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Found 23 results

  1. Hi! Our CR-1 application got documentary qualified on Sept. 24th. We are wondering how long does it usually take until we get our interview email or date in Egypt? If anyone went through this recently can you please tell me how long you waited for the interview after you got DQ? Thanks.
  2. My spouse and I have lived in Egypt since we got married 3 years ago and she hasn't gone back to the USA since that time. knowing that she doesn't work and we have a joint sponsor my question is does she need to be in the United States before I do the interview or it's okay since we have a joint sponsor?
  3. Hello all, Does anyone happen to know or have heard about what the current interview times look like at the embassy in Egypt? We are (hopefully) nearing our NOA2 date (NOA1 May 2021) and would like to try to make a rough guesstimate of the remaining timeline. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks
  4. Hello, I have been searching the forums here but have not seen any timelines for 2023 at the Cairo Embassy for CR-1 Visas. What are the waiting times after DQ looking like in 2023? Does anybody know. From what I have seen in 2022 it’s around 5 months. Has it sped up? If anyone has any information on that please let us know.
  5. I am American, and I am petitioning for my Italian wife to get a green card. We are at the stage where we are applying with the NVC. My wife lived in Egypt for over six months, so she needs to get a police clearance certificate from Egypt. But she is no longer living in Egypt. To complicate things, she never had any form of ID or residency. She stayed on a tourist visa for 6 month stints, leaving shortly and then returning. She never stayed illegally, but she was always there on a tourist visa. 1. Does anyone know if she can get a police certificate? 2. If so, do you recommend traveling to Egypt to do this? Our Egyptian friends say this is an easy document to get for a citizen but the are not sure about foreigners obtaining one.
  6. Hi everyone So a little background. I got married in Egypt to an Egyptian woman. I am from the UK non Egyptian however our marriage is not working out so I want to divorce. I want to also marry my us citizen gf and cannot until I get divorced. What is the process for divorce at the Lazoughly office in Cairo. What documents do I need to take with me. Any witnesses etc...
  7. We have been in AP since last December. Received this message on the CEAC website today although haven't received any emails. Has this happened to anyone else? "Please be advised that you are requested to Re-Undertake Medical evaluations."
  8. We were approved for a K1 fiancé visa to the US coming from Egypt. My fiancé got the dreaded SSSS on her boarding pass after checking in. Is this normal for people traveling to get married?
  9. Filed Feb 2022 and in December we had a count down on USCIS. Once it got to 1 week it changed to actively reviewing and it’s taking longer than expected. Reached out to the lawyer and stated they sent in a service request but it’s within normal processing times. They said it will be another 6-8 months. Can anyone share or direct me on more information I can look into. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello, We are looking into filing a Writ of Mandamus suit against the embassy in Cairo, Egypt. I have consulted with an attorney who quoted about $6000.00. If anyone knows if that's average or has any recommendations of another attorney please let me know. Thank you!
  11. First forgive me if I'm too forward on this subject as I am in the throws of looking into the process of marriage and immigration. I can't help but notice the alarming number of bad reviews about the Egyptian US Consulate in Cairo. So I did some digging... While it is wonderful to have these reviews here on VisaJourney there is a way to report these mishandlings directly to the US Government. www.stateoig.gov/contact The consulate's last inspection was back in 2016 from what I've gathered. It couldn't hurt to share your experiences with the Office of Inspector General about the waste and mismanagement going on at the US Consulate.
  12. Hi all, My husband had his IV interview at the US Embassy in Cairo on April 3rd, the consular who did the interview told him she will process his visa and that he should get it within 2-3 weeks. They took his passport and gave him two documents that say "Congratulations, your visa is approved." - The next day I checked his CEAC status and it was "rejected", we came to understand that it means he's going through Administrative Processing. Today, (exactly one week later) he received an email from the courier the embassy deals with telling him his passport is ready for pick up. He went to pick it up only to find it empty. There is no visa but there was no rejection letter either. Does this mean he's still under AP? Did this happen to anyone before?
