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  1. I would like everyone to give me their honest opinion. Please Judge my Situation before my Interview. CR1•Waiting on Interview Letter•(1Beneficiary) Petitioner (Male) - Age 29 - No kids - Income $21,000 - Never Used Government Benefits - No health Issues or Disabilities - Has Health Insurance (Wife will be added when in USA) - High School Education - Working at the Same Job 3years - Not Specialized in any skilled (Maybe Customer Service) Current Savings in bank ($10,000) - No Credit Score (applied for a Credit Card to build Score) Household Member (Petitioner Mom) - Income $26,000 - 2 years with Current Job - No Dependants - No health Issues or Disabilities - Never Used Government Benefits - Has health Insurance - No assets (One Car) - Age 62 - Good Credit Score Beneficiary (only one) - Age 30 - No kids - No health Issues or Disabilities - University Diploma
  2. I am marrying my fiance in his home country of the Dominican Republic soon. We will be doing the CR1 visa. He does not come from much money but has a solid work history and technical training title/studied english/graduated high school/is a caregiver. I am in law school and will be using my dad as joint sponsor (who makes well above the necessary amount to sponsor). I am concerned that because I am not currently making money (since I am a full time student) that our application will be denied with the new state department's stricter guidelines. Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?
  3. How have peoples experience been applying for a green card through consular processing (in our case in Germany) for a spouse when both spouses plus kids currently still live abroad and do not have any U.S. income. The ones applying for the green card will be my wife (stay-at-home mother) and my step-son, both not having any income and the only assets potentially being cash in our german joint bank account. If we do find a sufficient joint-sponsor in the U.S. and we have some cash saved up ourselves (asset), is it still worth applying for a green card from abroad? Especially with this new public charge rule it seems difficult to get a green card for a stay-at-home mother with no income or job and little education and the U.S. citizen husband / main sponsor only having income from abroad / no U.S. income. The other inhumane option would be for me (U.S. citizen) to move back to the U.S. alone to get a sufficient job while my wife and kids stay abroad for the green card process. We would really appreciate any help on this matter for our journey!
  4. USCIS posted a new I-864 Form that must be used starting on 10/15/2019. However, I looked at the new and current forms (side by side) and can't find any differences. Does anyone know what changed, besides the edition number? https://www.uscis.gov/i-864
  5. I’m in the section of immigration where I need to prove I have current health insurance. As a Canadian, how do I get the information? I’m not really sure what they want to see. thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Is enrolling with Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid) health insurance considered a public charge? I'll need to do a ROC in about 2 years, will it interfere with that? Should I go with Covered California instead? TIA
  7. Hello All, Looking for a little clarity on the not so clear DS-5540 handling. Discrepancy on instructions: DS-5540 Part 3 Insurance. DS-5540 Instructions: ...If you have insurance and answer ‘yes’ it instructs to attach supporting documentation. DOS Website assertion from February 2, 2020: Line Item 4 states that supporting documents and evidence should ‘NOT’ be uploaded to CEAC. ...to make it more ambiguous Line 3 states that applicants ‘MAY’ scan and upload the completed DS-5540. I’m having a little angst as I’m holding off ‘submitting’ the CEAC due to this ambiguity. Darned if I do, darned if I don’t. I don’t want to get a checklist for this and also want to abide by what limited instructions that have surfaced. Options: 1) Choose the discretionary ‘May’ assertion and DON’T upload anything relating to DS-5540 yet rather just bring it to the interview. 2) Upload DS-5540 without supporting documentation (specifically insurance coverage) and hope for no checklist. 3) Upload DS-5540 and proof of insurance as the only supporting documentation. Then would they checklist for additional artifacts e.g. Secondary Education Diplomas, Occupational Certifications and correspond translations... 4) ... Oh, I am the petitioner for my CRI spousal applicant and am fortunate to have planned ahead and added her to my company insurance under open enrollment for 2020. Calling any/all first hand experience and plausible insights.
