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  1. Hello, I was messed up to hire wrong lawyer. I prepared the a-lot of evidence for i-751, but he submitted the my application (without filling out the spouse information) he insisted that I am self-petioner, so I don't need to put the spouse information on I-751 form. I already posted question here on Jan, 2022. at that time, I argue with lawyer about this matter. He only fill out that page and submitted to the USCIS on Jan, 2022. Finally, my status updated to Request for Additional evidence. I have not received the letter yet, but I want to have question about Request for additional evidence. For my research, 1. what is difference between request for additional evidence and request for evidence(RFE)? request for additional evidence is much better sign than request for evidence? I already submitted all documents that I have. car loan, car title, join bank statement, join filing tax for 1 year, we always used the our joint bank statement. 2. contents for updated status is that they said on July 15, 2022, we sent a request for additional evidence for your Form I-751. the request for evidence explains what we need from you. we will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Do you guys think they request the missing information on the form (spouse information)? otherwise, what is the possible additional information they will request? My lawyer submitted the missing information on I-751 form later, so they might have corrected i-751 form? I hope they only request i-751 form that I am missing. I double check every information, but I regret that I believe him for filling out the i-751 form. The reason why I hired the lawyer because of form. especially, my spouse left united state because she is dual citizen from canada and us. she signed the divorce paper in Canada and send me the form to me. they have the same format for Request for additional evidence? or they have the different format for request for additional evidence depend on case. I am so panic what they will request soon. Do i just give up my case? how long I have to submit the document after I receive the evidence. if I can't provide additional evidence on time, they might process my case based on previous evidence. Is it higher possibility that my case will be denied? Please help..
  2. Hi, my husband applied for I-751 last year and received a 24month extension letter. My question is: is he eligible to apply for citizenship this August? Green card expired on Nov 2021. So he’ll be 3 years living here this year. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Can we know ourselves, and track all our progress through this process here please. Only Non transferred cases please, which means your Center has to be YSC/POTOMAC originally. Let me start with mine: Filed on the 29th of June, 2019 Delivered and signed for on the 1st of July NOA/Extension on the 7th of July Biometrics & Biometrics status update on the 24th of October Still waiting ever since for progress 🙏
  4. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 👆👆👆
  5. Hi August 2022 Filers, Hope you all are doing good. It is hot out here in Texas. I will be sending my packet on or during second week of August this year. I wanted to touch base on what are some of the important documents that you have gathered, that we must include in our I-751 packet? Similarly, I will be sending my packet from Dallas, TX. I was wondering which service center my packet is most likely to land into? Appreciate your input, Thanks!
  6. I put my I-751 packet in the mail this week and realized last night that I forgot to include a copy of my conditional green card. I am still beating myself up about it. We put the form and all supporting documents together and went over everything so many times, and somehow still missed one of the most important items. Should I wait for the RFE? Should I send it in now with another cover letter? So afraid that they will reject it altogether and we will lose the application fee.
  7. I need advice. I just received a RFE for my I-751 and they need more proof for a bonafide marriage. My problem is we have never had joint utilities EVER. Any and all bills have been in my husband's name because the companies we were with wouldn't allow more than one person to be on the account. When we bought our house last year we just transferred the address for all of our utilities. I don't drive so I don't have a driving licence/insurance, we have no health insurance not since October 2019, we don't have a will or life insurance. Our home we bought we've been renting out since June to avoid foreclosure and have since been living with my husbands dad. They said the birth certificate wasn't valid that I sent for our daughter (the one we were gave at the hospital). Money has been so tight that we weren't able to apply for her birth certificate online (I've just now ordered it to send as evidence). Also,i haven't worked since I moved here. When I received my green card I found out I was pregnant 2 months later, my daughter has just turned 1 and I'm a stay at home mum, so I have never dealt with the finances or had any policies taken out by me. All I can send is bank statements from 2018 when we got married to now. Our daughters official birth certificate. Affidavits from our family. Apartment leases from before we bought the house (which we've provided before). Also a letter explaining the above and why we don't have joint utilities etc. I provided in the initial pack; Hospital Birth certificate for our daughter Discharge instructions for me from the hospital Vet Bill's (were only in my name but listed our current address) Joint Bank Statements from Feb 2020 to current Closing documents for our house and insurance Lease agreement for our tenants with us listed as landlords Photo's it's not a lot but it's all we had and im so scared that providing the little additional evidence we have isn't going to be enough. I can't be seperated from my daughter or husband, it's making me sick to my stomach.
