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  1. So, I submitted an expedite request for our I-129f via phone call last week and today I received an email about the denial. Specifically, under "Emergencies and urgent humanitarian reasons". I am a US Army veteran and I’m diagnosed with PTSD through the VA. I see a doctor regularly for treatment. The K1 waiting process has exasperated my PTSD symptoms to a high degree. I don’t want to get into specifics but its extreme. My doctor even wrote a letter supporting this claim and how an expedite would most definitely alleviate my symptoms. I feel like this falls under the “Disability” section of the guidelines. I mentioned I have a letter from my doctor when I originally requested the expedite but evidence wasn’t even requested. I got an email saying: “Although your situation appears serious, your expedite request did not meet the expedite guidelines set forth by USCIS”. I’m not asking for sympathy, just people’s honest opinions on this situation. Is there anything I can do? Is it worth while to try again to see if a different agent might accept it? Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm filling the form I-129f, and there are some question that I'm not sure how to answer them, I would appreciate your advice with the following questions: we don't have zip code or province in the addresses here, should I answer N/A to that? question 38.e passport number, should I provide the passport number even if I never been to the US? thank you in advance
  3. Hey, all! Here's the short version. My fiancee (Canadian) is just about ready to move! She's coming to the USA on a K-1 visa. It's (long) driving distance. I know that she can only cross the border one time with the K-1 visa. But, can I move her stuff over two trips? Last time I tried to take some of her belongings over the border during a trip home (a few weeks before the K-1 visa was approved), I got held up and eventually turned away, as she was not accompanying her stuff. The border people pulled me into secondary and verified all our info, and one of the last questions they asked me was "so is her visa approved yet?" which suggested to me that that might be a deciding factor in this issue. My answer was no. Ultimately I was told I am not permitted to bring someone's belongings with me over the border unless they are present. If she is present with me for the first van full of things, we presumably will get through fine. But what about a second trip with just me? Will I be able to cross into the US with a car full of her stuff if she's now legally in the US on her visa? (To head off the most obvious response questions: I cannot get a larger vehicle than this 9ft moving van in time. We also (I believe) don't have time to arrange a stuff-shipping service such as U-Pack or U-Boxes. If anyone has creative ideas I haven't thought of, they are more than welcome and we are desperate for them! Moving distance example would be Toronto to Boston, about 500mi/800km.)
  4. Hello! I’m filling out DS-160 for my K-1 visa and therebis a question about countries I resided in for more than 6 months. My situation is: 2017-2020 I stayed in China on a business visa. I did not hold a residence permit and I would do a visa-run (leave and re-enter the country) every 2-3 months since despite my visa was a 1 year visa the maximum period of uninterrupted stay was 90 days. Should I list China among countries I lived in for longer than 6 months? Or it doesn’t count because it wasn’t an uninterrupted stay?
  5. Hello. I will be crossing the US land border from Canada with my approved K-1 Fiancé visa in the next few months. I am trying to research options for crossing the border with all my personal items. I am wondering if anyone could shed light on land crossing requirements. I would like to drive across in a Canadian vehicle that I am registered under then drive it back to the border (not across) for a family member to pick up, once I am moved in. I have no intention of officially importing the vehicle to the US. Is this generally allowed without any extra paperwork involved? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, My bf (US citizen) and I (Saudi Arabian) are about to send in our I-129f petition and have some questions first that we’d appreciate getting pointers on. Bear with me a little because I’d like to explain the whole situation to better inform your answers. We are in a gay relationship, we met our second year of college in 2017 (I was on an F-1 visa) and have been together since. I returned to Saudi during the pandemic in 2020 after graduating and started working there. A few months later I decided to apply for a tourist visa to be able to visit my boyfriend. It got accepted but I never used it since I got accepted into some master’s programs in california and thought it might be best to pursue that path. We never talked about marriage or where our relationship was going (we both assumed it was going to end when I had to return to Saudi but we still talked to each other everyday). So it seemed like a good idea for me to come back for my master’s and we can pick up where we left off, hitting two birds with one stone. The trouble though is when I did my interview for the F-1 visa, the consul officer didn’t think I had strong ties to Saudi, and in hindsight she was right. She asked me who my bf is (I listed him as my US contact point under “friend”) and I told her he’s just a friend. That visa got denied, and we were crushed to think we weren’t gonna see each other soon. A month later we met in Mexico and decided to apply for a K-1 as we realized we really want to be together and are ready to get married. And we have lots of evidence proving a bona fide relationship from our time in college. Now I reazlied that in my tourist visa application I also listed him as a friend. So I’m worried it’s gonna look like I lied about my relationship with him for immigration benefits. The reason I never disclosed my relationship with him was 1) i never really understood the significance from an immigration point of view and 2) both my interviews were in Saudi and I didnt want them to know my sexuality for fear of safety, and it is second nature to me to tell all strangers that he’s just my friend and hide my sexuality. TLDR: i listed my boyfriend as a “friend” in two different non-immigrant visa applications and worried that will affect K-1 visa chances. So I would like your advice on the following: 1) Will the 214(b) F-1 denial arouse suspicions of misrepresentation if we file the I-129F shortly after? Does it matter if we wait longer? 2) Will the officers be understanding of why I lied about the relationship due to fear of safety or use that against us in the K-1 application? 3) Any information on the US embassy in Saudi would also be appreciated. How tough are they and how likely is denial/acceptance? Thank you.
