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Found 17 results

  1. To clarify my information our mail goal is ofcourse to live together, she is currently a student online. The relationship so far has been me having to fly over to colombia to visit her and because she doesn't live in a main city she has to travel about 7 hours in a travel bus and so we end up metting and staying in hotels, suffice to say its been expensive. She hasnt applied for a tourist visa because the wait time atm is aboit 550+ days that's not even counting the assumption that anything happens it will be slower I'm aware that K-1 would be faster and sinse she studies online and maybe even do some courses here she can probably adjust, however waiting 6 - 8 months stuck here on limited choices is harsh. But we are leaning towards this one. What can she actually do here in the US legally while she waits for parole? Can she register for school and such? The spouse visa would also take too long, i would have to see her once in a while for a few days for 14 - 20 months its a lot, not to mention expensive and that's not even counting the idea that if she does start to work we just flat out would be seeing very little of each other. Can the K-3 visa help facilitate the 14 - 20 month process or would it delay it? Any other choices/advice would be welcome, we have also thought about her coming here as a student to study english while also doing her main courses online while she waits for the spouse visa but i was told she would be denied the student visa because of the application for permanent residency.
  2. Hi All, My fiance and I are seemingly frozen in place waiting for the NVC to complete minor processing tasks so we may move forward with scheduling her K1 interview with the US consulate in Bogota. Below is an email I'm preparing to distribute to immigration attorneys in my Orlando, FL area, and I'm hopeful that some of you may be able to answer some of the questions within based on recent experience with this phase of the process or professional legal expertise. If any of you have attorneys who are skilled and experienced with navigating NVC/Bogota Consulate problems and delays I sure would appreciate referrals. Thanks in advance! - Aaron ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm reaching out in search of legal advisement and assistance from a legal professional with a high degree of experience dealing with K1 Visa immigration specifically from Colombia to the US, and with specific experience navigating the present complications created by COVID-19 and the resultant backlog/delays within the NVC and consulate in Bogota. My fiance and my current situation is as follows: 5/21/20 - Received Date of I-129F - Petition for Fiance 1/14/21 - Notice Date of Approval (I-797 Notice of Action) 9/14/21 - Received Date of K1-FTP from NVC stating NVC will now forward approved I-129F petition to Consulate in Bogota, and the transfer process will be complete in a matter of weeks Since receiving the K1-FTP on 9/14/21 our process appears to have stalled. Our current legal representation has been thoroughly unresponsive and ineffective throughout our entire process (now more so than ever). Since the 1/14/21 Notice of Approval, they have stated only that we are waiting for the NVC to generate a case and invoice so we can process the Dept of State application and schedule her interview at the consulate in Bogota (despite the fact that we received a Case Number on the K1-FTP document). In addition to handling my fiance's change of status process once we are legally married in the US, we are seeking a legal representative capable of: -*At a minimum* providing an experience based approximation of wait time we can expect from our current stage of processing through day of interview with the Bogota consulate -Providing an experience based approximation of wait time for change of status once we are legally married in the US (and advising whether typical processing times have been extended to any degree) -Making inquiries with the NVC and/or US Consulate in Bogota concerning the status and progress of the processing of our case -Deploying any and all tactics able to expedite our K1 and change of status processes including but not limited to soliciting relevant government agencies or officials to intervene on our behalf Are these services within you or your firm's wheelhouse? If not, are you able to direct me to a more appropriate resource?
  3. Hi All, This is an extension to a different thread, but I started a new topic as the topic has changed: Our primary concern at this moment is does the consulate in Bogota accept cosponsors for the Affidavit of Support? I'm hopeful that we can use my parents as cosponsors as a backup in the event that my affidavit is not accepted because (a little background here): -I'm self employed and for several years have been able to write-off so many of my expenses that my reported income has been lower than the requirement. -Additionally complicating matters is that my return for 2020 was sent back to me with a "Request for Signature or Missing Information to Complete Return". I'm just discovering this because I moved shortly after filing and apparently it came back to my previous address. -I'm scrambling to complete my 2021 return which will show income above the required threshold for 2021, but unless it is processed in time for the interview I will only have my 1040 as opposed to an IRS transcript. Can I submit the 1040 as supporting evidence or can I only use IRS transcripts? -I can prove assets well above the 3X minimum annual earnings requirement, mostly in the form of a fully owned home and fully owned vehicle. Can prove assets in lieu of providing tax documents to get approval at this stage of the process, or is this only applicable to when she's state-side and we're applying for permanent residence? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  4. Hello, I'm a citizen of United States of America. I'm a lesbian and I have proposed to my girlfriend who lives in cali, Colombia. I have no idea where to begin this process. We want to get married in Colombia. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone has a sense as to how bad the backlog is in Bogota for processing K1 visa applications and conducting interviews. We received our NOA2 in late August and we're still at NVC - have no idea how long we should expect to sit at NVC before being sent on to Bogota. Thanks!
