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  1. I hope someone can help me! my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview now and so just waiting for the letter but was wondering about the medical exam.. I had mine over a year ago around 1and half years ago done when i was doing my K1visa before i came to USA. Do i have to re-do my medical right before the exam or just bring the old one i have? thank you!
  2. My husband went for his medical exam for the CR-1 immigrant visa on November 27th, 2019. About a week and a half before, we called Clinica Anglo Americana to schedule his appointment. Dra. Lozada and Dr. Corigliano are the two doctors approved by the embassy that do the medical exams at this clinic. I had to call a couple of times, but eventually was able to reach Dra. Claudia Lozada's assistant and book an appointment. The first thing they ask you is your interview date at the embassy, so book that first! . They will also tell you what you need to bring to the medical exam: -Peruvian passport of applicant -Addresses in Peru and USA -Email address -Peru Cell number -Interview letter with case number and interview date They told us to be at the clinic at 7am for the exam. When you arrive first go to the 1 story gray/white building on the left (not the tower) and get your orden de atención. Even though they say your appt is at 7am it really is first come first serve. You just need to tell them which doctor you're seeing and they'll ask if it's for visa, etc. They give you a boleta and then you go over to the tower to the 5th floor. They'll ask for the passport, printed interview letter, and orden de atencion. Then they give you a form to fill out. You give it back to them and wait for them to call your name. Then the Dr./Dra. checks out the applicant. Asks basic questions like if you've had serious illness, who is petitioning for you in the US, listened to chest, checked throat etc. Then you go to two other assistants who fill out the form (that they turn in to the embassy we think?) they take a picture. Then they give you a paper explaining which floors to get which exams done. I will paste the photo here: Then we went to the 6th floor for the vaccines. They were not very nice and they don't have an "order of attention" so it's first come first serve. The wait is long but it's better to stand by the desk so no one cuts in front of you. My husband had to have all 4 vaccines MMR, TDAP, influenza and varicela because his vaccine card from the regional hospital in Pucallpa was not valid (not very official). All 4 vaccines cost 670 which can be paid by card (but at the end of all of the exams). Then we went to the basement for the urine sample, they ask you to sign something and they give you the cup and show you the bathroom to fill it. Then you go up to the 2nd floor and wait in line (with numbers for order) and get your blood drawn and turn in your urine sample. Then you go through the hallway back to the first building (the 1-story building on the left) and follow the signs to the x-ray area. Then you wait in a line and they write your name down and you wait to be called to be x-rayed. Then you go back to the 6th floor to pay for the vaccines, they give you a boleta and papers on what vaccines you were given. Then finally you get to go back to the beginning on the 5th floor and turn everything in to the lady at the desk. In the end you just keep your passport, the boleta of the examen medico (S/1350 in cash for adults), the boleta for the vaccines (S/670 for 4 vaccines—can be paid by card) and the paper that says what day to come back to pick up your results. We went on Nov 27th and were told to come back on Dec 6th. All in all—we arrived at 6:55am (got a little lost at first) and left at 12:40pm!! It took a really long time and there were 10-12 other visa applicants also doing their medical exam that day. Tips! Make sure you take a copy of your interview letter with the case number and interview date, make sure you take cash for the exam fee and for the vaccines (or use card). Take snacks and water because you'll be there a while! But they also have vending machines with snacks, drinks, and coffee. Make sure you get there early so you can get the first orden de atencion and get to the desk first on the 5th floor and 6th floor because it's first come first serve. If you're accompanying your spouse or fiance, take something to do because the wait is long! There are magazines on several of the floors (all in Spanish of course). Be patient :D. I know the USCIS is closing Jan 2020, but hope this can help someone!
  3. I'm currently in the process of preparing my AOS packet and had a couple questions regarding my vaccination records. I know they need to be translated, but does it have to be notarized? And should I take the original record along with the translation when I go for the medical exam? I still haven't scheduled it yet because of this question. I've been seeing a lot of different information online and I'm confused. Thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Hi guys! Hope you can help me. The Civil Surgeon signed my i693 on 10/15/2019 and I applied for aos (marriage based) on 12/24/2019. Recently I received the courtessy letter because of this. The Civil Surgeon and I resigned the form with the new date (02/29/2020) do you know if this will Be Ok for USCIS? We did it this way because the doctor said that the test results were not expired. I have my interview on April 8 and I just want yo be sure that we wont have any problems with this. Thanks in advance!
  5. These sites helped me a lot. https://slec.ph/us-visa-applicants.php#immigrant https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/medical---slec.html God bless!
  6. Good day! I'm going to manila this Tuesday to have my medical exam. I have a pre existing condition(not contagious in any way) and I'm taking maintenance medications for it. I have secured my medical certificate and produced 5 photocopies of it as instructed. However, I have read that there are two physicians (main one? And another from the US counter?) That would interview you. Should I get another original medical certificate then? I have a few days in Manila and we will arrive at around 9am. If I go there at around 1pm (just to see if I can), what time would I end by then? Thank you so much!
