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  1. Hello...Welcome! For those who have just filed your I-129f application with USCIS, this thread has been created for your needs and for you to be with others experiencing different aspects of this journey. This is a place to ask questions and to share experiences. All are here to learn together. Stay patient because this is a long process currently running 12-16 months for your NOA2 or petition approval by USCIS (first stage). Then your petition will be sent to NVC which runs about 6-8 weeks processing (second stage) and finally your interview at the embassy (third stage). Also, do not compare yourself to others....Some will receive NOA-2 faster than others, some will be stuck at NVC for longer and then finally some will receive interviews fairly quickly at embassy. STAY PATIENT! Please create the timeline in your profile. Also note that USCIS goes by "Received date" : Example I-129 F Sent – August 14, 2023 I-129 F Received – August 16, 2023 (NOA-1) I-129 F - Notice Date – August 18, 2023 In this example your NOA-1 should be August 16th. This will help you fill out your timeline properly.
  2. Please How long does it take to get a visa interview for your k1 fiancé visa after the Ghana embassy has sent your foreign fiancé an email that we should book an interview, because there have been no available dates for 3weeks
  3. I’m a k1 holder and I’m in the US. I married my spouse within the 90 days. My lawyer filed concurrent i-485 with “ I-130 “ In addition to i-765 and i-131. I saw people posting that k1 holders don’t need to file i-130. My pd is March, 31. My status is “ Case was received and a receipt notice was sent “. I don’t prefer withdrawing the process and wait again. I didn’t even have my work permit. What do you think guys ? I called my lawyer and they said they know how things work and just relax!
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. Can someone please inform me about the documents that my fiancé needs to bring on the day of the interview? I want to ensure that we have everything necessary. Thank you!
  5. We were approved for a K1 fiancé visa to the US coming from Egypt. My fiancé got the dreaded SSSS on her boarding pass after checking in. Is this normal for people traveling to get married?
  6. Hello! I am a Fiancee of a male from the United States, and we've been dating for about 4 years now. Right now, we are preparing requirements for the petition for alien fiancee. I am wheelchair-bound and was born with a degenerative disease called muscular dystrophy (myotonic-congenital type), that causes me to progressively lose muscle mass and my locomotive abilities, and me and my fiance very much wants to be married in the US soon and spend the rest of my life by his side. So, we wonder if our case can be expedited with this reason. Here's a sidenote, I am from a middle-class family in the Philippines. Though we're not able to get the necessary treatments for my scoliosis and other certain health problems because of certain specialists uavailable in our province, we get by very well and my basic needs are sustained by my immediate family (like: foods, dental, doctor's appointment for minor sickness, education, clothes, etc.). I have documents as proof for my degenerative disease, and my fiance also just wants to provide me the quality life I need, treatments that are easily available in US, and just be able to prolong my life and time with him. Both of our families and friends are also very much willing to support us. Hope to hear you guys' input on this. It would really mean a lot! Thank you all in advance.
  7. I'm almost done filing out forms for the K1 visa. I'm using the Example documents as references. But it seems to have ALL the documents not just when filing. So far: I have compiled: 129F (visa application) Letters of intent (both me and my fiance) Cover letter Credit card form Notification form. Screen shots + call logs passport photos birth certificate/ passport photos of us together plane tickets + package/letter labels. I see forms such as affidavit of support, but do I submit this with the rest of my items, or if they request it? Do I need to submit this, or only if I do not earn enough and have to claim property? Are there any other forms that need to be submitted with the initial visa application?
