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  1. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  2. Having a hard time understanding how to correctly enter Mexican address on form i-129f. My fiancé lives in a neighborhood outside the city. Where do I include it? And do I enter the state as province since the form doesn't have a selection for foreign states? Hidalgo 8 - street and number San Vicente Zapote - neighborhood outside city Yuriria - City Guanajuato - State
  3. Hi everyone!! So, I was reading this thread Cause it's something that really worries me... We applied for the k1 (yeah... I know.... and as many of us here, I wasn't aware of the many, many cons), and we are waiting for the NOA2. I'm the beneficiary, and I worked all my adult life. A lot. Also, I've been married before. I got married very young (first year of college) and earned my financial independence over the years, as I grew professionally. So, it was a natural course spliting the bills and life costs. It's really hard to see myself having to go back on those... As I was reading the recommendations, I was thinking: - How you guys prepared financially and professionally for the moving? Did the beneficiary had savings? The schools, hobbies, and all that, have costs. I don't feel comfortable doing those things on the expenses of my fiance... And I think that could be a very stressful issue for us. Specially not knowing how long it will take to have my EA... - Did the moving changed the dynamic of the relationship? In terms of the petitioner feeling overwhelmed to support the spouse for, maybe, years, or the beneficiary feeling trapped because of the limitations - Is there anything I should be aware or could do in advance to prepare myself to a better and easier transition? I'm a very independent woman, and I think would be really hard to have to rely on my fiance for every little thing... - Has the "money talk" been stressfull during the AOS time? What usually are the expectations of the petioner (asking in terms of cultural differences)? Like, is expected the one staying at home doing all house work, cooking, cleaning? Sorry for the long post. Of course I've talked with my fiance about all of that many times. But it's hard to know the reality before living it. So, any advices and sharing experiences are very welcomed!!
  4. Hi all, I am new to the forum and I have searched finding a similar question to my own but I didn’t want to hijack the OP’s thread as it is still going. So I apologise upfront for asking a question that has probably been asked 100 times over that everyone is sick of 😂 To give you the background, I am the beneficiary, living in the UK and my fiancée is the US citizen. We are pretty much ready to submit our I-129F to the USCIS and start the process for a K1 visa. Having read a lot on here it seems that this is no longer the fastest or the best route to go down. From what I can tell the I-130 forms are being processed at a similar pace as the I-129F’s but we know there is still a long way to go after that. The USCIS are saying that the I-129F is currently being processed on average in 13 months, it is then an average of 88 days before the interview at US embassy in London, followed by the 7+ months wait for the EAD after arriving and submitting the AOS. As I mentioned, my Fiancée is the US citizen and she lives in the US but obviously we are not yet married hence looking at the K1. I have another flight booked to stay with her for 2 weeks over thanksgiving. Would it be best to continue with the K1 application journey, likely to be sent out next week, or get married on my visit in November and then submit an I-130 and go down the IR-1 route, baring in mind it will be 5 months before I do travel there. Would it even be possible to marry whilst there on a tourist visa? I would ensure that I have enough proof to show that I would be retuning to the UK, tenancy agreement, letters from my employer, return flight tickets and financial commitments here etc. Our intention is just like everyone else, to be together as soon as possible. The thought of not being able to work for 7+ months scares the life out of me or rather the hair I’ll be pulling out. Again I want to apologise for asking something a lot of people are probably sick of answering, I’m just trying not to hijack other threads and confuse people as I am myself. I appreciate any responses.
  5. how long do I want to bring my fiance to the USA if I have Greengard?
  6. Can I sponsor my fiancé even if I have been claimed as dependent on my parents tax return.
  7. Hello, We're filling out the I-129F form for a Fiance visa (k1) and we came across the section where it asks for the beneficiary name (my name) and we're very confused on how to write down the name in the western format. My passport has four names looking like that example: it's formatted as (First name, last name, grandfather name, great grandfather name). How do we fit this in the western format (Given Name, Middle Name, Family Name/Last Name)?