  7. Dear god I hope someone can respond to me I am so worried. I have my embassy interview on Friday my medical was last Monday, now even though there was a history of depression in my care summary, I said it was never serious depression and never no thoughts on harming myself. I didn't think it was necessary to disclose this as I've been fine for over three year now, big mistake because they asked for a GP report which has to include the fact I had suicidal thoughts at the time of the depression even though it was never acted on and no other history of harming myself or others, my GP will be shining a good light on my mental health state now but I'm worried the medical team will think I deliberately lied to them, can anybody give me any reassurance as to what they think will happen based on your experience, If I will get a chance to explain at the embassy should they ask me? Don't think the GP report will be done in time for my interview though so I may not get that chance, do you think this is reasons for denial on a k1 visa?
  8. Good day! I would like to ask for some input about the medical exam and interview? How long do I need to get take the medical exam before the interview? I am going to Manila Embassy in the Philippines. Is it the same for every country? Any input will be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys! I probably have posted a lot of questions here and I'm very sorry bout it. But here is another one. 😅 I was wondering if I can take the medical exam like maybe 20 days before the interview? I have read some that did their medical before and was advised not to because of validity? Any info on this? Thank you!
  10. Hello all, I just get the the interview letter from NVC by email. Will that be enough to bring for medical exam or I have to wait the physical letter to arrive by mail? Thank you!
  11. Hi, We recently just completed the K1 Visa and were married a few days ago (yay!). Now we are adjusting status. She just did her medical exam in the Philippines for the Embassy requirements not 3 months ago. Wondering if we need to do another one for the I-693? I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information on this subject. Thanks ahead of time.
  12. Hello guys, I received a date for my husband's interview, and have registered online to schedule an appointment for his medical exam. Has anyone here completed the interview process before completing the medical exam and what was your experience? Thanks
  13. 2 days ago our I-129F application was approved and is now headed to the NVC. I understand the next step involves scheduling the medical exam and obtaining all the necessary documents for it. However, my fiancée and I are worrying over how she will even find them. She is originally from South Africa but moved to the UK 7 years ago so she can no longer access any medical records from SA. She is currently a student in the UK and is only registered with the campus medical center GP. Is it possible for her to retreive her medical/vaccination records/summary from the university GP? If not, is there some other method we can go about to make sure she has the sufficient information? If she can't obtain any vaccination records will she be required to complete all necessary shots again? Thanks.
  14. I completed my medical exam in Montreal and thought I would add another review. Being in Montreal has been a challenge as many people have a hard time speaking English. Perhaps I am the only person who finds the irony in having to travel to Quebec for a US immigrant visa. When staying in Downtown Montreal you are within walking distance everywhere. I arrived a half hour early and it was easy to find as I had google earthed prior. My 5 year old and I went up to the 22nd floor. As soon as we entered the office I was overwhelmed by the volume of people. I would prepare yourself if you don't like crowds. I checked in at reception and she asked for: 5 passport photos, vaccination records, passports, letter confirming consulate appointment. She gave me forms to fill out which included the intended US address. The questionnaire asks things like if you have been hospitalized, blood disorders, drug addiction, mental health history, etc. I filled everything out and my son had to go to the bathroom. I needed to go but the receptionist said I could not do my urine test as it had to be supervised by a nurse. I asked how long it would be and she said she had no idea. We sat down and my name got called pretty quick to do the chest x-ray. The lady was really nice especially considering my son didn't want to leave the toys. I got undressed from the waste up and put a gown on. There were a total of 3 people doing this test at the same time. There were change rooms side by side which me (female), another female and a male all got undressed. I have to admit I was surprised they would do the exam with mixed genders. The guy who was there looked like he could be fun and I could've cared less if he got a peek. But not everyone would be thrilled about that. They did my x-ray first which I appreciated as my son was on the verge of a meltdown. They gave him two candy canes for being good. I wished the female and male good luck as I left. We sat down again and it was around a half an hour before the doctor came out. My son had a tantrum and I was embarrassed. The waiting area had turned into a circus with at least a half dozen kids running wild. The area feels small when there are so many people. The office is extremely busy and it's easy to not hear your name. They should consider investing in an intercom. I was surprised by how many more men there were than women. The view of Montreal was great and there is a play area for young children. The doctor brought me into her office and she was very genuine. She was thorough and went through our medical history. My son and I completed our physical exams. I took everything off except my bra and underwear. The wait felt longer when we got to the vaccination part. It must have been 2 hours after we got there. By then the urge to pee was so bad it was hard to think of anything else. I got brought in by two women to do the physical exam/vaccinations. I explained how desperate I was to use the restroom. One of the girls got me a cup right away and the receptionist was correct someone must stand outside the door. After I was done I handed her my sample. I did an eye test both with and without glasses. They took weight/height measurements along with blood pressure. They went through my vaccine history and I hadn't had a TDAP shot in over 20 years. It was $40 and my son's flu shot was $25. They took blood from me. They took my word I had my flu shot and I brought blood test results to prove I had chicken pox. We went back to the waiting area where we were told to wait at least 15 minutes after our vaccines. At this point it had been over 3 hours and my son was really melting down. The receptionist saw my desperation and rang the bill for myself and my young child. The bill after taxes came to $747. She said the results should be ready Friday (today is Tues) which was sooner than what was said when I called (he said 4 days). They said if there is any type of issue they would call the number you put on the form. I felt everyone who worked there was very friendly. It is a much higher volume medical service lab than I expected. Everything is done in office so you don't have to go anywhere. After we were finished we walked over to Eaton Center and had supper.
