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  1. Hello. I have been a Permanent Resident since 2/26/19. Single male, no kids. Never travelled outside of USA since I arrived in USA and don’t plan to either as PR. I have a 5 year waiting period. I hired an attorney to process my PR so I will be using the same attorney to apply for Naturalization. What documents do I need to gather/prepare?
  2. Hi all, My husband finally got the citizenship interview scheduled after over 2 years pending, for his N-400 application. It says to bring his MX passport. A couple questions: - The NOA says to bring passport, green card and any other documents used for travel. Does it matter if his MX passport is expired? The USCIS document doesn’t mention validity. (We haven’t left the US since prior COVID started in 2019 and his passport expires this month which is of course the same month as his interview. 🤦🏻‍♀️) - He wants to renew his MX passport but isn’t sure the consulate will have it renewed prior to his interview. Does he need to wait to renew it? Or it needs to be valid so he has to renew it? - Does he need the original passport he traveled with for the interview or can he provide the renewed one if it’s done in time? TIA for your help!
  3. Hi guys! So I had my interview today for n-400. Everything went well. After the interview, the officer said I was very passable but he is unable to make a decision as he does not have my pending I-751. He said my I-751 case is in Nebraska. He said he will request for it. He said two things will happen, either he will receive it and he can approve it, OR they may approve it in Nebraska. has this happened to anyone else? How long does it normally take? Thanks!!!
  4. Could you please take my application and do something with it? It has been sitting on someone’s desk for over 6 months now, I would appreciate some movement on it. Your effort is highly appreciated, Sincerely, one impatient alien
  5. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  6. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for June 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates.
  7. Going by the monthly threads it seems like there is a slowdown in progress. Not to say no movement for recent month for Mt laurel and Newark New Jersey It was running at about 3-7 months to now but no movement so far. Im a September filer and was hopeful that I'd be done by year end or the early start of 2018 but I'm starting to doubt that. Anyone else from Newark/ Mt laurel New Jersey feeling frustrated or have any positive stories other that what I'm seeing here? I If you guys don’t mind adding your time line Here is mine Moxa1989.........|12/05/12|09/20|09/28|10/02/17|10/16/17|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Newark, NJ..........|NBC
  8. Hello, I could not find a general N400 thread for our St. Louis office. I want to create this post for all the applicants who are applying for N400 in St. Louis. This will help to see the estimated wait time for St. Louis office.
  9. Hello fellow April N-400 filers, Here is a thread for all of us. COVID-19 or not, we're still applying for citizenship!
  10. Hi all! I would like to know if there is a specific contact number I can call to follow up on status of my naturalization application. Due to a pending trip, I would like to talk to an actual officer who can check my application and get an accurate estimate of when to expect the interview. I guess another important question is: is this possible? Would I be able to get an accurate estimate if I call? I applied for naturalization in August 2021 and my USCIS Field Office is in Charlotte. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hi dears, I passed the test easily on 03/02/2022 at LOs Angeles Field office (3-year rule thru mariage). The officer told me that she just only need to review my uploaded documents online (i already gave her all copied of documents at the interview) then she can give me the decision in 30 days. Does anyone has the same experience? How long does it take for the approval? Please share experiences ! I appreciate that. TIA
  12. If you're a spring 2020 N-400 filer and are waiting for movement on your case, word is spreading on reddit that contacting the Federal Records Center might help: I hope this helps someone, it seems painless and easy to try and might help get your stagnant case moving.
  13. So I spoke to a couple lawyers & here were their advice: - Lawyer A said: "Wait till your GC holder husband becomes a citizen then apply. Papers will b easier." - Wait till your GC holder husband becomes a citizen. Otherwise, lawyer B said: "there's the possibility of having his current GC revoked for having seperatef a couple months after receiving (non conditional) GC through a US citizen." (Actual divorced took place 2 years later). He implied that 1st, we'd have to prove that the 1st marriage was truthful not paper based. Which is true but would cost more & take longer 😅. Lawyer C said: "If you apply now, they're going to schedule the interview at your home country, which is notorious for making it difficult to accept marriage based applications" 💢 Facts: I'm on an F1 visa. I have until end of May 2023 to graduate and then 1 year OPT. My husband could start applying for his naturalization in March 2023. 🗨 Question 1: Do u recommend me to stay on my OPT then apply after his naturalization? (given the long processing time this has been taking these days) 🗨 Question 2: We live in San Francisco, anyone has recommendation for a cheapish lawyer in the area? PS: Kindly take into consideration that someone mentioned that the OPT (starting June 2023) may not be enough of a buffer until my husband gets naturalized because if I don't secure an internship within 90 days, then I'd have to either leave the US or register to another program to stay a student. Thank you for your advice based on experience.
  14. Hi, We are planning to take N-648 for medical certification for disability exception for Civics and English testing. My mom came to USA on legal immigration upon my sponsorship about 6 years ago. She is having memory issues and unable to remember simple facts. She is regularly seen by her cardiologist for her cardiac issues (bypassed and stented twice). Cardialogist is willing to sign the paprework needed for N-648 . But, she feels she needs to refer her to someother doctor for some tests. She feels her cardiac trauma and medications she takes may be contributing to it. 1. Who should ideally sign the paperwork - referring doctor or referred doctor. We are not sure if referred doctor will be willing to go through the pain of filling the form 2. My mom is not taking any treatment or diagnosis for her memory loss till now. Will it cause any red flags with USCIS officer about the timing of the tests now ? 3. For translation, can we use a family friend or do we need to hire medical translation services. Require translation for a south indian language. Will using a personal friend as translator raise any red flags.