  8. Hello everyone, im applying for the K1, I have to enter my child’s name and details, however I don’t know how exactly the details of child are written in English in the passport because I don’t have a copy of his passport, the mother of the child doesn’t cooperate. I’m not going to take the child with me, I never lived with the child, and never paid any support because the mother doesn’t want anything and she doesn’t want me to contact them. I only have a copy of the birth certificate, and I don’t possess the original. Since I’m not going to take the child with me, and I’m not able to reach to the mother regarding any documents, will that affect me in anyway of getting the K-1? And what documents they can ask for?
  9. Is anyone going through Rio had any movement in their K1 interview status?
  10. Hello everyone, I am a USC. I'm preparing the i129F packet for my Fiance and I have some questions for those who've been in a similar situation of being a previous petitioner. In 2014 I got married overseas in Egypt and petitioned for my ex, he was approved for a CR1 visa. After a 15 month process my then-husband flew here the following year in July 2015 and we stayed with some of my family where I was currently living. Everything started off great until issues between he and my family started. Then he wanted us to move out on our own so he started looking for a job, met with managers but never got call backs. He arranged to go stay with a mutual close friend out of state because he claimed he was feeling uncomfortable living with my family. He also wanted to try getting work out of state there. I was very upset about the change in plans, it was not what I was expecting at all. This created a lot of issues between us. Within a few months of his arrival that happened and he was staying out of state. I later flew and stayed for a month with him and for the most part it was horrible for me, lots of fighting and not getting along. I returned home after and separated (informally), which he did not like. When we did talk it was still more fighting and then a week or 2 of no talking. After a month and a half to 2 months I tried to reconcile and I sent him a box of marriage therapy type books I had been reading, treats, amazon gift cards etc for him and some things for our friends family he was staying with. He is the type to hold a grudge about everything and didnt reciprocate trying to reconcile. After going through depression, I felt fed up and filed divorce a few months later the following year. Shortly after I filed he contacted me apologizing and wanting to reconcile and mentioned that he was considering coming back home. I paid for a 1 year family pass for the zoo (I have 2 kids from a previous Relationship) to have something to do together. I even added him as an authorized user to my credit card in attempt help him start building his own credit. After a few months he ended up not coming back, instead he suggested I and my kids move there with him, which I didnt feel it was right removing my kids from their life and family here. Then he suggested I move there with him and leave my kids here and i could visit them periodically, that I wouldn't have to work and he would take care of it all. I was definitely not about to leave my kids behind and move away just because he decided he wanted to stay living in another state. I knew that my state gives a 6 month period before divorce finalizes incase the couple reconciles and decides to cancel it. I let the divorce process continue without cancelling and I'm glad I did. Clearly it was not working out and we couldn't even agree on what state to live in. We divorced based on irreconcilable differences and it was finalized Dec 2016. He had to file a divorce waiver and remove conditions by himself and go the rest of the way without me. Fast forward, he attended his interviews, did his biometrics, gave them everything they wanted to know and was granted US Citizenship in the end. Now about my Fiance. We knew of eachother through a mutual female friend on fb 7 years ago but he and I never had contact back then. Over a year later He messaged me saying happy new year and gave advice about staying happy in marriage and sent a link but I never responded. I was married at the time and it wasn't my thing to talk to men even though he wasn't showing interest or trying to flirt or come on to me in any way. During my separation from my husband I contacted this man asking for help with translating some things. He happens to also be from the same country as my ex husband. So he finally responds back over a month later because apparently he was away in the military. We talk a little and he wants to block because he doesnt want to cause problems in my marriage. He had no idea that problems already were there and I was separated. It wasn't an issue any longer to me talking and being acquaintances. I let him know the current circumstances and then we didnt talk again for several days. We ended up excepting eachother as friends on fb several days later. While me and my ex were having problems and were separated, me and my now fiance were becoming friends. We became close, I considered him a best friend to me and he was there for me to vent a lot about the problems in my marriage. At the same time we started becoming attracted to one another and did like eachother but i didnt consider us as being officially dating