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  1. Hi we have our AOS interview in two weeks 😊. We have our AP and EAD. My son is keen to travel back to Scotland as soon as possible for a longish trip. I understand in the uncommon event that we are approved then and there we can ask for an i551 stamp? I also understand that once GC is issued, AP is invalid. My question, if we book flights for him ow is this risky? I believe he may be able to travel out on AP and enter as an LPR when GC issued while he is away. Or if the GC is issued soon after the interview he would have that to travel. Or it could take a while.... I also appreciate this is an important point and we don't want to jeopardize his re-entry. We also don't want to wait until last minute to book flights because of cost and he needs to travel ideally in April. Your help is appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hello All, Has anyone traveled outside of the united states with an approved Advance Parole (AP I-131) while the Adjustment of Status (AOS) documentation is still pending? If so, did you have any issues or concerns at the point of entry when returning to the United States?
  3. Hello everybody! This is a question from my friend. Scenario: Her mother lived here in the US since 1980s. Never filed for citizenship but was granted 10 years gc during the 80s. Now her gc is EXPIRED. She was just diagnozed of brain ca last week. Now she wants to go back to her country just to see her eldest son (pending petition after he was 21, now with his own family) before her health declines. Then come back here in the US. Questions: 1. Do you think it would be better for her to apply for citizenship or still file for renewal of her gc? 2. If we schedule her for infopass, what is it for? To get passport stamped? Honestly i dont know what to tell them, i suggested to just apply for citizenship coz its faster. But she said her mother doesnt really want to be a citizen.
  4. Hi everyone, My wife and i are traveling to Canada in a month with my advance parole/employment card. When we approach the US/Canada border, what document do i provide to the border officer? And then what document do i provide the border officer when we leave Canada? Document meaning Canadian passport or employment/AP card. Is there anything extra I should bring with me in case? Thank you! Mike
  5. Hi everybody, I have a problem and will try to explain my whole case in a few sentences, hoping someone will be able to help me: We applied for the 129f in March of 2018, I was admitted to the US on December 20th as a K1 Visa holder. My then fiancé and I got married on the 21st of February and applied for AOS (485) along with AP (131) and EAD (765) on March 1st. Two days ago I received an email stating, that the case was received on March 8th. We planned our wedding which will take place in Germany on July 6th of 2019 in the beginning of last year, booked our venue, florists, dj, cake, photo-/videographer and sent out our invites in the beginning of this year. Since it is a destination wedding we are expecting guests not just from America and Germany, but from all around the world. A lot of guests already booked their flights and also booked their hotels. Last night I checked, how long the processing times for the i131 are and I got stunned. The uscis website says it will take between 5-7 months. I have to be in Germany in 3 1/2 months. The wedding party costs approximately 30k and that just includes the costs me and my wife have. Would I be eligible for an expedited AP? Is this reason for an emergency, since I would take a severe financial damage of I can't make it to my own wedding? Should I just sit and wait and hope that my documents get to me on time? Thank you in advance everyone!
  6. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  7. I'm married to a USC and we filed for AOS in August 2017 and are still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I was approved for EAD/Travel in November and had to travel earlier this year to visit family for an emergency and ended up staying for a few months. Long story short, the day of my flight I realized I didn't have my combo card (advance parole) and was unable to board the flight. The US Embassy said they could not issue a transportation letter since I am not a Lawful Permanent Resident and the USCIS field office told my husband they could not issue an emergency parole document without me being present. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please advise, as AOS is kind of a grey area the embassy won't touch the case. I have a picture of the card and my approval notices for travel and employment but they seem to be of no use. PLEASE HELP.
  8. I have a CR-1. I submitted the I-751 for removal of conditional residence. I received the I-797 which extends the validity for 6 months. How long can i travel outside the US with the I-751 pending? Also, if I stay out of the US for 11 months, can I come back for 1 week and go out of the US again?
