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  1. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/drive-together-sunshine-state-to-support-undocumented-immigrants-getting-drivers-licenses-in-florida
  2. I am currently in the US on a j1 visa that expires on the 28th July 2019. My boyfriend and I want to get married and continue our lives here. What are the steps? How long does this take? When should we start paperwork in relation to my visa ending? Will I need to stop working? The 2-year Requirement does not apply to me. I am from Australia.
  3. Hi guys, My husband had his interview 17 days ago and is dying to get back to the US as we just had a baby 2 months ago and it's been absolute torture being away from our son for this long, especially because it took 5 long years to conceive. Anyway, he attended his interview alone in Sydney and they requested a couple things but was told he should get his visa in 1 to 2 weeks (although he wasn't given the official approval.) #1. That I send them an email stating that I don't have a W2 for certain years because I've been working in Australia from <date to date> (Even though we showed them my Streamline Offshore Procedure paperwork which is only used when you're working overseas) #2 that I email my birth certificate to show proof of how I'm related to my father who was my joint financial sponsor. Because my income over the last 6 years has been overseas, they recommend i have a sponsor from the US. My husband called me as soon as he was out of the building and I emailed those documents within an hour. I then get an auto response email saying if they need anything else they will respond within 2 business days. 6 days later (4 business days and 2 weekend days) I receive an email stating that I need to sign and date the email I sent regarding why I don't have a W2. Again, send that within the hour. Next day we receive an email stating that we upload the I-864 on CEAC under 1099 and to change the file name. That one was very odd because we weren't the ones who actually uploaded that document, they did. Regardless, my husband does that straight away. We get the same auto email response saying they will contact us within 2 business days if they need anything and that it generally takes 10 business days to get the visa and documents back. I wish they would have told us everything we needed to do in one go! It would save so much time. Has anyone experienced anything like this where they needed more information after the interview and how long did it take for the status on CEAC to say approved, or for you to receive an email or tracking number from Australia post saying your visa is on it's way? Also, on under 1099 on CEAC it says "missing" which as I explained earlier that I've been working in Australia for 6 years hence why I don't have one. I'm just worried they are going to respond saying they need something else. Meanwhile it's Labor Day weekend and it's just another day nothing will get done. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, Wanted to drop this here to see if anyone else is experiencing any timing problem with their Adjustment of Status. I'm a Haitian citizen living in Brooklyn. I started with a student visa here in 2008. Then after the earthquake, i switched to I-821/I-765. I filed for my I-485 (petitioned by my wife) in August of last year. After sending a few files back and forth and paying for all the fees, by November or so, all fees were paid and all files were sent. I was sent my new I-765 card with parole (to travel) while my case is pending. But I havent heard back from them since. It's getting close to a year now. Anyone else experiencing unusual delays with the processes? Or is it jut me? Ad I'm aware that with the current administration and my being Haitian, things my be delayed on purpose too. But, let me know if you guys experience the same thing, have advice, or tips. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I shall give it a try ! I apologize in advance if it's not the right one though. So I filed a K-1 visa based AOS and I just received the rejection notice in my mail today. The two reasons were that my I-485 was outdated and that the payment amount was incorrect. I took out two USPS money orders - one for $1000 and one for $225. My package contains the following forms: I-485(AOS), I-864(Affidavit), I-131(Travel Doc), I-765(Employment), G-1145(e-Notification) and all the supporting documentation. Are these the correct ones? I keep seeing people filing I-130 , but I cannot understand exactly WHO is required to do so. Am I? Otherwise what was wrong with my payment? AOS is $1040 and biometrics is $85, summing to $1225. Or is it maybe the fact that there were two money orders? Anyway, my husband and I will resubmit it this week and pay via the credit card form that is now available. I see that all my documentation has a unique identification number at the bottom of the pages and I want to know if I need to reprint everything once more for the new submission or just the outdated I-485. My new submission of the Form I-485 will have written on the front cover that it is an original submission still? Or will that have to change and to what ? It is my understanding that filing a concurrent Form I-131 with the Form I-485 means that the fees for Form I-131 are waived (or they are included in the $1040). I'm a little lost here...I'd appreciate any kind of help!
  6. I am a US citizen and married a J-1 Intern who is still in the US and a couple weeks ago we got the 2-year waiver letter from USCIS. However, at this point due to much longer processing times (3+ months) she is outside of that status now. Her I-94 is "D/S" but her J-1 visa is expired by more than the 1 month grace period. We now are about to submit for AOS as marriage and have 99% of the paperwork ready to go. However, on the I-765 question 19, I am unsure how to answer "Current Immigrant Status"? Should I be listing "out of status" or something else? Thank You!
  7. OK so if a parent of a Naturalized U.S. Citizen enters the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program and overstays by a year, can the citizen petition for the parent to get their green card even though they over stayed? Would it be forgiven?
  8. Tax Question My husband filed his taxes late, he had requested an extension, he is self-employed. However, after filing his taxes, we used the tax return and transcript of that filing. IRS responded that there was something wrong with the filing and that they need to be adjusted. I already used that tax return for NVC. So my question is, if he adjusts the tax return, let's say the value is less than what it was before but over the poverty guideline non the less, whats your opinion on how the embassy will view this? Should I take the adjusted copy or used the documents that they already have to not complicate things? Should we take the IRS letter with us to show that they requested the adjustment? Is it gonna be seen as fraudulent? I read this somewhere that fraudulent documents are grounds for dismissal. Please advise.
  9. Thank you in advance for your guidance and support. I've mentioned some of the following information before, but never for this particular question. I will do my best to keep it precise. My fiance / wife arrived to the U.S. in November 2016. I lost my job with the federal government two days before her arrival (11/2016) We were married within a week. I was unemployed for one year through November 2017 I am working full time now with an annual salary in the high 80's (well above requirements) Because I was unemployed, we neglected to file for my wife's AOS until now Now that I am working, we are in the process of building the AOS packet. Because I won't have to file taxes for 2017 until April, am I safe in providing tax records for 2016, 2015 and 2014 respectively? My 2017 taxes will show just two months of salary. I would like to avoid the most current tax year if I can. Considering W2s are just now going out, can I send only the previous three years as long as we send the AOS package before April?
  10. My wife arrived in the US from the Philippines in November 2016. Long-story-short, we met in Kuwait in 2012 and spent the next four years working through her annulment and eventually her K1 process. Two days before her arrival on a K1 I lost my job with the federal government in DC. The next eleven months proved to be a genuine struggle trying to reenter the work force. I spent all of my savings supporting us while looking for specialized work. When savings ran out, I began selling personal items as a means of survival. We eventually lost our home in the process. We were married well within the required ninety days, but because of finances, we were unable to file her AOS packet. Finally, in November 2017 I received an official offer for a job in the private sector and will begin work next week. Our objective and priority is the AOS application. Because we waited so long to file, do we face any hurdles in seeking approval? Can you offer any guidance / direction relevant to our situation? UPDATE: Because life is tragically unfair, my wife's father passed away tonight (November 12, 2017). He is back in the Philippines. Without AOS in motion, she has no way to return to the Philippines and then fly home to the US without reapplying for a spousal visa, does she?