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  1. I'll make a long story short here. My fiance came on a K-1, we then married. Her daughter arrived more than a year later as we were granted an extension on bringing her kids because of Covid and other circumstances. My question is, do we only have 3 months to get her daughter's status changed? I know K-1 is 3 months to get married, but for the children would that 3 months apply? Thanks for the help!
  2. I am an American citizen living and working in Maryland, and my fiancé is a Portuguese citizen, and we are working towards his K-1 visa. On May 5, 2021, my fiancé had his K-1 visa interview in Paris (as the U.S. Embassy in his home country of Portugal closed due to COVID-19). After the interview, the interviewer told my fiancé that they had everything they needed for the time being aside from his medical exam results, which were being mailed from Portugal due to the exam documents not being ready by his interview date. Still, the consular took his paperwork & his passport and instructed him that this would all be mailed to his home address in Portugal once the visa was processed/approved. We haven't heard anything since. We have reached out multiple times to the Embassy (via online contact form, phone, emails to the embassy at multiple email addresses relating to visa processing -- such as ParisIVProcessing, ParisVisas, etc.), but neither ourselves nor our immigration attorneys have received any clear update as to what exactly is going on with our case and his visa. After months of trying and failing to get an update about our case from the U.S. Embassy in Paris, earlier this month I called the National Visa Center, which was able to confirm from their end that the U.S. Embassy in Paris has received all of the required documents for his case (they said his medical exam arrived about mid-May). The NVC was unable to give me further details and told me to call the U.S. Embassy in Paris. I called the Embassy’s Non-immigrant visa appointment line a few weeks ago (the only way I could reach someone, as there is no one I could get in touch with specifically for inquiring about visa issues), and the appointment line representative told me to check the status of our visa on ceac.state.gov. However, nothing showed up (just said "No Status" for our case). I called the Non-immigrant visa number again, and I was given a new email address to contact (fae_contactus+fr+courier+en@visaops.net) and told to explain our situation in a message and that they might be able to help more. Upon my initial correspondence (about two & a half weeks ago), I received an automatic reply that my message had been received, and then the next message I received (about a day after the first) was an apology for the inconvenience and said our case had been escalated to the appropriate department. However, I received another email shortly after that stating they had no information/updates that they could give me. I received another response last week (July 19) from that same email address saying that on May 25, the status of my fiancé’s visa was updated to "Refused", but they said that this “can also mean that the Embassy is still processing your case. We have no other information or contact details to give you.” That was the end of our email chain and the only real correspondence we've had with the Embassy in months. I called the NVC, and they were able to confirm it was a "soft refusal" under the 221(g), but they said they didn't know why and to contact the Embassy. We still aren't able to get in touch with anyone who can provide any updates regarding our case. Our immigrations lawyers suggested I contact my state senators for advice, so I did last week & they had me fill out a form and confirmed that they submitted an official inquiry to the Embassy. I am just wondering if anyone else is in this position with the U.S. Embassy is Paris and/or if anyone has had any luck getting in touch? I have been reading forums where I saw other Portuguese citizens had their interviews on May 5 as well...any insight on timelines? Is there any way to find out what may still be needed from my fiancé? Thank you so much in advance!!
  3. My fiance came on ESTA from Spain, overstayed by 7 months. He entered May 30th of 2019 and returned to Spain the 17th of March 2020 because of COVID. Can I petition for the Fiance visa to marry him and have him reunited with me here in the US. or could we marry in Spain and then petition?
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum so I don't exactly know the correct way to go about explaining this. My fiance and I filed for a K-1 visa and received our NOA1 on September 14th, 2020 and have heard nothing back from USCIS. We have submitted two inquiries (one in May and one a week ago), reached out to my representative back in May as well as yesterday I reached out to one of my senators. The only information from USCIS was provided to my representative, stating that our case is currently pending security checks. I am wondering if these security checks have something to do with a fine I got a few years ago that I had forgotten to mention in the application which was for having a glass bottle on the beach? Is there any way to get the information to USCIS before potentially getting an RFE or are we just going to have to wait until we get a response from them (however long that may take). Should we expect to receive an RFE or just a late approval? Any and all advice/information is appreciated, thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, My fiance and I applied for our K-1visa on August 27th 2020. We still have not received our NOA2. We also have not received any RFE. I have planned the move to the United States from Canada for the end of July. We thought that we had given ourselves a good buffer but with Coronavirus everything is delayed. In April we requested a follow-up on our case and 2 weeks later sent us an email basically saying "I know this is frustrating but we're working on it.". We just submitted another request and are supposed to get a response June 30th, but I'm worried were just going to get the same thing. We are anxious to start living together but I can't make any plans until we know this has been approved at the minimum. I have a few questions: Should we just switch to a K-3 Visa, or will that delay things even further? If this response has no information again, how to we contact the USCIS more directly (phone)? Has anyone ever been denied after such a long wait time? Has anyone been requested an RFE after such a long wait time? Thank you, A
  6. Friends, I came to the country under a K1 visa and I am in the process of getting the Green Card, however I received an RFE (request for evidence) some two months ago, and I believe it will probably delay the Green Card process. My question is while I am at this limbo waiting for the Green Card, am I eligible for "Obamacare"? Do I have to pay any of the fines if I fail to enroll? Thank you!
