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  1. no you cannot work without EAD
  2. 1) you should not have any issues at all. 2) no he cannot 3) reentry permit is required if you plan to stay outside US for more than 6 months. reentry permit has to be applied from within US.. reentry permit is applied based on your green card status. if you marriage was entered in good faith, you should have no issues whether you divorce or not. 4) no your marriage is not an issue. you have. a 10 year green card
  3. It all depends on the paper work that your lawyer is able to present. in reality your qualifications are pretty minimal for O1 but make sure you have a lawyer who has good credentials . They all will say they can do it. ask them for specific cases where they got approval. Get a damn good lawyer.. and make sure you vet them out.. have to you talked to multiple law firms ? what was the other opinions
  4. its all here ... https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/temporary-workers/o-1-visa-individuals-with-extraordinary-ability-or-achievement. you need a good lawyer for your situation but i wont get hopes based on your experience and background. do you have a job offer ? ?
  5. they can travel but i-485 will be considered abandoned which means their i-131 and i-765 will be denied too
  6. it can take up to 1 year. who knows how fast uscis processes now a days. what do you need the card for ? you already have a visa stamp in passport
  7. about job, legal status etc
  8. what is the purpose of the WOM ? to get an appointment or for consulate to open . i dont think mandamus is useful to get an appointment.
  9. just fill out documents and ask if you have any questions here .this forum is here to help
  10. that seems right. if you didnt file for renewal technically your documents have expired and how will they stamp you if you have no extension filed.
  11. not recommended as lockbox usually loses documents when its not sent with petition. just wait for RFE to show up. what is the urgency ?
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