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  1. Hey guys, I would like to share two ways to track your card delivery information (included but not limited Green card, EAD or etc) After you get status changes to Card was mailed to you by checking from https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus, then you can expect that your card will be delivered soon. Usually, USCIS will usually not provide a tracking number on status online (in some cases they will but some won't), so according to many other cases and my personal experience, I concluded two ways to get your tracking information: Option 1, click this https://www.uscis.gov/contactcenter , and there is a button on the right upper corner of the page shows like: NEED HELP? ASK EMMA. This is not just a robot to answer your question automatically, you can transfer to actual live chat to their customer representatives and you can even verify your mailing address with themas well as you can ask out about your case tracking number. I tried this couple of times, customer representative said that my card was just mailed out very recent so tracking number has been not generated. They also informed that they can help check the tracking number of the case indeed once a number was given by usps facilities. But, their information maybe delay a bit. My other cases showed that applicants usually have already get their cards then uscis provided a tracking to them. But other tired this way successfully! Option 2, set up a informed delivery notification on https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action I finally got my tracking number through this. I connected to uscis customer service on Nov 1st, they said that they didn't see a tracking number on the system (My status changed to my card was mailed on Oct 30) they told that I may touch them next day to get try, after I disconnected the live chat just 2 hours later I got a text notification from usps informed delivery showed that there was a priority mail from USCIS- LEES SUMMIT PRODUCTION FACILITY was on its way to me and will expect to delivery on Nov 3rd and tracking number was provided.! So I hope its be a little bit helpful for you guys don't know how to track your card. I also hope you guys can get your cards soon.
  2. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a correct forum to ask but I have a question for my wife that had been approved as a conditional permanent resident. We did the civil ceremony for the wedding on August~September on 2019 and applied for the green card and my wife got her conditional green card a couple of months ago. We are now planning on doing the actual wedding in our home country, which is South Korea, this coming winter. People are not advising us to go out of the country until the condition has been removed just to be safe for more than a couple of months while my wife is planning on staying there for at least 3 months. Is this not a safe thing to do while you have a conditional green card?
  3. I got my 10 yr green card a few months ago through marriage. I met my spouse almost 8 years ago, and after being in a relationship for 4 yesrs or so, we got married. I got a conditional green card, but I got the condition removed and got my 10 year green card. My marriage has been rough since a few months before I got my condition removed, and now I really can't stand it anymore. 1) I now have the 10yr green card, but does a divorce afffect my immigration status in any way? My attorney told me that if the divorce has to happen, make sure it is not due to mu fault, but should be my spouse's. For example, even though I have the 10 yr GC, if I am the one who got violent, or even cheated on my spouse, and that was the cause of the divorce, it would look bad. My attorney said the divorce should be due to my spouse's, but I dont even think this is true. Can anyone clarify? No one in our marriage has cheated, but I want a divorce asap. 2) It has only been a few months since I got my 10yr green card. Would it be bad if I divorce too soon? 3) If one day I want a citizenship after 5 years from now, would my divorce become an issue?
  4. My husband came here on his k1 visa last July. I left my job a couple months ago to become self employed, so we now have marketplace insurance. We were able to get the coverage just fine, but now they're stating that to keep the coverage, we need to provide a document with 'either the admitted date or allowable duration of stay'. I already gave them his I94 and visa with the date he was admitted on it. I submitted two different letters explaining that there literally is no document saying the duration of his stay, because he is here indefinitely. They continue to state that his documents are insufficient and seem to be ignoring my explanation. They don't give any context other than the message above, and continue to demand a document that does not exist. There is no reason this should be happening because Adjustment for LPR is listed as an approved status on the marketplace website. We've given them EVERY document we have (I797, I94, marriage license, visa/passport), which are all on their approved list. The last thing we got from USCIS is the I797 stating that his I485 is pending, but haven't heard ANYTHING since that came on November 6, 2020. He doesn't have his EAD yet, that's also still pending since Nov. So we have nothing else to give them. I have spoken to 4 supervisors who understood and said that our documents should be fine. I have submitted multiple letters clearly explaining the situation. I have submitted an appeal which I'm waiting on. I've tried to schedule a call with a case worker (they have to call me though, I can't call them, and they kept trying when I wasn't available). I have done absolutely everything I can think of. Has anyone else faced this? I don't think my spouse should have to settle for some crappy short term/catastrophic insurance that doesn't cover anything, which we will have to do if he loses coverage. To me that shouldn't happen, especially when the marketplace's own website says that folks waiting on their green card are eligible! If that's really true, then they should understand that not all immigrants are given a document in the interim until they get their green card. This has been so frustrating... any input is appreciated.
