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  1. As is the case with everything we do, my wife's trip back to Manila has become an adventure. First: The flight was delayed out of Orlando, and for whatever reason they put her on the next day's flight. Then her overweight bag (Filipinas bring home tons of stuff for the family) flew off to LAX without her. (Where, as far as I can tell, it still sits). The next day her flight was delayed by 5 hours again, causing her to miss her connection with Asiana Airlines. American rebooked her on Philippine air out of SFO. She got to LAX, and shuttled her to SFO. After a 6 hour wait she went to board. Unlike Asiana Airlines, Philippine Airlines wouldn't accept her passport in her maiden name and denied her booking. (Why the Philippine flag carrier wouldn't take one of their own citizens home blows my mind). After I had a yelling match with a really annoying AA call center agent who insisted on talking over me and treating me like an idiot, I got another agent who was very helpful. He rebooked her on Asiana thru Seoul, but it was another 5 hour wait in SFO, and then a 16 hour layover in Inchon. She got to Inchon and all the in-terminal hotels were booked. (She couldn't leave without a Korea visa). All of the showers were closed due to COVID.(A bit insane) She found a nap room and slept a bit. As of an hour ago, she FINALLY boarded her flight to Manila. She's exhausted (as am I). Now I worry about her coming home. Her ticket is in her married name (as is her green card). Her passport is in her maiden name. I'm hoping that's good enough for the USA trip back.
  2. Greetings: My fiancée and I have filed for our K-1 (waiting with NOA2 not until April 2023), and we are wanting to go on vacation in Thailand. Understanding that a CFO letter/stamp is required for her to leave the Philippines even with Thailand being visa free for both of us. Would this CFO stamp be sufficient for the vacation travel AND the K-1 next year, or are they two different stamps/authorizations? I have to admit, this is so confusing for me, but the USCIS introduces enough delays, I don't want any on the other side of the pond... Thank you all! -Kurt
  3. I'd like to go sightseeing in California or New York during my university holiday season this year or next year. I identify as a "gay" student (22) and was wondering if telling the visa officer my true reason for traveling is a good idea. If he/she turns out homophobic, will he/she automatically deny me a B2 tourist visa on the spot? Or do they adhere to some strict moral code that prevents them from discriminating against marginalized people? The areas I mentioned are liberal, diverse, friendly, accepting, and inspiring. For years, I've wanted to visit their gay towns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and the Statue of Liberty. I want to make him/her feel somewhat emotional so that he/she believes I have a valid reason for traveling. Should I remain silent on LGBTQ issues in general? Is it a plus or a minus to reveal my sexual orientation?
  4. My husband came to America on the k3 spouse visa 3 years ago from Dominican Republic. My husband received his permanent green card a month after he arrived. We plan to travel outside the country back to the DR, since he’s been here. My husband don’t have an American passport, but he has the Dominican passport he arrived to America with. I’m not sure if his Dominican passport will allow him back into America. What does my husband need to travel out the country and back into America besides his I.D. and green card.
  5. Hello, I was able to get my wife a tourist visa shortly after the war started in Ukraine ( she's Ukrainian) and when we entered the Port of Entry the officer said we had 6 months to figure out her paperwork to adjust her status. Well I spoke with a lawyer who will proofread all our documents but I haven't been able to pay yet and start the process so she can have work permission and travel authorization. My question is, we have been taking trips flying within usa during this time and she uses passport as I.D. , can she still travel within USA on an expired Visa? Does Tsa look into that and call immigrations or can we still fly before we submit paperwork to adjust status??
  6. Hello all! So, I've been wanting to travel to see my Mom in the UK, and I haven't seen her since moving 11/2019. We are very close, so it's hard to not see her all this time. I hold a Green Card (conditional) and it expires in 5/2023. Is it safe to go and visit her? Will I essentially not be allowed back home because I'm not a US citizen? I'm so paranoid that I could potentially throw away everything I've built here so far. I know the Green Card is used for re-entry, but COVID regulations freak me out. If anyone has any leads, I'd really appreciate it - Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have experience with traveling while on OPT and with approved (but not activated) H1B COS? I want to visit my family during the summer and would try to return on OPT status before Oct. 1st. My lawyers have stated that while this should be possible since all my documents are valid, I could have trouble at the port of entry showing non-immigrant intent even if my H1B is not active. Has anyone successfully done this?
