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  1. Hello VisaJourney's - I was wondering what is the average wait time between having the NVC say my case is "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED" and the NVC providing an interview date in bogota? My case has been "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED" since Feb 13 and I still haven't received notice of an interview date for the consulate in Bogota and the state.gov site says my case is still at the NVC. Some background: This is a CR-1
  2. Hello, First time posting so sorry for any double posts/wrong forums. My fiancee and I just had our "interview" at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia yesterday to discover that our case was sent back to the NVC back in November 2018. Some background information: We started on the K-packet back in November 2017 but had to delay the process due to me getting some things arranged in my personal life that took around a year to resolve. We both decided that we would wait this out and continue our relationship to pursue marriage using the K1 visa. During this time, our immigration lawyer had filed three extensions for us to present ourselves to the embassy. The first was scheduled to September 2018, the second, December 23, 2018, by which time we were back to submitting the necessary paperwork. In each petition for an extension, our lawyer clearly explained our decision to wait to marry and that we were indeed still moving forward with our relationship. We had informed the consulate of our intentions of continuing the process and the legitimacy of our relationship in addition to a letter of intent from both of us explaining the delays. In January of this year, we set our interview date, March 4, 2019, with no problems. As a precautionary measure, our lawyer asked for a final extension with us, which was granted until March 31, 2019. She clearly stated we would be presenting ourselves for the interview and our relationship was valid. All of these extensions were confirmed by the Embassy. However, the Friday before our interview, March 1, my fiancee received a call at 5 PM stating that our case had been sent to the NVC back in November 2018. She stated that she sent my fiancee an email regarding this. We searched high and low but found nothing. We decided to present ourselves at the embassy anyways only to get the same response from both a official and supervisor so we left empty handed. Both were confused as to why our petition was sent back to the NVC and recommended we get in touch with them. Yesterday, I managed to get through to the NVC and spoke to a gentleman that was equally confused as to why they had our case. He stated that this was still "processing" and would be sent back for revalidation to the USCIS. I know there is no way to expedite these things, but to think that this has been processing since November seems a bit extreme. Does it seem like our case got lost? Is this USCIS just going to throw our case out? I have reached out asking to see if a supervisor can look into this to see if, at the least, it can be pushed to the USCIS. Our lawyer has also written a similar request. At this point, my fiancee and I are exhausted physically and emotionally from the toll this has taken on us. I am assuming that this has been sent back because they may have doubted the legitimacy of our relationship due to our decision to wait to marry until things in our personal lives were resolved which took some time. What would be our best bet at this point (I know this isn't an easy question to answer)? We were planning on getting married next month but that's ruined now. Would a K3 seem like a better bet at this point? Since our K1 application seems trapped at the NVC, can we even start a new one? Should we wait it out? I've tried to ask some of the Senators from the state of Pennsylvania to look into our case, which one replied and said she would. To me, our only other option is for me to apply for Permanent Residency in Colombia and I'm not sure what this would require. Appreciate the help, feel free to PM me and I can provide any additional files/proof. We made sure to have everything well documented. Thanks,
  3. We're getting ready to register for our IR-1 interview in Bogota, and the Colombia.usvisa-info.com page needs us to list our DS-260 NUMBER in the registration section.. Is that number the "OMB" number in the upper right corner of our 260 from the CEAC site or is it something else? Tx!
