.
  14. Hi everyone So, i"ve filed my i130 ONLINE back in early June and received my NOA1in the following week. As for my online process, should i file i485 as soon as possible or should i wait for my NO2 to come? Is it beneficial to apply for a K3 while wait for the NO2 of i130? (Potomac center is being super slow and my new estimation is May of 2021), has anyone been through this path? Any advice? Thanks.
  15. My fiance and I received our NOA1 in January 2020, and the notice says it was valid from January to mid-May 2020. Our case, as have many, is still stuck at the NVC due to the pandemic. Also, my fiance is based in China so there may be some political factors as well. My question is, did we need to do anything to extend the validity period of the NOA1 since it technically expired in May? I feel like it is much too late to ask about this, but hope I didn't miss an important part of the process. Should I just keep waiting or do I need to do something about the "valid from" window?
  16. Hi there, My fiance and I currently live in Japan and we've filed I-129F on Aug. 20th, and still haven't heard anything from USCIS. Looking at people's timeline, looks like some people sent it after us but already got noa1 and that makes me really nervous. Does this mean something went wrong? The petitioner should get email or a mail right?
  17. Hi, Is this enough Time Spent together? CR1 Waiting on Interview. Please Tell me what you think? 1st Visit: 10 Days (Petitioner Country) 2nd Visit: 7 Days (Married) Beneficiary Country 3rd Visit: 10 Days (Beneficiary Country) 4th Visit: 22 Days (Petitioner Country) 5th Visit: 3 Days For 1st Anniversary (Petitioner Country) Booked Flight for one Month Vacation with Petitioner Cancelled due to COVID-19.
  18. Immigrants: When Jobs and Schools ask you for a High School Diploma or GED, What Do you use as an immigrant or Greencard Holder at 30 years old I'm planning to start Nursing School After arriving and Settling.
  19. Hey everyone! We just received our I-129F's NOA1 hardcopy yesterday, March 13th. I had my fiance show me a photo of the NOA1 because I wanted to check the notice date and all. Everything is perfect except for the third word in my first name missing a G Anyways, the notice states to call the USCIS National Customer Service 1-800 number. To all the experienced members or those who had the same issue as us, what is the best way for us to get a name correction - call USCIS as per the notice's instruction OR simply correct it at the K-1 visa interview, if we are approved and granted one? Would an uncorrected misspelled name on the NOA1 and NOA2 cause any issues at any stage in the future? I really just want out personal particulars to be accurate because truly I am worried about not being found on the system and it's gonna go crazy from there Any tips on getting to a human rep at the customer service's 1-800 number are welcomed too! Thank you in advance.
  20. Good morning, I petitioned for my four stepchildren on February 2020 and I already received notice of approval for the two boys on July 15. One was processed in CA and the other was processed in Texas. The other two (twins girls) was sent to Vermont and I have not received anything. I didn't know that the petitions were separated and sent to different locations when filed online and at the same time. I looked at the timeline for Vermont and it says processing times 20.5 months. The boys paperwork is moving right along but the girls' is not. I would like all the kids to come to the US at the same time and I want travel to the DR one time only for the consulate interview for all four kids. Will this be possible if I still have not received anything for the girls?
  21. Hey all, I got my I-140 approved on 6/10/20 and mailed my I-485 on 6/17/20 (received by Dallas lockbox on 6/19/20). Still I did not receive my confirmation texts nor my checks were deposited. I have few questions? Am I in the correct place to ask about 1-140 based I-485? Is there a thread for June 2020 fillers for me to follow up their timelines? Have anyone of you are experiencing such delays with NOA specifically from Dallas lockbox? Thank you!
  22. Hello ,everyone. I've sent my I-485 package back in April to Chicago office. They rejected the case because the forms were outdated. I've sent the fixed package again and they recieved it on May,1 (the UPS notification says that the package has been signed by someone named John). It has been 18 days since I sent it and I've got no news from USCIS and now i'm really worried that my package is lost. Idk what to do, guys. I check the case status on the USCIS website several times a day but all I see is the same rejection notice from April, 17. Has anyone had the same kind of a problem? I'm really confused.
  23. I have seen 2 people that got their NoA2 approvals today and both of them have been using the "Lawfully App" as it could predict the date of approval! I've just downloaded it and just wanna know if any of you are using this app! thank you!! PS: my case was received on Feb28,2020 the app's prediction for the approval : May28-June26,2020
  24. Hi there guys, First of all I hope everybody is safe during these crazy times, and sorry if this topic is been asked too much before. My fiance submitted the I-129 the past March 17th, right before this craziness. We've been reading that the 1st one usually takes like 10 days (business). Should be worry, contact them, or this is probably because of the Covid19 crisis? Thank you so much in advance
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