  5. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  6. Hi, I had received a 221 (g) green slip during my H1-B stamping. The VO at the interview said that my visa was approved and kept my passport. But it had a green slip with a request to submit a new passport when I went to pick it up a week later. My passport was stamped with the H1B visa but ‘Cancelled without prejudice’ was also stamped on it. I submitted a new passport shortly and got the H1b visa in the new one without any problems. I’m now applying for my green card and am wondering if I need to say yes where it asks if I have ever been denied a visa in some of the forms. It is confusing as the green slip does say refusal but it was overcome easily and quickly. Also, the actual visa wasn’t denied as my H1b status had already started in October the year before and I had the I797A that showed the approval. Please let me know if anyone has been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance:)
  7. Hi, I had arrived with my family in USA in Oct 2019 on L 1 A and all paperwork had been done by Zencode Jaipur for me and my family. Visa was issued for 2 years and renewal is due but there are no dates available in US Consulates in India. How can I get an extension while being in the US itself? Aniket
  8. Hello Everyone, I hope that this message finds you well...I am curious about a couple of things and hopefully some of you who recently, 2021, became US Permanent Residents can help with the following questions: After US Entry or Arrival on US Immigrant VISA issued by Consulate or Embassy: 1)How long did it take you to receive your green card? (entry Year 2021) 2) Did you select "YES" on the DS-260, if so did you get your SSC? If not, how did you make it work to get one since the SS-Offices are all closed and only taking "emergency" appointments. I have been reading the forums for the 2020 year (not a surprise) and apparently, it was a such a mess! In my personal experience, even if you chose the DS-260 option, not a single person I know in over two decades gotten theirs that way (I assume some may have gotten theirs that way)... they always had to go in person and apply at their local SS-Office. The green card arrival upon US entry was a big range between 1 week to 2 years. Anyway... any recent experience/advise is appreciated.... best regards,
  9. I'm am a US citizen, my wife is a US citizen and we plan on sponsoring my mother and father who live in eastern Europe to apply for green cards. Is it better to start the application process while they are oversees, or is it better for them to come here (they have 10 year visitor visas) and apply here within the first 6 months of arrival. They've visited before for a few weeks. Never had any issues. I'm wondering if the apply here... could they get denied the green card for some reason? The whole plan is a little too complicated to get into but it all comes down to them selling most property back home and come live here. If they get denied the green card it would not be good for them with most property sold. Generally what are the statistics when it comes to green card applications rejections? Thank you so much.
  10. After staying overseas for about 8 months as a greencard holder during Covid19, should one still apply for a Citizenship? Add any foreseeable issues with that? Asking for a close friend. After questioning her upon return, they allowed her back in. I told her I would help her apply for her citizenship. She's been a permanent resident since 2016 via marriage. Your thoughts and tips/insight please....
  11. Hi All, I have a question regarding getting a Social Security # for my wife. Her Visa was approved in March, 2020, she came here July, 2020 (delayed due to airport closures b/c of Covid). We were married late July, 2020. She is now in the process of getting her Green Card but we need a SSN for her for various reasons. Has anyone had any experience getting one during the Green Card processing phase? When I contact the SS Administration, some representatives state that she is able to get one, some say she can't. I have tried to read various info. on it and still cannot get a clear answer, and am hoping someone here has experience they can share. She is not allowed to work currently due to restrictions, so the SS # that we are looking for is the one that will state "Not valid for employment." Any info/advice is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend!
  12. Hello there, My wife is a US citizen and petitioned for a GC for me in August 2016. The officers suspected us of a staged marriage. My wife was out of a job and had had some runs-in with the law. We were also living at my wife's mother's at the time pending when we found jobs and moved into our place. Me and my wife had joint bank accounts but I also told the officer that I had a separate bank account that my wife wasn't added to. Anyway we didn't hear from USCIS again until 11 months and 20 days later when they showed up at our home. It was 8am Feb 14. 2018. They met my wife and I and spent 45mins speaking with us and taking pictures. They asked me to print copies of our joint bank statements and my single separate account(luckily I had a printer at home). We now live alone in our own place; a 2BR 2BR(so we could use the second room for AirBnB which we never have). The second room and bath are empty. Our closet, bath and bedroom and living room contain both our male and female items, clothing, pictures etc. It's now been a week since they visited. What should we expect?
  13. Hello everyone, I am considering sponsoring my mother and sister to come live with me in the US. I am a citizen. I work all the time and I can't travel to see them very often. We hate the distance and I need them to be with me, mostly my blind sister, for obvious reasons. I am reading horror stories online, about petitions for siblings being denied. Is this something feasible that I can pursue? If this doesn't work out, I will have to move back overseas and take care of my family. Thanks!
  14. We mailed out our AOS application a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard any confirmation that it's received. USPS tracking says it reached its destination, which is in Chicago. However, the check for the application fee has not been withdrawn. Should we be worried that we haven't gotten any confirmation from USCIS so far? If anyone else is currently going through this, how long did it take to just get a confirmation?
  15. I attended my green card interview on 2/8/21 which was about 3 months ago. The officer in Hartford gave me a form that showed I supplied everything needed but they still need to hold the case because the officer could not locate my medical files, which he was supposed to have from the embassy. No updates for 3 months. I have submitted inquiries online and mailed letters for updates but no response. My work permit expires 6/1/21 in less than 30 days. I mailed a work permit renewal 1 month ago and no response. I don't have money for a lawyer. I don't want to lose my job. The situation seems so bizarre. What should I do?
