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  1. Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot about whole us immigration process and my head is about to explode so I hope you can help me. I am citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina, I have B1/B2 visa and my boyfriend is natural born US citizen. I visited US twice in last 6 months, I stayed 2 weeks only both times. We want to get married and live there together and we are finding the simplest way to do it without having to be separated long time. We are together for year and a half, we have been traveling together and meeting but it is hard to be away from each other. So he met 2 different attorneys and both said that it would be fine for me to enter US on my current visa and get married there and then apply for AOS. After reading things online and here on VJ I saw that it can be considered fraud and result in deportation. So I am confused why would attorneys advice that. Our relationship is genuine, we can prove that and I am not marrying for the GC. And last thing I want is getting in problems with law. Does anyone have experience marrying in the US on B1/B2 and applying for AOS? Is there a better option? Thank you so much for help!
  2. I am from south africa. I have applied twice before. I was denied due to my ties to my country. Both times I didn't get the chance to tell them that I have 2 kids that can not get passports that I have sole custody off. ( I kind of messed up in the second interview when they asked what has changed since my 1st interview, I should have brought it up I know) I am visiting my us bf who was going to sponsor my trip which I also know is a red flag to them. But since my last interview my situation has changed. These are my ties to my country: still my 2 kids that can't get passports at this moment. I can pay for my own trip I do not need sponsorship with this i can provide the bank statements as proof. I have a lease agreement for over a year too. And I am currently looking after my dad and his business since he got ill which I will also have medical certificates for and his statement that I am doing all of this. With it I can provide an invitation letter and flight itinerary and everything. Does this increase my chances
  3. Hi everyone! I will have my interview for a B2 visa at the Belgian US Embassy soon and want to understand which documents make sense to present and what my chances are. I am a 21-year-old female, an Armenian citizen in my last year of a bachelor program in the Netherlands (I have a Dutch residence permit expiring at the end of 2023). I am finishing my studies in July, but my graduation ceremony is in September/October of 2023. My family is in Armenia, but I have a cousin and other distant relatives in the US. I have been in a long-distance relationship with an Armenian-American since 2018. He became a citizen in 2022 and visited me in Europe immediately in the spring of 2022, and then visited me again in the Netherlands in October of 2022. I want to visit him this time in the US in August/September to meet his family and go sightseeing. I am a full-time student and I am finishing my full-time internship at the end of February, and I have applied for a research assistant position at my university which is remote and will last for 5-6 months starting in March. I have not yet decided what I want to do after graduating, I may or may not apply for a master's or may decide to stay in the Netherlands to do another internship/work. I have traveled to many countries including multiple European countries on a Schengen visa and Israel (I figured this might be good to show since it is quite difficult to get into Israel). What documents do I need to present? The list in the email confirmation mentions these: The purpose of your trip - Should this be an invitation from my boyfriend or something else? Your intent to depart the United States after your trip; and/or - should this be a plane ticket back to the Netherlands/Armenia and can I use my graduation ceremony as a reason? Your ability to pay all the costs of your trip - I have around $1300 in my bank account which will cover my flight tickets Evidence of your employment and/or family ties may be sufficient to show the purpose of your trip and your intent to return to your home country - I am not sure what to include here, so any help would be appreciated If you cannot cover all the costs for your trip, you may show evidence that another person will cover some or all of the costs for your trip - my boyfriend will be sponsoring me throughout my stay, so I assume it should be a bank statement of his account alongside mine How can I show that I do not intend to marry in the US on a tourist visa and will return, and have strong ties with Netherlands/Armenia as a student (potentially with a part-time remote job)? And finally, do I need to present evidence of our relationship in the form of pictures? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, One of my relatives has completed the DS-160 form for B1/B2 new visa application in India, however while completing the next step which is completing the MRV fee and setting up an appointment, I am seeing a pop-up message saying that MRV fee is only valid for 1 year and then it expires. Given that currently B1/B2 visa waiting time is 2+ years in India, does this mean:- if we pay now on 12/30/2022, the interview date has to be by 12/30/2023, or if we pay now on 12/30/2022, we can schedule the interview within 12/30/2023 for an actual interview date later in 2024 e.g. 6/1/2024? Thank you for your help in advance!
  5. I came back from after my J1 visa, completing my exchange year in June,2022 Now in December,2022 I am tending to apply for a B2 visa as my former host family requested me to visit them. In the visa application, the question is about me fulfilling my J visa staying in home country requirement. How do I explain that in the given box. I sure can not afford getting rejected.
