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  1. This thread was created for those who are waiting from their NOA2 K-1 to the case assignment from NVC. These are items that everyone asks for, so I thought I just post them here for you to refer to when it's necessary. 1. How do I update my email address with NVC Once you receive your NOA2 approval then contact NVC via https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html to update your email address as well as your beneficiary's email address. This will give you an email alert when your file arrives at NVC, your case is assigned and when the file leaves for your Embassy. 2. Checking on your embassy case number from NVC: It will take 7 - 10 business days for NVC to receive your file from USCIS after you receive the NOA2, then another 2 - 5 business days for NVC to get your file in their system and produce your case number. Call 7:00 am eastern time for shorter wait times. 1-603-334-0700 or 603-334-0888. Operator assistance is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Eastern Time) 1 for English, then 7 (or 5, but I would go 7 as they would tell you if you should call 5 instead after they receive your case.) Best time to call: Right after they open which is around 7:00am US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri. Most have had luck getting the phone answered after the first ring if they called right at 7am. 3. How long to assign a Case # from NOA2 It's been taking about 2-3 weeks for NVC to assign the case number. Then it's taking another 2-4 weeks depending on the Embassy to receive your case. Your mileage may vary! 4. Follow Similar VJ members timelines. Use the tools here in VJ to answer "when I am going to get etc. etc." question. Near your picture there is a link for your timeline. Select it and once you're on the next page near your picture you will see "follow similar timelines" and it will populate 12 other couples who are near your dates. Scroll down and you will see a "spreadsheet" style page showing all the variables for measurement for when others from your Embassy are getting the same notice of approval or action. Try it. It really works! 5. Follow similar VJ members timelines from other countries. And if you want to follow those from other countries that have similar timelines as yours there are several tools available to you. Go up to Immigration Timelines on the blue ribbon above and select it. Once you are on the next page looked to your left and you will see a box that states, "find similar timelines" and select it. A list will populate with those who are processing close to your timeline. When they start to change you will soon be behind them. I followed those that were in my group to give me an idea where they were in processing, so I could judge if I was ahead or behind. It's accurate, maybe within a day or so. If you choose to follow those twelve members then you will get an email every time their status updates. 6. Be sure your profile is complete so that we can determine your Embassy. Many of our answers are predicated on the information you supply in your profile. When we look at the left column and can't determine your timeline or your Embassy it's hard for us to give you a factual answer. If you look at the profile of others here, they have a flag for their country, so it makes it easy for us to reply as we can quickly determine your Embassy. Our answers will sometimes be tailored to a specific Embassy hence the reason for you to complete your profile. So, if you could help yourself out and complete your profile that sure would help us out when we want to reply to your question with factual information. Go to the top right of this page select your name (it's on the upper right-hand corner)>my profile>[below your picture on the right column] edit my profile. Scroll to the bottom and fill in "Immigration Info". There now we can better serve you. Thanks 7. Timelines. Complete your timeline. In your profile to the left of the page you will see the word "timeline" toward the bottom. Select it and it will take you to the page that has the link for you to complete your timeline. This to can help us to answer some of your questions. 8. Tracking your case. As a K1, when checking your case online at CEAC.state.gov you have to select "immigrant visa" as it is treated as such even though it is a "non-immigrant visa". Technically the K-1 is a non-immigrant visa with intent to immigrate, but it is treated like an immigrant visa because of the AOS. It is kind of a ba$tard. Non-immigrant case treated like an immigrant case. The K-1 on its own is a single entry, with a short time limited visa that expires within 90 days after POE. That is why it is a non-immigrant visa treated like an immigrant visa.  USICS states If you have a pending I-129f, I-90, I-485, I-751 or N-400, we’ve recently changed the way we’re displaying processing times online to give you a more realistic date range. To check these times, visit https://t.co/ho3dfC5KCA 9. Tracking your case file that's in transit to your Embassy. Go to www.dhl.com click Express then Tracking, then Track by Shipper's Reference, and on this page you add your search information. You change the day and month to what you think your package might have left NVC or call NVC to get the date your package had left NVC in route to your Embassy then go to the DHL website and enter the following information: EXAMPLE: * Shipper´s Reference : EXP 24 MAR 2011A  (This is the date you think it left NVC, just substitute the date and leave everything else as is) * Date range for shipment - From: 23 - 03 - 2011 * Date range for shipment - To: 26 - 03 - 2011 Account Number - Leave this blank Shipment Destination: Manila (Works for any Country Just replace the city where the Embassy is located)   I hope these tips help you along your Journey. So, let’s share our experiences, our tips and ask questions.
