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  1. So here's a weird question that my fiance and I are not even sure where to begin answering. He has a full, red beard. He works at a hospital and they are about to switch his ward over to a 'red zone' for Covid-19 patients. He was told that he would have to shave off his beard and has no problem with that what so ever, it's so his mask will seal properly as he will be working in direct contact with corona patients. Our question is this: when we originally took the pictures for his medical (4) and embassy requirement (2) he has that full beard. Our NOA2 is in tansit to the embassy and god willing that will open up interviews again in the next few months, however that won't be enough time for him to grow his beard back out. Do we re-take the photos for the embassy (the medical already has the bushy ones) or do we just explain at the time of interview the circumstances? He looks quite different with and without a beard. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Stay safe out there!
  2. So, I was one of the people who had an appointment in Montreal on the 18 that got cancelled when I arrived in Montreal on the 17. BUMMER! Anyways, just looking for opinions and what I found out from the US Visa Info call centre. I received my US Medical on 30 Jan 2020. So according to the 6 months validity it should be good until end of July most likely. Now with the whole uncertainty of Covid-19, the Consulate itself isn't even sure when they will reopen to schedule appointments again, and I expect it to be pretty backed up once they do since a lot of people will be trying to get there. As from my discussions with the visa call centre these were my questions 1. What happens if the consulate decides to postpone the appointments further and then any applicants' US Medical then becomes expired? Their answer: You will have to get a new US Medical. 2. What if with the whole pandemic, you have to travel to obtain a new US Medical and may not feel comfortable travelling to hotspots of the outbreak like Vancouver/Toronto/Quebec to obtain a new Medical? Their answer: You can attend your new Visa Appointment in Montreal, instruct the officers that you did not retrieve a new US Medical due to the reason stated and they will offer two options: 1. Rescheduling the Visa Appointment and then getting a new US Medical. 2. Having the US Medical be couriered to the Consulate. I did not think this was very helpful...I understand that Consulate still has to follow rules and regulations - but considering this pandemic was not in anyone's control, something like allowing the use of expired US Medical if it has been expired no more than 3 months sounds acceptable. BUT, I digress. My other question I had forgotten to ask them: For those of you who had already received your K-1 in your passport, with the border still closed and the possibility of it closing longer. Has the Consulate let you know if they will extend the validity of your K-1 for entry? Or will you have to start your process over again? Not so much of a question I suppose but as a discussion on what anyone else has heard who may be in a similar situation? Stay safe everyone!
  3. I received the NVC case #, and they told me it was assigned on 03/18/20. not sure when it is sent out and they could not give me that information, but I told my fiancé to do the DS-160 which is what I believe is part of the next step. but now im confused again, and im not sure if I read somewhere that If I had to do the DS-160 as well or is it just the beneficiary? also once we have that confirmation # what else if anything needs to be done to get an interview date? Thank for your help.
  4. Hello! I have been struggling to fill out the I-129F because I do not understand Cuban addresses at all. If for example the address is: Calle XX #XXXXX E/ Calle x y Calle x Reparto Magdalena Cotorro La Habana (this is how it appears on my fiance's ID) Where does each section fill into on the form? Also, does Cuba have a postal code? If anyone could help. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I'm currently filing I-129F form with my fiance and since she is not so familiar with these government forms and technology stuff, I(Alien fiance) am preparing most of documents so I'd like to get checked if I'm doing everything right. No one wants to get RFE especially when it is already expected to be delayed a lot due to COVID-19, right? So, below are the documents of what I'm filing in the packet. - 1. G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions - 2. Cover Letter - 3. Form G-1145, Notification of Acceptance of Application/Petition - 4. Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé - 5. Passport style photo (Petitioner and Beneficiary) - 6. Copy of the Birth certificate (Petitioner) - 7. Letter of intent to marry (Petitioner and Beneficiary) - 8. Evidence of In-Person Meeting And for 8. Evidence of In-Person Meeting, I wrote circumstances of the in-person meeting within 2 years of the filing date, just like the one in I-129F form. And I put my passport page that shows the stamp, my boarding passes and screen capture of flight receipt with my name and date to support this statement. and I added 4 photos of just us on a trip and a photo of us and her mother at the airport when I was leaving. Total of 5 pages. I'm so nervous and delay of me moving there is the last thing I want right now because we've been together for 8 years with long distance and it is finally time to close it. Please let me know if you have filed similarly or if you received an RFE before for having done same mistakes like I might have done here! Thank you!!
