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  1. Hi Guys, My fiance and I filed the I-129F on the 22nd of October 2018. We still haven't recieved the NOA2 but we're still within reported processing times on the USCIS website for the service center it was received at. My fiance and I have a solid case: She's been here for over 2 years doing her masters at the American University in Cairo while I finish my bachelors. We met during her senior year study abroad at AUC. I met a lot of her family, specifically her dad and brother, her mother passed away in 2013. I met her dad when he came to Egypt for a brief visit and another time when I went on a family vacation with them in Europe. On the Europe trip I met her aunt, her brother, the dad's girlfriend and the brother's girlfriend. All of this is documented with photographic evidence. We have affidavits of support from her dad, a friend of hers from the US who came to visit, a friend of mine here (He's the once who told me I should grow a pair and start talking to her at the start of our relationship), and her roommate during her first year here (also a US citizen and a professor at AUC). We hired a lawyer in the Boston area to help us with filing. We also have evidence of a wedding dress, wedding bands, and within a few months a wedding venue if we get the NOA2. The only red flag we have is that I didn't get an affidavit of support from my family because they didn't like her that much and didn't want to help me because they just didn't approve of the marriage. Post filing, my situation has changed a bit and they've stopped outright rejecting my desire to marry her. From what I can tell this is apparently a death sentence when it comes to administrative processing in Egypt. She has no problem staying in Egypt for as long as necessary to get the Visa assuming she can find work. The only problem with that is we can't realistically live together unless we get married here because Egypt is incredibly conservative. If we decide to get married here we'd have to withdraw our application for the fiance visa and start the process all over again with the CR-1. I realize this fear may be incredibly premature but to be honest I am absolutely terrified and I'm genuinely losing sleep over this. Has anyone every experienced a scenario like this before?
  2. Hello, I'm from Egypt and my wife-to-be is from America. We already been through K1 visa process after engagement and they kept us waiting for a year after the interview, then after we got a congressman's office involved we received an email that said "Our file was suppose to be sent back from Egypt to NVC but it never made it, therefore the application is canceled and we are welcome to start a new one. Now we are going to get married then apply for CR1 but I'm not familiar with the marriage process if anyone has done it in Cairo recently i'd appreciate the help and advice. Also, my wife couldn't visit me for 2 years because of problems with her work. Would that affect us badly in the interview?
  3. I received an email telling me to send all the documents via Aramex to be able to schedule my interview. I did and now I scheduled my appointment which will take place in 2 weeks. Now, what documents should I bring to the interview since I already sent everything via Aramex to the embassy? The only thing they didn't require me to send was the medical exam result. Is this the normal case with everyone who has been there in Egypt's US embassy? Thank you.
  4. Asking for a friend on our group: her fiancé is from Egypt, like mine. They are engaged as well. She visited him 2 times and the second time she became pregnant, because he is from a middle eastern country will this look bad at his interview? Should he not report it to the consular? I’ve advised her to just tell them, it might help their case but I’d like to know if anyone else has had this experience.
  5. Hi All, After 9 months of waiting and wondering, we thought we finally reached the finish line with our K1 visa process, to our complete shock, we were put on AP, despite having everything that was asked of us, all the required documents, tons of pages of texts, viber logs, facebook messenger logs, whatsapp logs, pictures, anything and everything. Most of those put on AP out of Cairo have been on AP for months with no end in sight. I dont know what we should do at this point? Anyone been in this situation?
  6. Hi there. I have an interview letter from NVC stating our interview is on December 19th. However, on the Egypt pre-interview checklist (https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/CRO-Cairo.pdf), it says we need to bring "Confirmation of your online appointment registration (see Step 1) confirming passport information", in addition to the NVC letter. Do I need to register this appointment? Step 1 in the doc just talks about registering the address for Aramex. There is an immigrant visa option to make an appointment on the site, but December 19th is not available and I don't want to screw it up. I don't know how to get this confirmation letter. Thanks!
  7. I applied for K-1 visa for my fiance in Egypt last November (2017), he recently went to his interview a couple weeks ago. They told him to send his passport and family registration. They didn't say he was or wasn't approved. No hints to what the outcome might be. Does anyone have a similar experience and is the outcome 50/50 or does the fact that he sent the passport mean he maybe approved? Wondering how strict it is to obtain K-1.
  8. I've been trying to track my passport and I'm getting these different replies from these different sources recently: USTRAVELDOCS Profile: "Document Delivery Information" instead of "Your passport is still with consulate/embassy" passportstatus email: "There's no status update available for the passport number submitted" Is that a good sign? My CEAC visa status still says admin processing though. Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone! Did anyone recently go through the medical exam for the US Embassy in Cairo? What should my husband expect? Also, I know you're supposed to go to the doctor with a record of vaccinations? Where can we get that? Especially that my husband wasn't born in Egypt? Any help is appreciated!
