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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm an F1 student that just got married 2 weeks ago. I will file for AOS in March. I was on OPT a year ago and was given a social security card. However, I'm wondering, when I apply for work authorization during the AOS process, will I get a new social security number/card? I hope I will because I believe that the current one I have is being used without my permission. Please advise. Best,
  2. Hey guys! How is everyone? I am having problem getting social here in the US. I arrived here last Nov 11 and applied for ssn Nov 15. And then I got married Dec 22, 2018. And after more than a month of patiently waiting, today, January 4th, my husband and I decided to go to SSA office to ask for update since we havent received anything in the mail at all. And I read blogs about how ssa staff doesnt know what they are doing sometimes and I think the one we went to is one of them. 😔 They kept telling me they are having issues on the system and it kept saying “Alien Mismatch”. they said they've been trying to do it over and over since I applied and contact DHS but they havent gotten anything really. And then they also said that maybe the reason why is because I am on k1 visa and not allowed to work in the US that’s why SSA cannot issue me a number. (i didnt correct them here since I know I’m not gonna win.) but they said the bottom line is the “Alien Mismatch” they are getting. I am so confused right now cuz my i-94 is only valid until Feb 2. And we are just starting to file for aos. anyone has experience about this? any answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, We have two questions related SSN, please help us. Thank you very much. First question: Does anyone knows how long it takes for the SSN recently? We applied SSN about 6 weeks ago, however, we haven't got the SSN yet. We tried to call the SSN about 2 weeks ago, and we were told that it is in homeland security now. In this situation, what should we do now? Second question: Is it OK that we submit AOS and Permission of Work Authorization without SSN? Thank you very much.
  4. Hi everyone, very happy to say that I arrived in America just the other day so we're all go for planning our wedding and sorting the paperwork. Something that came up however was a lot of conflicting ideas about social security numbers. At first it seemed like a SSN was required to get married, but further research suggested this is probably not true (will call this coming week and see what the marriage license guys say). But I saw a lot of posts from forums like this where people were discussing when the earliest you can reasonably apply for a SSN is. The confusion is that the SSA website says that you can not apply for a SSN unless: A federal law requires you to provide your Social Security number to get a particular benefit or service; or A state or local law requires you to provide your Social Security number to get general assistance benefits for which you already have qualified. So I was wondering what other people were doing about their SSN?
  5. Hi, all! My French husband and I are working on filling out the DS-260 form online. One of the questions asks "Will you want a social security number and card?" and we aren't sure how to answer. We just want him to have a green card. We're not sure if we'll be in the U.S. for the long haul or until I finish school in four or five years. So is it best to answer yes to save trouble in the future? Or will saying yes complicate things or slow the process down unnecessarily? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello there. Am i allowed to work once i have my Social Security Number or SSN eventhough i have not yet applied for my adjustment of status from K1 visa, my fiance got married already. Thank you 😊
  7. Hi everybody! We are just starting the process for the fiance visa(K1) and I would love some tips of you all if it is possible! also I have a question, we are filling out the form I-129 F and they ask for a Social Security number(if any), I was in USA for a year and I got one when I was there but not sure if I need to write it on the form or not , somebody help me please
  8. Hey guys. So we left applying for SS number till after our marriage. On a K1 visa. Went to SS office today and because our i-94 expires on 17 June it's outside of the 2 week time period it takes to get a SS number issued. I would like to volunteer and everywhere that I want to is asking for a SS number. Illinois requires SS number to get a drivers license. The guy at the SS office said I should ask for an extension on my i94 but that's not a thing. How do I go about getting my SS number? Do I have to wait for EAD now and apply for SS number through EAD? Any help appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I tried to search it first but I could not find a good answer for my question. I checked the box on Form I-765 that says "Forward your information to get a SSN." On 02/08/2018 I received an email notifying me of EAD Approval. Now, do Social Security send my card by themselves or do I have to go an apply? I understand that I-765 was not always like this, so please only those who had to fill out this version of the form should respond I want personal experiences. Thank you all! This forum has been of much help and support!!
  10. So I'm not sure if I'm in the wrong or the person working at the Social Security office was wrong when telling me this. Me and my wife went to the Social Security Office so that I could apply for a Social Security Number. I'm aware now that I should have done this before we got married, but we were not aware of it at the time. The person we spoke to told us that, because we had gotten married and sent off our AOS documents (still pending), that I could no longer apply for a SSN under a K-1 Visa, and that I should apply for an ITIN (for tax purposes). However my I-94 is still valid, and I have all the necessary documents. Just wondering if anyone knows if I should still be able to get an SSN after getting married?
  11. Hello everyone, We were given false information on when we could apply for a SSN. It's been 6 months since my wife has arrived in the US. I read that we need to wait until we get the EAD (employment authorization) to apply for the SSN at this point. Is this true? Appreciate your help!
  12. My girl had a social security number ONLY for work when she was here in the US. Do I need to write that into the blanks on the petition asking for her SSN. Im not very educated on that matter. Is there a difference between a SSN that's exclusively for work and a SSN issued for ID? I know this question may be a bit confusing but I am a bit confused/unsure myself.
  13. I entered the US as an au pair 2.5y ago. I may have overstayed my visit for 180 days, although I'm not sure, but that's another story. After I stopped being an au pair, I moved in with my boyfriend (who's a US citizen) in Feb and we got married in Apr. After I moved in, however, I got a job at a local grocery store for 2-3 months to gather money for rent and my green card application. I filed some official forms there (like the W-9), but I didn't use any SSN for any of that, only my name and address, and my paychecks were only in check form, never deposited in my account. Nowadays, I just do some odd jobs around town (walking dogs, delivery, etc), so nothing so official. My question is: should I disclose that I worked there on my I-485 form, since I didn't even use my SSN? Could my GC get denied because I worked? Or because I didn't disclose?
  14. Hello everyone So I had a look at this guide and I have a few SSN questions that I hope you guys can help me with. I arrived in the US on a K1 visa at the beginning of this month and planning to get married very soon, so: 1. Can/should I apply for SSN before or after marriage? 2. For how long is an I-94 form valid after I apply for it online? 3. The "Another form of valid ID" would be my Moroccan birth certificate. But since it's translated, do I only need to submit the original birth certificate and translation or also an apostille? If the apostille is also required, would a non-certified copy of it be enough? 4. Do I only need to print out form RM 10211.530 and bring it with me to the SSN office? Is there something specific I need to do with it? Thanks!