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  1. Hello, Anyone had their I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center in Lee Summit, MO without filing N-400? The letter says the case was transferred for a standard processing. No RFE or interview mentioned. Can anyone tell me what to expect?! Totally losing sleep here. 😒
  2. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  3. Hi all. Here comes the wall of stupid text. Our ROC window opens on June 1. I work remotely for a software company and make over 5 times more than my husband on his good year - he works part-time bar and driving jobs. Plus, we moved across the country a few months ago, and while I continued working for the same company, it took him some time to find a job. That means that rent and loans come out of my paycheck. I don't really know how a joint account would make sense in that situation, but we can definitely open one, or I can add him to one of my credit card accounts with his own card. Do you think it makes sense opening a joint account at like a credit union, or can we just get a card for him with one of my accounts? Adding him as an authorized used for my primary credit card account is not an issue, I'll probably do that anyway now (although he's against that), and those cards could be used for groceries and gas. But with the majority of my paycheck going towards rent, bills and loans (which are in my name because of my income and credit) I don't even know how much I would be able to transfer to a joint bank account that it would mean anything. How does a joint bank account work? I have my checking for my direct deposit, and he has his own checking for his direct deposit. Would we need to change that? Or should I just dump the rent monies into that account and then write a check from it? (This could be difficult because transferring money between banks takes time and my rent is considered late the day after I get paid. My only hope here is that the landlord takes a couple of days to cash the checks.) All other bills and loans that I pay are in my name, so I don't know if paying them from a joint account makes sense. Another thing is that he has a few accounts in collections and a delinquent student loan - the latter means that IRS takes his refunds. For that reason we file as "married filing separately", because my refund helps us cover some bills, and in 2017 it actually paid the AOS fees. Can we just explain the student loan thing in the cover letter, or do we have to file jointly and file form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation)? Other than that: β€’ we got both our names on the lease β€’ one of the cars has both our names on the title β€’ we have the same insurance policy for both cars (with both of us listed as drivers for each, but the policy is in my name) β€’ he's on my health insurance β€’ I will work with the notary to draw a power of attorney for each of us β€’ Our apartment community just changed hands and the new owners can now add my husband's name to the utilities bill I also have him as a beneficiary of my checking and savings, and of my Acorns Later (IRA). Not sure if it would be possible to get some sort of official proof of the beneficiary thing though. I also reached out to the electricity provider and asked if they can add my husband to the account. I have Spotify Family for the two of us, but I doubt that would count, and how to prove it Oh! I also have him listed as associate with AAA but no official way of proving that (our cards have different numbers on them). We each have our own cell service plans with different providers (he likes to change providers, and it kinda helps being on different networks when we are somewhere with poor coverage). I know this is not a neat list that people usually post I'm mostly worried how much the separate tax returns and the absence of a joint bank account will matter.
  4. Hello , I did not see a thread for I-751 October 2017 filers so thought of creating a new one. I sent out my package on Oct 2, now waiting to get NOA. Good Luck Everyone!
  5. Just mailed our I-751 package to CSC this morning! Used a USPS Priority Flat Rate box and it should reach Laguna Niguel by Wednesday. Was eligible to submit my petition since February 12th and finally got around to it. Looking forward to hearing from other April filers!
  6. My situation is a bit unusual. I found a couple of posts here for people going through something similar but not exactly the same, that's why I'm starting a new post. Here is the story: I filed I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence in January 2018. I received an I-797 Notice of Action which extends my conditional resident status for an additional 18 months. My conditional green card (permanent resident card) expired in March 2018. I lost my wallet with the expired conditional green card in it last month. So now, I have the I-797 Notice of Action documents that extend my conditional permanent residency status but I do not have the expired conditional green card itself (The physical, original card itself). Now, I'm eligible to submit my N-400, Application for Naturalization to get my citizenship Now, given the above context, here are my questions: What happens if the N-400 application is approved, the biometrics and interview are done, and it's the oath ceremony when I'm supposed to be getting my naturalization certificate, but by that time, I still don't have my 10-year green card and I don't have my old expired green card? I read somewhere that they wouldn't give me my naturalization certificate if I don't hand them my green card on that day! Should I file an I-90 application? Does it even apply for my case? I already have an I-751 going. Also, does it even work to file an I-90 to replace a lost green card that also happens to be expired? I'd really appreciate your input here. Thank you!
  7. I was wondering if I can just include the first page of our joint bank statement or do I have to include the whole statement including expenses/deposits?
  8. I didn't see a August 2018 I-751 topic so I thought I'd start one. Preparing to send mine in less than a week! It might be quite a number of pages... Anyone else filing in August 2018 and is getting their packet ready?
