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  1. Hi, my mom is going to be a co sponsor for my fiancé (k1 visa) and I just want to be sure of a few things. 1. Is it okay for just my mother to fill out the I-134, even though my parents taxes and bank accounts are joint, or does army father need to fill out an I-134 as well? 2. About me, I’m 19 and I haven’t made enough to have to file taxes before this year (still didn’t HAVE to file taxes due to not making enough to Ben obligated to bc I just started my new job in November, but decided to so I’d have my tax return for the interview) do I need to type a letter stating why I don’t have three years worth of tax returns? 3. My fiancé’s interview is next week (I’m going to visit her to be there for her during the interview process so I’m bringing paperwork with me) and my mother hasn’t been able to file her taxes for this year yet, will that be an issue even though she’s giving them the last three years of tax returns? Considering taxes aren’t due until some time in April i appreciate any advice. Thank you
  2. My wife’s parents are going to be joint sponsors, because my wife doesn’t meet the 125% of the federal poverty guideline since she has been traveling to be with me. My parents in law fill tax return jointly, Do we need to submit one I-864 for each of them? How can we get the individual income from the tax return form?
  3. Hilarious moment of panic last night after I dropped my fiance off at the airport to fly back to America, and having left me with copies of all the forms I will need for my interview next Friday we realised she had mistakenly filled in form I-864 instead of I-134.....! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I know the I-134 form isn't mandatory for the interview, but I think it would be prudent to have it. My fiancé left me with all of her income/tax evidence along with the income/tax evidence of her parents (they are co-sponsoring me because she has been in and out of work this year so her latest return falls under the income amount guidelines...) so now we have a few questions: 1. How do we fill out the I –134 forms with parental co-sponsors in mind? If my fiancé's income falls under the guideline, should she even bother submitting one alone? Or should we just submit one form for each person (I.e. 3, one for her, one for her mom and one for her dad?) Or can we just count her parents as one person and submit 2 x forms? 2. Will it matter if she fills out the form and then emails it to me as she is now back in America? Will they care that her signature has been printed out? My interview is booked for next week so there's not really enough time to mail real documents over.... 3. Can I assume that I as the alien don't need to take any evidence of my own income/meagre savings along to the interview in the form of a bank statement or my own British tax returns? Given that I am supposed to be the one being sponsored, and will not be able to work for a while until my EAD? Or would they like to see that they at least have a little bit in the bank to get me through this period of unemployment, even if it's only a few thousand pounds? I'm kind of under the impression that, as long as we have these forms explaining what the tax returns/payslips/bank statements are saying, the consulate official will understand what we are trying to prove…?
  4. I have sent NVC my packet and already got my interview date schedule on 26 June 2018. (CR1) At the time we sent the documents. We had sent his Paystubs and Employment letter stating his hourly wage 20/hour and saying his current income is 41,600. He wrote a letter explaining that his job is an electrician and is working for a well-established company. But my concern is because his 3 recent tax years show adjusted gross income of 18xxx (2015,2016,2017) (Just me and my husband) I think that would be what they are weighing the decision on the most? Anyway, NVC accepted it and did not ask for RFE or a joint sponsor. They said they got all document requested then another e-mail informing the interview date. But now that my interview is coming up. Do you think it would be wise for me to fill an updated I-864 and include my 41k cash in my account as Assets of the principal sponsored immigrant and also update his raise to 21/hr that he just got including paystub? My background is I got a master degree on a student visa in America. All legal. I had also worked legally for 1 year there. Then I came back to Thailand and filed this CR1 visa. I am not sure how much of me as person play a part in this?
  5. So my husband is the petitioner for the i-130. His father will be my sponsor, so does this mean he would fill out the i-864 My husband does not have all the w2 for the past 3 years and will be unable to get them because the business shut down. Will this be a problem if he is not the main sponsor? If my husbands father makes enough money and we live with him do we even have to use my husband as a joint sponsor? Or can we just use his father alone. My husband has been working at a new job for 5 months so does not have a w2 for his current work. I'm really confused and would get a attorney but we can not afford one.
