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Found 25 results

  1. Hi! I am planning to apply for a tourist visa for my Mom as i wanted to have a family vacation in san francisco, together with other relatives who are in the US however I am having troubles answering my 75 Y.O Mom's DS-160 as it required the previous dates of travel to the US. My Mom traveled to San Diego back in 1993 using a B1/B2 visa and she was investigated by INS back then as somebody reported her to be working illegally ( didn't overstay and not working in fact) and she ended the trip short, she was able to come back using the same visa in 1998 ( 10 years multiple entry) and she was actually able to acquire another visa under H1 for Guam in 1998 to 2000,her last was at San Francisco in 2002 she never returned to the US after 2002. Said passports had since been lost and nowhere to be found, so now we have no proof of her coming to the US except for her restricted SSN Card and expired license, could i just put tentative dates on the DS-160? and if not, where can i acquire her travel records? i tried using a scan of her previous passport in the dhs i-94 website but no record was found. I am a Canadian and my mom is filipino. Tentative Validity: B1/B2 1993 to 2003, H1 Nov 12 1998 to Nov 05 2000 ( I still have my H4 Visa stamp in my old philippine passport btw, can that be used?)
  2. Hi guys, I was previously on a J1 visa doing a student exchange in America. I noticed that on my ds160 I completely forgot to include my secondary school education but included my current and past College education. The consular didnt ask anything about it either. I only noticed that I didnt include it last week, as I logged back in to see what I wrote. I want to apply again next year for a visa but will I run into trouble with future visas?
  3. My Thai girlfriend had applied a year ago for a Tourist visa, with plans to see Disneyland, San Francisco, etc (and me), but marked on the DS-160 that she didn't know anyone in the US. In the interview, they asked if she had a sponsor, she said 'no'. She was denied. Since then, we applied for a K1, and are at the stage where sends-in packet 3. The K1 application shows that we knew each other at the time of the Tourist DS-160 application. Is that going to be big deal with the Immigration officer? Anyone here that went through the same thing? Is it reasonable to say that she was given bad advice, that she really did want to see several places in the US (she had a trip itinerary)? Next question: Several years ago she had been arrested in another country, Malaysia, in a 'shake-down-foreigners for money', on suspicion of being on drugs. We have the court and police records certified by the embassy that she was not guilty and discharged. It took about 6 or 7 months for officials there to find any records. In the Tourist visa, she had said she had never been arrested. If we mark 'yes' for the K1 visa DS-160 for an arrest record and include the court judgement, but was 'no' on the Tourist visa, what happens? Would Immigration automatically put her file to the side and delay and reject it and I'd have to submit a waiver? Am I making a big concern out of something that is ok to an Immigration officer? How would Immigration even know, since it took us 6 months to find any records ourselves? Every agency files every arrest record with Interpol? Her old passport at that time showed her being in Malaysia for over 6 months, so that would look bad I suppose without the arrest record and story above? How would losing an old passport look to an Immigration officer? Are they going to bother to investigate all the countries immigration offices to see where you have been? I appreciate anyone's advice (hopefully based on experience)
  4. Hey guys, I have a very important question regarding the DS-160 application but before that, a little background: We applied for K1 fiancee visa this past summer and got our acceptance and all. I have a dual citizenship (Romanian and Canadian), and when applying for the K1 visa, I applied as a Canadian. As I mentioned before, we were accepted and now we are at the embassy phase. While filling out the DS-160, I encountered an error and I don't know how to fix it... at the end of the first section titled "personal information 1" it asks for my place of birth which is Romania. the next section, "personal information 2," asks for country/region of origin (nationality)...do I put CANADA here or ROMANIA? the problem is this -- I'm thinking that since I applied as a Canadian, I put Canada for that part...however, the question after asks if I hold/have held any other nationality besides the Canada one which I would assumed to put "yes" since I am also Romanian. to add to this, the question after that asks if I am a permanent resident of any other country which in my case would be yes since I am also Romanian When I do that and continue, I get an error (look at attachments)...whats the problem here? It says it has already been entered!! Could it be that since I put my birthplace (Romania) it automatically knows I'm a Romanian resident and national alongside Canada? I don't know if this whole explanation makes sense, but maybe the photos attached will clear things up! Cheers, Dan
  5. Hi, I'm 23 yrs old and currently looking after my niece (US citizen) here in the PH. My sister (kid's mom) is visiting on the month of MAY to get her kid back to USA. I looked after her daughter 3 yrs of age for almost a year now, my sister was in US Military training. I, on the other hand, applied for a University in Canada for September 2020 school year and currently my agency is working on getting an admission. She wanted me to travel with them back to USA around the month of MAY 2020 because she was scared that if they leave me here PH there might be a negative impact on the kid as she got emotionally attached to me already and for time being they wanted me to be there when they will slowly take her over. They are willing to pay for everything and they want me to start applying now but have no idea. About my sister: She and husband has their own house US citizen Works in US military Willing to provide everything (finances and documents) About me: Medical Technologist ( licensed) Graduated 2018 Currently applying for Canada Student Visa for September 2020 (Health Information Management) I also have Admission for Business Ad in SAIT Canada intake September 2020 but not yet enrolled ( can i use the admission letter from the university?) Any Idea on how will I get Visitors Visa on my case. Thank you very much!!!
