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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Shanna. I'm currently facing a very similar situation. My wife suffers from Bipolar 2 disorder. I filed a I-130 petition for her. We're very worried that her condition might affect the process and she might be considered as inadmissible. I'd really appreciate if you could share your experience with that, assuming you already finished your process as this was asked almost 3 years ago.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Shanna and me and my fiancé are planning to apply for a k1 visa this December and I think we mostly have the requirements good to go. We’re just saving up the money so that we could start with the process. Upon extensive research, I came upon a list in the Uscis website that might be subjected to a denial for my k1 visa. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder last February this year. For those who dont know: Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that causes extreme mood swings and have little to no control of how to manage it: with bouts of mania (extreme happiness) and depression (extreme sadness). So far I have been in contact with a psychiatrist ever since I was diagnosed and was prescribed with mood stabilizers and anti-depressants. I have been off the anti-depressants because I feel fine and able to get ahold of my moods for now. this alarmed me because my condition maybe subject for a denial for our upcoming application and I am deeply troubled my it. I tried searching for answers in the internet, but they dont divulge into specifics about it. I also thought about not mentioning my condition during the medical exam but i dont know if thats the right thing to do. I also dont have any episodes of self harm, suicide risks or any criminal records. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hello All, Our request to expedite our spousal visa process was approved, and the US Embassy in Spain has given us an interview appointment date in the next two weeks. However, there is also a requirement for a medical exam prior to the interview. The US Embassy gives a single medical provider, in Madrid, who is authorized to do the exams. We called them all day on Thursday (yesterday), and when we finally reached someone, they said the person who schedules medical exams for visas was unavailable. I have a couple of questions that I'll throw out in to the ether. 1. Is there really only one medical office in all of Spain for these exams? For people living outside of Madrid, this requires two trips to Madrid. (Or one very long stay, which is what we're considering for our situation.) 2. Can anyone share their recent experience with the medical exam process in Spain? Is it absolutely required to attend the medical exam 10 days prior to the interview? Will we really have to go in-person to the medical office to pick up the results? The second set of questions have been emailed to the folks at the Embassy who took over our case when the request to expedite was approved. Hopefully, I'll have an answer from them on Friday.
  4. I was lucky enough to get a last minute interview and medical exam appointment and just noticed the page in Packet 4 that says "Applicants who have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification which includes the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis." 5 years ago I was hospitalized for overdosing on my anti depressant and anti anxiety medication. Mind you, I was 15 years old and severely depressed. I am much happier now and do not have any suicidal thoughts anymore. Unfortunately I do not have enough time before my medical exam to obtain my hospital record and I am scared that I will fail my medical exam because of this. I am getting a note from my doctor this week stating that my mental health is much better now and that I am not a threat to myself or others and I hope this will suffice. Has anyone else been in this situation? I'm so scared that I won't be able to be with my fiance because of a stupid thing I did as a teenager.
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any good recs for a Civil Surgeon in the Bay Area, preferably in San Francisco? I called one today and they charged around $800...seems crazy. Any recommendations are appreciated, especially one that accepts vaccinations from my own primary physician (I took a few vaccines last year to avoid taking them all in one day). Thanks!
  6. Hi! I'm very close to having my immigration medical exam appointment and I've been reading that self-harm scars can be a factor for inadmissibility. I have pretty recent cuts on my leg (not that deep), that are starting to scar, I'm not a threat to my self in terms of suicide attempts and less so a potential harm to others. I haven't had any phycological issues diagnosed, so there's no medical records that explain my behavior neither am I seeing a physiatrist. I'm really scare that my stupid actions can cause me not getting a visa, and I don't know what to do to help my case.