  8. Hi guys! So I had my interview today for n-400. Everything went well. After the interview, the officer said I was very passable but he is unable to make a decision as he does not have my pending I-751. He said my I-751 case is in Nebraska. He said he will request for it. He said two things will happen, either he will receive it and he can approve it, OR they may approve it in Nebraska. has this happened to anyone else? How long does it normally take? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi! I'm way ahead for ROC at the moment, I'm not due until October or so next year but I'd like to get ahead. I've already begun collecting some documents but at this moment would like some samples of what people have sent for their ROC as samples of showing co-mingling in their lives. This is what I have/will have collected for the package so far. -Joint bank accounts ✅ -Joint tax filing ✅ -Joint car insurance ✅ - Health insurance (not sure how to show this, but we're military so my coverage is under his name as sponsor) ✅ - Photos showing time spent together with family/together ✅ - Flight tickets together (Haven't flown a lot but at least 1 so far) ✅ - Joint bills with our names on them (water, electric, gas) ✅ - Possibly join credit cards (I am listed as the 2ndary user of ones he owns- don't have one of my own as of yet)✅ I've seen people mentioned affidavits may be included but is it required? I feel as though the proof above seems sufficient but if we were to need affidavits who would be best to obtain them from? Family members, friends, coworkers? Is there anything else anyone would recommend to add to the list? Not sure if applicable but I'm currently not working, so no paystubs or anything of my own. When/if I do find a job, would any kind of employment proof be necessary? I know it is more of a focus to show that the marriage is continuous and maintained and co-mingling, so I wasn't sure if my employment status mattered here. No children, we do have a pet though - and both our names are on the adoption paperwork. Thanks in advance! Also, do ROCs get their interview waivered if they had one for their conditional GC? I remember by IO telling me it may/may not be waived.
  10. Hey everyone. I had put up another post and I am so thankful everyone in this community is so helpful! I would like to share an edited version of Cover Letter we have and the evidence, to get some opinions, as we have been so stressed about making sure we have enough evidence before we send. It needs to be sent by 6th September but I want to get it sent asap, this week if possible. "Dear USCIS Officer: I am filing a joint Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, with my spouse. My wife entered the United States on a CR1 visa on September 6th 2020. We respectfully request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions on residence for Shannen. Please also find the following documents enclosed to verify the status of our marriage and ongoing relationship: Check for $680, including filing fee of $595 and biometric fee of $85. Form I-751 Form G-1145 Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back) Copy of our marriage certificate Copies of both of our Driver’s licenses/ID (front and back) Copy of apartment rental agreements with joint occupancy (2020-2022) Copies of the tax statements for the previous two years (2020 and 2021) Copies of Shannen's W2 forms Copy of Life Insurance showing that my wife as the beneficiary Copy of Rental insurance showing coverage for both myself and my wife Copy of our Car insurance certificate showing we are both insured Copy of our Health Insurance coverage for me and my wife. (2021-2022) Copy of new Health Insurance, showing both myself and my wife are insured under her job’s health insurance. (2022) Utility bills in my name and some in my wife’s name. Letter from State of Texas Department of Public Safety addressed to petitioner, to show proof of address Letter from Texas Toll addressed to me, to show proof of address Four sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen friends and family, attesting to our relationship and marriage -Name of father -Name of brother -Name of friend -Name of friend Birthday and anniversary cards we have written to each other since my wife moved to the U.S. Screenshots of our social media pages showing our ongoing marriage and relationship. Photographs include: -Our Wedding (August 2019) -Our Honeymoon to Universal Studios, Los Angeles (September 2019) -A vacation to see Shannen’s family in Ireland (August 2021) -Thanksgiving with my family (November 2021) -Our friend’s wedding (May 2022) -My wife Shannen’s birthday in (June 2022). I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and respectfully request your favorable adjudication of this petition." -We recently opened a joint bank account since we never really considered having one, we decided to just go ahead and open it but since it's recent, we don't have much to send away. Would we be best to explain why we hadn't set up a joint account until recently, or even send our own personal statements? -We have printed about 35 photos and written dates, locations and names on the back but I read something that they need to be printed on paper, would that be best? -Utilities are mostly either in his name or my name, as he was paying most of the bills, we hadn't considered that they would need to be in both names, so we hadn't adjusted it. Will this be an issue? We are open to suggestions and tips, please let us know if there is anything else that we should change or consider as we want to make sure we provide as much evidence as we can.