  9. This is a question for the I-751/N-400 combo filers from Chicago, it seems like in Chicago there isn't a combo interview for your I-751 and N-400. From the looks of it or at least from reading 2-3 online experiences, it seems like you first have a N-400 interview, then an I-751 joint interview followed by another N-400 where you are finally approved . This seems to be causing significant delays as opposed to waiting out for the I-751 approval and then applying for the N-400.Perhaps I am getting the timelines wrong, but can anyone from Chicago who applied for their N-400 while their I-751 was pending share their experiences ?
  10. I just got the RFE letter today. I honestly don't know how to do this now. Is this necessary to hire a lawyer at this point? I feel like it is getting serious now. I am leaving for China in about 2 wks, back on March 2. My response must be received by April 8, 2019. If I submit it after I come back from China, is that too late for that? It mentioned that "the time period does not cover the entire life span of your marriage ". So I need to submit those documents that were mentioned in the letter from the December 2014 until today??? Serious??? Pls, give me some suggestions.
  11. Hi all, I know it's a week away from July, though due to some hold ups at my end, I won't be filing my I-751 ROC until the very beginning of July. My conditional Green Card expires at the beginning of August and I could have filed back in May. Well, had we not been away from home until mid June and dealing with all manner of other things (a fractured Achilles Tendon being one of them!) I would have been on the case quicker. I've already completed the I-751 PDF, so other than being signed and dated, that's ready to go. What is taking a while is getting all the evidence together. I did manage to put certain things to one side since the date that we were married in view of the ROC, though there is still much I feel I need to find. Reading the USCIS guidelines it seemed pretty simple and it didn't appear that a huge amount of evidence is required. Then I read through this ROC section of the forum and saw some of the packages people had sent - how much stuff were they sending?!!! Got me all nervous when I started looking at how little I appeared to have. However, I have been gathering various items and already the "pack" is thickening up. I will be glad to get the pack completed and sent so that everything is back in the system so to speak. Then it will be a waiting game again. Those memories of the K1 visa and Adjustment of Status come flooding back! Good luck to all July 2018 filers. May your journey be smooth and timely, and that you'll very soon have your conditions removed. Let the July 2018 games begin!
  12. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  13. Hello! I apologise if this has been answered a million times before but I am not great at this and can't work out how to search for it... I started my ROC in April 2017 and filed with a waiver as my ex and I were divorced at the end of 2016 and are no longer on speaking terms. I have since then changed my name legally and I would rather not have my married name on my CG (if I am approved of course). I have heard that having a GC reissued costs a lot of money and I don't want a constant reminder of my not-so-great marriage every time I look at it. I have tried so many times to get an infopass appointment, even trying at midnight as it worked for me once before but I just can't seem to get an appointment. I am CSC so I have probably another 5 months of waiting until I hear anything but I'd love to get it out of the way if possible. If you have advice or if you can point me towards a thread that can advise, I will be so grateful. Thanks so much in advance!!
  14. Hi all, I submitted my petition to remove conditions on my Green Card back in October. I received notice to attend Biometric's and attended etc. I received my I-797 Notice of Action confirming my Green card had been extended by 18 months on 11/10/18 . The issue is, the Receipt number (top left of I-797, beginning EAC) when I try to track the case status gives me a Validation Error. I assumed that this document would allow me to track my case but maybe I'm missing something? Is this how people have historically tracked the progress of their I-751 and I should call USCIS, any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  15. We will be mailing our ROC package next Monday, March 5th; been eligible since Feb 5th, I was waiting for our tax return which I got today. Happy 2018 to all and best of luck to us on our journey. **** I did not see a March 2018 thread, if there's one please merge ***** Please copy and complete the latest version of this table. VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” Vermont Service Center (1 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€” β€”/β€”/β€”
  16. Could not find a thread for October filers, so thought I'd create one. After much delay, finally dispatched my I-751 packet today to the Vermont Service Center. Expected to reach there on Monday, October 3, 2016. Now the wait begins.
  17. I enlisted in August 2017 and it has been a real mess so far. I have been given so many ship dates that were all cancelled because my background investigation wasn't complete. I received a call from my recruiter about 10 days ago telling me that my background investigation was adjudicated and I was good to go this March 20th, then called me back literally a couple minutes later informing that I am not shipping and that there are about 20 other GC holders in the region who are also on hold. I understand that the country is being extra cautious with people joining the military, but my husband and I are getting aggravated with the poor communication. Here's my timeline: August 2017: Got sworn in November 7th 2017: 1st ship date November 13th: 2nd ship date given (no explanation) December 20th: 3rd ship date (reason: clearance not completed) March 20th: 4th ship date (clearance completed, reason: unknown) Here's is the link to the DoD policy change: https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1342430/dod-announces-policies-affecting-foreign-nationals-entering-military/ If you were also affected or know more about this, please let us know.
