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Found 26 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm a US citizen and my wife is a Canadian citizen, we filed the I-130 package for her including I-130, I-131, I-765, I-485, I-864. We are waiting now for her travel document. My question is, as a Canadian citizen, can she travel to Canada and come back to the US even without her travel document? Thank you
  2. My husband and I are filing for the I-130 visa (CR1), he lives in the United States and I live in Canada. He will (obviously) be petitioning for me. I lived with him in the United States from November 2017-January 2018, I also lived with him for a few weeks while we got married back in October of 2017, and on our marriage license we put down his physical address for the both of us as we had a confidential marriage license (not our choice, it'll be fine as we had two lawyers confirm it won't be an issue as long as we have a bona fide relationship- but I appreciate the concern lol). On the form I-130a, it states that I have to write down the past physical addresses that I've lived within the past 5 years (within or outside of the USA). While living with my husband I was on a Visa Waiver Program (VWP), will this be a red flag? Normally I wouldn't write it down at all but because it's on our marriage license I feel obligated to have to state I lived with him for 2.5 months in the USA while on a VWP? I'm not even sure if that's legal? I have no idea.
  3. Hi! we recently started filling in our application and I (beneficiary) noticed that on the form I-130A part 1 "Information about parent" I do not have any information of my biological father rather than his name. Would this be an issue? What should I write there?? Extra information: I do not have my father's last name, I was registered with my mother's last name. Thanks!
  4. Hello All! I am just about ready to send my K-1 Visa petition; After spending all this time getting everything prepared and planning to get it out before today's last mail pick up for the week at 5 PM (I live in a small town ), something has been really nagging at me up until this last minute to not do this, but to file a CR-1 instead, and here's why: Even tho I was in Manila just a few weeks ago, I AM fortunately able to travel again almost anytime (this is also one of the times of year up until the Christmas season, where airfares are at their lowest), and my question is how long I should plan to be there to complete the entire marriage process from beginning to end? We would have a very simple civil wedding with her family and friends in attendance- Can I do this within about a 10 day or 2 week period? I have, as mentioned in previous posts, had 2 K-1 visas approved in the past, 2009 and 2014, and I have already completed my Multiple Filer Waiver Request Letter that I would need to send with the K-1 petition. I also have a minor criminal record (all more than 20 years ago now and all could even be simply borderline "infractions" but they were recorded as misdemeanors) however these are NONE that are considered the "Specified Crimes" list on the I-129F application. This form was revised last year and the previous forms did NOT ask about these minor crimes like they do now so now I must reveal them which is no problem. But when I contacted each court (there are a few different counties) and am told by each one that because the cases are so old there is a longer process in which they need time to search for these records. So instead of doing this, I simply typed a detailed account and explanation of each incident, including each disposition, to send in but I am afraid I may still get and RFE (or even NOID) because i did not submit the actual records and this may create possible delays. I see nowhere on the I-130 or I-130a forms or instructions any mention or request for info on these minor crimes and the I-130 form is the same filing fee of $535 as the I-129F. I see also that the processing times are getting closer to each other (CR-1 is still longer). Any feedback is welcome (the post office is only a few blocks away)!
  5. Ahhhh gotcha, My F2A went to CSC and everything there is 20+ months, upon closer inspection, it turns out they do not do IR-1! Texas Center does it and their times are 6 to 8 months! So quick question: I am pending USC and expect it to be done by oct - nov based on Dallas FO times. Does this mean that USCIS will transfer my case over to TSC or another center when I upgrade it to IR1 I assume it wont have a "new" PD and the June PD I have for her will stick ? That means she could very well have an approved I-130 by end of the year! under the 5-8 months starts again when it reaches new center. Thanks for the clarification, I had skimped over the times for CSC (and bundled all visa type/category into) and never realized in past 2 months that CSC does not do IR1 as it does not show times for it! You just saved me a few dollars and hours or time to prep 129F. My wife is gonna be happy!