  6. Hello, I have enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2) in 2014 (Valid till 2024) and did status change to student visa (F1) got approved (No stamp on passport) inland I was in USA till 2018 on Student visa (F1). Then I moved to Canada (in 2018) got married to Canadian citizen. Currently having Indian citizenship and Canadian PR. The question is these November 2022 my wife's cousin getting married in USA and they have invited us for wedding can I still re enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2 as its valid till 2024) or I need to re apply for new tourist visa because of change of status inland to student (F1) and not having stamp on passport before leaving USA? If yes tourist visa (B1\B2) stamped on passport still valid, Speaking practically will the immigration officer will let me enter the USA or not as I previously enter USA on same status (B2) and change of mind to student (F1) he/she can deport me and bard me from re entering? (I will have my wife (Canadian citizen) traveling with me and will have return ticket for both of us) Thank you.
  7. Hi all, Husband USC, Me UKC Since me and my husband have started this process and he has gone home, and found himself again, but now he wants to split from me and stay friends. Obv, I'm heartbroken but I'm not going to beg him to stay, because I think his long distance work has caused him to be too tired to continue with this. That being said, I overstayed my ESTA in 2017, by less than 180 days. Regardless I know I'll never be able to get an esta again. We haven't received NOA2 yet and I have yet to have that conversation with him about what happens then. I don't think he will pay NVC or go ahead. I would like to visit at some point so I can collect my belongings if it's really over, but I don't have strong tie to the UK with being married to a USC. I had cut all ties here knowing I was following him. So all I have is a job, I live in my parents spare room and no car finance or mortgage etc I just pay rent to my mum. Will I be able to obtain a visit visa from the embassy or will I have to wait for the NVC stage to expire?? Thanks in advance. X
  8. Hello, Has anyone travelled on tourist visa while waiting on the immigrant visa process to finish? Due to the long drawn consular processing, I want to bring my parents to visit on tourist visa and want to know what questions get asked my immigration due to the immigrant intent displayed through a GC application?
  9. Hello All, I got My US Citizenship last week (Oct 13th, 2022) and planning to apply for Parent's Green Card. but in my case, the Parent's B2 Visa interview is scheduled for Jan 10th, 2023. my concern is if I apply for I-130 now will it impact my B2 visa application? should I apply after I-130 after the B2 Visa interview? TIA..!
  10. Hello! I am a dual US/UK citizen by birth, wanting to move my UK citizen husband to the US. I have two questions. 1. I have received an offer of employment in the US which would require me to relocate in 12 weeks. We are almost ready to file our I-130 (see question 2), but would like to expedite this once submitted along with filing a CR1 with DFC in London. Does anybody have advice on how we could go about this? I have also seen different resources in different places, some saying that this is a legitimate reason to expedite a visa and some saying it is not. 2. My husband and I have a trip planned to the US in December for which he will need to get an ESTA. On the I-130 USCIS online form under Beneficiary's Immigration Information / Beneficiary Class of Admission, I have submitted the details for his last ESTA he obtained to visit the United States under class of admission B2 - Temporary Visit for Pleasure. Will this be a problem / will I need to update his application when he gets his ESTA for our trip in December? Many thanks, B
  11. Hey everyone, Feel free to move this to the appropriate forum if this is not the right place to post this question. Summary of the situation My mom had a 10-year ban because she overstayed her visa in the U.S. She served her 10-year ban and now was granted a B2 visa. She will be coming to visit me and my family in the U.S. (wife and I are LPRs, child is USC). My aunt was recently in the same situation and came to visit us. Her POE was Fort Lauderdale and she got the stinky eye by some immigration officers that didn't know what to do given her history. Ultimately they allowed her in and she came and visited us on a B2 visa. My concern is that my mom faces the same issues at the POE because she'll be entering the U.S. for the first time after the ban on a new B2 visa. Question Would a POE from a larger airport like Houston or Dallas be better than smaller airports POE because the officers would be more experienced in this type of situation? We're in Austin,TX and tickets are cheaper if she comes through Sao Paulo-Mexico City and then San Antonio. My concern is the POE at San Antonio airport. Would it be better to pay more and enter through POE in Houston or would she be ok even at a smaller airport POE such as SAT? Thanks all!
  12. I'd like to go sightseeing in California or New York during my university holiday season this year or next year. I identify as a "gay" student (22) and was wondering if telling the visa officer my true reason for traveling is a good idea. If he/she turns out homophobic, will he/she automatically deny me a B2 tourist visa on the spot? Or do they adhere to some strict moral code that prevents them from discriminating against marginalized people? The areas I mentioned are liberal, diverse, friendly, accepting, and inspiring. For years, I've wanted to visit their gay towns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and the Statue of Liberty. I want to make him/her feel somewhat emotional so that he/she believes I have a valid reason for traveling. Should I remain silent on LGBTQ issues in general? Is it a plus or a minus to reveal my sexual orientation?
