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  1. Hi all. My girlfriend is visiting from America next month. We originally thought it would be an easy process for her to just fly over for ten days then fly back. But after finding this site and reading peoples experiences I'm a little confused and scared. Would my girlfriend need to show ties back to America just for this little trip or would she be ok? If she does need to prove ties to America this would not be a problem, we would just like to know in advance so we can start preparing for that! This will be our first time meeting in person. Any advice would be much appreciated please and thankyou!
  2. Hello, I recently received my K1 visa from the London Embassy (!) and am scheduled to fly to the U.S. this week, transiting through Amsterdam. I wondered if anyone here had recently travelled from the UK to the U.S. on a K1 visa and what their experience was like? I know the NIE is in place but I am curious if anyone had come into difficulty upon boarding? Probably worrying for no reason! I have the exceptions printed just in case I come into any issues. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Hello! My spouse, who got her green card a few years ago through marriage to me, and who got a 2-year re-entry permit when we moved to Europe about 2 years ago, is traveling back to the US with me for a visit. We will be entering the country a few days after her re-entry permit expired. We were planning on going much earlier, but COVID made that impossible. I think technically CBP could be concerned about the expired re-entry permit and consider that she might have abandoned her long-term residency. Does anyone have recent experience with how travel is handled during COVID times? Are the rules a bit more relaxed? More generally, we're thinking of just returning to the US every 6 months instead of trying to get another re-entry permit, and would love to hear if that has worked for others. Thank you very much for your help!
  4. I've not been to the UK in over two years since I moved to the US, and I finally have planned a trip back to visit in October. I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK for this trip I have planned next month. Could they refuse my re-entry to the US? I've read all the UK rules and US (CDC) requirements, and feel ok about the steps I need to take. I am vaccinated (here in the US) and happy to take tests etc. However, I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK and any problems that might happen at the border/airport? The presidential order currently in place doesn't allow British Citizens to enter the US. I will be travelling on my UK Passport in my maiden name (we married in 2019 in US, I didn't get chance to update it yet due to COVID). I will take the marriage certificate with me, as well as my permanent resident card and US drivers license. Will this be enough proof? The order says that permanent residents and spouses of US citizens are permitted to enter the US. Surely this is applicable in my case?
  5. Hi, It's been more than one month since my mum has been diagnosticated with a spinal cancer. I filed my paper on the 2nd of March (from student to spouse). Ask for my 131 to be expedited on 2nd August Expedite request approved the 12th August Mail requesting additional documentation asked and faxed the 27th August Today, 07th of September still no words and when I contacted the live chat they told me to be patient, that's it. Any similar story ?? How long I'll still have to wait?
  6. Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. My husband had his interview on October 28th 2020. He had his interview in dhaka bangladesh embassy. His visa is approved and he recieved a green slip its says Congratulations on your immgrant visa. Kept his passport and told him to pick up when its ready. On 29th October we checked our ceac status . It showing issued and it also saying your visa has printed. Its been over 12 days we haven't receive any email or sms. To collect our passport. I have seen people who had interview on nov.1st ,2nd ,3rd already got their passport. After 3/4 days. My husband called the embassy coustomer service they couldn't help much. I have booked my husband ticket. I had to cancle once. Our case was expedited from NVC. I really worried now. Why its taking so long after visa being issued. I cant find any solution i really dont know what to do. Any expart help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. So, our conditional green card will expire in January 2022. We will be eligible to file for ROC, October 20th 2021. However we are planning to travel for 6 weeks from October 9th till thanksgiving. We are planning to file ROC only after returning to US which will still gives us 50-55 days to file. We are little worried if it's Okay to travel back to US having only 50 days left in Green Card expiration date? Has anyone been to same boat as us and travel back to US with 1-2 months of GC validity? Any info is appreciated.. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am an Irish citizen presently in the US with my wife who is a US citizen. We are awaiting my travel document as part of my green card application and as such am unable to leave the country. The problem is I have a 10 year old son back in Ireland who I haven’t seen since early December due to the green card process. I am wondering if he, as stepson to my wife, would be exempt from the proclamation and be able to travel over to me? I’ve been reading conflicting information online so I said I’d come here to see if someone could set the record straight. Thanks in advance! Tony
  9. Has anyone travelled on advance parole while vawa is pending?
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-vaccine-travel-countries-open-195555577.html Have COVID vaccine, will travel: These are the countries open to fully vaccinated Americans Jayme Deerwester, USA TODAY Tue, June 22, 2021, 9:46 AM
  11. My wife has her oath ceremony scheduled 2 days before our trip to Seattle. She also requested a name change during the naturalization process, will this cause any problems or can she just use her country's passport or even the state ID she has with her current name?