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this forum, and I'd like to thank you in advance for helping me with my inquiry. I am specifically looking for some help with the confusing process of applying for a K-3 visa for my Japanese spouse. I had a few questions which I will group by category below: Japanese Addresses On all of the forms for the K-3 visa (I-130, I-130a, I-129f), I have been using "Part 9. Additional Information" of the form, as well as an attachment to write out all Japanese addresses. The reason I'm doing this is because the form doesn't fit well with the Japanese way of writing addresses. In each part of the form that asks for a street number and name (for example, 14a.) I write "see additional information" or "see attachment page x." I then leave the rest of the fields blank in that item number. Is it okay for me to do this, or would you recommend another way? Fields that don't apply to me On the I-130, I-130a, and I-129f forms, I am leaving the fields that don't apply to me blank instead of filling in N/A for everyone. The reason I am doing this is because the example filled out forms on visajourney.com show it this way. Should I keep it like this or would it be better to fill out N/A for each field? Proof of a bonifide marriage My spouse and I have been together for seven years, have lived together for three years, and have been married for two years. As such, I am including pictures of us together throughout our seven year relationship, as well as pictures from our wedding, and a picture with us holding our marriage documents at the local city hall to serve as proof of our bonafide relationship. We will also have our koseki tohon, or family register certificate, and accompanying certified translation to serve as our marriage certificate and my spouse's birth certificate as per the directions from the Tokyo Consulate. Do you believe this is enough evidence for our proof of a bonifide marriage? If not, I'm not quite sure what else to include. We don't really have any other documents with both of our names listed... Copies of Documents and their Translations Is it okay to provide one original certified copy of our marriage certificate (koseki tohon) and certified translation for the I-130, and then provide a copy of these forms for the I-129f? Or do we have to go through the process of paying for another certified copy of both documents again? Also, is it okay to use one koseki tohon to serve as both the marriage certificate and birth certificate, or is there some other elusive document that I must seek out so that I'm not killing two birds with one stone? Fee for the I-129f Is there a fee for the I-129f? I seem to be getting conflicting information about this one. The K-3 visa process flow chart makes it sound like I don't need to provide payment for an I-129f because of the increase in cost for the I-130, but other immigration sources say it is a $535 fee. Thank you very much for your help. Visajourney has proven to be an invaluable source of information for me. Alex
  7. My husband and I are filling the forms I-130 and I-130a. We have read the instructions but we still have some questions: Form I-130a In the part 6.a (physical address 2), if i have lived in the same place for more than 5 years, do i leave it blank or type N/A? I typed N/A in 6.a and left the rest in blank (6.b, 6.c, etc). Is that correct? Same as before. I have never had a job. So in part 2, employment history, I typed unemployed in Item 1 (employer 1), and left the rest blank. Then, I typed N/A in employer 2 and left the rest in blank. In additional information, I wrote i have never worked as i have been going to school. Is that good? Form I-130 My husband's address and mailing address are the same. But in Address History (Part 2), we are not sure if in Physical Address 1 he should type his current address, leave that part in blank or type the other address he has had in the last five years? In Part 4, Names of beneficiary's spouses, in the items 21.a,b and c we have to write the name of my husband, but leave item 22 in blank or type N/A, right?. Then In Spouse 2 type N/A since i have never been married before, correct? Thanks!
  8. Hello! Newbie here. So a few months ago I filed the i-130 for my husband. We filed from overseas as we are both living abroad at the moment. I got the e mail and hard copy letter sent to me that the case was received and sent over to Nebraska. I’m wondering if anybody has information on this stage of the process? I here that I will need to get together some information on sponsoring him. My parents will need to be the sponsors... but I’m also curious if it’s a form I will be filling out ( the I-864) or if my parents will be on our behalf? Clearly I have a lot of questions. But basically at this stage I have sent in my I-130 and I-130A and am just waiting. Is there something I should know or be preparing at this time? Anybody have RECENT experience of how long this stage is taking them? Cheers!!!
  9. Hi I am a first time poster and have realised a huge mistake in my AOS documentation i sent off to the Chicago Lockbox 2 weeks ago. I firstly did not realise that the I-130/a forms had a seperate fee of $535...stupid of me I know! Worse still I also did not realise i had to submit I-130a with the package. I cannot believe I made such mistakes after working on the forms for weeks!! I'm just wondering does anyone know the best course of action? I am due a call back from the Tier 2 customer service today, so I will ask them has my package been sent back. Does anyone have any experience with how long it will take them to send me the package back? I am so sick over this, I cannot believe I made such a silly mistake :-(
  10. I-130a form, Me as the US citizen petitioner and my wife beneficiary living abroad, when filling the form I-130a on behalf of my wife, do I have to fill the part 6 of the form as the person preparing the form, if other than the spouse beneficiary and sign it?? Thanks for the help and advises in advanced.
