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  1. Hi All, Starting a thread for Aug 2020 I-751 Filers. I sent my package in today, but I doubt USCIS will receive, accept and process my documentation before early next week. Let the discussions/emotions/arguments/debates/consolations begin See my signature for my timeline, and fire away... This was my submission package
  2. Hi everyone. Just wanted to start this thread for all of us filling for ROC in May 2019. Welcome to the group!!!
  3. I-751 Cover Letter Immigrant & US Citizen Address C U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067 Date: August 8, 2020 Nature of Submission: I-751 ORIGINAL SUBMISSIOM To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find our JOINT I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, for Immigrant (A-NUMBER) and evidence of our marriage. Contents include: One (1) check for $680 (Application $595 + Biometric Service $85 fees.) Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application-Petition Acceptance. Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Copy of Immigrant’s Form I-551 (Permanent Resident Card.) Evidence of our relationship (Detailed list on pages 2 and 3.) Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and I understand that I may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date. Sincerely, US Citizen Immigrant Evidence A. Housing & Utilities 1. Address A (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Renters insurance c) Electric bills d) Final statement 2. Address B (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Welcome letter c) Renters insurance d) Electric bills e) Internet bills 3. Address C (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Renters insurance c) Electric bills d) Internet bills B. Memberships 1. T-Mobile family plan (showing both our cell numbers.) 2. CrossFit family membership (right before they close due to COVID19.) C. Affidavits (3 affidavits from family and friends.) D. Financial 1. IRS joint tax transcripts for 2017, 2018 and 2019. 2. Joint account bank statements from August 2018 to July 2020. 3. Immigrant’s Merrill Edge Transfer on Death Agreement (showing US Citizen as sole beneficiary.) E. Insurance 1. 2018 of US Citizen’s insurance (showing Immigrant as family member.) 2. 2019 & 2020 Immigrant’s insurance (showing US Citizen as family member.) a) Insurance cards. 3. Immigrant’s HSA (showing US Citizen as 100% primary beneficiary.) a) HSA cards. F. Benefits & Retirement 1. Immigrant’s Beneficiary Designation forms (showing US Citizen as 100% beneficiary for 401k, pension, life insurance.) a) 2018 – 2019 Company A b) 2019 & 2020 Company B 2. US Citizen’s Beneficiary Designation forms (showing Immigrant as 100% beneficiary for 401k, pension, life insurance.) G. Pictures H. Misc. 1. Trip A plane tickets, hotel booking, Disneyland, Universal tickets, and other tickets. 2. CITY Zoo tickets (picture is included in Pictures section.) 3. Refund check addressed to US Citizen and I. 4. Receipt for buying furniture for our apartment from Rooms to Go. 5. Assortment of mail addressed to US Citizen and me. Thank you all for your time to read this. I'll be filling it on Monday as my GC expires on 11/06.
  4. Creating this topic thread for all the March 2020 I-751 Removal of Conditions Filers
  5. Hi Everyone! Well, we are back! Now its time to file for Removal of Conditions for my wife's Green Card. It expires on October 30. Just sent the Packet out to the AZ office since we are in CA. Should arrive by Monday Aug. 3.
  6. Hi everyone, could really use your expertise regarding legal first + middle name changes during a pending/impending USCIS application. Quick sentence of context: I moved to the US from Canada on a K1 visa 3.5 years ago. I'm the immigrant spouse and currently have my application for removal of conditions pending (form i-751). I am eligible to apply for citizenship on September 23rd. My application is ready to be submitted end of next month. The problem: I legally changed my first and middle name (this is something I've wanted for many, many years so I refused to wait, regardless of cost). I just received the notarized and official documents, signed and stamped by the judge, stating that it is legally changed. Do I notify USCIS immediately and, if so, who do I contact? Where I do I submit this and is there a form to do this? OR can I simply notify USCIS by just including the notarized order from the judge with my application for citizenship and not worry about it otherwise, since I'm submitting it so soon (end of next month)? Thank you so much for your help.
  7. I enlisted in August 2017 and it has been a real mess so far. I have been given so many ship dates that were all cancelled because my background investigation wasn't complete. I received a call from my recruiter about 10 days ago telling me that my background investigation was adjudicated and I was good to go this March 20th, then called me back literally a couple minutes later informing that I am not shipping and that there are about 20 other GC holders in the region who are also on hold. I understand that the country is being extra cautious with people joining the military, but my husband and I are getting aggravated with the poor communication. Here's my timeline: August 2017: Got sworn in November 7th 2017: 1st ship date November 13th: 2nd ship date given (no explanation) December 20th: 3rd ship date (reason: clearance not completed) March 20th: 4th ship date (clearance completed, reason: unknown) Here's is the link to the DoD policy change: https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1342430/dod-announces-policies-affecting-foreign-nationals-entering-military/ If you were also affected or know more about this, please let us know.
