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  1. Hello. I am currently in the process of AOS. I received my initial EAD and had one RFIE (Birth Certificate with English Translation). I submitted the evidence and now the I-485 status online says ‘Ready to be scheduled for an interview’. I came here as a child with my Mother on her passport (I did not have a passport then) which was on a 6 month B1 Visa. Her passport does have my name and Visa stamp on it including my own I-94 card. However, my Labor Certification filed on it before 4/30/01 ETA-750 says EWI. I do not know why. Also, I came to USA on a tourist visa with my parents as a child 2 years prior and we left before our duration of stay expired. I do not have the I-94 for that but have the passport stamp Visa stating me in there. I never left USA the second time I was brought here as a child. USC Mother petition me for I-130 which was approved in the F1 category. I would still be covered under 245i grandfathered rule right? Also, would the EWI on ETA-750 cause any confusion with USCIS?
  2. Hi, I and my gf are having difficulty to decide which visa to apply in current state of our situation. Could you please tell us your suggestions according to our case described below: My gf is a US citizen, living in the US and has 2 kids. We have met 3.5 years ago online, we have been talking since then without break. However, since my heart is broken badly by my ex, I have commitment issues, i am afraid of being in relationship by thinking my heart would be broken again. For this reason, we have been kidding ourselves by saying we are not in a romantic relationship until recently. She came to visit me first time in Aug-2018. In September, I went to go to visit her and see the culture and life in the US before starting a romantic relationship with her. In passport control, I stated that I will stay with her and travel in the country as well to experience the culture. They took me to a room for further questioning. I have been traveling a lot (20 countries so far) and never experienced serious questioning so I assumed it will be few regular questions then they will let me in the country. However, they asked many questions it took more than an hour: They: after checking her address written on my CBP declaration form they asked me who is she, how do I know her etc. Me: I explained that we are friends which we know each other 3.5 years and she came to visit my country so I helped her. Now, I am coming to visit her country. They: asked if I am in a romantic relationship with her, Me: I said no, since I am afraid of commitment which is the truth until then we had never said that we are bf and gf, we were just acting like friends. They: tell us about your job, education, owned property, ties to your country, etc Me: I am an engineer, I quit my job abroad in apr-2017 to finish master in my country. Finished my master in Feb-2018. At the time of questioning, I wasn't working in any company, just making little money on my website. I have a flat but under construction, currently living with my family. They: why are you coming to the US now after getting visa 4 years ago and why didn't you get your visa in your country Me: I came to experience life and the culture (Halloween, etc.) and I didn't have time before due to busy work life. About visa, I didn't stay in my country more than 2 weeks when I was working abroad so I didn't have any chance to apply and get the visa in my country (I got my b1/b2 visa when I was working abroad in that country 4 years ago) They: asked her exact name including maiden name I told them but they didn't understand so I showed it on my phone, they took my phone and started checking my chat history with my gf (not gf at that time) Me: that it is personal, can I get my phone They: you are coming to our country we want to see the proof if you are saying the truth Eventually they told me that "you don't have strong ties to your country, your education is over, you aren't working in any company and you are coming to the US to stay with your gf permanently". They said that they won't let me in so I have to sign "withdrawal of application admission" and "questioning record printout" and go back to my country that day. I won't be barred from the country. Since I had no other choice, I signed it and flew back to my country. It was such a traumatizing experience to be questioned long time and to go back to my country. I was crushed, I had felt down for days. I had realized that I have been missing her a lot more than before and in love with her as I felt strong pain that I couldn't see her. In October 2018, she came to visit me in my country. We have decided to be in a romantic relationship as bf and gf after 3.5 years. We are such a slow movers, I think Now, we are rushing to be with each other all the time. We want to start living together however she cant move to my country since her kids are in school and she has shared custody of kids with her ex. As we researched, we learned that we have 3 options, from the fastest to the slowest: B1/B2 visa: 4 months to get the visa + 4 months to green card. (4 months until start living together.) I started working abroad this month so I have