  4. I'm from US (Suburbs outside Detroit, MI) and my Fiance (Beneficiary) is in Colombia, we applied via a law firm and I reviewed all forms up front for our K1 Fiance visa. I will be going to see my fiance over Christmas and New Years and I think it would be a good time to overview some things together. RE: prep steps for NOA2 / Consulate meeting - If anyone has any Bogota / Colombia specific tips they are much appreciated (especially anything I need to prep for the meeting) My fiance and I are awaiting the NOA2 (at 141 days), and I have seen some get there in 163 days. Best guess is somewhere by 1/12/19 through 2/12/19 would be the earliest to hear something back on NOA2 or more info needed; I hope and pray...with some luck a case approval a case# and moving to next steps happens fairly early in the new year. I appreciate any insight on preparing for the meeting at the Consulate. She will fly there from another city in Colombia with her daughter. (I assume this needs to be some days ahead for anything that can be prepared early.... if they allow medical a certain number of days ahead, etc) Are there any updated guides? I had seen some guides where they say to start calling the Colombian embassy about a week or so after NOA2 to verify the Consulate has received the case package; then to call 2 days after receipt to get the "beneficiary/fiance packet" as it was stated it will not be mailed to the beneficiary. I'd like to stay on top of this to avoid delays. On those guides they list links to the packet 3 / 4 / DAS but they are broken links now. See below: https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=Colombia_Club_Guide_%26_Tips If anyone has a links or Bogota / Colombia specific tips are much appreciated. I just found this link when researching the medical items.... in case this is all I should need:> https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BGT - Bogota.pdf and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7hB3bl9Snfkb0NiMVFUd2JsVjA/view but appreciate any other heads-up items outside the box that I should be aware of. I still need to put together my package of papers for the meeting as we have had 2 more trips to see each other between mailing the application and the consulate meeting. All of our text, voice, video chat communication is 99.5% on Whatsapp (some on facebook), so I'm not exactly sure how I will show that in the meeting hah... maybe print a bible of chat dialog from whatsapp? Thanks so much for any help or insight, Happy Holidays and best of luck to all! Don_aka_Arturo & Aura
  5. K1 approved, married, and applied for SSN and AOS. SSN never came (been 3 or 4 weeks). Wife has two first names in Colombia. On k-1 application, her information was entered as two first names and no middle. However, on marriage certificate, her name is listed as a first name and a middle name. I'm freaking out a little that this is the reason she never recieved her SSN and am worrying that this will cause problems with AOS. Anyone have gone through this? Any advice or recomendations? Please let me know what you think because I am once again worried over this process. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I’m gathering police certificates from 4 different countries I lived in. I have my Colombian one however I’d like to know if I need a Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios? i was in the states for 4 years however left after 3 months after I turned 18 Years old (meaning I don’t have a ban or anything). My lawyer can’t give me a straight answer assisting me instead she replied with this : “I recommend getting an FBI search from the U.S. for the criminal check. The government has not, in the past, requested a police clearance for those in the US for over 6 months, but policies are changing rapidly. In case they ask at the interview, I recommend getting a US check as well” i Have two questions : 1) For those of you who obtained a Colombian PC and lived in the states unlawfully would I need to get one as well even if I left 3 months after I turned 18 ? 2) What do you think regarding my Lawyers email? She keeps confusing me and not answering my questions ...Thank you!
  7. My wife has two first names (i.e., Donna Rosa). This is very common in Colombia. 129F application listed her name as two first names and no middle name; however, marriage certificate lists first name, (i.e. Donna), and middle name (i.e., Rosa). Will this be a problem? Anyone else have similar issue? Will it be a problem?
  8. Does anyone know how soon after the interview the average wait time is for the visa? I am sure this time changes based on how busy they are.... anyone have a recent experience? We are picking it up at the processing center where they take the fingerprints.
  9. 10/15/18: We have decided to try Fred Wahl (Visa Coach) to help us organize with K-1 + AOS ($1,290). We have been working quite hard over the past couple of days to gather all the information we can and get this process started ASAP. I know I could do the forms myself but I am basically paying for peace of mind and I feel better already seeing the initial steps he's taking to organize our data and have a second eye on it. Not sure it will make a huge difference, but I created a 25 slide Power Powerpoint to help organize my thoughts, what I think might be relevant data (receipts, AirBnB's addresses, videos, timestamped pics) etc proving we are a couple. The goal is to get this filed within the next 2 weeks and HOPING to get the K1 status around June 2019, file the AOS and have my fiance legally allowed to working around September 2019.