  8. Hi all, I am 29 years old male with a full time job (Technical Engineer for Local Government) in UK London, I have visited the USA twice within the last year (under 2 weeks), the last time I travelled was in mid May 2022 for 10 days and both times I have them I was visiting friends and family, I’m getting a little worried that it is becoming suspicious. I have scheduled another visit last August for 9 days to spend time with her (almost running out of vacation days from work) lol Should I just tell them I am visiting my girlfriend for an X amount of days/weeks? Am I allowed to visit my girlfriend on n ESTA? Does anyone think this will be a problem? I would like to hear some of your past experiences.
  9. Hey there, My husband (USC) and me (CPR) are planning a 2 week trip to visit family in Germany. From reading previous forum posts, I'm 90% sure that I will be able to travel abroad and come back to the US just fine with only an I-551 passport stamp, but I was hoping someone could give me a piece of mind. 🙄 Backstory: I came here on a K-1 visa; we got married; filed for AOS; received green card. Turns out that our green card had a 10 year validity date, although we were married for less than 2 years at the time we filed for AOS. We sent the green card back to USCIS in June 2021 (filed a free I-90, indicating USCIS error), and since then I don't have a physical green card. We will be filing for ROC this summer and want to go to Germany after we filed. We are planning to travel in September (and be back before October, when my green card would expire - had I received a 2 year green card..). I made an info pass appointment at the local USCIS office back in October 2021, and got an I-551 passport stamp, evidencing permanent residency for 1 year. My understanding is that while my I-90 case is pending, the I-551 stamp in my passport is sufficient to travel internationally and return to the US (as long as I return before October 2022, when the stamp expires and coincidentally also my green card should expire if we get the replacement card in the meantime). Could someone please confirm if this is correct, or if I need any additional documents besides the I-551 stamp + passport to board an airplane and be let back into the US? Do I maybe even need a new I-551 stamp after we filed for ROC, since that happens before we travel? I.e. does filing for ROC change the status of the I-551 passport stamp in any case? Thank you so much!! 😀
  10. Hi everyone! This might be a stupid question, so I apologize in advance. So my husband will be visiting the U.S. this summer for two weeks and we are looking at flights. They are all crazy expensive bcuz of fuel costs, so we are thinking about booking each flight on different airlines to save some money. He would have an inbound flight to US on one airline and a return flight booked with another airline. Does it matter if his return flight is on a different airline for his ESTA? or it doesn't matter as long as you have the return flight (regardless of the airline)? We have a pending I-130 so we will make sure he has evidence of intent to return to Korea (job, travel insurance, etc.). Thank you in advance!
  11. Hi all, My husband applied for naturalization back in February. When we filled out the application we forgot to list a 7 night closed-loop cruise (Fort Lauderdale - Mexico - Jamaica- Fort Lauderdale) on the trips outside of the US. When we listed all the trips we were going off of stamps in his passport. Because the cruise was 4 years ago it completely left our minds and we forgot to list it. There was never passport stamps, as it was a closed loop cruise. Now we are freaking out that we forgot to list it. Has anyone experienced this? Should we upload a document to his online account in the evidence section mentioning this? When he has his interview should he bring it up and tell them or wait for them to ask? Of if they ask if he needs to alter anything with the application. Any advice to help ease our stress would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to travel abroad 2 months before my Conditional green card expires (marriage based). I will file for removal of conditions on my GC a month before the travel date. My question is can I travel while my removal of conditions is pending ? Or do I have to wait for the USCIS to send me anything before I can go ? (When I get back my Conditional GC will still be unexpired) Thanks for your help !
  13. Morning! My wife is a military dependent (I am active duty) - we entered her DOD ID number as her known traveler number but it did not generate a TSA Pre Check on her boarding pass. Spirit said she’d be fine but they made her go through regular security at the gate. Currently TSA Precheck is only accepting applications for LPRs or conditional LPRs. Anyone with a foreign spouse/military dependent have luck getting approved for TSA Pre Check?
  14. Hello everyone ! I have my conditional (2 years) Green Card (through marriage) and I am planning to travel abroad in few months. Do I need to apply to any travel document or is my Conditional green card alone enough ? Thank you for your help !
