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  1. My wife is currently studying for her citizenship test. Some questions you have to give one or two answers too. Some other questions they don't define how many answers you have to give, but there are multiple correct answers. Do she only have to say one out the two correct answers or say them both, even though they don't specify how many to give?
  2. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  3. Hello fellow April N-400 filers, Here is a thread for all of us. COVID-19 or not, we're still applying for citizenship!
  4. Hello Guys, I wanted to take a lead in creating this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 September 2019 FILERS! Please use below table to provide your case details. (Thanks to AI135 for creating the table for July 2019 filers) I will be filing my case online in the first week of September 2019 and would like all September 2019 filers to share their Citizenship journey on this thread!! It is going to be exciting. Once I file my application, I will fill out my details. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper  
  5. Going by the monthly threads it seems like there is a slowdown in progress. Not to say no movement for recent month for Mt laurel and Newark New Jersey It was running at about 3-7 months to now but no movement so far. Im a September filer and was hopeful that I'd be done by year end or the early start of 2018 but I'm starting to doubt that. Anyone else from Newark/ Mt laurel New Jersey feeling frustrated or have any positive stories other that what I'm seeing here? I If you guys don’t mind adding your time line Here is mine Moxa1989.........|12/05/12|09/20|09/28|10/02/17|10/16/17|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Newark, NJ..........|NBC
  6. Hi there - I apologize if this is a basic question but it's my first post here and there seem to be a million different threads. I filed my N-400 in Dec 2019 and completed my Biometrics in Jan 2020 in San Francisco. I have not heard anything since. When I go on to MyUSCIS it says Estimated Wait Time: 4 months and Estimated Completion Time 5 months. What exactly does this mean? Should I expect to hear about interview scheduling in 4 months? or is my interview likely to be in 4 months. Is there a way I can seeing how quickly cases are being moved in San Francisco so I can get a realistic expectation? Are actually interviews taking place at the moment or ceremonies due to COVID? Any assistance would be appreciated. Patrick
  7. Hello all, My parents currently have their permanent resident cards are in the process of filing N-400, Application of Naturalization. I have a couple of doubts, I need help. - When filing do my parents have to file separate or can they file together? - Do my parents have to fill Part 6: Information about Parents even though their parents a deceased? -Do my parents have to fill Part 7: Information about children? -Do my parents have to fill information about registering for the selective service? Thanks all
  8. Hello It’s been about 2 years since I came on this website. I have my Naturalization interview tomorrow in Santa Ana, California and wondered if they are giving out same day Oath Ceremony’s due to COVID-19? I read somewhere they are doing drive in oath ceremony’s which is kinda funny. If not how long are people waiting for a ceremony date after their interview? After 6 years the journey is nearly at its end. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, So, apparently I can already file N-400 - married to USC for 4+ years and LPR since 30 Aug 2017. After getting married, I changed my last name on everything I could think of, starting with my SSN card - so it's hyphenated with my maiden name and my husband's last name. When my 2-year GC arrived, they'd dropped the hyphen (I hadn't caught it in the interview for that card). We then moved to a different state, and the local DMV used my GC non-hyphenated last name for the new DL. I haven't changed any of the long-term things (like banking info, SSN card) because I was going to have my name fixed on the 10-year GC anyway. I've just received my 10-year GC with my last name corrected to include the hyphen. So basically I now have my GC, SSN card and the majority of other stuff (like debit/credit cards) carrying my correct last name, but my current DL has the last name with the error. I've scheduled an appointment at the DMV to get a new DL, but the earliest slot I was able to grab was like the last week of October. My question is, do I understand correctly that first I should wait for my new DL with correct last name because that would be my legal name? It's just that in the Part 1 of the N-400 form question 1 reads "Your Current Legal Name", and then question 2 is "Your Name Exactly As It Appears on Your Permanent Resident Card", and then the instructions explain that as "Your current legal name is the name on your birth certificate unless it changed after birth by a legal action such as a marriage or court order." The state where we got married doesn't ask "what would you like your name to be now", so the most official thing for the name change that I have is my SSN card. Hopefully my question makes sense 😬 Thanks!