  10. Hey everyone, My husband finally received his passport with his US visa inside - hooray!!! It took about a year and two months from start to finish...not bad considering our current government. Anyway, my question is this: My husband is not yet 30 and has not yet completed his military service - he's continued his studies and hasn't been required to do his service yet. Now that we are ready to move to the States, we are wondering if we need any sort of stamp or paperwork from the Egyptian military stating that he is allowed to travel? Or will an enrollment certificate from his university be sufficient? Also, because he's not yet 30, would we be able to travel back to Egypt without fear of him being conscripted before a) he turns 30 or b) he becomes a US citizen? Any answers and advice help. Thank you and please feel free to message me with any questions regarding the entire CR1 application process - it's not as daunting as it seems, promise!
  11. Hey all - My husband and I went to the embassy in Cairo yesterday for our scheduled interview at 7:30 AM. However, when we got to the front of the line, they told us our name wasn’t on the list. Along with 10 to 15 other people, we sat on the side until they came back out to tell us that the National Visa Center had not yet sent our paperwork to the embassy! When we asked what the next steps were, they took down our phone numbers and said they would call as soon as they receive the paperwork to reschedule the interview. I called the national Visa Center and they said they sent my paperwork on July 6, about a month ago. I’ve been called the embassy as well and they said, again, that the paperwork was not there. I emailed the embassy, but have not yet heard back from them. Not sure what else to do. I traveled here for the interview from the US and I am missing work for this. I know I don’t have to be present at interview, but I wanted to come and support my husband and just be here throughout the whole process. It’s a total bummer. Anyone else have this experience in Egypt? What ended up happening? Can anyone offer advice?
  12. Dear all i would really need any help if any one face the same yesterday case was created in NVC should be happy right yep we was till we read at welcome email we received that Embassy is in Abu dhabi not Cairo , i tried contact NVC and inquire what do as it is just created and they said send Asknvc from the website not email after one said send email with your prove of Eligibility so i sent them all MY ID and Egyptian PP and even an Egyptian Police Clarence i call again to check if they received what i sent and no one can confirm agents kept saying you will get a reply one of them said to even start working in my current wrong number and once new case number is sent i will find everything moved i dont understand really who to get any confirmed information as every time i call i get something new that i became afraid to call i check the case status is still at NVC what shall i do now any help .
  13. Hey everyone - I have a quick question. My husband has his interview at the embassy in Cairo next month and I'm trying to plan my travels there. I would love to be there for the interview, but I can't take too much time off work here in the U.S. How long did it take you between your interview and actually receiving your passport back via Aramex? Thanks!
  14. Step 1: Register your account on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/SiteRegister?country=&language= *** Best browser to register on is through Chrome. If you have slow internet or share your internet, know that it may take a long time to load the pages and information. You may need to refresh the page multiple time. Have patience. Also, sometimes when registering or logging in you may experience an error notification; relax, it is nothing. You just need to refresh the page ((( multiple times))) or wait foe sometime and try again later. Step 2.0: Registering your address with Aramex. Note all the boxes below will never change, even after you have registered your address and once you've been scheduled an interview. So don't freak out, this is normal. You can update your information at anytime by clicking on the tab 'Update Profile'. Step 2.1: Continuation of registering address with Aramex IV Address Registration is for all Family Immigrant Visa Types; Immigrant Visa is exactly the same as IV Address Registration but is used for those who are getting their visa via Lottery; Non Immigrant Visa is for those who are not immigrating; i.e. work visa, student visa, tourist/visiting visa, and K-1 (Fiance' visa). Step 2.2: Continuation of registering address with Aramex - Select Visa Class It is a long list as it lists all visa types, so be careful and choose carefully the correct visa. Step 2.3: Continuation of registering address with Aramex - Passport/Personal Information I will continue the next steps 2.4, 2.5, and an example of what the Aramex Confirmation print out page will look like in PART 2
  15. GHJourney

    Egypt K-1 Visa

    Hi everyone I have submitted a K-1 application for my fiancé in Egypt. We had a small church engagement in Egypt but never signed official engagement papers. I am wondering if those papers are required to show proof of a bonafide relationship? I am from the US and we are not used to having this done. Thank you
  16. Good afternoon , my husband is an Egyptian citizen with military exemption . He has the exemption paperwork . Our visa is approved and he has it along with our plane tickets . He went to get his military exit stamp and they refused , stating he needs a new passport that says he is exempt . We can’t do this . It would render the visa invalid as its on the other passport and we don’t have time to do this. he is exempt . He has official paperwork from the military showing that . But now we are so worried . What can we do ? Can he fly without the stamp having that paper ? What can we do to get the stamp without a new passport ?
