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  1. Okay let me try to explain clear as possible. Anyone with accurate information would be great. My wifey just got her Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment In Mumbai, India. But herself she lives in Mohali, India. My only quick question is. Does she have to get her medical exam done in Mumbai? Or can she get it done in Mohali, India aswell?
  2. hey guys! I am at the stage of sending everything in to the NVC for my husbands I-130. he has to do his medical exams very soon. I know they have to show proof of vaccination records. the list of required vaccinations I found on the NVC website and the USCIS website differ from each other. has anybody gone through this just now and can confirm which ones will be required to show proof of or blood test to show proof of immunity. thank you!
  3. I checked online and the Bangkok Embassy has received my packet (they have 2 case files which is weird). Either way I want to know: Can we get order the police certificate and medical exam now or do we have to wait for the actual packet 3 letter? I want to do the medical ASAP because it takes 2 weeks to get all the results when you do it in Chiang Mai. Also for the vaccinations, is my fiance required to get all of them or as many as she can? Is there a test to see which ones she has? Other than recently her 'medical records' are spotty. Thanks!! P.S. Looking for Thailand specific answers please.
  4. Liberty&Shaba

    Medical Exam in Haiti

    Hi everyone, We are ready to schedule our medical exam with one of the doctors listed by the embassy. We have heard bad things about Dr Michel Théard and good things about Dr. Henold Buteau BUT we just talked to Dr. Buteau and he said he is no longer doing medical exams for the embassy. So we are considering between Dr. Jacqueline Gautier/Dr Jude Saint Phard at Hopital St. Demain or Dr Bernard Bouchereau. I'm hoping some recent K1 filers in Haiti can help us choose between them. What have your recent experiences been?
  5. Hi there, I've got a question for anyone that may be experienced with this situation or have any good advice: My fiance had his medical exam this morning in Ankara, Turkey and everything went well except for one thing: Hasan had tuberculosis as a small child (obviously has cleared up since then) but his medical records were lost when his childhood hospital moved locations. He informed the doctor at his exam that he had TB as a kid but it was cleared up, but he does have scarring on this lungs (typical). The doctor told him that they would need to administer two additional TB tests, all on separate days (three total). Here's where the problem arises: He completed one today during his initial medical exam, will do one tomorrow (Tuesday) and one Wednesday. However, his visa interview is at 8:40AM on Wednesday. The hospital told him after completion of all three TB tests they would send his records to the Embassy in Ankara. Is this going to heavily delay our visa process at all? Assuming all else goes well at his interview, will they simply be able to send the medical documents to the Embassy post-interview, review them upon receipt, and then make a decision without my fiance having to return to the Embassy since he already completed his interview? We're very frustrated with this becuase he initially scheduled his medical examination for 5 days prior to his interview but they rescheduled on him becuase the doctors were going to be at a conference. Had he been able to do his medical when he originally planned, this overlapping of events would not be happening.. Thanks for your help and input. We're so, so, so close to being done and everything has gone smoothly thus far, so this setback is very frustrating. Regards, Mallory & Hasan
  6. Hey All, I haven't really seen any description of the medical examination here in Chennai, so I thought I'd describe what it was like for my wife (the applicant) and me. Our interview date (Sep. 1, 2017) got fixed on August 1, 2017. We immediately called the Apollo clinic and made an appointment for August 14 and August 16. Note you are required to be there for at least two days; one day for the examination and one day to pick up the results. Because August 15 was a holiday (Independence day), we had to stay for 3 days. In general, it seemed like they had a lot of open/free dates and getting an appointment wasn't really an issue. We were told to show up at 8 am. The Apollo hospital has an entire floor dedicated to visa medical examinations (US, UK, Canada, and Australia); we filed out some forms and were immediately ushered into a room where my wife gave a blood sample, followed by a urine sample, followed by x-rays. At this point, the receptionist informed us that the panel physician would not be in until 11:30 AM!! Why they asked us to show up at 8 am wasn't very clear. I'd recommend if you're making an appointment to ask when the doctor is going to be in and schedule your appointment roughly 1.5 hours prior to this time. Anyways, we went and got some breakfast. We came back at 10:45 AM and paid the medical examination fees (12,500 INR) and then spent another two hours waiting for the doctor. The doctor's examination was really brief and most of it was spent filling out paperwork required by the US consulate. The doctor did a very brief physical examination and then reviewed my wife's vaccination history. Quick side-note about vaccines -- The list of "required" vaccines is provided on