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Found 35 results

  1. My appointment confirmation for K1 visa has a wrong DS160 form. My old DS160 form for B1 was used instead my K1. At first, I thought there is no need to fill out the ds160 form since it is not asking me and I cant even see a button for ds160 form. I was thinking it was a system glitch. To my surprise, I had the wrong ds160 form on my appointment confirmation. What should I do?
  2. Hello Guys, I'm very excited to share that our case is currently at the NVC and me and my fiancé have received our LND case number. I'm now preparing my documents that will be required for interview.I've travelled to the USA the first time I travelled to America was for 2 weeks a B1 Visa when I was 18 back in. The visa never requires a police check and I was granted with no issues. I have also lived in Canada and served as a missionary for my church for 2 years. Since 2013 I have travelled to America numerous times on ESTAS as my B1 was only valid for a year. I have travelled 4 times this year and I'm heading there to be with my fiancé for Christmas. Now I'm applying for a K1 Visa. And I just applied for my police record check on Friday. There was a question on the police record check that prompted me to do some deep thinking. It asked me to declare all spent convictions, reprimands, warnings and cautions. So I emailed my local police station to ask about the offence. When I was 12 years old I got in a fight with another 12 year old kid and received a reprimand from a police officer at the police station. ( A strong telling off) . Although this won't show on my record as I was a child and it clears after 5 years. The check may come back as "no LIVE trace" which means there's history of an offence but has been spent. However, The US still require me to provide them with documentation of the offence. Since it takes 40 days to prepare a special report from the police I have gone ahead and requested this already. So by the time I get back in January I will have it ready for the interview. To this day when I've applied for visa waivers etc I've never felt inclined to share this because to be truthful I've completely forgotten about the incident and I never believed it was required to declare a reprimand. I guess now I've gotten myself all worried about the situation. I am 100% prepared to declare this arrest on the DS-160. I know it's down to the consular officer in regards to the final decision. I'm just reaching out to see if anyone can relate or share there visa interview experience after declaring an arrest and if this incident when i was 12 will cause issues come my interview in January. I appreciate all feedback thoughts and advice... Kind Regards, Owen .
  3. IandM1123