  18. Hi everyone, Just wondering if I need to notarize the photocopies of the documents needed. Things like our son's birth certificate, bank statements, tax return, etc.
  19. I have been following VJ off and on in last 2 years. I filled my I 751 divorced waiver in Aug 2016, received NOA after 5 days and received fingerprinting appointment after approx. 2 months. I was unable to check my status online it didn't recognize my receipt number. I received a letter from local USCIS office on March 23rd for an interview. I had an interview on April 25th, 2018. My interview officer checked my documents asked some questions and at the end, he said I am going to approve your application. On May 1st, 2018 my status on USCIS website updated with "New card is Being Produced". On May 3rd it changed it to New office has Jurisdiction. I freaked out and called my lawyer and he called USCIS office and told me that your case is approved don't worry about online status as they transfer my case to national benefits center. I got a letter in the mail it says that congratulations! we approved your application and you will get your green card within 60 days. after that I also receive a letter that my case was to transferred to NBC. After 21 days of my interview, i received my green card in the mail. Tips to prepare I 751 divorce application write a very good letter and get a lawyer to help you in this process. I took screenshots of my text msgs between me and my ex-wife I also received RFE and I already submitted all evidence so I attached one more letter of support and sent all evidence again. Attached 11 letter of support as I didn't have a joint lease and joint insurance. Interview experience: IO was really good he asked me about all the pictures and wrote it down about the event and when we took this picture. He asked my about my bank statement and asked the reason why we decided to get divorced. My lawyer went with me for an interview. Most important point is true information if your case based on reality and facts then you should not be fear of anything. A good lawyer is very helpful. I just wanted to share my journey with you guys especially those who are waiting and good luck!
  20. Hi everyone, is it true or has anyone experienced this. I've heard they stopped doing RFE. So if you are missing items or they need more documents they are canceling it and you'd have to start again and pay that fee.... but I'm not sure. Anyone know about that or experienced that?
  21. My husband file a I-90 instead of the I-751 within the 90 days in March 2017 in order replace ny green card on a CR1 visa entry. I did the Biometrics in May and in November USCIS asked for a copy of the green card. Every month later we received an email stating USCIS is still reviewing our case. It is only by the USCIS Denial letter of December, 2018 that we realized that I was supposed to submit Form I-751 for the Replacement. Preparing to file the I-751 as soon as possible with an explanation letter of my 17 month expired green card but as I see it, a mistake like this is not consider a "good cause". We have a 10 year old child (IR2 10 year visa) that joined us 3 years ago from Vietnam from my previous marriage. Any advice? Thank you H.
  22. Good evening everyone , Wish you all Merry Christmas !!! Gearing up to send our joint I-751 ... excited and worrying is the mode ..... would be great to hear from you . your take on our list ( brief story I'm Egyptian. and my wife american. she is younger than me. we lived almost year and half in egypt before we moved to USA after i got my CR1. my wife does not work) Egyptian Marriage certificate (Translated) >>>2015,2016,2017 Joint Tax >>>Housing Cairo, Egpyt Apartment Joint lease ( translated) Cairo copy of utilities bills both in our names (translated ) USA APT#1 Joint Lease + utilities bills both in our names APT# 1 Joint renter insurance USA APT#2 Joint Lease + utilities bills both in our names APT# 2 Joint renter insurance Approved mortgage Loan to buy House . Joint NEW house contract. Joint Home owner insurance. Joint Utilities Bills for new House. >>> Joint car Lease. Joint Car insurance. >> banks 4 joint credit cards + statements 1 egyptian joint bank 3 Joint usa checking bank accounts + statement Joint brokerage account statement. shared FSA account >>>Health care healthcare through my company in egypt (copy of cards +payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care through my USA company #1 ( copy of Cards + payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care through my USA company #2 ( copy of Cards + payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care bills in both our names using my company services . >>Life insurance Copy of policy in Egypt and wife is 100% beneficiary ( policy still active) Copy of policy in USA and wife is 100% beneficiary ( policy still active) Copy of my company life insurance policy wife is 100% beneficiary Copy of my wife resident visa in egypt Retirement 401k account wife is 100% beneficiary My Wife IRA account and me as 100% beneficiary Shared family plan cell service ( my in laws , my wife , and me ) +bills Co-sign Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) for my wife Student loan Affidavit from my in laws and my father Pictures since we meet and wedding , and of our life in USA meeting all of my wife family and two visits of my dad . we still thinking to power of attorney and will? any advice on those... we are worried list is not enough thank you
  23. Hello everyone, -Using Google Chrome the I-751 PDF form downloaded from USCIS.gov is not letting me type in anything in the Physical address 17.a -Using an up to date version of Adobe reader the app is not letting me use any characters like / or . It says "enter alpha characters only" Did anyone face the same problem? I really prefer not to handwrite my Form. Thank you