the following website (link here). My wife had zero records of past vaccinations. When we saw the list on the NVC website, she was a bit worried about getting SOO many vaccines all at once. So starting ~2-3 months prior we got some blood tests done to prove immunity to a bunch of disease and started getting the remainder of the vaccines slowly. However, we were kind of surprised to learn during the medical examination that the follow vaccines for someone her age were not required (31 year old female) - Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningicoccal, Pneumonococcal. So my advice to people who have little or no vaccination records, and don't mind getting 4-6 injections all at once : wait until the official medical examination. The number of required vaccines may be far less than you think! The doctors finally recommended one additional vaccine, which a nurse gave. At the end the nurse at the desk told us that we'd receive a phone call by noon two days later if there was anything wrong. If there was no phone call, she said we could come by 4 PM to pick up our results. We came back two days later and picked up our sealed envelope as well as a certified copy of her vaccination history (we asked for a separate copy of this as I think it's useful to have when my wife searches for jobs or if she chooses to go back to school in the US). In summary, the medical exam is actually really short. The problem is there's like constant waiting between every step - 1.5 hour wait for the doctor, 30 minute line to pay the fees, 30 minute wait for the nurse to go get the vaccine, 30 minutes to wait for an x-ray, etc. Bring a book!
  7. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    Hi there! In a nutshell: application was approved October 11th, flash forward and case was sent from NVC to U.S. Embassy in London on November 28th. Its December 13th and we are apparently waiting on a letter that allows us to book the medical, and then the interview? This letter has still not arrived. Should we be concerned? Do we reach out to the embassy, or the NVC for the letter? The procedure is unclear as it says that we should start making all appointments, but that we need this letter (thats never come) to do so. A little lost - thanks for any guidance here!
  8. Tiedyeshirt

    Drugs on Medical Summary

    My husband has his Knightsbridge exam in a couple weeks— Recreational marijuana use is listed on his medical summary, and would likely be included on any letter explaining anxiety as it is related (he is currently on medication for anxiety that was triggered by drugs, for which he sought medical and mental help). He would test clean, (sober for last several months) but GP reports would probably mention recent use. We were hoping to check “no” on questionnaire and leave it at that, but it is looking like that is not possible. He is working on getting a summary without mention of it, but from what I read he would need additional statements re his mental health, and getting both without mention also does not seem likely. We we were so close, and now we feel like it is all crashing down around us. Any advice?
  9. acidrain

    Montreal Medisys Review

    I completed my medical exam in Montreal and thought I would add another review. Being in Montreal has been a challenge as many people have a hard time speaking English. Perhaps I am the only person who finds the irony in having to travel to Quebec for a US immigrant visa. When staying in Downtown Montreal you are within walking distance everywhere. I arrived a half hour early and it was easy to find as I had google earthed prior. My 5 year old and I went up to the 22nd floor. As soon as we entered the office I was overwhelmed by the volume of people. I would prepare yourself if you don't like crowds. I checked in at reception and she asked for: 5 passport photos, vaccination records, passports, letter confirming consulate appointment. She gave me forms to fill out which included the intended US address. The questionnaire asks things like if you have been hospitalized, blood disorders, drug addiction, mental health history, etc. I filled everything out and my son had to go to the bathroom. I needed to go but the receptionist said I could not do my urine test as it had to be supervised by a nurse. I asked how long it would be and she said she had no idea. We sat down and my name got called pretty quick to do the chest x-ray. The lady was really nice especially considering my son didn't want to leave the toys. I got undressed from the waste up and put a gown on. There were a total of 3 people doing this test at the same time. There were change rooms side by side which me (female), another female and a male all got undressed. I have to admit I was surprised they would do the exam with mixed genders. The guy who was there looked like he could be fun and I could've cared less if he got a peek. But not everyone would be thrilled about that. They did my x-ray first which I appreciated as my son was on the verge of a meltdown. They gave him two candy canes for being good. I wished the female and male good luck as I left. We sat down again and it was around a half an hour before the doctor came out. My son had a tantrum and I was embarrassed. The waiting area had turned into a circus with at least a half dozen kids running wild. The area feels small when there are so many people. The office is extremely busy and it's easy to not hear your name. They should consider investing in an intercom. I was