  17. Hello to friends & family at visa journey! I am new and came across this site while searching for answers on visas in Egypt. I would love to get your advice and knowledge of questions that I have regarding marriage, Egypt, and its military conscription requirements. For anyone that has expertise on this, I hope you can share! I am a 24 year old female who is a U.S. born citizen, and currently residing in the state of California. My fiancé is also 24 years old and is of Egyptian nationality, currently residing in Cairo, Egypt. He is still studying at university therefore he has temporary military exemption. We have known each other for over two years and I have gone to visit him in Egypt twice, once every year. We decided from the start that our end goal is marriage, and originally I was to move to Egypt, but now we have decided that he should move to the U.S. because of my career. I do not have much information on marriage, visas, or military conscription in Egypt besides what I have tried to find and read but have not found any answers specific in nature. In short, my question is: is it possible for us to apply and be approved for a (K1, K3, IR1, or CR1) visa from Egypt while he has not completed the military service yet? I'm not sure which visa would apply in our case but any visa that would allow for him to move to the states with me would suffice. Something I read was that people with dual nationality or with dual citizenship can claim exemption for military service in Egypt. In this case, to get dual citizenship, we would have to marry and then apply for adjustment of status. What I don't know is, if getting such a visa is possible without this military service requirement being met. In another forum, I read that in order to receive a K visa, he would have to have exemption from military that is not temporary -- that the military would have to give their permission for him to leave the country. Is there any cases that this has happened or what must be met for the military to allow him to leave Egypt? If you have any relevant information or experience going through this, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your efforts and help. Signed sincerely, A in eadreams
  18. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had experience from Egypt...I was wondering how the Cairo embassy sends out Packet 3? The mail system in Egypt is complete garbage. My fiancé JUST received a Christmas card I mailed at the beginning of December. I am hoping and praying they will send instructions via email. Any info about Egypt is much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hi Everyone, I am almost ready to send in our application package, but first I was hoping someone who is familiar with the translated Egyptian marriage certificates, would look at ours, just to make sure it looks ok before I send it? I want to make sure nothing is missing like stamps or info. thanks in advance!
  20. I got email from nvc saying they working on the paper I submitted like year and half ago and they facing long process times. Little history I'm already in USA for year and have my green card do you guys think it's glitch or do I need to worry?
  21. Hey everyone, I was in AP on my K1 visa after interview for 5+ months. I received a call from the U.S Embsy., a month ago, asking to send a renewed medical + my passport. I then asked if I was approved, and they said yes and said after I send these items I wait for my visa. As soon as they received the documents, my case creation date and status update became the same, as well as "Immigrant" was changed to "non-immigrant". Same signs of an approval as I saw on the forums here. Status was AP after interview - never changed as far as I can tell - it remains as AP (I never saw it change to something else before they approved it, because I didn't check) - also status date never changed until now, it remains the same as the new creation date. According to other members' posts, visa is usually issued after 2~10 days. It has been a month of calender days and over 15 days of business days. Other than them preparing my envelop and visa, both of which shouldn't really take more than 2~10 days ... My questions are as follows: 1-Has anyone had/saw any similar situation? 2-Is it possible that it takes this long after an approval? 3-What else could be the reason for the hold up here? Experts only please! Thank you.
  22. I am an American male and last year in May 2017 I met an Egyptian guy while I was in Cairo. We started talking and now it's almost February 2018 and we have decided we want to marry. I have many messages of our conversations and I have many screen shots of video calls we've made on Skype and Zoom. I've bought wedding rings and I talked with a friend who recently married a Ukrainian man, and she recommended this website and gave me a lot of helpful information about her experience with the K-1 visa for her spouse. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a Middle Eastern nation (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a Middle Eastern nation or Egypt).
  23. Hello, I am in the middle of the process of IR-1 / CR-1 visa and i have a relative is applying for the same case it was hard and time consuming to prepare and read all the required docs so he is looking for some lawyer to prepare and fill the docs I-130 & I-864 and related docs I know a couple in the US do it but he is looking for someone in Egypt (expecting it to be lower in cost) do you know any one with experience in this type of work ?
  24. Hey guys, Me and my wife just got married in egypt and we are thinking about filling the cr1 or k3 application, and I got the marriage certificate translated to English, do I need to notarized it at the us embassy to use the certificate for the application, or the translation will work fine, and my wife travelled back to the us, can I do the notarization for her at the embassy or the us citizen is the one must do it ? Thanks
  25. Hello every one, I need some help with two points Am i required to register what so called "passport carrier" service (FedEx) and how to do it ? i am a little bit lost on that many links points to many directions What "evidence of relationship" i need to provide ? knowing we are marred for three years and have two kids ( do we really need to have some of the photographs with us !) Thanks