  12. I'll be applying for naturalization through marriage in a couple of weeks. I already have my 10-year GC, and I will meet all the continuous residency requirements before I apply. However, in a few months we may be traveling to my home country. Here's why: Last year I lost both of my parents suddenly during the covid pandemic. As their only child, I have a ton of stuff to take care of in my home country (paperwork, red tape, their belongings, houses, etc). I have not been able to do many of these before because of the pandemic. So in a few months my husband and I are planning to travel to my home country to take care of everything, and as I'm self-employed I will have to pay my country's taxes for that amount of time. I'm not sure how long taking care of everything will take us, but it may be more than 6 months. Bureaucracy is slowwww. I was thinking of applying for a Re-Entry Permit before we leave the US, so as to not lose my permanent residence and eligibility for naturalization. Do you know of someone who has gone through a similar situation, and if so, how did it go? Do I need to have an approved Re-Entry Permit before I leave, or can I apply and leave before they make a decission on it? Also, it is at all possible to do the interview/oath abroad? I've done a lot of research, so I'm looking for actual cases of people in a similar situation, not general info. Thank you.
  13. My spouse filed i539 four months back and currently its in progress. Due to family emergency she had to travel to India. Her L2 Visa stamping is until Nov 2021. My L1 Visa recently approved until May 2023. She is planning to come back to US in June 2021 along with US born baby. Can she travel to US and file the new extension(I539 again)?
  14. Hello Everybody, I am American. I want to marry my Russian girlfriend. We both live and work legally in the European Union and have visas in the Czech Republic. We would like to be married and be allowed to travel to the United States together from time to time, but we want to continue living in Europe. My question is..... If we get a K1 visa, and are approved, can we still live in Europe and can she travel with me to the U.S.A whenever we want? Or do we have to stay in the U.S for a few years? In general. Which visa process should I do in order to achieve this goal?
  15. Hello! This is my first ever post. Just a background: I am 17 years old I have a tourist visa and I haven't used it yet My mother, who is also on a tourist visa, traveled to the US last March (she is still there up to now). We were supposed to go together for vacation and to visit our family friend, but I was really busy with school so she went there first. Now that it's my summer vacation, is it possible for me to follow her there and travel alone? Also, if I do go there, my mother and I plan to go back to the Philippines together in June. As for my dad, he can't accompany me since he's busy due to employment here in the Philippines and he's taking care of my sister, since she has summer school. I already know all of the requirements, such as the DSWD travel clearance and notarized consent form. However, I'm wondering would there by any questions or complications in immigration? Would it be better if I travel alone? Or if I travel with my aunt (who also has a tourist visa)? Thank you!
  16. It's been a bad time to be a prospective immigrant from Ireland, with all the covid restrictions, the seemingly endless lockdowns, the embassy delays; I know there have been times I've been so frustrated with this country that I forget how beautiful and peaceful it is. If the news/officials are to be believed, then lockdown restrictions should be easing soon, so hopefully that signals travel again! I know we're all mostly trying to get out of Ireland, but before we go, what are some must-see or otherwise nice places to visit? So that when the time finally comes to leave, we can go knowing that we got a solid Irish experience. Please share places you've been, what you recommend, what you don't, where you want to go, anything about experiencing Ireland. Let's forget about covid for now, and remember what lies 5km+ away! I can't wait to leave the house again.