  10. Cost recovery is the stated goal, so: N-400 fees to go from $640 to $1,170 (83% increase) "Weighted-average" fees across all applications going up 21% Effective date is unclear, but I assume Oct 1, 2020 Lay press report: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/08/politics/asylum-fee-uscis/index.html Press release: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-proposes-adjust-fees-meet-operational-needs Proposed rule (technical): https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-24366.pdf?utm_source=federalregister.gov&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pi+subscription+mailing+list
  11. Hello, My two year conditional Green Card expired on 3/29/2019. I filed form I-751 in January 2019, and soon after received the 18 months extension. That extension is scheduled to expire on Tuesday September 29th 2020. As of 2/11/2020, the I-751 itself has been transferred to the NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER, P.O. BOX 648005, Lee's Summit, MO 64064. I live in Los Angeles, CA. On December 30th 2020, I filed my N-400 application online. I had my biometrics apt in January 2020. As of now, through my.uscis.gov, I can see that: - My N-400 has the following "Estimated case completion time: October 2020 (3 months)" - My I-751 - which I printed and FedExed to a USCIS Lockbox - just shows that "We received your Case" What can I expect come Wednesday September 30th 2020? I currently have a full time job. Would I be able to keep working? Need I ask USCIS for an additional extension? Any information wold be greatly appreciated. Best, Ed.
  12. Hi Folks I'm moving forward with my Naturalization under the 5 year rule (nothing like avoidance to seemingly go in my favor!). I have been searching and found other threads about the evidence needed to support the N-400 and, lucky me, my procrastination makes it slightly less unwieldy than my initial AOS back in 2014. I've got a draft of my online application done and would love to verify my plan for the "Evidence section" before I submit. I have no citations etc to worry about. I have already loaded: front and back of my green card marriage certificate as evidence of my name change that happened when I got my green card. my kids birth certificates I reviewed other threads, could include if it helps for a smooth process: Canadian passport bio page My birth Certificate? is that helpful? Washington state drivers license To help me remember my travel history (i have only gone back to Canada to visit family - land crossing by car - so no passport stamps), I requested my records from the Canadian border agency as well as the US site that lets me download my US crossings, so I have that available and could load those PDFs. My read is that, It seems not helpful to load evidence of my ongoing marriage as I've held my green card for longer than 5 years so tax transcripts, my USC husband's birth certificate etc. Thanks for your feedback (and patience around this type of question).
  13. Hi, my husband is a LPR (through work) and now eligible for naturalization. The problem is I was denied the extension of my O-1 and currently overstay. What should he put in the form N-400 part 10 Information about your Marital History - 7.C Current Spouse's Immigration Status. We think we should be honest but I don't want that part to jeopardize his process including me. Thank you so much in advance for your answers.
  14. Starting the thread for February 2018 filers. Good luck to all of us! N-400: February 2018 Applicants ================================ USCIS Phoenix, Arizona Lockbox ================================ UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== USCIS Chicago, Illinois Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== USCIS Online Filing ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office......|NBC/IOE Hicks81..........|02/25/15|02/01|02/01|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York City, NY.|... =========================================================================== USCIS Lincoln, Nebraska Lockbox (Filing Under 319b, 328, or 329 of the INA) =========================================================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intview..|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|???????????...|... Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 3. Click "Quote" on this new template or most recent/updated version of this template. 4. Copy the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select the entire template, then select Command + C) 5. Remove the "Quote Coding" located at the top of this template. 6. Paste the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select Command + V) 7. Now make whatever updates/changes you would like, then hit Submit Reply 8. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] 9. Red Font = "I'm A United States Citizen" Legend: GC-Date: The 'Resident Since' Date located on your first green card Sent: Date N-400 was mailed to USCIS Cashd: Date your check was cashed / credit card was charged by USCIS NOA: Receipt Notice Date Printed on your official I-797 notification Fprints: Date assigned for fingerprinting (Bio-metrics) In Line: Date you received e-notification about the start of your interview shceduling Int Ltr: Date you received the official letter in the mail regarding interview Interview: Date of your interview Oath: Date Oath taken Field Office: Your local USCIS office where you will have the N-400 interview
  15. People who filed for N-400 on September 2019, please post your progress here.
  16. There have been a lot of issues reported lately with attachments and files not loading or saving when filing the N-400 online. Although the official instructions say that the online form works in most browsers, it works best in Internet Explorer. If you have issues uploading or saving attachments/files, try again with Internet Explorer. For best results, consider filling out the entire form using IE. Sometimes other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox do work, but Internet Explorer is the one that will never fail. If you fill out your N-400 online and realize your attachments did not save, re-upload them later to the Documents > Unsolicited Information > Upload Documents section. Make sure all of your uploads are visible under the Documents tab.
  17. From USCIS website, full update here: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-celebrate-independence-day-hosting-naturalization-ceremonies-across-country This is great news for all of us waiting for the N-400!!