  11. Wondering whether to sign Maiden Name signature to match all my documents (passport/marriage certificate etc) or to sign new married name which doesn't match any of my Maiden name documentation. Got married last week and filing tomorrow. What did all you newly weds sign?
  12. I'm filling the I-130A for my wife that is overseas, but I'm unsure on Part 4 under spouse beneficiary's statement section 1.b, 2., ; should I leave this section blank since she is not filling the form nor I'm consider the interpreter or preparer? Note: She is not fluent in reading in English so I know 1.a doesn't apply to her. Also, I know she doesn't not need to sign the form if she is overseas. Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. I have quick question that I ran across while filling out the I-130A form. Under the information about parents section, it asks for Parent 1's last name and has (Maiden Name) underneath it. I'm assuming this refers to my Wife's maiden name, correct? So if my wife's maiden name is her mother's last name, I'd want to put her mother in the first spot?
  14. I'm filling the I-130A for my wife that is overseas, but I'm confuse on how should I put my self as; interpreter or preparer? I know she doesn't need to sign the form if she is not in the country. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey everyone ! So I'm from Canada and my husband from the US. He's filling out his 1-130 form and I'm in the process of filing out the 1-130A form. I just wanted advice on how long this process takes to be approved, and what would the next steps be ? Anyone who's gone through or is going through a similar process please let me know how you found the process to be. Thank you
  16. I'm hoping this is my last question before I'm finished. I have filled out both the I-130 and the I-130a completely and where there were things that either didn't pertain OR would have been left blank I marked N/A to make USCIS aware that I saw the item and am saying it doesn't apply. Will this cause any problems? I had watched this video: I pretty much followed this advice on the I-130a also. Also, can someone clarify here on what I need to do on the page that asks if the beneficiary can read English? " " if the beneficiary asked the preparer to fill it out? I already signed as the preparer; will this cause problems? This paragraph is regarding the I-130a. Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. A few days ago, I used the ask a lawyer service that's advertised here and talked to a lawyer. He told me differently than what I was advised here, but he also at times seemed to not be fully reading my statements. I asked him regarding my husband's physical address and employment (basically slave labor) because my husband has spent time in the Dominican Republic on a tourist visa. One of the first things the lawyer asked me was how was my husband in the Dominican Republic and I told him a tourist visa to which he said I only need to put Haiti as his physical address. I didn't understand and was frustrated; I asked another lawyer there and he basically said the same thing and then blocked me so another lawyer would take my question. Anyway, the first lawyer told me I could list the addresses on the i-130a if I want but it's really not necessary. This morning it hit me that how can my husband have an address in the Dominican Republic if he doesn't have residency there. It's like if I go to Australia on a tourist visa for 9 months and I don't have residence there, I'm still with an American address. Even if I pick up odd jobs, I really can't classify that as work because I'm only there on a visitor status. Maybe this is what the lawyer was saying. Can I please get advice on this? It's complicated looking at my husbands passport stamps to try to figure when he has been where. If your advise is to list everything, how can I do this without saying everything because some things can't be figured out easily.
  18. I'm filling out the address history portion and realized my husband overstayed his visa in the Dominican Republic by a few days. Will this cause problems? I know I need to be honest and put all down. Should I not make them aware and just put a note that my husband had financial problems and had trouble traveling back to Haiti? This will cover it in case they notice. He was having trouble and he did instantly buy a visa the next month when he was ready to travel back to the Dominican Republic.
  19. Hello all. In the i-130 form, it asks to list your beneficiary's address, while allowing one to leave the lines that ask for a street number or street name blank, if that information doesn't exist. In the i-130a, the same instructions are not provided. Should I leave them blank on both forums? Or should I use None or N/A for the i-130 forum? I have provided screenshots of the issue in question.
  20. Mrs.Gosam

    DECEMBER 2017 i-130 filers

    Hi everyone. I made a new thread to everyone who can answer my queries. my husband is filling i-130 and i-130a for our little one since crba was been denied due to my husband's lack of physical presence. What other items/documents shall be included in the packet. My husband's planning to send it by next week. I am kinda confuse about the i-130 and i-130a form? Are they separate forms? I-130 form costs $535, so my husband need to pay $1070 since he will be petioning the both of us. Its really hard to get and consult an attorney because my husband will cost alot. So i made a thread for us to follow. Please help me through out our journey. God bless everyone.