  6. I'm a UK citizen and am a software developer and my fiancee is studying forensic science to masters in the UK and living with myself, she will finish in 2020 and we plan to move to the USA ASAP and we're not the biggest fans of the UK culture. We are planning on starting the process of the K1 in Januarary 2020 so by the time graduation comes round hopefully the visa will be granted by the time of graduation approx september to october. Can we apply whilst we're both in the UK? To give reference we're both 20 years old at the time of writing. We obviously want to spend a minimal amount of time away from other and ideally both enter the USA on the same flight. Her parents have agreed to be sponsors for the visa. We have also been considering getting married and going down the marriage visa route (CR1) but this takes considerably longer than the K1 based on what I read. That is not ideal but with the K1 I am worried about how long the adjustment of status will take till I can work. Based on experience what's the best route for us to take? Many thanks in advance
  7. I am applying for adjustment of status through marriage. I am currently allowed to work and stay in the US through DACA. I make enough to be considered 125% above the poverty guidelines. I know the I-864 form has to be filled out by my spouse, but there is a section where the sponsor, whether it be my spouse or a joint sponsor, can take my income into account to meet the guidelines. So I'm wondering if I really need a joint sponsor or if my spouse can file as my sole sponsor and then just take my current income into account?
  8. My fiancé is having trouble and worried about if our sponsors (my parents) would be enough for the USCIS to approve our I129f packet. He is in Ireland, and unable to get a job in the small village where he lives. There are literally zero job opportunities there, as for me, I can’t make enough to support us both just yet, so I’m living with my parents and they both are more than happy to sponsor him, they love him to death. That aside, my Dad’s income is in the neighborhood of $90,000-100,000 a year. My mom’s is 80,000 and up a year. Would you guys say that this could possibly be enough to support my fiancé until we move out? Or at least for the USCIS to see fit? The only other person living with us is my younger brother. Thank you all so much (:.
  9. Hello, me (U.S Citizen) and my fiance that lives in Canada recently got our i-129f approved (yay!) and are now preparing in time for the interview and for me as the petitioner, I now need to prepare an I-134 affidavit of support for her but have a complicated situation. I currently make almost no money on paper and definitely do not make enough to be above the poverty line for me and her. I do however live with my parents for the time being and she was going to move in with me and my parents so I was going to do a joint sponsorship with them, however, my dad alone does not make enough above the poverty line for 4 people (the 4 being, my dad, my mom, me and my fiance). If you count my mom's income also though then they make plenty for all of us. So my question is what should I do in this situation, should all three of us send in I-134 forms with proper evidence of the income so that she can display that to the interviewer? One other thing worth mentioning is my father does own 3 properties and is also paying on a loan and some credit cards (I am not sure whether this matters or is included in the factoring of whether an I-134 is valid or not). The other question I have is if I get a job as soon as possible, can this actually be added to my income for the i-134, or would I need to wait a year to get my w2 form to actually prove this income (or even longer if I need to provide more than 1 year of proof of making the needed amount of money), or would proof of my work from an employer be enough? Thanks for your time! Randy
  10. My American wife filed an i130 petition for me The case is at the NVC now and requesting i846 the affidavit of support. My wife has a problem in the domicile and income Can we use a joint sponsor in this case? or the petitioner MUST be the sponsor? Can the joint sponsor be my brother-in-law who fulfills the domicile and income conditions? Thank you for your help.
  11. 1) After getting conditional GC, does my sponsor (wife) has to keep her job? 2) If she switches jobs, does her new job have to meet poverty-line requirement? 3) Do we ever have to submit Affidavit of Support again (after we already filed it and again re-submitted it during the first interview)? If so, when? 4) During the 2 years between conditional and removing conditions interviews, does my sponsor have to be employed or only during the time of interview? Thank you!