  6. Does the k1 and k2 have a different application i.d on Ds-160 for the interview? If you set up an appointment for the interview for the K1 will the K2 be included in the interview or do they have to have separated interviews?
  7. We received the email from the NVC that our paperwork is being sent to the embassy and it said we should follow the instructions on the website for applying for the Visa. I am a bit confused about the steps to take from here. I am sending the sponsor form and other documents to my fiance in Nigeria, I know he has to fill out the DS160 form. Must this be done online? Also, does he call for an interview appointment or will the embassy give us an appointment when they notify us they have received our paperwork? I'm nervous we should be calling for the appointment now. Thanks in advance!
  8. its about the Ds-160: Travel Companion - I the petitioner plans to go back Philippines when my fiance's visa hopefully gets approved so that we can do a proper goodbye to her family.. and be able to fly out back to US with her since its her first time flying also. I'm a little confused on the travel companion options in DS-160 because if you say you are traveling with someone" there is no option saying "traveling with Petitioner/Fiance" so what should we do at this point, just say No? on the question asking if my fiance is going with anybody?
  9. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find a clear answer. I'm intending to have my interview at the embassy in London in September, but I'm going to be visiting Prague for a holiday at the end of August. I've already filled out my DS-160, but when I filled it out, I had never been to the Czech Republic. As a result, this was not included on the list of countries I have visited. Will I have to fill in a new copy of the DS-160 before my interview with the updated list of countries visited, or can I use my current DS-160 and just let them know during the interview that I have visited another country? The interview has not been booked yet, so as an extension to this question, if I need to fill in a new DS-160, should I book my interview using that one, or can I just use my current one? I've previously read that if a new/updated DS-160 form is made after booking an interview, then the confirmation page from both of them should be brought to the interview, but I'm not sure how ideal this would be. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm currently filling up DS-160 for my step mother and I wonder what should I answer on the following questions below. Estimated Travel Date would be for next year. I'm a LPR in the US. Contact Person in the US: <I used my name> Relationship to You: I put "OTHER". Other options are RELATIVE, SPOUSE, FRIEND, etc <-- Is this correct? Or should I put RELATIVE? Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States? I answered "NO" <-- Should I answer YES? Is she considered my "immediate" relative? Do you have any other relatives in the United States? I answered "NO" <-- If I answered NO above, should I answer YES here? Is she considered my "other" relative? Thanks for you help.
  11. Hi all, I'm having trouble starting my first application. I go to this page https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/default.aspx -- and enter the security code. Then I choose the location and before I can do anything else, it redirects me to the below screenshot. I've tried this in Chrome, IE and Firefox to no avail. Can anybody try to start an application and see if this is a universal problem or if I'm the only one? I also tried on my phone and the same thing happens.
  12. So i was reviewing all my documents for the interview that is scheduled tomorrow, and i really dont know why instead of my name i do have FNU, will this be an issue? im lost, and im 10000% sure that i wrote my name down in the ds160 form. Will they change it at my interview?
  13. Hello, I've been facing continuous server error and also the data entered is repeated 2 times in DS 160 https://ceac.state.gov Unable to check my NVC case status as well. Anybody facing the same issue?
  14. Is anyone else having issues with retrieving recently created DS 160 applications? I'm going crazy over here trying to get this website to allow me to get this done!! please help 😥
  15. Not even 20 minutes ago I started a DS 160 application for my mother in law. Some how the page closed, and when I went to retrieve the application it keeps telling me that the name and or birth year is incorrect. I know I did not make an error in my info entry. I'm SO frustrated and I'm on like the 3rd page of the application for the 1st of 3 of my relatives 😭 has anyone had this issue? I know DS 160 is problematic but of course now I'm on a time crunch... fyi, was using firefox browser Thanks to anyone who has input on this..
  16. Please help with the issue. When we were filling in I -129f, we used rapid visa services. They told us to use beneficiary mother's maiden name in the information of the beneficiary parents. So we did it. Now we are filling in ds 160 and we don't know if we have to use married name of her mother or again maiden one. If we use married one, it will not match with what was on the I 129f form. If we use maiden name, it won't match with the beneficiary birth certificate. Because there are her parents with their married names. Please advise what name to use? Is it a big issue?