  7. For South Brooklyn applicants, here's a list of doctors in the Coney Island area: Dr. Boris Ripa 718-891-2700 M 10 1; 4-6 W 10-2 Th 3-6 S 9:30 - 130pm $250; lab test, form only (with insurance); cash basis only X-ray and vaccines not included Dr. Leonid Volfinzon 718-787-0700 2nd week of Sept: MWTh till 4pm $280; vaccines free Dr. Irina Vladimirsky 718-576-2012 $320 cash; vaccines not included M-10-2pm T-S 10-5pm 1 week after come back to fill out the form Dr. Leon Nitkin 718-646-8808 $375; all included T-F 4pm - 7pm Available this week (last week of Aug/ 1st week of Sept) Dr. Mikhail Akselrud 718-517-2500 $200; $350 w/o insurance; no vaccines W 2:30 pm Dr. Boris Mazurov 718-368-1170 No answer Dr. Genia Bekker 718-332-6525 $250 cash; no vaccines (Staff and doctor weren’t really friendly over the phone when we called) Dr. Adelia Akpan 718-946-5915 $300; include vaccines 7 days a week, 24/7 (I think she works from home) UrgentWay Manhattan 646-213-0190 M-F 9-6pm $300 (with insurance) Open for new appointments by Sept 20th Complete medical examination by a civil surgeon Blood tests Vaccinations Completing an I-693 form
  8. Hi, My fiance arrived in the US in January of this year. She performed a medical exam abroad earlier that month. However, she did not receive all required vaccinations. I read that the medical is good for one year. However, I did not receive a copy of the completed I-693 for the Civil surgeon abroad. Rather, it was sent directly to the embassy. My first question is: Is this medical on file with the USCIS or must it be completed again? I contacted civil surgeons here in order to have them sign off on the vaccinations my fiance received in the states. I was told that I have to pay for the entire medical because I have no proof that it was already done. We completed the medical again along with all of the vaccines except some due to my fiancé's pregnancy. The surgeon said he explained to USCIS that the remaining vaccines would be taken once she delivers. I ended up delaying the adjustment of status due to personal reasons. I'm ready to adjust now and I am reading that the medical has to be sent in within sixty days of the surgeon's signature. I thought it was good for one year. Some are saying the medical is still valid if I don't send it in but rather bring it to the interview. Others are saying it is invalid. Do I have to do the medical over again? I know I'm stupid so please go easy on me. Thank you
  9. Hey I’m in desperate need of help. My husband had his green card interview on 7/2/2021 and the interviewer said he passed the interview but that some there are some technical issues regarding his medical exam results (he got his exam on Monday 6/28/2021. We got a formal sheet stating that very thing. We’ve called multiple times and they still have his passport. They say the case is still open and are waiting for this issue to resolve. I don’t know what to do. He’s getting so beyond depressed and we just want to go home. Btw he was on DACA living in the states legally and we got married. He hasn’t even been living in Mexico for 15 years.
  10. Hi all. Is it possible to postal mail documents to your local field office after an AOS interview and without an RFE? My spouse and I conducted our AOS (from a K1 visa) interview in the Portland office on April 28. Our officer was kind and friendly and, after answering her questions and submitting all requested documents, she told us we had passed and she had more than the needed information and documents from our 12+ years of being together to know our relationship was authentic. The only reason, she told us, she could not approve us on the spot was that they had not received our original K1 submission packet (which we had handed over to the immigration officer at our point of entry in Seattle Airport in June of last year) and the K1 submission contained my spouse's medical exam. She said she had requested the authorities in Nebraska who had our case, to mail it to her (I asked if it was the National Visa Center and she said it wasn't). She said this could take 2 to 3 weeks but once she received our K1 packet and saw that our medical exam was in there, she would be able to approve us. Unfortunately that was 1.5 months ago and we've since logged a service request with USCIS but have not received any response. Just in case they would contact us to say they had lost the medical exam or never received the file altogether, my spouse acted proactively and obtained another copy of a full and unopened medical exam from the same accredited hospital from the original exam and we are wondering if there's a way we can simply mail this medical exam with our case information to the Portland office so the officer could review and approve. It's frustrating that we are hung up on this one logistical error made by them despite having correctly prepared everything. And every day that passes means another day delayed my spouse will eventually achieve citizenship. If anyone knows of any way to get in touch with one's local field office, either to mail or schedule a followup, we would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks for your help and support.
