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Found 16 results

  1. My friend from Estonia had applied for a B1 visa about 3 months ago and was denied and recently applied for the Esta and was also denied. She is interested in trying to the US arrive by land from either Canada or Mexico by filling out the I-94w. We are wondering about the best options in getting her here soon and if anyone has experienced the same or similar situation. We understand she can still technically enter by land without the Esta but want to know the likelyhood for her to be admitted this way or if there are any other/better options for her. Thanks, Timothy
  2. Hello, Can anyone advise on where can I get information on an i-94 extended stay (verbally approved) during entry into the country through Miami airport in 2010? The Customs and Border Protection website provides details on recent year; currently until 2016. There was no paperwork or any notes in the passport at the time of entry. Background: We applied for E-2 Investor visas for our business and they were approved. The spouse and son of one of the E-visa holders qualified for the E-2 but they weren't legally married in the US. The Embassy gave the E-2 to their son and gave her a B-2 visa so she they could marry inside tje US and come back to Honduras where the process started and apply for the E-2 once already married. They also told them to request an extended stay so that she wouldn't be in violation of the i-94 entry. They asked for it and the officer at the airport say, YES but didn't give them any paperwork. Now that they have gone back to the Embassy for family approved visas F-4 the passport shows the entry and an overstay because nothing was noted during the entry with the B-2 visa. The Embassy is asking for records of the approved extended stay but they don't have it. Where can we get this info? Thank in advance for any help..
  3. Hi I Just fill online my provisional I-94 form.But when I filled it only allowed me to Select the BCC option if I chose the Passport option it tells me that my information cannot be verified. My doubt is if I was correct using the BCC option . Or should I fill a new I-94 form in the port of entry? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, I entered the US on feb 1st 2018 with my K1 visa. The CBP officer just gave me my passport back with a stamp mentioning the 3 months that i have to marry my fiancee. Now this is the part that gets me confused- I went to this website- https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov and printed my latest I-94, does that mean that I'm in the "system" ( aka SAVE-ASVI system)? or should I wait for a 1-2 weeks? Another question - what documents do I need to bring with me to get my SSN? Thanks!
  5. I got here in the USA with K1 Visa last August and we got married within 90 Days. My I-94 says it's valid til November 7 2018?. We haven't applied for AOS yet and my question is, can I fly within the USA if my I-94 was only til November 7 2018? If yes, what documents do I need to bring?
  6. My mum has visiting visa (B2) that is valid till 2020. she was authorized to stay till dec 12th (I-94), but due to unforeseen circumstances (complications in the birth of my first child, and the airline being (removed) she missed her flight but is scheduled to fly back on the dec 28th (we had to book another return ticket and the 28th was the earliest), 16days after her authorized stay would have expired. I want to file a I-539 (extend stay) with proof that the airline screwed up and also the birth cert of my child and the new return date tickets. but I can't file an I-539 since she is already overstayed. i just want to let them know the reason she overstayed, since she still has a valid visa till 2020, i don't want a situation where she visits again (prolly in a year from now) and she gets turned back. Is it necessary to file this or just let her go back on 28th?
  7. I am applying for AOS and am a Canadian on a TN Visa. I crossed into the US at a land border from Canada in a NEXUS lane in the summer and did not receive an I-94 or a passport stamp. When I look up my I-94 on the CBP website, a previous I-94 is listed from air travel earlier in the year. Arrival/departure records on their website do list my most recent land entry (I am aware that the process is such that land entry I-94s do no get updated electronically). Therefore I have no I-94 which accurately lists my most recent date of entry into the US, and no passport stamp to prove a legal entry into US. do have: My original I-94 white paper card stapled into my PP which was given to me when I was initially issued my TN Visa two years ago. This I-94 number does not match my "most recent I-94" number listed online. This suggests that CPB makes a new I-94 number each time you cross the border. My "most recent I-94" available online with wrong most recent entry date. AOS requires my I-94 number (presumably my most recent one which should prove I legally entered the US). I have three questions: Has a new I-94 been issued to me at the time of land crossing that I don't have any record of? Or is my "most recent I-94" listed online the real most recent I-94. If this were the case it would stand that no new I-94 number was created when I entered by land. There would still be the discrepancy of an inaccurate most recent entry date. What options do I have to prove my legal entry into US on my AOS? Maybe CBP did not create a new I-94 number for me at most recent entry because previous I-94 was still valid and I left the US to be in Canada for less than 30 days. Does anyone know how I could confirm this? Maybe the correct I-94 number to list on my AOS is the original white paper card given to me when my visa was issued? Thanks for your help! PS: I have found this issue come up a few times on this forum, but no resolution ever posted.