  17. Hi all. I am a US citizen and my wife has her PR for over 12 years now. Our income recently went down and when I went to the healthcare.gov website to for the coverage exchange, they slotted us into the Medicaid category and sent us over to our state (NM) Medicaid agency. Later, after our application went through in December, I learned that there is a new definition "Public charge" rule now including Medicaid and that it could affect my wife's reentry into the US when traveling. We go to Mexico to see her family yearly. My questions are: 1) Anybody have experience or information on whether this should be an actual problem? 2) Any reason to believe that it will change back to previous definitions anytime soon under the new administration? 3) I believe that I can cancel her off the Medicaid program if need be - but is she already in trouble since she has been signed up? Anyone understand how the timing works? Is it - "if you have been a public charge anytime over the last x years" or is it just "currently"? 4) Anyone know how is USCIS is notified of Medicaid coverage ? This is the only public charge type of thing we have every " received" and would not have even considered it if the gov website had not sent us there. Thanks in advance! Steve
  18. My husband works away at sea and is planning to fly home to england before coming here. Now with the new measures being put into place for only valid excuses with proof for travel we’re unsure whether he should do that or not? We have our CR-1 pending at the last stage awaiting the interview. Will going to see your spouse for 2+ months be enough reason to allow him to leave the UK?
  19. Hello - I will be traveling to the Philippines next month for about 23 days Everything I've read online says I do not need a visa if I am travelling there for under 30 days however on the Philippines visa form online, it says any stay over 21 days requires a visa. I will be there for about 23 days. Question : Do I need a visa or not? I am traveling with a US passport.
  20. Articles have been released on many news platforms today claiming that the USA could be added to the United Kingdoms "red travel list". https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/united-states-spain-quarantine-flights-hotel-red-list-b920250.html Essentially what this would mean is that anyone travelling from the USA into the UK would be required to quarantine for up to 11 days in a government listed hotel and pay £1750 for this or risk facing up to 10 years in prison. I made plans to travel and visit my husband in the USA during May this year but now I am very worried and came here to ask what everyone else is thinking about this, especially those of us living in the UK. Admittedly, I am extremely concerned about whether a decision will be made to add the USA to the red travel list. Apparently, a decision will be made this week.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm Mimi. I'm new here! Nice to meet you all. My husband has just filed i-130 for me and while we're waiting for the process, I would like to travel to the US and stay with my husband. Has anyone have an experience traveling to the US with B2 visa while waiting for CR1 to be processed? I've heard that it's hard and there's a high chance you will get rejected by the immigration. But I also saw people who made it through the immigration, so I'm a bit worried here. Is there anything I need to know in order to prepare myself for this? Because I already bought the tickets and just have to take the risk here. Please kindly let me know if I should bring any documents with me that would help me get through the immigration. Thank you for your advice in advance.
  22. Hello everyone, thanks for reading. My husband and I are looking into getting him a tourist visa for 3 months (I think that is the maximum) from Dominican Republic to the US. I take lots of trips there but it is very expensive and hard to be off work for long periods of time. Our i130 was received in June 30 2020 and I haven’t heard anything since ☹️ So what I’m asking is will our paperwork be jeopardized if we got him a tourist visa while we wait? I have heard of people trying to beat the system and just come and stay on a tourist visa and never leave. That obviously isn’t what we would be doing but I’m wondering if they will think that because of our situation? Also if he is able to come on a tourist visa, after the 3 months when he has to leave, are we able to get it renewed or something along that line? Or can he come again after returning to Dominican Republic for a week or so? Anything like that? Also are other people having similar wait times? I’m not sure what to expect with the offices being delayed by COVID and this being our first time going through this process. If anyone has any insight on our timing, tourist visa info, or anything related to this please comment I appreciate it greatly!!!
  23. My family has an emergency in the Dominican Republic and I bought my mother who is a permanent resident a plane ticket just to find out that her foreign password is expired (Not her permanent resident card, but her passport) and her flight is schedule for May 3, 2021. Have tried to contact the Dominican Consulate with no luck. Called the Airline and they said that passport must be up to date. What are my options in his situation?
  24. Hi everyone! I have filled N-400 January 11, 2020. I received a Biometric Reuse Notice dated January 24. My mother is not feeling well and I have to travel and go take care of her. Is it safe to travel now? I don't assume I will get any other notices on my case any time soon. I am traveling, regardless of the consequences, but would love some insight. Thank you! Happy Valentines Day, you love bugs!
  25. Hi everyone. I will visit my Husband by end of this month to finally see him after 7 Months! I find out that spouses and children can travel during the ban. I have a B1/B2 Visa but my daughter only have a ESTA. Can she travel with the ESTA to the US as a child from a US-citizen?
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