  13. Hello fellow Journeyers! I have been stressing over the DS 160/ B-2 interview. I have been trying to get an interview in one of the India locations ( Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai), but the last 7 days it's been a struggle to get an appointment. It keeps showing no appointments available even if there are available ones. It then locks me out due to multiple attempts for 72 hours. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! I live in NYC, hence it is Eastern Standard Time. Atanu Majumdar.
  14. I helped a friend to prepare her AOS package. She adjusting from B2 visa Her husband filed i-130 online and got uscis account number , so we use this number on the 1-485, i-864, i-765 i-131 forms. As they are married we supposed one uscis online account will be good for the whole petition. I learned i-130 online account is from the petitioner, Does listed the petitioner uscis online account on the others forms be a problem?
  15. Below you'll find the cover letter for my AOS application (concurrent filing of I-130 + I-485) for Canadian citizen adjusting from B2. Any suggestions or edits would be very much appreciated!! U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services PO Box 805887 Chicago, IL60680-4120 Nature of the submission: Concurrent filing of I-130: Petition for Alien Relative & I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status for Hailey Gremminger, a citizen of Canada. To Whom It May Concern, Enclosed please find forms I-130: Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130A: Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, Form I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I-864: Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, Form I-765: Application for Employment Authorization and Form I-131: Application for Travel Document. Attached please find the following forms in support of this adjustment of status case: Form I-130 Filing fee of $535.00 US Table of Contents Form I-130 Copy of petitioner's birth certificate, showing birth in the United States Copy of petitioner’s United States passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of petitioner Two color passport photos of beneficiary Bonafide relationship evidence (joint health insurance, joint accounts, photos with family and friends, wedding photos, evidence of flights and hotel stays, previous joint lease, social media posts, telephone records, affidavits etc.) Form I-130A Form I-485 Filing fee of $1225.00 US Table of contents Form I-485 Copy of petitioner’s United States passport Copy of petitioner’s United States birth certificate Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of beneficiary 3. Form I-864 Form I-864 Copy of petitioner's birth certificate, showing birth in the United States Copy of petitioners individual federal tax return forms Copy of petitioners W-2’s Letter of employment Copy of paystubs for the previous 6 months Form I-765 Form I-765 Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Two color passport photos of beneficiary 4. Form I-131 Form I-131 Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian passport Copy of beneficiary’s Canadian birth certificate Electronic copy of beneficiary’s I-94 Copy of certified copy of marriage certificate Two color passport photos of beneficiary
  16. Posting this for information purpose. My MIL's B2 extension request approval: Initial I94 expiry- Jun 2021 i539 filing- May 2021 Extension Request - till Sep 2021 Biometrics - Aug 2021 US Departure- Sep 2021 i539 approval- Jan 2022. The new i94 has validity from previous i94 expiry to Departure date. It is good to know uscis approves such extension requests even though they are processing it months after the maximum allowable request of 6 months.
  17. Hello, We have been waiting since July 9th, 2021 for NOA2, We only have gotten the receipt notice so far (July 9th) Before we started this process, I visited and stayed with her for 6 months, I didnt file for anything at all, They just let me in @ the border and stamped my passport with B2.. I am hesitant to book a flight to go there now because I was scared we would hear back in the next 2 months or so and my interview would be soon after, But after looking up times I'm seeing it can take like 9 months for an interview when that time comes... so I'd like to go in the next few months and book a flight for 6 months, I obviously could change it to shorter if needed... Would this be an issue @ the border with a pending K1? Maybe it would help that I stayed exactly 6 months before and left? I just don't wanna be turned away @ the border, and I also don't wanna miss out doing any of the process if I'm stuck in US... Are all the next upcoming steps things I could do from US (Until my interview/medical) I just have absolutely no idea if I can travel there or not during the process, I read its risky and I dont know if it matters I'd be coming from Canada or not. I would be open to booking a flight for a shorter time span like 3-4 months if that would be best too. Any tips, comments would be helpful. Thanks, It's just getting extremely hard not seeing each other in over a year now and not hearing anything in 7 months besides the initial receipt notice so I'd love to go if I could.