  11. I am in the process of preparing our ROC packet, which we will be filing next week (earliest date we can file is 10/31 so I am hoping to get it in the mail on Monday, 11/1). I figured I'd go ahead and start the November thread for anyone else who is in the same boat. As of right now, this is the list of evidence I am including in our packet: Letter from our bank stating the date my husband was added to the account (because our statements only show my name) All statements from that same bank account from the date we were married to present (shows direct deposits from both of our jobs and all marital bills paid from this account) Letter from Discover that shows we opened a joint savings account on July 28, 2020 All statements for that joint savings account Documentation that my husband is the beneficiary on my Roth IRA Our apartment leases from 2019, 2020, and 2021 (with both names) Water bills with both of our names Healthcare durable Power of Attorney for each of us, appointing the other Several official letters we have received with both names (such as IRS notices and the letters from the White House about stimulus checks) 2 verification of insurance letters from Progressive that show both of our names as drivers and lists both vehicles Emergency contact list from my work that shows my husband as my emergency contact Screenshot of our Verizon account that shows both names and phone numbers Membership agreement from Planet Fitness that I gifted my husband (shows his name as the member but my name and bank info for payment) Tax transcripts for 2019 and 2020 Documentation of 4 vacations we took in 2020 and 2021 8 photos of us ranging from Nov. 2019 to July 2021 Joint credit card statements from May 2019 to present Documentation that he is an authorized user on another credit card (his name isn't listed on the statements) Also we just refinanced his vehicle in both of our names so I will add that documentation in if I get it in hand before I send the packet off. I do have a couple of questions, if anyone has input. How many water bills should I include? I have every monthly bill from May 2020 through October 2021, except for 2. I don't know if I should throw them all in or not. As of now, I have not included some documentation that was provided in our AOS packet (or at the interview). Examples include photos that were already provided and documentation of trips already provided. For more context, we were married in May 2019 and our AOS interview was December 2019. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. And good luck to anyone that plans to file in November
  12. Choose... Hi all, Please suggest. I was married and filed JOINT petition for I-751 ROC in October 2021 . But my wife and I didn't get along and we filed for divorce in Feb 2022. Divorce hearing happen on April 2022 and divorce was finalized. I am expecting to receive the Divorce Decree by the end of August 31st, 2022. Now I want to convert my Joint I-751 to WAIVER based application. I am planning to send the I-751 waiver request letter to USCIS. I believe they will issue the RFE and I will have the Divorce decree in hand by that time. Does anyone has the I-751 Waiver Letter format or what should be the content of the letter or what information should be included in it? Married with USC: April 4, 2020 Conditional GC approved after Interview: Dec 5 2020 JOINT application for I-751 ROC filed : Sept , 2021 Biometrics applied : Oct, 2021 Divorce hearing : April 2022 Expected date of receiving Divorce Decree: August 31, 2022
  13. Hi All, Starting a thread for Aug 2020 I-751 Filers. I sent my package in today, but I doubt USCIS will receive, accept and process my documentation before early next week. Let the discussions/emotions/arguments/debates/consolations begin See my signature for my timeline, and fire away... This was my submission package
  14. Hello everyone, My wife's i-751 ROC was filed on Sept 13, 2021 and it was approved two weeks ago on 6/10/2022 (Card in production update). On 6/15/2022, we received I-797 Notice of Action in the mail (Approval of request to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status). According USCIS case tracker, the card was picked up on 6/16/2022 by USPS. We were provided USPS priority mail tracking. Due to Juneteenth holiday, it showed delivery date of 6/21. We did not receive the card. USPS online tracking status shows "In Transit, Arriving late". We have contacted USPS and opened up a case. They contacted us yesterday, confirming the shipment made it to Los Angeles International Distribution Center and no update since then. We get priority mail packages quite a bit and noticed that all of our packages usually go to Los Angeles Network Distribution