or in a relationship. After my divorce became finalized I tried to move on with my life and went on to pursue a long distance relationship with my now fiance. But it wasn't entirely easy for me having been down this road of long distance relationship before and this whole process. I still had some fears of another relationship failing especially during that year after my divorce. I felt like all my heart, emotions, effort, time, etc. I put into my marriage and that whole process was for nothing in the end and it left me shattered inside. I feared this type of let down happening allover again. But I continued on having this new, long distance relationship. Several times we planned to meet in person but due to our work schedules and circumstances it became delayed. At the same time I felt like I needed this delay to fully heal and be whole again. In Nov 2020 we broke up for a short period without talking, due to other things. Mostly he felt the distance was becoming too much and felt that I was often purposely delaying our relationship even more from going foreward to the next step. Though he was trying to be patient through it all with me, we have had ups and downs over the last 3 years. Many times we talked about a future together and for the most part we get along great together and see eye to eye with many things in common. I also knew inside that I didnt want to pass him by and live with regrets later in life of what if. I arranged with work and got approval for vacation and flew to where he resides for work in Bahrain. This turned out being the best decision I could have made. We had an amazing time together. During that period we flew to kuwait to spend time with some of his family and I loved it. I took them each gifts and in turn they took me out and wanted to shop for me, my kids and my mom. They took me to dinner..it was really nice and they were so welcoming. After flying back to Bahrain I had one week left before returning home to the US. We talked about engagement before going to see his family and wanted to have it with them there and wanted to find rings in Kuwait but our trip was shortened due to missing a flight and having to schedule a later one and pay all over again, plus his work schedule.. he couldn't take more than just a few days off. So after returning to Bahrain, we shopped and purchased our engagement rings and became engaged Feb 28, 2020. Since then the pandemic picked up more and I havent been able to make another trip. I also work in a covid facility so it's been pretty hectic this past year and with my kids and my dad also getting covid and having to care for them too through it. Thank the Lord I have not had the virus yet. We have made some arrangements and discussed the details of our wedding and I know time is ticking and I need to file this now as it has to be within 2 years of meeting. I know that there are some red flags being I was married before and previously filed a CR1. Both are from the same country of Birth and Starting a relationship just after my divorce. I'm hoping for the best and just want to know if others have filed k1 after marriage and divorce, how did it go? I'm wondering if I will have to prove at some point the bonafides of my previous marriage. It's been just over 7 years since I had gotten married and just over 4 years being divorced. I've moved a few times and dont have much proof of anything left as he took whatever there was with him. Should I expect them to ask for some letter from my ex husband? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  11. My wife came here on Dec 2020 and we got married in Jan 2021. She received her SSN around Jan 2021. For 2020 year tax, i filed single. This year we are filing joinly and i am wondering how we are going to go around this? I recieved the third round of economic impact, but my wife never did since we didnt file joinly last year. Is she eligible to get the tax relief for not getting the economic impact last year?
  12. My K1 petition was recently approved by the USCIS. The date I got on the website is not the same date shown on the notice date I got yesterday (its a one day difference). Will this effect anything?
  13. Hi there, I have been looking through several different forums at the expected wait times for these two different visas being processed in the UK. I was just wondering what the general consensus was surrounding which would be most appropriate. My main priority would be reducing physical distance so whichever would allow me to stay with my partner the soonest and which would have the greatest success rate. Which is processed the quickest and which would be most appropriate for a situation where the main priority would be reducing the distance? Thank you for your help
  14. Hi All, This is the background of my issue. I am an active duty service member in the army. Not trying to be entitled right now stationed at Oconus, not sure about the PCS orders yet. Now my fiance is in a foreign country and i want to expedite my case on humanitarian grounds. Do you think that would make a good enough case? Also what would be the process do we just call the military helpline and wait for someone to work on my case and give us some kind of tracking number to track the same? What have people done here regarding expediting their case, i know everybody's situation is different just trying to figure out as to how go about this process.