  8. Hello fellow ROC filers, Just spent the whole day prepping our docs...ROC ready to go in the mail on April 1st! Thread is started for April 2019 ROC filers. Let the waiting begin!
  9. Hi People, I have been on this forum on and off so I would consider any kind of comment would be helpful and useful for me. I filed joint i-751 with my ex spouse back in December 2016.Things did not went well and we decided to Divorce and it happened in May 2018.I let the USCIS know before receiving my divorce decree.We sent an amendment with my lawyer,divorce was finalized in may 2018,USCIS has sent me a RFE in July 2018 asking for my signature to switch the case in to a divorce waiver.But also on RFE it was saying that we don’t shared commingled finances.They also stated that there was a huge wire(my parents send me money for me to purchase car) transfer on my bank statement,and my 2016 taxes were showing much less income.They asked me where is this money comes from.Me and my lawyer reviewed everything one more time and sent them a much better package in September explaining that transaction.10 days later our response to RFE(I’ll attach it here).My status changed it to We sent your case to your local field office for an interview I honestly know so many people has no evidence but they have been approved with a divorce waiver and without an interview,since then no action on i751.My office is Miami Field Offfice.When I went there for stamp.They told me that my case is there.So since there is no action on my i751 my lawyer advised me to file n400 under 5 year rule.Which I filed in December 2019.They scheduled me and n400 interview for March 2020 but unfortunately as all of you know its been cancelled due to Covid19.They rescheduled my interview for beginning of September.What should I do to get both interviews be done at the same time?cause in the interview letter it says that n400 interview no mentions about i751.My i751 is pending for almost 4 years.It’s been a disaster for me.I have been waiting for this process to finalize to so I can sure that I will be living here the rest of my life and start my new business with peace of mind.I’m having really hard time because of this waiting game.Mentally is more though for me.My parents are also old.I couldn’t see them for a year.I need you guys advises what steps should I take or can I take to get this interview happened.Do you guys think if there is something wrong with my case since they went rough in that RFE letter.Any kind of comment will be appreciated!!also here is my rfe letter back in 2018
  10. Hi guys. Trying to help a friend who doesn't belong to this forum with her questions. What are the documents to submit when filing for US citizenship ( N400) on marriage based. Meanwhile she wants to file online. Thanks all.
  11. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 👆👆👆
  12. I have to renew my conditional green card with I-751, and I would like to know if the below is enough to prove that the marriage was bona-fide. Since my spouse and I have a very different spending habit (where I save every penny and he spends it all on alcohol, weed, etc), we have never really had a joint bank account. 1) Lease agreement with both of our names 2) Mails that came to our place (One for me, and one for him) to show that we actually live together 3) Health insurance with my spouse as the beneficiary (through both my current job, and my previous job) 4) Dental insurance with my spouse as the beneficiary (through both my current job, and my previous job) 5) Eye/Vision insurance with my spouse as the beneficiary (through both my current job, and my previous job) 6) Life insurance with my spouse as the beneficiary (through both my current job, and my previous job) 7) My car insurance with my spouse 8) Affidavit from my best friend who knows all our relationship and marriage 9) Joint tax return from the past two years -Question: When I tried downloading the tax transcript from IRS website, I noticed that it doesn't have my spouse's name. It only shows his last 4 digit social. Does this still work as joint tax return proof? 10) Photos from our wedding, family gathering like Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and random occasions, and our dates. 11) Texts between us, and between me and his family members, in the past few years 12) Marriage certificate 13) Emergency contact list Do you think this is enough? Since we dont have a joint bank account, I am a little concerned. Also, do we need to submit the original documents? or can we just submit photocopies of them?