  9. Hi, I had an account on this forum before but I can't access the email it's linked to, so I've remade- hope this is ok. Recently I abandoned the K-1 Visa, I don't wish to disclose why but we still want to be together and get married, we really do. But what if we want to move back to my home country to marry, are we able to? Especially if we've abandoned a Visa before? Does it look bad/suspicious? The process itself was fine and went smoothly. We did everything by the book. No hiccups as far as actually getting the K1 and going through all the steps. Does anyone know someone I can contact about this sort of thing? Also, most importantly, we still want the opportunity to go back to the US if need be (BOTH of us), whether it's to live there/visit (as a married couple). So let's just say I have them on a fiance visa of some kind (I am from australia, so perhaps a subclass 300? Correct me if I'm wrong. I also saw online someone mentioning a 'i130' but that almost doesn't make sense to me) and we want the opportunity to move over in the near future (after 8 months-2 years say of being in Aus/being married. It really depends). So what if we married in my country but decided to move back to the US after all? I did every single thing by the book and it went great, but does it look suspicious? I take it we can't file for the K1 Visa again and I can't get married over there at this point on any Visa (correct me if I'm wrong though), so while it is tempting to ask about that too I think I know it's out of the question. I know this sounds all a bit strange but any advice/messages are appreciated. Thanx everybody.
  10. I arrived at Pearson at 3:00pm on Jan 3 2019. My original flight was at 7:40pm. I got their early because I thought that my clearance through Customs & Border Protection (CBP), might take a few hours and I also wanted to see if I can get on an earlier flight. Since I had an IR-1, I did not have to get a photo receipt at the Kiosk before approaching CBP. The line was a little long, not too bad, but slower than usual, perhaps the holidays may have affected that. Anyways, as I approached, I gave my the officer the Visa side on my passport and he just started asking me normal stuff, that they ask b4 they let u enter. Before answering the first question I told him that this was my first time crossing with an IR-1. He was surprised and then asked me about the packet. I told him it was all electronic now. He then took me to the secondary inspection room. In the room another officer asked me about the packet and I said the same thing. He asked if they gave me any documents and I showed him the Welcome to USA doc, he asked to borrow it and if I could write my intended address on the back. He was gone for quite a bit, but he didn't seem like he knew what to do, because he also mentioned to me, 'this electronic stuff is all new, I have to figure out what to do', and he asked his colleague and supervisor , "so what do we do exactly," I was amused. His colleague said that ur just gonna double check the info online and then admit her and then she's done. He then called me over to his booth, and said everything looks good, he explained how the visa is used in travel and how my green card might take 6-8 weeks to be delivered since they are experiencing backlog. After that he said congratulations, your good to go! Also, I was able to get on an earlier flight
  11. Hi, all! I have a pet cat that I wish to bring to America. We just finished with his vaccinations for the year and his next dose/s wouldn't be until next year. Aside from the <10 day-old health certificate from the vet, what else do I need to prepare in order for him to safely travel with me? Here's what I found online. Please share what you know. 1. Vaccination records 2. Airline-approved pet carrier - my cat is 5.15 kg, how big should the carrier be? Know where I could buy this? I'm from the Philippines. 3. Microchipping - Is this a requirement in the U.S.? Any other documents? Thak you for your time.
  12. Looking for recommendations for traveling to USA on a K1 visa. 1. Any problem, on flying with a less expensive airline ticket and landing(doing immigration) in a US State not being the state specified on the Visa request form? Fiance could go from Manila to Miami with one stop outside USA or a much less expensive two stop including one inside USA, like JFK, LAX, BOS or ATL? This will push immigration to be done on the 2nd stop instead of of final destination. 2. For the Airline ticket for a K1 visa is required to be a round-trip? 2.a If round-trip not required, did anyone ever try to buy a (less expensive one-way) USA-Manila-Manila-USA and use only the Manila-USA part ? 2.b.If round-trip not required, what is the time frame for the return ? Thanks.