  8. Oct 11 2022 I received a K1-FTP saying the consulate will contact me.. (haiti us embassy) it’s march 2023 already and I still havent received any email, mail or call I was told not to wait for k1 visa letter / instructions letter so I proceed with creating ds-160, payed with mrv slip and booked a schedule, but when I went to my medical, they’re asking for that letter.. Anybody here have the same case as mine? can you help with the steps I need to do next? Please
  9. The situation: my gf is a US citizen, and I’m Ecuadorian. We have a 4 year relationship, and right now we both live in Argentina. We are both currently at university. We want to get married, so we can travel and live in the US. We don’t know what’s better for us, the K1 or the CR1. Our main doubt is: Can we still do this even if we both live in Argentina, and we want to travel to the states? Sadly I let my B1/B2 expire, and because of the pandemic I haven’t renewed it. I paid the $160 fee por Ds160 and have my interview due tomorrow, in my country (Ecuador) but I won’t be able to show up because of my schedule (I’m mentioning this because I need to know if losing a visa appointment could give someone a bad record or something like that) We are both 21 y/o. She has double nationality (US and Ecuadorian) We met in high school and came to ARG to study, and last year she spent almost 9 months in US working. Would she need her payment stubs or something like that? Does she has to be obligatory in the US for whatever process we want to make? I heard about a Joint financial sponsor. This person has to be member of her or my family? Or can it be whatever person that volunteers? What’s the best option for us? How much time can it take for us to live in US together and for me to get the green card?
  10. Me and my fiancé are in the process of applying for a k1 visa after meeting only once in person for a few days on vacation in a different country (not any of our home countries) that was 6 months ago now we're hearing a few opinions here and there that says it might not be enough and we should meet more times especially dealing with the US embassy Tunis even professional ones saying they could be "scrutinizing" with our case Even though the age gap is only 3 years and the relationship has been going for almost 4 years and the only reason we didn't see each other earlier was obviously COVID Do we really have to worry that it would come in the way of getting the visa? Or is it enough to meet one time, we don't wanna waste more time planning more trips and going back and forth we both already decided we should get together. Thank you.
  11. We have been dating for 7 years but haven't been able to meet yet due to financial issues and the pandemic. We're getting close to having enough to finally be able to meet in my home country and we want to get engaged during his visit here. Our plan was originally the k1/fiancé visa but i've been advised against it on reddit due to the long wait periods to get a work permit and ability to travel etc. But the problem about the CR1 is that we won't have any joint accounts/shared mortgage etc what is considered strong evidence of a bona fide marriage. We thought we could get married/elope in my home country, then my spouse would return home and file for me and give them the evidence we have (skype logs,messages,package and gift receipts, pictures) since we will likely have to live separately until i can move to live together in the US therefore can't share an account/car/etc like i mentioned above, but i'm worried it wouldn't be solid enough for the marriage visa. TLDR: we will be meeting in person for the first time and getting engaged but we don't know which visa would work for us.
  12. Hi Is it possible for a U.S citizen to apply for a K1 visa petition while also petitioning for their parents? My sister in law would like to petition for her boyfriend/fiance but is currently petitioning for both her parents. Is it possible?
  13. Hello friends. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but life is not always fair... I want to ask a question and I've asked a similar question already in different words, but for some reason it was immediately deleted: I was told because I was not serious and was trolling.. But I wasn't and I am serious. Maybe I am just not a good story teller... So please consider: As far as I understand I get from USCIS only 3 chances in a lifetime to bring a fiancé into this country. I've already used one many years ago. After about 15 years the marriage is over. At this time, for a very long time I am getting through an ongoing I-29F process to get K-1 for my second attempt, but it doesn't look promising (USCIS is not being good/fair in this case at all, to say the least, even though my first case was superfast and simple: this time they are asking for more and more paperwork from decades ago that is not easy to get, I suppose because of the Russian origin of my fiancé), it looks like I need to hire an attorney, more process time, or... just give up. I tried to use search on this site and I tried googling in general, but I cannot find answers to what seems to be the simplest questions: - Actually, is this really true that I have only 3 chances in my lifetime to apply for a fiancé visa? (sorry, I am not an SME, I only heard that this is the case) - If a fiancé visa is denied, does this mean that you "loose 1 life"? (meaning you have 1 less attempt available left out of 3 for your lifetime allotment of the number of times to apply for fiancé visas) My fiancé is in Russia, and BTW, we've met years ago, way way before any "Russian agenda". But she doesn't speak English and it is superhard in the modern times to arrange for an interview in Russian language, even if the K-1 interview is approved (when the time comes for a K-1 interview for Russians: embassies are closed for Russians that had K-1 interviews available in Russian language, travel for Russian nationals is quite restricted, and so forth). All this makes me think that if by fiancé visa being denied I do not in fact "loose 1 attempt" out of 3 (and I still will have that attempt saved), I should just give up and try my chances somewhere else.. Life is short, to fight USCIS for even longer time at the end not even having a relatively humane way to interview is just an overkill... My main question is what do I loose by having an application (I-29F) denied automatically just by not providing to the USINS some old documents from decades ago? Will I still preserve my 2 lifetime chances to get fiancé visas? Please help with advise.. Sorry for a wordy message. I just wanted to explain clearly my concerns.