  13. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  14. Hi everyone, I have an important question and will be glad if I can receive answers to it. My status changed to New Card in production in July 19 and after 3 days, it changed to Case approved. My case has been almost 17 months from the time I filed for the I-751. My question is, till today being August 3rd, no other status change of card being mailed to me although I have received my approval letter. Does anyone know how long it will take for me to get my New Card in the mail. CSC , thanks
  15. Hello, My two year conditional Green Card expired on 3/29/2019. I filed form I-751 in January 2019, and soon after received the 18 months extension. That extension is scheduled to expire on Tuesday September 29th 2020. As of 2/11/2020, the I-751 itself has been transferred to the NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER, P.O. BOX 648005, Lee's Summit, MO 64064. I live in Los Angeles, CA. On December 30th 2020, I filed my N-400 application online. I had my biometrics apt in January 2020. As of now, through my.uscis.gov, I can see that: - My N-400 has the following "Estimated case completion time: October 2020 (3 months)" - My I-751 - which I printed and FedExed to a USCIS Lockbox - just shows that "We received your Case" What can I expect come Wednesday September 30th 2020? I currently have a full time job. Would I be able to keep working? Need I ask USCIS for an additional extension? Any information wold be greatly appreciated. Best, Ed.
  16. Hello, Can we know ourselves, and track all our progress through this process here please. Only Non transferred cases please, which means your Center has to be YSC/POTOMAC originally. Let me start with mine: Filed on the 29th of June, 2019 Delivered and signed for on the 1st of July NOA/Extension on the 7th of July Biometrics & Biometrics status update on the 24th of October Still waiting ever since for progress 🙏
  17. Hey everyone, I had a good look around for an answer to this but couldn't see anything concrete (not that there's often a totally clear yes or no a lot of the time!) I'm filing my I-751 today. The window opened yesterday but I wanted to wait a day, just in case. The last thing I had to do this morning was write out the check and head to the post office. Our checks are in my wife's (USC) old name, with an old address. I know this is probably fine, but I got into my head and decided to go to our bank to get a cashiers check made out instead. It cost me $10 (!) and it doesn't include my address or my signature, as described on the USCIS Filing instructions. I'm wondering if this will be an issue. Am I able, and do I need to write on the cashiers check to add my address and phone number? Or should I scrap it and use my wife's old checks (the money comes from our joint account) and if so, do I need to cross out her name and address and update them on the check? Super appreciate any help you can spare. Thanks.
  18. Hi everyone, My status changed 7/10/2020. USCIS requested for more evidences. I am still waiting to get the letter from USCIS. I would like to share my experiences, and I need to get some ideas to prepare for this. me and my ex-wife met in the university. She could speak my country language, and also she visited my country a few time so we were able to understand each other better. Specially she loved my country's food so I felt more comfortable with her. We dated for almost 3 years, and then we got married right after graduation. After we married , I filed I-485 so I could stay in America with her. We lived in a apartment together for a year, but we couldn't save money. Whatever we earned, mostly we spent them all for our expense such as rent, bills, student loan, etc. So we moved in her mother's home and planned to move out when we saved up enough money. We lived in there for about 2 years, but in this time, our relationship wasn't go well. Marriage was harder than what we thought.. so we decided to be separated. We hired the lawyer who could help us to file divorce and I-751 together. Here is what I submitted for I-751. Divorce Document Copy of Insurance Copy of Joint Bank Statement (we opened up this bank account only for saving and there are only two or three transaction histories since we opened up) Copy for Lease (we lived in her mother' home so her mother wrote a paper to prove me and my ex-wife lived in her home. We had submitted a previous house contract before when we filed I-485.) Pictures Copy of Joint Tax (2 years) Copy of mail received (I submit them all I have but not much because I usually get some letters from the chase bank and something for commercial reasons, and also I submitted some of them when I filed I-485) Affidavits (2 from my Friends and 2 from my Family) Flight Ticket (when we visited my country for travel) a few letters we wrote to each others This is all I could prove when I filed I-751.. I don't know yet what exactly they asked for, but this is all I could provide to them. We used to have a joint credit card and we made this credit card to build up our credit scores. I was under her name and I asked her to get the credit card statement, but she didn't want to. Her mother let us to use her mother's car so we didn't have any car related documents. What else can I provide to them?? Maybe I was thinking printing out of our text messages since we are dating. Thank you for reading my experience. Please give me some advice.
  19. Hi all, I know it's a week away from July, though due to some hold ups at my end, I won't be filing my I-751 ROC until the very beginning of July. My conditional Green Card expires at the beginning of August and I could have filed back in May. Well, had we not been away from home until mid June and dealing with all manner of other things (a fractured Achilles Tendon being one of them!) I would have been on the case quicker. I've already completed the I-751 PDF, so other than being signed and dated, that's ready to go. What is taking a while is getting all the evidence together. I did manage to put certain things to one side since the date that we were married in view of the ROC, though there is still much I feel I need to find. Reading the USCIS guidelines it seemed pretty simple and it didn't appear that a huge amount of evidence is required. Then I read through this ROC section of the forum and saw some of the packages people had sent - how much stuff were they sending?!!! Got me all nervous when I started looking at how little I appeared to have. However, I have been gathering various items and already the "pack" is thickening up. I will be glad to get the pack completed and sent so that everything is back in the system so to speak. Then it will be a waiting game again. Those memories of the K1 visa and Adjustment of Status come flooding back! Good luck to all July 2018 filers. May your journey be smooth and timely, and that you'll very soon have your conditions removed. Let the July 2018 games begin!