  11. So here is my question do they automatically do a exam for pot(weed) Or that’s just a question they ask you. It just depends on the doctor if they feel or test if you answer yes you smoke before. Anyone Experience with a medical test story
  12. My medical examination schedule is March 19, 2019. I arrived in Manila on March 18 and stayed in Time Travellers Hotel near St. Lukes Extension Clinic. Its a nice hotel with a good price. Good air conditioning, with table and chairs, nice queen sized bed, it has fridge with 2 complimentary bottled water, nice shower with heater, they also provide toiletries(toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner) with 2 bath towels. It also has telivision but no cable. The wifi is only for 1 day use and for one phone only. 1st DAY 3:30 AM - Rode a tricycle (i don't know what they call it coz its different from a tricycle) going to St lukes for less than a minute from the hotel where i stayed. I decided not to walk because some people said that it is dangerous to walk there specially when its dark because there are some pickpocketers. 3:31 AM - Fall in line. Luckily only few people where in line. 4:30-5 AM - Time to enter the building.. the guard took: My passport, 1 photocopy of my passport, 1 copy of NVC letter with MNL case number, 4 pcs 2x2 photo, and 1 copy of online registration form and handed me a number, I was number 36. (RED in color for one applicant and GREEN in color for 2 or more applicant (family or with child). Your photo should be 2x2 in size , not a passport size with white background and should be on glossy photo paper. No eye glasses, no earings or necklace its not allowed or else the guard will ask you to come back again. 5-5:30 AM - They started to call out numbers and assist me to the window on the 1st floor. On the window I gave the documents with my passport and pictures to the lady and then she asked some questions like: Am i married? Do i have kids? and Where in the US do i wish to travel? Then she for my right index finger for biometrics(4 times) & sign a paper, and asked me to look at the camera for picture. She gave me a checklist then asked me to proceed to 5th floor for payment. 6 AM - The guard on duty took my checklist and asked me to wait until she called my name then proceed to the cashier for payment. After paying, the cashier told me to go to 4th floor for blood & urine test. 6:45 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor and they asked me for my passport and told me to wait. During blood test the nurse asked my name and who sponsored me to go to the U.S. then asked me when was the last time i peed and then told me to proceed to the urine test. (They were asking when was the last time you peed because it depends if your going to take the urine test right after the blood test or not, i guess it should be 1 hour before you last peed.) I proceed to the urine test area then the nurse took my checklist and asked my name and then she gave a container for urine sample. The urine sample must be just right amount.. not below the line.. and do not add water in it.. it can be over the line but just a little bit.. do not fill the container too much or else the nurse will ask you to repeat the test after 1 hour. Then the nurse gave back my checklist and told me to go to 3rd floor for Xray. 7:15 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor then asked me to fill up a form. She also asked when was my last menstruation. (Write the exact date) I waited for my name to be called then the receptionist gave back my checklist and give a number and then told me to proceed to Xray room. I wore a hospital gown, removed my bra and tied my hair up. (Dont worry they have a dressing room. But dont leave your bag and clothes take it with you) Then wait again for my number to be called for Xray test. The nurse at the Xray room asked me to follow me the right breathing for the test. After the test the nurse told me to proceed to 2nd floor for immunization. 7:25 AM - I gave my checklist to the reception area on the 2nd floor then they gave a form to fill up and gave back to them and told me to wait for my name to be called. 9:30 AM - My name was called and ask me to proceed to the Doctors area on the immunization area. The doctor asked about my name, my birthday and age and my sponsor. She also asked about my past illnesses, if i take medicines, if i had vaccines, when was my first and last menstruation..etc.. basically about my health. You should listen attentively to the doctor. After that she asked me to proceed to 5th floor for physical exam. 9:35 AM - I gave my checklist to the guard then she put it in the box in the blood pressure area (i forgot what they call it) then i waited for my name to be called. 1st the nurse took my weight and height. wait for my name to be called again. 2nd took my blood pressure. wait again. 3rd proceeded to eye test then gave back my checklist and ask me to give it to the US counter.. and then wait again for my physical exam. 11:35 - The long wait is over.. The USA counter called my name and handed me a number and ask me to proceed to room 7. I waited again. Inside room 7, the doctor asked for my passport, sign on logbook, then asked me so many questions about: If i take medicines, if i have illnesses like tb..etc.., if i have allergies, (just like the questions in the doctors area) then the doctor asked if i had suicide attempts, what i finished in school.. and then she asked me to change to hospital gown and took off my socks, I didnt took off my underwear including my bra. The doctor ask me to lay down on the bed then she asked me to bend my knees and checked my abdomen, my wrist, then asked me to sit and checked my neck, then she told me to stand up and then she checked my lower back.. then thats it! I said thank you to the doctor. 