  14. My fiancé went for his interview on the 11th of October. He received a white 221g slip and on the bottom the CO wrote “sent to USCIS for revocation.” Ceac date was updated on the 13th after his interview and showing Ready still. On US travel docs it’s showing this message “passport is still with embassy” (it’s not with them it’s with my fiancé and I’m not even sure if the website always said that or not). interview: fiancé arrived- woman asked for some documents- she took my 2020 w2 and tax transcripts but not my 2021. She didn’t take my affidavit of support. She didn’t look at our messages or call logs. She didn’t look at our western union or rent receipts. She didn’t look at our itinerary. (This woman was a third party Pakistani National not American citizen) fiancé went to CO window and he only said these things- how did you meet? what does she do for work? how old are you both? (He’s in his 20s I’m in my 30s with a 10 yr age gap) all he said to him was “that’s unusual” about our age gap and then wrote on the white 221g slip “revocation” and said the interview is done with no answer about any evidence we need just that it’s over and slammed the window in our face. Wanted to share this experience in case for others to see or if they had something similar happen and what was the outcome.
  15. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  16. How long should we expect to wait? More than a year? Should we contact an immigration lawyer? My fiancé is stressing out waiting for an answer, and unfortunately the only thing that I can tell her is to wait. The only thing we've gotten from the government is the confirmation for receiving the form. I know it will work out and is a matter of time, but a timeline or someway of knowing what to expect would be very helpful. Has this happened with others?
  17. So as the title states I'm planning on getting married to who I would call my fiancé who I've been talking with for 7 years. However due to covid restriction laws I couldn't come to Japan so we could start a fiancé visa so at this point we haven't met yet in person. We agree that I would help plan our wedding here in San Francisco, California. I've heard the Japanese passport is very strong being one of the passports that allows Japanese citizens to enter majority of countries with a stay of 90days without a visa. My question is does my future wife still need some sort of Visa to stay with me in California if she is only staying for a month and is immediately heading back to japan as she still has her family to take care of?
  18. Hi all, I applied for i-129f and received a rejection notice, but I believe it is an error; what should I do!?! I prepared the i-129f. I mailed it with a cover letter, bank check and all necessary documents. My packet was delivered on June 27th. It was processed the same day. About a week later, got a rejection notice with the entire packet returned with instructions to refile completely and correctly. I attached the rejection notice and first page of thee petition (this page was rejected) here. It says a section was not completed, my family name, on page 1 of the petition. I am going crazy because I have not left blank my last name, given name or middle name nor did i misspell the names on the petition. I am so confused. What do i do? can’t even call and speak to a representative about the matter. I emailed uscis to inquire, but no response yet. I am afraid if i reapply again exactly the same (because there is no error with names/spelling of names) that i may be rejected again. If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it.