  6. Our case is “ready,” however we have been unable to schedule our interview as there are no available dates in November and they have not opened December yet. Anyone have any idea when they might open up the December calendar?
  7. Hello! I am the petitioner and I received an email from the NVC that the visa petition was sent to the Bogota embassy on 6/8/2021. I know it usually takes a couple of weeks to receive an email from the embassy with the packet of instructions but we have received nothing. I’ve tried emailing them - nada. So my questions are: - Can we go ahead and schedule an interview without receiving the packet of instructions? I definitely don’t want this to backfire on us since this process has taken some time but not sure if this is the way to go at this point? - Is there a number that I can contact that would be answered by a person? It seems like they don’t really respond to emails - Is there anything I can do? Or I just have to wait? Is the packet of instructions suppose to arrive via email to me or to my fiancé? We might be being impatient but we just want it to continue moving and it was looking hopeful that things were moving along until now. Thank you so much for any help!
  8. Hi All, We received this email from the NVC on March 09/21 in regards of our F2B immigrant visa status: “The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicant’s visa application.” We have yet to have an interview date (of course since Covid, everything is taking a lot longer than expected). Has anyone with a relatable case have gotten an interview date in the USA embassy in Colombia and if so, how long did you wait this year? I appreciate your response, thank you ps: all documents are in order/approved all payments have been submitted just counting the days/hours until the interview date is available!
  9. Background: my daughter was born in Colombia but was given citizenship by me through a CRBA. My wife is traveling to the US for the first time as well on an IR1 visa. My wife is supposed to travel with my daughter to the states on Tuesday. Today we found out that supposedly for my daughter to leave Colombia with my wife she has to have a notarized and apostilled "permission slip" from me saying that it's ok. The only issue is that this permission slip is supposed to be apostilled and approved by the Colombian Consulate which for me is in Atlanta. My question is: Is there any way that I can get this done by Tuesday so that my wife can travel here without going to the consulate? If anyone has already gone through this process and could lend some advice that'd be great!!
  10. Hello Guys, My husband finally has his interview in the US Embassy in Bogotá Colombia this august. When they sent me the appointment letter they also sent an evidence list that asks for a "registro de defunción" (death certificate). But he has never been married before. His mom did pass away many years back but the requirement does not say who they need a death certificate from. Do you guys know if this is just a general list they send to everybody and I can disregard it? or should he take his mom's death certificate?
  11. Our case was recently updated to "Ready" on the ceac.state.gov website and the message says to wait for a packet of instructions. I would like to know who will get that packet and how? Is it my fiance (The American citizen) or is it me (The applicant)? Is it by mail or email? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. My friend got this letter and was wondering where they change address
  13. Anyone in Colombia get their interview date or had their interview since the bogota embassy resumed limited services? If so, let us know the date NVC approved you and when you had your interview and how it went!?
  14. Hello, Does anyone know how can I obtain a criminal record from Paranà Brasil? My dad is not from Brazil, and he does not have a GR number, but he has a CPF number. He lives in Colombia now, but he lived in Brazil before.
  15. I am applying for a K1 Visa with my fiancé through the Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. We received our NO2 in August. I got in contact with NVC in October and got ahold of the case number and invoice number; they told me that my case is simply on hold until the embassy in Colombia begins receiving cases. However, NVC has not sent me a welcome letter or email...and when I have logged into CEAC to try and get ahead by paying fees, filling out documents, etc, nothing comes up. The only thing that shows up is a title that says "Summary" and the following: "K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case." Below this is an "ok" button that simply takes me back to the CEAC login screen. Would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you!
  16. Colombia's embassy is doing another live stream on Wednesday, November 18th about visas. The first two have been nothing but "Thank you for your patience" and "We don't have a date for reopening" but maybe this time there will be some answers. At worst, the more of us that join, we can continue to put the pressure on them to open. I have low expectations based on the first two. You can watch on their Facebook or Twitter. @David G
  17. Hello VisaJourney's - I was wondering what is the average wait time between having the NVC say my case is "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED" and the NVC providing an interview date in bogota? My case has been "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED" since Feb 13 and I still haven't received notice of an interview date for the consulate in Bogota and the state.gov site says my case is still at the NVC. Some background: This is a CR-1
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