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  1. Hello, We're getting ready to submit our AOS paperwork however even after thoroughly reading the instruction pages, we still wanted to double check/clarify a few things. Any input on any of the questions would be highly appreciated! On the I-485 AOS form, I just want to confirm that the K1 visa IS subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility under INA section 212(a)(4) - (pt. 8 #61). I believe I choose yes which then brings me to #62. #62 - I am using my brother as a joint sponsor for my wife's petition since I don't have an income however my brother and I don't live together - would he still be considered in our household? #63 - Do I include his full income in our annual household income? #64 - Should we share my wife's savings account information as an asset (do we provide bank statement as proof?) #65 - would car insurance be considered a liability? We're living rent free with my cousin for now so we're unsure whether to include any liabilities On form I-864 Affidavit of Support, (pt. 7 #6- use of assets to supplement income) Should I add my wife's checking/savings info when it asks "Assets of the principle sponsored immigrant?" For reference, my brother as a joint sponsor will be filling out his own I-864 so he wouldn't need to fill this part out being that he exceeds the federal poverty guideline, however I will add my minimal assets, but I'm wondering if I should add my wife's savings account to both our I-864 forms. I don't believe I need the I-765 worksheet for K1 family visa however I wanted to verify that as well. Thank you in advance and good luck everyone!!!
  2. Question 1: If the petitioner has the yearly salary of $40,000 and he gets additional $20,000 from the govt. for an autistic child that he is a guardian of then in the form i846 POINT NUMBER 7 what yearly income will he show? $40K or $60K? Question 2: In the Point number 8,9,10 what will be petitioner write, to my understanding name of the autistic child he is the guardian of, his relation to him and the income that he derives from govt (ie $20,000)? Or something else?
  3. Hello, Our case got DQd on June 29th, 2022 and we are currently waiting for an email regarding next steps. In addition to the DQ notice, we received a review note that stated the following: "This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview." My wife had just graduated University and started her first job at the time of this sponsorship process and so her tax documents at the time I guess did not satisfy the minimum income requirements. As we went along the process, she got a new job and has been there for almost a year and we uploaded documents showing her current salary which more than meets the requirements. I didn't think we needed to have a joint sponsor because of this. Now that this note is on our file, we have a joint sponsor and we have completed the AOS form and gathered the financial documents to support it. In terms of uploading this on to CEAC, is there a specific way this must be done? Firstly because this is a joint sponsor and secondly because NVC has already accepted our previous documents and have stated we are documentary qualified. So I'm wondering if we just upload as normal or do something differently. It even says "an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted". I would like to do so anyways to avoid any further conflicts, delays, or issues. Secondly, at the time of me submitting my civil documents, my passport was not expired. It expired throughout the process. I have renewed my passport and have both my old and new ones with me. Should I be uploading the new one on to CEAC or is this not necessary? I'm assuming I should still bring both to the interview? Thank you for the help and feedback!
  4. Hi all, After doing some research we still had some questions on filing the Affidavits of Support. If anyone has answers to any of the questions below, it would be greatly appreciated 😊 Here's the situation: I (US spouse) live in the US with my parents as a dependent. I am the Petitioner for my German spouse. Dad is Joint Sponsor. Mom is Household Member. As I understand it, dad and I each file a Form I-864. Mom files I-864A since she filed taxes jointly with Dad. 1) Should I list future living stipends from college as income, even if it's not sufficient to sponsor my spouse (hence having the joint sponsor)? I am getting a living cost stipend and will take out student loans when I begin grad school in August 2022. I am unemployed and have no income at the moment, which is why I assume the joint sponsor and I both file I-864 as opposed to I-864A. If future living stipend + student loans do count as income, does that mean we file Form I-864A instead? (since we would be combining household incomes?) 2) On Form I-864A, Part 2, Item 1c (relationship to sponsor), does Mom answer "spouse" or "parent"? AKA is form asking about her relationship to Petitioner (me) or to Joint Sponsor (Dad)?
  5. Hi guys. We sent my AOS of status on December 21st and today I got a RFE, they say they couldn’t determine if my husband qualifies as an sponsor. Last tax recent year (2020) my husband made 27,149 wich is a little below the 125%, now he makes 52,000. He stated this year working in a company that he left in June then started working subcontracted for 6 months and in December they contracted my husband directly, it’s physically the same company but he is not on the payroll directly. So my husband now has only like 2 weeks working with this company directly, we sent 6 last paystubs of the subcontractors and the offer letter of the main company, he only has 2 weeks working directly with this company,and not time to fill taxes again. What ca we do in this case? We know he make enough and we don’t have someone for joint sponsor as USCIS suggest if it’s needed we just need to prove he makes enough is my guessing but we don’t know where to start or how to do it. Attached the RFE letter.
  6. Hello. I hope you guys can help me out. I am filing i864 (affidavit of support) for mother and father who will be immigrating together to the US. I will fill separate i864s for them as indicated on the website (I am filling it online). 1. In Part 3, should I check both (please see attached) since I am sponsoring them Both and are coming together? In the instructions, they say, “If the spouse and/or children will travel with the principal immigrant, or within six months of the principal immigrant’s entry into the United States and you are sponsoring them, you should list the names and other requested information in the spaces provided in Item Number 2. If any dependents are not immigrating, will immigrate more than six months after the principal immigrant arrives.” 2. I can not find the spaces provided for Item Number 2. Where is it so I may list the name of my mother? Thank you!!!!
  7. Hello i am filing I-130 petition for my mother. I am the principle sponsor and will file an I864 affidavit of support for her at the NVC stage. Me and my Spouse file our taxes married filing jointly. My spouse is currently living in a different address in another state of the US. My question is can my spouse give a I864a? (Meaning she can qualify as a household member for I86a purpose while having a different address?). Thanks
  8. I'm trying very hard NOT to have to use my husbands uncle as a SECOND sponsor and have him fill an I-864. Just because I know how long it will take him. My 2019 taxes look bad and I just barely made it over the poverty line. However, 2020 was far better and my bank statements which I am including will reflect that. How many of you JUST BARELY made it over the poverty and still got your spouse approved/no RFE?
  9. Hello! My wife will be filing an Affidavit of Support for my adjustment of status. She has never filed her taxes before, because she was a student and had almost no income so she thought she didn't need to. We just sent all of her tax returns for the previous years but we won't have the transcript on time to include it in the AOS package. She now has a job and makes roughly $41k a year, but since she just started working in October we are going to use a joint sponsor who has been working his whole life and has enough financial resources. I have two questions: 1. I know that my wife HAS to file an affidavit of support for me, I don't think that it will be approved since she just started her job and we won't be including her tax return transcripts. Would my AOS still go through if my wife's affidavit is declined but our joint sponsor's is approved? 2. Can the joint sponsor be the person my wife is contracting for in one of her jobs? He's a family friend and we live with him. Thank you guys for your time, and have a nice day! Valentin
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