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  1. none of those apply to your children cause they do not maintain a residency status in USA. While they might be fly under the radar coming in once a year and spend a few days. at naturalization check , they will flip their entire life history ( every entry and exit to united states will checked before the approval of citizenship. So no your children wont be naturalized by living in UK and just cause you get citizenship.
  2. 1) NO. They will have to maintain residency in united states for the required residency. 2) Google "uscis naturalization processing time"
  3. its not tricky. USCIS applies federal laws .. They dont care about state laws. Under Fed's he is a drug dealer or sort of working with drugs.
  4. you are over thinking this. CBP full knows i-485 and adjustment of status. as long as you carry proof of residency and u dont cross the border and try to enter back in, there shouldnt be an issue
  5. unfortunately the law is extremely against fathers in divorce courts. your first step is contact a divorce attorney so your hard earned money is not taken advantage off
  6. under no circumstances you should move out of the house. if you own the house, she will claim that you moved out and she will get the house in the divorce. Divorce laws are complicated, unfortunately you are going to be screwed by the state cause you sponsored her and you will end up paying child support whether you like it or not. Get a good divorce lawyer asap and dont move out
  7. post the content of the i-485 denial letter. they wont deny if you sent i-693. something makes no sense here
  8. not true at all and there is no evidence to prove that . WOM gets a decision ( Approval or Denial). if you screw up your documents neither wom nor uscis can help. its not USCIS fault WOM has 0% of back firing.
  9. once ESTA is revoked, it is gone for life. she wont get approval ever for ESTA again . the only way she can enter US is with an immigrant visa at this point ( considering she got twice entry denied)
  10. File divorce first asap if situation has changed in your life. you simply wont get your current i-751 approved. USCIS does not accept stay married but living apart. you are either married or not. You can file a new i-751 with divorce waiver( this will be a fresh application for i-751) . you also need divorce approval by court before getting this i-751 approval. so its going to take time.
  11. congrats on the case moving forward. hope you all get naturalized soon and you can back and share your experience and pay it forward to others looking for help.
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