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Found 7 results

  1. Facts The last time I was on here was regarding the denial of two tourist visas for my wife to visit my Country the good ol' USA. My wife is Indonesian , we are both in our mid 40's , we married July 1st 2018. Our original intent for applying for the tourist visa was for my wife to accompany me during work, see my family , see the statue of liberty, shop, and site see for 4 to 6 months before we both returned to USA. On my last post this community determined that I had more ties in America than In Indonesia, the consulate automatically assumes every tourist visa applicant has intent to overstay their visa and never return to their home. No need to discuss tourist visas anymore because we recently decided that moving o the USA would be ..... A. a better choice for our future. B. a better chance of having her visa approved if we applied for cr1. C. we are tired of getting denied by reapplying for tourist visa. so we are moving on. Originally I stated I had a job in Colorado , A place to live which is partially true but only temporary. A friend lets me keep a room in his house indefinitely but my wife can not stay there , only me. I no longer have a current job, I am a seasonal salesman, a roofing salesman, which means I only make money if it hails which it didn't this year. Due to a hip injury I am currently seeking work outside the USA closer to Indonesia but could have my job back at any time in USA> I have a mother and father in the USA who are both 80 yrs old, one has Parkinson's the other has dementia. My wife would like to meet both asap. Neither of us want my wife to lose her rights in Indonesia so she will try her hardest to keep her residency in Indonesia, but for now we are saying " we just want to move to the USA''. If for some reason she needs to fly back and forth in the future , we will but neither of us want her to lose her rights as a Indonesian, especially for owning land or buying a house which is our 2 year goal. Facts about Wife : She is the owner of a event organizing business She has a daughter who is 26 years old and helps manage the company she has had the same place of residence in Bali for 15 years She does not own any properties as of yet. owns a car has her whole family in Indonesia I am just trying to state everythig down here so i can get the most accurate help. I believe every situation is different so I really don't want to read a old thread. So today marks the official new date of our new CR1 visa journey, Aug 13th 2019. Questions I Have 1. Is trump really passing or has already passed new immigrant visa regulations that will come into effect this October of 2019 making it even harder for my wife to come to America? 2. Is the cr1 the best route to getting into the USA for Visit or to live for my wife. 3. Does it really take a year to get approved? 4. Would it be faster if I apply for her from the USA. 5. Should I and where do I register our marriage online for the USA, we are already registered in Indonesia and I filled out and paid the intent to marry thing at the US embassy prior to marriage. 6. Should I fill out the I-30 form asap ? 7. Since I am not earning money at the moment will we have problems with getting her approved? Is there a minimum income I have to have? Or is it joint now that we are married? 8. Am I missing any other important questions? 9. Can we hire someone for this process to help with paperwork? or is it easy to do? 10. should we get a lawyer and what is normal price ? should we hire in Indonesia or USA? Any help will be much appreciated and I will keep posting and updating here until this process is finished. Gerry
  2. Hello, guys. The director of USCIS, Lee Francis Cissna is reportedly being fired by Trump for not being extreme enough.The new director is reportedly being appointed by Trump, her name is Julie Kirchner who is a known anti immigration activist who worked for Federation for American immigration Reform. Processing time is already slow, it is unclear whether the shake up is going to effect the already slow processing time. I thought you guys should be aware and alert of what the latest of USCIS. Good luck. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/10/us-citizenship-immigration-services-cissna-replacement-1264801
  3. This thread is to discuss actual immigration policy changes by the Trump administration. Please do NOT speculate on future policy changes, we have a separate thread pinned for that in the General Immigration Discussion. This thread here is ONLY to discuss policies already published, and how they impact our members and their loved ones. Feel free to post links to actual policies from reputable mainstream news sources in this thread too. Please use ONLY this thread to discuss the Trump administration's current immigration policies, in order to keep our other forums free from such discussion and not cluttered with political talk.
  4. I am noticing that some of the various visa assistant/processing consultants & services online saying that the because of the current (Trump) administration's "crackdown on immigrants" (not my words), that if there are errors on the forms a higher percentage of immediate denials will be issued by USCIS and they will not bother with sending any RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) notices to allow these corrections to be made. My first thought is that this is merely a sales tactic to "scare" us into paying for their services; I actually had one of these consultants tell me this on the phone and they then made an me immediate offer & discount to "act before things get worse". Is this truly the case or am I right? Please, I am not looking for comments about Trump or politics as this is not the place for that, only sincere replies to my question... Thanks!
  5. Greetings everyone. Our I-130 us currently at the NVC. They NVC just received the paperwork for the I-864 late last week (the DS-260 was completed previously online), and a check of the visa status via the website shows it "At NVC". The question is: what timeframe can we expect as to her receiving a letter from the embassy for her interview? It will be at Colombo, Sri Lanka. The reason for the question is that she would like to visit with her sister, who lives in Chennai, India for a number of weeks (3-4); and in an effort to save money, I was planning on booking the ticket far enough out for an optimal deal. It looks as though the best deal can be had if one chooses a flight 3-4 weeks out (a savings of about $100). While I can afford to spend the extra money, I obviously prefer to keep ii in my own pocket. As is the case with any I-130 application, it's been a long road, and we'd like to be together ASAP. Also, is there an expiration associated with an I-130 similar to the I-129? If memory serves, the 129's have a shelf life of about 3 months once approved. Lastly, I do want her to be granted entry ASAP so as to avoid any unforeseen developments in immigration policy that may cause additional delays. Thanks for your input.
  6. LONDON — A giant balloon depicting U.S. President Donald Trump as a screaming orange baby flew over London Friday as tens of thousands marched through the streets to protest the American leader's visit to the U.K. The diaper-clad infant, with a quiff of hair and a mobile phone for tweeting, was the centerpiece of demonstrations protesting Trump's policies on issues ranging from immigration and race relations to women and climate change. "Depicting Trump as a baby is a great way of targeting his fragile ego, and mocking him is our main motivation," said Matthew Bonner, one of the organizers. "He doesn't seem to be affected by the moral outrage that comes from his behavior and his policies. You can't reason with him but you can ridicule him." https://www.9news.com/article/news/nation-world/watch-giant-baby-trump-balloon-floats-over-london-in-protest/507-573434688
  7. Okay so I am needing some guidance here. I don't see that this is a problem, but wanting to add ease of mind. Evidence of support for the I-134 form require bank accounts, etc. Let me say up front that my salary alone can support my fiance. I have a bank account that has my money in it, but it's been under my father's account name for over 11 years. I was going to pull it out soon and move it to another account but never did. When I go to get the statements for the previous year it just has my father's name on the statement's and just my account nick name next to my account. I recently moved my funds to another account which shows my name on it. However, I have no previous year transactions because I moved it. What steps should I potentially take to avoid interview issues for my fiance IF this will even be a problem, because again my salary alone can support her. If this is confusing, let me know and I will try to explain further.
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