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Found 278 results

  1. Hey all. Between school, a J-1 visa, returning back to Canada, moving, and now back to the US I have a few too many addresses (and employers to go with them!) for the I-485. I made up a supplemental sheet for my G-325a form that accompanied the K-1, but it only included months and years for dates, as that was what the G-325 asked for. Could I simply use this sheet for my supplemental info for the I-485? or am I forced to use that blank, unformatted space that they have included, along with guesswork for the exact dates? Thanks!
  2. I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. I am filing an adjustment I’d status for my wife (we married recently after she arrived here on a K-1 Visa). My question is in regards to the AOS fees. I am filing I-485 (AOS), I-864 (affidavits of support), I-765 (application for employment authorization), and G-1145 (electronic notification). According to what I read, my total cost should be as followed: $1,140 I-485 $ 0 I-765 (free if filed with I-485) $ 85 Biometrics ____________________________________ $1,225 Total Originally I bought this would be closer to $2000. Did I miss anything? Is my total correct? I just don’t want to have the whole thing denied after half a year of waiting because I missed $10 or something on a check. Thank you kindly in advance!
  3. Hello, everyone, it's a great news! I have received my PR (vawa based)and my years of struggle is just over and I wish the same for every struggling immigrant in this country. I want to thank the creator of this website where I was able to check multiple kinds of cases and learn how to be patient and positive and thankful to people who shared their experience in this website from which I have learned some good knowledge. I am sharing my timeline so everyone can have an idea whats happening in immigration procedures. married Oct 2012 posted i-485 2013 Feb shades of abuse March 2013 the interview may 2013 (separated in the interview and was under review) 2013 to 2015 ( harassment and verbal abuse and finally physical abuse where my forehead was knocked out) hospitalized. 2015 my spouse has withdrawn my pending i-485 and ran away from the house since I have filed the police report and restraining order. came to know about VAWA in 2016 and applied. 2016 April posted vawa ( prima facea extended 5 times ) 2017 Feb RFE (good faith marriage) I have sent addition more documents. 2017 sep vawa approved 2017 oct I-485 and EAD filed (fee was waived considering low income) 2018 end of Feb EAD was approved and mailed ( received in 5days ) 2018 March first week interview date and had attended the interview. (interview lasted for 12minutes ) and I was told "we will review your case and will mail the decision" I have received the decision and it was actually approved 3 days later my interview. I had an attorney all this time of vawa period and he was with me in the interview. In my interview, oath and she scanned my fingers and took a picture and just went through my I-485 form. although my attorney prepared me for all kinds of question like marriage and abuse related (for just in case situations) thankfully my Officer was nice and easy. march second week My PR was received. once again thank you, everyone, who keeps this website informative. #i-485 #vawa #i-360 #approved #ead
  4. Hi, I'm filling out the I-485 and I can't figure out if I should fill out my Visa number at the question "Nonimmigrant Visa Number from this Passport (if any)". The Visa I have is in my expired passport that I still carry when I travel just for the Visa. My new passport obviously doesn't contain a Visa. Should I fill out the Visa Number for the old expired passport (since I use that Visa) or should I not fill it out since my valid passport does not contain a Visa? Thank you so much!
  5. My wife and I got married exactly 1 month ago today, after she entered the US on a K1 visa. We are currently completing the paperwork necessary to adjust her status to permanent resident, but we have run into a few things on the I-485 form that we are not understanding. 1. In the section regarding "Information About Your Immigrant Category" the Receipt Number of the Underlying Petition is asked for, as well as the priority date from the underlying petition (if you are the principal applicant, which in this case my wife is the one applying, so it is her). We are not sure what this is referring to. Is it the i-129f receipt number? What is meant by the priority date? 2. There is another question later in the form that asks if you have ever been involved with any organization in the US. My wife and I met when we were mutually part of a musical organization that toured the US during the summers of 2009 and 2010. The organization is US based. I think that probably qualifies as a yes to the question, but I just want to be sure that I am understanding that question correctly. 3. For the employment history section, are gaps in employment permissible in the 5 year period when completing that section? I remember the G-325 did not allow gaps to exist; that is to say that you had to note periods where you were unemployed. I can't find anything on the instructions for the form that discusses that. Currently we have all the jobs she has worked in the last 5 years on the form, but we have no included unemployed gaps. 4. When it comes to paying the fee, do they expect a single check for the sum of the filing fee and the biometrics fee ($1225) or 2 separate checks for ($1140 and $85 respectively) Thanks for the input as always. Very happy to be part of this community.