  12. I filed a K-1 Fiance Visa for the first time in 2008 which was processed and approved within approx 7 months with no issues/delay at all; My fiance arrived here at LAX from The Philippines in June 2009 and we married in August 2009. Everything was in good faith but unfortunately things happened and the marriage did not work out and after year trial separation we decided to divorce in 2013. I met another lady in The Phils and filed another K-1 Fiance Visa in May 2014 and it was approved by Nov/Dec 2014 and she was to spend Christmas and holidays there with her family before coming here to the US in January 2015. As I was preparing for her departure/arrival in early Jan I received lots of evidence (luckily a mutual friend of ours in Las Pinas discovered this and warned me BEFORE I bought her ticket) that she had plans to abandon me at some point shortly after her arrival to stay with an aunt she has in New Jersey and entertain multiple American men that she was communicating with and I obviously knew nothing about. Even though I never really did cancel anything (She knew better at this point to not even attempt it) she never did come here and the petition, approval, visa, etc. eventually expired. I understand that because I have 2 previous filings, I need to file a waiver? Is this waiver still necessary even if my first filing was over 10 years ago (Filing was exactly 10 yrs ago now however approval is not quite 10 yrs ago as of yet)? I would like to know how this is done; If there is a form for that or I submit a cover letter or what- Also, what are the odds I will be approved or denied? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Hello, I'm in the process of filling out the I-864 and I have a question about the financials. Last year I made $22k, which is reflected on my 2017 tax return. This year, I had a baby, and therefore my household size grew to 3, and the income requirements increased to $25,525. I am currently on track to earn approximately 27,500 - 28K by the end of this year, which is above the minimum income requirement. So my questions are: 1. Do I enter my expected annual income on the form Part 5.7 ? Or do I enter what I have earned YTD? 2. Should I add a joint sponsor because I didn't earn enough last year? Or will the fact that I will earn more than 125% of the poverty threshold this year be sufficient? I'm concerned about being denied because of the financials, but I was also told by an attorney that adding a joint sponsor complicates things..and I definitely don't want to complicate things any more than is necessary. I appreciate any advice or insight.
  14. Hello community! I just got a letter from the USCIS requesting the petitioner for my case (my wife) to fill out the I-864 form and send it to them with the required evidences. The thing is that, she never did her taxes - on the last 4 years, she did not really work as she was doing some exchange programs abroad. She works now but the money she makes now is not enough to cover the sponsorship. So we used her mom as a joint sponsor. When I sent my paperwork, I just sent an I-864 with my mother-in-law information and taxes returns. Do you know how I should respond to this once my wife has never done her taxes? Also, do you think I should submit a second copy of my mother-in-law information? thank you very much!!
  15. My boyfriend is a military , he is working in DHS, would be a help for approval my visa k1? We are couple same sex. He had been visit me 3 times this year.
  16. Hello wonderful, kind and helpful people of Visa Journey! Do I need to include all 40 pages of my joint sponsors tax return? I have letter from employer, I-864A and W-2s. Just 40 pages is a lot? Or is there a specific page like the first two with all the info that I should send? Thank you in advance!
  17. I married my fiance in January and we filed for adjustment of status shortly after. We had a joint sponsor and recently hot a request for evidence saying that his income didn't meet 125% of the poverty guideline. We had sent his 2016 tax returns, because the 2017 were not yet available. On his 2017, he does make 125% above the poverty guideline. My question is am I able to send my joint sponsor's 2017 tax returns now that he makes enough? And if I am, do I just need to send his form I-864 and tax returns, w2, etc. or would I need to include my information too(would I now have to fill out another form I-864 for 2017, even though I sent one for 2016)? I had already sent them my 2016 tax transcript, etc.
  18. Hello Community, i got married last monday and we would like to file the AoS now. We are just a little bit helpless with all the step. I tried to find the step by step process but i could only find the one with the k1 visa. I travelled in with Esta. Can you maybe tag me the link? We are living at his mom's House for now and he cant sponsor me, so does he definitely needs to file I864? His dad can cosponsor us, so maybe his dad needs to file i864? And if yes, what Else do we Need to send in from his dad? Tax return,w2? thank you so much in advance!!!!! kim
  19. Hi I am conscious this is a public forum so need to be careful with the level of information here but I desperately need help. I have had my UK medical, my interview is in less than 2 weeks and my fiance just got fired. I cant quite believe it myself. I have a completed affidavit that was all correct at the time of completion I had ready to take. Do I cancel my interview and hope he gets a new job by the time my medical expires? If it was to expire, how long can I sit ‘in limbo’ before they abandon the case or deny the application? I know I need to enter the US before the medical runs out IF I got approved and face another affidavit. I am struggling to find any assistance on changes of circumstances and of cause they do not help by phone. The only helpful information is that rescheduling my interview is free and they hold the fees for a year to rebook. (So worst case we start over and hope at least this bit wouldnt need paying over) I am finding all the co sponsor hard to understand and just need $$ figures to know who to approach and how to approach it. Finances are a personal thing! I really didnt want a co sponsor to be responsible for me. Realistically only his Mom may be able to sponsor but I dont think she may make enough as it says she has to cover both households? She lives with her husband in her home (he’s retired) and we would reside elsewhere so how much does she need to earn? She’s self employed. On assets only, I understand we need like $100,000 of liquid assets and we don’t have that. We would sell everything if we had to to try but it won’t solve the immediate problem. Have I failed with a couple of weeks to go and face starting over and losing all the costs paid out so far? I have cried for 3 days solid. Any advice is appreciated as I had pretty much sold up and was ready to go in the next 8 weeks. I cant even face telling my friends and family.