stronger ties now. I can apply for this visa few months later to show that I am committed to my job. If I can get the visa, I can go to the US and get married there and apply for status change in the US. This I might need to say that I am no longer in contact with her, which will be a lie. When I tell this lie, can I get approval for green card after getting married in the US? K1 visa: as I read on this forum that for my country this visa takes around 8 months until approval + 4 months until green card in the US (8 months until start living together) CR1: 18 months until approval. This seems like the safest way to go but the slowest. (18 months until start living together) Sorry that it took this long to express myself. I don't want to screw this one up I wanted to point every detail so that you can give better suggestions. Could you please let us know which option is the best in our condition and why? How likely can we get approval for that option? Thank you in advance. Regards,
  3. Hi! My husband and I just got the approval letter of the form I-130. We’ll be mailing I-485 today to the USCIS Chicago Center. The things is im in tourist visa and we got married March of last year. We don’t have any joint accounts because the bank is asking for my SSN which I dont have at the moment. How long will my AOS take? Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  5. Questions asked by American consul: 1. Where are you traveling? We will travel to Los Angeles, California. 2. What’s the purpose of your visit? We will visit our daughter Apple21. 3. Is your daughter married? Yes. 4. How long has your daughter been in the US? She’s been in the US for 4 years already. 5. What’s your middle name for your single status? (This pertains to my mom’s maiden name.) 6. What’s the status of your daughter? She is a Lawful Permanent Resident. 7. What’s your occupation? I am retired now but previously I was a public school teacher (and my dad was an insurance underwriter). 8. How long will you stay in the US? We will stay there for 2 weeks only. My parents are both 71 years old. They were interviewed together (US Embassy Manila, Philippines). No additional documents needed at the embassy. They just brought their passports and DS160 confirmation sheets. On the DS160 question on WHO WILL SPONSOR YOUR TRIP, they wrote my brother’s name who is also traveling with them. He has a high paying job in the Philippines. He already has a valid B2 visa and he’s the one paying for the airline tickets. They didn’t include my name anymore coz my brother is really the one with the moolah! Lol. Tips: Be consistent. Whatever you wrote on the DS160 that should also be your answer during the interview. Be relaxed as much as possible. Be polite. Be presentable. Wear atleast smart casual as if you’re going to a job interview (yes even for parents!) Don’t stress/bother about additional docs like invitation letters or bank statements/affidavit of support/land or car titles....THEY ARE NOT NEEDED. THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED. Good luck! I hope you get approved as well! 😊
  6. I need help.in my form 539 i need to fill with “none “ or space blank in the fields because when I try tu put “n/a” the symbol / can’t allowed to Write.
  7. Hello Visa Journey members. This thread is for anyone that has a Priority Date/Receipt Date from the second half of 2017 (July - December 2017) waiting to get their interview scheduled at the Houston Field Office. Please post your PD/RD and your current USCIS online account (both sites and App) status’. Have you received an interview letter and if so, when is your interview date? Please share your interview experience for those that already had their interview, thanks.
  8. jaeuzu

    J1 to B2 extension

    i’m a j1 and i applied for a tourist visa b2 and i haven’t recieve my letter if i’m approve or not . my question is does my 6months starts when i receive my approve letter or when my J1 expired and is it possible to apply for extension even i haven’t receive if i’m approve or not?
  9. Hello, Today I received this update on my case one month after filing and I have three questions: 1- Will I get the date of my interview on the My Case website or only through the mail? 2- How long after this notice should I receive my interview date? 3- How long after receiving this notice could my interview date be? You can check my timeline to help me answer these questions. Thanks guys!
  10. So, my boyfriend(ex husband) and I have rekindled our relationship, we were married in January of 2016, got together in May of 2015. (never filed any documents ) and because of distance things fell off and we divorced. Now since August of 2018 we have gotten back together and decided that will re marry and want to live together here in the USA. I am a US citizen. Because we were once married and divorced will that affect our application? Do we have to submit our decrees? He also just recently went to get a B2 visa and was denied, we were shocked because he had a student visa before, didnt overstay and he works, studies, has finances and vehicles etc. But anywho, we will go through the cr1 process, id like to know will all these things affect our process.