  6. I am a legal permanent resident and I submitted I-130 for my Swedish husband and it has a prio date of November 30, 2016. According to visa bulletin, that date is now current as the Dates for filing can be used. We have the receipt for the I-130 but not the approval. He is here on an E-2 investment visa if that makes a difference. Questions: 1. can we send in the I-485 WITHOUT the I-130 approval when the sponsor is a green card holder, not a citizen? I.e. send the I-485 with the RECEIPT only, and not wait for the approval? 1a. if yes, we can send the I-485 with only the I-130 RECEIPT, is there somewhere online where I can see this written (from USCIS) 1b. is there any risk with doing this? 2. How long does the I-130 approval usually take once the priority date is current? In case we want to or have to wait for the approval? Thank you, Gisela
  7. I applied for my EAD ( I-765),I-140, and I-485 keeping my wife as the beneficiary. I have a US citizen son living with us. My preference classification is 203 B2 NATL INTEREST WAIVER ( EB2 NIW ?? at least that's what I and my lawyer applied for! ) My applications were received by USCIS on 01/12/2018(This is also the priority date ). Got 3 separate NOAs with the notice date as 01/22/2018. Biometrics notice date for myself and wife was 02/02/2018 and we did biometrics on 02/22/2018 at the Application Support Center in Tustin, CA. Both of us can't work and currently dependent on financial support from my father back in our home country. Unfortunately, he passed away after a brief illness on 02/27/2018 and now there is no financial support for me or my family during this period, I have only funds for about 1.5 months to cover living expenses. My son also suffers from several medical conditions and needs some special food items for his meals. With my current financial status is very hard for me to support even his meals. I want to know if its at all possible to expedite my case due to financial hardships and emergency situation concerning my son's medical issues ? I want feedback from the community before talking with my lawyer regarding this. Thank you!
  8. My fiancee came to the United States on a K1 visa. Her two children were K2 visas. We got married and began our family life together. Now I I am trying to complete the AOS form for her and the children. I have a couple of questions. Is the I-485 form sufficient for her AND the children or must I complete separate forms? When I submit payment, must payment be separate for each individual? Thank you in advance
  9. Hello VJer, According to ya'll recent experience which is a better route to take for my in-law. My in-law has visitor visa for 10yrs and now planning to get GC thru my wife (She is US Citizen). Is it better for us to do adjustment of status while they are here in the states or consular processing? What are the pros/cons of doing adjustment of status vs consular processing? What is the current filling guideline for adjustment of status (Any recent post here on VJ someone can guide me)? If you guys can please share your experience I would really appreciate it. Thanks in Advance!!
  10. Can you select any field office? I am fling family AOS from H1B. I know my field office is Denver as I am living in CO. But it seems like Denver office takes especially long time, average of 320 according to the stats, until interview. I know all applications are sent first to Chicago, then transferred to each field office. There is a place I enter the field office. The beneficiary is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office in: There I selected Denver, but was wondering if you see the stats and select the field office that seems to have shorter processing time. I know this requires traveling, but I might not mind it if I could get approved 100 days sooner... Or if anybody has experience with Denver office, please share! Thanks!