  15. If your beneficiary doesn’t have their vaccine card for the K1 visa medical exam Santo Domingo. How much extra should they bring or do they charge ?
  16. Hi everyone, One question : Do I need a second medical exam for AOS after the K1 medical exam (my exam took place in October 2019)? I read that I don't need it on USCIS website but a civil surgeon must confirm required vaccinations (DS-3025 form) and certify l-693 form (on visa journey). I gave the complete file to the officer at my K1 visa interview in Montréal and the officer give me back my DS-3025 at the end. Everything was okay and I was approved. Thank you for your help!
  17. This is a review and run-down of my experience with Dr Cheema and his office when getting my medical exam for my Spousal Visa. My visa interview is on December 10th, 2019 at 7:30am. Before the appointment: I contacted Dr Cheema's office through email on Thursday November 15th, 2019 and did not get a reply yet on the following Wednesday. On Wednesday, I followed up with them and received a phone call right away. The lady on the phone was very nice and calm, she apologized for missing the email and gave me all the information I needed and booked my appointment as well for Thursday November 28th, 2019 at 10:30am. I'm currently pregnant, so I asked her if I needed to go earlier due to their website saying that pregnant applicants needs to go to Vancouver to do their X-rays and will need 10 days for the results to come back. She said it was fine, and they now do the x-rays at the same place in Surrey. She also told me that I didn't need to bring five passport photos (as stated on their website) because they will take the photo when you are at the office. Make sure you collect all necessary documents that is listed on their website. It will make everything go a lot smoother. I saw families have to pay a lot of money for getting their shots at Dr Cheema's office. Passport Government issued ID (eg. drivers license) Appointment letter/ Email from the NVC Immunization Records - If you were born in Canada/ have gone to elementary school/ high school in Canada, you can go to your city's public health centre to obtain your immunization records. You'll also need to get a flu shot (between October and February). Payment - $350 (cash or debit only) During the appointment: On the day of the appointment, I arrived at approx 10:20am. If you're driving, there is plenty of parking in the parking lot of the plaza that their office is located in. Upon arrival, I told the front desk that I was here for my medical exam, they told me to take a seat and wait for my name to be called. The secretary in the front called me shortly after, she collected all my documents, photocopied them and returned them to me. Payment was made at this time and a receipt is given. My photo was also taken at this time. I was then given 3 forms to fill out while seated. Just your basic information like date of birth, name, address, address in the US and such. After that, I returned the forms and sat down to wait to be called again. At about 11:20am approx an hour after I entered the office, I was called to an examination room. The lady who brought me in, took my weight and height. She then told me to please turn off my cell phone while in the examination room. Then Dr Cheema came in, he asked me questions very quickly, such as if I had mental health problems, if I do drugs.. etc. He breezed through them. He quickly listen to my chest, asked me to cover one eye and read him a letter, cover the other eye and read him a letter. Asked to lie down, since I was pregnant, he didn't press my abdomen. Then he left the room. From the time he came in and out, it was a total of three minutes. Only 3 minutes! The nurse came in to show me the address for the next two locations I needed to go to. Westcoast imaging and Life labs. She also told me I can pick up my medical exam results on Monday after 4pm or anytime the following days. You're given all the forms needed for your X-rays, blood tests and urine test. Xrays/ blood test/ urine test: Once you leave the doctors office, West coast Imaging is the first place to go in terms of distance. It's a new building, therefore it is no longer at the same location as the life labs. There is parking behind the building of West coast imaging. Walked in, gave the front desk my papers and waited for about 10 minutes. I was then called inside, given a smock like apron and asked to change. If you're pregnant, make sure to tell the X-ray person you're pregnant. They'll give you extra protective layers around your pelvis and abdomen. Since it is chest x-ray only. Next is Life labs for your blood test and urine test. They're located on the second floor. I walked in at approx 12:20pm and checked in at the front desk. Then you just sit and wait. They have a TV displaying how any people are in front of you and how long you have to wait. However, the wait time is just an estimate. I waited approx 35 minutes when the TV displayed that the wait would be 20 mins. One you're called up again, you show the lady your papers and ID. Then you for your blood test and also urine test. I was out of life labs by 1:05pm. Pick up day: Pick up is back at Dr Cheema's office. Since I'm lucky enough to live in the Vancouver area, I chose not to go pick up my medical exam results on the day it was finished. I've heard that sometimes the results may not be ready on the day. So I went in on following Wednesday. Upon arrival, I told the front desk that I'm here to pick up the results, showed her my ID and she gave me two packages. One said "DO NOT OPEN" and that is the one that you need to take to take with you to the interview. The other smaller package was not sealed, inside it contained a CD of my X-rays and also my vaccination records from Dr Cheema. The front desk told me that the CD is for me to bring with me when I enter the US for the first time after the interview. If the custom officers ask for it, then I will give it to them. The vaccination records are just for my own keeping. She wished me luck on my interview and I was on my way. Hope my review for the medical exam from Dr Cheema was helpful!! Thank you for reading and good luck with your own medical exam and interview!
