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Found 15 results

  1. USCIS posted a new I-864 Form that must be used starting on 10/15/2019. However, I looked at the new and current forms (side by side) and can't find any differences. Does anyone know what changed, besides the edition number? https://www.uscis.gov/i-864
  2. As the title states, my girlfriend (foreign medical graduate) is here on a visit with NO intention to immigrate. However, just found out about the new rule possibly being implemented from October 15 and I feel like it'll make it very difficult for us in the future even though I have never been on public benefits. Would it look like fraud if we get married in court and file for green card if she's only been here for 2-3 days? Additional info: she's visited and stayed here for 3 months before. Her visa expires in 2021.
  3. Hello everyone, We just have a question regarding AOS and the Final Public Charge ruling and hopefully somebody can shed light to this. We're in the US and I'm the USC. I have a pending I-130 petition that I sent out back in April 25 2019. We've recently sent out my wife's AOS packet to the Chicago lockbox. Sent via USPS - Aug 31 2019 Received by USCIS - Sept 4 2019 As of today we've received nothing yet from USCIS. Will my wife be required to fill form I-944 after the Final Public Charge Rule takes effect on Oct 15 2019 if she has an RFE? We've made sure to send correctly the necessary documents. So hopefully there'd be no RFE. What do you think?
  4. So, my i-130 was approved about a week or so ago and we filed in May 2019. So, when I go on the USCIS website to fill out the Affidavit of Support forms in advance, it says they will not be accepted on or after October something. Does this mean we would have to meet those new requirements, if we do get our NVC Case number AFTER the new rule goes into affect?
  5. Hi I am a US citizen I petitioned my husband back in 2013 uscis approved in 2014 will he be affected by the new public charge rule? His interview is in 2 weeks on the 9/19th we have 2 kids both us citizens and i receive foodstamps $30/month just me and the kids not my husband and my kids are on medicaid and I'm using the texas womens health program will this affect him in a bad way I work and I'm his sponsor we also have a joint sponsor his uncle. My husband has lived in the US for 26 years without ever using any government assistance he speaks english and has worked odd jobs for 9 years he gets paid cash because he has no social or itin so I could not put it on taxes i filed head of house.What are the chances he will be denied on public charge
  6. Hi, i'm a conditional GC holder (here through K1), about to go through ROC in January. My husband (US citizen) is in college and he got approved for FAFSA, but i don't know if we should accept it. Sometime in march this year, there was a piece of news circulating about a change in public charge laws, limiting benefits for immigrants or their USC spouses receiving federal benefits. I don't know what happened to that anymore; it seems nothing has come of it from what i could look up. Now, i know FAFSA doesn't fall under "public charge" like SNAP, public housing etc, but i'd like to make sure i don't mess up my chances at citizenship. Thank you! Iulia
  7. Hi, My husband (USC) and I did a concurrent filing for AOS, although I enter with B2 on March 8th, along the way we decided to get married, for love of course but also to provide stability for our minor son (USC too). While I have MEX bank and tax statements proving that upon entering last time I had no intention of staying, and we got married on June 8th, filed on July 2nd, I have some concerns about the 90day rule that we learned only after filling. The second concern is this new public charge rule, since I have no insurance because I have one in Mexico, also my husband's company doesn't cover family, so it's quite expensive, we're thinking getting one once I'm able to work. But for now our file doesn't have record of insurance, so I'm wondering. He makes 65k a year, and our household it's us 3, will this come into play as a possible public charge?
  8. My Husband New employment Payslip shows a deduction for Medicaid or Medicare but He has never used Medicaid or Medicare. He pays for all his Medical treatments, His employer says its a compulsory deduction and everyone contributes to Medicare or Medicaid even if they are not using it, is that a public charge?
  9. I've read the page at https://www.uscis.gov/news/fact-sheets/public-charge-fact-sheet But am still confused. Are college financial aid and business loans also to be the responsibility of the sponsor? Is that a 'means tested' benefit? Also, I know someone that had to pay for their beneficiary's(mother) medical bills. How does this work exactly? Are the bills given directly to sponsor or does it go through the beneficiary first?