  8. Hello All, I'm having a bit of an issue retrieving the I-94 for my last entry to the US on a K1 visa 2 days ago. When I go to the website, my most recent I-94 shows my last entry on a B2 visa 2 months ago. However, when I look at my travel history I see my entry from 2 days ago. Is this normal? It is my understanding that I-94s are issued almost instantly after being processed at POE by CBP. I'm wondering if maybe there's a delay in updating because I entered on the weekend. Can anyone shed some light on this? How long does it usually take for the electronic I-94 to be available on the website? Would really appreciate some feedback.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm a little confused about the I-94 requirement on the fiance visa petition. I'm a January 2018 filer and I was wondering when the I-94 is required in the form. Our lawyer didn't include it in the packet and said that it is was not necessary. And on the form is says to fill out part 38.a - 38.h if the beneficiary (me) was currently in the US, which I am NOT. She then wrote "N/A - not currently in US". But I was there from mid 2015 to mid 2016 on a J-1. So was the lawyer right about not having to send in the I-94 or will we get an RFE because of this? Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some insight.
  10. Hello everyone. Does anyone have advice or experience about question 37 on the I-127F form? It asks if your beneficiary has ever been to the United States and then right below states "If your beneficiary is currently in the United States complete the items related to I-94 records and passport information. My beneficiary has been to the United States twice since we met, but he does not currently live in the United States. How do I address this part of the form? Thank you!
  11. Hello I entered the US on a visitor visa in the beginning of 2013. At that time I was given a paper I-94. In the meantime I got married and my spouse is applying to adjust status for me. I already have received my EAD/AP. Now I'm getting ready to travel on AP and I would like to know if I need to bring my paper I-94 along? I checked online at i94.cbp.dhs.gov and my records cannot be found. Thanks in advance
  12. I went to the DMV twice trying to get an ID card. The first time i forgot to bring proof of resident and my i-94. Well the second time, i brought those, along with my ss#. Well the DMV said that since my i-94 will expired in less than 60 days, they can't issue me an ID card. Background. K1 fiance visa. Yes married in the US last month. I just want an ID card, why is it difficult? anybody know what to do? Why is it easy for people entering the country illegally to get a driver license and work permit. Here i am, doing the right, waiting in line, paying the fee, going through interview and playing the wait game. this is(removed). All i want for now is a ID card, so i don't have to carry my passport around.
  13. I'm confused if I need my beneficiary paper Form I-94 to add to the K1 visa paperwork or not. Over the past month, I've been contacting via email to U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP) and how to obtain and receive the paper Form I-94 but the reply are not very helpful and the site is confusing me so I can't find what I really need. I tried to call them on the phone but I eventually kept going around in the redirect from robot operating so I can't get a hold of anyone to talk to. My Fiance more likely has the electronically issued # from the CBP. Otherwise, I would've probably had the paper if I found it. Meanwhile, we went to the CBP site and got the information. I'm not sure if the paper form is needed or not though. I hope to hear back from someone who can help me out with this. I know I have a long way to go, I wished I went through this papers a month ago from when I got started on it but now it's time to make up for the delayed process.
  14. Hi, My fiancé arrived on February 15th 2018, and we were just married on April 22nd. I knew that the next step was to file for Adjustment of Status, but i was under the misassumption that there wasn’t a strict time limit to do this, although I wanted to do it as soon as possible. Life happens,... a new position at work, a death in my family, trying to save the money for AOS, etc.. just literally haven’t had time to sit down and get the paperwork started until now. So I finally gathered my wits and will be working on this now until it’s finished and turned in. However, I have several questions and I need help being pointed in the right direction. My wife’s K-1 status expired 4 days ago. I called USCIS yesterday for questions about the AOS, (again under the assumption I had time to apply) and they informed me that I should have applied before the 90 days, and that she is now out of status. Which of course worries me. My my main question is are we doomed and is she de-portable now? Also, we just got married, so we want to get her name changed.. but found out also yesterday that they check I-94 along with Marriage Cert at the Social Security office to do this.. and I-94 is now 4 days expired also. Lastly, since I-94 is expired, no social security number, and we have to wait for EAD for her to work. I have no idea how long this takes. I realize that some of my unpreparedness was because I had put AOS, etc on the back burner.. which was a mistake. But this process is also very confusing. If if anyone could reach out to answer my questions, and point us in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thanks so much
  15. Hello! My husband is filling form I-130 for me. He is a US citizen, born in US. I am Canadian. We have problems with questions 46a to 46d. I don’t have no special visa in my passport, no stamps, nothing. But I crossed the border by ground in November. It was my first trip in US. For 46a, i guess I am just on Visitor Status? Customs did not give me no papers so I do not have my Arrivals-Departure Record # needed for 46b. I went on the website, and apparently it cannot find me in the data base. All my information where correct and the same they were when I crossed the border. How can I access that information? Thanks a lot!
  16. Hello!, I am a US citizen, previously an Indian citizen. I entered the US on Apr 1 2006 and the homeland security stamp of my entry is half-faded, and kind of semi-illegible. I never exited (traveled outside) the US until I got citizenship, so I still have the I-94 that was also stamped when I entered the US. Fast forward to today, I have to go to the US consulate for a CRBA (Report of Birth Abroad) interview for my newborn daughter. Just in case the officer has trouble reading my US immigration entry stamp in my passport, is it ok to present the original I-94 that was stamped on my entry in 2006 as well, or would I run into any trouble as to why I did not hand it in when I traveled outside the US (even though the first time I traveled outside the US was as a US citizen). Apologies if this is a silly or wierd question, in advance. Thanks!
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