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  1. Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but here we go. I entered to the US using a tourist visa about 5 years ago and less than a year later I applied for asylum. My asylum case has been pending for about the same time I've been here in the US. I have an EAD, and I have a good job. My fiance and I are planning to get married in the fall. However, he doesn't make enough money and we will probably need a joint sponsor. My question is, since I've been working for the same company for about 4 years and I make good money to take care of me and my fiance, and I've filed my taxes every year, is there a way that we can use my income so that we don't use a joint sponsor? Thank you for your time!
  2. Hi everyone, My husband and I are getting ready to file an i-130. We've been living together in Russia for the past 3 years and so my husband wasn't able to work so he didn't file his taxes. This year he filed but stated that he was single on the form because it wouldn't go through otherwise. Will that influence the process? His mom is our co-sponsor and her taxes are fine. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. Hello, I about to marry U.S. citizen - we are marrying abroad (Slovakia) and planning to stay here for at least 3 years (mainly because I want to finish my university), after that we are most likely to move to U.S. (my spouse does not speak the lauguage here, so it will be easier for me to move pernamently). But because of these three years us living and working in Slovakia my soupse will not have any income (and he will be unemployed) in the U.S. and therefore I wanted to ask, how is the sponsoring/financial support proving handled in cases like this? Any suggestion what to do in situation like this, or how should we aprroach it? I feel like no one is really talking about this much and I find it really dificult to find some information about this particular situation, so if anyone would know something that could help us in the future I would be very grateful. I hope you all have beautiful day. (sorry for my grammar) S.
  4. Hello everyone! i got to the nvc step and since my wife is not required to sponsor me, her friend is sponsoring me and he meets the requirements but he's claimed as a dependent, is that gonna effect my case or should we look for an independent? Thank you
  5. Hello everyone! Right now our case in NVC , we should upload all documents that NVC ask for . My question is what should we do when we know that my wife's incomes isn't enough ? We need a co-sponsor or join sponsor what what exactly we have to do . We already have her sister but right this moment we really don't know what exactly should file and follow . Do we need to file both forms I-864 and I-864ez , then all the request documents ... ???? Or we should only file her sister form I-864 with her sister request documents and my wife taxes ? Please we are still looking no help . Cheers !
  6. Hey everyone, I’m freaking out a little right now😶 I will have my K1 Visa Interview in the end of February and plan to move to the US in the end of March. My Fiancé will graduate from college in March too. He’s gonna start working in May and my plan is to file for my Greencard in May too. So now I tried to make a list with all the things in need for my Application and saw the I-944. My Fiancé’s dad is gonna be our joint sponsor on the I-864 but what do we do with the I-944? My Fiancé just starts making “good” money by May so we don’t have much to show as money or assets. Can someone help us what we’re supposed to do or does no one really knows yet how it works?🙈
  7. Hello all, These forums have been really helpful but I'm stuck on something. I just received an RFE (filing for I-485) and it requests petitioning sponsor's tax documents. I did send them this along with paystubs and I definitely make more than the poverty guidelines. Then it says that I did not meet the guideline and will need a joint sponsor. So do I file another I-864 for myself as the petitioner and then another for the joint sponsor (two I-864s total)? In either case, when filling out the joint sponsor's I-864, do I check "I am the only joint sponsor" box? Or are they "joint" sponsoring with me? I hope this makes sense what I'm asking. Thank you for your help!
  8. Hello, My situation is: I'm a US citizen, never employed, and I'm dependent on my parent. they have been maintaining me my whole life. So I never filed taxes in my whole life. and I do not make any type of income ! nor I have any assets. The Case: I got married and my wife is filing AOS. For the affidavit, I had a joint sponsor filing separate i864. For my i864 I believe I'm required to attach a letter stating why I never filed taxes. what should be the reason to write, since I want it to look formal. I had this sample but I think it might need to be edited To Whom It May Concern I, ABCD, XXX's spouse and petitioning sponsor. I did not file any income tax return yet because I was and still dependent and maintained by my parents upon their income. Since I never had job or made any income of any type, I was not required to file an income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. I, ABCD, certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the information I have provided in this statement are true and correct. Sincerely, ABCD help please or edit the sample Thanks
  9. Hey everyone, Okay so I have some questions regarding the Affidavit of Support (I-134) and joint sponsors If the petitioner dosent fully meet income requirements (student), do we complete an I-134 form for BOTH the petitioner and a joint sponsor? If a joint sponsor is used (a parent for example), can the joint sponsor (parent) include the spouses (other parent) income as well as assets or something...idk if that makes sense? if so...how? What documents am I required to bring to the interview regarding financial stuff (I-134, tax returns, etc). When the embassy received my petition, I got an email saying they need me to bring the I-134 as well with last years tax returns...is it safe to assume that this is all I need or is there anything else I can bring to prove I won't be a public charge? If so, what? From my understanding, not all embassies accept joint sponsors. How do I find out if my embassy accepts them (I think they do but I just want to make sure)? Cheers, Dan
  10. Hi all, We are in the slow process (slow because we recently became parents again and the kids take up a lot of time) of filing documents and have reached the financial bit. My wife (sponsor) lives here in the Netherlands with my and therefore has no income in the US. This is where our joint sponsor comes along, my wife's parents. Now we know they have to fill out a I864 and I864a and provide financial documents and proof of citizenship. So far not an issue. However, I can't seem to figure out which of these documents they need to provide originals for, for me to bring to the interview, I'll need to provide a scanned pdf to upload beforehand but then what. The i864 and i864a obviously need to be original given they need to be signed but what about all the other documents? will photocopies of IRS transcripts, W2's and birth certificates suffice?