  15. Hi fellas! I’m facing a very very bad situation right now. filed for I-751 on June 2019. After waiting for 2 years and 2 months my interview was scheduled. Got the letter in mail, like 4 days before the interview I had symptoms of COVID but I was really sure it wasn’t and called to see if I can go anyways but they told me NO! You need to reschedule, they did it but I never received the second letter with the new appointment, instead I received a decline letter stating I didn’t go to the interview! Which of course I didn’t go because I didn’t receive the letter. Five days after the decline letter was received, I received an NTA with date for may 03 2022. I’m really pissed off since I waited to damn much just to be denied due a mistake of USCIS or even USPS. I’m very confident that the judge will give me the approval since my case was rock solid and never had any problem at all with it. Just “missed” the interview. The thing is I need to travel overseas URGENTLY since I need to make a major surgery on my face or I will be facing major health problems. My main doctor is not in the US and is the one who knows the cae very well, so doing it here in the US is not an option. I don’t know what to do at this point, any advice will be really appreciated.
  16. My husband is a greencard holder through his IR-1 visa process. So he basically got the greencard through our marriage. He recently went back to his home country for the holidays and is returning to USA on January 7. Although he has his greencard in his possession, will he need to show other documents at border control, such as our marriage certificate? He says no, but I'm worried and feel like they'll ask for it. Anybody here know for sure? Thanks
  17. Hello, Please help! I am filing online and they ask me about trips outside USA last 5 years. Well, I am filing at 3 years (since I am married to the same person US citizen) and I have an issue because... I LIVED outside of the USA till 12/20/2018. Initially I added the dates Poland 08/15/2017 - 12/20/2018 (491 days) So it shows I was outside USA for over a year within last 5 years... Can this somehow trigger some sort of automatic response and find me being not eligible? Should I just leave this information out then? I appreciate all responses. Thank you guys for all the work and time spend aiding immigrants.
  18. Dear all, I currently hold G4 visa working at an international organization. I have American husband and applied for adjustment of status about a month ago based on the marriage. In this case, can I travel outside of the US to visit my home country or other countries while waiting for the green card application to be approved? Since I hold G4 visa, it is okay to go out or I can't go out unless I get the advance parole which I have not yet applied... Thanks for any insight on this.
  19. Hello, We filed for removal of conditions in April 2020 and my wife's green card expired May 2020. We received the original 18 month extension letter around that time. Our case has been on "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken" since May 2020. Most importantly, her 18 month extension has now expired and we have not received the updated 24 month extension. We have submitted a request for the letter via the website ("expect a response by 11/29") and we have called to schedule an infopass appointment ("expect a call with the appointment by 12/9"), but so far we still have nothing which shows that my wife is legally in the US and can not travel. Tomorrow, I will try to submit another online request, but otherwise it seems there is nothing else we can do. Does anyone know of any other options we have overlooked? Is there any way to call and have things escalated?
  20. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  21. Hello, i got married two years ago and filed for and adjustment of status. My conditional green card expired last month and before that I filled to remove the conditions of my GC. I received a notice of action last month stating that I can travel abroad. I was wondering if I need a stamp in my passport to travel to Peru and if I can teavel with my Gc that has my new last name and my passport with old last name. The passport issue was bot a problem last year when I travel but mainly I am worried about if I need or not an stamp. thank you!!
  22. My 2 year conditional green card is about to expire in late January. I plan to file I-751 for 10 year green card in early November. I am uncertain on the travel restrictions between November and January. Lets say I file I-751 on 9th November and receive the receipt 21st December. After receiving the receipt, I can travel as per my understanding (as long as I take the receipt with me). However, can I travel between 9th November and 21st December? I would assume yes because my green card is still not expired (until late January), but I am not able to find any documentation around it. Please advice.
  23. Hi all, My green card expires in December and my company just purchased a ticket for me to attend an event in Mexico from 10/07 to 10/13. I consulted with a lawyer and he advised not to travel without the extension letter because he said they won’t let me back in because my GC is so closed to be expired. Is this true? have any you travel with your green card closed to be expired and no extension letter? I filed for ROC last week and now am waiting for the letter. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  24. Hi all. My girlfriend is visiting from America next month. We originally thought it would be an easy process for her to just fly over for ten days then fly back. But after finding this site and reading peoples experiences I'm a little confused and scared. Would my girlfriend need to show ties back to America just for this little trip or would she be ok? If she does need to prove ties to America this would not be a problem, we would just like to know in advance so we can start preparing for that! This will be our first time meeting in person. Any advice would be much appreciated please and thankyou!
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