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  1. CamilaRemolina

    I-130 Filers for Dominican Beneficiaries

    Hello everyone, I decided to make this group based off of another member's suggestion and my experience here on visa journey. Of course, different beneficiary countries will have different experiences in obtaining the final visa, the interview process, the medical exam, fingerprinting, etc., etc. I also had a difficult time at first getting specific answers tailored to getting my Dominican spouse to the U.S. because of the diversity in countries on the I-130 Filer groups per month. So this group is to answer questions for those with Dominican beneficiaries. Please feel free to also add any recommendations, experiences, updates in regards to same. Thank you! and Good Luck to everyone
  2. Hello everyone, I saw a post or two regarding adminstrative process for Lebanese people, or I should say anyone who is dealing with the US embassy in Lebanon. anyway I have been in Ap since 24th of NOV 2018, last update 24 of Jan 2019 but still in AP, anyone having same experince or had this experince please reply with for how long your case has been in AP./how long it took to over come AP. at this point it seems forever 😅😂😂
  3. Hello my fiance came over on his K-1 last Saturday, we got married Wednesday. It is our understanding that he cant work until he files for a work permit or the AOS. What do we do now? Is there a detailed synopsis of what we need to do next? The AOS costs $1,225 , we printed and filled out the I-485 paperwork. We want to pay with card so we included a form G-1450. What other information do we need to include? We mail this off to the Chicago address correct? What happens after that / how do we know when the interview, biometrics, or next step is? Thank you
  4. Wat questions will be asked?? My father petioned me
  5. IandM1123

    DS-160 Questions

    My Fiance needs help filling out the DS-160, there is a couple of questions that we are not sure what to answer. Mother's full name - this should be his mother's full married name, correct? For me, it should be, but he was saying on the videos he saw they didn't put their dad's surname on their mom's full name. Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents in the US? (Help: Immediate Relatives means Fiance/Fiancee, Spouse, Child, Sibling) - Should this be "yes"? Also, can he make a new DS160 form if he needs to make changes? He did the print and sign accidentally, without even uploading the picture. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi all, I submitted my packet to USCIS Guangzhou on September 14th for Direct Consular Filing. We have not heard anything back yet (they said wait 60 days before contacting them), but I fully expect to get a request for the I-864 Affidavit of Support. I'm trying to get a jump on it so it's ready to go when we get the request. My income here in China is above the poverty line for a household of 2 (it's a pretty low bar to clear, tbh). Despite that fact, I would like to have my mom joint sponsor because I am working in China, which means that to move to the US I'd have to look for work and will be unemployed for a little while. I'm having trouble finding guides and help for how to fill this in with a joint sponsor, so here are my main questions: 1. My mom and I both need to submit an I-864, right? I would would be the principal sponsor and she would be the joint sponsor. 2. Do I need to combine mine and my mother's income on the form, or keep them separate? 3. Do I need to count my mom as part of my household if she is a joint sponsor? 4. Does my wife need to fill in her assets on both forms? 5. Are there any forms that need to be filled in with the I-864? Thanks!
  7. Us citizen mom petitioning for children 14 years (15 by the time of the interview) and 18 year old sons. What kind of questions will they ask at the interview? Children are in Ghana
  8. Hi, I have my interview after 4 weeks, any one who already gone though this process. Please let us know for complete procedure. 1- Complete required doc to be carried out (I-129, Ds-160, i-134 etc ) any proper way to file ? 2- interview Questions 3- any thing special ? Your support will be highly appreciated
  9. I have 2 speeding tickets. Both less than $500. If they ask me this question in the interview, should I say yes or no? And what proof do I have to get? Thank you.
  10. I am international, married to a US citizen, and we will have our green card interview in a few months. I have many international friends from all over the world, who went through the same, and all of them got their green card with no problem. They all told me that their interview was simple; they all went to the interview room together with their US spouse, and the interviewer only asked them simple questions like "Where did you all meet for the first time?" "When did you get married?" "How long have you been together" "When is your spouse's birthday" and so on. The thing is, they all got interviewed together with their spouse in the same room. They all had their interview in different states in the US. So I was thinking this was going to the common way of the interview. Now I live in a state different from any of my friends, and I have my immigration lawyer who prepared all documents for me, and he is also coming to the interview with me and my spouse. But he told me that at the interview they will split me and my spouse and have an interview separately asking the same questions, and check if our answers will match. Not because we might look suspicious, but because that is what they do to all married couples who will have the interview in this specific USCIS in our state. Is that true that in some USCIS, they will split you and your spouse REGARDLESS of whether the marriage seems genuine or fake? What if some answers don't match? for example, "What is your spouse's favorite food" or something like this is very difficult to make answers match, if your spouse likes multiple dishes. Or in this kind of split interview, do they mostly ask a question that can have only one answer? Such as "When is your spouse's birthday?", "Where do you all meet?", "When did you get married?" etc?
