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  1. My husband originally came to the US on K-1 visa. We tried to obtain a SSN before we were married but ran into problems. The SSA could never really explain what the problem was other than Homeland Security found an error on our application. Eventually, we ran out of time and were told to reapply once we received his green card. It sounds like this is pretty common during the K-1 process and I wrote about it in another post. So now he has received his green card and we went to the SSA office to reapply for a SSN. First they said we had two pending applications (one from when we tried during the K-1 visa period and another was opened on his behalf I believe since we checked that he wanted a SSN on the I-485 application). However, they could not process the SSN application because of a "mismatch in immigration status"' that was being investigated by Dept of Homeland Security. The SSA officer said there was nothing they could do since it was on the Dept of Homeland Security side but they did cancel the other 2 pending SSN applications. The SSA officer gave us a phone number to call Dept of Homeland Security but that number was a dead end. I reached out to USCIS and they said we would probably need to schedule an appointment with the local field office (they couldn't go into more detail since my husband wasn't around when I called them and they could only speak to the issue with him). We'll reach back out to USCIS tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to proceed? Has anyone had a similar experience and how did you solve it?
  2. Hi, hope you can help me. My mother (84 years old) is a current US resident with a green card but she is stuck overseas (Spain) unable to renew her Spanish passport for the last 6 months. She is missing her doctor appointments in the USA (she got cancer 4 years ago) and the more feasible options seems to come back to USA with her Venezuelan passport. My question is if can she come back to USA with her Venezuelan passport even though she got the green card with her spanish passport? Many thanks Maria
  3. My cousin recently entered the US via JFK airport after her Diversity Visa processing was done. She was given her visa and the immigrant packet by the embassy. She is a French speaker, and was most likely a bit "lost" at the point of entry, she was carrying her immigrant packed as we instructed her, but it seems like the agent did not ask for it, so she got out of processing with her immigrant packet and still has it with her to this day. She did not open it yet. So its been 3 months now and she still hasn't received her green card by the mail. Is it because USCIS does not have her immigrant packet ? How can she give it to them now ? Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Please recommend an experienced immigration lawyer to handle my case in front of judge. I’ve had a green card (LPR) for many years and was out of the US for 5 months this time (and also out of the US for 7 months just before that, not great, I know). At the land border to enter the US, they sent me to secondary inspection: they wanted to take my green card (10 year LPR car) which I refused. I was blocked there for 5 hours. They then gave me a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) in front of an immigration judge in 1 month where I can defend myself. Can someone please recommend an experienced immigration lawyer to handle the case? (ideally not too far from the immigration court which is Hartford, Connecticut, but I guess lawyers from other neighboring states could represent me there too…) It was not a pleasant experience. Any help in getting an experienced lawyer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,
  5. Please help! A friend and his mom arrived in the US together on a K1/K2 visa. My friend was younger than 10 years old at the time of entry. His mom and stepdad married within the 90 days. Again, this all happened before he turned 10 years old. HIs mom and stepdad are still together and have had kids together. However, his mom and stepdad never filed for AOS for mom and him. My friend is now over 21 years old. Can he file for AOS on his own without his mom? Or does he need his mom to apply with him because he is a K2 derivative? Is K2 still dependent in K1 at this point? I looked and it said that as long as marriage occured within the 90 days, K2 can always apply for AOS but does he need his mom to apply with him at the same time? I understand his mom needs to apply for AOS as well but l am only asking for my friend. He spoke to a few attorneys (free consultations) and they said yes to applying on his own. But found out a lot of applications get denied. I did some research and it said that as long as marriage between K1 and USC is bonafide and within the 90 days, visa overstay in this situation is forgivable due to marrying the USC within he 90 days and green card will be available to them granted they fill the forms out correctly and provide all documents. Is Matter of Le relevant because he entered the US before 21 and marriage occured before he was 18 years old and within the 90 days. Also, because he arrived in the US before 21 years old, he wouldnt 'age out' of getting a green card. He has gotten forms together: i485, i131, i765, i864 (stepdad will fill out) and supporting documents such as i797, visa, passport, birth certificate, etc.