  11. I know there are check lists others submitted and I can look at, but since regulation and required documents do change sometimes, I was wondering if anybody can take a look at my list and correct me if needed. It'll be very very greatly appreciated! I know this list is lengthy. Thank you so much for whoever decided to take a look and give me feedback!!!! I am filing marriage AOS from H1B. H1B will expire soon, my employer will file extension request soon, so I plan to include the Receipt Notice from the extension request. Our I-864 has a lot of documents. We have a joint-sponsor because we don't think our income and asset would qualify us. But we are including everything we have to show that we do not intend to financially rely on the joint sponsor. The primary sponsor doesn't have W2 because he is not employed full-time. Only works as an independent contractor, and has Gi Bill from VA. I-130 1-130A Filing fee Two passport-style photos of the petitioner Two passport-style photos of the beneficiary Form G-1145 Copy of petitioner’s birth certificate as a proof of U.S. citizenship Copy of beneficiary’s most recent I-94 Certified copy of marriage certificate Evidence of Bona Fide Marriage Copy of car title showing joint ownership Copy of rental lease showing joint tenancy Copy of health insurance statement showing joint insurance Copy of bank statement showing joint bank account Collection of photographs of the petitioner and the beneficiary I-485 Two passport-style photos of the beneficiary Copy of beneficiary’s birth certificate (certified translation from the original language) Copy of current passport that includes the followings: Photograph page Entry stamps Previous and current non-immigrant U.S. visas Copy of old passport that includes the followings: Photograph page Entry stamps Previous U.S. non-immigrant visas Other forms indicating lawful residency in the U.S. Copy of previous I-20 (F-1) Copy of previous EAD card (OPT) Copy of previous I-797 (H1B) Copy of current I-797 (H1B) Copy of Receipt Notice (Extension of current H1B, recently filed) Travel history Copy of most recent I-94 Form I-693 Medical Examination and Vaccination Record Form I-864 Affidavit of Support signed by the Primary Sponsor Copy of petitioner’s three most recent federal tax returns Recent payment history from Post 9/11 GI Bill to support current annual income Bank statements from the petitioner’s bank account (joint account with the beneficiary) Titles of two cars owned KBB value of one of the two cars Bank statements from the beneficiary’s bank account Form I-864 Affidavit of Support signed by Joint Sponsor Copy of joint sponsor’s birth certificate as a proof of U.S. citizenship Copy of joint sponsor’s three most recent federal tax returns and W-2 forms Copy of joint sponsor’s recent pay stubs I-131 Application for Travel Document Two passport-style photographs of the beneficiary Copy of passport photograph page Copy of US issued Driver’s License Copy of current I-797 Approval Notice (current H1B) and Receipt Notice (recently filed extension) I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Two passport-style photos Copy of most recent I-94 Copy of passport photograph page Copy of previous EAD (from year 2013-2014)
  12. It's been a month since our online case status updated to "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview". We still haven't received the notice with the interview schedule in the mail. Is this normal?
  13. Hello everyone, i just wanted to say thank you for the wealth of knowledge and the help you’re all providing, it’s awesome! Here’s my situation: I am a US citizen and my girlfriend is on a J-1 visa. She got an extension on that with a new DS Form that expires at the end of March, but her au pair program got her a plane ticket at end of April to go back home. She will not be using this plane ticket to go back home since we plan on getting her into AOS. She does not have the two year requirement to go home to share her experiences and we are getting married here in a few weeks. We have been dating for about 6 months so it was never her intention to get married during her stay on her J-1. All that said, we would like as much time as possible to prepare our documents when we joint file the I-130 and I-485. Do those forms have to be submitted before her DS Form expiration at the end of March or do we have some time afterward to complete them? Currently I’m seeing that she won’t be flagged for an overstay until it’s 180 days after her expiration but I want to verify that that information is correct. Will filing after the expiration hurt our case at all or is it okay since we will be married before the expiration? Please advise, thank you!
  14. Hi! on the form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, part 1 question 2: "Are you applying for adjustment based on the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 245(i)?" What does this mean?? I'm so lost and confused, don't understand what that means. I'm in the states on a F-1 student visa and marrying my American boyfriend.
  15. My (now) wife came into the US from Canada on December 1st and was given until March 1, 2018 to find a job on her I-94 which is attached to her passport. On Feb 16th, we got married, however we need to wait for the Marriage Certificate to get processed before we send in the paperwork as we need to attach a copy of said Marriage Certificate to the packet. We also need to send a copy of the I-94 that is attached to her passport. Will she be deportable since the packet will be sent after March 1?