  15. I attended my citizenship interview back in September. I passed the test but a decision could not be made. The immigration officer told me that she was waiting for my complete file to be shipped to her office and handed me form N-652. It’s been more than 120 days now. I noted on the form N-652 she provided, it says that I can reach out to the officer about my case and attach a copy of the form. Is it worth sending a letter to my local immigration office to ask about the status of my case in hope that they will make a decision?
  16. Shawntel Went expected pandemic-related delays when she applied for U.S. citizenship in May 2020. But as months slipped by and friends who had applied for their citizenship after she did were approved, she started to worry. Finally, earlier this month, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offered Ms. Went an explanation: The paperwork it needed to complete her application was stuck in one of several government storage facilities known as Federal Records Centers. Those centers, miles-long networks of man-made limestone caves built beneath the Kansas City metro area, were largely closed due to Covid-19 and had no immediate plans to reopen. Without that paperwork, which contains Ms. Went’s complete immigration history since she moved to the U.S. from Barbados in 2011, the citizenship agency can’t approve her application. The government, she said, told her there was no solution. “They don’t want to open the office to go and get it,” she said. “It doesn’t make any sense.” Ms. Went isn’t the only one in bureaucratic limbo. As of this month, more than 350,000 requests for immigration histories were pending with the National Archives and Records Administration, which oversees the Federal Records Centers in Kansas City, though not all of those requests were for pending citizenship applications. In a statement, USCIS acknowledged that a backlog of file requests had occurred because of operating restrictions at the records centers, and said “the agency is in constant communication with NARA to assist them in whatever way is needed, including offering USCIS staff to assist in procuring files.” Read more here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/with-paperwork-locked-underground-thousands-of-u-s-citizenship-applicants-wait-and-wait-11643025603
  17. For people who went with their attorney to the Citizenship interview, what was your experience like? Reason I am asking is, it seems it’s normal for an attorney to go with you for AOS, ROC etc. I don’t see the same for citizenship interviews. So does taking an attorney to the citizenship interview even if they are just to sit and observe signal to the IO that something might be wrong with your case? Note: I know it isn’t necessary to go with an Attorney to the interview and there is not much they could do. I just want to know the experience of people who had their attorneys present at the interview.
  18. I got an interview notice to show up for my interview. However, I get to the office, they call my name but I see "requested" written by my name. The agent indicates to me that my case file has been requested and is not at the field office hence they could not proceed with my N400 interview. I tried to get indication on next steps but all they said was it varys and I will receive another interview notice when they eventually get the file. My case status on the portal has not changed to reflect this and still reflects my case has been scheduled for interview. Has anyone encountered similar issues? I am freaking out. This occured in the Newark office. Thanks
  19. Hi, As title says, I got they interview in a couple of hours. I became 26 before I became a resident however, I was 26 AFTER I applied to change my status from student to resident. I was I-485 pending status I guess. Any ways, so I registered for Selective Service during this time before I got issued a SSN and the proof of selective service has my name, DOB but not my SSN.. Now on SS website they can't find my record for obvious reasons, they don't have my SSN. Now was I supposed to register ? what to say when immigration officer ask about it? should I hand it or say I wasn't supposed to register because I became a resident after being 26??
  20. Hello, Please help! I am filing online and they ask me about trips outside USA last 5 years. Well, I am filing at 3 years (since I am married to the same person US citizen) and I have an issue because... I LIVED outside of the USA till 12/20/2018. Initially I added the dates Poland 08/15/2017 - 12/20/2018 (491 days) So it shows I was outside USA for over a year within last 5 years... Can this somehow trigger some sort of automatic response and find me being not eligible? Should I just leave this information out then? I appreciate all responses. Thank you guys for all the work and time spend aiding immigrants.
  21. Hey!! i have just got my 2 year green card and I am filing for N-400 under 319(b) im wondering if I have to file I-751 along with the form N-400 or not since I'm a conditioned green card holder ? is it correct that I-751 only filed when you're in the 90 day window (90 days before your green card expires)? thank you
  22. There have been a lot of issues reported lately with attachments and files not loading or saving when filing the N-400 online. Although the official instructions say that the online form works in most browsers, it works best in Internet Explorer. If you have issues uploading or saving attachments/files, try again with Internet Explorer. For best results, consider filling out the entire form using IE. Sometimes other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox do work, but Internet Explorer is the one that will never fail. If you fill out your N-400 online and realize your attachments did not save, re-upload them later to the Documents > Unsolicited Information > Upload Documents section. Make sure all of your uploads are visible under the Documents tab.
  23. Hello, I would like to know if anyone can inform me how can I get the information on how many time if left the country, cause that's one of the questions of the form N-400. Im a Flight Attendant, so my passport doesn't get stamped every time i come back to US or go to a different country, so if i look back on my passport the amount of times I left is not accurate. I remember some occasions by memory but i would say 80% of the time I won't be able to know those dates. Thank you
  24. Petitioner residing at Houston, TX applied for Naturalization on Feb. 2021 and got interview location at Kansas city. We triple checked the application and nothing wrong with our application. When called upon USICS they said, it might be some mistake from their end and recommends to write a letter to field office to re-schedule the interview at current location, Otherwise, it may face issue. anyone had similar situation ? whether USICS customer support recommendation is correct or not ? If yes, How much time will it take to get next interview date ?
  25. Question to those who naturalized already: Did you ever get into your USCIS account after your naturalization? I went in today just to see and it still says "Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed". I was expecting to see something like "case completed" or "naturalization completed" or something like that. What do you guys see in your accounts?
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