  6. My fiance was granted his K1 visa at his interview in Montreal on March 4. It expires on August 14, 2020. As you may know, they've closed the US Canada border to nonessential travel. They keep talking about 'nonessential' as shoppers or tourists, while essential travel involves trade/commerce. Obviously immigrating to the US falls into neither of those categorires, and I cannot find any information on whether someone on a time sensitive K1 visa would be exempt from the ban or not. I spent all day trying to call USCIS, Homeland Security, Customs/Border Patrol, and emailing any government entity I could think of. The US Customs/Border Patrol says that until there's an executive order stating the details of the restrictions, they don't know who all is allowed through or not. There's nothing on the white house website yet, so all I have to go by is his speech. I also asked them if an extension would be possible, but they didn't know that either since this has never happened before. Is there anywhere else I should be looking, or people I could ask about this? I'm really nervous that we could lose our visa that we worked 11 months for because of this stupid virus.
  7. Hello, I have been with my fiance for almost 3 years now, and we are starting to plan applying for the K-1 Visa. The thing is, I'm not really sure where to start. He lives in Cuba, so I feel like things might be a little more complicated. I have a couple of questions and it would be really helpful if anyone had answers. 1. Should I pay someone to help me with the process or do it myself? 2. I am aware of most of the things that should be included in the application, but how should it be put together to send? (Binder, folder, etc.) 3. Are single-status affidavits required? 4. In terms of conversation screenshots, what kind of things are they looking to see? 5. Do documents, like the Cuban birth certificate, have to be translated? Thank you!
  8. I am an American male and I met an Egyptian guy in Alexandria early in 2019. We have been talking a lot and we've pursued a relationship and I have visited twice. We've decided we want to marry. We both come from conservative, Christian families and neither of us are "out" to our families because we know they would not approve. He plans to present me to his family as a "friend" and we will likely take pictures together with his family whenever possible because I know this would be good evidence where there is lack of family support affidavits. I will be visiting him at least once a month for a few days at a time in 2020. In July 2020, I plan to spend almost the entire month with him. I will save the tickets and receipts and we will take several photos. I have many screenshots of our WhatsApp conversations and will continue to keep them. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding of how the K-1 visa works, and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a MENA country (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a MENA country or Egypt). I'm not really sure what the best way is to go about this. Once I get him to the U. S. A., he cannot go back to Egypt. I've considered us getting legally married in Ecuador or Mexico or another place, but all those options would involve him going back to Egypt for an indefinite amount of time while we file for a visa to bring him to the USA as my spouse. So, our only real option is for the K-1 visa. Does anyone have any advice? What are some things that he and I can do that can better solidify our application when we decide to file (most likely December 2020). I want to be able to front-load the application with as much information as possible, because I know that filing a K1 from a MENA country is risky because many of the K1s from this region aren't approved.
  9. Hi, My name is Saadan and i am living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I applied for the K-1 Visa and gave my interview on Feb-20th 2019 and they returned my passport (without any paper or refusal or anything, it was just my passport). I don't know why they revoked my Visa? upon continuously asking for a reason, the U.S Embassy told our lawyer in the USA that my visa was REVOKED. (what does it mean?) the embassy is not replying as to WHY they revoked it? What is a CR-1 Visa? How do i apply? What to do? How long does it take? do i have to stay married for 2 years before applying for the CR-1 and then waiting another 14 months for the process? Please can someone help me out.
  10. Hello newbie here. I’m still in the process of gathering all the required documents to file the 129. I’ve seen here that people included chat logs. My fiancé and I communicate on WhatsApp. Would I have to print out our complete chat logs??😳
  11. Hello again! Quick question! Is there an expected wait time from the time a case is approved (NOA2) to when you hear from the NVC? I'm sure there is no set wait time, it's always an estimate. But I am wondering how long should I wait before contacting the NVC about a case number. It's almost been a month, which I've seen on some timelines it takes around a month sometimes less, where couples are getting their cases sent to NVC and the NVC assigning a case number for them. I haven't heard any updates yet, I assumed I would hear back by now? Any leads would be great!
  12. Hey all, on 12/06/19 I filed the I-129f but I stapled certain parts of it so it'd be in order. Will they reject it because I stapled it? Also, I contacted a lawyer that specialized in Immigration, etc., They gave me a quote on the I-134 and "CP interview." If anyone has reached out to a lawyer, have they offered this service to you? What does it entail? I know about the affidavit but what about the interview part? My fiance lives in Argentina btw.
  13. Hi there! My boyfriend (US Citizen) and I (Australian Citizen) have been together for nearly 5 years, doing long distance and are ready to close the gap. I’m currently visiting the US for just over 3 weeks, we’re trying to figure out our next move. Two areas I’d like advice on: 1) which visa would be the best route - K-1 or CR-1? 2) if CR-1, since I’m currently visiting the US and going back to Australia, would it be possible (and legal) for us to get married now? Then apply for CR-1 when I get back to Australia? I took time off work to come visit, as well as family in home country. Background: - We met online mid 2015, have visited each other multiple times since 2016. He came and lived in Australia with me on a Work Holiday visa May 2018 - May 2019. I’d like to ultimately live in the US with him. We’ve been planning on getting married, but have been confused which visa would be best. I’ve been leaning towards the CR-1, as it is the least restricting on me. But of course that means we’d have to get married before filing for it. Thanks in advance for the help!
