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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys! I came to the US almost 3 months ago with ESTA and a week ago my husband and I got married. We decided to stay in the country and file for the AOS (please note that none of this was planned ahead; we were planning of moving to EU together, but things changed because of the pandemic) We are filing the forms now and apperently we need to file the i130 (and 130a for me) and the i485. We found out that the first one can be filled out online, but the second one has to be mailed. Our doubt is weather it is OK to do so... Maybe it's better to print both the forms and mail them? Our preference was to split the procedure as I have only a week left of the 90 days that I can spend here with ESTA and the online procedure makes it faster to start the AOS process, as I can submit my personal documents digitally and we don't need to wait some extra days for the post office to deliver the envelope. what do you think guys? Any advice? Thank you
  2. Hey folks, I'm an international student who recently graduated from college. I am currently unemployed and nearing the end of my 90 days grace period of OPT, which is right around the corner on 05/20/2020. However, by the grace of God, I got to marry my American girlfriend, whom I've been dating for a while, yesterday. The thing is, I don't think I'll ever be able to file the adjustment of status anytime before the 20th due to the uncertainty in the arrival time of the marriage certificate, which puts me at risk of being out of status. I've gotten a chance to consult a family friend lawyer, who informed me that the case is favorable for me whichever way one looks at it. However, the lawyer lowkey insisted/suggested that I enroll myself in a community college to be perfectly safe. I understand the lawyer is doing his job to let me know all the options available but my problem is that I doubt I'll be able to do all that and get another I-20 in just 5 days. On top of that, my funds will be pretty dry after I pay for the lawyer and the document fees... From any of your experience, if I file the adjustment slightly later that the 20th, do you think it will matter a whole lot or will the USCIS try to hold this against me? Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Hi all - this is going to be a lengthy post. I thank you in advance if you can get through it! My husband and I are Canadian and he is a greencard holder. We got married 2 years ago and I have been on H1B. We filed the I-130 January 2019 (it has been approved). We have been patiently waiting for my time to file my adjustment of status. My husband works for a top global brand and we thought we were fortunate enough to use "one of America's best immigration lawyers" for our cases. This lawyer did my husband's greencard application about 4 years ago. Back in September I checked in with them on the status of my application (they charge $300 an hour just an FYI) They told me the process would be another 2-3 years and I was devastated to hear this. But they said to reach out to them around mid October as they would have a better idea of when my turn might be to file. I did just that and emailed them mid October. They responded October 31, 2019 saying there was no update and they would continue to monitor my case. I gave birth to our first child in October and I was really struggling with going back to work (but I had no choice as I had to maintain my H1-B status in order to legally stay in the US and keep my family together). I reached out to our lawyer again January 2020 as I was getting even more unhappy with my job and wanted to explore all options. It was at this time she tells us that her firm made "clerical error" and my time to file was OCTOBER 2019. I nearly lost my mind. I had to push her further and she corrected herself, my time to apply was JUNE 2019. I can't express how absolutely furious I was. Not only did they miss my chance to file in June but when I reached out to them in October they never even looked and noticed the error? And then lied? I demanded they file ASAP. I wanted the receipt so I could quit my job that was making me unhappy. They filed, i got the receipt. She tells me they filed it WRONG! We had to file AGAIN. She told me to not attend my biometrics appointment for my first application. I gave my work notice and then COVID hit a few weeks later. My case isn't even with USCIS because I haven't done biometrics. At this point I just really really want my advanced parole as I recently lost a family member to the shooting massacre in Canada. I can't leave the country without the advanced parole because I don't have my job anymore. I am almost a year behind due to this lawyer's negligence. Has this happened to anyone else before? Is there anything that can be done?? It just feels like there are no repercussions for this lawyer. I know we are going through a national crisis so no one is going to care about immigration right now but it's just the worst feeling and I'm desperate as I want to be able to go be with my family ASAP. I'm like a crazy person drafting letters and reaching out to senators! I'm at my whit's end and any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I m preparing package for my adjustment of status based on k1 visa,i have a question please: on marriage certificate my wife want to change her name and take my family name as last name but since all are lock down we havnvt changed her name at any identity papers so should i put her name after marriage on all forms i m filling out or just i put her name before marriage i m little confused about that, thanks in advance
  5. Hello guys my I-485 got denied and here is the reason: My I-130 got approved but this got denied, we already talked to lawyers and they told us that we can just refile for the I-485 since I am “out of status” right now since my green card expired already. i just have question filing out the I-485 form: 1. My current immigration status? Should I put that I am “out of status”? 2. Can I still pit my alien numbers from my green card before? 3. Information about immigrant category, am I going to be the principal immigrant now and put the receipt numbers of he approved I-130 or should I put my parent’s information as the principal applicant? anything would help guys! Thank you !
  6. I am in the USA, having arrived a few weeks ago on my K1 visa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to come over much earlier than planned because of the travel restrictions. I am currently working remotely for my UK-based employer, doing the same job I've been doing for over two years but I am reading really conflicting views online about whether this is allowed, and it seems to be a very grey area. Some people seem very certain that it's okay because it's not a US based employer, and I'm not doing work for a US business, whereas others are saying any form of employment is not okay. My employment ends with them on the 31 July and I've been honest on my forms ready to submit to the USCIS, but I am wondering whether I need to try and leave earlier than that and terminate my employment ASAP?
  7. Hello VJ Community! I hope you are all staying safe and well during these scary circumstances. USC Petitioner here, seeking guidance on how to go about applying for my now-husband's Social Security number. My husband arrived in Texas from the UK using a K1 visa on March 16. All Social Security offices shut their doors (as a safety precaution against COVID-19) the day after, on March 17. We got married on March 21 and are now in the process of putting together our AOS/I-944/AP/EAD packets. We saw that you can choose to apply for your SSN on the EAD application, but I assume he wouldn't get the card until after he receives the EAD five or so months down the line. We were thinking of checking "No" on the application and waiting until the offices re-open so that we can apply in-person and hopefully get the card in the mail sooner. His I-94 expires on June 12, so we are really hoping that things normalize before then. Any thoughts on going this route? Thankfully, not having an SSN hasn't caused major roadblocks for us yet. We were able to get him a phone plan, health insurance, and I was able to add him to my checking account, savings account, and credit cards. The biggest setback would be not being able to obtain his driver's license. He has a valid UK driver's license that he's eligible to use for 90 days, but he'll need to apply for a Texas license after that point and having an SSN is a requirment to obtain one. Has anyone tried checking "Yes" on the EAD, but then also going to their local office to apply in-person after submitting the application? Would that cause issues for him down the line? Thank you! Will appreciate any advice/input you can provide.
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