  18. My medical examination schedule is March 19, 2019. I arrived in Manila on March 18 and stayed in Time Travellers Hotel near St. Lukes Extension Clinic. Its a nice hotel with a good price. Good air conditioning, with table and chairs, nice queen sized bed, it has fridge with 2 complimentary bottled water, nice shower with heater, they also provide toiletries(toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner) with 2 bath towels. It also has telivision but no cable. The wifi is only for 1 day use and for one phone only. 1st DAY 3:30 AM - Rode a tricycle (i don't know what they call it coz its different from a tricycle) going to St lukes for less than a minute from the hotel where i stayed. I decided not to walk because some people said that it is dangerous to walk there specially when its dark because there are some pickpocketers. 3:31 AM - Fall in line. Luckily only few people where in line. 4:30-5 AM - Time to enter the building.. the guard took: My passport, 1 photocopy of my passport, 1 copy of NVC letter with MNL case number, 4 pcs 2x2 photo, and 1 copy of online registration form and handed me a number, I was number 36. (RED in color for one applicant and GREEN in color for 2 or more applicant (family or with child). Your photo should be 2x2 in size , not a passport size with white background and should be on glossy photo paper. No eye glasses, no earings or necklace its not allowed or else the guard will ask you to come back again. 5-5:30 AM - They started to call out numbers and assist me to the window on the 1st floor. On the window I gave the documents with my passport and pictures to the lady and then she asked some questions like: Am i married? Do i have kids? and Where in the US do i wish to travel? Then she for my right index finger for biometrics(4 times) & sign a paper, and asked me to look at the camera for picture. She gave me a checklist then asked me to proceed to 5th floor for payment. 6 AM - The guard on duty took my checklist and asked me to wait until she called my name then proceed to the cashier for payment. After paying, the cashier told me to go to 4th floor for blood & urine test. 6:45 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor and they asked me for my passport and told me to wait. During blood test the nurse asked my name and who sponsored me to go to the U.S. then asked me when was the last time i peed and then told me to proceed to the urine test. (They were asking when was the last time you peed because it depends if your going to take the urine test right after the blood test or not, i guess it should be 1 hour before you last peed.) I proceed to the urine test area then the nurse took my checklist and asked my name and then she gave a container for urine sample. The urine sample must be just right amount.. not below the line.. and do not add water in it.. it can be over the line but just a little bit.. do not fill the container too much or else the nurse will ask you to repeat the test after 1 hour. Then the nurse gave back my checklist and told me to go to 3rd floor for Xray. 7:15 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor then asked me to fill up a form. She also asked when was my last menstruation. (Write the exact date) I waited for my name to be called then the receptionist gave back my checklist and give a number and then told me to proceed to Xray room. I wore a hospital gown, removed my bra and tied my hair up. (Dont worry they have a dressing room. But dont leave your bag and clothes take it with you) Then wait again for my number to be called for Xray test. The nurse at the Xray room asked me to follow me the right breathing for the test. After the test the nurse told me to proceed to 2nd floor for immunization. 7:25 AM - I gave my checklist to the reception area on the 2nd floor then they gave a form to fill up and gave back to them and told me to wait for my name to be called. 9:30 AM - My name was called and ask me to proceed to the Doctors area on the immunization area. The doctor asked about my name, my birthday and age and my sponsor. She also asked about my past illnesses, if i take medicines, if i had vaccines, when was my first and last menstruation..etc.. basically about my health. You should listen attentively to the doctor. After that she asked me to proceed to 5th floor for physical exam. 9:35 AM - I gave my checklist to the guard then she put it in the box in the blood pressure area (i forgot what they call it) then i waited for my name to be called. 1st the nurse took my weight and height. wait for my name to be called again. 2nd took my blood pressure. wait again. 3rd proceeded to eye test then gave back my checklist and ask me to give it to the US counter.. and then wait again for my physical exam. 11:35 - The long wait is over.. The USA counter called my name and handed me a number and ask me to proceed to room 7. I waited again. Inside room 7, the doctor asked for my passport, sign on logbook, then asked me so many questions about: If i take medicines, if i have illnesses like tb..etc.., if i have allergies, (just like the questions in the doctors area) then the doctor asked if i had suicide attempts, what i finished in school.. and then she asked me to change to hospital gown and took off my socks, I didnt took off my underwear including my bra. The doctor ask me to lay down on the bed then she asked me to bend my knees and checked my abdomen, my wrist, then asked me to sit and checked my neck, then she told me to stand up and then she checked my lower back.. then thats it! I said thank you to the doctor. 11:55 - I gave my checklist to the USA counter on the 5th floor then wait again for my name to be called. 12:30 - My name was called and the lady ask me to go back tomorrow for my result. TIPS!! Food is not allowed inside the clinic so better to eat before your medical exam. You can bring water inside, if you didnt its okay because there are water fountains inside. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes that are easily to take off. Do not wear complicated clothes or shoes. I suggest you wear slip on shoes. Bring jacket with you because its cold inside the clinic. Listen attentively. Leave your earphones behind. If you have past medications or baby book, bring it with you. Listen carefully and attentively to the nurses and doctors so it wont cause you any delay. 2nd day My time schedule is 9am but i went there at 7am. I went directly to the guard he took my checklist and stamp saying "immunization room 2nd floor" I went to 2nd floor and give my checklist to the reception area and wait my name to be called. My name was called then I proceed to Immunization room 2nd floor and the nurse ask for my passport, my name and when is my 1st and last menstruation what is the name of my fiance. Then i get my vaccines. (I had 2 vaccines, anti-tetanus and MMR.) The nurse ask me to proceed to 1st floor for my result. Then i waited for my name to be called. On window F the lady ask for my passport, my name, my address and ask me to check the documents if it has my correct name, address, MNL case number and passport number. Then she asked me to take pictures of the copy of my vaccination record using my phone.She handed me the envelope that says "DO NOT OPEN" that i have to bring to the interview (I think it contains all the records/results of my medical examination) Then she also handed me the vaccination record that i have to bring to the USA. I waited about 30-40 mins to get my vaccines and my results. For every tests i took i always pray and pray and pray.. until i get my result!! DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! GOOD LUCK!
  19. Hi everyone, I never found much in the way of reviews of the Medical Process for the K1 visa pertaining to Sydney Drs so i thought Id write one. I got my K1 Visa Packet 3 on 26/2/18 so i went about booking in for my medical; There were two Drs in Sydney that do the medicals but when i rang the first one (George St) the Dr was actually on leave until the day my interview was scheduled. I rang OCNLST to arrange my appointment and was told to email the nurse (nurse@ocnlst.com.au) to arrange this. I received an email back around 30min later which asked me when my interview was scheduled and then once i had replied they sent back that i was tentatively booked in for 19th March 2018, 8 days prior to my interview. Once i confirmed my appointment (they need around a week between appointment & interview). I had to email to the nurse more than 5 days prior to the appointment: copy of passport, Case number, personal details, my address in the USA that i will be living and then send a copy of my GP summary, immunisation records, serology results (if done) and then medication list (if applicable). I also had to answer a few other simple question: 1. have i lived overseas for more than 12 months and where i was born. It also explained that i would to bring on the day - valid passport, 6 AUSTRALIAN passport photos (all identical), large express post envelope and your confirmation letter of interview (i printed out my email which was fine). Fast forward to 18/3/18 - i live in Adelaide so i flew into Sydney on the evening before to make sure i didn't get stuck with cancelled flights etc. I stayed the night at Travelodge Martin Place which was more than adequate for the night i actually caught the train from the airport to Martin Place station which was honestly dead easy and I grabbed an Opal card at the airport station and the attendant there gave me clear instructions on how to get to Martin Place which was awesome. My appointment was at 9.30am but was asked to be there at 9am to see the nurse first. I arrived in Sydney quite late in the end so i checked out of the hotel at about 8am so i could walk down and find the medical centre early and then grabbed coffee and some breakfast which was about a 5-7 minute walk mainly downhill. I arrived at the medical centre at about 8.45am and was told the nurse was actually off sick so the receptionist gave me 2 urine sample pots, took my express post envelope and my photos and i waited to see Dr Aldous. Im not going to lie, i was a little nervous lol. I initially couldn't pee which wasn't a huge issue - i drank about 750mls of water sitting there and eventually managed to go . I got called into the Dr at around 9.40am and we went through all the paperwork initially - i am a nurse so luckily i have extensive vaccination records and i advise that you get your GP to do all your serologies prior to your appointment especially if you don't have your vaccination records. Its not a big deal to get them done there, you just pay for them whereas your GP will bill them on Medicare. The actually exam took all of 10 minutes lol - height, weight and BP initially, then i had to do a quick eye test. I then changed into a gown and she felt my neck, abdomen and groin lymph nodes and made me cough to check for hernias. She then listened to my heart and lungs and i hopped up and had to walk in a straight line, bend over to touch toes and squat to the floor. I was surprised that i didn't need any pelvic exam and the Dr explained that they no longer require an external genitalia check. i then changed back into my clothes and we sat down and discussed what was next - bloods for syphilis check and then urine samples for gonorrhoea etc and then my chest x-ray which had a TB checklist that you need to have the radiologist fill in. She then explained that assuming results from bloods, urine and chest x-ray are fine then all is good. The bloods was actually the slowest part. The blood nurse took FOREVER lol and there was probably 4 others waiting as well. I paid for the pathology testing on the spot - $70 and they ONLY take card payments. I then had to walk approx 10 minutes to have my chest x-ray done (uphill lol) (City X-Ray on Macquarie Street) and that was really quick. I walked in and within 5minutes was having my xray done, then i went out and paid $80 and waited around another 5minutes and they returned my checklist and gave me a CD which you need to hang onto to give to Immigration when you arrive at your POE in the US so DON'T LOSE IT I then walked back to the Medical Centre (much quicker as all downhill lol) and then handed the form to the receptionist (might be nurse if they are there) and paid for my medical $335 and they told me the results of the bloods and urine would be back either this afternoon or morning and then they forward everything in the envelope you gave them to the embassy and then will send a copy of it all to me as well that you also need to give over at the POE in the US and you CANNOT OPEN IT. It was all more straightforward than i expected. I was all done by about 12.30pm and so i grabbed some lunch and then headed back to airport which i have to say was a PITA lol - the trains were actually not working so Uber it was.... Hope this helps someone