  11. Good evening. Sadly, my joint sponsor for my family-based green card passed away. I assume I need continued sponsorship (from a new joint sponsor), even if I can support myself? I also assume I need to let USCIS know as soon as possible. I will be starting my ROC soon and am unsure about the joint sponsor situation in general. I will try to get an appointment at USCIS, but thought I could ask here, if someone was in a similar position before or knows what to do. Thank you!
  12. I (the petitioner) have a few questions related to having a joint sponsor and living abroad with my husband (the immigrant) as we're preparing for the NVC stage. I have studied and worked in Kazakhstan for the past 3.5 years, during which time I met my husband, married, and started the IR-1 process. I think that I have sufficient proof to show that my stay has been temporary (living on a student visa, maintaining U.S. finances, voting, etc.), but that is another topic. My main questions are related to my joint sponsor. I work at my university in Kazakhstan, and my salary is technically enough to meet the minimum income threshold. However, I have no current source of U.S. income that will continue after my move (and my assets are insufficient). Therefore, my father is going to be my joint sponsor. He makes $100,000+ annually, so he certainly qualifies, but I'm not sure about the best way to go about things. My dad's permanent address is the house he owns with my mother in Missouri (where we plan to live), and he is a Missouri resident. However, for the past 2 years he has been employed in California. He rents a place there while travelling back and forth to be with my mom. Will this cause any issues for him as our joint sponsor? My dad hasn't listed me as a dependent in a couple of years (I'm 25), but we will technically be living in his house for a period of time after moving back to the U.S. Would it be better to list him as my co-sponsor and combine our household income (including my mom) since we are going to be living together (though he won't always be physically present)? Thank you all so much for your help! I hope it won't be too long before my husband and I are in the U.S. and I can use my experience to give other folks a hand.
  13. Hi All! I’m a United States citizen. I’ve been living in Italy since September 2018. On November 30, 2019, I got married IN ITALY to an Italian guy. We want to move to the United States ASAP, preferably NYC where I’ve lived my whole life. So far I have filled out the i130 form. Then I got stuck. I do not know what else I am supposed to fill out (when applying from Italy) OR where to send stuff. Dallas lockbox ? Or do I try to make an appointment with the Consulate here in Italy? Where - Naples? I tried to call and can’t get a human. I looked here and on USCIS site. SOME OTHER QUESTIONS I HAVE: 1) SPONSORSHIP: I have not worked since July 2018. I have no income. Even then, I was not making enough to sponsor my husband. I have no assets. Can my MOTHER who is also a citizen, sponsor him on her own? How do I go about that? What form? 2) PROPOSED RESIDENCE: I listed my mom’s apartment for where we would live after moving to NYC. She owns it and it’s where I grew up. I still get mail there I’m sure and it’s listed on my expired driver’s permit. 3) PROOF OF CONTINUED RESIDENCE IN USA Someone told me that I need to show that I am still a resident of New York. Meaning I should vote, renew my expired driver’s permit (I don’t have a state ID or license) and take other affirmative steps to show I have not abandoned New York/ USA. Is that true? My family immigrated to NYC almost 150 years ago and has been there since. I was born in NYC and have lived there my whole life. Since I moved to Italy September 2018, I’ve visited NYC from December 22, 2018 to February 1, 2019, and from May 22 to June 15, 2019. by just being out of the country on and off for 14 months, I obviously have not lost my citizenship. 4) APPLYING FOR SPOUSE VISA FROM ITALY I know it is more difficult & lengthy to apply from OUTSIDE the USA. Has anyone done this who could contact me? We got married in Italy instead of in USA because my husband is not in the financial position to quit his job in Italy while living in USA and waiting for a visa in USA. He wants to apply for jobs in USA but feels that it will be easier to get one once he has obtained his green care or its at least pending. Getting a job to sponsor him is difficult. I want to move back ASAP but I don’t want to leave my husband. I don’t have the funds for a lawyer. I am homesick and miss my family and friends and my city. I am not fluent in Italian and it’s hard to find work here. I think I have more opportunities back home. Please message me or comment if you have been through this or you can help.
