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  1. My spouse has had a conditional green card for some time now and after visiting her home country of Poland a few times, her family wants to visit us here in the US and see her world. Her family has some strong ties to Poland. They all have paid-off homes there, careers there, and some are studying there... but I continuously here it's basically impossible after someone used a B2 and ended up as an immigrant. Is there any chance at all? Besides the heartbreak at the airport, we don't have the money to throw at so many journies to the USA that immediately get turned around...
  2. I’m new to this so here is my situation if anyone can help... We got married in Mexico back in May 2018. We moved to Michigan in November 2018 (I went with my tourist visa and a B2 permit issued in October 2018) I lived with my husband and then my B2 permit was going to expire in October 2019 so I went back to Mexico at the end of September and returned the permit. We filed I-130 in November 2019 and they got our money in December and we got a number which we registered at USCIS. No more news since then, we keep waiting and missing each other. My questions are: Can I visit my husband with my tourist visa while my I-130 is pending? If yes then, Do I need to book an international flight? ( I live near the border so I could take a domestic flight and deal with the border consulate by land to obtain my permit) If I can do a domestic flight: should I book the flight and ask for the permit or ask for the permit and then book the flight? It will be a round-trip flight for as long as I can stay with him... I’m thinking about contacting a lawyer for all this questions but I don’t want to spend money if anyone can help me here... thank you for reading this and I hope that you can help me...
  3. Can a person holding a B2 visa apply for an H1B working visa?
  4. Just looking for some advice regarding my AOS, I have a Tourist Visa, and in the past I had a student visa, I been a TTP for 5 years also, two years ago I got married to my wife and we have a kid, I was working in my country and everything legal, but in one of our visits we decide to stay and start the processing of the AOS that way I can become a green card holder. I sent my paperwork to chicago Lockbox with I130, I485, I864, I765 and I131 on October 29. They received my package on the 31 October Got NOA1 on October 22nd Got NOA off biometrics on December 6 and needed to go on the 18 of this month So this is my dilema, my I94 expires on the 23rd of this month, do I need to get an extension or another I94? I am good overstaying since I am in the middle of the process? Also the NOA 2 says if I don’t show up that means I am abandoning my case. What are your thoughts?
  5. My fiance had her k1 visa interview yesterday at the US embassy in Manila. I am active duty Navy and we are wanting to get married while I am on Chrismas leave in Denver. We want her mother to be able to attend. From the travel docs website the next available apointment for b2 visa interview is 23 January which is after our planned wedding. Is there any way around this. We wanted to apply for the B2 after her K1 was approved but it appears we are late. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. My friends mom was a victim of a crime while they were visiting from Mexico on a b2 visa. My friend was in the US and was 17 when this happened. She was included in the U visa application with her mom. Mom received temporary work permit, but my friend had already went back to Mexico and continued the application process from here. Her U visa application is still pending 3 years later. My question is she has a current b2 visa. Can she travel to the US to visit her mom on this visa without jeopardizing her U visa application?
  7. My wife was just granted a B2 visa to visit for Thanksgiving. We both live in Vietnam and teach English right now. I am a us citizen. We can not find any clear explanation for what will happen when she arrives at the JFK airport. We plan to see NYC then go to Boston to visit my family for the holiday. This is my family’s biggest holiday my siblings all return to my father’s house so my wife is excited to meet all of them. We will file our CR1 soon in hopes it will finish sometime after the current school year. Does she need to bring any evidence to the USA port of entry? Like our marriage certificate or photos of her and my dad and sister who came for the wedding here in Vietnam? Should we bring our work contacts and a letter from our employer granting us 2 weeks vacation? Will the fact we haven’t yet applied for immigration but were planning to during this 2 month period waiting for November make us look sneaky and not just slow to file? I am kinda nervous we will travel together she will separate from me at the CBP line and will get stuck without being able to contact me. Any help to alleviate nerves would be good. Thank you, this website has been a great resource for is to compile our CR1 paperwork.