  20. Finding an Authorized Civil Surgeon or Panel Physician When you apply for a green card (adjustment of status) in the United States, you usually need to have a medical examination. The exam must be done by a doctor who is authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS designates certain doctors (also known as civil surgeons) to perform the medical exam required for most Green Card applicants. Military physicians are authorized to perform immigration medical exams at a military treatment facility within the United States for U.S. veterans, members of the U.S. military and designated dependents. Immigration medical examinations performed outside the United States and its territories must be done by a panel physician. Panel physicians are different from civil surgeons. Panel physicians are designated by the Department of State and provide immigration medical examinations required as part of visa processing at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad. Click here to find USCIS Civil Surgeons in the US Click here to find Depart of State Panel Physicians overseas
  21. Introduction These Questions and Answers provide basic information about the general vaccination requirements for immigrants (including individuals seeking adjustment of status), and specifically about the assessment made by the civil surgeon to determine whether an applicant meets the vaccination requirements. These Questions and Answers do not address the vaccination assessments conducted by panel physicians overseas. For refugees only, health departments may be considered a civil surgeon for purposes of completing the vaccination record. Related Forms --o USCIS Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record Background Under the immigration laws of the United States, a foreign national who applies for an immigrant visa abroad, or who seeks to adjust status to a permanent resident while in the United States, is required to receive vaccinations to prevent the following diseases: --o Mumps --o Measles --o Rubella --o Polio --o Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids --o Pertussis --o Haemophilus influenzae type B --o Hepatitis B --o Any other vaccine-preventable diseases recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) is an advisory committee to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that recommends immunizations for the general U.S. population. Starting Dec.14, 2009, when the ACIP recommends new vaccines for the general U.S. population, CDC will assess whether these vaccines should be required for immigration purposes on a regular and on an as-needed basis according to specific criteria set by CDC. CDC is responsible for publishing the Technical Instructions for the Medical Examination of Aliens in the United States. These documents set the requirements for the immigrant medical examination and are binding on civil surgeons. The Technical Instructions include a vaccination component, specifying how the civil surgeon has to conduct the vaccination assessment. The civil surgeon records the results of the medical examination, including the results of the vaccination assessment, on USCIS Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. If a foreign national applies for an immigrant visa abroad, that individual has to receive the medical examination by a panel physician designated by the U.S. Department of State (DOS). CDC issues separate instructions to panel physicians designated by DOS to conduct medical examinations abroad. For more information about panel physicians, please consult DOS' website at https://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/info/info_3739.html. Questions and Answers Q. Where can I find information about vaccinations in general? A. CDC publishes information about vaccinations in general and information about the vaccine requirements for immigration purposes at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/. Q. Why do immigrants and adjustment of status applicants have to show proof they have received certain vaccinations? A. In 1996, Congress provided in legislation that every immigrant entering the United States, or every individual seeking adjustment of status to that of a legal permanent resident, show proof that he or she was vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases. The text for this requirement is in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), section 212(a)(1)(A)(ii). Q. How does the CDC decide which vaccines are required for immigration purposes? A. Some of the vaccines that are required are specifically listed in the INA. In addition to these, the statute also requires that an individual receive any other vaccinations recommended by the ACIP. CDC uses the following criteria in determining which of these recommended vaccines should be required for immigration purposes: --o The vaccine must be an age-appropriate vaccine as recommended by the ACIP for the general U.S. population, and --o At least one of the following: --o The vaccine must protect against a disease that has the potential to cause an outbreak; or --o The vaccine must protect against a disease eliminated in the United States, or is in the