  6. Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone is going through the same situation my wife and I are. We had our GC Interview in San Francisco on February 2nd. Were told everything was good to go, except for the medical exam, which had to be resubmitted. Since COVID delays, my wife's medical exam had been done more than a year before the interview, and we received a RFE to complete an I-693. I found a certified Civil Surgeon, she went ahead and went through the entire process, the surgeon signed off on it and after a few days, we sent the signed/sealed packet to the address listed. The RFE deadline is May 4th and USCIS has still not "received" or updated her case. I have sent a few e-requests, which were answered with a generic response, and have actually spoken to live reps 3 times, all of whom did not give any specific info. but said they can send an internal request. The last rep. stated that there is an extension for the request, but I am not sure how concrete this info. is since it's not listed anywhere. Has anyone gone through this situation or is currently going through it? If so, mind sharing your experience, results, and maybe what to expect? Many thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I couldn't really find a relevant forum so I'm hoping this might reach someone who has some insight. I am a UK Citizen currently on a 10 yr Green Card expiring in Sept 2022. I have applied for US Citizenship. Mostly because: 1: Our long term plans are to live in USA 2: My mother in UK is unwell and I may need to return and live there for more than a year to care for her and I don't want to have my Green Card rescinded or need to apply for exceptions after 1 year. So, the best course of action seems to be to gain Citizenship that way I can work and live in the UK as a UK citizen but then return to USA as a US citizen at a later time. I do understand there are tax implications to do that and I'll need to file when I am in UK. My question is, do I have any big blind spots or concerns with this course of action? Plus my wife is a US citizen and will need to work in the UK so any insight into wat the best plan/Visa type for her would be appreciated. Thank you, Tim
  8. Hi everyone, We are preparing for our interview, which is scheduled on May 18. I know this has been discussed throughout VJ, but wanted to see if anyone who completed their interviews recently have encountered issues with your DS-3025 vaccination records, since the new COVID vaccine requirement was put in place? My husband was a K1 visa holder and had his medical done in Oct. 2019. We filed for AOS at the end of April 2020 - well before the medical's one-year mark. I know of an April filer who was asked to do a new medical despite meeting these same requirements, so I'm curious if anyone else was asked to do the same thing. Right now, we're just planning to bring my husband's DS-3025 and COVID vaccination card.
  9. Hello. I moved to the US with a K1 visa a few years ago and my removal of conditions is coming up. I’m from the Philippines, where the law is that when a woman gets married, whatever their last name is becomes their middle name. Prior to marriage, our middle name is our mom’s maiden surname. However, when I got married in the US, I opted to keep my mom’s surname as my middle name. My Philippine passport reflects that (my mom’s maiden name = my middle name and my husband’s surname = my surname). My problem is that it might somehow cause an issue when I send in my docs for removal of conditions, since my name in the Philippines is legally different from my name in the US. Could this cause an issue? If so, what should I do? Hope that wasn’t too convoluted of an explanation lol. Thanks.
  10. Do I have to file I-130 seperate for each parent? Is it faster to file I-130 and 485 while mother is visting USA or outside USA with father?
  11. My name is Parth, My student visa expired on Jan 09, 2022 after I applied for green card. My Biometric is done but no EAD yet, I have only I797C notice that USCIS recived my application. My Indian passport will expire on June 18, 2022. Can I renew my passport from VFSGlobal in NY?
  12. I came to the US ON A K-1 visa and got my 10 year card after AOS was completed in January of this year . The resident since date on my card say the actual date my k-1 petition was approved in 2018 . Category on the card is IR6. Is this normal?
  13. I have a valid Advance Parole EAD card and I am expecting to be abroad between the i-485 approval and receiving the actual green card. Sadly I have various information that contradicts or in practice makes it impossible. There's the risk that the card wouldn't be received in the US in time to ship it to me while abroad. Various agents from USCIS have told me that the AP would remain valid until the expiration date. CBP has said the approved green card invalidates the AP (therefore contradicting USCIS and showing who has the real authority here). USCIS is saying my field office's info pass appointments wouldn't be made in time of my travel, nor are they accepting walk-in due to COVID. A lawyer has pointed out it is the green card holder's right to have proof of their status (despite not being able to schedule or walk-in to request a stamp in my passport to prove the 485's approval). What have you seen, heard or experienced in regards to re-entering the US with an AP card and a recently approved green card, but without the card in-person?