  13. Hello, We're filling out the I-129F form for a Fiance visa (k1) and we came across the section where it asks for the beneficiary name (my name) and we're very confused on how to write down the name in the western format. My passport has four names looking like that example: it's formatted as (First name, last name, grandfather name, great grandfather name). How do we fit this in the western format (Given Name, Middle Name, Family Name/Last Name)?
  14. Hello everyone, I appreciate if you can help me. I received an email from the embassy with my interview date on the 18th of January, 2022. I created a profile on Ustravel.com and I paid the fees. I can’t register my address because I can’t get past this page attached, it says There are no available appointments. So How can I register my address then? thank you for your time and help.
  15. Hi there! Curious if any petitioner's believe them being present at the time of their spouses interview aided in the decision? We are going through Egypt, and I know currently they will not allow me in the embassy at the time of his interview. I am still planning to travel there so at least he can say "she is waiting outside". Curious as to others experiences.
  16. For the NVC birth and marriage certificate, do i need to upload the bilingual one or do i need to upload bilingual and the traditional one?
  17. Hi, if I submitted I-129F but still didnt get an appointment for interview will that affect my F1 visa interview or the councilor would know that I applied for both?
  18. Hello everyone, Our petition for the K-1 Visa has left the NVC and is now with the US embassy in Cairo. I keep checking the application status on the CEAC website and this is what it has looked like for the past month (see attached picture). It indicates that the last update was yesterday (October 28th), however the information does not seem to have changed. I am not sure how to move forward at this point. Should I reach out to the embassy? Or Should I wait for them to send me Packet 3? Also for those who have received a Packet 3 - is it sent through the post as a physical package or is it sent via e-mail? I assume that either way it would be sent to the beneficiary, correct? Thanks!
  19. Hello! I have a question about scheduling an appointment on the eVisa site. I am trying to get married in Egypt to my fiance and the first criteria is setting up an appointment with the US Embassy in order to get a marriage affidavit. Unfortunately there are no appointments available. Many of the days are in blue signifying they are booked, but a lot are also grey, signifying they haven't been opened up. For reference this is the scheduling site: https://evisaforms.state.gov/acs/default.asp?postcode=CRO&appcode=1 I contacted the embassy via. email asking them when the site gets updated or how it's determined if a day is opened up, but aside from automated email response and one actual response of "keep checking the site" they haven't been helpful. I even had my fiance visit the US embassy to see if they can offer any insight as to when a date opens up, but they just referred her to the email address I had already contacted. Does anyone know when these grey dates are opened up? I read on other threads here that they open up appointments a few months in advance, but some of these grey dates are within this and next month. As an example here is what August shows: As you can see there are a few dates at the end of the month, but I am not sure if or when they open up. Do I just have to keep checking daily or are these blocked out because of other reasons? September has only 2 grey dates and the rest blue. I have all the documents that are required to perform the rest of the steps for a civil marriage in Egypt, the only thing I am missing is this one affidavit which it seems I can only get from this embassy. Any help is appreciated!
  20. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody in Egypt has already done the affidavit for your income for the cr1 spousal Visa. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm really confused on this part and really need help. So I do have a current income as of 2021. But in 2020 I did not make enough because I was living in Egypt with my husband. But I do have a job now, and I don't know if I am going to need a co-sponsor. Is there anyone that would be able to help me to explain to me what I need to have.
  21. When we filled the information for the police certificates we filled them out in Arabic. I read somewhere that we don’t need to translate documents if they’re in the language of the country where the US embassy were applying through is located. So I’m not sure if we should translate the police certificates before uploading them to the NVC or not. Did you guys need to translate them before uploading them?
  22. Hi, American embassy in Cairo informed me that they are not doing Authentication of (the already translated and authenticated by Egyptian authority) marriage certificate . My question is do i HAVE to authenticate it from American embassy in Cairo in order to use it for USCIS? Any other alternative? Thank you very much for your help
  23. US Consulate in Cairo, Egypt updated their visa page to say the below. What I don't understand is: how can they process/prioritize a student visa and not an immediate family (spouse) visas?!
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