  11. 1. I've been dating my boyfriend since august 2017, we plan on applying for a k1 visa in january 2019, I wanted to know if there is less chance of us getting approved since we have only been dating for 1 year, we have met before, and will meet again before we apply 2. His income is 16-20k a year depending on what hours he gets but he does get at least 30 hours a week and does over time, is it better to have the green card income of 125 percent when applying for a k1 visa, or is the 100% ok? 3. Do they need screenshots of conversations online 1 screenshot per month since we first met? 4. He lives with his parents in a 5 bedroom house, and if we get approved we will be living with his parents for a bit untill we move out, is there any issues with living with parents that could get us denied?
  12. Hello, just wanted to make sure I was filling out our visa journey timeline correctly on the K1 side of things and to verify we’re on the right track. Apologies in advance, as I’m on mobile. We started our K1 Visa Process back on September 14th, it arrived at USCIS on September 21st. We then received an NOA2 March 19th. April 2nd is when we received an email from the NVC stating our case was expedited. After filling out the DS160, isn’t fiancee was requested to fill out information on April 3rd to http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/au/ I paid the fee, and got the receipt. Currently waiting to find out more. I’m not sure if we’re currently waiting for anything to come to her door, or if we’re waiting for an email confirmation? The consulate requested an email as well once we were done. I was also unsure about certain forms such as the affidavit of support and if that need some to be sent to her for the interview with all of my pay stubs, or if that’ll be used for something else? We have also run into the issue of being unsure of where to get her medical done within Australia as the form she presented to her doctor was expired and couldn’t be filled out by him. Not to mention it was requiring information by a physician? Not sure if it’s going to happen at the embassy or if it needs to be done before. Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. Hi, this August I will be entering USA with my DV after winning the green card. Im wondering about your experience with this process. I've entered the US before several times with different visa types and I know that after the landing there is a procedure with the officers. Does the procedure for the new permanent resident takes longer than the usual airport interview with the officer or/and does that include some special actions? I will have some of my friends picking me up at the airport and to adapt to their schedule I would need to provide them with the estimated timestamps. Thank you!
  14. Hello, My fiance is having her interview in the coming weeks in Mexico. We are not officially engaged and I haven't proposed but we will marry once she arrives. Then at some point proceed with an actual wedding. She doesn't have an engagement ring and we have no wedding date planned just yet. Will this be a problem in her interview if she's asked "when did he propose to you" or "tell us about your wedding plans"?
  15. Hello all, we are hoping to get our AOS application submitted to USCIS this week, but we had a few last minute questions that we wanted to see if anyone could answer for us. My wife was a K1 holder, for reference. 1. For the i-693, I understand that we are to submit only the first page (information about you section completed only) and a copy of her DS-3025 that she received at the time she completed her medical exam overseas. We are concerned if there will be any problems with submitting the form unsealed? She was only provided unsealed copies of the forms at the time of the examination she had overseas. We are planning on turning in the first page of the i-693 and the copy of the DS-3025 from her overseas medical that has the seal of the hospital on it with the AOS. Again what we have is unsealed. Is that acceptable? 2. We have been told that it is acceptable to specify TBD or unknown for the date of travel and duration, where that is asked on the form, but it is unclear how we address the following section under "Complete Only if Applying for Advanced Parole": On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advanced Parole Document. and what circumstances warrant issuance of advanced parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. We have no idea what we should do about that section. We'd only be going back to visit her family and friends. Is it better to submit the form immediately with Unknown/TBD or wait to submit it once you know the dates and times? It is my understanding that the advanced parole document will still be free of charge so long as she has an AOS pending. It should be a multi-use advanced parole document as well correct?