  14. My Fiancee's K-1 interview in Montreal was January 8th. Everything went smoothly at the interview until the CO indicated that my Fiancee did not have the correct document to show that she was divorced. What my Fiancee did have with her at the interview was a copy of the divorce court's "final decision", a document that had clearly been acceptable to both the USCIS and the NVC, and which had also been reviewed and given a blessing by our Immigration Attorney as perfectly adequate to show that my Fiancee was indeed divorced. (Admittedly, my attorney doesn't handle Canadian cases very often. Most of her experience is with other Consulates around the world.) The CO did however reassure my Fiancee that all else was in order, and that the K-1 Visa would be granted upon receipt from her of an official "Divorce Certificate" with a raised seal issued by the court in which she was divorced in 2011. So the impression the CO left was that this would be a simple matter and would likely only cause a short delay. A 221g was then issued along with specific instructions on how to send the document to them. Somewhat stunned, my dear Fiancee met me on the very cold and snowy street outside and tried to explain what had just happened. She was upset to say the least. So was I. Our plans for a celebration that day were crushed. We had traveled nearly 4700 km just to get there for the interview. (Btw.. name another country where someone has to travel anywhere near that far to get to a Visa interview. It's ridiculous.) I immediately texted our Attorney in the U.S. about the 221g. She was surprised, but tried to keep things positive by saying this would only cause a "short" delay. Since the CO had essentially implied the same, we consoled ourselves with that. A "short" delay. Fast forward to now. My Fiancee traveled back to her native BC and was able to get the "Divorce Certificate with raised seal" and immediately sent it to the Consulate in Montreal using the prescribed method. The Consulate received it on the 16th of January. It has now been over five weeks since they received it, and more than six weeks since the interview itself. There has been no apparent movement to our case status. It remains in "Administrative Processing". The only indication that anything is going on at all is that there have been three changes to the case updated date during this time. At my request, my Attorney sent an email to the Consulate about 10 days ago to ask about the delay. Four days later she received back a form type response that gave no specific information at all. It was more a polite acknowledgement of my Attorney's email request. Suffice to say that my Fiancee is by now "losing it". This delay has caused an awful lot of stress in our relationship. To be honest, the entire K-1 process seems designed to put an enormous amount of strain on a relationship.to begin with. She is in Canada (without her passport for the last six weeks) and I am in the U.S. at my job and helping to take care of an ill loved one. She chose not to even attempt to travel to the U.S. during the K-1 application process after the 129f filing. That's just how careful she is. Our plans for getting married in early March are now cancelled. Our Attorney is as blind as we are to what's going on up there in Montreal. It seems to me that the amount of time that has now gone by is a very abnormal amount without an answer of some kind. What would have taken the CO at the interview about 30 seconds to accomplish (i.e., examining the divorce certificate that they now have) has now taken at a minimum five and one-half weeks additional and counting.. and that just doesn't make any sense to me. What could possibly cause such a delay? Thoughtful replies please.
  15. Hi Everyone! My fiance (beneficiary) has been living in Australia for a majority of his life on a student visa. I have recently filed the I-129F application. While researching the typical consulate requirements and document needs, I came across the following on the US Consulate-Sydney website: "Immigrant visas to the United States are processed for citizens and residents of Australia only at the U.S. Consulate in Sydney." Does this mean he will have to go back to his citizenship country for his interview? He has never lived there and has been in Australia since he turned 18. Does anyone have any experience with this situation and the US Consulate in Australia? He currently lives in Melbourne. We would like for him to have interview there and that's what we listed in the I-129F. But looking though the consulate website, I am a little unsure. Any help/guidance would be really appreciated. I am slowly descending into panic mode! Thank you!
  16. As the Trumps travel bam kicks of today, can we share experiences, from appointment, interviews, point of entry. Any relevant info so we can all learn? Any one traveling on a pre-issued visa anytime soon?
  17. My fiancee and I got married within 90 days of her entering on the K-1 Visa but it says in her passport that the visa expires tomorrow. We have not filed the AOS papers yet because of financial issues. Is she going to be deported or something??? I read different things on every website I look at. What do we have to do now that we are past the K-1 date? Which forms do we need to fill out exactly? Please help. Thanks, J & G
  18. It's been a long process and finally we are waiting for interview phase...I want to know if there's anyone else waiting for an interview or has gone through the visa interview in Kabul, Afghanistan. My case has been sent from the NVC on June 11 2019 to the Kabul Embassy. I emailed the Embassy on June 30 2019 asking about my case status to which they said, "Our office has received your fiancee’s visa application and her case is currently in our appointment queue. As soon as an appointment becomes available, we will contact you with further instructions." I emailed them again on July 20 2019 to which they said, "As previously indicated, your finance's visa application is currently in our appointment queue. As soon as an appointment becomes available, we will contact you with further instructions." It's almost 2 months that my case is at the Embassy and waiting for an interview date. Is it usually for the Embassy to take this long in appointing an interview date.