  13. Hi all, I am a bit concerned with my holiday travels. Here is my situation and question: I am a LPR, my conditional green card expires on Jan 25, 2019 I have already applied for removal of conditions (marriage-based), 90 days in advance (October) For some reason, I haven't received the receipt notice extending my green card (I think it was lost somehow by the mail people). I only received the biometrics appointment letter last week (with my case number in it) I contacted USCIS in the online form about that. The date for an answer is Dec. 26 I am scheduled to go abroad for the holidays on Dec 19, will be back January first The question is: Is it ok to reenter the U.S. with unexpired green card on Jan 1st that is set to expire on Jan 25? Has anyone done that? I really appreciate any thoughts you may have based on experience. Thank you!
  14. My fiancé and I will be sending out our I-129 application by January 2019. I am wondering what the rules are regarding travel to the states while awaiting the response of said application. If I want to go visit him for a weekend or go to a music festival in a different city, would I be allowed to? I live in Canada. thank you for any and all help!
  15. 485 Approval Question Upon approval does this mean one can work in the U.S. and leave the U.S. for only two years? I am confused about why the AOS from K1 visa is only valid for two years. Will I lose my job if working in the U.S. when my two years is up?
  16. Hello Everyone, Your help is greatly appreciated. My wife currently works in Beijing. She has had 10 yrs B1 Visa before we married in U.S. in 2016. Now she plans to retire in 2 yrs. We are thinking maybe it's time to start I-130, CR1, and so on. But we are not so sure what is going to happen to her current B1 Visa. 1. Can she still use her current B1 travel to/from U.S.? 2. If not, what other traveling document does she need to apply during the period while she would be waiting for her CR1 visa? 3. What any other possible options might be available for her to be able to travel to/from U.S. while she would be waiting for her CR1 visa? Thanks a lot in advance
  17. Hello everyone. I have an EAD/AP (Advanced Parole) combo card and I am hoping to travelling to Nigeria in a few weeks. I really want to go, and I have a few specific questions 1. What are my options if for any reason I get denied entry to the US at port of entry? also what are my options if as I leave Nigeria, I am not allowed to board the plane. Could the travel officers in Nigeria not recognize the EAD/AP combo card as a valid travel document? 2. I have another question about unlawful presence in the US. I was initially on a H1. I applied for a change of status from a H1 to a B2 in September 2017. This B2 got approved in June 2018. The approval dates for the B2 are from 10/02/2018 - 04/01/2019. whilst the B2 was pending My wife and I applied for a green card through marriage in April 2018. Is there any chance of my being held from entry, when trying to come in to the US, for unlawful presence in the US? Specifically with regards to my wait for approval of B2 status between September 2017 and April 2018. Thank you!
  18. I'm currently on OPT and will file for STEM OPT within the next few days. My current EAD expires on February 04, 2019. It's very important for me to travel to India on February 10th. Since It's very unlikely that I would be receiving my new EAD before my travel, Would it be safe to travel and re-enter USA without EAD card? Can I use valid I-20, password, visa, EAD application receipts to re-enter? Also, would it be safe if I travel to India without EAD and then once received, my roommates send me the new EAD to India?
  19. Hello. I am planning my one month trip for February 2019 to Europe. When i leave the US in February my passport will have 4 months left till it will expire. I know about the "6 month rule" and the first country i will land in would be France (which asks to have at least 3 months left till expiration). My plan is while i am on this one month vacation in my home country, to renew my passport so i could come back to the US. Duh! Is this risky somehow? Sounds like a good plan to me. I might add that im a green card holder which is expired but i do have an extension letter. Thank u ,guys !
  20. My husband and I want to travel to Vegas from Texas and back for SEMA next week. The 90 days have passed and we have submitted AOS. We have received a text confirming they have received but haven’t received the physical letter (NOA1) in the mail. Would it be safe to fly or would we run into issues? I’ve read mixed reviews and do not want there to be any issue or doubt before purchasing a ticket.
  21. Hey guys !! So my conditional green card expired and I just got an I 797 notice of action form to extend it for a year. My lawyer told me that I can travel internationally with that document. I'm planning to go to Tunis for the summer through Air France. Do you think the Tunisian authority/ the airline will let me back to the U.S having that document? What if they don't know what an I797 extension is? Did anyone experience this situation recently? Thank you for your help.