  20. Hello! Newbie here. So a few months ago I filed the i-130 for my husband. We filed from overseas as we are both living abroad at the moment. I got the e mail and hard copy letter sent to me that the case was received and sent over to Nebraska. I’m wondering if anybody has information on this stage of the process? I here that I will need to get together some information on sponsoring him. My parents will need to be the sponsors... but I’m also curious if it’s a form I will be filling out ( the I-864) or if my parents will be on our behalf? Clearly I have a lot of questions. But basically at this stage I have sent in my I-130 and I-130A and am just waiting. Is there something I should know or be preparing at this time? Anybody have RECENT experience of how long this stage is taking them? Cheers!!!
  21. Hi everyone! I apologize in advance if this has already been asked. My sponsor is thinking of pulling out at the last minute. It was the only one we knew that could be, but now, withholding booking an interview, we're looking for an alternative sponsor so more questions are arising. The sponsor form asks for 1 year of documented tax return, and 3 years record (if I understand well.....if not please advise). The question is this: Our potential new sponsor is JUST NOW starting earning above what's required to be sponsor. The 1 or 3 years record required...... does the sponsor has to have earned above the threshold for the *complete* 3 years? If the sponsor is just now earning above the threshold, will they accept it even though he hasn't for the past 3 years but only just now? Thank you so much for your help!!!!!
  22. I am really confused as in to what forms I have to fill for the Affidavit of Support. I am the petitioner, filing for my spouse to come to US. However, my financial standing is not good enough to sponsor my spouse. Therefore, a family friend will be sponsoring instead. Which documents will be required for the sponsor to file, and will I have to fill out an application as well? I know there is form I-864, I-864A, I-864EZ, and I-864W. Among these forms which one will the sponsor be filing, which will I, the petitioner be filling.Will this be a co-sponsorship?
  23. Hi guys! I was going to have my wife (the petitioner) fill out I-184 and her parents I-184 and I-184a. Now it has come to my attention that a sponsor must live in the USA. Is this correct? If so, how can my wife show proof of domicile when living and working abroad with me, here in Norway?
  24. Hey all! I am posting this question for a friend (she has currently access just to Facebook Messenger so she can't post it herself). She is working on a cruise ship with C1-D visa. She also has B1/B2 visa. She has been in US since 23rd of February and the contract will last until 24th of August. While working here in US she really started to enjoy the country and is wondering what would be her legal options to get work permit for US and move here permanently. As her job field is (and has been for 5+ years) working at casinos, she was wondering if getting sponosred for that sort of job would even be possible. Also if it should happen that she would find employer who is capable of sponsoring here between now and 24th of August, would she still need to leave from US at some point? Would it be allowed to exit after C1-D is done, reenter on B1/B2 on try to find job then? Not working, but maybe just job interviews. TL;DR 1) Can you apply for another job and get sponsored while in US on C1-D visa? 2) Are you allowed to meet for work interviews etc while on B1/B2 visa and later adjust from it or do you need to leave country? 3) Is getting sponsored work visa even obtainable for her job (working in casinos)?
  25. Hi All. I’m filling out paperwork for my sister-in-law and had some questions about the I-864 form. 1) I prepared an I-864 for her husband who is sponsoring her and listed him as the petitioner in 1.a. 2) I also prepared two I-864’s for my sister-in-law’s friend, and friend’s husband, who are providing support as well. I checked off the friend as first of two joint sponsors and friend’s husband and second of two joint sponsors in 1.e. Also listed both incomes on each of their I-864’s. Is the above correct? Thanks in advance.