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  1. I’m a k1 holder and I’m in the US. I married my spouse within the 90 days. My lawyer filed concurrent i-485 with “ I-130 “ In addition to i-765 and i-131. I saw people posting that k1 holders don’t need to file i-130. My pd is March, 31. My status is “ Case was received and a receipt notice was sent “. I don’t prefer withdrawing the process and wait again. I didn’t even have my work permit. What do you think guys ? I called my lawyer and they said they know how things work and just relax!
  2. Hello, I am an AOS applicant based on k1 visa. I got rfe regarding jontsponsor's latest 2022 tax return which he lost his job and not making enough for the poverty guideline requirements which he used to make before and we used to submit. We are trying to find new jointsponsors but no luck so far.I was given till end July to submit. My question is what if I couldn't find one, what shall I do? Withdraw my case? In case of denial I read I may have 30 days to either appeal or reapply..again what if I failed to, do I have to be deported? I am freaking out Thanks
  3. I just entered the US with my K1 visa. I am preparing all forms nd still have a sealed envelope with me, that the doctor in portugal gave me. Is this envelope for the Green card interview (if interview happens less than 1 year from exam date)? Or do I need to send the envelope together with form I 485, I131, I 765 and I 693? bit confused with this. Thanks
  4. Hello guys , just wondering and hoping someone can help me, I'm about to file AOS for my wife, unfortunately we don't have the Noa2 hard copy, what should we need to include to our packet is NVC letter, eligibility letter and the email notification from uscis that they approved our case is enough to soothe lacking NOA2? Please guys help us enlighten us .thank you.
  5. yesterday it was my interview for AOS for my K1. My interview was quite smooth it was only 2 questions asked..unfortunately I was given RFE for my Medical , 1 and 1month old medical records.. when i checked my status online it says " On October 6, 2021, we cancelled the request for additional evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, We will send you a notice if we need additional evidences. " "Please follow the instructions in the notice. " What does this mean? what will be the estimated days for this interview decision? thank you.. 🥰
  6. Hi everyone I sent out our AOS application forms today, but I forgot to sign on the G1450 form. The packet is on the way to USCIS. Is everyone had same or similar experience? Will the USCIS contact me to resubmit the G1450 or we need to resubmit all the application forms and document s again? TIA
  7. Hi all, I’m a K1>AOS applicant. We submitted the whole package (I-495, EAD, Advance Parole) on October 1st 2020, biometrics were done on Feb 17th this year. Checking the status on the web portal, the EAD just says “fingerprints were taken” and the AOS says that as of March 9th I am “ready to be scheduled for an interview” but obvs we’ve heard nothing since. I’m guessing a lot of us are in a similar boat here? Assuming Covid has created an enormous backlog of cases for the poor buggers at USCIS to process and so even EAD is going to take a lot longer to process than normal? It says “6-8 months” generally but it’s already been 8 and there has been no update on the portal since Feb. Can anyone in the know tell me if they noticed any change in the online portal status update between “fingerprints accepted” and the EAD arriving? And I’m assuming the interview backlog is enormous so it’ll probably be a lot longer before I get my interview scheduled, right? I guess I don’t really have any other questions other than looking to console with other people still in limbo! I was a full moron and didn’t get my SSN sorted while my K1 was valid, partly because my husband was on tour and it escaped our notice that we COULD, and now he’s going on tour again at the end of the year and I can’t drive so I’m starting to get a little anxious that I’ll still be SSN-less and jobless by the time he goes away. My own stupid fault but we also couldn’t have predicted a pandemic getting in the way! Best wishes to anyone reading ❤️
  8. Hello Visa Journey members! well I finally recieved my EAD/ADVANCE PAROLE COMBO CARD last saturday 27th . When I got married I changed my last name, I hypenated my mexican lastname with my husbands lastname , so my name on my Marriage Certificate is for example Jane Perez-Doe all the applications and evidence sent to USCIS incluiding my marriage license, have my name like that (Hyphenated) how ever my NOAs arrived with the last name separated PEREZ DOE, no hypen or dash. when I had my biometrics, I brought this up and they told me that the system didnt allowed HYPHENS/DASH but that my final cards will have it. NOw....I RECIEVED THE COMBO CARD and the last name is still NOT HYPHENATED: JANE PEREZ DOE. this is really concerning me.... I tried calling USCIS CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER 1800 375 5283 and there is no WAY I can get an agent to speak to me...the automatic reply system, doesnt allow it. all I could come with is a link for a TYPO CORRECTION on USCIS website. NOW... I dont know if I should make the change or not? if my marriage certificate has it, my COMBO AND GREEN CARDm should be hyphenated as well correct? I am afraid this will translate in future problems.... with any of my future credit cards, employment, etc.THIS IS all agravated because I need to travel to Mexico this month and I am afraid that if I make the correction on the website, this will mean I need to wait for the card to be reprinted/changed for who knows how long....and if I take the risk and go to mexico with my combo card as it is....would I have problems re/entering the country? any one with similar experiences? I have ready many cases FROM older years here at VJ, but with NO CONCLUSION. any one with a suggestion? anything could help! thank you again
  9. Hi! So I am getting worried because based on countless research I had done, I had the belief that once my fiance got here on a K1 visa, we had 90 days to get married and then we could apply for her adjustment at our earliest convivence. However, upon more research, it does not look like this is the case at all. We got married the same week she arrived in the U.S. but I have not filed her AOS yet. Due to Covid and her pregnancy, its been a bit of a struggle to get the $1225 for the filing and biometrics fee. However, her I-94 expired 12 Dec 2021. I know I can save up enough to file her AOS in Feb, but I just don't want any possibility of her having to return home, especially since she is due within 2 months. Will there be any problem when filing her I-485?
  10. Hello, I just got my interview notice for AOS k1 and I 'm april filler, they asking me to bring passport that I used when I entered to the United states, but this passport is already expired and I sent it to my embassy to renew it(you have to send the expired passport with application and they return you new one and old one) I called embassy about how long it takes and they said at least 7 weeks so I will not have it for my AOS interview, do you think that is ok if I don't take the expired passport with me to interview, I have copy of this passport that's enough. Thank you
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