surprised by how many more men there were than women. The view of Montreal was great and there is a play area for young children. The doctor brought me into her office and she was very genuine. She was thorough and went through our medical history. My son and I completed our physical exams. I took everything off except my bra and underwear. The wait felt longer when we got to the vaccination part. It must have been 2 hours after we got there. By then the urge to pee was so bad it was hard to think of anything else. I got brought in by two women to do the physical exam/vaccinations. I explained how desperate I was to use the restroom. One of the girls got me a cup right away and the receptionist was correct someone must stand outside the door. After I was done I handed her my sample. I did an eye test both with and without glasses. They took weight/height measurements along with blood pressure. They went through my vaccine history and I hadn't had a TDAP shot in over 20 years. It was $40 and my son's flu shot was $25. They took blood from me. They took my word I had my flu shot and I brought blood test results to prove I had chicken pox. We went back to the waiting area where we were told to wait at least 15 minutes after our vaccines. At this point it had been over 3 hours and my son was really melting down. The receptionist saw my desperation and rang the bill for myself and my young child. The bill after taxes came to $747. She said the results should be ready Friday (today is Tues) which was sooner than what was said when I called (he said 4 days). They said if there is any type of issue they would call the number you put on the form. I felt everyone who worked there was very friendly. It is a much higher volume medical service lab than I expected. Everything is done in office so you don't have to go anywhere. After we were finished we walked over to Eaton Center and had supper.
  10. Hi all, I am getting mixed messages. I understand that once the embassy gives you your visa you have 6 months to enter the US and you MUST enter before the medical exam expires. I have read online, both that the medical exam expires in 6 months and other places say it expires in 12 months. Which is correct? We are trying to time our exit for later in 2019, but we must have our docs to the embassy before the end of January 2019. If the medical exam expires in 6 months then we would be a bit rushed to do everything we want to do done before we leave, if it expires in a year we are in good shape. Any one know for sure about this and could they link to sources if so. Thank you!
  11. Hi there! So after attempting to find information on what the medical would be like and only finding examples from other countries, I decided to attempt to write my own guide in an attempt to share tips that may make things go more smoothly for others. Of course, everyone has different health needs and status, so things may go a little differently in each case; I have attempted to point out where things are standard and where they vary throughout the writing. Okay, let's begin! First things first: booking the medical. I booked mine at CityMed in Auckland central. I made the mistake of phoning them first; they'll just tell you to fill out a form on their website, and they'll call you... So do that first! You can find the link here: http://www.citymed.co.nz/immigration-medicals/us-immigration then click on the 'register online' button. On the day of your appointment, show up fifteen minutes early. They will ask you to do this anyway, and will send a reminder text message to you the day before. You will need the following items to bring to your appointment: Passport Six passport photos (these can be NZ or US style) Medical forms sent to you by Consulate (there should be four forms, plus the instruction/ cover sheet that has to be signed by the physician, lab test person and radiographer/x-ray tech) Any immunisation (vaccination) records Any documentation relating to health issues, such as medications you are on, dates and details of surgeries and hospitalisations etc. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of this stuff; I took in barely anything and it was fine. Glasses or contact lenses if you wear them Before you go to your appointment, fill in the top parts of each medical sheet with your name, birthday, case number (this is the one you received from NVC that starts with the year). In 'document type' put passport and then put in your passport number. Give your forms and passport to the receptionist, and they will make a copy of your passport and give it back to you. They will also give you a laminated consent form that basically tells you if you lie your visa may be denied, or you may be deported from the US at a later date. Now the waiting begins! All of the services (doctor, nurse, blood lab, x-ray) are in the same building and fairly close to one another. Take a high-energy snack, because you're going to be here for around 4 hours. I don't know if you're actually allowed to eat in the clinic, but none of the blood tests are fasting (I checked early that morning) and so I snuck a few cookies in. I'm glad I did! There is a water cooler in the waiting room- make sure you are well hydrated for the blood test and urine test. I arrived super early for my appointment (appointment was at 2:15 and I got there at 1:45) but the nurse still took a while to see me; I didn't go in to see her until 2:40. They take you into a room and take your