  14. Earlier this month, 1) My fiance came over on a K1 visa with her 9-year-old son. 2) I was laid off from my job as an IT analyst. 3) My fiance and I married. I have my own 16-year-old son. I have no current income, so I lack the necessary income to support a family of four. My savings and assets are less than required as well. I require a joint sponsor. A retired family member who rents out rooms for extra income agreed to joint sponsor me on the i-864 documents. Through a combination of retirement plans, social security, and room rental, she should be able to joint sponsor my wife and her son based on income. Although she would be able joint sponsor me based on assets, the documentation to prove such assets would be extremely difficult. I am thinking she would be required to show enough income to support three (herself, my wife, my wife's son)--$26,662. She would not have to show enough income to support me and me son as well. Is my thinking correct? Question 2: Any caveats about how she should best support her income?
  15. Hello everybody! Really need advice please!! Me ( beneficiary) and my husband ( USC) are planning to do AOS. He is a long term ebay power seller for a living ( he has been doing it for the last 20 years). So he is considered as Self Employed. Recently we realized that for self empl sponsors only NET Income counts, not gross income. He files 1040 form. So here is a problem. In 2016 he made $60,000 gross, but after deductions only around $12,000 is left ( profit). The same year he won jackpot at the casino ( $17,000). So on line 22 its says $29,000 total income. In 2015 he made $59,000 gross and only $11,900 left after deductions as a profit on line 22. And in 2014 the same. So this year he is planning not to be too agressive with his deductions and show his NET income $22,000 -$25000 ( lline 22). Then and only then we will do my AOS. We dont have any co sponsors. He does his taxes with the tax guy at the office. He doesnt have any business licence. Just ebay store with huge experience and big amount of sales. Now I have a questions. Will it be enough to submit 2017 tax returns with all the schedules plus IRS transcripts? OR should we submit 2016 and 2015 also? And what evidence we need to include to show he can make that much? How to put his current income if we dont really know how much its gonna be in the end of the year?:/ Casino winning is not an income at all? He paid taxes on it also. He doesnt keep his money at the bank, but we can put some in bank account. He also can write a letter about what he exactly does at his job. We also keep tracking how much he made every month. If we knew early on, he would not deduct as much and we probably would have a good looking tax returns :/ i myself do not have any assets or income. Please, I will appreciate your time and effort of anybody can help with some advices!
  16. Are the incomes of myself (petitioner) and a household sponsor combined to meet the 125%? Whereas a joint sponsor has to meet the 125% on their own? I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to meet the income threshold and I want to know my options. I'll be staying with my son when I return to the states, get a job and set things up for my husband. My son also said he'd be a sponsor if needed. Any advice is most appreciated. ☺️
  17. I have received an email from the NVC to submit W2/1099 form of the joint Sponsor. He is self employed and did not receive or file for any W2 and 1099. What can we do to fulfill this request? We have been waiting for almost 2 months for this same request but don't know what to do. We've asked this question on NVC inquiry as well but I hear they can take up to a month or more to reply according to the wait time listed on their website. I had my accountant write a statement stating the above, would that be good enough for the NVC?
  18. Hi, Not sure where to post this. I just got my green card in the mail (through marriage) and since health insurance open enrollment starts today I need to get a plan soon. My question is: Does getting Obamacare or any other government aided plan jeopardize removing conditions on my green card later on? As you know, when a US citizen sponsors you, he needs to show proof that he can financially support you so that you are not asking anything from the government. So will me getting government aided health insurance affect my future immigration proceedings? Thank you in advance for the help!
  19. Hello everyone, Today my husband (USC, petitioner) and I (beneficiary) received a yellow letter RFIE for form I-485. We don't understand what exactly they need from us because in the letter it looked like they're saying in the first page "You need another sponsor because the petitioner doesn't meet the 125% poverty guidelines." Then on the 2nd page it sounds like "The sponsor is adequate but deficient in paperwork needed to proceed." Are my assumptions here correct? Did I interpret the RFIE correctly? If we're indeed required another sponsor that would meet the poverty guideline, why is that when based on Form I-864P my husband does meet the guideline for a 2 member household? Is it because it's not much past the minimum? I'm also currently not working as we're still waiting for my EAD. We included in the package: Tax return transcripts from IRS (2016, 2017, 2018) Two W-2s for 2018 tax year because he changed jobs 4 months salary stubs from my husband's employment We didn't send any copies of tax schedules. Could this be the reason for the "deficiency in paperwork"? Any other paperwork we should have to sent? Any other we could submit? Did they make a mistake here? Please go to https://imgur.com/a/2aVUvPl for images. Any insight regarding our case would be greatly appreciated.Thank you all.
