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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings everyone! I am US Citizen currently in the process of a K1 Visa with my beneficiary from the Philippines. Right now, I am gathering requirements for the affidavit of support which is needed during the interview at the US embassy in Manila. I am 23 and only started working in the US back in March 2019 and haven't filed taxes yet. So, as of current, I do not have any income tax returns to use for the affidavit of support. My salary meets and exceeds the salary required to sponsor the beneficiary. I do have the written letters from my bank and employer regarding my income and what not - the only item I lack is the income tax returns. Is there an alternative to this document? What would someone with experience here suggest I do to progress further? Thank you!
  2. Hi, So... as the title states, our interview is Jan 15 and we weren't able to get an Affidavit of Support, my fiancé (the petitioner) is currently unemployed and so am I. Our parents are supporting us until we move back to the U.S. together (he's living in my country at the moment), I was reading here that they haven't been asking for the Affidavit of Support in the interview at the Santo Domingo embassy. From experience, would the fact that the petitioner is unemployed trigger a request for an Affidavit of Support? Thanks in advance and if you have any questions to better help me, feel free to ask...
  3. Hi! My husband and I are currently compiling all the requirements needed for his Adjustment of Status. When I originally filed for his K1 Visa, my mom was my co sponsor to help me since I didn’t feel like I had the sufficient funds. My husband is now here in the US with me but since then, I don’t have my job since I quit while I study for my upcoming board exam. So my current status is unemployed. My question is, do I fill out form I-864 even though I’m not working? Or both my mom and I fill out form I-864 and I just specify that I’m unemployed. I am just worried that my current employment status might affect my husbands Adjustment of status application. Please help! Thank you so much!
  4. Hello everyone! I need your help, please. I am a K1 Visa applicant. My question is ... my fiance (the petitioner) will not be able to apply as the sponsor, so we need to look for the co sponsor or "joint sponsor". When filling out the I-134 Affidavit of Support form, do you have to fill out a form my fiance and one the joint sponsor? And both have to send the supporting documents of this form? Thank you all!!
  5. Hi folks, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I'm trying to figure things out! I noticed the affidavit of support that you have to take with you to the embassy for the K1 visa must have a "wet signature" - does that mean I have to ask my fiancé to fill the forms out, sign them and post them to me, or can he just scan his wet signed forms and send them via email? Anything that involves the post worries the heck out of me because you all know what our post system is like (I sent him passport photos in February and they took almost 3 weeks to arrive, I think they were held in customs?? like...they're photos...why? 😩) but if that's the way it must be done, so be it. If anyone could let me know I'd be very grateful! x
  6. Hello. The filing started 4 years ago and between that time and now, the petitioner has been admitted as ward of the state of Florida. We are currently at the submission of Financial Documents and the I-864 Form which she can’t sign. What do we do? Where do we go from here. We have two other joint sponsor but they want the petitioner’s signature and Transcript which she doesn’t have and incompetent to give. Advise is appreciated
  7. Hi all, Is it required that the petitioner send the original signed affidavit of support? Or will scanned copies be enough for an interview? Same with W2s and paystubs. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone I know this question may been asked million time but I still wanna get a piece of mind well my interview is gonna be in two days I have all my documents prepared already except the I-134 , letter of intent to marry and employment letter I only have scanned copies not originals my fiance shipped it with FedEx and it's gonna be here on Monday that's mean 4 days after my interview. Is there any problem with bringing scanned copies and if they ask for originals I can mail it to them the same day the shipment arrive? Are we gonna be in a long AP wait line for that ? Any one have an idea please or been in a similar situation? Any help is appreciated
  9. Hi all, I am in a bit of a dilemma on the Form I-134. The NVC approved my case for the K1 visa and is heading over to the US Embassy in Bishkek. I tried to get a letter from my HR and explained it to the best I could, but would not write a letter of employment verification for the Affidavit of Support. He instead referred me to the Work Number. I know that I am not the only one experiencing this. My employer uses a system called the Work Number and I called them twice about getting a letter of employment of verification for the Form I-134, but they said that my employer doesn't do it for this purpose. I talked with him again about it and referred me to my company's benefits thing. I called the number and they were not of any help and didn't know what to do about an employment verification letter. I am really angry about it and scrambling for answers before my fiancé gets interviewed at the embassy. I have everything else for the Form I-134, such as the bank statements for 1 year, W-2's, at least 4 months of pay stubs, etc. If I can't get that letter of employment verification, what can I do? I also know that each embassy is different. Also, where do I send the Form I-134 (both mine and my dad's (co-sponsor)) along with supporting documents for the form and I guess I send them to my fiancé? I did send a digital copy of the packet that I used for the I-129F form into my fiancé's birthday gift along with all of the pictures of me and her together. I am lost and running out of time, please help and thank you!