  7. Hello, I booked my K-1 interview for London Embassy back on the 2nd of June to take place on the 1st of July. However, on the 18th of June, I received a letter from London Embassy stating that they are in receipt of my approved petition in support of my K-1 visa application, and it gives the link for instructions on preparing and scheduling my appointment. This is, apart from the date, the extact same letter I received back in February 2020, just before the Embassy closed due to the pandemic. It may be because it's a default letter sent or something after the restarting the review of application processes, etc. and it's been such a long time and my application was automatically resumed or revived or whatever? Or it was sent in error and I shouldn't take too much notice (but I'll bring it along with me anyway)? Or, more concerning, is that this was sent instead of a confirmation letter for my appointment that I'm still awaiting to come through the post/e-mail inbox? Has anyone else received a second such letter before? I've contacted the Embassy, but I'm yet to get a reply. Thanks again.
  8. I am preparing my wife’s I-751 packet. We need to send it in about a week. We had thought it would be very quick to prepare because it doesn’t require another Affidavit of Support, but it’s a lot more work than we thought! We saw some RfEs on this forum today that definitely showed us the importance of preparing this package well. Our current situation: We don’t have kids yet. For nearly the first year of our marriage, we didn’t have a home of our own and didn’t have utility bills. We were staying at my parents’ condo officially while we were looking for a house, then having our house built. During the last 3 months that our house was being built, we rented from friends during the workweek (it was not a formal lease) and stayed at the condo on the weekends. Several of our utilities now are paid through our HOA and not separate bills. Our HOA’s directory lists both of us as living at our house. None of our utility bills have my wife’s name on them. I’ve asked these companies today if they can change this. My wife’s name is on the contract and title of our house, but not our mortgage. We had thought that her lack of credit history in the US would impact our interest rate. We have 2 affidavits from people we know and will hopefully get at least one more. We filed our taxes separately in 2018 (we got married that December) but jointly in 2019 and 2020. In general, we are beneficiaries on each others’ benefits at work, but we don’t share any medical insurance policies because it would cost us more this way (due to how these policies are set up with our employers). We do have the same doctor and dentist and try to get back-to-back appointments where we can. And we do have the same car insurance policy. We have had a lot less travel, going out, and photos than we had anticipated before the pandemic. Only one of our bank accounts is truly set up as a joint account. About 6 months after we got married, I set up my other accounts to transfer on my death to my wife. Her name has been on these accounts’ statements since then, but the accounts are individual. We use one Mint account to keep track of all of our bank accounts. My wife’s paychecks get deposited to the joint account, and mine get deposited to my checking account since that account is used to pay our mortgage. My wife does not have a credit card in the US. She has one back in Singapore (her country of birth and citizenship; she lived in Australia when she met me) and uses my card for her online purchases. I think she is an authorized user of my card according to our bank, but I’d need to double check. Only my name is on these statements. In light of all this, I have been thinking about different sources of evidence we could also provide: Receipts (with both of our names) for furniture for our house Receipts for online purchases that both of us have made (showing that we live at the same place) Other bills that show both of our names and address Given the information above, I have several questions about proving our joint financial assets: 1. Do I need to send USCIS the bank statements for my individual bank accounts too, or only the joint account? 2. Do we need to include each month’s statements for my credit card? (If so: the bank provides a “Summary of Charges” document each year which shows all of our transactions with the card for the year and would save a lot of paper. Could I send that in instead, to cover as much of the time since we got married as possible?) 3. Where the VisaJourney I-751 sample refers to a copy of the title of our house, which document is that? Is this the same thing as a title deed (in our case, a several-page document on legal-sized paper) or a one-page certificate of title (which I’m not sure if we have or even can get in the time we have)? 4. I have a similar question about the title of the car in both of our names. I haven’t found a certificate of title or it yet, just our registration, which has both of our names on it. May I just send in a copy of the registration? 5. Is there anything else about our current situation that we should be aware of as I prepare the packet? Any other ideas or advice?