  10. Since ceac.gov says that my visa is "ready," I'm assuming that it has been received by the embassy. Is it okay to go ahead and request an electronic copy of these packets. Or should we wait to receive a confirmation email from the embassy (that they have received our case from NVC). My fiance is concerned about the medical exams because we are confused about the medical history portion (which it seems is required). We've found all his vaccines (and that took some time). What "kind" of medical history are they looking for?? He's a healthy guy, no real problems or chronic illnesses. The system is pretty decentralized and doctors don't seem to really give out "medical histories." Furthermore, he currently doesn't have health insurance, he recently finished his job contract and didn't renew it because he will be coming here. Please help me, fellow Colombians and fellow gringos w/ Colombians on Visa Journey. All advice is appreciated.
  11. Hi! Our case was closed on October 4, 18 and I want to know how long is taking NVC to schedule an interview in Bogota Colombia? Thanks for the help. Hola! nuestro caso en NVC fue cerrado el 4 de ocutubre 2018 y quiero saber cuanto esta tardando NVC para asignar citas en Bogota? gracias por la ayuda.
  12. I couldn't find any specific thread on this so I thought I would ask here... I'm at the NVC stage waiting on case number which I expect will come shortly. However, my fiancé is preparing in advance for his medical exams and interview - collecting all necessary paperwork. My question is, beside the basic immigration stuff (passport photos, passport, etc) what will he need to bring medical records to the examination? If so, which ones? I think it might be quite hard to collect all his medical history as I don't think it's too centralized in Santa Marta, where he is from. I'm not entirely familiar with the Colombian health system (aside from my visits to the ER and a couple check-ups while I lived there for a year). Please let me know in Spanish or English, I'll be translating it to Spanish for my fiancé anyways, hahaha. We want to be prepared especially because he will have to travel quite far to have these medical exams! Thank youuuuu! --- No pude encontrar ningún chatea específica sobre esto, así que pensé que podría preguntar aquí... Estoy en la etapa de NVC esperando el número de caso que espero que llegue pronto. Sin embargo, mi comprometido se está preparando con anticipación para sus exámenes médicos y entrevistas, recogiendo todos los documentos necesarios. Mi pregunta es, además del material básico de inmigración (fotos de pasaporte, pasaporte, etc.), que deberá traer registros médicos al examen - y sí él necesita... que necesita exactamente? Creo que puede ser bastante difícil recopilar toda su historia clínica ya que no creo que esté demasiado centralizada en Santa Marta, de donde es él. No estoy completamente familiarizado con el sistema de salud colombiano (aparte de mis visitas a la sala de emergencias y un par de citas durante el año viví por ahí). Acepto respuestas en español o inglés (pero voy a traducirlos a español luego para enviarlos a mi novio, jajaja). Queremos estar preparados estos exámenes pq él tiene que viajar bastante para llegar estas citas. Gracias!!!!!!
  13. I now have an appointment for my fiancee to pick up the visa at the CAS fingerprinting location in Bogota in a few days. Is it safe to purchase her flight for the following day?