  8. Do we need to file I944 - Declaration of Self-Sufficiency AKA "Public charge" for K1 Consular processing? My lawyer has charge me additional fees for this form and also asking me to add my foreign fiancee to add to my health insurance plan in USA. Please help!
  9. Hello everyone! My husband and I sent in our AOS application and it was returned back to us because it was missing two forms; I-944 and I-864EZ...I do not understand the process of the I-944...I want to understand very clearly that everything they are asking about is it for the Petitioner (US Citizen) or Beneficiary (Spouse Seeking the GC)...i.e, the credit history, health insurance, use of public benefits etc...I know the form is very new so we are all trying to figure it out but I know some are further along than others. So pls, those who FOR SURE know this form and how to do it pls let me know so we can move forward with our process
  10. Hi, I got my conditional green card in September 2019 through marriage. I did DoorDash (food delivery) for the last 4 weeks and currently don't feel safe going out to work due to the virus spreading. Can I file for unemployment? I never filed for taxes because this is my first time working here in the US. Also will filing for unemployment make it hard for me to remove the conditions off my green card and eventually apply for citizenship? Thank you so much!
  11. Hi guys, With all this coronavirus many questions arise! If my husband is left without a job, can he apply for health insurance and unemployment? I'm waiting for the interview date ... Many people have been fired and suspended from work 😔
  12. Hello everyone, We just have a question regarding AOS and the Final Public Charge ruling and hopefully somebody can shed light to this. We're in the US and I'm the USC. I have a pending I-130 petition that I sent out back in April 25 2019. We've recently sent out my wife's AOS packet to the Chicago lockbox. Sent via USPS - Aug 31 2019 Received by USCIS - Sept 4 2019 As of today we've received nothing yet from USCIS. Will my wife be required to fill form I-944 after the Final Public Charge Rule takes effect on Oct 15 2019 if she has an RFE? We've made sure to send correctly the necessary documents. So hopefully there'd be no RFE. What do you think?
  13. Hello guys!! Have a good day! I’m just wondering if it is possible/necessary to file taxes jointly if the spouse is currently out of US and does not make any taxable income? Also I’m a us citizen and I just got back to US after living a few years with my spouse in Sri Lanka and I got a job offer here which makes over 150% on federal poverty guidelines and since I haven’t filed any taxes while I was living in Sri Lanka (because my income in SL was too low to file taxes) How do I prove that my income is sufficient and will continue to support my spouse & he will not be a public charge?
  14. Hello, I apologize if this has already been brought up. I am a bit of a novice with Visa Journey and having a ton of knowledge on how to properly utilize the search functions with the filters provided. Anyhow, I have been doing a lot of reading and watching informational videos and it seems that not too many people have clarified which form is used. So can someone assist in connecting the dots for me? Is it if the beneficiary still lives abroad and is not in the U.S. we would need to complete the DS-5540 whereas if the beneficiary was residing in the U.S. we would submit an I-944 form? Or are both forms required to be completed in the process? Also, at what stage in the process should either of these forms be completed and are either forms sent concurrently with any other forms? I thank you for taking the time to respond ahead of time.
  15. Okay. I am planning to wait on filing my K1 petition. Question is this. Since Minnesota makes you go through their site for obtaining insurance and I am on Medicaid will that affect my petition for my partner? Or will they be okay as long as they do not sign up for medicaid but instead obtains private insurance? We have assets to make up for my income not being the best that meets guidelines.
  16. Newsflash...DOS seeks emergency implemention of public charge rule on the same date as USCIS (24 FEB 2020). https://www.murthy.com/2020/02/12/newsflash-dos-seeks-to-implement-new-public-charge-rule-24-feb-2020/ @Boiler @geowrian @missileman
  17. So, the thing that is confusing me about this whole updated public charge rule is how this will affect those of us who do not have a green card and are currently at the NVC Stage waiting for an interview date, Now, does this mean that we will have to resubmit the updated i-864 form (a new form will be required in February) even though we have already been DQ'd and our i-864 form has been accepted? And does anyone know what the difference between the current form and the new one will be? Our does this apply to applicants who will apply after the rule is updated?