  7. Hello all, We received our NOA2 from USCIS on March 11th 2021, on April 15th we got notification from the NVC that our case was returned to USCIS after we had sent an inquiry about our case a couple weeks prior. No information as to why it was returned to USCIS. On April 22nd 2021 USCIS received the case and the current status says "Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review". We immediately sent an inquiry but have not heard back. Does anyone have any idea why the case would be sent back to USCIS? Would that indicate an issue with our case? Something we did or something USCIS got wrong? We would appreciate any insight if anyone has experienced something similar. Thanks, Colin
  8. Hello! I am wondering if there is any update on the backlog at the Montreal Consulate for K-1 Visa Interviews. I am about to receive my NOA2 and I am hoping the significant wait times have subsided by now. Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone, im applying for the K1, I have to enter my child’s name and details, however I don’t know how exactly the details of child are written in English in the passport because I don’t have a copy of his passport, the mother of the child doesn’t cooperate. I’m not going to take the child with me, I never lived with the child, and never paid any support because the mother doesn’t want anything and she doesn’t want me to contact them. I only have a copy of the birth certificate, and I don’t possess the original. Since I’m not going to take the child with me, and I’m not able to reach to the mother regarding any documents, will that affect me in anyway of getting the K-1? And what documents they can ask for?
  10. I am having troubles figuring out where to obtain the police report, Certification for the Interview for the K-1 Visa. Does anyone know where to go to get such a certification in Kyiv? Thanks for any help.
  11. So if anyone has seen my previous posts, I've been a bit pleasantly confused about the AOS process and timeline from a K-1 visa. My husband and I filed his AOS back in November, he got a biometrics appointment in January, and now we now got a notice for our primary AOS interview next month! That's approximately 4 months from filing to the interview date and we didn't expedite!! I'm thinking USCIS is starting to speed up their process so just wanted to give hope for anyone waiting!
  12. Below are the steps I, the Petitioner, took to complete form I-129F and successfully received the K-1 Visa for my beneficiary: 1/25/2021 Shipped I-129F Package to Lewisville through FedEx 1/26/2021 Delivered to Lewisville through FedEx 3/1/2021 Followed up with USCIS through Email 3/13/2021 Case Received 3/15/2021 Received the Notice of Receipt through Text 3/15/2021 Payment of $535 Electronically Processed USCIS Dallas 3/20/2021 Received the Notice of Receipt through Mail I-797C (NOA-1); Receipt Number Assigned 9/7/2021 Case Approval Notice Online 9/13/2021 Received Approval Notice Through Mail I-797 (NOA-2) 10/11/2021 Submitted Public Inquiry Form on NVC 11/8/2021 Received a Response from NVC 11/9/2021 Received an Email about NVC to KTM Embassy Case Number Assigned 11/14/2021 Started and completed the DS-160 Application and then the ustraveldocs.com/np form K1 Applications 11/14/2021 Paid the Machine Readable Visa (MRV) Fee at NIBL NIBL Bank Receipt Number 11/17/2021 Scheduled Interview Appointment for December 20 12/14/2021 Medical Appointment at IOM Received US Entry Medical Packet; DS-3025 12/15/2021 Received Sealed Medical Test Report for the Embassy 12/19/2021 Completed Document Gathering and Printing 12/20/2021 US EMBASSY VISA INTERVIEW 12/20/2021 VISA APPROVAL 12/23/2021 NIBL email to pick up Passport w/ Visa 12/23/2021 Petitioner Bought Ticket to the US 1/14/2022 US Entry and Pickup Useful Links: USCIS Case Status Checker https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do NVC Public Inquiry Form https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html DS-160 Application https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx US Travel Docs Form ustraveldocs.com/np Machine Readable Visa (MRV) Page https://www.ustraveldocs.com/np/np-niv-paymentinfo.asp Visa Status Checker https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV
  13. Hello there. I need your candid opinion on this please. I' m a Nigerian and got married to a US citizen but I'm currently in Ukraine and due to the unrest and uncertainty of war with Russia, all US consular services in Ukraine have been shot down. I have until August as a legal resident in Ukraine and our Cr1 (Marriage visa) is at the NVC level, meaning that, getting an interview date is the next thing. My questions are: 1. Do you think transferring my case to the US Embassy in Nigeria is a great option considering how overwhelming the backlog is over there? 2. Do you think remaining in Ukraine makes any sense as to not knowing when consular services would resume? 3. Do you think transferring my case to an African country where US consular services are faster is a great deal? If yes, please advise on which African country. I really hope I get a helpful response and please I'll highly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have my GreenCard Interview (K-1→AOS) next month and I'm confused about medical exam. Please help me! I took my medical exam overseas in Oct 2020 then filed I-485 in Jun 2021 so I don't think I need to get another medical exam, according to the form I-693 instruction. Also my DS3025 is completed. However, USCIS is now requiring COVID vaccine and this page below says K-visa applicants are not required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the immigration medical examination; however, the other components of these Technical Instructions do apply to all applicants.