  20. Our paper work got send back with a rejection notice telling it was rejected because we filed before the 90 day mark. I think the documents were scanned into the system because there is a printed writting at the bottom of every document. Can i send the same documents again? They send back the Money Order too, can I use the same MO again??
  21. Hi, Want to find out if anyone in NJ has gotten an interview for I-751 since the field offices reopened. My wife's case status has been unchanged since early April. USCIS stated our case is ready to schedule for interview and that they will send out a notice but haven't gotten any notice in the mail. When COVID hit and the state in shutdown, our thinking was let's just wait and fully expecting everything to be delayed. We'd go on the site everyday to see check for status but nothing changed. And now there are news of USCIS furloughing staff due to budget issues. The extension letter expires in Nov. We applied in Feb 2019. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. -JK2019
  22. Hi everyone, since USCIS reopened, there are lots of questions and uncertainties among immigration applicants. I'm posting my ROC case history ( I got my interview cancelled - rescheduled - cancelled again ) until I finally received my ten years green card on July 1st. Hoping this experience will give hope for you who are still waiting. Note that I didn't apply for N-400.
  23. Hello, My immigration lawyer assisted with i-751 filing in January 2018. This was an early filing as my 2-year green card expired in September 2018. Lawyer explained the battered spouse waiver permits early filing. Submitted a 9-page personal statement on the emotional, psychological, and financial control and cruelty I experienced from the now ex-husband. Together with letter from counselor at a domestic violence service provider, psychiatrist diagnosis of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, 4 separate police reports, and 6 affidavits from friends supporting the marriage and the subsequent abuse. 19 months later, I received RFE from USCIS stating: 1) my personal statement was credible; 2) insufficient evidence of battered spouse; 3) I need to submit further evidence such as medical reports, photographs of injuries sustained from U.S. Citizen Spouse, and personal statement as well as affidavits from others supporting that I suffered as a battered spouse; 4) no mention of bona fide proof of marriage. The problem is the abuse never became physical. Had I stayed longer, it very well could have become physical. That is besides the point. It has been challenging to manage my emotions since the receipt of this RFE because A: I am reminded of the abuse that I have started to slowly heal from; and B: my immigration lawyer has been on vacation for the past 2.5 weeks. The deadline to submit additional evidence is in 7 weeks. Questions: 1. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Could you please share your experience in terms of what further evidence can be submitted? 2. The marriage has ended in February 2018 with a divorce. I understand should the current i-751 ultimately be denied, I can re-apply with a divorce waiver. Should I re-apply now or proceed with the current filing? 3. Should the current filing ends up in removal proceedings, will I have the opportunity to request in front of an immigration judge to consider my case for a divorce waiver? 4. Since there was no mention of additional evidence requests in the RFE, does that mean USCIS has determined that I submitted sufficient evidence that the marriage was in good faith? My ex-husband did not allow for my name be added to his accounts, instead he asked me to write him checks each month when I got paid. Also, we purchased a co-op apartment together (in both our names), and filed taxes together for 2 years. Much appreciated.
  24. Timeline Dec 2018 - submitted I751 to remove conditions on green card and received 18 months extension Jan 2019 - Biometrics Jan 2020 - Ready to schedule an interview No update after that. April, May 2020 - multiple calls to USCIS to get an infopass appointment, but they asked me to wait until last week of the expiration. June 2020 - Extension letter expired After it was expired, USCIS say due to covid19, only emergency appointments are allowed and a medical reason (surgery, death or similar), new employment offer or a employee termination letter will serve as an emergency that will allow to schedule an infopass appointment for ADIT stamping. Recently, my disaster loan was denied because the small business administration couldn't verify me as a qualified alien. Due to covid19, business is very slow and it is very important for me to get the loan to keep my business afloat. Tier 2 is going to call me this week and I want to know if mortgage denial letter from sba.gov is sufficient to qualify for an infopass appointment. (not important) - Also, I'm eligible for N400 naturalization. I'm planning to submit N400 while I751 is also in process. Will there be any affect on either of it if I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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