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  1. Going by the monthly threads it seems like there is a slowdown in progress. Not to say no movement for recent month for Mt laurel and Newark New Jersey It was running at about 3-7 months to now but no movement so far. Im a September filer and was hopeful that I'd be done by year end or the early start of 2018 but I'm starting to doubt that. Anyone else from Newark/ Mt laurel New Jersey feeling frustrated or have any positive stories other that what I'm seeing here? I If you guys don’t mind adding your time line Here is mine Moxa1989.........|12/05/12|09/20|09/28|10/02/17|10/16/17|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Newark, NJ..........|NBC
  2. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for June 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates.
  3. Hello fellow April N-400 filers, Here is a thread for all of us. COVID-19 or not, we're still applying for citizenship!
  4. Hi, I am creating this group for filers within the jurisdictions of the three field offices: NYC, Queens and Long Island, to share their N-400 application progress and experiences along the process. I am a September filer at New York City Field Office. I filed my application online on 9/6/2017. I received notification that USCIS has scheduled me for biometrics appointment. I am still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail to find out the date and time of my appointment.
  5. Hello, Just wondering if there's anybody else whose N-400 interview will be at the Omaha office. Or if anybody that had their interview in the past few months and want to share their timeline and experience. Thanks!
  6. There have been a lot of issues reported lately with attachments and files not loading or saving when filing the N-400 online. Although the official instructions say that the online form works in most browsers, it works best in Internet Explorer. If you have issues uploading or saving attachments/files, try again with Internet Explorer. For best results, consider filling out the entire form using IE. Sometimes other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox do work, but Internet Explorer is the one that will never fail. If you fill out your N-400 online and realize your attachments did not save, re-upload them later to the Documents > Unsolicited Information > Upload Documents section. Make sure all of your uploads are visible under the Documents tab.
  7. Norfolk, Virginia My husband attended his Naturalization Interview today. He applied based on marriage and the 3 year-rule in December 2019. Interview was scheduled for 09/22/2020. He arrived at his interview and was asked questions directly from his application. He was then asked to read a sentence in English and write the response. Next he was ask a few government/history questions: 1) Who is the governor of your state? 2) Who was the first President? 3) What are the two major political parties in the U.S.? 4) Name one of the writers of the Federalist Papers. 5) What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? The process took 45 minutes. He passed all without any issues; however, he was told that a decision couldn’t be made at this time. The interviewer told him he should hear something in 3 to 4 months, but with COVID it might be longer. If he didn’t hear anything within 6 months, to contact them. He was told he would either be asked for additional documentation or receive notice that his naturalization was approved. It was a bit disappointing, as we had hoped we were finally done with this process, but it looks as if it’s another waiting game. In the last five years, he has made 2 trips to his home country of Afghanistan to visit his family. I am wondering if that had anything to do with it or if this is a common thing? For those that weren’t approved immediately, how long did you have to wait for your naturalization?
