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  1. Mandamus can be filed by yourself. I have posted a guide here. take a look if it helps you
  2. in a matter of 6 months . he has two lovers filing. visa applications. Sounds not fishy at all . he sure is after the green card. i highly doubt he wants the marriage. if he can replace her ,, he will replace you IMO
  3. arent 99% of asylum cases denied.. jsut for stats purpose.
  4. why dont you ask his employer to provide him an employment letter and use that to expedite EAD. its not the best situation but it is what it is. i dont see any other way to expedite.. may be even switch employers and the new employer has a offer letter. its a uphill battle but the choices are limited
  5. the money is being laundered via weapons through ukraine. They have no money for souther border cause its easy votes for one party
  6. looks like straight up fraud case . cant believe these illegals are getting coverage on TV.
  7. you go to the post office physically and ask them
  8. why not visit the local USPS office and see whats going on ?
  9. federal immigration does not care about state laws. state laws are completely irrelevant with federal law. Federal law supersedes state law when it comes to immigration. Fed's dont care if you tell some willy wonka judge expunged your case cause the state decided to do it Get ready to provide documentation if not your case will likely be denied. Marijuana is still illegal as per federal law
  10. Here is the entire process you file ROC or I-751 any day after 09/12/24 and before 12/12/24. you file N-400 for citizenship on or after 09/12/25 and before 12/12/25 Your i-751 needs to be approved before N-400 (citizenship). Some times they approve both I-751 and N-400 if they do a combination interview at your n-400 interview. There is no set process. they can approve i-751 before n-400 filing .. it all depends on processing time OP means original poster aka you if your parents are getting older and weaker, you should go stay with parents. immigration is the least of your problems considering you are married to US citizen and they can refile your green card any time.
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