  11. Is the tourist visa interview in Lima in English or Spanish??? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone. I am new to this site and would like your help. I have applied for K-1 visa on August 31 and got our NOA1 on September 7th. We know that we have to wait at least until the end of March 2019 until we get NOA2. She is in Ukraine and I went to visit her twice this year already. And due to my job I can't take any more days off until 6 months from now. We are thinking to apply for Visitor B-2 visa while we waiting. If she applies right now and gets approved then she can be here in January of 2019 and stay here for a months or so and go back there to prepare her documents needed for the second step for K-1 visa. Did anyone try this before? Will this influence in any way on K-1 visa if she already was here during the waiting period? I know its pretty small chance that she will get approved for B-1 visa but it is sure worth trying as we would not have to wait more then 8 months before we see each other. But we for sure don't want to risk it getting denied of K-1 visa. Please help..... Thank you.
  13. How good (or bad) do you think the chances are of my husband’s mother and sister getting approved to come to the US on Visitor’s Visas from Morocco??? My husband has a Green Card. Mother: *in her 60’s *widowed for more than 20 years * owns her own apartment *doesn’t work *doesn’t have a lot of money Sister: *in her late 20’s *married (husband would stay in Morocco) *rents an apartment with her husband *has kept the same job for more than 5 years
  14. My fiancé and I are about to send off the i129f packet, and he is currently in Ireland and I in America, and we are miserable apart. If we send off the packet, then apply for a b2 visa for him to stay with me for the duration of waiting for the NOA etc., would the B2 interfere with anything, if anyone knows? Would it interfere with anything on the i129f? Would we go somewhere in America instead for the interview and medical process? Thank you so much for your help in advance! I apologize for so many questions.
  15. Hello, I am from Myanmar.I was in U.S for nealy six months December 2017 - June 2018 (J1 by DOS sponsored exchange program). During that time, I've started dating my boyfriend and we are having LDRS at the moment. I would like to visit him and his family for a week during Christmas. I am final year in college and I am also employed at my family business as an english tutor as well as part-time language tutor/ engagement representative at a private tutoring service company. Within two years, I have visited Japan and four ASEAN countries (youth leadership program sponsored by Japanese Government) Yet I do not make a lot of money and my cousin (not a U.S resident) and my boyfriend would be taking care of some of my expenses. I am worried as "mentioning boyfriend" seems to perceive as a red flag, an immigration intent. I'll be only staying there a week, as I can't miss out my college for more than that. I have no intent to hide my relationship status with my boyfriend as he will be metioned as partial sponsor for my trip. Any tips for me? Thank you
  16. I've been waiting for about 5 months for a B2 interview slot for my mother in law - seems like they will never have slots. Anyone else waiting on this? I've been using the gofortravel.ru website which has been really helpful as they check for slots every few minutes but it seems Moscow just isn't doing tourist visas anymore. I suppose the current politics is to blame. Ridiculous!
  17. Hello everyone. This is mostly my own fault, but here's the story: I went to an 8am B2 visa interview on August 22nd at the US Embassy in London. I am a Swedish-Iranian dual national, I went to a university in the US and lived there for three years on an F1 visa. I thought even though I'm an Iranian national and Trump's travel ban it should be fine since I'm a dual national. The interview was OK, the officer did ask a lot of questions about what I do when I'm in Iran (sightseeing, see family), have I ever worked there (no) etc. He also didn't seem to think I had enough money for the trip, but I pointed out I am staying with friends and family and I'm not planning to do anything extravagant (£1,500). He did end up saying something along the lines of "I'm approving your visa, you can expect it to be with you in a week." I was ecstatic, and I bought my flight tickets that day for September 17 - October 1st. Huge mistake clearly, and I have learnt my lesson. It's been 16 days, 12 working days since my interview and my visa is still in "Administrative Processing" and it says it can take several weeks. My flight is in 10 days, but if we include the weekends, I only have five days until my passport is sent back before my flight. I emailed them and they said my visa was in the "final processing stages" but obviously they did not give a timeframe so they can drag it out for however long they want. I'm now thinking I should have applied for ESTA first, but I was led to believe that there was no point since I travelled to Iran in 2016 and 2017. So maybe they were right? No idea, but I'm feeling really anxious now because I spent £600 (yes quite cheap, check out Norwegian Airlines, but I'm only an NHS admin employee and we don't make much), and it's non-refundable. Thankfully Norwegian's rescheduling policy isn't terrible, I'm just horrified at reading some of the AP stories online. People waiting months and even years. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and go to the beach, jeez. If it doesn't arrive in time, I'm going to have to consider heading off for a last minute trip to Scotland instead since I have time off work. But what do you think the probabilities are that I'll get it next week? Honestly, I'm regretting even thinking about going now. Sorry for my long rant.