  15. Hello, so I am at a bit of a loss. If anyone could advise me on what the right way to do, you would really help me out. I’ll make this as brief as I can: I spend more than half the year living in Eastern Europe, I am a US citizen. In 2017 I filed a I-129F petition for my fiancé at the time. I ended up getting an approval letter, BUT we ended up breaking up. So I just didn’t do anything about it, I didn’t write them a withdrawal letter or anything, just let it be. It didn’t go farther than an approval letter. Now, I have been with someone for two years in Eastern Europe. And am trying to file a new I-129F petition. However, there is a question on the petition that asks whether I filed before, to which I marked “Yes” and then it asks what was the outcome. Since it has been over 3 years since the approval letter of the last petition I filed, do I write “cancelled” or “withdrawn”? If not, do I still have to send them a letter of Withdrawal? If so, who do I send it to? The case was in the California facility UCSIS. From what I understand, after two years the case should just be canceled, if it is canceled then it shouldn’t count as I filed two petitions at the same time, correct? I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction. Thank you!
  16. Hi All! I'm currently going through the K1 Visa process, I've been approved and already I have my interview next month. I will likely be moving to the US in the spring if all goes with at my interview. I was curious if I would be able to work right away after receiving my marriage certificate and before applying for AOS. I received my social security number when I was a student on F1 Visa that has the legend "Valid to Work Only with DHS Authorization". (see attachment for example) Does the process change for me? What do I have to do to remove the "Valid to Work Only with DHS Authorization" condition on my SSN? I'm just trying to prepare myself before I move so I can complete all the correct paperwork and do it efficiently for myself. All responses are appreciated!
  17. Hello, we received notice that our status is “ready” and case last updated September 13. We completed the medical and will be looking to schedule the interview for sometime in January. Do we need to ask for an extension for the visa to still be considered valid or for us to be eligible to do the visa interview so far down the line?
  18. Good Evening I was wondering how one goes about proving legitimacy of your relationship. My partner and I met online and have been speaking for a year, we are both waiting for our divorces to become finalised (we both live separately from out ex's) and I have planned to fly over in February to spend 3 weeks with her and then flying back to Australia and then flying her out to spend time with myself and my folks over here. Then from there we can apparently get married even if I am on a tourist visa, and then just fly back to Australia and begin the process of applying for a partner visa. Now I understand travel and so on can be used, but I can't lease or open bank accounts or do anything like that even though I really want to, we have discussed adding me to her account and getting a card issued for me so that I can start contributing and saving together however everything that could be used as proof that we are genuinely building a life together requires a fixed address and be on a visa other than a holiday/vistors visa. Here is a list of what Is apparently acceptable. Joint ownership or lease of real property (Joint deed, joint mortgage statements, joint rental agreement, etc.) Joint bills (gas, electric, internet, water, waste, etc.) Joint ownership of property (vehicle registration) Joint financial documents (credit cards, credit card statements, debit cards, debit card statements, joint tax returns, and bank loans) Joint ownership of assets (savings accounts, checking accounts, mutual funds, savings bonds, retirement, and other forms of investment accounts) Jointly held insurance records (application, quotes, the policy itself, bills, or account statements). This can include health, dental, disability, auto, life, home, or renter’s insurance. Legal records (wills, trusts, prenuptial or post-marital agreements, powers of attorney, etc.) Importantly, if you and your spouse have children together, have birth certificates or adoption papers available that have both of your names on it. If you have pets together, that can also be used as evidence of building a life together. Engagement-related documents (receipts for expenses for an engagement party, photos from the engagement and engagement party, etc.) Wedding-related (documents receipts for expenses for the wedding, photos from the wedding, wedding rings, guest list, wedding invitations, etc.) Evidence of travel together (car rentals, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, pictures, etc.) Proof of communication with each other (text messages, emails, letters, social media posts, phone records, etc.) Potential religious documents (evidence of marriage through the church, baptismal records for children together, etc.) My issue is that 95% of that list requires you to already be residing in the US. If anyone is able to offer me so pointers on what we will be able to do and setup in terms of bills and or tenancy agreements and or bank accounts etc. Thank You Kindly