  8. I was looking over the docs I submitted with my AOS application and I realize that when we sent them in, we made an error on the section of Part 5 which states "Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?". We selected no at the time because we were not aware (stupidly) that the k1 i129f counted as petition. I have now corrected the document, written an amendment which states that we made the error and what we would like to correct it to, including the WAC number. We did not get far in the k1 process and just received the noa1, after which we sent a withdrawal and stated we were already married so we would like to withdraw it. I included this in my amendment and plan to print out the original withdrawal letter as well. Will this suffice? We just made a pure error and I am really worried that it might have more consequences. I plan on handing this to the IO before our oath
  9. Hi everyone, My Australian boyfriend and I have went through quite a bit of bad news recently. He has visited America before through an ESTA, but last week, he had an interview for a B1B2 visa, which was denied. After the B1B2's denial, he got notified that he needed to reapply for an ESTA, and after doing so, he was also denied for the ESTA. In his past visits to America, he had never overstayed or caused any problems, so his visa denials were very shocking and confusing for us. At this point, we have no idea where to go from here. He's kind of resigned to the fact that he won't be able to get an ESTA. I'm not financially stable/independent enough to sponsor him on a K-1 or CR-1, so that's off the table. If he applies for a B2 now, what can we do and what should he mention that would help get it approved? Is there another type of visa that could potentially work in this case? Also, would the consulate be able to access the notes from his denied interview? Thanks.
  10. Hi, My husband (USC) and I did a concurrent filing for AOS, although I enter with B2 on March 8th, along the way we decided to get married, for love of course but also to provide stability for our minor son (USC too). While I have MEX bank and tax statements proving that upon entering last time I had no intention of staying, and we got married on June 8th, filed on July 2nd, I have some concerns about the 90day rule that we learned only after filling. The second concern is this new public charge rule, since I have no insurance because I have one in Mexico, also my husband's company doesn't cover family, so it's quite expensive, we're thinking getting one once I'm able to work. But for now our file doesn't have record of insurance, so I'm wondering. He makes 65k a year, and our household it's us 3, will this come into play as a possible public charge?
  11. My brother is waiting for immigration on an F3 visa, which has priority date of December 2007. Recently the second date has become current. (The date where you start filing), but the first one is still 6 months away. He already has a valid B2 visa. He has visited US once for 4 weeks. Can he come the US now on B2 and file for change of status from B2 to F3? Is it possible to get a Green card or an EAD with AP?
  12. Questions asked by American consul: 1. Where are you traveling? We will travel to Los Angeles, California. 2. What’s the purpose of your visit? We will visit our daughter Apple21. 3. Is your daughter married? Yes. 4. How long has your daughter been in the US? She’s been in the US for 4 years already. 5. What’s your middle name for your single status? (This pertains to my mom’s maiden name.) 6. What’s the status of your daughter? She is a Lawful Permanent Resident. 7. What’s your occupation? I am retired now but previously I was a public school teacher (and my dad was an insurance underwriter). 8. How long will you stay in the US? We will stay there for 2 weeks only. My parents are both 71 years old. They were interviewed together (US Embassy Manila, Philippines). No additional documents needed at the embassy. They just brought their passports and DS160 confirmation sheets. On the DS160 question on WHO WILL SPONSOR YOUR TRIP, they wrote my brother’s name who is also traveling with them. He has a high paying job in the Philippines. He already has a valid B2 visa and he’s the one paying for the airline tickets. They didn’t include my name anymore coz my brother is really the one with the moolah! Lol. Tips: Be consistent. Whatever you wrote on the DS160 that should also be your answer during the interview. Be relaxed as much as possible. Be polite. Be presentable. Wear atleast smart casual as if you’re going to a job interview (yes even for parents!) Don’t stress/bother about additional docs like invitation letters or bank statements/affidavit of support/land or car titles....THEY ARE NOT NEEDED. THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED. Good luck! I hope you get approved as well! 😊
  13. I had recently attempted to enter the US on a J1 visa in order to coach Soccer in California. Upon entry to the US my visa was revoked as the customs officer had determined that I had worked casually in the US under an ESTA previously in the US whilst on holiday. In my visa application I had stated that I had never done this. I am now wondering what my options are for now and for the future entry into the US. I am aware I can no longer enter under the ESTA. However, I would like to know the likelihood of acceptance of another working visa or B2 travel visa either now or in the future. Thanks
  14. can anyone explain the process of obtaining a visitors visa to me? my husband’s family doesn’t really want to live here but would like the opportunity to visit us and our little one. also when you get the visa, is it a one time visa or is it for whenever you want to visit? if it helps any to know what country, they are from the Dominican Republic. thank you in advance!!