  16. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen (born in Canada) and I have been dating my girlfriend who is a us citizen (born in the us) for approximately 4 years. We have now filed petition for the k1 visa. My questions and concerns revolve around my criminal record. Juvenile record is assault police officer in 2010 ( which I recived while trying to be detained inside my home and resisting) I was 16 at the time. I have an assault x2 which I received for slapping another youth that was in a cell with me during the time I was in custody for the assault police. At the time I was told I no longer had a home to go to and was scared to leave the juvenile hall and not have a home to go too. I slapped this youth intentionally to be able to extend my stay in detention. fast forward 2 years in 2012 I am now18 years old. I had a really bad day and made the mistake of trying to relive my stress by drinking alcohol. While at my friends house I realized I've had way to much to drink and called a cab to come take me home. I remember getting into the cab and then I woke up in custody. I had been dropped off not at the requested destination, where I had stumbled into a coffee shop. I ended up picking a fight with one of the employees and damaging some property. I received an assault charge and a mischief under. I was also charged with breaching my conditions of probation from my first conviction ( a no alcohol order, a curfew and a keep the peace) fast forward to 2016 I've mature and made many positive strides in my life. I am now 22 and in a committed long term long distance relationship. At this point we've done some reading and assumed I'd need a waiver for inadmissability. We spent many months going through this process and come to the final step of handing in the forms at a port of entry. Where I was informed by the officer (who also went and spoke to his superior) that I was indeed admissible because I have no cimt's. He specified that they don't even take into consideration my youth record, and the assault and micheif could be something very minor( I did not go into detail about my chargers) he told me I had been misled by the waiver company inside Canada. He clipped somthing to my criminal records copy that said "no cimt's" and told me to bring this record file everytime I cross and hand it to them at the boarder when asked about my criminal history. I left with a huge smile excited to be able to go see my girlfriend there and finally meet her family and her 2 young children who at the time I have never met in person just FaceTime but had still grown to love them very much. fast forward another 2 years and it's now 2018 and I'm 24. My girlfriend has both been here a bunch and I have traveled there a few times with 0 problems crossing the boarder. I took the advice of the officer at my initial vist at the port of entry. The longest time spent there being 3 months. As the time between now and my interview shortens I find my anxiety about this at an all time high. I've planned my whole life around this and I am with the woman of my dreams, the thought of any coming between that makes me sick to my stomach. im concerned if my k1 visa will be approved in the interview. I know they base their decision on cimt's which I've been informed I do not have. But I've also read they use discretion at these interviews. I'm fairly good at articulating myself but that little voice in the back of my head named anxiety doesn't allow my mind to be at peace with this. Please, I would really appreciate any and all input on our situation. Thanks in advance. I also apologize for the story book, I just like to be thorough.
  17. If you are reading this please take pity on me, I am have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm in desperate need of help. A little info about my situation: I recently married my Egyptian husband, who is still in Egypt. I am back home in the U.S. Will someone please tell me plainly and simply how do I get my husband from Egypt to the U.S.? I know I need to apply for a spouse visa, and I thought that was all I needed to do, but looking over this site and others, and after watching youtube horror stories my mind has turned to mush. I just need an idiot's guide to bringing your foreign husband to America, please. For example: Step 1. Fill out this form etc.... Also, can someone tell me how long I should expect to wait for him to receive the visa? 9 months? 2 years? 35 years? Thanks so much in advance, Natalie ♥
  18. When filling out the I-130/I-130A and a question does not apply to you (or you do not need to fill out the whole section) do I: a) Write 'N/A' in the first box of the question's spaces and leave the others blank b) 'N/A' all the questions spaces that do not apply/ need to answer c) Leave all that do not apply/need to answer blank
  19. I'm getting ready to prepare my documents for the affidavit of support. I preferred to do this without a co-sponsor. I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is. -I made enough to qualify last year but some of that income was while I was still living in Brazil, so not a US based job. Another portion of that income was through a temp agency. So these are some things about that income that would probably cause me to get an RFE. I decided to not file the I-864EZ based on my tax returns, but rather to file the I-864 based on meeting the minimum income requirements... -I just started going through a career change and have recently started an electrical apprenticeship through the IBEW union. It's work and school and won't be an issue to get a letter from the school/employer saying how much I am guaranteed to make each year of the apprenticeship. Since I'm only just starting the program and expect to be getting sent out to work soon (only going to my fourth day of class tomorrow), should I just get a letter from the (school) employer or would I also need to send in check stubs as proof of meeting the income requirements? It's a union job and you're guaranteed so many hours a year, basically super stable employment in a veritable career and growing industry. It's considered a pretty big deal and not the easiest thing to get accepted into after months of waiting, plenty of drug testing, aptitude test and graded interviews before the committee... What should I need to know to not panic about doing my affidavit of support based on the info above? Thanks everyone that takes the time to give me valuable info.
