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  1. Hello, CEAC status changed to issued last Tuesday but I did not received the passport yet or email from the Embassy.
  2. Hello, I had my interview at Dublin Embassy on September 2nd, 2021. The CO said visa was approved, kept my passport and advised I would have received it after one week (I chose home delivery), however I did not received it yet and I am a bit anxious. My CEAC status shows: NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Administrative Processing Case Created: 02-Sep-2021 Case Last Updated: 09-Sep-2021 Do you think everything is in order and I just have to wait? Thank you,
  3. Make sure to call the hospital instead of sending the email to book the medical, calling will be faster. A few days ago I received the email with my interview date but it will be in September, there’s a bit of waiting 😩
  4. Yes. If you received that email with the 3 files go ahead and file the DS-160, you can also book your medical examination.
  5. Hello! I filed for my DS-160 right after I received the email that contains files attached (the one containing the medical examination invitation letter).
  6. Thank you for sharing this, the timeline is helpful! It’s nice to see that you have been provided with an interview right after the notice of readiness.
  7. Hello there! Do you know how long does the US embassy in Dublin take to give the passport back after the visa interview? Also, is it possible to pick up the passport or they will just mail it? Thank you and I apologize if this is not the right place to post this question.
  8. Hello, thank you! However I see they applied for a IR-1/CR-1 Visa. Maybe it works differently for K1.
  9. It will be on June 29th, what about yours? They do not send the package directly to the embassy right?
  10. Embassy answer: Thank you for your email. Applicants must have their medical results in their possession before submitting their notice of readiness. Please refer to your fiancée immigrant visa packet for guidance. It makes me a bit sad but at least we know for sure now.
  11. I just called and the automated voice said to call the customer service for Visa related questions. I called them and the person told me they do not know about it, and advices to call the embassy. However when I call the embassy there are no further instructions from the recorded voice - just to contact the customer service or write an email 🤦🏻‍♀️ I already emailed them, let’s wait for a response🤞🏻
  12. Hello! I am in the same situation, I understood the notice of readiness will be submitted after the medical examination. Mine is June too. I wished we had the chance to book the visa interview in the meanwhile. I emailed the embassy for further clarification, I will let you know if I get an answer.
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