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  1. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  2. Background: AOS adjustment through marriage from F1 status | Currently residing in California Hi guys, I haven't received my EAD card yet and I'm starting to worry. It's been almost 4 months now. Here's my timeline so far: 05/09/2019: USCIS RECEIVED MY FILE 05/18/2019: NOTICES IN MAIL 05/24/2019: BIOMETRICS LETTERS 06/07/2019: BIOMETRICS DONE My USCIS status for FORM I-765 says: "...we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your form I-765... We will let you know if we make any decision or need anything from you..." Is it normal? Thanks.
  3. Hi, So my 10 year green card will expire in just under 6 months. I'm working on applying via form I90 online and there was a question about where my entry was granted. I'm not sure if that's Jacksonville or if I supposed to put USCIS, Consulate... Also, for those who have done this before can I pay online? How long does it take? Do I need to do biometrics again? What should I expect? Note, I was married 9 years and been divorced for the past 3 years. Im sure I'm good to go there. Thank you Sue
  4. Hello, I'm a US permanent resident since 2015. I have Italian citizenship while my wife is Iranian, currently residing in Canada. We applied for the I-130 petition for my wife last year, and we have a priority date of August 2018 at California Service Center. Since my wife is an Iranian citizen I'm unclear whether she would be issued a visa post approval of I-130 or not due to the current Travel Ban in place? Does anyone have direct experience? Also what is the average time post I-130 approval before Green Card granted? Thanks, A*
  5. Hello I am an American citizen CURRENTLY living in Germany with my German wife (we were married earlier this year in Germany) and we have undergone the Green Card process (DCF) for her so we can move to the US. I have begun filing form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) and have seen that one of the main requirements is that I must be Domiciled in the USA. As I had mentioned I am currently living in Germany and have been here for 8 months. Additionally, from January 2016 until August 2018 I was abroad in Australia and New Zealand on a temporary work visa. How can I show proof that I am Domiciled in the US? All I have at the moment is my US passport and social security number, my US bank account that I've had since 2015 (I receive monthly bank statements that show my address in the US, I do not own the home, but the home of my parents where I lived before leaving), and an address (my parents home). Would this be enough or would I need additional evidence to prove that I am Domiciled in the US? Would getting letters from my employer and landlord saying that we are only staying in Germany until my wife's green card is granted be of any help? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, It seems we don’t have a sub-forum exclusive for those who filed their AOS petition this month – September 2019, so I thought I would create one. Hope this channel helps us communicate and share our experiences. I look forward to hearing from fellow September filers. Good luck to all of us! My details (married to a US citizen and currently working/living in the US currently on L1B😞 Marriage-based AOS packet mailed by FedEx to USCIS Chicago: 9/8 AOS packet delivered: 9/11 Received SMS notifications to inform that USCIS received my case: 9/17 Cheques cashed by USCIS: 9/18 Received letters (NOAs – form 797C) for I-130, 485, 765, 131: 9/20 Waiting for biometric service appointment letter
  7. My wife is a Green Card holder (from K1). We are going to be moving soon, and wanted to update her address with USCIS. They suggested to use the myuscis site, but I don't see where to do it there. Has anyone had success with this site? There is always the egov site, but I'd rather follow what they recommend, if possible. She does not currently have any open application with USCIS, we just wanted to follow their instructions about keeping her address updated.
  8. Hi, I have my green card interview in 2 weeks (5 months after filing!) and in the letter they asked for some documents like passport, marriage license... They also asked for my birth certificate. Since it's in French, I need to a certified translation again. (I sent both an original birth certificate and original English certified translation with the original filing package). My question is, since I'm in the US, can I translate at any translation company here? The original translation I sent was from my home country. Is it ok if the one I sent originally is different than the translation I get here? Also, I haven't received my EAD yet, do I ask for it during the interview? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys. I am at the moment waiting for a letter from USCIS with the scheduled date for my upcoming Green Card interview. My office is in Atlanta, GA. Is there any if you guys that recently went through an interview and want to share your experience?