process of being eliminated in the United States. Q. I am seeking immigrant status in the United States but had a medical examination abroad by a panel physician; I also received some vaccines. Do I have to repeat the medical examination and get the vaccines again? A. Please read the instructions to Form I-693 to determine if you must repeat the medical examination, including the vaccination assessment, based on your current status in the United States. Q. How do I know which vaccines are required for immigration purposes? A. A civil surgeon is required to follow the Technical Instructions for the Examination of Aliens in the United States, including the 2009 Technical Instructions to Civil Surgeons for Vaccinations, and any updates published online. CDC publishes the vaccination requirements and medical examination instructions (including a detailed table listing all required vaccines) at cdc.gov Q. Do I have to receive all the required vaccines, even though I have been vaccinated before? A. No. The civil surgeon will review your vaccination records at the time of your medical examination to see whether you have proof of earlier vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases that are appropriate for your age category. It is important that you take any written vaccination documentation you may have to the civil surgeon when you have your immigration medical examination. If you lack any vaccinations required for your age category, the civil surgeon will administer the vaccines as needed. In the alternative, you can also choose to obtain the required vaccines from your private healthcare provider. However, because only a civil surgeon is authorized to complete the vaccination assessment on the Form I-693, you must return to the civil surgeon with the proof that you have received the missing vaccines. In addition, some individuals are immune to vaccine-preventable diseases, and they know of the immunity because their private healthcare provider has tested them. If you have any written evidence of immunity, you should take this documentation to your civil surgeon. This will enable the civil surgeon to determine which vaccines you need to receive. Q. Do I have to receive all the vaccines on CDC's vaccination list for the immigrant population, or only the ones that are age appropriate? A. You are required to document receipt of vaccines that are age appropriate for you. The civil surgeon will annotate Form I-693 to indicate that you were not required to receive a particular vaccine because it was not age appropriate at the time of the medical examination. Q. Do I have to receive all the vaccines that are on CDC's list and that are age appropriate, although I may have a medical condition that prevents me from receiving the required vaccines? A. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from receiving a vaccine that is appropriate for your age, the civil surgeon will annotate the Form I-693 accordingly and mark the vaccine as contraindicated. A contraindication is a condition that prevents you from receiving a particular vaccine. CDC lists in its Technical Instructions what is considered a contraindication. It is up to the civil surgeon to determine whether you have such a condition that prevents you from receiving a particular vaccine at the time of the immigration medical examination. Q. Certain vaccine series can only be completed with multiple visits to the civil surgeon. Am I required to complete the entire series before the civil surgeon can sign the Form I-693? A. You are only required to receive a single dose of each vaccine when you visit the civil surgeon. You are encouraged to follow up with your private health care provider to complete the series. Once you have received the single dose appropriate at the time, the civil surgeon can sign and certify the Form I-693. Q. I am pregnant and do not wish to receive any vaccinations. Do I still have to get them to be able to obtain permanent resident status in the United States? A. If you are pregnant, the CDC's Technical Instructions direct the civil surgeon how to evaluate the vaccines you are able to receive during pregnancy. If the civil surgeon cannot safely administer a required vaccine, he/she will annotate the Form I-693 by marking the vaccine as contraindicated. See link to the right for information on pregnancy and vaccinations in general. Q. Can the civil surgeon safely administer all vaccines that are required all at once? A. The civil surgeon will let you know if you can receive all the vaccines at once, or if there is a concern based on your particular medical condition that will not allow you to receive all required vaccines at once. Q. When does the flu season start for purposes of the seasonal flu vaccine requirement? Since the seasonal flu vaccine is required, do I have to get the seasonal flu vaccine if it is not the flu season? A. For purposes of the immigration medical examination, the flu season starts on October 1 and ends on March 31 each year. If your immigration medical examination is during this period, you are required to have the seasonal flu vaccine. If you have an immigration medical examination completed between April 1 and September 30, when it is not the flu season for immigration purposes, you are not required to document that you have received the seasonal flu vaccine. Q. I heard that the vaccine against herpes zoster (zoster) and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are required vaccines. Is this true? A. From Aug. 1, 2008, until Dec. 13, 2009, the zoster and the HPV were required vaccines for immigration purposes. However, the zoster vaccine was not available from Aug. 1, 2008, through Dec. 13, 2009, and USCIS posted a message on the Web to inform civil surgeons they could annotate the vaccination record with "not available" if they were not able to obtain the vaccine. In 2009, CDC changed the vaccination requirements based on ACIP's recommendations. As of Dec. 14, 2009, the zoster and the HPV vaccine were no longer required. Q. I had