  18. Hi everyone, I am Sara, an international student from France at the University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OHIO (F-1 visa). I graduate this semester and applied for an OPT that will start on the 15th of June. My fiancé (an American citizen) and I will get officially married next week and I would like to apply for an Adjustment of Status in order to obtain a Green Card. However, I just sent my OPT files to USCIS and I was wondering... Is it okay to apply for the AOS anytime soon considering that I sent my OPT files to USCIS last Tuesday ? Also, does anyone know more about the Public Charge Rule implementation ? my fiancé has a job and a house in his name, however I am still a student and my parents, back at home, sponsor me for all my expenses, I was wondering if it would affect me... If anyone knows more or have a similar experience please let me know, thank you ! Sara
  19. Hey guys!! I was just wondering if this stupid new public charge rule is implemented, low educated spouses of US citizens will deny the Green Card considering having low level of education could lead to become a public charge in the future?? Just wondering cause my spouse has only high school education from Sri Lanka and some certificate from an HR institute. But he has work experience in Administration for about 2 and half years now. Just gimme your thoughts. Thanksss
  20. As the title states, my girlfriend (foreign medical graduate) is here on a visit with NO intention to immigrate. However, just found out about the new rule possibly being implemented from October 15 and I feel like it'll make it very difficult for us in the future even though I have never been on public benefits. Would it look like fraud if we get married in court and file for green card if she's only been here for 2-3 days? Additional info: she's visited and stayed here for 3 months before. Her visa expires in 2021.
  21. So, my i-130 was approved about a week or so ago and we filed in May 2019. So, when I go on the USCIS website to fill out the Affidavit of Support forms in advance, it says they will not be accepted on or after October something. Does this mean we would have to meet those new requirements, if we do get our NVC Case number AFTER the new rule goes into affect?
  22. Hi I am a US citizen I petitioned my husband back in 2013 uscis approved in 2014 will he be affected by the new public charge rule? His interview is in 2 weeks on the 9/19th we have 2 kids both us citizens and i receive foodstamps $30/month just me and the kids not my husband and my kids are on medicaid and I'm using the texas womens health program will this affect him in a bad way I work and I'm his sponsor we also have a joint sponsor his uncle. My husband has lived in the US for 26 years without ever using any government assistance he speaks english and has worked odd jobs for 9 years he gets paid cash because he has no social or itin so I could not put it on taxes i filed head of house.What are the chances he will be denied on public charge
  23. Hi, i'm a conditional GC holder (here through K1), about to go through ROC in January. My husband (US citizen) is in college and he got approved for FAFSA, but i don't know if we should accept it. Sometime in march this year, there was a piece of news circulating about a change in public charge laws, limiting benefits for immigrants or their USC spouses receiving federal benefits. I don't know what happened to that anymore; it seems nothing has come of it from what i could look up. Now, i know FAFSA doesn't fall under "public charge" like SNAP, public housing etc, but i'd like to make sure i don't mess up my chances at citizenship. Thank you! Iulia
  24. Hi, My husband (USC) and I did a concurrent filing for AOS, although I enter with B2 on March 8th, along the way we decided to get married, for love of course but also to provide stability for our minor son (USC too). While I have MEX bank and tax statements proving that upon entering last time I had no intention of staying, and we got married on June 8th, filed on July 2nd, I have some concerns about the 90day rule that we learned only after filling. The second concern is this new public charge rule, since I have no insurance because I have one in Mexico, also my husband's company doesn't cover family, so it's quite expensive, we're thinking getting one once I'm able to work. But for now our file doesn't have record of insurance, so I'm wondering. He makes 65k a year, and our household it's us 3, will this come into play as a possible public charge?
  25. My Husband New employment Payslip shows a deduction for Medicaid or Medicare but He has never used Medicaid or Medicare. He pays for all his Medical treatments, His employer says its a compulsory deduction and everyone contributes to Medicare or Medicaid even if they are not using it, is that a public charge?
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