  24. Hi. My temporary green card was expired on AUG 2018 and I went to a local USCIS office to get a stamp and got 1 year additional. ( My previous Green card was taken by an officer). A few days later, I got a letter from the USCIS that extends 1year and half of extension of my conditional resident which has to be along with my previous green card. But the issues are, 1. I don't have the previous green card that can have 1year and half extended time( the stamp on my passport will be expired 8 months earlier than the letter approved) 2. I also got a letter from USCIS that requires additional documents which evidence good faith of my marriage. My question is 1. How I can use the allowed 1year and half extended time without a previous green card? 2. Can I get another stamp on my passport if I can't get a permanent resident card within expired date on my stamp which is July 2019.( I just submitted additional documents) Please help
  25. Hey there, So after having filed my I751 waiver with the help of a rather expensive lawyer, I received an interview notice. Overall, the marriage was very short, due to my wife being mentally unstable and abusive. I'm not going into details, unless there's specific interest for it - but let's just say she threw me in a world of turmoil and pain. So I didn't' have the average laundry list of evidence, but with the advise of my lawyer I wrote a lengthy statement outlining the entirety of the relationship. A bit more to that later. No to the interview. I got there without my lawyer (I had in the meantime to another city and having him travel would have caused astronomical costs), but was fairly confident. This changed very quickly. The officer conducted the interview in a manner that couldn't have been further from what I expected, there was pretty much no opportunity for me to establish the narrative of how the relationship developed. The few times I brought it up, one specific example of emotional abuse I brought up in my statement, it was pretty much doubted and almost ridiculed ("so you are saying she reprimanded you like a little child and gave you silent treatment. How does that work? Did she reprimand you or was she silent? That doesn't make any sense to me." It was these situations that completely shocked me and turned me into pretty much a bumbling mess. There was no possibility to give an insight into the nature of the relationship, it was mostly just money etc he was interested in... which don't give a good understanding of the situation - especially in cases such as mine. My father had sent us money to support us in the beginning (I didn't have an EAD yet, so many often was tight). When I went back to Europe for a while to visit my family, my father was severely ill, he had two questions about the timeframe. First he seemed to doubt that I would go visit my gravely ill father, while I had someone that I called "the woman of my dreams" on a different continent. WHile I was visiting my family, my wife became increasingly cruel over the phone. I wasn't earning for days etc and one night had a nervous breakdown. I attached a letter from the hospital stating that my state was due to a very stressful and potentially abusive relationship I was in. His comment was that this breakdown could have well been due to my father's illness and not my wife. I was just speechless. I'm unsure if he didn't read the letter or if he did this on purpose. Another point he brought up was that I had sent several thousand dollars to my wife via our shared bank account (that I could barely remember). He was asking me how it was possible for me to have savings like that, yet my father was still sending us smaller, regular amounts previously. He said that didn't make any sense to him. At some point he went to the very back of the application and asked if I was in the military, which I confirmed. No follow up questions to that. The interview went really bad. He was pretty much telling all the time that all this wasn't convincing, "what would you say if you looked at this" etc. I was just terrified. At the very end he asked me if there was anything I'd like to add, to which I resaponded If it could be something on a more personal note. He said yes. At this point I got a bit emotional, pretty much told him that yes, I made a lot of mistakes. And that I know that all my submissions look like a mess, because they are the result of a very messy relationship. And that I had a stable life in Germany. To this he asked "so why don't or didn't you go back". I answered that I honestly thought about this quite a few times, but that I have found a person i deeply love and want to fix this mess on my own so we could have a good start. I told him that I had moved down here for her, after she had moved for her job. Mentioning this seemed to really interest him, as he took a note of her name and her job. What was weird was that in the very end he seemed to have softened just a tad bit, almost unnoticeably. And he then said: "Listen, I will review your file later today and will then either approve it or not, in which case you will have the opportunity to go in front of a judge." I didn't expect this, as he was VERY negative and stand-offish. How long should it take for me to know the result (online and mail), assuming he made a decision yesterday? What do you guys think overall? Am I catastrophizing, is there still a chance that it might get approved? Thank you, any discussion would be appreciated, as I am very stressed about it.