  14. Hello, our k1 was approved and the CEAC website switched today from "in administrative processing" to "issued." We called the Visa pick up location and they said they do not have the Visa yet. Does anyone know how long it will take to be able to pick up the visa at this point? Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone, First post here. My wife just had her interview today, with everything going well except for the AOS (Affidavit of Support). The consular officer received my wife's passport, photos, and gave back all the documents I had sent up months prior in the IV and AOS packages. They gave her a checklist: marked petitioner, and then co- sponsor (I haven't chosen one) and marked Affidavit of Support I - 864 and Most recent tax returns. To give a quick breakdown, I sent up my AOS package with a tax extension and the IRS form that comes with 4688. The NVC posed no issues with that tax extension, and on the state gov website it says it is fine to give in Lieu of a tax return. Now, I have no prior tax returns because I simply did not reside in the US 2 years prior to my 2017 tax year. Prior to that, I did not make enough to declare taxes. Point being, the consulate in Bogota is now pressuring us to find a co sponsor, and I know for a fact I am well equipped to be a sponsor. I am in the military; active duty and I fall under a different income guideline. One thing I found very strange is that the consular officer told my wife I did not meet the annual salary requirement for the AOS, and I know its not true, there is a form called I-864P HHS Guidelines for income. Anyone know of a similar situation? I would greatly appreciate any input. ( P.S. The case is not on administrative hold, they are just waiting on some docs that'll be hard to get soon)
  16. Buenas noches, tengo una pregunta importante. Soy el beneficiario y el 31 de agosto tengo mi entrevista en la Embajada de Bogotá, Colombia. Mi prometido vendrá a acompañarme a la entrevista. Mi prometido es un veterano 100% discapacitado del ejército, recibiendo aproximadamente 30,000 usd de beneficios anuales del departamento de veteranos. Queremos saber si tendremos un problema ya que este es un beneficio que está exento de impuestos. ¿Necesitaremos un copatrocinador? o con el beneficio que recibe de VA es suficiente? Estamos un poco angustiados. 😢 😢
  17. Good day, I have an important question. I am the beneficiary and on August 31 I have my interview at the Embassy of Bogotá, Colombia. My fiancé will come to accompany me to the interview. My fiancé is a 100% disabled veteran of the army, receiving approximately 30,000 usd of annual benefits from the veterans department. We want to know if we will have a problem since this is a benefit that is exempt from taxes? Will we need a co-sponsor? or with the benefit you receive from V.A is enough? We are a little distressed.😢😢
  18. According to Visa Journey, “K visa applicants have to pay at the bank because K visas are technically non immigrant visas. They cost $365 USD in pesos and the Embassy collects all non immigrant visa fees through the Helm bank.” I have paid a fee online (about 265 usd), paid for medical costs (approximately $600 usd), and scheduled an interview. Is there additional fees that I will need to pay??
  19. valentinasc

    Medicals Bogota

    Hola! For those of you who have been dealing with the US embassy in Bogota.. I'd like to know which doctor you've been to, how much did the whole exams ended up costing you, what did you get done and how long did it take you for you to go collect your results I'm deciding between Rodolfo Jose Dennis and Jairo H. Roa Thank you in advice!
  20. Hi Everyone, In late January my Cuban fiancé and I had out K1 visa petition approved, but by that time to U.S. Embassy in Havana was closed, and all cases moved to Colombia. I have been trying to schedule an ASC appointment and interview using the online site https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-co/iv/ but there are literally no dates available to choose from. I have tried contacting them and have used the contact phone number listed on the site under "Contact Us", but they say they cannot provide information about the dates, since the U.S. Embassy in Colombia is responsible for the that, and they only have information about the individual cases. I check the site every day. What should I do? Has anyone else experienced this? My lawyer and a contact I have in the State Department have not been able to find anything out either. Thanks!
  21. Anyone else waiting for interview dates to open up at the embassy in Bogota? We finished the DS-160s for my fiancé and her children and I have been checking everyday for the past 15 days. Of course I'm freaking out but my fiancé is being very patient:) Just wondering if anyone else is waiting or maybe I did something wrong. Mark
  22. Hey everyone! Beneficiary from Colombia here. I have a question that maybe those who have gone through the process in our country can help me with. I know it is not required for the sponsor to attend the interview, but SHOULD he? Would it help our chances of approval? Will he even be allowed into the consulate as a companion? If anyone has answers it would be much appreciated!
  23. I filed my I129F petition for my fiancé who’s a Cuban national. Because interviews were being conducted in Bogota, I entered Bogota as the US embassy location for our interview. However- we just found out that all cases will be processed to the US embassy in Guyana. But we want to try and have our interview in Dominican Republic. Does anyone know how I can request to transfer our case once approved from the US embassy in Bogota to the US embassy in Dominican Republic? I think it might be automatically transferred once it’s approved and sent to the NVC.. but is there any specific request? My fiancé and I are already working on applying for a visa for him to travel to the Dominican Republic. Any information or ideas will be highly appreciated!