  16. Hello All, I have been going through these forums and there is a lot of information which is extremely helpful so thank you all for that. The information is too scattered and i am still a bit confused. I will appreciate if you guys can help me out. I am about to file for my parents greencard (Dad - 79yrs, Mom-75yrs) and they are here in the US legally on visit visa. They have been here since Nov 2017. My understanding is that i will need to file the following forms: I-130 - Petition for Alien Relative - To be filled by me (petitioner) - Separate forms for Mom n Dad = Fee $535x2 I-485 - Adjustment of Status - To be filled by Dad/Mom (beneficiary) - Separate forms for Mom n Dad = Fee $1225x2 I-765 - Employment Authorization - To be filled by Dad/Mom (beneficiary) - Separate forms for Mom n Dad = Fee included in I-485 I-131 - Travel Document - To be filled by Dad/Mom (beneficiary) - Separate forms for Mom n Dad = Fee included in I-485 I-693 - Medical Exam & Vac. Rec. - To be filled by USCIS Auth. Doctor - Separate forms for Mom n Dad - Sealed by Doc. = No USCIS Fee I-864 - Affidavit of Support - To be filled by me (petitioner) - Separate for Mom n Dad??? Please Advise = No USCIS Fee G-325A - Biographic Info - To be filled by Dad/Mom (beneficiary) - Separate forms for Mom n Dad= No USCIS Fee First of all, are these the correct forms to be filed concurrently? If not, what goes first and whats next or what additional forms do i need? Do i need separate I-864 for both of them? Or a single form can serve the purpose? For supporting documents, i have their Affidavit of Birth, Marriage record, their Foreign ID Card and their US ID Card, their Passport. I am also adding my evidence of citizenship, by birth certificate, tax return transcripts. What additional evidence do i need to add? Can i include single copies of my documents that apply to both of them or separate copies? For Fee, can i use Form G-1450 - Authorization for Credit Card Transactions for all fees? For E-Notifications, can i use G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance? Please let me know if all this is correct. Any help will be much appreciated. I am about to get the I-693 from the doctor coming Monday, and plan of filing in the next two weeks. Thanks again in advance for your help. -FK-
  17. Well, my wife just got her I-485 interview notice in the mail today. I couldn't find any recent posts (2016 or newer) about this so I'm making one now to help those around the same time period. Question 1 My Wife and I filed also for EAD, request for work authorization in order to work whilst the Green Card is approved. We haven't gotten anything about that yet; does this mean she'll have her GC approved before the EAD can be issued? Question 2 What happens after a I-485 interview? How long does it take to get a GC if the interview is successful? Thanks in advance, guys!
  18. Hey all, Great community here. Lots of help and love. Much appreciated during this confusing voyage. So today, I received this RFE from USCIS. Having read over it a few times, I think I got the knack of what they are asking for, even though in typical style, it is a little confusing. In an effort to make this process easier, I have color coded the questions. [Due to upload limits the second and third pages are google links] RED - Is this asking me for MY tax documentation, or my wife, or both? We submitted the tax return copies with both our names on it from last year. We filed jointly, but I was just on there as 0. I was out of status and not working. I am now working, as I indicated on my I-485 in the applicable box. I mostly think it's asking for my wifes info, but now that I checked I do work, I'm not sure, though this year is the first I had worked and would file taxes, but have not at this time. Although I'm guessing my information is irrelevant because.... (follow below) PURPLE - This is the most confusing part of the request. Even by herself, my wife absolutely and unequivocally makes more than 125%. I do not get why, barring some simple mistake my copy of the application shows we didn't make, they would be saying this to us. Is this just some automated line that comes up when there's a mistake or problem? ORANGE - We did not include any of this evidence on the application, just a copy of my wife's tax return, federal and state. It was just a copy without any of this evidence, though my wife swears up and down it did not ask her for that specific evidence. Again, this was just a copy printed from her private files, not a transcript from the IRS. Is this our AOS related issue and mistake? If we were to procure an official transcript, would she still need the W2s etc? BLUE- SOLVED: I worked out that I sent a birth extract instead of a birth certificate (and a crappy copy at that). My mum took a look at it on facetime and called me a dish head (rightfully so), and told me she would express a certified BC to me, so subsequently i DO NOT require help on this, just figured I would include the entire letter for reference. I want to obviously get this cracking as soon as possible, so any help is much appreciated. page 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1edUYXLUq-_UdcjxfNIIkVZS24b8DoJlG page 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uTuYjBTsQPQcqsBJnrfRVZJC3WFIZym1