  10. Hi all! My boyfriend and I intend to get married and he would like to move to the US once we do. I've been reading up on the whole immigration process and my main concern is the public charge part. In the past (a couple of years ago), my boyfriend has dealt with severe anxiety to the point he could not work so he needed welfare in his home country. I understand that certain physical and mental health conditions as well as welfare usage are be negative factors when officers are determining whether to approve you or not. I make a little about 230% over the poverty level for our household size, so I do make enough to cover both of us but I'm worried that the severity of his past would still make him likely to be denied. Do any of y'all have any insight on how heavily that would be considered? If he did get denied, I would want to move to his country (NL) instead. Would his denial here affect anything when I'd try to move there? (Aside from anything that didnt meet their own rules of course, but would the denial specifically have any effect? - I dont see why it would but may as well ask!)
  11. How could this policy, a law since Clinton in 1996, realistically be enforced? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/05/23/donald-trump-green-card-holders-should-pay-back-welfare-benefits/1211711001/
  12. Will this affect ROC? Has anybody experienced this? I have read under the USCIS website and under the new proposal that Obamacare is not considered Public Charge. I do see rumors though yet again people like to spread false information and blow things up in proportion. Don’t trust your sources unless it’s from USCIS or the DHS. Me and my wife was under Obamacare back in 2017 when she first moved here. I had a full time job but I didn’t enroll our health insurance thru my employer (looking back I should’ve). We now have insurance thru my employer btw. Any thoughts?? https://www.uscis.gov/legal-resources/proposed-change-public-charge-ground-inadmissibility
  13. If my US spouse applies for food stamp, will it affect our ROC in the future? I am married to a USC for more than 2 years. When we applied for AOS (I was on student visa at first), we weren't married for more than 2 years, so I, the beneficiary, got a conditional green card. I have to remove the condition next year. when we applied for AOS, my US spouse wasn't making more than enough income to pass the poverty guideline, but I was making a pretty decent income on OPT, so I was able to use my income for I864 purposes, and I got my conditional green card. Unfortunately, my spouse lost his job because of frequent tardiness, and he was jobless for 5 months. He recently found a job that pays the minimum wage, and he is going to start working at the end of this month. Since he has a bad habit of overspending, he has no saving, so I was always paying all the bills and groceries etc after he lost his job. To make matters worse, I got fired too and we both became jobless. Luckily, I was saving money, so we have been able to survive on my saving, but every time I saw my balance going down, it got me worried. Luckily, I got a job too and I am starting at the end of this month as well. My husband suggested he should apply for food stamp. 1) Can he even apply for food stamp when we both got a job, and we are going to start working soon? He will be making minimum wage in his new job, and I will be making about twice as much. 2) If he ever does apply for food stamp, and gets accepted, will it affect our future ROC situation negatively?
  14. I am a nurse by profession, HIV positive and on meds with undetectable viral load and high CD4, however, my employment based petition is for a different job title with annual prevailing wage of $40,000. Now at NVC stage. Applicants are no longer being tested for HIV. (1) So do I need to disclose my HIV status? (2) If I disclose, do I become inadmissible in the concept of “public charge” due to high cost of treatment in the US? (3) How do I overcome being a public charge in my case? (4) If I dont’t disclose my status, will I be held at the port of entry due to bringing medications for a condition not revealed during the medical examination? And how many bottles of medication can I bring? I hope someone can help me. I’ve been through a lot. I am very anxious and I don’t want to give up my American dream.
  15. Hello! This is a very unique question that I just thought of regarding my situation. I just filed for my husband and we received the I-130 receipt for the CR1 visa. I am currently in graduate school to become a physician assistant which is great, but does not allow me to currently have a job or a 2017/ 2018 tax return. My parents are co-sponsoring with me so financially, I will not have an issue. The problem I just thought of is that I am 26 so I do not qualify any longer to be on my parent's Aetna plan for health insurance and I had to pick up Husky quickly for this current year. I could not join my school's insurance at the time that I was dropped from my parent's plan, enrollment was not open. In May of 2019 I will graduate and will be making a very good salary and have full benefits from my job. Is my current health insurance status going to cause an issue with my husband's visa processing when we get to the NVC step? I need to decide if I want to try to get on to the school's insurance before my next semester will begin. I have never used any other state-funded program and neither has my family. The school's insurance is extremely pricey so I was hoping not to opt in for it this upcoming semester, but if I have to, I certainly will. Thanks in advance!
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