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  1. I don't really know, my lawyer kept saying that is not clear.
  2. Hey there, thanks I am gonna read everything, just trying to avoid every delay or mistake. I am kinda scared but trying to be positive Yea, I am talking to my lawyer and still in contact with the one you suggested that was helpful
  3. Hey there, I am from Ecuador and I have to choose one of the embassies for the interview. I have read that it can only be applied to the Guayaquil embassy and it's one of the most complicated for K1. Has anyone had the interview for the K1 in Quito? or Guayaquil? and can you tell me about your experience?
  4. Hey there, I am from Ecuador and I am trying to get an affordable certified translator for some documents (birth certificate, crime records, vaccine records). If you can help me on how to find one would be really cool. Thanks
  5. Thank you, that is really helpful. We are gonna try to get those court records and add all the info that we can, trying to avoid RFE
  6. Thanks, he was trying to get enough information for explaining the case even that we have almost any information about
  7. Thanks, is just hope there is not anything triggering. Hope it works.
  8. It doesn't specify anything about sealed and expunged records, thats why my confusion started.
  9. Yea we are thinking about it, did u use a lawyer for the process? The records are pretty complicated to get and in an easy look up, they don't show.
  10. Yea, the records are from the US. My feyonce is the US citizen and he is trying to get his records but he couldnt get any information about one. Do u think is a good idea to reopen them?
  11. Hey guys, I have a big question right now. For filling the I-129f form do we need to include sealed and expunged records from over 20 years, when he was a minor? (nothing really bad, or listed in the crimes list there) Because it is kinda difficult to get them. Anyone who knows about it?
  12. Yes, we are trying to use it but it's tricky sometimes. Thanks a lot
  13. And for adding extra information does he have to sign in each page? could it be added in a normal word document?
  14. Thanks, your a life savior. One more question do we need to use and ship a folder?
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