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Found 13 results

  1. I am currently waiting for my NOA2 and meanwhile I am trying to get information about the vaccines I should take in my country before traveling to united states (I was told it is better to do that , than additional procedure in U.S to have my list complete for AOS) So my question are: All the vaccines in the following list should be completed? If I don't have record of the vaccines I took can doctor make and imunization exam to discover the ones I took? I had influenza shot some months ago but the doctor didn't gave me a card about it (Can't contact them either because they came to my work and I really don't know which hospital they were from, I just know it was given by the goverment. I already contacted them and they gave me 6 numbers to call (The possibilities to find that record are 10%) Does anybody know what the "A", "B", "C"... "H" mean on this? (I got the image from the internet)
  2. Philippines declares new polio outbreak after 19 years For those who are starting their journey from the Philippines, it looks like they are going to do polio vaccinations for children under 5. If you have Children under 5 in the Philippines, this should be of interest to you. They say that 95 percent of all children under 5 need to be vaccinated. There is only 1 reported case, (and I think it was from a reaction from a vaccination, but they state they find it in area of water testing. https://apnews.com/d954ca949bf34124bc980d4e2f732b16
  3. Hello, I was reviewing my AOS packet and while giving a second read to the I-693 instructions something caught my attention. I did my medical in March 2018 and I received a completed Form DS-3025 to include in the application. My vaccinations record show that I only have one MMR shot, which I received one year after my birth. I never received other MMR shots. On the day of the medical back in Italy, the Panel Physician determined that I did not need a second one. However, the blanket waiver section on DS-3025 was left blank. I read experiences from other applicants getting an RFE for missing vaccinations - would that be my case as well? I also have with me the results of immunoglobulin blood tests for measles, mumps, and rubella that I took in Italy during my yearly checkup. They show that my immunity levels are high, but I now understand that any test or result from foreign countries will not be valid. What are my next steps? Do I really have to contact a civil surgeon and have the medical exam again? Is it possible to visit a civil surgeon only to have a second shot and avoid to do the same medical ($$$) test I did 3 months ago? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I've had the TDAP but its over 10 years old and I had MMR 1st dose so need the following vaccinations. I've been told by my GP surgery that these can't be done on the NHS as I am over 25 so i will need to go private? Has anyone else had these done on the NHS or at knightsbridge and how much were the fees? Td or Tdap - Tetanus/diptheria/pertussis or get DT, DTP or DtaP and it will be accepted for AOS also. The latest shot must be no longer than 10 years ago or you need a booster. If you have a record of receiving pertussis, then the Td is okay for the booster. MMR - (if born in 1957 or later)-Mumps/measles/rubella. It's two doses in your life, but if you get the first dose, and 4 weeks haven't passed by your medical, they will waive the second dose for "insufficient time interval". If you only had one dose as a child, get a second one before the medical. Thanks in advance!
  5. Is it true that all the vaccines or none are required for the beneficiary to leave the country. Wondering as this interview for Rio becomes closer since my fiancé said that she read something in the group she is apart of about vaccines in Rio stating this.
  6. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me, or direct me to the correct forum! While my fiance got his medical examination done in his foreign country, he did not get his vaccines. Now, that we want to file the Adjustment of Status, I know we need to complete that portion before filing. I am now getting places that are telling me they cannot fill out the I-1693 form if they do not do the examination., but WE ONLY NEED THE VACCINES. I am completely confused.
  7. I am just now looking over my husband's DS 3025 and I see that at the bottom, they marked the box "K Visa applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination" when they should have marked "K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements"... He got ALL of his vaccinations at that appointment!!! He needs to get the flu shot so I was thinking.. He can bring the record card of his vaccinations to a civil surgeon here and they can verify that he did indeed receive the required vaccinations and fill the form out correctly. He can also get his flu shot at that time.. Any ideas about this one?
  8. Hi, so my fiancé is having a hard time getting some of the necessary vaccines. He got lost when he did his physical but the ones they didn’t have then he was supposed to get them in his country. But now they’re saying they don’t have it either. Will this be a problem at entry to the US? I believe he is only missing two
  9. Good evening all, I am wanting to get a jump on vaccines because I was told that they are pretty expensive when it comes time to take the medical. Can anyone tell me what vaccines are needed. My husband said that he's had all his vaccines since a child but was not sure if there's more that he needs now that he's an adult. I have searched the web and found a super long list of vaccines and just wanting to know if there are certain ones he will need to have before hand. Thank you!!!
  10. Hello everyone, I have a question. My interview will be in a month. On the interview letter they ask me to submit the form I-693 (medical examination). I had my medical examination in January 2018 in Italy when I had the interview for my k1 visa and it didn't expired yet. Do I have to bring the form I-693 anyway or the one that I have already (DS 3025) is enough? Thank you!
  11. I apologize if this has already been hashed out on VJ, but I haven't found the answers I'm looking for. 😲 I know every case is different but my husband has K1 visa status and as we were preparing the AOS paperwork I got caught up in a sh**storm of doubt and confusion. In Colombia, my husband got the full medical exam needed to get his visa and enter the US. Unfortunately, the doctor did not update his vaccines, nor asked him if he wanted to. Us never having done this before didn't think anything of it. UNTIL NOW. I know my husband needs boosters of some vaccines but we won't have insurance until September 1st. His I-94 is valid until Sept 11th. We are already married, which is what those 90 days are for, and I've read that while it is not IDEAL to apply for AOS later than 90 days, it's not necessary to do it by then. Now, if we want to get his vaccines updated, we HAVE TO get blood work and urine samples done (I have argued with multiple civil surgeons and no one will give him an injection without these things being done...money grab?). Our biggest priority right now is getting the EAD for my husband sooner than later. From what I have read, the EAD and AOS processes are not directly related. Even if our AOS process is delayed by an RFE for vaccines, it won't affect EAD (correct?). We can wait for the green card, but I don't want him going crazy cooped up in a house all winter. Not to mention we could really use the second income. So here are my options as I see it: 1. Spend nearly $1000 to get blood and urine tests and updated vaccs without insurance to send AOS and EAD next week. 2. Wait until Sept 1st when insurance coverage begins to get tests and vaccs, so we can send AOS and EAD *hopefully* by Sept 11th or shortly after. 3. Send AOS and EAD documents knowing that we will get an RFE for vaccines in the future, but *hopefully* receive the EAD sooner than later. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any insight, let me know!!! I'm so afraid to make a mistake that could cost us this whole process. Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but maybe not. Send your suggestions, tips, previous mistakes my way! Blessings to all ❤️ Dana and Jhonatan
  12. What happens in the stage of a Medical examination? What would they do to you, test you on? What happens if you don’t have all vaccines? US Bogota Embassy
  13. So my wife and I have filled out our DS-260, and we answered "Yes" to the question regarding her immunization records being compliant with US law. After doing so, we checked her vaccination record and it looks like she's actually not received about 4 of the vaccines required. I've googled this extensively and most of the responses say to put "yes" regardless, because during the medical exam, the examiner will go through the vaccination record she brings, and will arrange for the others that have not been completed or need to be re-immunized for to be done that day at the facility. Is this the case?
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