  19. Hey everyone, KT here. I've been with MT for 10 years now, we met here in the Philippines during our schoolyears. We're pretty much like an old married couple at this point. MT is a natural born US Citizen but was raised here in the Philippines by his crazy mom. While he does have an SSN and US passport, his mom never bothered to bring him back to the US or even get him any documents/bank accounts/IDs from there. Now, he's planning on moving back to the US due to the Philippine economy experiencing issues, but the problem is while I have a tourist visa and can visit, I can't likely stay there forever. So now we're thinking of him petitioning me via his citizenship. A hurdle I see for the both of us is him establishing domicile - he's currently employed by an Australian company which pays above minimum wage if we're talking USD. We've decided we can stay with my relatives in California while we get his paperwork set up so that's the matter of the address settled, but I was wondering - what exactly does he need to establish sufficient domicile if he plans on keeping his employment with the Australian company? He's working on a project basis so I believe he's counted as self-employed, but since 1) he's new to the workforce; 2) his income isn't enough to warrant filing taxes with IRS (I'm not sure about this since he was doing the research - he just said he didn't reach the threshold to pay income taxes since he lives abroad?) so it might be doubly hard to provide documents for establishing domicile. Is applying to jobs in the USA enough to establish sufficient domicile? Another question I have is - if we want to be physically apart for the least amount of time (I understand I need to stay here in the Philippines when my visa application is filed since I don't want to risk getting turned away at the turnstiles in LAX) - which route would be better between spouse and fiancee? We're kind of hesitant to get married here because divorce doesn't exist in the Philippines (not that we're planning on divorcing but we just like having the option) but if it makes the application easier, maybe we'll consider going the spouse route. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  20. Hello, I'm trying to get some kind of closure or put my mind at ease. My fiancé and I have been in the visa (K1) since early 2019. We're basically at the point where he only needs a interview and medical. However, he needs to get his police certificate and new passport pictures. So it shouldn't be hard right? Well, now he says he's asked for a police certificate multiple times and it hasn't arrived. So then I asked him, well next time you go ask for a receipt so we know its done and ask for them to mail it to the city hall to prevent things from getting lost in transit etc. (Oeynhausener Strasse 41 32584 Löhne - +49 5732 1000) And he tells me that they just don't give out receipts. Personally I don't think he has any reason to lie to me, and so far he hasn't.. I just want to make sure and cover my behind. I don't want to be somewhere or with someone that lies to me. Let me know if anyone knows anything. I've went as far as emailing and sending a dm through FB of his closest city hall. I even asked the Frankfurst embassy if they needed an updated police cert. and they said yes. I feel like they should of extended that but whatever. I've asked for extensions on the K1 visa multiple times because of this and I'm getting stressed out. Thanks!
  21. I'm trying to find information from people who have experienced the POE process and while I have been anchored to find some info, I haven't really found nearly as much info on POE than the interview, AOS, among the other steps in the process and it's beginning to make me wonder if this means people find out the POE experience turns out to not be so bad after all? Is this the case, or is it still something to worry about?
  22. Hello everyone! This is my first time posting. I am a US citizen (also have Turkish citizenship) and currently living in the USA. I met my fiance through a family friend in the Fall of 2020. We maintained a long distance relationship for about 9 months. In the summer of 2021 I went to Turkey to meet my fiance and we decided to get engaged. We had a small engagement ceremony with both of our families in her house. After spending 3 weeks with her, I had to fly back to USA due to my job. Since my return to the USA, we have been video chatting literally everyday for hours. We now decided to get married but are in no rush. We don't have a significant preference on whether we get officially married in the USA or in Turkey. Nonetheless, our marriage ceremony will take place in Turkey with our families and friends likely in the summer of 2022. I am quite indecisive on whether to pursue a CR1 or K1 visa route. I have a very legitimate and prestigious job in the USA, thus we do not have any financial restraints. Namely, my fiance does not have to work in the USA or make money immediately. Our main priority is to bring my fiance to the USA as fast as possible. It has been really hard to be away from her and we really would like to be together ASAP. I know that with COVID-19 pandemic things have been slower than usual, which is expected. However, I am seeing an improvement in processing timelines. Turkish consulate currently processes and prioritized all K type and immigration visas. My fiance still has 8 months of college to go through before she can come to the USA. However, once she is done with school, we would like to be reunited promptly. If needed be, I can get married officially as soon as in January 2022 in Turkey or can delay it to pursue an official marriage in the USA once she arrives here. I apologize for the long thread but wanted to share as much as I could for the best guidance. Thank you in advance! I appreciate your time.