height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, do an eye test (the standard 'stand x metres away, cover one eye and read the letters then repeat with the other eye). Then they'll ask you to do a urine sample and hand you two containers and lab tubes marked '1' and '2'. The first is apparently for gonorrhea and syphilis testing, and the second is to test for proteins and sugars. You have to leave your belongings with the nurse, and go do your business, then knock on the nurses' station door and wait to hand them the tubes. They give your things back, along with a small tube of your urine that you have to carry around and you go sit down to wait for the doctor. I saw the doctor around 3pm, so I wasn't waiting overly long. Made some friends with a couple who were doing their immigration medical for a different type of visa. The doctor was very nice (It was Dr Donna Marshall) and I was in with her for about half an hour. Now, this is where things start to vary- I can only tell you my experience (minus some of the details, due to privacy) and you can expect some of the questions and tests to vary based on the information you give. The doctor asked me about my health history, such as had I ever been hospitalised overnight and what for, had I ever had surgery and what for, and did I have a list of vaccinations with me? I did, and she wrote the ones listed into her book, then asked me if I was willing to have the others. You must say yes to this, otherwise your visa will be declined unless you apply for (and meet the conditions for) a waiver. She then went through the medical forms with me, asking me questions about have I ever had this or that. You must answer truthfully! There was a little bit of sitting around quietly waiting for her to fill out forms. Then the doctor will ask you to step behind a curtain and take all of your clothes off except your underwear. (Ladies, you can keep your bra on!) This means take socks and shoes off, too. Then you lie on your back on the bed and put the little blanket over you and tell the doctor you're ready. The doctor checked my hip movement, arms and legs, heart and breathing with a stethoscope, the blood flow at the corners of my pubis, my eyes by shining a light into them, my ears, my mouth and throat (normal stick on tongue, say ahhh kind of thing) and palpated my abdomen and stomach. The tests they perform may vary on you. Then she told me to put my clothes on. I sat back down while she filled out some more of the forms, then she gave me some extra paperwork and told me to go to reception and pay, then wait for the nurse to give me vaccinations. I went to reception, gave them the form and paid. Mine came to about $600NZD, because I needed the tetanus shot and the flu vaccine. It broke down to $240 for the actual medical, $40 for the Tetanus and $30 for the flu vaccine, plus a $10 injection fee. $90 for X ray, $22 for standard VDRL test, $95 for the MMR serology test (not everyone will need to have this), $32 for the Varicella IGg test (chickenpox- again, if you can prove you've had this, you won't need a test), and $60 for a gonorrhea/ chlamydia test. I went back out to the waiting room, had a glass of water and waited for the nurse. The vaccines require you to sign a consent form saying you understand the potential risks (of having a rare allergic reaction to them) and explaining any common side effects. You have to wait in the clinic for 20 minutes for them to 'observe' you, but in that time you can go do your other things. I'd suggest go to X-ray first, because you have to wait to be seen, so tell the lady that you'll go do your blood tests and be back after that. Then go to the bloods lab. Take a number, scan it, then sit and wait until someone comes to get you. Hand them your passport and your stack of papers, then sit in the chair and let them do their thing. They will get you to check your personal details like name, date of birth and phone number, then you can go back to the x-ray place. X-ray is quick. You hand your passport and forms over to the receptionist, and then the x-ray tech will give you a gown to put on and show you into a little changing room next to the x-ray room. You put the gown on (Take jewellery off) and then they get you to stand up against the x-ray frame with your hands on your hips, shoulders forward. The tech will ask you to take in as big a breath as you can, and hold it for as long as you can. In reality, I only held mine for about ten seconds, then she said we were done. You go and get changed, and then wait a couple of minutes more for the tech to finish making the x-ray CD. You take that and add it to your pile of things. I managed to get the blood test and x-ray done in 40 minutes. They told me to wait for the doctor, and I did for a good hour and a bit... You DON'T actually need to do this, and the doctor was very confused when I was still sitting there at closing time! So, that's it. Pretty quick and relatively painless (except for your wallet). Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or PM me, and I'll do my best to answer them
  12. Hola! Thank you for reading Any advice please!!! *Once you have your interview date, it is necessary to schedule an appointment for laboratory and medical exam or not? How many days in advance before the interview day? *Any recommendation for the best doctor office in Bogota? *We want to flight from Medellin to Bogota a few days before the interview? Please anyone who can share it own story or know about this process! THANKS!
