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  1. Please help with the issue. When we were filling in I -129f, we used rapid visa services. They told us to use beneficiary mother's maiden name in the information of the beneficiary parents. So we did it. Now we are filling in ds 160 and we don't know if we have to use married name of her mother or again maiden one. If we use married one, it will not match with what was on the I 129f form. If we use maiden name, it won't match with the beneficiary birth certificate. Because there are her parents with their married names. Please advise what name to use? Is it a big issue?
  2. Ok so we got our I-797 USCIS approval letter on 1-23-2023.. After about 2 months of nothing from NVC I finally sent them an inquiry for information as to what our next steps are, in the first response they sent me the case number starting with BGT. I had to send them another inquiry for the invoice number as well to be able to log into the CEAC portal. Once I had both of those I was finally able to login but I cannot pay any fees or see basically anything at all. The only message that pops up is this one : “Summary Information K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case.” 77 days after the mailed I-797 was sent to us, we still have not received any kind of welcome letter or anything with information on how to pay for fees and submit the affidavit of support. It is not on the portal. We have since filled out DS160 (about 2 weeks ago) are we waiting for DS160 to be reviewed for us to be sent more instructions? Is there something else we should be doing? Or anything we can do ? Does priority date apply to K1 visas? Any further inquiries sent to NVC was responded with this : “To Whom it Concerns: You will be notified once this case is forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General.” Any experience or information would be greatly appreciated! We are waiting to go to the embassy in Bogota so we can be together forever . I-129f was completed in November of 2021.
  3. Hi Everyone! Wondering what to answer since my nationality is different to the country I am a Permanent Resident at (Canada). Would the National Identification Number be the one from the country I am originally from or the Canadian SIN? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I am a crew member on a ship and i am going to ask for the C1D visa, (this is my second C1D visa), in the ds-160 i have to answer "Yes" or "No" for the question "do you have any other relatives in the US?" the thing is, i just found out that a half-nephew that i have no contact went to US 1 year ago, and now i don't know what to answer here, can anyone help me with this doubt? thanks.
  5. Hello! These groups have been really helpful throughout our K1 process so I want you thank you all advance! We're almost ready to submit our DS-160 but I have a bunch of questions that came up during the process. Some may be silly but we just want to be diligent. I understand it's a lot but any answers are appreciated!🙂 1.) First off, our NOA2 has just expired about a week ago - we were busy gathering documents and waiting for the NVC welcome packet that never came (which we just realized not everyone gets). Our case is "Ready" according to the NVC site. I reached out to the embassy but haven't heard back - do you know if it'll automatically be reinstated/extended? 2.) I just want to clarify that when the DS-160 asks for Petition number, it's the USCIS receipt number starting with WAC and NOT the NVC case number starting with LDN. 3.) When they ask if I used any other email addresses in the last 5 years, should I include my work one or no? 4.) The question regarding any other relatives (aside from immediate family) in the US - should I answer yes if they're my 2nd cousins? 5.) Employment information - I put my current job but I've been there for over 5 years (12 years in total) so when they asked for previous employment over the last 5 years, I filled out my current job information however they would like an end date - there is not "current" or "until present" option to choose. Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this? Should I just put the employment I was in before my current employer, i.e in 2011? 6) They worded the next questions in a way that tripped us up a bit - they said if we answer yes to any of the following questions we may risk additional screening but the last question was "do you have documentation that proves your vaccinations in accordance with the US law?" to which I've said YES. Just want to make sure this is okay and that I haven't misunderstood the question? 7) Am I supposed to register with a courier service on a separate website when I book my appointment? I read this somewhere a while back but haven't come across anything recently. Or will I just be redirected to the payment page once I click submit on my DS160 and book my appointment? 8.) Also on that note, for payment of the actual application fees, I'm assuming (as above) we pay once we submit the form/schedule the interview, is that correct? Or should I be paying the application fees elsewhere separately? And are there any other fees I need to be aware of (aside from the medical costs)? 10.) My last dose of the Hep B shot will be April 6th. If I show proof of that at the medical, would I still be able to go ahead with the medical before I receive that last dose? 9) for documents required for the medical: If I never had TB, do I still need to provide documentation saying I haven't? 10) How can I leave the country before my permanent residency is granted? My brother is due to get married in Egypt towards the end of this year and I'm already super worried and stressing about missing it as he's my best friend. Has anyone left the country after getting married but while still waiting for adjustment of status, and if so, would you mind sharing your experience? For example, is there a form I have to submit every time I want to leave? How long is it valid for? How likely is it to get approved? Etc. Thanks again so much and sorry about the length of this! Good luck everyone!