  20. Abdel Ben


    Hi, I have a friend is sponsoring my fiancé what should she put in question #7 part 2 of form I-134 is asking relationship to sponsor. Also My case was approved and sent to Casablanca embassy on 6/22/2017, I received a letter from The NVC with a case number starting with CSB when I go to ceac.state.gov to check my status it tells me incorrect receipt number or case number. Please can somebody tell me how to check my status? Thank you so much
  21. Abdel Ben


    Hi, I have a friend is sponsoring my fiancé what should she put in question #7 part 2 of form I-134 is asking relationship to sponsor. Also My case was approved and sent to Casablanca embassy on 6/22/2017, I received a letter from The NVC with a case number starting with CSB when I go to ceac.state.gov to check my status it tells me incorrect receipt number or case number. Please can somebody tell me how to check my status? Thank you so much
  22. Hello everyone, I'm gonna send my AOS package in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I have a few questions and I hope you can help me. 1. When I did the medical exam for the interview (K1 visa) they gave me a CD with my Chest X-Ray . Do I have to put it in my package and send itfor the AOS? Or I have to keep it? 2. What kind of evidence I have to send to prove our relationship? The photos, the boarding pass and the marriage certificate are enough? Do you have any suggestion? 3. My birth certificate is in Italian. Do I have to send a copy in english? Thank you for your help!
  23. Hello. So I got married (same sex marriage) last April 2017, I went back to Philippines May 2017. My husband filed the I-130 petition, December 1, our petition got approved. Now we are on the process of collecting financial and supporting documents. In line with this, I need to get an NBI Clearance, my question is should I put I am married or not? I am just confused because I really don't know what to put there and I don't want to mess it up. I don't want NVC to questioned me why do I declare my civil status single in my NBI clearance, but if I put in my NBI application that I am married, I am afraid that I will have a problem because our marriage is not recognized in the Philippines plus the fact that same sex marriage is still not legal here.
  24. Hello! So, I'm new to visajourney. I'm currently filling out the I-130A. In the address history, it asks for your previous address. I've been living in my current apartment for almost 5 years and I don't remember my past address as I was not on the lease however I do remember my address prior to that one. Should I put my previous address? I tried phoning USCIS but they weren't very helpful. Secondly, they ask questions about your parents which isn't a problem except I don't know my real father. Should I just write N/A? I've been working as a CNA for the past 3 years. Before that I was a student... do I need to provide any information about my studies? Do I need proof?
  25. Hello, I had a few questions. Most of them I think they are right, but just wanted to make sure they are correct. Sorry if I am asking obvious questions, do not want to do something wrong. - I am US Citizen - My wife is conditional resident --------- 1.) USCIS Online Account Number: - I am not sure if I have the online account number. Where to find out? Leave blank or put N/A if we dont have one? 2.) Proof of Marriage: - Does that need to be from marriage to current? Or the date of arrival to US to present? 3.) Fee: - According to Form, the I-751 fee is $595. Bio metric fee is $85 - Should we sent Check of $595 from our Joint Bank Account, or both 595+85 = 680? 4.) Affidavits from Family Friends - When we made those affidavits, we printed 2 and made them sign/notarized both just in case we needed extra - ok to send original or send only photo copy? 5.) Case Number on all documents - When I did the CR-1 Visa Immigrant Process, I put case numbers on all the documents in case papers get misplace or lost. - Is it ok to put case numbers on the documents or evidence? 6.) N/A in forms: - I know we are suppose to put "N/A' on parts of the form that does not apply to us. - Example: (Children Section) We can put N/A in the 1st line. Do not have to put N/A in every blank right? 7.) Part 7 of I-751 Form: - Suppose to choose option "1a" under Petitioners? We are filling out the forms together. - She would be the petitioner right? I would put her info. - Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center: Her name needs to be filled out right? 8.) Part 8 of I-751 Form; - Same as Part 7, but details about me right? Thank you.