11:55 - I gave my checklist to the USA counter on the 5th floor then wait again for my name to be called. 12:30 - My name was called and the lady ask me to go back tomorrow for my result. TIPS!! Food is not allowed inside the clinic so better to eat before your medical exam. You can bring water inside, if you didnt its okay because there are water fountains inside. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes that are easily to take off. Do not wear complicated clothes or shoes. I suggest you wear slip on shoes. Bring jacket with you because its cold inside the clinic. Listen attentively. Leave your earphones behind. If you have past medications or baby book, bring it with you. Listen carefully and attentively to the nurses and doctors so it wont cause you any delay. 2nd day My time schedule is 9am but i went there at 7am. I went directly to the guard he took my checklist and stamp saying "immunization room 2nd floor" I went to 2nd floor and give my checklist to the reception area and wait my name to be called. My name was called then I proceed to Immunization room 2nd floor and the nurse ask for my passport, my name and when is my 1st and last menstruation what is the name of my fiance. Then i get my vaccines. (I had 2 vaccines, anti-tetanus and MMR.) The nurse ask me to proceed to 1st floor for my result. Then i waited for my name to be called. On window F the lady ask for my passport, my name, my address and ask me to check the documents if it has my correct name, address, MNL case number and passport number. Then she asked me to take pictures of the copy of my vaccination record using my phone.She handed me the envelope that says "DO NOT OPEN" that i have to bring to the interview (I think it contains all the records/results of my medical examination) Then she also handed me the vaccination record that i have to bring to the USA. I waited about 30-40 mins to get my vaccines and my results. For every tests i took i always pray and pray and pray.. until i get my result!! DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! GOOD LUCK!
  13. My wife (and I) had her AOS interview just recently on December 12, 2020. We just got an RFE letter (sent on Dec 31), saying "you must submit a complete form I-693... that shows that you received the Influenza vaccine." She had her K-1 immigration medical exam before coming to the U.S. on 9/30/2019 (when it was NOT flu season), so she didn't get a flu shot. On her DS-3025, it stated she completed all her vaccination requirements. We filed AOS within one year of her overseas medical so we didn't fill out an I-693. We just sent her DS-3025 paperwork with the I-485 AOS package. Shouldn't her flu shot still be waived since her medical exam wasn't during flu season? Do we have to find a civil surgeon and have him give her just the flu shot and fill out the I-693? Will the DS-3025 be valid for her other vaccinations or is she going to have to go through a whole medical/vaccination exam again? Her overseas medical exam expires on 3/29/2021, which is the date we have to turn in the RFE. Thank you.
  14. Hi, We recently just completed the K1 Visa and were married a few days ago (yay!). Now we are adjusting status. She just did her medical exam in the Philippines for the Embassy requirements not 3 months ago. Wondering if we need to do another one for the I-693? I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information on this subject. Thanks ahead of time.
  15. If your beneficiary doesn’t have their vaccine card for the K1 visa medical exam Santo Domingo. How much extra should they bring or do they charge ?
  16. Hi, I know a woman who's 4'7 feet tall (140 cm) and she's worried about going to the medical exam at the consulate because she's worried the doctors might disqualify her because of her height. Her height technically puts her in the dwarf category but she doesn't look like one because she's proportionate. She has never received medical treatment for her height such as growth hormone injections or limb lengthening surgery. Does anyone know if a short height like that is seen as likely to make her a public health charge or disqualify her as handicapped? She's going for an immigrant visa. Answers appreciated.
  17. Hello, I am applying for a CR1 spouse visa, therefore I have to have certain vaccines. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me about their experience during the medical exam, does the doctor administer all missing vaccines at once? If yes then is it healthy to do so? Thank you.
  18. Spouse has been looking all over for the flu vaccine to try and get it before his medical. His GP couldn't give it because of covid iirc, and the pharmacies he's gone to have either put him on a waiting list or just outright told him that they don't have it. He's been trying to get the jab for months now, since the start of the season, with no luck. I expect that we still have some time until we get our interview date and his medical, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any tips or experience with not being able to be vaccinated. What do we do if he's unable to find someplace to jab him before we get the medical? Even though he's not in a vulnerable group for the flu, when he asks for it it's always with the preface that he needs it for immigration purposes. Worst case scenario, is getting documentation that there isn't a vaccine available enough? Thank you for reading 👐
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