  19. Hi, I've been in US for 5 years on H1b visa, In 2017 November, I married my many years old girlfriend, who is a US citizen. I'm applying for greencard now. I found out, we need to complete I-130, I-130A & I-485. I've downloaded these form and filled them, But there are not much clear instruction about how to file them. Is there any other form that need to be completed along with these 3 form for concurrent filing ? I read that I need to take printouts of all form and mail them to a filing location ? Is there a specific format, that physical mail should be sent ? like what document need to be attached with these 3. (for example, passport, visa,i94, marriage certificate) 9 to who this mail should be directed to? etc
  20. Hello All, I have an approved EB1A self-petition. I am currently on F1 visa. I am in the process of applying for I-485 submission. Filing as single status. For the section, “What evidence must you submit with Form I-485” Item 8 is “Affidavit of support/Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under INA Section 204(j) (Supplement J)” The instructions in I-485 state that you would not need to submit an I-864 But in Item 9, “Evidence of Financial Support” the instructions state: So, in order to get an exemption for I-864, we have to submit I-864W. But I-864W states: Finally, my question, do we need to submit I-864 for EB1A category ? Can someone who has undergone the process of adjustment provide some clarification on this matter?
  21. Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me where can I find the current USCIS processing time for I-485, which is based on K1? I can't find it on the Forms list at MSC on the below link: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abc3x8ylrOBJScyeqvRfw I filed I-485 on August 30, 2017, along with my I-765. Since then, I received my EAD on February 2, 2017.
  22. Hello all, My wife and I procrastinated on filing the AOS I-485 for a little over a year now (13 months) and finally getting around to doing it. Unfortunately, I realized upon reading all the instructions that we might now need an I-693. Couple of questions I didn't find answers to after searching: Is it possible to file the AOS without the I-693 and then wait for them to simply RFE for it or would this be cause to reject the entire packet? Has anyone ever filed this late before and have you had any issues whatsoever? I am debating consulting with an attorney at this point to be safe. We did get married within the 90 days of her arriving but still a tad nervous due to having waited this long to file. Do I need to staple the individual forms together so they aren't loose inside the packet? like the 485, 765, 131, etc? Appreciate your responses.
  23. Hi, I filed I-130 family based immigration back on Oct 2015. The priority date become current on Oct 2016. We field I-485 right the way. On Nov 2016, they send us requested for deviance. They received the document within a week. Went for local office doing fingering print on Dec 2016. After that we did not hear anything from them. It is more than a year since my I485 pending. Called them back on Dec 2017 to inquire case status. Open 2 service request on Dec and Jan 2018. Went to the Filed office on mid of Jan 2018. They said will email the ask about my case. But since than still do not have any respond. I called again today ask for service request. Checking the online Seattle USCIS office processing time it is on Nov 30, 2016. Planning to go to filed office one more time this month. My figure print already expire and renew. Renewing my ESD card now. My health check letter about to expire. Am I missing something here? What should I do? How to make my case move? Thanks!
  24. Hello just looking for some insight if anyone has had a similar situation. Here is my AOS filing history: August 15 2017- married September 25 2017- packet sent to USCIS September 26 2017- delivered to USCIS Chicago [day 0] October 24 2017- biometrics appointment [day 28] December 27 2017- inquiry about EAD [day 92] January 4 2018- RFIE mailed to lawyer [day 100] January 19 2018- RFIE response mailed to USCIS [day 115] January 26 2018- USCIS received response to RFIE [day 122] Basically, I submitted all required documents via my lawyer. We received the RFIE because my lawyer incorrectly put their law firm address where our US mailing address should have went. That was the only reason for the request for evidence. USCIS received the response on January 26. I am wondering how long this will delay my whole case and when should i expect a decision and my work permit? Has anyone had a situation like this before? I have no criminal history or problems with immigration. I am a Canadian citizen. Thank you for any insight!