  13. Hi all, Just curious to hear what everyone has done (or will be doing) in terms of timeframes for your medical exam. I'm calling around the USCIS approved doctors in my area and getting info about prices and stuff. Knowing how some doctors get booked up way in advance, I'm kind of surprised that many of the doctors I've called don't actually schedule appointments and do it on a walk-in basis. I'm glad that one place I spoke with mentioned the new TB test requirements as of 10/01/18. That place is now charging $550 USD (cash) for their exams because of the change to their TB test procedures. Anyways, what have your experiences been? Or, if you're still in the process, when will you plan to schedule your appt?
  14. Hello there people! I am from Argentina. I have a doubt regarding the medical exam because i am going to be traveling the next months and i do not want to be rushing last minute doing it so i prefer to complete the medical exam now but i do not have the nvc interview date letter yet. I only have the case number. i finished submitting everything to the NVC last week. The question is Do you think its too risky to complete the medical exam without having the interview date yet? I know it expires on 6 months but i feel like my interview should be before that time. What do you think? Let me know. Thank you very much!
  15. Hey everyone- My British wife finally got assigned an interview date in the London embassy, scheduled 17 days after our notification. Official guides we had been sent said to wait until the interview was scheduled before arranging a medical exam. Immediately after getting the interview date, she called the medical clinic and they said there weren't any appointment slots available until the day after the interview, which we grabbed. Now we know that she won't be able to get a formal visa approval at the interview because technically the application documents are incomplete- Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid/resolve this? They said there is a long waitlist for filling in cancelled slots so that doesn't seem to be a viable option. Any idea how long it would take the medical clinic to send records to embassy/get approval? Any way to expedite that process? Thanks! -B
  16. Hello, On my one-year anniversary of being in the US (today!) I got a notification that my AOS interview has been scheduled. I'm now just looking for some reassurance/advice before I get the interview date. My medical was done in London in March 2017, and therefore is now invalid as it is over a year old. So as I understand it, it's best to go to the GC interview with a new medical in hand to avoid any further delays. What I want to know is if I also have to get the vaccination record re-done (and if this is a separate cost on top of the medical exam?) And if I do have to get the vaccination record re-done, do I need to bring all the original documents that I took when the medical was initially completed in the UK? Also, I did not get the flu-shot at the time of the first medical. I assume that since it is not flu season currently, I won't need to get this? Advice much appreciated, thanks!
  17. Hi everyone. My current immigration status is J1 Out of Status. My husband (USC) and I decided to just file my paperworks ourselves than hiring a lawyer to save money. After reading a couple of topics in this site, we've gathered the forms to be filed below: Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative Form I-130A, Biographic Information Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (optional) Form I-131, Application for Travel Document (optional) Questions: Can somebody check if we miss anything? or if you can share the link with the complete list of updated forms to be filed would be very much appreciated. Can I send them all in one package? For I-693, Should I wait until USCIS requests the medical exam report? OR do I need to submit it with the rest of the forms? thanks!