  21. Hello. In regards to the i-130A form, I have a couple questions. 1.) My spouse, the beneficiary, does not have any prior employment, albeit she is currently a university student(in her last semester). Now would this be considered employment? Obviously, she is not being compensated for attending courses/completing her degree. But, I do not want to have her come off as "lazy"; she has been working on her degree for the last four years. Perhaps I can mention this in a separate document? 2.) My spouse does not have a street name or a number associated with her current/past residences. Now, on the i-130 form, it states to leave the street address blank if the beneficiary does not have one. But, on the i-130A form, it says no such thing. How should I address this issue? Should I leave them both blank or should I leave the i-130 blank, and the fill the i-130A with "N/A"? Thank you for your time!
  22. Good morning to all! I am looking over form I-130 and I-130A and have several questions related as to how to fill out these forms. I have read the instructions, yet I still have questions as to what is needed on this form. I know any small mistake can cause major delays and I do not want to shoot myself in the foot by having a sloppy form in USCIS's eyes. I am filing for my overseas spouse to come here to USA. My questions are as follows: I-130 Questions 1) Do I need to mark or write anything underneath Part 1. #2 as it does not apply to me? (describing relationship if the I-130 is for a child or parent) 2) " ____ " --- Part 1. #3 I have the same question as for the above. 3) Part 2. #5a - #5c -- Do I leave this blank if it does not apply to me or do I need to write none in this box? (other names used) 4) Part 2. #10g - #10h ---- What do I put for the province and postal code? (for American address) 5) Part 2. #21. (date marriage ended) ---- Our marriage is ongoing. Do we need to state none in this box or N/A? 6) Part 2. #38. ---- This does not apply to me as I was born here. Do I just ignore this or do I need to write something next to these boxes? 7) Part 4. #4c. ---- (middle name) ---- My husband has no middle name. What do I need to put here in this box? 8) Part 4. #11a - #11h ---- I was advised by someone to put my husband's mothers address (Haiti) as he will be interviewing at Port-au-Prince. My husband actually spends time in the Dominican Republic, yet he does not have a permanent visa or mailing address there. The area he lives in does not have a sound mailing address as well as the fact of this not being his real address as he only went here for work. He plans to move back to Haiti around the time he will be interviewed. This really causes a complicated thought process as for what to put here. Won't the USCIS see from his passport that he has a 1 year Dominican visa? He renews this visa every year so I still am unsure as to what to put here. 9) Part 4. #25a - #28. ---- Do I need to list myself here again as his spouse? 10) Part 4. #59a - #60b. We were together for two months after marriage. Should we put this here for the "living together" section? 11) My husband and I share an e-mail. Is it okay for us to use this e-mail on I-130 for each of us or should we use our other (different) e-mail addresses [were it asks for my e-mail and his e-mail]? I-130A Questions 1) Part 1. #3c. ---- This is the same as the question I had for form I-130. My husband has no middle name. What should we put here? 2) Again, for the physical address... the same question as I had for form I-130. 3) And, again, for employment... the same question as I had for form I-130. 4) Should I fill out the preparer's section of I-130A as I am filling it out on behalf of my spouse? And, a general question I have for both forms is... Is there anything that can be put in additional information that will strengthen and help this application be stronger? anything that can be explained further that they do not ask for that can help make this go faster? Thanks in advance to anyone for their responses! I am stressed at the moment so maybe I am looking over something for some of these. I am trying to both get my evidence prepared and compile all needed information for this for as well. I appreciate any information or guidance on this topic. Thanks again!
  23. My mom’s name on my birth certificate has 2 last names (my mom’s original last name and my dad’s last name). However, since their divorce, my mom legally changed her name back to her maiden name, dropping my dad’s last name. What should I put on my visa forms (I-130A, I-485)? Her current legal name or the name that she had on my birth certificate (since this is the only legal document I’ll provide that has her full name)?
  24. hi guys - we are assembling my AOS application packet and came across form i-130a. does this form need to be included? we are confused, help!
  25. Should I put N/A in EVERY field that do not apply to me? For example: in the first field of employment I put "unemployed" should I put N/A for the street address? Also, about the interpreter and preparer? Should I put N/A in the family name field and leave the rest empty? Thank you very much for any help!!!