  23. Hello! I have a question about I-129f form! when I’m in this situation, how should I answer it? Page 6, Part2 information about your beneficiary (About your parents) •my father had divorced in long time ago. (I don’t know he still alive or not) •my mother; she abused me, so ran away from her, and I haven’t seen her for over 16 years. please someone teach me! Thank you!
  24. I’m from Ohio and my fiancé is from Canada. He is moving to the states. Since him visiting me can interfere with the K1 Fiancé Visa process… would I be able to visit him in Canada?
  25. I am an American citizen living and working in Maryland, and my fiancé is a Portuguese citizen, and we are working towards his K-1 visa. On May 5, 2021, my fiancé had his K-1 visa interview in Paris (as the U.S. Embassy in his home country of Portugal closed due to COVID-19). After the interview, the interviewer told my fiancé that they had everything they needed for the time being aside from his medical exam results, which were being mailed from Portugal due to the exam documents not being ready by his interview date. Still, the consular took his paperwork & his passport and instructed him that this would all be mailed to his home address in Portugal once the visa was processed/approved. We haven't heard anything since. We have reached out multiple times to the Embassy (via online contact form, phone, emails to the embassy at multiple email addresses relating to visa processing -- such as ParisIVProcessing, ParisVisas, etc.), but neither ourselves nor our immigration attorneys have received any clear update as to what exactly is going on with our case and his visa. After months of trying and failing to get an update about our case from the U.S. Embassy in Paris, earlier this month I called the National Visa Center, which was able to confirm from their end that the U.S. Embassy in Paris has received all of the required documents for his case (they said his medical exam arrived about mid-May). The NVC was unable to give me further details and told me to call the U.S. Embassy in Paris. I called the Embassy’s Non-immigrant visa appointment line a few weeks ago (the only way I could reach someone, as there is no one I could get in touch with specifically for inquiring about visa issues), and the appointment line representative told me to check the status of our visa on ceac.state.gov. However, nothing showed up (just said "No Status" for our case). I called the Non-immigrant visa number again, and I was given a new email address to contact (fae_contactus+fr+courier+en@visaops.net) and told to explain our situation in a message and that they might be able to help more. Upon my initial correspondence (about two & a half weeks ago), I received an automatic reply that my message had been received, and then the next message I received (about a day after the first) was an apology for the inconvenience and said our case had been escalated to the appropriate department. However, I received another email shortly after that stating they had no information/updates that they could give me. I received another response last week (July 19) from that same email address saying that on May 25, the status of my fiancé’s visa was updated to "Refused", but they said that this “can also mean that the Embassy is still processing your case. We have no other information or contact details to give you.” That was the end of our email chain and the only real correspondence we've had with the Embassy in months. I called the NVC, and they were able to confirm it was a "soft refusal" under the 221(g), but they said they didn't know why and to contact the Embassy. We still aren't able to get in touch with anyone who can provide any updates regarding our case. Our immigrations lawyers suggested I contact my state senators for advice, so I did last week & they had me fill out a form and confirmed that they submitted an official inquiry to the Embassy. I am just wondering if anyone else is in this position with the U.S. Embassy is Paris and/or if anyone has had any luck getting in touch? I have been reading forums where I saw other Portuguese citizens had their interviews on May 5 as well...any insight on timelines? Is there any way to find out what may still be needed from my fiancé? Thank you so much in advance!!
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