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm becoming very impatient! I have a job offer and I need to start working from 22nd January. Can you guys help me to get an idea when my EAD should be approved by? Case is with National Benefit Center (MSC). 08/30/17 -- Filed I-765 and I-485 09/25/17 -- BIO Completed // 11/15/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 12/05/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 01/08/18 -- Called USCIS, escalated case to Tier 2, then escalated to Tier 2 Supervisor who told me she would call back in a few days, still waiting... On the USCIS tracker it only shows "Fingerprint Fee was received" since 09/12/17 for I-485; and "Case was received" since 09/07/17 for I-765. Its been 134 days!
  20. I guess I'll start an April thread since my package should be delivered today by 8 pm. Hurry up and wait...
  21. Good Morning and Evening All. I have been scouring the forums and really anywhere I can find information reagarding all this Fiance Visa related (don't we all?). I have been attemting to find straightforward answers about filing out the DS-160 and the social media disclosure question. This is a new, mandatory question added in May of 2019 that requires "a disclosure of all social media". what an absolutly daunting task for those of us who live their lives throught the internet. here are a few questions i simply am having a hard time finding the answers for: - When completing the DS-160 for K-1 visa application and the question asks for social media handles who are they wanting them from? Me (the US citizen petitioner? or the foreign Beneficiary?). If I am reading correctly on most "help" sites it is only the Beneficiary (person applying for the visa itself). - The question asks for "all social media in the last 5 years". this is a two part problem for me. If the social media site has not been used in the last five years but still has an active user account is that still considered as part of the five years? the second part is that it says "all" but the drop down menu is a limited list of social media sites. I know it is best practice to be honest but also best practice to give no more information than is asked or necessary. So which is it? "All" or honest? - Another issue that has vexxed me is the amount of social media handles someone may have. If they are prone to starting a twitter account or reddit account on a whim because they can't rememeber their last log on or decided on a new email account how would you find out or where could you search to recover the old account handles? What if you can't remember past email accounts or handles? Do throw away accounts still count towards the disclosure? If you miss/forget about an email/handle/social media affiliation or account and it is found out later will the CO conclude you are lying or intentionally trying to hide accounts? While I understand the need for disclosing this information to the asking governement and there is no getting around it what can be done to ensure that we have fully completed this portion of the application without inadvertently committing perjury or ommissions? Thanks in advance for any and all advice, this is truly a trying time in our lives! Cheers, Lizzy
  22. Hello VJ, Anyone out there with experience at the US Embassy in Rangoon, Burma? I've been searching but it seems there aren't many posters on here for that country and very few reviews of that embassy. I've filed I-129f for my Burmese fiancé, NOA2 was received September 23, 2016 and so now we are trying to prepare for K-1 interview. I would love if anyone could tell me their experience with scheduling the interview, any tips or things to look out for, etc. Thanks in advance for any insight
  23. Hello, my Fiancé just had his interview and we are a bit confused with the CEAC status. I checked it by using the case # given by NVC and selecting IMMIGRANT VISA... Status says READY He checks it using the ID# on the DS-160 and selects NON-IMMIGRANT VISA and the status is "NO STATUS". So which is it? Why do both work? His interview went well but they asked for our additional proof of relationship/contact and pictures (which he handed over) and they gave him a 221g white form saying "Admin Review" and we will call you in 2 weeks. Gave him his passport back. Does anyone know what's going on? Or which status is correct? Thank you, Andie
  24. Hey everyone, I just received my EAD/AP Combo Card on Monday January 13. My card shows validity period from 01/07/2019 to 01/06/2020. Am I right in understanding that my card is already expired? My AP letter shows validity from 01/07/2020 – 01/06/2021. My I-797 NOAs for both EAD and AP were dated 01/07/2020. Has anyone had this experience? I assume it is an USCIS error. I have a callback with them tomorrow. Thanks!
  25. I feel like once people went through the interview process they forget about this website and about all the people waiting to hear back about their experience. My Fiance and I are pending the interview and studying dozens of "most common questions asked" ... But would love to have your personal experience with the interview and most importantly WHAT DID THEY ASK YOU? I think this site is lacking the support of AFTER receiving/ or not the Visa. PLEASE comment below, tell us how your interview went and help the rest of us. ❤️❤️
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