  18. Hi everyone, I never found much in the way of reviews of the Medical Process for the K1 visa pertaining to Sydney Drs so i thought Id write one. I got my K1 Visa Packet 3 on 26/2/18 so i went about booking in for my medical; There were two Drs in Sydney that do the medicals but when i rang the first one (George St) the Dr was actually on leave until the day my interview was scheduled. I rang OCNLST to arrange my appointment and was told to email the nurse (nurse@ocnlst.com.au) to arrange this. I received an email back around 30min later which asked me when my interview was scheduled and then once i had replied they sent back that i was tentatively booked in for 19th March 2018, 8 days prior to my interview. Once i confirmed my appointment (they need around a week between appointment & interview). I had to email to the nurse more than 5 days prior to the appointment: copy of passport, Case number, personal details, my address in the USA that i will be living and then send a copy of my GP summary, immunisation records, serology results (if done) and then medication list (if applicable). I also had to answer a few other simple question: 1. have i lived overseas for more than 12 months and where i was born. It also explained that i would to bring on the day - valid passport, 6 AUSTRALIAN passport photos (all identical), large express post envelope and your confirmation letter of interview (i printed out my email which was fine). Fast forward to 18/3/18 - i live in Adelaide so i flew into Sydney on the evening before to make sure i didn't get stuck with cancelled flights etc. I stayed the night at Travelodge Martin Place which was more than adequate for the night i actually caught the train from the airport to Martin Place station which was honestly dead easy and I grabbed an Opal card at the airport station and the attendant there gave me clear instructions on how to get to Martin Place which was awesome. My appointment was at 9.30am but was asked to be there at 9am to see the nurse first. I arrived in Sydney quite late in the end so i checked out of the hotel at about 8am so i could walk down and find the medical centre early and then grabbed coffee and some breakfast which was about a 5-7 minute walk mainly downhill. I arrived at the medical centre at about 8.45am and was told the nurse was actually off sick so the receptionist gave me 2 urine sample pots, took my express post envelope and my photos and i waited to see Dr Aldous. Im not going to lie, i was a little nervous lol. I initially couldn't pee which wasn't a huge issue - i drank about 750mls of water sitting there and eventually managed to go . I got called into the Dr at around 9.40am and we went through all the paperwork initially - i am a nurse so luckily i have extensive vaccination records and i advise that you get your GP to do all your serologies prior to your appointment especially if you don't have your vaccination records. Its not a big deal to get them done there, you just pay for them whereas your GP will bill them on Medicare. The actually exam took all of 10 minutes lol - height, weight and BP initially, then i had to do a quick eye test. I then changed into a gown and she felt my neck, abdomen and groin lymph nodes and made me cough to check for hernias. She then listened to my heart and lungs and i hopped up and had to walk in a straight line, bend over to touch toes and squat to the floor. I was surprised that i didn't need any pelvic exam and the Dr explained that they no longer require an external genitalia check. i then changed back into my clothes and we sat down and discussed what was next - bloods for syphilis check and then urine samples for gonorrhoea etc and then my chest x-ray which had a TB checklist that you need to have the radiologist fill in. She then explained that assuming results from bloods, urine and chest x-ray are fine then all is good. The bloods was actually the slowest part. The blood nurse took FOREVER lol and there was probably 4 others waiting as well. I paid for the pathology testing on the spot - $70 and they ONLY take card payments. I then had to walk approx 10 minutes to have my chest x-ray done (uphill lol) (City X-Ray on Macquarie Street) and that was really quick. I walked in and within 5minutes was having my xray done, then i went out and paid $80 and waited around another 5minutes and they returned my checklist and gave me a CD which you need to hang onto to give to Immigration when you arrive at your POE in the US so DON'T LOSE IT I then walked back to the Medical Centre (much quicker as all downhill lol) and then handed the form to the receptionist (might be nurse if they are there) and paid for my medical $335 and they told me the results of the bloods and urine would be back either this afternoon or morning and then they forward everything in the envelope you gave them to the embassy and then will send a copy of it all to me as well that you also need to give over at the POE in the US and you CANNOT OPEN IT. It was all more straightforward than i expected. I was all done by about 12.30pm and so i grabbed some lunch and then headed back to airport which i have to say was a PITA lol - the trains were actually not working so Uber it was.... Hope this helps someone
  19. valentinasc

    Medicals Bogota

    Hola! For those of you who have been dealing with the US embassy in Bogota.. I'd like to know which doctor you've been to, how much did the whole exams ended up costing you, what did you get done and how long did it take you for you to go collect your results I'm deciding between Rodolfo Jose Dennis and Jairo H. Roa Thank you in advice!
  20. Can we use the same medical exam my wife got at st lukes in manila as her medical exam that we send in for aos paperwork?