  24. Hello VJ members: Just curious to know if anyone has already been scheduled and hopefully approved for an immediate relative (Cuban) visa at the Colombian embassy? If so, any idea in costs, requirements etc. Thank you,
  25. Greetings all! First ever post here - so glad to have found this forum! I'm a US citizen, born and raised. My Colombian fiancee and I have been researching the immigration process and I have to admit it's a little overwhelming. I'm a lawyer, but unfortunately not an immigration lawyer, and even for someone like me who is accustomed to reading laws and regulations and procedures, the multiple step processes and forms can be difficult to keep track of and daunting, and we obviously want to do everything right in order to allow us to be together as soon as possible. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and she lives in Medellin, Colombia. While we are fortunate that I am able to spend a week a month there for work, we hope the process moves quickly so that she can move to the states and live with me and get married and live together in the US as soon as possible. As my initial post, I'd like to throw out a question as well as a general request for comments from anyone who have gone through or are going through one of the two options we are considering. Apologies if I'm posting this to the wrong forum, but here goes: First of all, our goal is for her to be able to move to the US and live with me ASAP. She's a licensed professional in the field of special education and would like to work here as soon as possible as well. We have decided that we are going to submit an I-129F to apply for a K-1 Visa, and I'm familiar with all of the steps and forms, etc. I spoke with an immigration attorney at length last week, and there was some suggestion that we might be better off and the process would be faster for her to get to the states and work here if we were to instead get married now and then submit an I-130 form to apply for a IR-1/CR-1 Visa (we have no reason to wait and would like to marry as soon as possible so long as the goal of her moving here isn't delayed). So, my questions are: From what I'm seeing on this site regarding processing times, it would appear that the 1-129F / K-1 Visa processing times are overall faster from start to finish than the average times for the I-130 IR-1/CR-1 Visa processing times from start to finish. Is that an accurate generalization? I realize that it's impossible to know exactly what's going to happen in the future and anything can happen to make either application take longer than expected. But based on the current processing times, it seems that the I-130 application takes longer if the goal is simply to get the visa allowing her to enter the country and live here. She finishes her current work contract at the end of 2018, and ideally we would like for her to move here at the end of 2018/start of 2019. So I guess my question is really: will it be more likely for her to be able to move to the US by us filing the Fiancee Visa forms now (Mid March), or would her ability to move here likely be faster if we get married in Colombia at the start of April 2018 and then submit an I-130 immediately after I return (that would be sometime in mid-April)? I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who has specifically looked into this choice, or has experience with the current wait times on an I-130 form for spouses. I've read a lot of different things and I think that maybe the longer average processing times for the I-130 might be due to the fact that they are not separating out spouses from other family members...so I'm not sure. What we really want to avoid is getting to the end of 2018 and into 2019 and still be waiting around with her unable to move here. Another question I have is whether there's a way to have the I-129F form routed to the Vermont Service Center? Based on the processing times, those applications are being processed about 100 days faster than the TSC and CSC. I know that the applications is required to be delivered to the dropbox in Texas, but for the life of me I can't figure out how it is determined which service center the application gets sent to. Obviously if we are able to submit it to the VSC and hope for continued quick(er) processing times there, we want to do that. Finally, any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I'd be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through the process with a Colombian fiancee/spouse. By way of background, we are compiling all of the evidence and documents we need, and I don't think it should be a problem at all to prove any of the things we need to prove. We first met in September 2017 in Medellin. I have traveled throughout South America for many years for work and pleasure, and after meeting my fiancee we have spent time together in person in Medellin every month (I have an office I am able to work from there) and another month she traveled to Mexico and we spent time together there before returning to our respective home countries. Any suggestions, tips, comments, answers to the above questions, etc., would be greatly appreciated as we embark on this journey.