  9. Hello, I've an interview for my K-1 in London coming up and on my document checklist that I was sent by the embassy, they require I bring along an affidavit of support Form I-864. However, I thought that form was for adjustment of status and that I-134 was for K-1? I was also told by an immigration lawyer (of a very respected immigration law firm in the US) that an affidavit of support is not a requirement for K-1 (though it is often submitted) - which seems sense to hold truth, since K-1 is for marriage to a US citizen in the US and does not give right to permanent residency, only as a way for adjustment of status to permanent residency, etc. (i.e. there is the possibility of married couples through K-1 not staying in the US, but moving back to the beneficiary's home country straight after). I cannot see why an affidavit of support is a requirement for the interview stage, especially before another affidavit of support is required at the stage of adjustment of status. As my fiancée, the US citizen petitioner, is not yet an immediate relative or spouse, the wording that they give seems to be for other K visas, spouse visas and immediate family visas: "submitted for immediate relative and family-based applicants". The link to the page, in which this is found, is the following: Appointment Notification | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom (usembassy.gov) - this is also the page stating that Form I-864 is required (there is no mention of Form I-134). So, could anyone please clarify which it is for the K-1 interview: I-864? I-134? Or neither? Thank you for your time and assistance!
  10. Just looking for a little insight here not a brow beating or a barrage of sneers and smirks. I understand that the the NVC is not sending cases to the USEM MNL and neither is the USEM MNL Processing Routine Visa Services nor Routine K-1's and have not for many many months now. Previously I had sent an Expedite request to the NVC with no particular reason, just that our case had been sitting (As with so many others) "At NVC" for over 6 months - I was (Obviously) dismissed out of hand stating they would not send my case along to the USEM MNL and the Typical bureaucratic, garbage, nonsense "Due to the current WRS (World Retardation Syndrome) on mass, the USEM MNL is not processing or accepting routine cases and will resume when the world has accepted communism and all have been injected multiple times with whatever we would like to stick in their bodies or after the universe dies, have a nice day" or something to that effect lol Since the time that request was sent, my fiancé and I found out we are going to be parents 😁😇 After confirming, getting an OBGYN, etc.... we sent another Expedite Request to the NVC stating Financial Hardship to be endured by the Petitioner, Inaccessibility to safe and sufficient medical care during pregnancy of the beneficiary, Emotional and Mental strain to be suffered by both the Petitioner and Beneficiary, Strain on the pregnancy, lack of care for the beneficiary during pregnancy and inaccessibility to medical care of any kind in an emergency, etc... to include hundreds of dollars in receipts just within the first month of pregnancy, a letter from our OBGYN stating that it is imperative that this case be deemed critical and our case be forwarded to the USEM MNL if that would possibly produce the result of us being together for care of both of us, medical care, strain on pregnancy, financial burden, etc... After waiting the usual 5-6 business days for a response from the NVC Contractor who responds to requests, it stated: "It seems you want an expedite. K-1's are already expedited at the NVC so this cannot be granted. We will not send this request to the USEM MNL for their Decision on the matter." .......... 🤨 There was nothing said about this does not qualify, your expedite is denied, etc... neither did they even send it for examination to the USEM MNL, it seems like they didn't even read anything in the letter or any of the attachments at all, almost as if they just say "Expedite request" in the Subject line and waited the normal number of days and then sent the copy and paste response. So is this normal even when someone has a valid reason to request expedite? I am kind of wondering what to do next, I cannot stand for this.
