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  1. Hello! So my fiance and I have known each other for 9 years. I went to Ecuador on a service trip in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. I have not seen him person since. We have always had a relationship in the background and back in November we decided to recommit to each other. We have since gotten engaged (again lol) and I will be going back there in September for a week. The original plan was to go down in September and then again in November for 20 days and then when I get back in November get all the paperwork in to USCIS. My question is, what do you all think about us applying when I get back in September and totally bypassing the November trip? We still have Corona Virus going on and Ecuador is one of the countries hit the worst. Also, with the upcoming expenses of the Visa, plane tickets and green card I am not sure if spending an extra 20 days in Ecuador in November is financially feasible and because of the virus . I know our chances of getting approved will be better if I make both trips but do you all think chances of denial are super high if we just go for it in September? Thank you very much for any and all advice, Ashley and Manuel
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have been doing my research on the US Immigration process, hoping to understand whether the K1 or the CR-1 (I-130) is a better option for us. All of this is separate to the COVID-19 situation and the recent Immigration Ban. Some background: Boyfriend: US citizen by birth; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA Myself (Female): naturalized Canadian Citizen (2011) (original citizenship: Pakistani - no longer valid). Born, lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been dating for about a year now (we met in LA while I was on vacation) and we are planning on getting married ASAP to live in LA. We see each other once a month either in the US or in other parts of the world (minus during the COVID-19 period). We were last together in Feb 2020 in LA. We aren't picky on where in the world we get married, as long as we are able to live together in LA as soon as possible, with the possibility of me working in the US sooner rather than later. I have a steady job in Dubai, and would not like to quit and move just to 'wait around' for the right to work, hence, the need to be able to work is crucial. If we were to categorize, priorities are as follows: 1) working in the US sooner rather than later 2) being together full-time 3) funds. i.e. OK to proceed with a process that allows me to work sooner than later, but which could take longer to enable me living there full-time (as long as we can continue our once a month visits globally - separate to COVID) vs. something that allows me to move quicker, but idle in terms of work. I have seen the below advice floating around on other topics within this forum. Is a lawyer recommended for either of these processes, or are these manageable on our own? It seems that the CR-1 option is better for us, however, once I apply, am I allowed in the US as a visitor just to meet him? Or do I need to wait until approval of this process? How long does the CR-1 usually take? Does my living/citizenship arrangement make it more complicated? If we decide on the K-1 route, how soon can I receive the EAD to work? (I know the below has timing guidelines, but we all know these aren't always the reality!) Thank you so much! I know this post is lengthy/detailed, but makes it easier to have the facts laid out to navigate the process!
  3. Hello there community! I am currently working on fiancé and I’s 1-129F packet. I am gathering employment history and other info for the form itself, but I am currently working on our circumstances of meeting letter. Would it help if we each wrote one? It’s no more than a page. What was your experience with writing a COM? also on a side note: I don’t have exact start and end dates for all of my employment history. Is this going to be a big deal?
  4. Does the "How we met" supplement need to be signed by both the petitioner and the beneficiary? Both my fiance and I signed the intent to marry letters, however I just wrote the "How we met" supplement and was wondering if my fiance needs to sign it also? If yes, is a scanned signature acceptable?
  5. Hello everyone! My fiance and I are almost ready to send our packet but I have a doubt about the Part 1 from the form on ''information about you- other names used'' We left this space in blank because we dont use other names but we both used our middle names (everyone know us by our middle names, even our social media we only use our middle names) and in the description of the pictures we are sending also says our middle names, so I just wondering that if we have to put our middle names in that part. Can someone help us?! (sorry if is kinda confusing)😔
  6. Hello everyone- still trying to perfect my petition here. So my fiance from Dominican republic, he has a very young son. The son stays with his mother and will not be coming to the US with his father. Should I still include him on our petition? Or not because he will not be coming? Thanks in advance!