  15. My grandmother is a legal resident of UK. She's citizen of Bangladesh. She got tourist visa to US and she's been coming and going to US for last two decades. Every few years she comes and stays in US for 6 months and leaves. She's gotten very old and travelling is becoming hard for her. So this time, we want to extend her visit visa so she can stay a bit longer than the 6 months allowed. I filled out the I539 form online for her and I did so 60 days before her visit visa of 6 months expires. The case number I got doesn't tell me what service center the form went to. But current processing time in all of them are more than 2.5 to 3 months. So by the time we get the approval of extending her say, she will have gone over the 6 months. Should we risk it and let her say beyond her 6 months hoping that her extension will be approved. And she can stay 3 more months. Or should we send her back before the 6 months end. In that case, the approval will come after she's gone and it will not help us and I will have wasted $455 for nothing in the fee. We did get the NOA1 for this. Can she stay the 3 more months with NOA1? Seems like she can. Will she have trouble coming back to US again someday in future? What do you guys think we should do? Many years ago, we applied for extension for her and that approval came within a month. She said 6+3 months and left before 9 months. No issue. She came back few times after that. No issue. This time the approval won't probably come in time. Just wanted to know what do you guys think about this. Thanks for your help. Though I am not an active member of VJ anymore, I appreciate this site and uses a lot. You guys have helped me throughout the last decade so much and have literally saved me thousands and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. I believe in a self-correcting universe. You will get the reward for all the good deeds you've done for me and my family and for countless others. :)
  16. Good afternoon, My wife and I want her parents to visit us here in the US for 3 weeks this fall, and we had our sightseeing trips all planned (NYC, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Boston). However, they were denied a Visa today in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was curious if anyone could help us make sense of this decision. I met my wife while she was on a J1 Visa a few summers back, and we just instantly hit it off. We're still happily married to this day, and have since been to Russia to introduce me to her family. We filed for her adjustment of status during the 30 day grace period of her J1 Visa expiring, and she got her two year green card ~ 6 months after we filed. Her parents both work (father owns a business, and her mom works in a dentists office). They also own a home as well as a car, and have close family nearby. Obviously the CO doesn't know this, but I have asked them if they would want to immigrate here if my wife becomes a US Citizen, and they said they did not think so. They want to stay in Russia, but they just want to be able to see where their daughter moved to, and meet my family, the way I met theirs. The only thing I can think of is that the CO saw that my wife immigrated here while on a visa, and instantly shot it down. Other than that, I'm at a loss of why it would be rejected. They said they will try again. I would be willing to buy the plane tickets before the interview so they see the flight itinerary to prove they will go back, but I don't want to buy tickets only to have the next application refused again.
  17. I just wanted to share my package. I'll be mailing it today. I hope it helps someone
  18. Hi there, I recently finished a j1 visa and filed an i-539 to change to a b2 before my time was up. I stayed on a further 3 months after finishing my j1 and then returned home in line with the dates given on my i-539. I then received a denial notice a month later saying it had been denied due to abandonment. I would like to return to the us for a week to go to a wedding and am wondering if my denial means my time counts as an overstay or not? I had D/S on my i-94. I am unsure how to answer the ESTA question about staying longer than authorized by the government, but my application was timely and USCIS did not give any other reason other than abandonment in my denial letter. Or am I better to apply for a B2? I feel this makes it look like I'm trying to return for longer but I literally just want to go to the wedding and leave. Thanks!