  11. My husband came here on his k1 visa last July. I left my job a couple months ago to become self employed, so we now have marketplace insurance. We were able to get the coverage just fine, but now they're stating that to keep the coverage, we need to provide a document with 'either the admitted date or allowable duration of stay'. I already gave them his I94 and visa with the date he was admitted on it. I submitted two different letters explaining that there literally is no document saying the duration of his stay, because he is here indefinitely. They continue to state that his documents are insufficient and seem to be ignoring my explanation. They don't give any context other than the message above, and continue to demand a document that does not exist. There is no reason this should be happening because Adjustment for LPR is listed as an approved status on the marketplace website. We've given them EVERY document we have (I797, I94, marriage license, visa/passport), which are all on their approved list. The last thing we got from USCIS is the I797 stating that his I485 is pending, but haven't heard ANYTHING since that came on November 6, 2020. He doesn't have his EAD yet, that's also still pending since Nov. So we have nothing else to give them. I have spoken to 4 supervisors who understood and said that our documents should be fine. I have submitted multiple letters clearly explaining the situation. I have submitted an appeal which I'm waiting on. I've tried to schedule a call with a case worker (they have to call me though, I can't call them, and they kept trying when I wasn't available). I have done absolutely everything I can think of. Has anyone else faced this? I don't think my spouse should have to settle for some crappy short term/catastrophic insurance that doesn't cover anything, which we will have to do if he loses coverage. To me that shouldn't happen, especially when the marketplace's own website says that folks waiting on their green card are eligible! If that's really true, then they should understand that not all immigrants are given a document in the interim until they get their green card. This has been so frustrating... any input is appreciated.
  12. Hi all! I am filing the I-129f for the K-1 soon and trying to budget/plan out life on the other side. Can I volunteer while waiting for my work permit/green card? I don’t want to be sat around for months waiting for work (I will go mad and it may look bad on my resume, I will need to be working). I have googled it and read a few things but not got a solid answer. thanks!!
  13. Hello, I (petitioner) received a termination letter from the NVC today. Saying I hadn't completed the immigrant visa application, paid feed or submitted required documents. When I contacted the NVC last year (March 2020) they said there was nothing to do until the application was sent to the embassy in Ghana. I having been checking on the application periodically, and it hadn't moved from NVC, but figured the hold up was due to COVID and there wasn't anything else for me to do. Did I miss something? Any advice? Thanks, KateD After U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services approved the immigrant visa petition filed on your behalf, the U.S. Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC) sent you instructions for: · Completing your immigrant visa application, · Paying fees, and · Submitting required documents. Our records show that you did not submit these items and you have not contacted NVC in more than one year. Immigrant visa applicants must apply for an immigrant visa within one year after they are notified that a visa number is available for them. Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires the U.S. Department of State to terminate the registration of any applicant who does not do so. This letter serves as notice that a visa number is available for you. If you do not pursue your immigrant visa application at NVC within one year of the date of this letter, the U.S. Department of State will begin the process of terminating your visa application. Please inform NVC of your intentions by completing the Public Inquiry Form at https://nvc.state.gov/inquiry. In the “Type your Question Below” text box, please indicate ONE of the following: Yes, I wish to pursue an immigrant visa, please send me information on applying for my immigrant visa. I understand I will have to resubmit all required fees and documents in order to continue the immigrant visa process. No, I do not want to pursue my immigrant visa application because I have adjusted status. (Please attach a copy of both sides of your alien registration card.) No, I do not want to pursue my immigrant visa application because I have received an immigrant visa through another petition and am now a permanent reside. (Please attach a copy of both sides of your alien registration card.) No, I do not want to pursue my immigrant visa application because I am no longer interested in immigrating to the United States. Please attach a statement in writing directing that the petition be withdrawn. An authorized representative (the petitioner or attorney of record) must sign it. If an attorney or accredited representative submits the request, and an executed Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative has not been filed; they must submit one with the written statement. No, I do not wish to pursue my immigrant visa for a different reason (please provide explanation). If you do not reply to this notice within one year of the date of this letter, your immigrant visa application will begin the termination process. If you have any questions, please contact NVC by following the instructions online at nvc.state.gov/ask. Sincerely, Director National Visa Center
  14. Hello all, We received our NOA2 from USCIS on March 11th 2021, on April 15th we got notification from the NVC that our case was returned to USCIS after we had sent an inquiry about our case a couple weeks prior. No information as to why it was returned to USCIS. On April 22nd 2021 USCIS received the case and the current status says "Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review". We immediately sent an inquiry but have not heard back. Does anyone have any idea why the case would be sent back to USCIS? Would that indicate an issue with our case? Something we did or something USCIS got wrong? We would appreciate any insight if anyone has experienced something similar. Thanks, Colin
  15. We had our k-1 visa interview in Vietnam back in February and was refused under 221g request for further evidence and was instructed to provide additional documents such as Proof of who paid for plane Tickets Evidence of relationship Family tree docs Letter from the petitioner about how we met. and other documents One important thing that the consulate didn't take the first interview was supporting evidence to go with form I-134 affidavit of support like my Tax returns, stocks and bonds that was required to attach as instructed on the affidavit, and my retirement that was also required to provide if stated on the affidavit. For our Follow-up interview today my Fiancée went in, gave all the required documents for out 221g and the missing documents for the affidavit of support to the officer. They called her back and gave all the documents back except for the family tree documents after only 10 mins. This was 700 pages of stuff with proof of evidence being about 2/3rds of it. (Amazing speed reader apparently ) They told us to wait as they need time to make a decision. Also, they refused to take the supporting information for the affidavit of support again with my fiancée this time insisting that they take it as it is part of the affidavit. I want to ask if this is this normal? Why do they need time to make a decision when they literally kept nothing. We can tell that the officer went through the documents in a rush as they are bent and crinkled in the corners. If they went through the documents why did they not make a decision now? I honestly feel like This is ridiculous and no officer is taking our case seriously.