  2. Hello All, My fiance went to school in the US. She graduated and used her OPT as a volunteer while applying for other positions. She went back to her own country recently. Does that OPT experience count as "Employment History" when filling out the I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)? She technically was not paid, and there is little documentation of volunteer work outside the information she has to submit for her OPT. Any form of guidance or way to look at the question would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi everyone, I have been scrolling through the threads on this forum and I haven't quite found what I've been searching for. Me and my partner filed our i-129f in the middle of October and I'm starting to think about the next step in our application. My partner left the Navy in late 2016 and started working immediately after. In January 2018 he also started studying using his GI-bill which contains both housing allowance, book costs and a "salary" every month. This means that he is both a full time worker and a full time student getting both his military educational benefits and the salary he earns from work. What type of papers do we need to prove that he is over the poverty limit? We will get papers stating his salary and his pay stubs from his employer but does the GI-bill count? If so what type of papers do we need for this? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Hurryupnwait


    Anyone with an JUNE OR JULY Noa1 still waiting on their NOA2? Just curious to see how many of us are still waiting. Seen a few from August already getting NOA2'S.
  5. I guess I'll start an April thread since my package should be delivered today by 8 pm. Hurry up and wait...
  6. We are a few days away from sending our AOS packet after getting married after Thanksgiving (K-1 visa), and we've been back and forth on what we should be doing about our recent address change. A little after new years we moved into a friend's apartment so that we didn't have to live with my new in-laws while we wait until we can afford a place of our own (once I get EAD and find a job we will be looking to move). I know I have to file a change of address with the USCIS (within 10 days, eep!) and I'm going to do that before we send off our application as I believe its simpler doing it that way (only have to file it online). My question is, will this change of address cause us any issues? For example, I've read a lot about people needing joint leases as proof of living together when they go to the AOS interview. We plan by that point we will have our own place and be on that lease together, but will it be an issue that we weren't on the lease at this current address and are just staying as guests. While we will be listing our new address on the AOS application, we are also keeping my in-laws as our mailing address for the application, as well as other non-visa things (e.g medical insurance, payslips, etc). Will USCIS take any issue with this? I don't want to arouse any unnecessary suspicion. I'm thinking everything should be fine but, erring on the side of caution, I thought I'd post this for peoples' thoughts on this, am I still missing something? Any help or information anyone have to add would be great!
  7. Hi Community, Hope you are doing well. I got a question after analyzing Tampa, FL timeline for AOS Interviews. So, most of the K1 AOSing people in Tampa getting the interview in 3-4 month after NOA1 (note: these people didn't expedite EAD+AP). Other people who expedited EAD+AP and got it in 2-3 month after NOA1 are having their AOS Interview in 8-15 month. Do you guys think it is random or is it how USCIS process cases? Potentially they do all checks and perform all required action to issue an EAD, so potentially everything is done from NBC side but as soon as people already can work and travel, they put such cases on hold for a longer period of time? Just want to understand when to expect our interview Will be thankful for your advice!
  8. Hi everyone, We recently got our NOA2 (Oct 8 ) and just today I was told by NVC that case is received and obtained the NVC case number. ☺️☺️ Anyway, I am in the process of preparing i-134 and had few questions. Some info about me: Full time employee, 60K+ annual salary, couple grands here and there in checking/ savings, and brokerage accounts. I don't own a real estate or any other sizeable assets, no life insurance but I have a car loan. Questions: Do I need to enter my car loan? I owe about the same amount as the car worth, and IMO it doesn't make sense to list the value of my car in personal property (page 3, question 5) then have the similar amount in debt for question 8b. Is online account statements from Bank of America for past 12 months sufficient or do I need to get something official from a local branch? I plan on sending last years W2 and federal tax return forms (1040)- Is 1 year sufficient? How many months pay stubs should I send? Planning on getting a letter from HR as a proof of current employment, and getting brokerage account statement as well. I've read countless threads, official i-134 guide, and reviewed few completed sample i-134 pdfs but it's already past 1am so please let me know if I am missing anything else. Thanks.