  20. My joint sponsor has a husband who's already retired. Should I include a form i864a for him since they filed jointly? Thank you in advance!
  21. Hello there. This is a question that has probably already been asked 100 of times, but I feel like the posts I found were not exactly our situation, so I wanted to ask for your help with this matter: We are currently preparing to apply for AOS (based on K1 visa). My husband is the US Citizen and also the Sponsor for I-864. He was in College from 2016 to 2018. So, the last 3 years of 1040s (and Tax Return Transcripts) are each around $10k, due to only summer internships. My husband graduated in May 2019 and started his full-time employment 2 months ago for $60k gross. The 125% Poverty Guideline for 2019 is $21.137 for a household size of 2. We were planning to send my husband’s job offer which states his annual income, as well as the last pay check from his company along with an employment history letter for his employment at this company. This is the closest we could get to a Letter from Employer, as his company does generally not provide ones with official stamp/signature. Our intent is for this new job to count as enough income to make sure USCIS is not worried that I (the intended immigrant) will become a public charge. Also, we will add a letter explaining that my husband was a student until May 2019, but will now be able to meet the poverty guidelines due to his new job. (Also we will send Tax Return Transcripts) 1) Is this standard practice? We are unsure if USCIS finds the current income or the income of 2018 more important. 2) We can meet the 5x difference through our combined assets: - Bank balance of me (is in €) - Bank balance of husband - Certificates Deposit of husband - Roth IRA of husband --> Are these allowed as assets (since they seem to be cashable within 1 year) ? 3) Do we need to get a translation of the German bank balance as proof of assets, or will they not need a translation? Thank you a lot for your help. Hopefully, you don’t get tired of giving advice, since it already helped us so much in our journey. This community is awesome!
  22. I need some help understanding if I qualify to be my husband's sole sponsor, or if I would need a co-sponsor. I was employed for many years earning well above the minimum income requirements for the Affidavit of Support. I left my job last year and moved to Brazil to live with my husband. I left in March, so for the effect of 2018's taxes I only made around 9k. I move back to the US this year and got a job three months ago. Considering my yearly income, I would meet the minimum income requirement. However, if I count the total amount that I will make this year alone (until Dec 31st), since I only started working recently, I won't get there. I've read some contrasting opinions so far about it. For some people it seems that all that matters to the people at NVC and the embassy is my yearly income, meaning that if I have a job that pays, say 30k per year, that is sufficient for a household of two. For some other people it seems that I would need to be able to earn in total this year more than the minimum income of $21,137 set by the Poverty Guidelines, which I won't. What do you think? Can I be my husband's sponsor, or do I need to find a co-sponsor, which won't be very easy for us? Thank you for your thoughts!
  23. Hello everyone, I’m a Texan who married a Brazilian in 2017. I moved to Brazil after our wedding because at the moment we didn’t want to live in America. Now that we’ve decided to move we filled and got our NOA1 in April of this year. Heres my question, I’ve read many threads on here saying the petitioner has to move back to show proof and domicile and income. Well our sponsor is going to be my sister and brothers-in-law who own a chemical shipping company and make an income in the mid 7 digits. Is it really still necessary for me to move back before hand? And if so, when exactly is a good time to move? Once our case is approved? Once the NVC sends our welcome kit? I’ve filled my income taxes for the two years that I’ve lived here since I would go back and work for a few months (we are able to survive off what I make in 3-4months). Thanks for the advice in advance.
  24. Hi, I have been going through the K-1 Visa process since mid-October and so far, everything is going smoothly! I just received today notice from NVC that they are forwarding the application to Stockholm, where my fiancé lives. Now, I just have some questions about the interview process and also the financial requirements. I'm currently a 3rd year college student and unemployed so my tax returns don't show anything. However, money I have received from my parents and money from a settlement I received can be seen in my bank account statements. So, as far as the I-134 document, would paperwork such as my bank account showing substantial amounts of money be acceptable? I read that you can also show property you own/assets, how would I show the value of these or would I simply show the deeds/titles to said items? Are copies of those documents acceptable? I can't imagine they'd request originals. I have also thought about my parents sponsoring, which they would be fine with doing. Would they be filing an I-134 as well? Final questions: who would I send these to? Do I send this to my fiancé in Sweden or someone else? Do they request these after the interview or before? Also, in your personal opinion, do you think my petition would be approved based on what I've stated regarding my situation? Thank you in advance, I know it's a lot but I've been scouring google for answers that I can't seem to find! Sam One quick last question! Does anyone have experience with the Stockholm Embassy and how long it would be until the interview? I received notice from NVC that they're forwarding it to Stockholm, just to give you some info.
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