    DS-160 Questions

    My Fiance needs help filling out the DS-160, there is a couple of questions that we are not sure what to answer. Mother's full name - this should be his mother's full married name, correct? For me, it should be, but he was saying on the videos he saw they didn't put their dad's surname on their mom's full name. Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents in the US? (Help: Immediate Relatives means Fiance/Fiancee, Spouse, Child, Sibling) - Should this be "yes"? Also, can he make a new DS160 form if he needs to make changes? He did the print and sign accidentally, without even uploading the picture. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi Guys, Trust we are all doing great in our visa journey. Please my fiance is filling the DS-160 form and in a section of the form he was asked if anyone has ever filed an immigrant petition on his behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? No one has ever filed any kind of petition for him in the past except for the one I'm doing now (K1 Visa). And talking about K1 Visa petition, is it an immigrant or non-immigrant petition? We had thought the K1 Visa process is non-immigrant up until we get married and file for AOS when it then becomes immigrant. Are we wrong? What's also puzzling to us is that the DS-160 form my fiance is filling is specific for K1 Visa. Thus if K1 Visa petition is seen as an immigration petition, isn't the answer to that question already obvious? So is it expected that every K1 Visa applicant should input a YES on that section? Please someone should come to our aid. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I had a few questions about the interview process in Ciudad Juarez. Right now, I am currently at the stage where I just received the NVC Case and Invoice number and my packet is still at the NVC. Based on my research it seems I need to wait to receive a letter from the embassy that my case is ready in order to submit the DS160 form and book the medical and interview. Can anyone who has recently gone through the process recently confirm this for me or clarify if I am incorrect. Thank you!
  6. Hello we were approved on Sept 4th. I plan on calling the NVC on the 18th to get our case number. My question is: Can we go ahead and fill out the DS-160 and schedule the medical before we receive the packet from the London Embassy? If so, I know you can fill out the DS-160 online but how do you schedule the medical? We are on a time crunch. Thank you.
  7. I'm getting a lot of mixed information, I was told to submit the affidavit of support so my fiancé could take it to his interview and now im being told no it isn't necessary can someone please help so I don't do the stupid thing and prolong the process even more.. thank you!!!
  8. I went to my US embassy Manila Interview last Aug 8 and passed the k1 visa interview. Today my status is under Adminstrative Processing. However, I just checked a copy of my DS160 that i provided the consul and my Passport number missed a number on it. Would that affect my visa? Even tho they have my passport in hand? Thanks for whoever can answer my question 😢
  9. Good day! Need help again here. I'm having a dilemma here with regards to my DS-160 form, I applied for a tourist visa last January 2017 and submitted a DS-160 for a tourist visa. Now, Im applying for a K1 visa and filled out a new DS-160 form and I already submitted it. However, after scheduling an appointment it generates my old DS-160 form. So I cancelled it and now I'm trying to figure out how to change my Application ID to the new one since the system automatically generates my old Application ID. Does anyone here knows how change my DS-160 Application ID to the new one? Badly needed help here. Thank you.
  10. Hi Folks - How many days does it take from when a B1/B2 visa is approved (interview date) to when it is ready to be picked up at the US consulate? Does this timeline differ from consulate to consulate or between countries? I am particularly looking for year 2018 experiences and if possible for B1/B2 visas as it seems this process has changed a bit over time. I believe it used to be 2-3 days about 6-10 years ago. Not sure what it is now. Answers from folks who have had a B1/B2 visa issued in Ghana will be awesome. For some background : This is for a person who needs to attend a very important event in the US but they did not get an earlier interview date. The only available date was 3 days before their interview date. They're trying to figure out if they should still go ahead and purchase the ticket (with hopes that the passport will be ready within 2 days). If they won't be able to get their passport in time, they will no longer be travelling. Another Question : If you get a visa for an event and you are not able to attend the event, is it possible that the US consulate will cancel the visa after some period of inactivity? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  11. I have an active B1/B2 visa which was issued to me in 2017. I recently scheduled my K1 visa appointment at USEM and the appointment confirmation showed the old application ID from when I applied for my tourist visa in 2017. The CGI site never asked for a DS-160 application ID; I don't understand why it automatically put that information in and I don't know how to change it. Is this going to be a problem? Any suggestions of what I can do? I saw a thread from 2015 with the same issue and @Greenbaum and @Hank_ said it wasn't going to be a problem. Not sure if this information is old though. Would appreciate feedback on those who have had the same experience or who have knowledge of how to resolve the issue. Thank you very much!
  12. Greetings!! Hope you are all having a wonderful day. I have applied for my Fiancee's K1 visa. I am not sure who would fill out the DS 160 form? The petitioner or beneficiary? Do I also pay for the "Visa fee" along with submitting DS 160 if I am the one filling out that form? Thank you in advance. S R
  13. Hello Gurus My fiancee has filled the DS160 and submitted and she got the confirmation page with the barcode. She is going to email the packet 3 info the the montreal embassy with the mtl #, barcode with passport info. We did not receive any packet 3 email/mail from the embassy. We just got the status as "Ready" and we are proactively filling this form and actually filled and submitted it. Questions are: 1) Can I schedule the interview at montreal embassy right away? if so what is the link? is this the link? https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-CA/iv/information/iv_help and i think she has to select none of the above and then continue. 2) If we can't schedule immediately, how long does embassy take to send packet 4. Thanks for all your assistance.
  14. For those who have recently completed (2017-2018) their DS-160 from Canada Beneficiary: Where is the Canadian "Passport Book Number" - is it different than the "Passport Number"? In the DS-160, do Canadian passports have a number to put in or does not apply? National Identification Number, is that a Canadians "SIN"? When asked "Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa" - do B1/B2 "visas" count? I.e., as a Canadian I was never given an actual paper visa like the K1 Visa will, but for all the times i travelled into the US with a Canadian passport, it was technically under a B1/B2. As such, do we answer Yes and then give them the number of our last I-94? Or is the answer no, B1/B2s aren't the types of Visas they are asking for? When asked "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the USCIS?". No one ever has for me except as part of this K1 process, the first step was the I-129F my fiancee submitted to them. As such, does this count, do we answer yes or leave it no because a K1 is technically a "non-immigrant" visa? Any other wonky questions you came across that make not come off as straight forward?
  15. Hi everyone, I just received an email from the US Consulate in Guangzhou saying that I can schedule for the visa interview now. However, I have registered for my B1 visa last year when visiting my fiance. So when I change the location for K1 home delivery, the transaction confirmation page shows the old DS160 number and barcode. I haven't paid for the visa fees yet because I want to correct this part and match with the new DS160 I completed and mailed to the consulate already. I tried to register for a new account but there's no new place for me to add the ds160 number (or did I miss the spot?) If anyone knows how to handle this situation, please post your experience! Your help would be totally appreciated!!
  16. It's quite common for small businesses in the Philippines to declare a different amount in the Income Tax Return from the actual income. I was wondering if anybody can give advise on this? I'm planning to get my Tourist visa and am having trouble what to put in monthly income in form DS-160. Will it be okay to just say the actual income and show the bank statement? Will they be able to know the contents of the ITR on their records/ will they require me to show it to them? How can you explain the discrepancy and would they usually understand the circumstances? Thank you!
  17. AmandaandChayne

    DS160 Identification number question

    on the non immigrant visa form DS160 it asks for identification number. For us UK nationals would that be our national insurance number?
  18. tammyjb

    ds-160 photo

    Hi guys , Doing my ds-160 for my k1 and trying to upload my picture . it keeps saying illumination too poor. i've tried adjusting it etc but nothing. am i ok just to bring a picture to the interview like it says?
  19. tammyjb