  9. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! I just wanted everyone to know my fiance had his interview today at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana, and by the grace of God he was approved! Soon he will come to America for us to be married! I must thank the U.S. Embassy in Ghana for their kindness to him and their approval, and also all the great people on Visajourney who helped me navigate this process smoothly. If not for the generosity of those on here and those who make videos like the ones on YouTube I'm not sure we would have been able to be successful. I wish all of you awaiting your loved one's approval the best of luck and encourage you to stay vigilant and positive that your day will arrive too. I first mailed off my I-294 application on 06-15-2017, so from mailing to approval it's been about 11 months. I am here to help in any way I can as always. Wallace
  10. Hi, I am new in this community. I was reading a lot. My couple is from Texas, he wants to apply for the k-1. We want to get married in USA. We are not sure when to apply, because we are so worried about know if our story is enought to apply. If we have the enought provements. I was my boyfriend's Au Pair, he was married. After four months living with his family, we start to fall in love (December 017, it was the last February when we were seriously. We went out together but he was still married. In July i left the country because he need be focus in his divorce which is was long and difficult. We were stil, talking everyday by Hangout and WhatsApp. Once he got the divorce,, that happened the last December, we decided to travel to Toronto, Canada to meet each other. I can't go to USA because in October i applied to get the B-2 and i was rejected because i couldn't show ties to Spain. We took a pictures together when i was in USA with him. Once i left the country we sent some emails also. Our relation started one year ago, but he got his divorce in December. I was reading about what we need to show to prove our relation. I think we have all. He surprise me in our trip with a ring, he kept the receipt. Are we ready to apply? Should we wait more time? He is thinking in come to Spain in February or March. For him is hard travel because he has a full custody of his kids.
  11. I just got my NOA2 in the mail! Took 5 months, filed on July 21st and the form was dated December 26th. What's weird is that it's not showing up online or on my iPhone app. Has anybody else experienced this? I would check your mail since they seem not to be working on the online stuff! What do you think?
  12. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  13. Hi! I am a beneficiary from the Philippines. My fiancé emailed NVC and they replied to him with a Manila Number. I have a few questions: 1. Can I start my Medical Exam at SLEC already and print that email we received from NVC with MNL case number even if our case is still at NVC according to CEAC? 2. I registered online for an NBI clearance, there is now way I can customize the “purpose” of the clearance because it is automatically populated by NBI so it is stated in the purpose type: “local” and purpose of application “multi-purpose clearance” - is this ok or it has to be specified that it is for K1 visa? 3. When I order a CENOMAR online, is it necessar to put the US Embassy for the address or the recipient of the CENOMAR or is it advisable to order 2 copies, 1 for me and 1 for the embassy? Thank you very much for all your help! 2019 is a great year for all of us!!! NOA1: June 15 NOA2: Nov 30 NVC Received: January 2
  14. We had our interview on April 17th, and the woman interviewing my fiancé told him to come back in 2 days to pick up his visa. The very next day, he got a call that our case was actually going through additional administrative processing and that we would just have to wait. On monday 60 days will have passed since our interview, and the travel.state.gov website says that we may now make inquiries about the status of our visa... but is there anything else we can do? Is there ANY action I can take? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Johannes2198

    DS-160 have you ever entered the U.S.

    Hello I am currently in the process of filling out the DS-160 application and came across the question; Have you ever entered the U.S.? I live in Niagara falls Canada and have frequently visited the states throughout my life. Is this question really requiring me to identify all 40-50 times I've entered over 20 years? Thank you for your time and wisdom!
  16. Hi, So I know we have to show proof of residency here in US now that we are married, but I am wondering how to do that? We do live together. My landlord told me he cannot put my husband on the lease since he is not working and cannot provide any income documents. All our bills are in my name as well. So how can we show proof of residency for him if he's not on the lease and we have no shared bills or none of the bills are in his name at the moment?
  17. Hi, My husband (previously k-1 fiancé) is applying to adjust his status now that we are married. I was reading on the USCIS website that one of the documents to send in is copy of police or court records of criminal charges, arrests, convictions (if applicable). He hasn't been arrested or convicted of anything, and got a copy of his record from his police department before he went to interview for his visa. Does he have to receive another one to submit with the AOS documents? Because that would be virtually impossible since he's not in his country anymore and he gave the copy of his record when he arrived to immigration at the airport and he did not receive it back. So, is it necessary to have one for the AOS?