(←what does it mean!?) https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/panel-physicians/covid-19-technical-instructions.html And this page below says The applicant must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series and provide documentation of vaccination to the civil surgeon in person before completion of the medical examination. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/covid-19-technical-instructions.html I called USCIS, and the guy said the normal vaccination card is fine, but I don't see any correct answers anywhere.... so I'm worried. Can I just bring my vaccination card (which is the normal covid vaccination card I got from pharmacy) ? Or I need to complete the Part 10. Vaccination Record of I-693 completed by a designated civil surgeon? Thank you for your time to help me. Vaccine Requirements According to Applicant Age (Print-only).pdf
  15. Hello everyone! My name is Laura, I'm 25 years old and I come from Italy. I'm new on this forum so I thought about introducing myself a little. Me and my fiancé are completing form i-129f to apply for the K-1 Visa, but we ancountered a small issue at page 6, at info 33.a and 33.b, where they ask about parent n.2 city/town/village and country of residence. My dad passed away on August 29th 2016, so we are unsure about what to write on those lines. Should we fill in the residence info as if he were still alive or put something like N/A? We both know that tricky little things like this could slow down the process, so we want to make sure we get everything right, I hope you understand. Thanks in advance!
  16. My fiancé interviewed for his SSN 15 days after his arrival in the US on a K-1 visa. Everything at the interview went fine and the SSN official said he would get the approval in the mail in 2 weeks and the SSN card in a month. A month came and went and we thought maybe there was a delay due to the holidays. After the holidays, we checked in with our local SSN office and they informed us that Dept. of Homeland Security found an error on our application and it was still pending. SSN office couldn't say what the error was, but they would check and get back to us. After a week of calls with our local SSN office, we were told the error was fixed (SSN office said they were never informed what the error was) and we would be receiving the letter of approval in 2 weeks. Well, another two weeks went by and we never received the letter. I called the SSN local office and it was back to the story of there was an error on our application (again couldn't say what said error was) and because the K-1 visa was about to expire in a couple of weeks, my fiancé would not receive a SSN. The SSN office informed us we could reapply once my fiancé's visa was renewed or extended. I am pretty confident there was no error on his SSN application/supporting documents (we checked everything over multiple times and the SSN officer we interviewed with also confirmed that the SSN application was filled out correctly and matched the supporting documents). I'm not sure what we could have done differently except checked in earlier when we didn't receive our letter within 2 weeks, but not sure it would have made a difference anyways. My questions are: 1. Has anyone else experienced this particular issue? Does this happen frequently? (From reading here on VJ, I know many people have issues arise when dealing with the SSA) 2. Any ideas what the error could be that Dept. of Homeland Security was referring to? Just wondering if this issue will pop-up again when he reapplies. 3. From everything that I have read, it seems he will have to wait for his EAD/AP to reapply for his SSN (contrary to what the local SSN officer said) but I wanted to confirm. Thanks for any insights, KateD
  17. To clarify my information our mail goal is ofcourse to live together, she is currently a student online. The relationship so far has been me having to fly over to colombia to visit her and because she doesn't live in a main city she has to travel about 7 hours in a travel bus and so we end up metting and staying in hotels, suffice to say its been expensive. She hasnt applied for a tourist visa because the wait time atm is aboit 550+ days that's not even counting the assumption that anything happens it will be slower I'm aware that K-1 would be faster and sinse she studies online and maybe even do some courses here she can probably adjust, however waiting 6 - 8 months stuck here on limited choices is harsh. But we are leaning towards this one. What can she actually do here in the US legally while she waits for parole? Can she register for school and such? The spouse visa would also take too long, i would have to see her once in a while for a few days for 14 - 20 months its a lot, not to mention expensive and that's not even counting the idea that if she does start to work we just flat out would be seeing very little of each other. Can the K-3 visa help facilitate the 14 - 20 month process or would it delay it? Any other choices/advice would be welcome, we have also thought about her coming here as a student to study english while also doing her main courses online while she waits for the spouse visa but i was told she would be denied the student visa because of the application for permanent residency.