  21. Hi everyone! I want to share my green card story. My area is Oakland park. I entered the US by the K1 visa on December 2015. My husband (US citizen) and me got married on January 2016. On February 2016 we sent my paper work (we had a lawyer) to USCIS and on November 2016 we had an interview. The interview was very friendly, a woman was very nice, she asked just two regular questions. At the end she said that everything is fine, but while we were waiting for the interview, my medical exam had been expired and that I will need to to the medical test again. So we quickly did the medical and sent it to USCIS (the doctor refused to give me the copies, she said that she is not allowed to). Later we received a notice from USCIS saying that the surgeon did not fill the line for the Gonorrhea test result, she just simply left it blank! We went to the doctor again and asked her to refill the form, so she "did"...We sent it to USCIS and then we got a denial!!!! By that time we traveled and when we were returning to the US, I was stopped on the passport control, they asked me a lot of questions and said that my green card has been denied, my advanced parole is automatically became invalid and that I cannot enter the US any more! We told them that we did not receive any denial notice, we checked my status online immediately and it wasn't changed! So we really did not know that I have been denied. The custom officers was very kind to us, they understood our situation and let us entered. The denial notice said that the medical form was not fill properly and the Gonorrhea result was not mentioned!!! So the doctor did the same mistake twice!! We did the motion to reopen on January 2017, we had to do a new medical examination but of course in another medical center. We receive an answer on December 2017 saying that decision remains unchanged!!!! They agreed that the envelope was sealed and I could not see what was in there and that it was the surgeon mistake, but I was the one who was responsible....I cant describe my pain!!!! I cant travel, I can not drive, I do not know when I will see my family in Russia!!! The problem is that when you do the motion to reopen, you don't have any status while it is pending, so literally I was illegal for more than a year! We realized it after sometime, the lawyer did not inform us. So it was better for us to apply for adjustment of status instead of doing a motion to reopen. So on January 2018 I did the 4th medical examination to apply for adjustment of status (permanent residency). I've already had my bio-metrics. It is being 5 month already and I did not receive my advanced parole yet(( The timing is crazy now, I cant believe it may take up to 21.5 months! I am not sure if I can travel after I receive my advanced parole. As I read it is a big risk, I may not be allowed to enter the US during 10 years as I stayed illegally here by the stupid mistake.
  22. I am not sure what to say or how to explain it... I am trying to find answers to this... my fiance just got done with her exam today... everything she got exam for till she mentioned she was tested for an STD...I am wondering if this will deny her k1 visa? She has to go back the next day for treatment... and some were saying it could take two months for the treatment but we are on a deadline... what do I do?
  23. A general tip for people AOSing. Check the processing times for your field office before getting the medical exam (I693) done. NYC is at 12-19 months for family-based AOS and 9-21.5 months for employment-based. I've had several clients get an RFE and have to pay for another exam because their first expired. The rule is that the exam must have been received by USCIS within one year of adjudication of the case. When received, the exam can't be older than a year old. Policy Alert - Validity of I-693 You can always get the exam done at a later date and submit at the interview, reducing the chances you'll have to spend double on those not so cheap exams.
  24. Hello VJ Community in INDIA! I am curious to know feedback from those folks who have gone through the K1 medical exam just before the interview. I have read a lot about the Medical Exam in UK, but I wanted to get feedback from people in India on how their experience was during the medical exam. - Were the doctor(s) and staff polite and professional? - Were they judgmental and rude? - Did any issues come up in the Medical part of the process for you? - Has anyone dealt with a history of depression that you need to report on the questionnaire, did the doctors ask about it, was it an issue? Thank you my fellow Indians!!!
  25. Hi, I would like to ask a lot of questions because apparently, I will have my medical exam for my visa this Tuesday (May 15, 2018) and I'm really scared because of the following reasons. I'm 20 and I need help. 1. Will smoking cigarettes affect my medical exam? I don't have lung sickness or whatever but they were scaring me that it'll deny me from having to grant it. 2. I've used drugs (marijuana/weeds). It was a few times use because of peer pressure. It's been a year and few months (like around March 2017 was the last time). And should I tell them the truth? If so, will I be denied even if they don't find trace of the weeds anymore or harm my candidacy for the visa? The last thing I have to do is to have a mock medical exam. I'm really scared to be honest.