  22. Good day everyone. Well, by His grace, my wife's visa was approved at her interview. They kept her passport, and all the documentation she brought with her. They gave her a form letter saying that she had been tentatively approved for the visa, and to return on the 11th of October to likely pick it up. Now I understand that this a a legal matter, and that putting something in writing means something, so giving themselves "wiggle room" by stating it as they did makes sense. When I check Ceac, it shows a status of issued, and says that visa has been printed. My question is: do I sit tight and wait for my wife to get the visa in hand, or can I book a flight now in order to get as best a price as possible on airfare, since we are getting into the holiday season, and choosing a departure date sooner than four weeks out usually raises the prices. I'm happy to be in this predicament mind you. Having been in the visa process for over two years (initially went with a I-129F), I'm just anxious to actually get to sleep in the same bed as my wife. I do appreciate any and all comments. Chris
  23. Hi all. I apologize in advance - I'm going to ask one of the traditional questions, but I just want to make sure nothing's changed since the last thread on this topic that I found. I have a conditional GC on which my husband's last name is added to my maiden last name. It's supposed to be hyphenated but they forgot the hyphen and it's just two names. (I'll just have to try and have it fixed during ROC). My passport is still in my maiden last name. I have to go to Canada by air, and from what I understand, I have to book the tickets using the name in my passport. I also understand I will need to use that same name for the ETA since it's linked to the passport. Is that all correct? I understand that ETA is electronic but am I still showing my GC to the Canadian immigration officer? Are they usually cool about differences in the last name, or do they just check the alien number that I submit when requesting ETA? Are they going to require anything in addition to my passport and my GC if I have that last name discrepancy? I also understand that I can re-enter using just my GC - I'm just not sure if there's going to be an entry form to fill out on the plane, and if so, if it will ask about the name in my passport. I haven't left the US since changing my name, and this will be the first time I will be entering the US with my GC. The last time I entered was 6.5 years ago and obviously I'm used to filling out a form that's different from what the US citizens fill out. I guess my question is - if I have to fill out a form and if I have to put my passport name in it, how often does that represent a problem with the US Customs officers? From what I've read, it's rare to run into issues but people are also suggesting bringing a copy of marriage certificate and copies of submitted AOS forms. I can print them out, but which one would be best, i-485? EDIT: Finally found a link to the customs declaration form. It obviously asks for my last name (which is missing a hyphen on my GC) and then for my passport number. What last name do I put in there? Maiden from the passport or whatever's on the GC? If they ask me to produce a driver's license, which has my correct last name with a hyphen, is that going to be too much of a mess for them?
  24. Hello again forum! We are leaving the country for the holidays and are returning to the US in January, arriving home about 10 days before my husband's conditional greencard expires. We just filed our I-751 application to remove conditions and we were hoping to have the receipt with us when we return as proof that we have begun the renewal process. However, if we do not have this receipt in hand before we leave, we are concerned that the immigration officer would have discretion to deny entry or detain my husband. I spoke with the National Customer Service Center and they reassured me that as long as we enter the US before the greencard expires, we will not have any issues coming back into the country and that the immigration officer at the airport only goes by the date on the greencard. We both know people who have been turned away at immigration because they were returning just before their visa expired with no evidence that they were planning to leave before it expired or with evidence that they were renewing their visa. Granted, they were on a student visa, which is inherently temporary, but we are concerned nonetheless. Has anyone traveled under similar conditions and had issues? Or no issues? Thank you.
  25. Our K1 Visa case was put on Administrative Processing on 4 September 2018. It was a yellow 221(g) sheet, basically saying that they need to review our case further before a decision is made. They returned his passport after the interview. My fiance and I both know that AP can take a while, so given that we've already been apart for over a year now, we would like to visit each other this winter. Is it okay for my fiance to travel while our case is still in AP? We would like to visit Dubai again together.