my immigration medical examination before Dec. 14, 2009, before the zoster and HPV vaccines were eliminated. I was required to have one of them, but did not receive it. My Form I-693 says that I refused to have the HPV or zoster vaccine. Will my I-693 be returned or my application denied? A. On Dec. 14, 2009, vaccines against herpes zoster (zoster) and HPV are no longer required. It is irrelevant that you did not receive either the zoster or the HPV because beginning on Dec. 14, 2009; you are no longer inadmissible solely because you did not have the vaccine. USCIS will not return your Form I-693, nor will it deny your application because you did not receive the vaccine. Q. Who pays for the vaccinations? A. The applicant is responsible for paying the appropriate fee for all vaccinations directly to the civil surgeon, as agreed upon with the civil surgeon. You should ask about the price of the vaccinations before the medical examination or the administration of the vaccinations. Q. Can I be forced to be vaccinated for immigration purposes? A. If you refuse to receive the vaccines required for immigration purposes, as mandated by the immigration laws of the United States, your application for legal permanent resident status may be denied. Q. What will happen if I refuse to receive one or all of the required vaccines? A. Tell the civil surgeon if you do not wish to receive the required vaccines or a particular vaccine. You should also tell the civil surgeon the reason you do not wish to receive the vaccine(s). In this case, a waiver may be available to you, but only under the following circumstances: --o You are opposed to vaccinations in any form– that is, you cannot obtain a waiver based on an objection only as to one vaccination --o Your objection must be based on religious beliefs or moral convictions; and --o The religious or moral beliefs must be sincere. The form used to apply for a waiver depends on the adjustment category under which you are seeking legal permanent residence status. For example, refugees and asylees seeking adjustment of status should file Form I-602, Application by Refugee for Waiver of Grounds of Excludability. Individuals seeking adjustment of status as a result of an approved Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, or Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, would file Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility. Q. My civil surgeon says that a vaccine is currently not available. What should I do? A. Ask the civil surgeon whether another health care provider may have the vaccine. If another physician or department or pharmacy carries the vaccine and can administer the vaccine, you should get the vaccine and request documentation that you have received the vaccine. Bring the written record back to the civil surgeon so that s/he can complete the Form I-693. HHS/CDC monitors which vaccines are not available in the United States, or which vaccines may experience a shortage. If CDC determines there is a nation-wide shortage of a vaccine, it will recommend to USCIS to post a message on www.uscis.gov to explain to applicants and civil surgeons whether the vaccine is required and under what circumstances. The information is available on USCIS’ Form I-693 page, the Immigration Medical Examination page, or the Designated Civil Surgeon page. Q. Will USCIS accept a Form I-693 if the vaccination chart is incomplete? A. No. The vaccination chart should have at least one entry in each row for each vaccine. If the vaccination chart is not properly completed at the time of the medical examination, USCIS may return the Form I-693 to you with instructions on how to correct it. If you refuse a vaccine because of religious or moral reasons, the civil surgeon will mark this on the Form I-693. In this case, you will have to apply for a waiver. Q: Where can I find more information about the vaccination requirements for immigration purposes and how these requirements affect the completion of Form I-693? A. CDC publishes the Technical Instructions including the vaccination component cdc.gov For more information about the civil surgeon program, the completion of Form I-693, or the adjustment of status application, please visit www.uscis.gov, or call USCIS’ National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833).
  22. Hi everyone! i just have a quick question, my wife is scheduled for her AOS interview next month and i wanted to ask if she would need another medical exam from a civil surgeon. we filed or I-485 after one year of her medical so i assume she would need another medical since it was over a year already. just wanted to confirm if anyone here had the same experience and did take another medical exam. her medical exam was dated October 2017 and we didn’t file for AOS until February 2019. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello, how looks procedure for medical examination if I'm pregnant and is there any possibility that can affect my case somehow. I found out that I have to take tetanus diphteria and what are consequences if that is forbidden for my situation? My medical exam will be soon so I'm worried.
  24. I am curious to find out during what hours did your medical examinations take place. Were they early in the morning or later in the afternoon? Thank you in advance
  25. A general tip for people AOSing. Check the processing times for your field office before getting the medical exam (I693) done. NYC is at 12-19 months for family-based AOS and 9-21.5 months for employment-based. I've had several clients get an RFE and have to pay for another exam because their first expired. The rule is that the exam must have been received by USCIS within one year of adjudication of the case. When received, the exam can't be older than a year old. Policy Alert - Validity of I-693 You can always get the exam done at a later date and submit at the interview, reducing the chances you'll have to spend double on those not so cheap exams.
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