  19. Hello. My wife and 3 kids applied for B2 visa on 22-2-2019 from islamabad US embassy. VO took their passports and handed them 221(g) white paper. VO said exaclty: " miss ... I am keeping your passports, i need some more information which i will email you by today reply to that email by today" Which we did after 2 hours of email. It contains general questions like: Your passport numbers Your siblings names Your job in 15 years Country visited in last 15 years source of funds etc. General info. Please advise what could be the reason or outcome? We are really worried. Little background: 2011 My brother was LPR. My wife and 1 kid (had 1 kid then) applied B2 in 2011 rejected. I had valid B2 visa. In 2013 my wife 2 kids by then applied for B2 visa. This time approved. I already had B2 again. Now: in 2019 My bro is US citizen. My wife's parents and her two 3 siblings are LPR now by F4 which they recieved in 2014-15. I still have valid B2. Applied in 2017 and approved. Interview went like this: VO: have you ever changed ur name? Ans: yes once. (As my wife prev name was with father as surname now with my name as surname after marriage) Vo: why you want to go to US Ans: meet my parents my bro in law and vacations ( As from 2015 to 2018 we go every year for summer vacations for a month) Vo: who are with you here? Ans: my kids Vo: what do u do? Ans: i am a teacher ( although mentioned in ds form i am sponsoring her) Vo: what do you do sir? ( As i was with them inside embassy although i had valid b2 visa) Ans: businessman( gave details well established business so no prob in that am sure) Vo: do you have a valid visa? Me: yes Vo: pl pass me your passport. Vo: ( after typing like ages gave my passport back to me) Vo: ok i think thats all. " miss ... I am keeping your passports, i need some more information which i will email you today reply to that email by today" Thats it. Any clues please? my observation is that may be it is because of her parents or my brother they want to check for immigration status or something? As in DS form we answered we havnt applied for any immigration which in real we havent. Please advise.
  20. Hello, i was denied boarding to US on vaild B2 visa received from the airline information to fille DHS trip form, the agent said im on no fly list.. i never been arrested or committed crime. i did fill the form send all documents but im trying ti understand why this is happened . someone know? Thanks
  21. Hi all, I had filled forms of 15 people who are in 50's and travelling from India as a group and captured their degree details only. All the schooling details prior to degree was omitted in all forms. I was not aware that their high school details also needed to be captured. group appointment has already been scheduled shortly,. will this create a problem in interview or rejection? pls advise urgently as their is no way and time to modify ds 160 and group appointment has been scheduled, fees paid and biometrics and interview date has been confirmed. will the VO reject their applications on this ground only? I mean they are elderly people and did their schooling a long time back.
  22. I am B2 Tourist visa holder and have been in the US multiple times. Currently my K1 visa process is pending. We got NO1 at the beggining of March. I want to go to my fiancé’s brother’s wedding which is in the end of August. What do you guys advice me to take with me for avoiding any trouble at the custom. Additionaly i work in Austria currently but i will be done with my work before i go to the wedding, after my visit to the states i will be back to Turkey where I am from.
  23. Hello, Today I received this update on my case one month after filing and I have three questions: 1- Will I get the date of my interview on the My Case website or only through the mail? 2- How long after this notice should I receive my interview date? 3- How long after receiving this notice could my interview date be? You can check my timeline to help me answer these questions. Thanks guys!
  24. Hi VJ members, What is the absolute best way for my fiancé’s brothers to apply for a tourist visa when they come to the states to attend our wedding? Because they are single men in their 20’s we fear that they will be denied...even as brothers and groomsmen of the groom. My fiancé will be devastated if he cannot attend. I heard that it may be better for them to apply as a group for a “group visa” and they would be flying out with the parents and flying back with them. Anyone have an advice or know best route? Side note: they have visited the states before when they were young still in elementary school came with the parents so wont be first time). Thanks!
  25. Hello. I am currently in the process of AOS. I received my initial EAD and had one RFIE (Birth Certificate with English Translation). I submitted the evidence and now the I-485 status online says ‘Ready to be scheduled for an interview’. I came here as a child with my Mother on her passport (I did not have a passport then) which was on a 6 month B1 Visa. Her passport does have my name and Visa stamp on it including my own I-94 card. However, my Labor Certification filed on it before 4/30/01 ETA-750 says EWI. I do not know why. Also, I came to USA on a tourist visa with my parents as a child 2 years prior and we left before our duration of stay expired. I do not have the I-94 for that but have the passport stamp Visa stating me in there. I never left USA the second time I was brought here as a child. USC Mother petition me for I-130 which was approved in the F1 category. I would still be covered under 245i grandfathered rule right? Also, would the EWI on ETA-750 cause any confusion with USCIS?
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