  14. Hoping for insights as to what happens at your point of entry to get your i-551 stamped. we are expecting our immigrant visa to be granted in the next few weeks. Understand that we will have about 6 months to make our first entry into the USA. We actually need about 9 months to pack up our lives in our home city so plan to make an initial entry within 6 months and then go back permanently a couple of months after that. if we have a return flight booked when we make our first entry, does that raise questions on our intent to settle permanently? My understanding is that the I-551 acts as the green card until the physical card arrives. Our entry + payment of fees will trigger the production of the card which we will have sent to our lawyers to forward on to us. Once we have the initial stamp we can come and go as we please (noting the requirement of X number of days abroad to keep the green card) do the immigration officers ask questions about why you didn’t come on a one way ticket? Also would appreciate any other questions you get asked at initial entry. We are on a self sponsored employment visa (EB1A) and therefore do not need to show a job offer or anything specific, other than maybe some funds to show we can manage until we find employment.
  15. Hello. I got an RFIE for Birth Certificate with English translation. How reliable (Authentic) is Mamoo In Pakistan website services to get the NADRA/Union Counsel Birth Certificate mailed to me here in USA?
  16. Hi folks, Grappling with filing US taxes for the first time, any thoughts appreciated. I'm a UK citizen, married an American in the US in Nov 2020, green card issued Nov 2021, started my first US job in Jan 2022. As I understand it, my income to date in 2022 is not what is being taxed in this filing, however, as I have savings over $10,000 still in UK bank accounts, I do need to file the FBAR and Form 8938, and, I think I probably should have filed them in 2020 and 2021, too? Other than UK interest on UK savings easily below $500/yr, I haven't any income while I've lived in the US, until this January. My husband therefore thinks we should file jointly, as my negative income + UK interest will be better balanced out by his income - sounds pretty reasonable, I think? Additionally, I've been reading that UK govt Premium Bonds (acquired many years ago) are possibly considered as "gambling" by the IRS - anyone know anything about that? Thanks
  17. I attended my green card interview on 2/8/21 which was about 3 months ago. The officer in Hartford gave me a form that showed I supplied everything needed but they still need to hold the case because the officer could not locate my medical files, which he was supposed to have from the embassy. No updates for 3 months. I have submitted inquiries online and mailed letters for updates but no response. My work permit expires 6/1/21 in less than 30 days. I mailed a work permit renewal 1 month ago and no response. I don't have money for a lawyer. I don't want to lose my job. The situation seems so bizarre. What should I do?
  18. Hi All, I was granted a CR1 VISA last year that is valid through May. I intend on activating the VISA (prior to the expiration) considering that I will be moving later in the year, but have a few questions on returning back to Canada after the activation - (i) How long can I live in Canada after activating the CR1 VISA, without violating the LPR status in the US? (ii) In the event that I extend my stay in Canada a bit longer after activating the VISA (through the end of the year for instance), would that prohibit me from entering the US as a LPR? (iii) I've read mixed opinions on OHIP coverage. Would I lose OHIP coverage once I activate the CR1 VISA, or would it happen when I finally move out of Ontario to the US? In the event that I lose OHIP coverage the moment my CR1 VISA is activated, are there recommended insurance providers that can be looked at? (iv) Once I have established my LPR status in the US (upon activation) do I continue to get taxed in Canada as a resident? Many thanks! NK
  19. So if anyone has seen my previous posts, I've been a bit pleasantly confused about the AOS process and timeline from a K-1 visa. My husband and I filed his AOS back in November, he got a biometrics appointment in January, and now we now got a notice for our primary AOS interview next month! That's approximately 4 months from filing to the interview date and we didn't expedite!! I'm thinking USCIS is starting to speed up their process so just wanted to give hope for anyone waiting!
  20. hi good people, I met my ex-wife in college. We dated for a few years, got married later. She is a US citizen. Fast forward a few years, I got my 2 year conditional Green card. We applied for the 10 year Green card. In the mean time after this, we were going through a bad patch, found out a few things about my ex- wife, do not want to go into details. It did not work out for us. We got a divorce. I got the divorce decree in mail on January 2020. Right after that, in March 2020, I got my 10 year Green card in mail. Now, I am not sure if I should apply for Citizenship in future? What do the experts/lawyers think. When I apply for citizenship, they will look at my application and question about the 10 year green card. I got it after I got the divorce decree, so technically I was supposed to report that I got divorced? I did not because some of my friends suggested to wait. 1. I can either never apply for Citizenship again OR 2. Keep extending my 10 year green card. Green card expires in 2030. regards Mark
  21. Hi! We filed for my husband's AOS (Adjustment of Status) via marriage the first week of January, with the help of a lawyer living out of state. It has all been going well and incredibly fast, and after only 6 weeks from filing, my husband already had his biometrics taken, and his EAD (Employment Authorization Document) card is on its way! But, we just realized our lawyer did not send us the form I-131 for AP (Advanced Parole) 😤, meaning that we never signed nor filed it. (Note: his I-485 is still pending and we have not gotten a notice for the interview). My two questions are: 1. Does the EAD card come as an EAD/AP combo even when we didn't file the I-131 form? 2. Is it worth filing an I-131 even after having his EAD card and while waiting for the I-485 approval? We do have a couple of important family events abroad coming up we'd like to attend. Thanks!