  18. I am having a really hard time finding any N-400 filers / timelines for Hartford,CT. Any of you out there ? I am a March 2017 Filer - Been in line for interview since April 12 with no movement since. They are currently processing September 2016 cases per their reported times. Please share your experience / timeline - I am at my wit's end with this wait
  19. Changed my name through Local District, will this impact my N-400 after they approve it? I did ask USCIS to change my name before I got approved and then I decided to go to a local court and file a petition to change my name. A few weeks later my N-400 got approved and my name change from the court got approved too. I mailed a copy of the petition to the Field Office. But since then I haven't heard anything or seeing my name change on my uscis account. What should I do? I have been waiting for the oath ceremony since March of this year and most of the court suspended all naturalization ceremonies in my district. What should I do? And meanwhile, my green card expired and I called the Contact Center they said they won't schedule for any ADiT stamp appointment unless I provide proof of my job asking for my legal status which they haven't asked me. What should I do? I sent the certified document of the court order
  20. Anyone else noticed that all the field offices processing times have changed? All the field offices now says 12-36 months. I'm just curious how do they generate that estimate?
  21. I-751 filing approved. Received the new green card in the mail yesterday. Filed N-400 online tonight. Our local office is Dallas, so we're here for the long haul. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress reports. 😃
  22. Hey Visa Journey!! With the uncertainty of how things are currently going I've decided to start the process to apply for my U.S. citizenship. I'm a bit stuck when it comes to the amount of evidence to upload on the website. For eg. how far back and how many pages of joint back statements should I submit? Are there specific pages of my taxes that I should submit? I figured because I'm filing online I don't need to upload every page of specific documents. Has anyone had any experience with filing form N-400 online? Any advice would be great thanks!!
  23. Hey, I submitted my Green card renewal almost a year ago, and still haven't received it yet. I had my biometrics appt in December 2019. I'm at a point where I want to become a citizen and wonder if I can submit my naturalization application while still waiting for my renewal to be approved. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  24. Hi Everyone! Hope all of you are doing well during the pandemic of Corona Virus! Here is my story, any suggestion or similar experience sharing are highly appreciated. Right now I have a pending I-751 for longer than a year (please refer to my posted timeline) and I submitted N-400 last month on Feb 5, 2020, hope to speed up the process of both I-751 and N-400. As you all know, in most of such cases there will be a combo interview scheduled in the next three months, while the interview could have been waived for an simple I-751 case if no N-400 get involved. Here comes the question, can I withdrawal the N-400 petition and keep the I-751 goes on as normal? How much chance a interview will still be scheduled for the I-751 in this scenario? The reason I am considering withdrawal the Naturalization Petition is because of the spreading of corona virus and the therefore caused racism led by Trump's administration discriminate against all Chinese by calling this virus "Chinese Virus". My relationship with my extremely right-wing US husband has been very fragile in the past three years, he basically hates all colored races and called them low class people, which is ironic because himself is Asian from Thailand and immigrate to the US in 80's by marrying an Caucasian US citizen (She divorced him after ten years marriage and two babies). My husband thinks I took advantage of him and this country because I obtained the green card through this marriage. Usually I try my best to avoid the arguments, but you can image how hard my life has been to deal with this. Oh by the way, I didn't set him up to marry me at all, he met me on the plane when I came to the US for business trip in 2016 and started courting me after that until we stepped into marriage six month later, we had a short loving period after marrying each other, and then all the racist comments starts show up. Long story short, right now he has been brain washed by Fox News everyday and called me VIRUS or yell at me "your country and your people are dirty, you Chinese spread the virus all over the world and you should get the hell out of this country." To be honest, I don't feel hurt anymore because those abusive words have been striking me constantly in the past few years, but my concern is, encouraged by the top leader of the country, this kind of racism and xenophobia will become more and more public and common. I doubt if the US will still be the diversified and inclusive country as I know that protect freedom of speech and human rights as always, especially under the administration of current government and president who is good at bragging about himself and blaming others. The dilemma I face is, I have to give up my Chinese Citizenship to become US citizen, which is a hard decision for me but I made my choice, but that was couple months ago before the explosion of the epidemic. Now I am worried about two things: First, if there is an interview scheduled for I-751, my US husband will not participate and I can hardly explain to the USCIS officer why he doesn't show. Second, even if I pass the interview and eventually get the US citizenship, the widely spread discrimination against Chinese in the US will make me suffer from every aspect of my life. So, back to the original question, do you think it is possible to withdrawal the N-400 petition and keep the I-751 case going on as normal? How much chance a interview will still be scheduled for the I-751 in this scenario? Is anybody been through the same situation before? Thank you for any helpful suggestions.
  25. Hello, Anyone out there on this site who have filed their N-400 (online/mail) and have Phoenix, AZ as their field office? I could not find anyone in the tracking spreadsheets. Based on few case histories I searched online, looks like Phoenix is very slow compared to other field offices. Can you share your experience/timeline for Phoenix if you filed recently (after Q3-2019)?
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