  16. Good Morning all, My fiancée and I submitted our K-1 Visa in February from Malaysia and have not received any notification of the USCIS's receipt of our application (I assume this increased processing time is due to excessive applications to the Lock Box?). I will be departing the country and heading back to the US in June, as my military service comes to an end. Given the short timeframe, I do not thing the visa will be issued in time for us to return together. Instead, will she be able to enter the country with an ESTA application under the VWP (she holds a Danish passport). Are officially "borders" (and hence, travel) closed to non-citizens now after the DHS Secretary's statement?
  17. Good Morning and Evening All. I have been scouring the forums and really anywhere I can find information reagarding all this Fiance Visa related (don't we all?). I have been attemting to find straightforward answers about filing out the DS-160 and the social media disclosure question. This is a new, mandatory question added in May of 2019 that requires "a disclosure of all social media". what an absolutly daunting task for those of us who live their lives throught the internet. here are a few questions i simply am having a hard time finding the answers for: - When completing the DS-160 for K-1 visa application and the question asks for social media handles who are they wanting them from? Me (the US citizen petitioner? or the foreign Beneficiary?). If I am reading correctly on most "help" sites it is only the Beneficiary (person applying for the visa itself). - The question asks for "all social media in the last 5 years". this is a two part problem for me. If the social media site has not been used in the last five years but still has an active user account is that still considered as part of the five years? the second part is that it says "all" but the drop down menu is a limited list of social media sites. I know it is best practice to be honest but also best practice to give no more information than is asked or necessary. So which is it? "All" or honest? - Another issue that has vexxed me is the amount of social media handles someone may have. If they are prone to starting a twitter account or reddit account on a whim because they can't rememeber their last log on or decided on a new email account how would you find out or where could you search to recover the old account handles? What if you can't remember past email accounts or handles? Do throw away accounts still count towards the disclosure? If you miss/forget about an email/handle/social media affiliation or account and it is found out later will the CO conclude you are lying or intentionally trying to hide accounts? While I understand the need for disclosing this information to the asking governement and there is no getting around it what can be done to ensure that we have fully completed this portion of the application without inadvertently committing perjury or ommissions? Thanks in advance for any and all advice, this is truly a trying time in our lives! Cheers, Lizzy
  18. Hello all, Quick question as my wife and I prepare her adjustment of status applications. She entered the country on January 29th on a K-1 visa and since then we have married and currently have an application out for her SSN. We will file our AOS documents once her new SSN is received but I had a couple of questions: For the Medical examination I've read that she is exempt if she completed an examination as part of her K-1 interview. She did in fact complete this step, but those records were in her sealed packet that was provided to CBP when she entered the country. She never received any sort of confimation of her medical exam other than this so I'm wondering what to do about this Form I-693. Do we ignore it with a written explaination as to why or should be have some sort of supporting doucmentation regarding her prior medical exam. If we cannot get this, then does she need to schedule one before we can apply for the AOS. We'd like to file her AOS documents as soon as we get the above question answered, but we realized we do not have a copy of her passport arrival stamp as her passport is current at the SSA offices. We do have a copy of her passport bio page, her k-1 visa and her i-94 record. Can we proceed with filing without the arrival stamp or would it be better to wait until we receive her passport back from SSA. If a few weeks go by and we approach our 90 limit, and we still do not have her passport, I'm assuming I should submit what we do have with a written explaination as to why we do not have a copy of the stamp? Thanks as always everyone.