  18. Hi everyone, My last update on my case was this: As of June 19, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Haven't heard from USCIS ever since. I know that everybody is waiting in line just like me, but how much longer should I expect to be waiting? My local office is Albany, NY but since I haven't seen anybody from there post here recently is hard to get a reference point. Thanks.
  19. Question: I recently visited the US with my husband and son age 1. We were ask how many cash we had and how long we are planning to stay. I said for a month that we were ask who are we going to visit in said families. We were given only one month. Why? This was not a problem though cause that's the initial time we wanted but normally you should be granted 6 months. Anyway I wanted to visit my friend in California nx month would that be a problem is it too soon I just came back July 8. Please help any advice will be appreciated.
  20. Hello ! I have a question that need guidance. I have studied in the States previously for 4 years. I met a girl there during that period and we been together for a long time. Last year I returned to my country Thailand after my work OPT student visa ended. When I came back to Thailand we decided to apply for K1visa in January 2017. We received next steps around May to set up interview. However at this time I had a career going on already in Thailand with my business and work, which I had to focus plus my family was here that needed taking care of. We both decided mutually to part ways in 2017 and not proceed with the K1 as we wanted to focus on our careers. We are no longer together. This year in August a close friend of mine (Fraternity member ) in US is getting married and they invited me to their wedding. I want to apply for the B2 visa to attend the wedding. Am I allowed to apply for a B2 , since I have a withdrawn k1 in the past ? I have all the necessary documents to proof that I have my business and job going on in Thailand. Will a consular general deny me for a visit to US for the reason that we withdrew a K1 visa before ? I previously studied in USA for 4 years on student visa and have never been denied a visa. I am financing my own trip and have enough money to sponsor myself
  21. We had a really good experience actually. I had an appointment today (11/09) at 8:15am and we arrived there around 7:50am but the office was not open yet so my husband and I (and our baby) waited in the car and when it was 8am the office opened and we got in. Inside, a lady told us to have our IDs and appointment letters ready to be checked and after we showed it to her we went through some security screening (just like in the airport), and I (the immigrant) was sent to a line to get a number and my husband and daughter went to a waiting room to wait for me. While the guy was typing in his computer to give me the ticket with my number I saw that my name was highlighted in his list . After I got the number they sent us to the second floor where there was another waiting room where we sat down and waited for like 10 minutes and they called our number. We had to bring our 11 month old baby with us, so when we got in the interview room we took some time to settle (we had a baby, a stroller, a diaper bag, my purse, a binder full of documents, the photo album, and our jackets) so I apologized to the officer, but he said it was ok (he was really nice). After that he sworn us in and we sat down. He asked our daughter’s age, asked for her birth certificate, our IDs and all my passports. In the mean time my daughter started to get fussy and I asked him if I could nurse her and he was ok with it. While I nursed her he was typing something in his computer and going through the forms and documents we sent in the AOS packet. He had a very strong accent and not even my husband could understand him. He said something about my husband being American and we being a family and that we were approved! (YAYYY!!) He didn’t ask a single question about how we met or about the relationship or anything. NADA! He didn’t ask to see any of the documents I brought, nor the pictures. I was a bit disappointed because I spent so much time gathering everything, but I was really happy, of course. The only thing I have to do is to get a new medical because mine expired (ugh), so he gave us a letter (a Notice of Intend to Deny) saying I need to send them a new medical in 30 days (I’m currently working on it). Should I be concerned that the letter he gave us is a NOID instead of a RFE? I think he saw the desperation in my face when I saw it was a NOID, but he assured me we were approved (as long as I send the medical in time, of course) and I shouldn't worry. But, should I?