  10. Hello VJers, I need your help!!! My husband is a December 2018 US Citizenship filer. He was finally scheduled for an interview on October 8. However, we received the letter September 10, a day after he shipped out for military training. Yes, he was enlisted for almost 2 years in the military as a green card holder and he finally been shipped out. We decided to push through with his citizenship application because we were not sure about his military journey since his ship date kept on getting pushed back. I have been trying to call USCIS and I have been searching for the local office's phone number but my calls are always been answered by the operator and there is no option to speak to a customer representative. I cannot find the local office's number as well. I have sent a secure email 3 days ago and I am not sure how soon they will answer. I plan to send back their interview letter (as instructed on the letter) but I don't know how to explain to them nicely about the situation (and maybe request for some sort of consideration). As a civilian, if he passed his interview, he will most likely get his citizenship after a month. But since he is now in the military it will take up to 180 days for him to become a citizen. Please don't get me wrong. We are so grateful that these wonderful things are happening to us. We are not in a hurry and in God's perfect timing, then so be it.
  11. With I-751 pending since October 2017, and biometrics complete, is it possible to apply for Global Entry with Green Card and Extension Letter or best to wait until ROC is complete?
  12. Hi all - My husband came to the country on a K-1 visa. We've had zero problems as of now, and everything has gone smoothly. However, next month we have his interview scheduled so that he can be approved for his Green Card. We just moved, and my husband (non-US citizen) is our main source income right now. I am still job searching, yet I know I am the one "financially responsible" for him. Does anyone know if this is a problem? If I have extremely part time work by the time of the interview, will we be flagged for that? My husband is making well above the poverty level. Thanks!
  13. Hello! Im getting married in December. so ive been reading post related to the marriage licence and certificate. - some of then shows the maiden name, so I decided to take my husband’s last name. I wonder how this works when and where should i go ? In getting married in Palm Beach, FL. Im afraid of having problems later when i get my gc - other question related about taking my husbands last name: once i get my gc (with my new married last name) if we want to travel abroad, how should we buy the tickets? Because my passport will have my maiden last name thanks in advance
  14. In 2017, I got married to a USC after graduating college on an F-1, on OPT status. We wanted to stay together, and had long-term plans together, and had been living together for about a year. I’m from the UK, she’s a US citizen. The relationship did become toxic after some time, with my partner moving into her friends apartment at different points, and threatening to break it off and stop petitioning; and then reaffirming that she did want to be together and loved me. During one of these long arguments , I postponed our upcoming interview because we weren’t ready . We didn’t hear back from USCIS, and got a denial notice in early 2018. We appealed, said we had called to postpone, and got the case re-opened. Time went by, we were together again, and got another interview scheduled later that year. I never received a notice of that interview though, only an email from our lawyer, because he’d received the notice after the appeal. I accidentally read the date wrong on the email, and we missed the appointment. I felt so stupid, and we filed everything again. After sending it back a second time with all the full fees, we had filed by early 2019. The relationship began to go very sour again, even when we were living together, and when the different forms were approved in mid-late 2019 and we got our interview date, we agreed to break up, since the relationship couldn’t continue, and I made plans to move home since I wouldn’t be in status after that. I have to make plans now for a divorce and to definitely spend some years back at home, away from my friends and community I made. I know now it will be hard to get another student visa, since I showed immigrant intent the last time I studied in the US. In the last couple months when the marriage broke down, I started a platonic relationship with a new person, whom I came to really care for a lot. She said one day, not soon, but one day we should get married. How possible is this? Would USCIS scrutinize my first, failed marriage? With most of the documents back in the US, and not in touch with my ex spouse, I would have to spend a lot of time gathering evidence. But, I could provide: - Lease agreements from the three years we co-habited. - Affidavits from landlords that we lived together. - affidavits from friends and family - affidávits from the job I had during my work permit - Photographs of us together on holiday, different places, going back to 2016. - shared bank account statements - shared dental insurance We were fairly low income and as of such didn’t have shared property, I didn’t file tax returns, didn’t have health insurance, etc. Can I come back here, one day, and reasonably expect I can marry and stay with the person I want to be with? I don’t want this unfortunate situation to cancel out that possibility.
  15. How do I print the messages from iMessage and and also a record of my call log? Using these as evidence of communication for my case as my husband is living overseas because of work.