  19. Now that interviews are being rescheduled, I would love to know who has been able to cross over by land with an approved visa (k-1 or spousal). Just wondering where they attempted and how it went. My fiance's visa was approved last week and on it's way and we are really nervous if he is going to have to fly or can drive ( he lives 1 mile from the Windsor/Detroit tunnel). The consulate told him to contact the border and ask before attempting but he wants to wait until visa is in his hands.
  20. Hi, My fiance is from Sao Paulo and I read that he needs 2 police reports, one from federal police and one from state. He got the Certidão de Antecedentes Criminais from federal police but the US embassy website also says he needs a report from state police with all previous addresses for the past 6 years. He's called everyone and nobody in Brazil knows what this is! Help PLEASE!!! Here is the page that says this... http://brazil.usembassy.gov/interview/forms-for-fiancee-visas.html
  21. My wife (and I) had her AOS interview just recently on December 12, 2020. We just got an RFE letter (sent on Dec 31), saying "you must submit a complete form I-693... that shows that you received the Influenza vaccine." She had her K-1 immigration medical exam before coming to the U.S. on 9/30/2019 (when it was NOT flu season), so she didn't get a flu shot. On her DS-3025, it stated she completed all her vaccination requirements. We filed AOS within one year of her overseas medical so we didn't fill out an I-693. We just sent her DS-3025 paperwork with the I-485 AOS package. Shouldn't her flu shot still be waived since her medical exam wasn't during flu season? Do we have to find a civil surgeon and have him give her just the flu shot and fill out the I-693? Will the DS-3025 be valid for her other vaccinations or is she going to have to go through a whole medical/vaccination exam again? Her overseas medical exam expires on 3/29/2021, which is the date we have to turn in the RFE. Thank you.
  22. I guess I'll start an April thread since my package should be delivered today by 8 pm. Hurry up and wait...
  23. Hello, I filed our I-129F application on April 23rd 2020 with an NOA1 of April 29th 2020. It is currently at the CSC but we have not received any info since then. The USCIS processing times says they are currently processing applications from June 9th 2020. On January 23rd 2021 we used the USCIS website to file an inquiry because our case is outside normal processing times. We received this response on the 1st of February 2021: Thank you for your inquiry. We recognize your interest in the final adjudication of your pending application/petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing. We regret we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will review your case but the California Service Center is committed to processing this workload. We will be making every effort to adjudicate your case in the most efficient manner based on our available resources. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Does anyone know what else we can do to try and get an update as to why our case seems to be taking so long? I see a lot of other people with similar timelines as us that have received their NOA2 1-2 months ago. We are worried something is wrong with our case but don't know what we can do to further investigate. Thank you for any help -Colin and Kandy
  24. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if there's anyone else out there who is in the same position as me. I had to come back to England for the interview at the embassy on 24th Feb 2020. My police check hadn't arrived on time so my visa was denied, also I had my medical examination booked for the day after the interview. I was told that once the medical info was passed on and my police check was mailed to the embassy, it would be a matter of 24-48 hours for my visa to be granted. I had some trouble mailing my police check as the COVID situation started getting bad, but I got it sent off eventually, within a month if i recall correctly. I have heard absolutely nothing since, and I can't get hold of anyone at the embassy. I'm just wondering if anyone else is in the same position as me, or if anyone had their interview/medical around the same time and has had a different experience to mine. I've been searching all over the internet for people in my position, ie. at the post-interview stage, and I can't find anything/anyone which is making me worry that perhaps my case has been forgotten about or maybe they didn't actually recieve my police check that I mailed in, or something like that. I feel like everybody at the post-interview stage has been granted their visas and sent on their way because I have found nothing about others at the same stage as me. I would greatly appreciate any replies, thank you in advanced!
  25. My partner and I are currently living in Mexico. I'm a US citizen (dual citizenship MX-USA) but have been living in Mexico for many years now. My partner is Mexican, with a stable job here, and I recently got hired for a new job in Washington where I will WFH until June. My question here is, given our current location status and having in mind that we do want to get married someday, would it be better to get married ASAP in Mexico and start the CR-1 process in the Embassy since we will both have our stable jobs here for a while? Or, would it be better to begin with the K-1 process in May-June when we arrive to Washington? Also, in any of these cases, would they be able to work when we arrive to the US?
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