  22. Hi Folks - How many days does it take from when a B1/B2 visa is approved (interview date) to when it is ready to be picked up at the US consulate? Does this timeline differ from consulate to consulate or between countries? I am particularly looking for year 2018 experiences and if possible for B1/B2 visas as it seems this process has changed a bit over time. I believe it used to be 2-3 days about 6-10 years ago. Not sure what it is now. Answers from folks who have had a B1/B2 visa issued in Ghana will be awesome. For some background : This is for a person who needs to attend a very important event in the US but they did not get an earlier interview date. The only available date was 3 days before their interview date. They're trying to figure out if they should still go ahead and purchase the ticket (with hopes that the passport will be ready within 2 days). If they won't be able to get their passport in time, they will no longer be travelling. Another Question : If you get a visa for an event and you are not able to attend the event, is it possible that the US consulate will cancel the visa after some period of inactivity? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  23. My fiance just go the following email notification from the Kyiv Embassy: Some background. We filed for a K1 back in Early February after I proposed to her in January. She entered on her B2 ad that time and she has been her since. Passport and I-94 are stamped through 07/16/18 and her flight leaves on 7/13/18 to make sure she leaves well before the entry limitation. My guess is that they either 1) Were notified that we have a pending I-129F or 2) They see that she has been here for 6 months and assume she might have immigrant intent and or question ties back home since she was here for a long time. My question is what could they possibly discuss with her at the Embassy and if this would impact the 129-F at all? She has not overstayed and we did travel as intended during her visit.
  24. k8mate

    B2 for Fiance of USC

    Hello and thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated! So I'm an Australian citizen engaged to a US citizen. In December of 2017, My american fiance applied for the off-shore Australian de-facto partner visa. Processing time for the partner visa is between 12-16 months. We anticapate the visa to be granted between January - April 2019, in which we plan to return back to Australia permanently. My american fiance has been with me in Australia since January of 2018 on a tourist visa, leaving every 3 months together during his stay to renew his visa, and has to return back to the states for work in August. We've been engaged since January of 2018 and our relationship is over 5 years old. I lived in the USA for over 4 years, working full-time on an E3 visa and forfeited my E3 in December of 2015. My fiance and I would like to stay together in America while we wait for the Australian de-facto partner visa to be granted, which requires us to travel back to australia once granted. We have no interest in applying for the green card, or settling down in America, and I will not be working while I'm there. We're wondering the best way to provide evidence for his application for the de-facto visa and proof that we fully intend on living in Australia once his visa is granted. Do we attach documents during the online application, and if so what are the best documents to provide to prove my ties to home and my fiances application for the australian de-facto partner visa? My fiance works full-time online for an American company as an employee so we can provide all recent pay and bank statements. I have my own online business in Australia and a bank account with sufficient funds. I do live at home with my parents since we're saving for a house in Australia, but I have car and insurance in my name, phone number, mail, etc. We're really hoping someone could provide some more insight into if our situation sounds doable for a B1/B2 visa. We met with an US Immigration lawyer yesterday and he said our situation is perfect for the B2 Visa because the fact that we applied for my partner's Australian visa and not the K1 visa proves that we fully intend on living in Australia together. We're just really concerned after reading all the denial posts on this forum and we want to make sure this is a viable option, or if anyone has any experience in a similar situation. Thanks so much for any help!
  25. Ok, so my mom went to the embassy yesterday to get her tourist visa to be able to come and visit me and she got a standard denial, 214b. I am a GCH married to a USC. She is 45 years old woman, a doctor, employed ful time, has been working as a doctor for 20 years now. Her and my dad own 2 houses, a land and 2 cars. My mom has my grandma to take care of at home (my grandma's health is not the best). She also was leaving my sister who is 16 and my dad in her home country. She wanted to come and visit for 4 weeks and that's what we put on dS160. So at the interview, she was asked: why is she going to states? how long has her daughter been there (2 years) Does she have any other kids? Who is paying for the trip? (We stated on ds160 that I was paying for her) After that she received a denial. She had all the documents ready to show and she was offering but she was not allowed to. Plus at the end when she asked for an advice what she can improve she was told: "nothing, maybe once your daughter is a citizen you can apply" My question is is it worth it to try to apply second time now and maybe another officer would be kind enough to look at the proofs? Can my husband, a US citizen, herson-in-law attend interview with her? He is a police officer as well. I know this time we would say that she pays for herself, that's probably the only think she could change, maybe asking to come for 2 weeks instead of 4? I don't know.. I need your advice..