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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks to this wonderful forum and its valuable members I found out that my US spouse can petition my son (13). I'm a fairly new Green Card holder and I have already sent the I-130 petition for alien relative under F2A and USCIS accepted it as they took their money already. As I understand, they will never issue me a refund and there is really no way for me to recover my funds when I send a new petition. I have used G-1450 for credit card authorization and I called my credit card but they said since I initially authorized them I cannot stop or dispute the payment. Maybe there is another way I haven't thought of? I won't get my hopes up if there isn't. Before we send in the new petition under my USC spouse, I have to deal with withdrawing the first one. I have included G-1145 for E-Notification and I'm waiting (impatiently) for my case number. Once I receive it, I will print a letter of withdrawal. Can I put that letter together with my new petition? Which will have another cover letter as well. Or should I send it separate? Or maybe even on separate days? Would it even be beneficial if I just wait for my NOA of the first petition since I assume that my son gets assigned an Alien number? Or will they be able to figure this out anyways and merge his file? I want to send the new petition as soon as possible as the situation in Nicaragua is currently not good. I'm just trying to get this all done as smooth as possible. The hassle of withdrawing the first petition really throws me off. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments, thoughts, advice and questions if there are any
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me answer a few questions. I am the USC petitioning my stepson to become a permanent resident. Biological Dad is a PR while Biological Mom can no longer take care of child. I have read many different things about the parental consent letter we need to obtain from biological mother. We made an appointment at the US embassy in Mexico City where Mom will have a letter of consent notarized. Any idea or template of what the form should include??? Please help, appointment for letter to be notarized is in 2 days. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I'll try to make this as concise as possible while giving some background. I did the paperwork for my aunt to petition her daughter along with her three biological children and stepson back in 2013 (F2B case). My aunt became a citizen last year and depending on how fast either category moves, we may have my cousin opt out of the F1 category. Now upon checking the visa bulletin I see that both categories are due to be current within the next 2 years and I'd like to get a head start on what kind of paperwork we might need to prove the continuing step relationship between my cousin and her stepson. According to the BIA ruling 'Matter of Mowrer,' the dissolution of a marriage between the stepparent and natural parent doesn't preclude the stepchild from obtaining a visa as a stepchild as long as the step relationship continues to exist as a matter of fact. This ruling applies equally to derivative beneficiaries so long as they otherwise meet the definition of a stepchild under immigration law. Now I studied some law in college, and I will always remember those immortal words, 'matter of fact' vs 'matter of law' lol. The specific wording in this case is 'matter of fact', which means that they just have to prove that the step relationship continues to exist between them despite her divorce to his father. That part is clear, however I can't seem to find any reference on this site to people with similar cases and even Google has proven difficult. We're not going to pay hundreds of dollars to a lousy attorney for information we can get on sites like these for free. It really isn't a complicated case and I don't think it should be complicated to prove because my cousin married his father when he was 3 years old and she practically raised him to the point where he lived with her even after the divorce, not even with his biological mother. That being said, I know that this government absolutely loves paperwork and they would want to see documentation instead. That's why I'd like to know if anyone here has a similar case and if so what kind of documents will the consul want to see? Pictures of them, letters, documents showing the stepson lived with her after the divorce, affidavits, etc? Again, I don't expect that the consul should make a big fuss considering that she raised him and a relationship like that doesn't just end even after a divorce. There are plenty of step relationships that continue to exist after a divorce, which is why the BIA issued this ruling back in the day. I just want to make sure that we can gather as much evidence as possible that would convince the consul, and start gathering that now so we're not scrambling later on. Thank you guys so much in advance for anything you can contribute.😀
  4. Hello, I'm currently filling out form i-130 for my stepchild. After my husband's process I finally was able to change my last name to his last name, I received my new social security card with my married last name. However, I've been lazy and have been dreading going to the DMV/Post office to get a new picture ID to reflect my name change. I plan on submitting my stepchild's i-130 with my passport (with my maiden name), my new social security card (with my married name), and my birth certificate. Does anyone think this will be an issue?
  5. Hello! I have filed for my husband's AOS from h2a with atleast 9 years of overstay. We filed his 130 concurrently with his 485 and the ead/ap. We also filed for my step children ( his minor bio kids that reside in Mexico) i 130. all in one big bulky package. USCIS received the package may 11, yesterday I got the text message that my hubby's files are accepted. Checks were cashed today BUTTTTTTTT.... only my hubby's files were accepted and only his check was cashed, is that normal? Am I being overly worried about nothing or there's something wrong with the kids' i 130? Any and all advise please, thank you.