  17. Hi All, my question is in regards to the DS160 question on where the beneficiary will be staying when he arrives. Technically he will stay with his uncle until we get married, then with me. Is it ok to still list his uncles address since technically he will be there when arriving even though its a short temporary stay? Thanks!
  18. I'm a 1099 employee and also W2 as of last November. My 2018 taxes dont show too much income on my W2 job which is by State of CA. 1. How can my employer, who issues me a 1099, write a letter when I am an independent contractor? 2. Should she ballpark using whats currently in my pipeline of work that hasn't settled yet? 3. Our embassy only requires 1 year tax returns or transcripts. Im getting a co-sponsor anyways. 4. I will add job #2 when I complete my I134 since I didnt have that job when I filed the I129F 5. Can I bring my W2 job stubs and perhaps the last stub for my 1099 job to interview EVEN though that 1099 stub may possibly be older than 30 days? Thanks!
  19. Is CEAC down for everybody? Was filling in DS 160 then it froze on me and I cannot access the website anymore. Is there anybody having the same issue?
  20. Hi everyone! I'm here to ask some clarifications about the information we should input into the DS-160 form. I initially filled it out smoothly, thought it was a pretty straightforward task done; until I started viewing Youtube tutorials and saw other K1 applicants doing it differently, instilling doubt into my overthinking mind. 😂 So I'm seeking help from my fellow Filipinos and/or others who know the answers to the more general questions I have: 1. Beneficiary's name: I simply entered my given name and surname as asked; but some say we should include our maiden name because it should match with our passport info. Which is it really, and how do we include it if ever? 2. National Identification Number: I checked "does not apply" at first but some say we should indicate our SSS number on here instead. Is this correct? 3. Passport Book Number: I thought I should check "does not apply" (I don't think the Philippine passport has one) but others re-entered their passport number on here...? 4. Persons traveling with you: Again I thought this would be null because technically I am the only applicant, it wasn't a family trip or group visa or anything like that. But others who are being fetched by their petitioners have included the petitioner's name as the travel companion. Well, as it turns out my fiance is fetching me, too. So should I list him as my travel companion or is that unnecessary? 5. Immediate relatives in the U.S. besides parents: Again (lol) I thought this would be null, but others have included their fiance petitioners on here. Is that necessary, or is this question pertaining to relatives by blood/marriage? I hope I'm not asking stupid questions (though I might be over complicating things?) 😅 Will definitely appreciate any help. If my post is redundant with another thread please send me the necessary link. Thanks and good luck to all!
  21. My fiance and I recently got our NOA2 and I am helping fill out the DS160 form and Im not sure how to answer the question " "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? " His dad was about to marry a USC, and therefore my fiance(under 18 at the time) was going to immigrate here to the US under a K2 visa, but the marriage did not happen so it was annulled. Im wondering if that would be considered filing an immigration visa even though k2 is considered a nonimmigrant visa and it was annulled, therefore needing to answer yes to the question. Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi All, We have our interview scheduled and we printed out the DS-160. I know there are some things I've read that say it might not be needed but we are in the better safe than sorry mentality right now. At the end though it asks for signatures. It has a spot for spouse's signature but I assume that isn't me. Since I am not officially the spouse yet and I am not going through the interview. I made the assumption that its probably for a different visa since this is probably a somewhat universal form. Thanks, Eric
  23. Hi all, I had filled forms of 15 people who are in 50's and travelling from India as a group and captured their degree details only. All the schooling details prior to degree was omitted in all forms. I was not aware that their high school details also needed to be captured. group appointment has already been scheduled shortly,. will this create a problem in interview or rejection? pls advise urgently as their is no way and time to modify ds 160 and group appointment has been scheduled, fees paid and biometrics and interview date has been confirmed. will the VO reject their applications on this ground only? I mean they are elderly people and did their schooling a long time back.
  24. My fiance's application was recently mailed from the NVC to the embassy in Phnom Penh. I only received an email notifying me of this. I have not received any letters in the mail stating the next steps. My fiance is from Cambodia where mail is not easy to deliver. Should we complete the DS-160 now or wait for the Embassy to send us some information? Does anyone have any experience with the embassy in Phnom Penh?
  25. My appointment confirmation for K1 visa has a wrong DS160 form. My old DS160 form for B1 was used instead my K1. At first, I thought there is no need to fill out the ds160 form since it is not asking me and I cant even see a button for ds160 form. I was thinking it was a system glitch. To my surprise, I had the wrong ds160 form on my appointment confirmation. What should I do?
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