  18. I got approved at the NOA2 stage for my K-1 visa on November 8th. I was under the impression a letter from the US embassy here in the UK should be dropping through my letter box a few weeks later but as of today (December 14th) nothing yet. Should I continue to wait or make a call/email to the NVC? Will the letter be accompanied by an email or similar (given that we filled out the G-1145 form for email/text confirmation at the same time as the I-129f) or will that be the only thing they send? I'm 100% sure we put my correct mailing address on the I-129f form but just wanted to be sure. Also, it feels like I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs while waiting for this - can I be doing anything else in the meantime? I've already submitted my DS-160, as well as got my ACRO police cert/immunisations for my medical, and my fiancé has filled in her affidavit of support form too, but is there anything else I can be doing to prepare while we wait for this case number or does everything from here onwards require that case number to be generated?? And finally - what's the average wait time from now (NOA2 about a month ago) to getting my K-1 visa? Could I be starting to plan moving out to the US from like end of January or around then??
  19. Megan and Ehan

    SSN Biometric Forms

    K-1 now doing AOS and are currently married, spouse is present. So do we send the SSN application into the USCIS or is this something we tackle separate I presume? Also on the biometrics sheet wouldn't it be that we are filing for permanent residence NOT naturalization? I thought naturalization comes later?
  20. I came to US with K-1 fiancée visa. I have been waiting for a green card interview since July 2017 and my 1-year Advance Parole and Employment Authorization document is expiring this August ( 2018 ). I need to renew my combination card just in case. My question is - what is my Class of Admission now? Is it still K-1 with what I entered with?
  21. Hello All, My fiancee and I are doing my K-1 visa, and we just sent the RFE, waiting for the P2 approval from USCIS. I'm preparing to fill out I-134 Affidavit of Support form right now, but I have a few question about I-134, hope someone can give me some advices. Thank y'all. 1) I'm a self-employee, own a family restaurant, both my parents work for me. My personal annual tax report is $14400. According to POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR 2018, in order to be sponsor, I have to reach $16460. I have more than 40K deposits in the bank, also have assets, Should I find joint sponsor(s)? 2) My parents has joint income tax return, which they file the income tax together, and their total income are more than 125% poverty guidelines, my mom still working in the restaurant, which the business is under my name. My dad doesn't work anymore, but he has 2017 income tax report & W2. a.)If my parents help me to do the joint sponsor, can I separate my mom from the joint income tax? because my dad is not longer file the tax after 2017. b.)Do they require to get the proof of assets, c.)Do they need get the statements from the bank? Or what's the best way to do it? Sincerely,
  22. Hey everyone, K1 approved and Married 11/20/18 and his K1 visa is expired 12-12-18... Do we have to have all of the paperwork for AOS filled and sent in by then? Or is it more lenient because we are married now? Also do I the petitioner have to submit another affidavit of support for the AOS or can I just submit supporting financial documents? Did you make a nice binder/folder to make it presentable? Also the medical exam was sent from husbands country to the US embassy, is this something that is accessible on their end? THANKS everyone.
  23. My fiancee and I are getting married on Saturday! We are both flying to my old home state tomorrow for the wedding. With that in mind, we want to get her adjustment of status filing done as quickly and painlessly as possible so that we can get on with married life. A couple questions: I don't think the consulate in Sydney gave her her medical results. Is that going to be a problem? She was approved for the K-1 visa a few weeks ago, so she must have passed. Even though I definitely make a high enough income for sponsorship now, I barely reached 100% FPL last tax year (2017). So I am thinking to be on the safe side, I will still list the amount of money in my bank accounts as assets. Do I need to get an updated bank letter and include a year's worth of bank statements for all 5 of my bank accounts again? She took a lot of this paperwork to her interview! The bank letter we got was dated just over 3 months ago.
  24. Hurryupnwait


    Okay; so I'm wait on the NOA2 I have asked this question twice and keep getting many different answers and i kinda need it in a consolidated area. So my question is what do i and my fiancee need to be getting ready at this point. She is going get her nbi today. has birth certificates ,passport, photos, and passport of course. So what else is needed and is anything needed from me?
  25. Hello Everyone, I'd really appreciate any advice or experiences here, as I'm driving myself crazy researching and gathering information. During the interview stage of my K-1, I'd like to know what the chances are of not being approved due to "Affidavit of Support" not being satisfactory enough? Situation - Petitioner is a student, his part-time job does not meet the poverty line. - Petitioner's father is applying as co-sponsor (and makes way above the 125%). - Interview will be held at Bangkok Embassy (where I haven't heard them nit-picking about this, but I'm still concerned). *And please don't redirect this post to regional, the thread is relatively quiet! Would it be a good idea for myself (the beneficiary) to also bring evidence? - Letter of full-time employment. - Letter of savings in bank. - Letter of assets (I have a house which my parents reside in). - Letter of parents savings. *Are any of these applicable? Thank you!