  8. This post is for N-400 April 2021 fillers, so we can keep track on our timelines. I submitted mine online yesterday 4/30, received the notice that they are reusing my biometrics, I guess that speed up my time little bit. Good look to everyone. 🙏
  9. Dear All, Today I attended my N400 interview. It's been a long journey for my husband and myself and we're happy that it's now done and dusted. I got approved!! It was a mixed feeling of relieved and disbelieved. Here's the detail that hopefully help some of you who are preparing for a N400 Interview. Here's a brief timeline: September 2019 - Submitted I751 September 2020 - Submitted N400 (with I751 currently pending) April 2021 - Interview Scheduled May 2021 - Attended N400 interview It was my understanding that I would only be interviewed for my N-400 application as what written on the notice. After reading posts here and there I conclude that I'm the only person required to attend the interview. But on the side of cautions I wrote to USCIS through the My.USCIS.gov portal on May 9, confirming that my husband is not required to attend the interview. I received a response on the evening May 20, one day before my actual interview, stating that I'm the only person required to attend the interview. Fast forward to this morning. After waiting for approx. 30-45 minutes they finally called my name. The agent proceed to asked me "Where is your spouse?" I explained that he's currently in a hospital for a heart surgery. The agent was clearly not pleased with my answer. He proceed to tell me that I have an open application (i-751 pending and n-400) so my spouse is required to attend the interview. It was like a 100 punch in my stomach. I went on to explain that I wrote in the USCIS portal regarding who is required to attend the interview and received a respand yada-yada yada... The agent was still NOT pleased... I was sh!ting bricks by this time. Long story short, my interview was a tough one. I was grilled for 30 minutes. At the end of the interview he asked if I had anything to add before we move on, I took this as a license to kill. I pour my heart out about my husband and my relationship, our life, and our journey. By the end of my speech my head hurts. I was emotional & was imagining the worst possible outcome.The agent finally said that he will give me 5 minute to collect myself before moving on to the N400 interview. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Man, I was wrecked. The agent invited me back to the interview room, and he kind of apologize about the grilling, he's making sure that my case was legit and true per my application. I told him I understand. My N400 interview on the other hand was such a breeze. The 6 civic questions, writing, and reading tests were EASY! The yes/no question was tedious, stressful but easy. The agent then asked if I'd like to change my name, I said no. He asked me to check my name / details on a iPad all was correct. He then excused himself to get some stuff. I was sitting there alone, I felt like I just received a death sentence. The agent returned, typed some stuff on his computer, looked at me and said, "I'm going to approve your case." I died..... I was in such disbelief... I started to get teary eyed. I told him I'm sorry for being so emotional. He then printed my oath ceremony notice while I collect my belonging. I met him outside his office, he passed me the notice, explained what I should do, congratulated me, gave me an elbow shake / elbow bump, and he wished me the best for my husband. Moral of the story, if you have a pending I-751 and are summoned for N400 interview based on marriage to a US citizen, bring your spouse with you. You both should take a day off of work and celebrate (safely) after. I'm coming back to the building for my oath ceremony next week. I'm sorry if there's something in this post that is unclear, I'm still in a daze. Good luck everyone. Have a safe and healthy Spring/Summer. Best, J/G
  10. Hi everyone! Since receiving my ten year green card, I have changed my last name to my husband's officially on my SSN and DL. I want to apply for my N-400 since I am now eligible, but have yet to change my name from my maiden to married on my green card. Do I need to file an I-90 before I can apply for N-400 or can I go straight to N-400 with new last name?? Thank you :)
  11. There is a question in the N-400 online application (applying under 3 year rule, married to US citizen): "Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason?" I have two minor traffic citations: 1) lights off at night, 2) improper right turn (turned right not the closest lane from me). I also have two parking ticket (parking in the wrong place). All traffic and parking tickets have been paid and none of them involved alcohol, I did not had to appear in court. Should I answer yes to that question? Which tickets should mention? Traffic tickets and parking tickets or only traffic tickets? or none? My 36 month traffic record does not show any of them because it happened more than 3 years ago. I no longer live in that state so I would have to travel to request a 5 year driving record if needed. Thanks!
  12. I have the flexibility of working remotely and was wondering whether I could move to a city/state that has the shortest wait times for N-400 approvals? I can apply for naturalization end of July 2021. Is this something possible to do? Thanks.