  16. Hello, my green card is in the process of renewing as I have live in New York for over 10 years. I received Form I-797 which below says that I can stay authorized to work, and I can travel with this form . My question is can I travel to Dominican Republic with this form Although my green card isexpired?
  17. Hello, I just got an acceptance letter into a very prestigious college as a transfer student from a community college. My husband and I are extremely happy but that means I will have to move to a different city and live on campus so we will not live in the same apartment anymore. He is the US citizen and I am about to file for removal of conditions (I-751). I am worried that deciding to go to that university and moving out will cause issues with the removal of conditions considering that USCIS sees not living together as a red flag. My husband and I are both sad we might have to do long distance for a while but we came to the realization that me going to this university will be good for both of us in the long term (better job, better pay...). What do you guys think? Should I accept the university's admission offer or just go to a normal university in my current city to be on the safe side with the green card? Thank you.
  18. Hello everyone, I hope some of you in the same situation can give me some advices. Here is my story and I will try to make it short lol 😁 I came here with a student visa and I got married in June 2018 with an American citizen. Everything was perfect and we got along so well and I thought I was gonna have kids with him etc. Sadly after we got married things started to change and we would spent most of our time arguing. My ex husband neglected me and had more than one affair. he confessed that he was cheating on me for six months but that he was willing to change and that I should give him another chance. So I did. Unfortunately things did not change much and on July 2020 we finally decide to file for divorce. My divorce is now finalized and I am looking into hiring an attorney to file a waiver of the jointly I751. Who had or is going through a similar experience? Do you think I should mention that he cheated on me? How should I write my explanation letter? Which evidence should I submit? I have some affidavit letters from my ex husband, my ex mom in law, my ex sister in law and two of my friends who knew both of us. Bank statements, health and life insurance, pictures, AAA card, Costco card, auto insurance, contract letter and other things we did together and bought together. text messages with him and his family. Also, I am planning to travel out of the country. Should I get a passport stamp other than my extension letter? How long does the whole process take? How are the odds to succeed since we were only married for 2 years and with no children? (he didn't want any that was another reason why we argue) Oh also I forgot to mention than when things started to fall apart I started to see a psychologist as I felt lonely and betrayed, should I show those reports or not? Thank you so much in advance and I hope I can help someone else along the way.
  19. Hi guys, I got my conditional green card through marriage (from being an F1 student) and my 90 days period before the 2 year anniversary begins first week of July. I will file I-751 during that week but I had a question. I am traveling out of the country the following month, August and will be out for a month. Do you thing that's a good idea? I'm afraid they will send me a biometrics appointment during august or an RFE or any other correspondence. Based on your experience, will I receive any communication from USCIS a month after filing? Also, am I even allowed to travel abroad once I file? My conditional green card will expire in october (I will be back in the US in September). Thank you!
  20. My wife has a green card which expires in September 2021, so we’ll be filing her Removal of Conditions (I-751) paperwork in June. However, her EAD/AP combo card expires in May. My understanding was that once we have the green card, we don’t need to do anything else to keep EAD/AP going except for Removal of Conditions. But I’ve seen a few threads here where other K-1 visa holders are discussing renewing the combo card. Do we need to do this, given that she has a green card already? If so: Can she still work while the EAD/AP renewal is pending? I had read in another thread that there could be a 180-day extension. But my wife is a teacher, and her school year follows a typical U.S. school year. So an EAD that expires in November would be expiring during the school year. How can we make sure that she’s ok to work through the rest of the year? Is there anything that we or her employer can do to expedite the renewal? Also, thinking ahead to I-751: her green card will probably expire while we are waiting for this to process. As long as we have filed that form, is she still able to work?
  21. Hi everyone ! I recently got my conditional Green card, I already have my SSN card (the one that says only valide with a work authorization). My question is do I have to apply for a new SSN card or there is no need and I can continue using this one ? Thanks for your help !
  22. is it crazy to submit costco receipts along with the copy of joint membership cards and highlight the card number? as a proof that we actually use this membership? for bonafide evidence?
  23. Hi, I am holding a two years greencard now base on my first marriage. My ex husband filed for divorce after 7 months after we got married. My two year greencard is expiring in April 1st. I remarried 3 months ago to my second husband. Should I wait for my current greencard to expire before applying for the new greencard, or should I do it before it expires? Will the USCIS consider the date I sign on the form, the date I mail out or the date they receive the documents as the date I submit the application?
  24. Hello I am about to go to my greencard interview and likely receive my green card. However my husband has recently been offered a job at the UN in Vienna Austria. I have researched the Reentry Permit but as with many things this is not for sure. Is there things I can do to make it more sure and is there maybe a scale of how sure the Reentry Permit is? If I make a good case of not abandoning my status is it rather unlikely? or is it better to just not risk it because there is a good chance I wont get back in and will be considered abandoning my status? Any help or ideas would be very welcome. Thank You
  25. Hello, My wife is a US citizen and she wants to petition her younger sister from China. Currently the younger sister is unmarried and over 21. I was told by a forum member that it will take approximately 15 years. Now, if the sister marries within the 15 year period after the initial I-130 form was sent out, will this affect her I-130 eligibility status and wait time? What else would I need to know?
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