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering something a lawyer told me today, an aunt told us some time ago that she would reach an immigration lawyer in order to clear some of our doubts regarding our situation. The situation is that my mother wants me to fly immediately to the states so I can get a green card, she will be getting married to a U.S. citizen and will get herself, my sister and I, a green card. My sister is ok because she is 13, but I am 19, about to be 20, and I'm afraid because I read on the UCSIS site and many other pages and forums, that a U.S citizen can petition for a stepchild, how my sister will be petitioned, as long as the marriage took place before the child's 18th birthday. I obviously don't qualify for this rule, but the lawyer told us that it could be made as long as I was in the states, and if I wasn't there I would fall to another category or some BS like that. My aunt and mother were very convinced by this person, but I'm really skeptical, but I really want to live in the states and I wouldn't like to lose my job and all of that on my country for a chance that is very unlikely, thank you for reading and helping.
  7. Hi, Is there any approval for stepchild PD August 2017, Potomac? Please share your case here.
  8. Hello All, I am trying to figure out what supporting documents I need to submit for the AOS and IV packages to NVC. I read the threads and I still have a few questions. This is what I have so far: AOS Package: AOS bar-coded cover sheet Form I-864EZ (signed and dated) 2016 Tax Transcript 2015 Tax Transcript 2014 Tax Transcript Letter of Employment 2016 W2 2015 Correct W2 2014 W2 Paystubs Feb 2018 Paystubs Jan 2018 Paystubs Dec 2017 I know it is little overkill with the financial documents but I rather have them all than get a check list. IV Package: IV bar-coded cover sheet Two (2) passport-size photographs of beneficiary (case number, beneficiary’s full name, and date of birth are written on back of both) Photocopy of the biographic data page of beneficiary’s passport Photocopy of the Thai birth certificate Photocopy of the English translation of the Thai birth certificate As the child is 4 years old the following documents are N/A for him: Police records, Marriage Certificate (of course he has never been married), Court and Prison Records (he was never arrested), Military Records, Adoption documents (he is only my step child at this point). Do I need to submit a copy of my marriage certificate showing that I am married to his mother? If yes, does this go with the AOS or IV package. Do I need to submit a copy of my US passport? If yes, does this go with the AOS or IV package. Proof of domicile is only needed if you do not live in the US, correct? Also, the child had a name change do I need to submit the documents showing this name change (the Thai version as well as the English translation)? If I have missed anything I would appreciate it if you could point it out. Thank you. Regards Jonny
  9. My wife was denied an immigration visa. No chance of an appeal at this time. But my two stepdaughters are poised to get their visas after I submit some final requested documents. Since they are 13 and 14 years old, there is no way that they will stay with me in the US without their mother. I have a few simple questions: Do I complete the process and get their visas? Is there an upside since they will not live in the US? Is there a downside to abandoning the visa? Or is it better to leave the process incomplete and forfeit the opportunity? Are there other things for me to consider? I know that I should consult a lawyer but I'm hoping for some insight here first before I move ahead. Thank you!
  10. Hello, people from the Philippines! Is there a solo parent (single mom) immigrating/has immigrated with her child here? My situation is, I have an illegitimate child who carries my surname. However, in her birth certificate, her biological father acknowledged his paternity but the child did not carry his surname. There has been no financial support at all from the father and though initially he was visiting her, he has not been in touch with the child for the last 5 years. Though I have read that a mother in this case has the sole custody of the child, I would like to ask if other papers were required of the other biological parent such as a waiver of parental rights and/or a consent to immigrate. My daughter and I have not had a problem in our numerous travels abroad as we have the same surnames in our passports, I was never asked about the other parent. Moving forward, I would like to be prepared and have other legal supporting papers. I have sent messages to her father to this effect but there has been no response at all. I'd appreciate any advise or sharing of a previous similar experience. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Guys, I have a little bit complicated question. My mom is a naturalize USA citizen and wants to apply for my half-brother and basically her stepchild. She was divorce before the birth of step-child. At the moment he is 30+ and married. Is it possible to apply and if yes any guidance or rules we need to follow. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi folks. I'm married to a Brazilian woman for 5 years and we live in Brazil. I came to marry in 2012 and became a permanent resident. We want to move to live in US now and we don't know when we should fill the I-130 for my 19y/o step son. Should his form and paperwork be sent together in the same envelope with my wife's? Any help? Thank you👍
  13. Hi, I am us citizen and I am filing form I-485 for my spouse and for my stepson, who is 6 years old. So my question is , the fee for my spouse's I-485 is 1,140.00 USD and for my stepson's is 750.00 USD? And also the biometric fee of 85.00 USD is waived for my stepson? I appreciate your answers, than you