  16. Hi Guys! So my husband’s interview for his green card is in 2 weeks. I am wondering if we would need to hire someone to be an interpreter for my husband or will I be able to translate for him during the interview? Can anyone be an interpreter or does it need to be someone that is licensed or do they just have to be fluent in English & Spanish? Thanks!!
  17. Hello everybody, I really need your help. Brian and I got married this June and decided to concurrently for my adjustment of status. I have been an F-1 Student for three years and my status is valid, I am attending school this semester and I am meeting all the requirements. We mailed the package with the forms and all of the required documents that are required on 9-28-16. It was received on the 9-30-16. We didn't receive any confirmation via email or text and the checks didn't get cashed. Instead we received a Form I-797C Notice of Action - Rejection Notice that states: The application/petition was filled on an outdated version of this form. Please resubmit your application/petition on the current version of this form with the appropriate fees to the address listed on the bottom of this page. All of our documents are stapled together in random order and the binders and envelope we used to mail the petition are not returned. Also, all of the documents have numbers printed on the bottom page. In addition, the other forms (I-485, I-765, G-1145) are signed and have a long line on them. Lastly the checks have a stamped U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services. Needless to say this is very upsetting. We downloaded the form on the USCIS website, and after checking it again today the form on the right top corner states that it expires on 12-31-2015. I have two questions, the first is time sensitive, can we mail all of the documents back as they are or do we have to print them again? And is form I-130 up-to-date even if it states it expires 12-31-2015?
  18. Hi! I’m wondering if I have to change my address from Sweden to where I live in USA, when I file for green card or if it doesn’t matter to uscis?
  19. Hello! I am a J1 visa holder from Hungary. I arrived to the U.S. in June 2016 so I'm spending my second year as an Au Pair (my program ends June 2018). I am planning to get married to a U.S. citizen in May 2018. If I'm right, just by marriage I won't lose my J1 visa. My current Host Family wants me to complete my program so they want me to work for them until June 10th. My Au Pair agency said they won't end my sponsorhip until the end of my program so I can complete it. When should we start the application process for the Green Card not to run out of time? Do I lose my visa by filing for Green Card? I want to complete my program but I also want to make sure that we file everything on time. Thank you for your help!
  20. I’m going to USA on k1 to marry my fiancé and will after that apply for AOS. me and my fiancé is going to stay at his mother’s apartment but there is a problem. She might not want to tell the landlord I moved there because they are only allowed to be 4 people living there but with me we will be 5 people. will this cause a problem when applying for AOS? Do uscis want proof like a statement from landlord that i live there?
  21. *** Green Card Approved!! *** I wanna share our case, because in the process of doing it I have seen SO MUCH misinformation that is scary. If we had listened to many lawyers and people in forums we would have not get this process done right. Always look for information in the official immigration page, sometimes it’s hard to understand, but everything is in there. I am a Legal Permanent Resident petitioning for my spouse, F1 International Student Category: F2A I-130 PD: October 27, 2017 I-485 and I-765 sent: July, 2018 Bio-metrics Done: August, 2018 I-485 Ready to be Scheduled for Interview: August, 2018 I-130 Transfer Notice: September, 2018 (it was in California Center and was sent to NBC because when you apply for I-485, I-130 will be approved along with I-485 at time of Interview) EAD Received: December, 2018 My spouse notified the school that a change of status was being processed and they changed her from International Student to Regular Student and SEVIS I-20 was terminated *** I will get back to this *** I-485 Interview Scheduled: July, 2019 Interview Date: August 30, 2019 Approved on Spot. Passport stamped with temporary green card. Told us that green card will be sent in 4 to 6 weeks. Now going back to my spouses student visa being cancelled AFTER I-485 was already being processed. I can’t tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE told me I was wrong, because I wasn’t a US Citizen and my spouse needed to maintain status until interview was done. I argued A LOT with them and now I can tell you with proof THAT IS INCORRECT. Even if you are married to a Permanent Resident, as long as you were in legal status at the time that I-485 was sent, then if your visa expires, it’s NOT a problem because you were IN LEGAL STATUS at the time of application. Please DON’T listen to people or lawyers telling you otherwise because it is incorrect. My spouse took one semester off and graduated two weeks ago. It is important that you continue your studies as the officer asked if studies were completed. Even as a regular student, that shows the officer you came with a student visa because you really wanted to study and graduate. Otherwise it may show your intentions were not sincere. Also, you don’t need to wait until I-130 is approved to apply for I-485. If your I-130 has been received and you have a receipt notice, and the Visa Table for Filling Applications is current for your priority date, you can go ahead and apply for I-485 and I-765. The interview went smoothly. It took us 1 hour, but only because the officer was really nice and talked to us a lot. She asked a few questions, not too many. She went through the paper work, took some extra information from us, and then told us that our relationship definitely seemed valid. Told us that green card was approved, stamped the passport and told us we would get green card in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. That was it. We took A LOT of things with us, because I’m the kind of person that rather have more than less and if she didn’t request it then that was fine. But everything we took as proof of relationship she kept it all. I hope this experience is helpful to you! We are very happy and thankful to God for His help and wisdom while going through this process.