    Hi guys. Just a few queries with the ds-160 national identification number - is this our NI number? City of issue for passport - i put the authority which for me is IPS Is this right?
  20. Hello, just wanted to make sure I was filling out our visa journey timeline correctly on the K1 side of things and to verify we’re on the right track. Apologies in advance, as I’m on mobile. We started our K1 Visa Process back on September 14th, it arrived at USCIS on September 21st. We then received an NOA2 March 19th. April 2nd is when we received an email from the NVC stating our case was expedited. After filling out the DS160, isn’t fiancee was requested to fill out information on April 3rd to http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/au/ I paid the fee, and got the receipt. Currently waiting to find out more. I’m not sure if we’re currently waiting for anything to come to her door, or if we’re waiting for an email confirmation? The consulate requested an email as well once we were done. I was also unsure about certain forms such as the affidavit of support and if that need some to be sent to her for the interview with all of my pay stubs, or if that’ll be used for something else? We have also run into the issue of being unsure of where to get her medical done within Australia as the form she presented to her doctor was expired and couldn’t be filled out by him. Not to mention it was requiring information by a physician? Not sure if it’s going to happen at the embassy or if it needs to be done before. Thanks in advance for the help!
  21. Hi, In June we want to visit NY for a two week holliday. My girlfriend is Bulgarian and can'tapply for the ESTA tourist visa. For the DS160 tourist visa form she needs to specify what her relationship is to me (her travel companion). We are not maried and we are not registered as partners, but we have a relationship and live together in (a rented) apartement in the Netherlands. How should she refer to me in the form? Should she state that she is single or in a domestic partnership? And am I her spouse? Or just a ' friend' for the law? Thanks!
  22. Hello, Newbie here, and was wondering if you guys could offer some guidance. I have just completed the DS160 online for my fiance here in HCM Vietnam after we received noticed that the I-129F was approved by USCIS, and sent to the NVC. I then paid for the Visa application process over here, and when I went to schedule an interview date, it only gave one option, March 30th. There's a few concerns I have with this, and I'm hoping someone can relieve them. I have not scheduled the interview yet, and my fiance and I talked about when is a good time for her to immigrate, and we feel that August is the most appropriate. 1. Is March 30th enough time to actually get everything done, like medical exams, vaccinations, and registration records? She's never had to get any kind of registration records, and they noted that it may take 10 days to complete. We also called the IOM to schedule a medical exam, but the woman yelled at us as we didn't schedule the interview yet. I was wondering how other people got exams before completing the interview scheduling. It says that it may take 3-10 days to get the results, so I don't really want to fail because of this. 2. I was on vacation here in Vietnam, and will be leaving shortly, but would really like to be here for her interview. We just got the DS160 completed, and I thought the interview would at least be a month out so that we can get everything ready. Being here on March 30th would be somewhat inconvenient since I just took a month off for vacation, although I can maybe swing it, I would rather wait a little bit. 3. I read on this forum that people are "given" interview dates, and these are not scheduled. Is this different with Vietnam? Is it possible to schedule something for end of July/August, instead of now? When are the interview dates available to pick, as I only see one available at the moment (March 30th)? 4. How long do I have to schedule the interview? The receipt says that it's valid for 1 year, but are the other documents valid for 1 year also? I don't plan to take the 1 year. We just want to wait at least a month so that we can get everything in order. The reason that I want to wait until August is that one of my good buddies is also getting engaged. We would like to be there for them. Making one trip to be there for my fiance's interview, the engagement party, and flying home with her seems more convenient then making multiple trips. My fiance also has some teaching obligations that she would like to complete. I'm also not the kind of person to rush things. We've been dating since 2015, and I've been back 6 times since then, each a month long, and we had the engagement party last year. I don't think it would be hard to prove that we have a bonafide relationship. My concern is that if we don't take the March 30th date, it will take a while to get another interview date scheduled, as that's the only option I see at the moment? I'm likely wrong, but please ease my concerns? Thanks in advance!
  23. melisa1012

    Plz Help Me

    I'm filling out an application for my brother on the ceac site the government has but it won't let me continue to work/education. I filled out everything that the application wanted but it won't let me continue. Please help me !!!
  24. My wife is scheduled for a visa appointment next week. The issue is her DS160 has her current passport information but the appointment confirmation has her old passport information (I believe this happens when you start filling your application using an old profile). She was unable to update the passport info in her profile as it was greyed out and when she was filling her passport information she did indicate that she has a new passport so i do believe she did everything correctly. However, the appointment confirmation has her old passport number and DS160 has the new passport number. We tried contacting the service center via phone and email a few times but didnt get any concrete answers (they say things like they cannot change any information now but if you believe you have done everything correctly then go to the visa application center and they should be able to help you out ). Our two options are 1) we fill a new DS160 and pay fees again and take a new appointment (safer but more expensive option) 2) continue and take our chance at the visa center . If anybody has any insights or faced a similar situation - your experience will help us immensely.
  25. Hi all, I'm having trouble starting my first application. I go to this page https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/default.aspx -- and enter the security code. Then I choose the location and before I can do anything else, it redirects me to the below screenshot. I've tried this in Chrome, IE and Firefox to no avail. Can anybody try to start an application and see if this is a universal problem or if I'm the only one? I also tried on my phone and the same thing happens.