  6. Hi, I am trying to schedule an appointment for a J1-Exchange Visa and I have filled in a DS160 Form as the instructions say and than wanted to book an appointment. I logged in to my account and went to the page new appointment. I have filled in informations about which embassy and visa type I want to book an appointment for and then got to a page where I should write my passport information as well as the DS160 confirmation number, Sevis ID and project number. I copy paste the confirmation number from my confirmation letter in the mail and clicked next but as soon as that I got an error message saying that "The DS-160 number you entered is incorrect. Please try again." Had anyone here the same issue or knows how I can solve this problem? I have contacted the support 08938036830 but the employer there just said to try it again on Monday. Do you know if there is a technical support team for this? Any help would be really great. Thank you. (I have attached the screenshot of the page here also)
  7. Hello! I submitted my DS 160 as spouse of US citizen but one of the reddit alt accounts I had created was a name followed by a number. i could not find in my records what it was because i hadnt used that alt in 2 years. I went off memory. I accidentally uncovered today what the exact name is... should I call NVC to notify them, email them so there is a record i am not concealing anything? Or should i just bring it to the interview? To clarify, there is nothing egregious on that account. Just me complaining about covid.
  8. Apologies if this is in the incorrect location and thank you advance for any advice. My Filipino fiance and I just completed the DS160, after numerous time out drops and 3 hours later, and I was wondering if we may have made a mistake. She started the process on her laptop in Manila, but has an absolutely terrible internet connection, so we completed the form from my computer here in the US with her assistance via TeamViewer. Basically, I was the one who actually clicked on the signature box and entered her passport information for her. Did we make a mistake with this? Should we resubmit making sure that she clicks on the signature block from her computer in manila? Thank you again for any advice
  9. Hello everyone, I just started filling the I-129f with my partner. there is a question if the fiancé has children. well it’s really difficult to answer this question. the fiancé is from Morocco lived in Ukraine, then moved to Germany and applied for refugee status in Germany, he now has a refugee status and residence in Germany. back in Ukraine his ex GF, claimed that she’s pregnant from him and they registered the kid on his name, however after he moved to Germany the same GF called and told him that she wrong and he’s not the father, and she wants to remove the girl from his name. He sent a document from Germany, declaring that he agree to forfeit his parental rights. Due to the situation in Ukraine now, court is not working and girl with the kid moved to Slovakia. Now what should the fiancé answer in the I129f form Yes or No , to question does the beneficiary have children? Also, the fiancé lost his Ukrainian permanent residence, should he still answer yes for question in D-160 “do you have a permanent residence in any other country”? if he answer NO, will that be an issue. please help thank you in advance
  10. I had entered the US with H1B and currently I am in the AOS process with my EAD approved and AOS receipt (My H1B is now expired). I am trying to fill the Ds160 form for my Mom for her visitor visa and I am not sure of what I should fill under Immediate Relative's Status (ie My Status). The only options are 1. US Citizen 2. US Legal Permanent Resident 3. NonImmigrant 4.Other/Dont Know Should I put "NonImmigrant" as I was initially in H1 which is a nonimmigrant visa or should I put "Other/Dont Know" as I am currently under intent of immigration due to adjustment of status.
  11. hello , so when i am filing the 160 ds form do i have to list all social media accounts even tho i don't really use them like i do have one but i don't use
  12. We have filed for the k1 visa. I have already received the NOA1 and NOA2. Should I file my ds-160 now or wait until we receive the email about NVC forwarding our petition over to the embassy before I do this? Please help.
  13. For example with a name like Ma. Christina C. Cruz. (where C is Cortez) The form says surnames and then given names. Will the Ma. Christina be put in given names and then the Cortez Cruz be in the surnames? I'm asking this because in the passport of my US citizen fiance he has his middle initial which is technically a surname included in his given names instead so I'd just like some clarification for this. The spanish naming convention vs the us version is confusing orz. Oh! Also a follow up question, if you don't know the exact address of a parent or if you don't know who a parent is in general, what do you put in that part of the form?
  14. Hi!! I’m an aspiring international student in the US but I need help with something when I filled out my DS-160, I answered ‘self’ to the sponsor question since the first year is coming out of my own savings. However it didn’t let me add any additional sponsors and my father is going to be funding the remaining 3 years for my computer science degree, will it be an issue if I turn up on interview day and name him as a sponsor for my studies if i haven’t explicitly stated that on my form? also, do sponsors need to sign anything official themselves to say they’ll be paying for my studies??
  15. Hello everyone. I am currently filling out my DS160 form for my K1 visa, and I need help with answering the following question. "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?" I have received a E2 visa in the past, which my father's company has filed on behalf of me. Since this visa is classified as a "non-immigrant" visa instead of a "immigrant" visa, I'm assuming the answer would be "no". What are you thoughts on this? Thank you in advance for your help!
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