  19. Hi everyone!! So, I was reading this thread Cause it's something that really worries me... We applied for the k1 (yeah... I know.... and as many of us here, I wasn't aware of the many, many cons), and we are waiting for the NOA2. I'm the beneficiary, and I worked all my adult life. A lot. Also, I've been married before. I got married very young (first year of college) and earned my financial independence over the years, as I grew professionally. So, it was a natural course spliting the bills and life costs. It's really hard to see myself having to go back on those... As I was reading the recommendations, I was thinking: - How you guys prepared financially and professionally for the moving? Did the beneficiary had savings? The schools, hobbies, and all that, have costs. I don't feel comfortable doing those things on the expenses of my fiance... And I think that could be a very stressful issue for us. Specially not knowing how long it will take to have my EA... - Did the moving changed the dynamic of the relationship? In terms of the petitioner feeling overwhelmed to support the spouse for, maybe, years, or the beneficiary feeling trapped because of the limitations - Is there anything I should be aware or could do in advance to prepare myself to a better and easier transition? I'm a very independent woman, and I think would be really hard to have to rely on my fiance for every little thing... - Has the "money talk" been stressfull during the AOS time? What usually are the expectations of the petioner (asking in terms of cultural differences)? Like, is expected the one staying at home doing all house work, cooking, cleaning? Sorry for the long post. Of course I've talked with my fiance about all of that many times. But it's hard to know the reality before living it. So, any advices and sharing experiences are very welcomed!!
  20. Hi there, I am working on the I-129F application. For those who have petitioned or are petitioning a Peruvian fiancé, what are the names of the Peruvian institutions that can provide a police report or criminal record? Would you kindly share the name of the institution, the address, the cost of the document, and the turnaround time to get each document? Many thanks, S
  21. Having a hard time understanding how to correctly enter Mexican address on form i-129f. My fiancé lives in a neighborhood outside the city. Where do I include it? And do I enter the state as province since the form doesn't have a selection for foreign states? Hidalgo 8 - street and number San Vicente Zapote - neighborhood outside city Yuriria - City Guanajuato - State
  22. Hi all, I am new to the forum and I have searched finding a similar question to my own but I didn’t want to hijack the OP’s thread as it is still going. So I apologise upfront for asking a question that has probably been asked 100 times over that everyone is sick of 😂 To give you the background, I am the beneficiary, living in the UK and my fiancée is the US citizen. We are pretty much ready to submit our I-129F to the USCIS and start the process for a K1 visa. Having read a lot on here it seems that this is no longer the fastest or the best route to go down. From what I can tell the I-130 forms are being processed at a similar pace as the I-129F’s but we know there is still a long way to go after that. The USCIS are saying that the I-129F is currently being processed on average in 13 months, it is then an average of 88 days before the interview at US embassy in London, followed by the 7+ months wait for the EAD after arriving and submitting the AOS. As I mentioned, my Fiancée is the US citizen and she lives in the US but obviously we are not yet married hence looking at the K1. I have another flight booked to stay with her for 2 weeks over thanksgiving. Would it be best to continue with the K1 application journey, likely to be sent out next week, or get married on my visit in November and then submit an I-130 and go down the IR-1 route, baring in mind it will be 5 months before I do travel there. Would it even be possible to marry whilst there on a tourist visa? I would ensure that I have enough proof to show that I would be retuning to the UK, tenancy agreement, letters from my employer, return flight tickets and financial commitments here etc. Our intention is just like everyone else, to be together as soon as possible. The thought of not being able to work for 7+ months scares the life out of me or rather the hair I’ll be pulling out. Again I want to apologise for asking something a lot of people are probably sick of answering, I’m just trying not to hijack other threads and confuse people as I am myself. I appreciate any responses.
  23. how long do I want to bring my fiance to the USA if I have Greengard?
  24. Hello, We're filling out the I-129F form for a Fiance visa (k1) and we came across the section where it asks for the beneficiary name (my name) and we're very confused on how to write down the name in the western format. My passport has four names looking like that example: it's formatted as (First name, last name, grandfather name, great grandfather name). How do we fit this in the western format (Given Name, Middle Name, Family Name/Last Name)?
  25. Hello everyone, im applying for the K1, I have to enter my child’s name and details, however I don’t know how exactly the details of child are written in English in the passport because I don’t have a copy of his passport, the mother of the child doesn’t cooperate. I’m not going to take the child with me, I never lived with the child, and never paid any support because the mother doesn’t want anything and she doesn’t want me to contact them. I only have a copy of the birth certificate, and I don’t possess the original. Since I’m not going to take the child with me, and I’m not able to reach to the mother regarding any documents, will that affect me in anyway of getting the K-1? And what documents they can ask for?
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