  22. I found it strange that after my husbands green card interview we would get an RFE asking for police clearance as well as the same evidence we SHOULD present on removal of conditions. Anyone else get a request for police clearance as an AOS request AFTER the interview? Very odd (and irritating). Adj from K1 by the way. Thanks.
  23. Hello everybody, I wanted to ask for some advice from anyone who's been through the same thing as me as I prepare to send off my I-751 in the coming months. I was married to my ex-wife between July 2018 and October 2019. When we separated, I had literally just had the interview for the green card about two weeks before in February 2019. She filed for divorce in April and it was final in October 2019. I spoke to a lawyer who told me that cases like mine are "troublesome" and basically was saying that because the period between the green card interview and the separation was so short, I will have difficulties trying to make my case because there's no evidence of our marriage for the period after I got the card. Before anyone asks, yes it was a marriage in good faith. Unfortunately, 9 months in, my wife (USC) told me that she didn't love me and wanted a divorce. Just as a little background. We first got together while in university in 2016. We briefly lived together in England later that year and kept up a long-distance relationship (we would fly back and forth often) until we decided to get married while I was visiting her in the US in 2018. A month after we married, she got a job offer which she accepted which meant she had to leave the country for 6 weeks at a time and then return for 3 weeks (6 weeks on/3 weeks off). This put an enormous strain on our marriage and communication between us got pretty bad after that, mostly because (and I know this might sound trivial) the internet connection was so poor (she worked in a third-world country) that skyping became virtually impossible. Once she got the job, which was something of a dream job for her, she seemed to just reassess what she wanted in life over the next number of months and came to the conclusion that being married to me was something she didn't want. To be clear, I never wanted to get divorced, it was her decision. She was so rapid in breaking up with me and getting me to sign divorce papers the next month that I was taken by surprise, to put it mildly. I believe I have a good body of evidence: Tax return for 2018 filed jointly Bank statements for a joint checking account for the months we were together (July 2018 – March 2019). Gas bills with our names on addressed to us. A sworn affidavit from our landlord (her father) that we resided in the same house during our marriage Sworn affidavits from her, myself, all of her immediate family, all of my immediately family, and a mutual friend who was there when we first got together. Pictures from our wedding and a photo album detailing a timeline of our relationship from 2016 right up until January 2019 (vacations, general times together etc). Phone bills from her mother with both our numbers listed on the bills while we were married (I know this one's weak but I figure anything that could help). Many letters (mostly romantic) exchanged between us during the course of our relationship. Of course, because of the timing of the separation, I'm aware that it'll raise red flags and of course I would love the opportunity to plead my case in an interview, because I know full-well, along with her family, my family, and her, that the marriage was entered into in good faith. I must say though that my anxiety has skyrocketed because from immigration's point of view it's going to look extremely suspicious, which is as much what the lawyer said. Does anybody have any experiences or advice that they can share with me to give me some perspective or guidance. Since our divorce, I've built something of a life for myself in this country and have a good job, and frankly I'd be devastated if I had to leave. Thank you!
  24. Hello VJ members, It's been 2 months now and my wife still hasn't received her green card in mail. Her Port of Entry was on Nov 8, 2021. She did get her social security card in Mail within a week. I did move while her green card was in process and did update mailing address on USCIS website. At POE, Office did updated new mailing address. Is there any place that I could track her green card whereabouts? I'm bit concerned because her visa will expire on April.
  25. I have huge concern about this situation. Last year, my wife lost her conditional card then we report the UCIS about this. However, not too while ago, we found the lost card. My wife is thinking to travel soon, because my father in law passed away due to cancer. Can she able to travel and reenter US even if we are waiting for the replacement? Or will she have problems with her original card? Thank you.
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