  18. Hi all, I have another complex question for you... If my (Indian) fiancé and I decided to go the route of K1 visa, keep in mind he has a stable employment in India, would he be able to leave US after we marry under the K1 visa (so that he can return to work) and then we file for a CR1 after? I know that in order for him to file the adjustment of status he has to remain in the US but we are trying to figure out how to navigate this without him having to quit his job for the duration of time it takes for these processes to complete. The intent is that when he returns to the US, he will be transferring his job from the Chennai office to the US office (we work for a global company, and met/committed while he was still here in the US on F1). Have any of you heard of anyone trying this before? Is this something that would raise red flags? We know that it may take more time but at the this point, the only reason we are looking adopt this option is because of the time and difficulties it takes to get married under the Special Marriage Act in India and complications/inconsistencies therein. It would be difficult for me to reside in India for more than a month due to my own obligations here in the US. Granted, if I have to then we'll just have to work something out...but it is not ideal. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, we filed the I129F on December 2020, got the NOA1 in february. we did not receive any USCIS NOA2 to inform us that the document was approved. we received directly the letter from NVC with our case number on August 31 2021 telling that they would forward the case to the embassy in Naples, Italy in several weeks. Its middle of October and I did not receive any email or letter from the embassyin Naples telling me that they received the case. In the meantime I already collected all documents and Ds160 filed. On the CEAC status it shows as NO STATUS. Can anyone help? Do you know if currently they are processing k1 visas in Naples?
  20. Hello now, I’m in panicking and I’m freaking out my boyfriend send our K-1 document by Fedex. well, I requested him to send USPS and I taught where to file when we send it by USPS. BUT!!! He sent it by FedEx to the address of usps!!! im so upset, and I’m so worry what’s happen in this situation! should we call USCIS or they will reject our documents??
  21. My fiancee has an interview for the K-1 visa next month. I am currently working in her country and will not continue this job after we move to the states. From what I understand, that means I should leave the employment section blank on the I-134. I inherited a stock portfolio in July 2020. So far in 2021 I have earned around $23k from this portfolio in interest and dividends. But because I inherited it towards the end of 2020, there is not much income from the portfolio on my 2020 tax return. Would it be ok if on the income section of the I-134, I put this year’s current (+ expected for December) interest and dividends, around $25k? Even though my tax return from 2020 won’t show as much? I have a complete 2019-2020 portfolio history, as well as a more recent list of holdings and activity which confirms this year’s current income. The assets in this portfolio alone are far above the 5x income requirement, so I'm not worried about that. Just wondering what to put for my income.
  22. Hi all, I went through the process end to end with my wife some years ago but I haven't been following it closely much. I know somebody who will be sending his K-1 petition to the lockbox next week. The beneficiary is in Costa Rica. What kind of timeframe can they expect? I was watching one of those 90-day fiancee spinoffs in TLC and some "lawyer" told them 22-24 months. Can that be right? It used to be 6-9 months total. Thanks
  23. Approximately a month ago my fiancé went for his medical exam for his K-1 visa. At the time of his medical, the clinic did not have the vaccinations needed and asked him to come back later for the vaccines. His medical was completed and sent to the embassy with a note that he did not receive his vaccines because the clinic did not have them. Fast forward, his interview went well and he received his visa and the sealed packet with it last week. However, he just received his last required vaccine today and has 6 more days in country before he comes to the US. My question is can he get an updated I-693 from the Ghana Embassy before he leaves to show that he has all of the required vaccines so he doesn't have to go for another medical exam for AOS?
  24. We submitted our paperwork on 12/29/2020. We received our NOA 1 in April. Nothing since. I’m starting to think that those of us who submitted paperwork during the COVID winter and then the Texas storms are just screwed. I’ve seen various people who submitted their paperwork months after us already get their NOA2 and beyond. Anyone else in our situation? Anyone able to shed some light on this? Wondering what to do. Very frustrated with no movement on this and feeling helpless. Thanks.
  25. Can they reject your visa application at the interview because of any potential problem with the paperwork? My fiance is stressing about this and I'm trying to tell him to calm down because the paperwork was already looked at and, I think, approved by somebody.
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