  13. Hello All, Filed my N400 on Sept 2020 (Marriage Based; 3 years rule, Pending I751 since Sept. 2019). I received an email Apr 12, 2021 stating that "On April 12, 2021, we scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization" and that a paper notice will be mailed to me. I'm so excited. Here are my questions: Today, April 13, 2021 at 4am, I received an email from no-reply(at)uscis(dot)dhs(dot)gov stating that, "We have taken an action on your case and it needs your attention. Sign in to your account to view your case status and additional steps you need to take," when I logged in to my USCIS and DHS USCIS accounts I don't see anything changed from yesterday. Even as current as I type this post, I do not see anything changed on my status. My I-751 have been on "Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction" per 12 October 2020; my N-400 is "Interview Was Scheduled" per 12 April 2021. Was this a glitch in the system? or the email I received on the 13 April was referring to the status change to Interview has been scheduled notice I received on 12 April? I was afraid that this was an RFE notice, but nothing seems to change on my accounts. Any thoughts? A user, name @Gingerspike recently had a N-400 interview with a pending I-751 in Los Angeles office see the post below. I'm also in the same boat, N400 interview with pending I751. She attended the interview with her husband, but the husband was not required to attend and was told to wait in the building Lobby. My husband is currently recovering from a health issue and is on a wheelchair. Initially we were planning to attend the interview together but if he's just there to wait in the lobby I feel bad for him. Would it be an absolute requirement for him to be present with me or can he stay home while I attend my interview? Who should I contact to give me the most reliable advise on this? When I attend my interview should I bring everything I submitted for my I751 or only things that are listed in my interview notice for N400, which I have yet to receive in the mail? Any advise? Should I mention to my IO that I have a pending I751? I read that some people was able to do N400 interview, oath ceremony, register to vote and US passport in the same day. Would I be able to do this in Los Angeles office? If so how do I proceed? Or did I misread this information? THANK YOU in advance for your advice and thoughts. Best, J/G
  14. My naturalization interview is scheduled for 15 April in San Francisco and one thing I don't have and was not aware I needed was a state ID. I don't drive and have never needed to in the US so I have never had the need to get a DL. I have only ever needed to present my green card/Irish passport as a form of identification. I'm starting to worry that this might be an issue? My interview notice did not say I needed a state ID but the USCIS website seems to say I do. Can anyone provide me with some guidance?
  15. VJ members, First of all, This forum has always been very helpful and supportive. Second, I just got notice that my interview has been scheduled but they haven't provided interview date yet. I have few questions if some members could help me out here. 1. I only submitted copy of my green card, passport, divorce decree with my N-400 application. What else will I need to bring it in at the interview. I'm planning to bring last 3 years tax transcripts so far. I have travelled quite often in last 5 years. Do I need to bring anything to prove my travel outside US as well? Please advise what are other documents I will need to bring in at the interview? 2. I was married for 5 years and got divorced in December of 2019. I guess it all depends on IO if he wants to inquire about my past immigration history but my question is do I need to take documents again to establish bonafide marriage. My I-175 was approved in May 2018 without an interview. I did lose lot of documents but still have joint lease, joint bank statements, Power of Attorney, utilities that has both of our names etc. Do I just keep it in with me just in case IO asks for it. I also got re-married this year and applied for I-130 for my spouse, will IO inquire about that as well? Or will they be able to check on system that I have applied for my another wife?
  16. I'm about to attend N-400 interview based on 5 years and was divorced with my ex-wife. We entered marriage into a good faith and was married for 5 years after knowing each other for 1 year before marriage. I did get re-married again end of this year and filed I-130 for my spouse. Would IO officer try to inquire about I-130 I filed, Or would they simple care about N-400. I wonder if they put my name, it would show in their system that i have applied I-130 for my spouse. I'm just trying to stay prepared in case and off course I will be honest if any questions asked. But just wanted to get some opinions
  17. Hi all - I have a question I couldn't find an answer anywhere and hope someone here could help. I am a combo filer. I-751 was submitted in May 2017 and N-400 was submitted in July 2018 under 3-year marriage rule. I have no idea why my case is talking so long but I can think of a few factors: move across states once in December 2018, COVID, general slow processing time for combo filers in the new state. Nonetheless, I've seen combo filers who filed later than me got their GC and citizenship. There is no red flag that I am aware of. In the last few months, there were eventually some movements on my case. The case was transferred to Idaho --> I received RFE and submitted evidence --> Case transferred back to local office --> Current status as of July 15th: Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview. It's been 2 months since! My marriage is now going through a rough path. He cheated and went to grad school in another state back in August. I want a divorce but my understanding is I need to remain in the marriage until the Oath Ceremony. It's been over 5 year since I received my GC though so technically, I would be qualified for N-400 under 5-year. I don't know when my interview will be scheduled. I kept thinking it's coming soon for the last 1 year! I really want to file for divorce for my mental health but don't want to jeopardize my N-400. Should I just wait for my interview (my husband will still come with me) or should I go ahead and file for divorce, obtain a waiver on my I-751 and hope the officer will process my N-400 under 5-year rule? Anyone has similar situation or heard of anything? Appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.