  10. Hi, I have an urgent question to ask regarding Affidavit of Support and hopefully anyone here can help with proper information. So I already sent an email to the embassy to request for an interview schedule and I just double check all the requirements and found that my fiance's zip code in the Affidavit of Support is different than the one he put in the I-129F file and I confirmed to him and he said that the right zip code is the one on the I-129F. We both are frustrated that it might raise a problem later on my interview. Is there any way that I can correct that? Or I can just explain it on interview and correct that directly at the embassy? Thank you
  11. Hi guys! I am new to this forum, I have some questions and would greatly appreciate any help from you. Thank you!! My current status is F1 STEM OPT. My wife, who is a US citizen, and I married in July. We are looking to apply for a marriage green card for me. Correct me if I am wrong, but according to research, I think our case is pretty straightforward since I am already in the US, entered lawfully, no criminal history, etc. Our main concern is about the affidavit of support. Our situations: 1. My wife (sponsor) is self-employed and she owns an online store. She has been self-employed for the past two years, but she is just starting to turn a profit this year. She is projected to make 40K this year. Since she has just started making money this year, she cannot use her tax documents from last year to prove income. She can only use her financial statements to back up her income. We are worried that it may be a problem by her not having a "stable" source of income. 2. My job currently pays 60K. I have a stable income and has been working this job for 2 years. I can meet the income requirement with my income. However, I've been wanting to quit my job to become a freelance designer. But by doing that, I will lose my proof of income, at least for a while. 3. We have about 120K in savings. Questions: 1. What if: I quit my job before filing for the green card and we use my wife's income and our savings in the affidavit of support, would this likely cause any complications and would this be a good approach? 2. What if: I keep my job and use my income to file for the green card, then quit my job while the application is processing. Then tell the immigration officer during the interview that "I changed jobs and became self-employed, though I cannot prove income but my wife still makes 40K and we have 120K in savings". Would this likely cause any complications and would this be a good approach? 3. If I decide to quit my job after I filed the applications to USCIS, how long should I wait before I quit? Does this matter? 4. At the time of the interview, would it negatively affect our case if told the immigration officer that I am self-employed (but with no proof of income) or that I am actively looking for a job? 5. If I quit my job, do I have to worry about possibly accumulating the 150 unemployment days (STEM OPT rule) while the adjustment of status is pending? I know I am ok as long as my AOS is being processed. But what if I am out of F1 status due to 150 unemployment days, then my AOS gets denied for some reason, which then makes me completely out of status? Would I be in trouble if this happens? Thanks again, greatly appreciate your help.
  12. Hello Everyone! Very new to the community but excited to be here.. So, a little background.. My fiancee & I have applied for the K-1 Visa in June 2018. In December, we received the first approval and then she completed her medical in March, moved here in May from Sweden. I'm above the Poverty Guidelines by the USCIS / DHS. We will be getting married next week, nothing crazy, just a standard Justice of the Peace Ceremony. We are so excited to have our lives together and plan to have the AOS submitted in the next few weeks or so. From my understanding, PA takes about 10 days after getting married. Any way.. Here's our dilemma, I have the opportunity for change employment. That is actually going to have me making double or even close to triple to what my current income is now. So, there is an offer on the table that is extremely tempting (Obviously). I would be leaving one well-known established company for another well known & established corporation. There is no worry of the company falling apart at anytime. My only concern is that when the employment is all said & done with changing jobs it may negatively affect the Adjustment of Status. Interesting how life throws you a curve ball. I know changing jobs would probably mean more paperwork, which I do not mind. We have conquered the Mountain so far. Summary: I have a new job offer, everything will not be said & done until after I submit the AOS because of the timing. Can changing jobs affect me? Can changing jobs so close to submitting the AOS negatively affect me? Is there anyone out there that can relate or help me? Please and thank you for your help!😄
  13. I hope someone can help me with this! I've looked for info everywhere but can't find it. My fiance (petitioner) earned enough to qualify as the primary sponsor for my K1. However, he will be starting law school around the time of our interview (will not be earning). Do we need a cosponsor? We will be going through the Montreal embassy in Canada. Any help is appreciated!
  14. Hi everyone! I will have my appointment interview this 2nd week of May. Im just so scared right now cause my fiance income tax refund last 2018 was too low. One of the reason is that he visited me here in the philippines twice last year for 1month and half. And plus he has two kids and they are not included in his dependent in affidavit of support cause its in the custody of his ex.Does anyone have this kind of situation?please help me! Im very nervoue right now😞.thank you everyone!
  15. Hello everyone! This has probably been asked before however I just wanna hear your insights about it. I have a question regarding the Affidavit of Support. A lot of people (as well as RapidVisa) are saying that it should be Original because of the wet signature. But I have read on the website of US Consular Affairs that it’s ok to bring the scanned copy as long as the signatures are not typed or electronically signed. My fiancé and I wanted to just scan it because it’s less hassle and we’re sure that it’ll be secured. I’m thinking of also printing that part of the website if in case they told me during my interview that they require the original form.  Below is the screenshot from the website. Thanks in advance!
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