  7. Need some advice. We are getting ready to apply for my fiancé’s AOS. I am the petitioner, and I know I don’t meet the income requirement for 125% above poverty level. I know assets can make up for missing income. Can money in your savings account make up the difference? Anyone who has been through something similar, any information would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi everyone Yesterday i sent my packet 3 to the embassy as my interview date will be on September 15th Along with packet we sent some pictures together and a short story of what happened in our relationship during the time we filed for the visa and also mentioning the small family celebration we had when his family came to visit me and my family here in Egypt Actually we were totally against this idea but our lawyer insisted on sending it saying that he did this so many times before What happened is that i received a call today from Egypt's embassy An Egyptian lady called and she asked me couple of questions about when was the last time he came to visit and where did we go and what are the exact dates But she started the questionnaire with the word husband not fiance and i corrected her saying that he is my fiance not my husband Since i hang up with her i felt so nervous cause the way she was talking it was like she's suspecting that we're married I just want to know has anyone here ever encountered this before with egypt's embassy? And Should i be worried about this call? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello everyone, I called NVC today, and received my case number. Can my fiancé already schedule an interview? or does he have to wait until the embassy sends him email with instructions? The wait time to get an interview at mumbai embassy is very long.. people are currently waiting 3 months to schedule a visa interview... Please let me know if someone has already done this process?
  10. We have been on AP since January and I have been so overwhelmed with these people. I am beyond tired of all of this waiting and waiting. I just need answers so we can go on to the next step. I feel like I want to scream.
  11. Hi guys, I'm a Syrian man 27 years old applied to K1 visa and had my interview in the US embassy in Amman, Jordan 27 November 2018 They told me there it takes between 2 to 3 months, but until this date 7 months passed but no answer, and the last update was in 7 January 2019 that what that website shows https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw== My fiance started talking about giving up on me because she feels it's gonna take a lifetime and after all that maybe a rejection because of my nationality (she is American). I have to travel soon and I want to get a new passport, is there any problem if I keep the old one with me(the one I applied with)? And I have no idea about if I have to go back to Jordan once I get my visa approved or I can just send them my passport. They have told me the medical exam is only valid for 6 months! And now it's already 7 months. Any suggestions? Anybody has been through the same process? Best regards, Leo. Applied to K1 in 1 March 2018 Had the interview in 27 November 2018 Still under Administrative Processing...
  12. Hi everyone I know that you are supposed to submit a Letter of intent to marry for the I-129F petition. I was just curious to know if you have to actually submit two separate ones. Me and My fiance are not able to be in the same place to do that. So what I have done is I typed one out and Signed it my self and got him to Electronically sign it and printed it. Would that be okay? Any Input on that would be great. Thank you!!
  13. Okay so, my fiancee and I are currently in the process of filling out the K1 visa and I have a question that I can't seem to find anywhere: I was born in Romania (so I have Romanian citizenship) then immigrated to Canada and lived there for 16 years (so I also have a Canadian citizenship), therefore giving me the dual citizenship title. That being said, I am currently studying abroad (in Romania) and will be until the end of next year (a time by which we should hopefully have gotten our K1 visa all approved). I want to apply as a Canadian in Part 2 Question 9 in the I-129F petition. Is that okay? Can I put "Canada" in Part 2 Question 9 then give my current ROMANIAN address in the following question where it asks for my mailing address? I don't know if this makes sense but hey, I'll put this question out there because who knows, maybe there are others in the same boat as us! Thanks, Dan
  14. Hello, on ceac, my case was created 15, March 2019 and states it’s READY. Case was last updated, April 7, 2019. I also received an email from the NVC on April 2, stating that my case has been received. Following this forum, I’ve been told that wait time for interview is 6-8 weeks, according to which date should I count down and expect to hear something concerning scheduling an interview date?
  15. Hello everyone! I got my approved k1 visa first week of April but I recently got my new passport. During my port of entry, what should I show the immigration officer? The passport which the visa was stamped or the new passport? Thanks in advance
  16. My fiance and I recently got our NOA2 and I am helping fill out the DS160 form and Im not sure how to answer the question " "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? " His dad was about to marry a USC, and therefore my fiance(under 18 at the time) was going to immigrate here to the US under a K2 visa, but the marriage did not happen so it was annulled. Im wondering if that would be considered filing an immigration visa even though k2 is considered a nonimmigrant visa and it was annulled, therefore needing to answer yes to the question. Thanks for your help!
  17. I recently got approved for our k1 visa petition last March 26,2019. The visa will be released on April 2,2019. But embassy called me that I need to go back to do my fingerprinting again. Is there something I need to worry about?? I’m confused why do I need to do it. 😭😭😭
  18. When my fiancée arrives on the K1 visa and after marriage, can he go on a cruise to the mexico with me (Petitioner)? Will he be allowed back to the US? If yes, what documents aside from his Nigerian passport will he need? If not, when can he go, after which documents are submitted. Thanks!
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