  18. Hi everyone! I have a silly question, but better safe than sorry. I applied for Naturalization on January 11th 2021, have an interview scheduled for April 15th, 2021. I have been getting ready for the 2008 civic test because I believe I can choose, according to the USCIS website. I just want to make sure I am getting ready for the correct test. I tried calling the 800 number but no way to get a person on the line. If someone can confirm so I can be at ease, would be gladly appreciated 😀
  19. Hello Guys, I wanted to take a lead in creating this group for all (Naturalization) N-400 September 2019 FILERS! Please use below table to provide your case details. (Thanks to AI135 for creating the table for July 2019 filers) I will be filing my case online in the first week of September 2019 and would like all September 2019 filers to share their Citizenship journey on this thread!! It is going to be exciting. Once I file my application, I will fill out my details. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper  
  20. Hi, In about 3 weeks I will be eligible to submit my N-400 application. Currently I am a resident of NJ, but somewhen during the summer I plan to relocate to GA. My question is the following: Should I submit my N-400 in 3 weeks and later on change my address or it's better to relocate to GA, wait for 3 months and only then to submit my application? I know that the avarage waiting time in NJ is significantly shorter than in GA, but I want to make sure that after the relocation I won't be requested to come to the interview in NJ Thanks
  21. Hi guys! Couldn’t find a chat for N-400 March 2021 filers. If you know such chat feel free to let me know so I can merge it. But overall, welcome to the final step of our immigration process. If you can, share your timelines and good luck to you all!
  22. Hi! I will have my N-400 interview on April 8 2021 based on 5 years residency rule. I divorced with my ex on Feb 2019 after 4 years of marriage ( 6 months after getting 10 years GC). The interview letter only requires me to bring: GC, passport, selective service registration and divorce certificate. I know the OI may ask some questions about my previous marriage. Should I bring some documents just in case they ask for those: + old health insurance/ old car insurance/ old car registration with both name + ask bank for old statements (since we close the bank account 3 years ago) + tax returns ( 2018-2020 for single filing and 2016-2017 for Married Filing Jointly) Whoever had the same situation, please share your experience! Thank you so much
  23. Hi everyone, we can apply for my N-400 in late September/Early October, our I-751 has been pending since October. We will file at our local office in SLC, UT. Has anyone seen the timelines shifting for N-400 at all? I am BEYOND homesick and really need to go home to Australia for a year or so once we get my dual citizenship. I am seeing 13-18 months from filing on the current tracker. Obviously this is SUCH a first world problem, but it would be so great to see everyone's experiences of late with their citizenship timelines, so I can have a 'home time' date to look forward to. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  24. Hey Folks, I applied for N-400 on Jan, 2020 and still waiting on interview in Houston, Texas. I applied based on 5 years, so I only submitted copy of my green card and divorce certificate. I did my biometrics on Feb, 2020. Was I supposed to submit more documents? I thought tax transcripts were only required for based on 3 years. Would it make sense to upload tax transcripts? Any recommendations would be helpful.
  25. I have received my Citizenship interview date ( March 10), When I log in to my account on the USCIS website I get a "we were unable to retrieve you form". Does anyone know if this is typical after receiving the interview date? This status has been like that for a few days now.
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