  22. Hi all, I'm currently waiting for my AOS to be "approved" and in the meantime my Green Card has already expired. I received a letter that states my status has been extended for 16 months and I can work and travel but I'm wondering if it's safe to do so? I'm planning on traveling out of the country for vacation but I also need to travel for work. I would appreciate any feedback or experience anyone's had with this :) Regards,
  23. I'm just looking for verification that a green card holder who came to the US as a K1 can file an aos for her son who came to the US as a K2 at the same time. She would rather file it without the original petitioners assistance. The son is unmarried and under 21. Is this possible? Any issues to watch out for? TIA
  24. Hello, I wonder if someone can add any thoughts to the following situation: My sister, a citizen of Russia, came to the USA in 1994 with B2 visa. She was 19. She overstayed her visa (6 years), applied for permanent residence in Canada (based on points/work) and in February 2000 she moved to Canada. She applied for a tourist visa to the USA in 2000 and 2001 in Toronto - she wanted to come to see her family. She was denied. In 2002, when she still had a Russian passport, she went again to the Consulate in Toronto and after talking to the consular officer, she was told to apply for a waiver. She did it. In July 2002 she got visa (she was ineligible to get a visa under section 212(a)(9)(B)(i)(II) - that was written in her passport) - she got a one entry B2 visa. That is printed on her visa: 212(d)(3)(A) waiver of 212 (a)(9)(B)(i)(II) granted by INS. My sister went to NYC, stayed for 6 days (I had a baby) and came back to Canada. Then, in November she applied again for a B2 visa to come and be a godmother of my daughter. She again was told to submit a letter from the employer, bank statement, proof of address and she got a new tourist visa, multiple entries, valid for 2 years, with the exact annotation about waiver granted by INS. Sister came to visit me for a few days, then she visited me several times (never longer than 5-7 days). In September 2004 she got a citizenship in Canada, and she came to the USA using a Canadian passport (with no waiver/visa imprinted). She did it maybe 5 times, no issues on the border. In April 2005 she came to the USA and stayed. I submitted an immigrant visa petition for her years ago (I am a US citizen), it was approved, currently the documents are in NVC and now, after we met a lawyer, he told us, that my sister - as Canadian citizen - because she did not receive form I-94 at the border, she is admitted for duration of status, so she has no ban and she can receive an immigrant visa in Canada (she was not found deportable by any judge or immigration official). But as it seems to be easy, we started digging dipper: but what about her previous overstay? I mean she got a waiver but it was for non-immigrant visa, am I right? Or this waiver was good also for the immigrant visa that she can get through my sponsorship? I am not familiar so I will appreciate any input. We met 4 lawyers: conclusion: 1 of them say she is good to go, 2 others say 'no', 1 said: "It's a good question". Thanks a lot for any information, thoughts, anything.
  25. I submitted all my paperwork and an email was send on June 27th that all my paperwork was complete “quality documented”. Do you know how long does it take to get an interview? In addition, I’m living in the U.S already and have a work permit since a minor, therefore, I don’t need a waiver.
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