  18. We received our NOA1 a few weeks ago for the K1 visa. Based off current processing times it seems like we won't get an NOA2 until November. I want to get my fiance over to the US before then, and we're thinking about applying for the B2 while waiting for the K1 to process. Going to be honest and forthright in the interview for it- we want to get over to the US on a B2 simply because getting over on a K1 will take way too long, and I want my fiance to be able to meet my family and all that. There's other reasons as well for why we don't want to have to be out of the country for so long. I know it's probably a long shot, but I figured we'd give it a try anyways. Questions we have: 1. Has anyone successfully gotten a B2 while waiting for the K1? 2. Would applying for the B2 jeopardize our K1 application? I'm in inclined to think that it wouldn't. 3. Let's say we do miraculously get the B2, then decide to get married in the states while on the B2. What issues would this present? 4. Let's say we wait and come in on the K1, then apply for AOS. The AOS also takes a long time (1 year plus)- would we be able to use the advance parole application to get out of the US to travel/honeymoon? 5. Is it worth it to get an immigration lawyer for all of this? Thank you in advance!!
  19. Hi, I'm hoping for some input. I am a US citizen, and my wife is currently an LPR. My wife's mom is currently here with us in the US on a B1/B2 visitor visa. She entered the US on July 1st 2021, and her visa expires I believe December 31st 2021. We put in an extension request on Oct 4th 2021, and she had her biometrics appointment on November 3rd 2021. We are trying to extend her visa because she is from New Zealand, and we're worried she won't be able to get back into her country in time. This is because you can't just book a flight and return to NZ. You have to first have a spot secured in a government managed isolation hotel, but in order to secure a spot you are put through a lottery system. This means that there is literally no way of knowing if she can get back to her home country in time, if at all. So far from what I can tell, extension requests are useless. They either are denied or they take way too long to come through. So, my question is, do we abandon that plan entirely and try and instead plan to get her to another country entirely when her US visa expires? Are there any other options at our disposal that we can try? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? This whole process is so frustrating, because there's no way of making anyone care that there are things out of our control. My mother-in-law can't just hop between countries while she hopes to be let back into her own country!
  20. I am an Spanish citizen. Last week I was filling a group ESTA form for my family and I, because we are traveling to USA for the week of the 21st December, Christmas Vacation. After I filled my relatives’ forms properly, in my application by error I answered “Yes” to the question “4) Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?” I don’t know if it was because a reading error, because the rush or because the hour, but obviously that ended up as a “Travel nor authorized for me” and “Travel approved” to my relatives. My answer to that question is “No”, and I didn’t realised I clicked on “Yes” until I had got my ESTA blocked. Now they ask me to ask the Visa in my local embassy. Im devastated because my stupidity. Now, my question is how hard is getting the B2 visa from Spain due to an error of this kind. Not for now, but for the next year that we are going to travel again. I am 26 years old, I have a permanent job working as a public servant, I also have an apartment on property. I have never visited any country like Iran, Irak or Siria, but one of my parents is from Irak. And, now I’m not eligible for the ESTA program for ever? I’m scared if due to this stupid and huge mistake I will never be able to visit the United States. Thank you for your time reading this.
  21. Hello All, Our situation is the following: We got married earlier this year and applied for the Spousal visa which is still with the USCIS. I applied for a B visa last year just before the pandemic but my appointment was multiple times after that - so still pending - Can cancel this appointment My wife and I decided to do some travelling and are currently in Mexico. I took a 6month sabbatical form my full time job and need to return to my duties at the end of February 2022. My wife has to return to the US for some medical test - of quite an urgent nature. As these test a bit scary I would like to accompany her to the US. From reading I see the pending I130 makes the B visa difficult to obtain. I can apply for a visa in Belize as a third national as this is the closet US embassy that provides appointments to third nationals. I will most likely resubmit a DS160 because my reasons for going has changed. Originally I was going to visit my girlfriend and now I'm accompanying my wife for medical procedures. And I started a business in my home country since then. I have to return to my job at the end of February - I have the paperwork to support this. I have sufficient funds to cover my stay - Which will be from the beginning of January to around a week before the end of February. I also own my own business in my home country (50% directorship) I have a signed lease for a property that I am renting I also have to return for my medical and consular processing in my home country for the I130. My wife will also be returning with me as she has a research position in my home country. My questions are the following: Would my wife's medical needs warrant an expedite on the B visa? Would these items listed above be sufficient proof for the US embassy to grant the B visa? TIA
  22. Hi, I want to apply for my parents to visit USA. Working on checklist at the moment? Can someone pls share it. also, my brother is gonna support them. (Do they need to carry my, my siblings and my brothers birth certificates to prove the relationship?) also, if they need to carry their marriage documents too? im not sure. thanks in advance
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