Center (which is a different distribution center that the one our card went to). USPS indicated all packages ship from distribution center to local post office in a truck and "There is nobody at the distribution center to call to acquire about this tracking". Normally we would wait for a few weeks before getting concerned and/or contacting USCIS. However, we have a pending trip to UK in a few weeks. My wife still has the original expired 2 year GC and 24 months extension (expires in Dec 2023) plus the new I-797 NOA indicating final approval and removal of condition. I know we can use expired GC and 24 months extension letter to board the plane back to US. My question is....would there be an issue upon arrival in the US with CBP if we do NOT have 10 year GC by that time? We are planning to have the following documents when arriving back in US: Wife's UK Passport Expired 2 year GC 24 Months extension I-797 NOA showing final approval and conditions being removed Thank you in advance for your responses.
  15. My husband was denied boarding yesterday at Heathrow Airport in the UK because of an expired Green Card that we thought he could travel on because of having an I-797 notice of Action for the I-751. He went back for 14 days to help with family. I am not with him. We have been married almost 5 years and have been waiting on the green card conditions to be removed. We got a requests for additional evidence in January 2022. Submitted all documentation on February 10th 2022. We've received four transfer notices and the latest is an email saying they are sending out a notice for date of interview. We know understand that we should have applied for an Info Pass. Everyone we've talked to at the airport said he should go to the US Embassy. He did that yesterday and was told they can't help him unless his been out of the country for more than a year. Doe anyone know what steps need to be taken. I spoke briefly to an attorney that said, gosh I hope he doesn't have to go through the whole visa process again!! (this forum was so valuable during our K1 visa process, that I thought to reach out to the brain power here!)
  16. Hello everyone, I am seeking some advice for my spouse and I. My spouse is a Japanese citizen holding a permanent residency card. We completed our i-130 and my spouse was granted her residency here in the United States 2-years ago. It is now time for us to submit a i-751 to remove conditions on her residency. Previously when we went through the i-130 process, while I was stationed in Japan, we answered "yes" on her i-130 in reference to "have you ever committed a crime...etc." This was also documented in her ds-260 that we were required to submit. My spouse was able to get her criminal record pulled from the local police office where we filed, but it was sealed, so we do not know if there is in fact any record of her crime. When she was 14 years old she was caught shoplifting, taken to the police station and questioned, then later released to her mother. To her knowledge, she never needed to pay a fine, nor was she charged for the crime. When we spoke to the counselor at her interview for her i-130, they accepted the documents of her criminal history and she was accepted. From my interpretation, in the directions (i-751) it states that she is required to provide documentation (again) on the incident. The document would require either my spouse traveling back to Japan and hand receiving the record, or requesting the record through the local embassy, which we were quoted at potentially taking up to 3 months to receive. I have called USCIS three separate times requesting more information, but it seems they are not allowed to answer whether or not she has to submit the criminal record again or not. Today I spoke with another USCIS representative and he suggested it possible that I provide a written statement of the situation and that we have already previously disclosed this and provided the criminal record for her i-130. She has not committed any crimes since gaining her residency (in her 2-year conditional period). As it stands I have written the letter that was recommended, and included it with her filing documents signed by both of us. My questions are; Does she in fact need to submit the same criminal record for the i-751, or is this stored in the USCIS database for reference? Does the question on form i-751 refer to the conditional 2-year period, or is it in fact "have you ever"?
  17. I'm sharing a recent experience with USCIS for others who may be feeling frustrated with the process to correct errors or any similar problem. My husband's I-751 was filed more than a year ago, and when the I-797 was received a couple of weeks later, with the initial 18 month extension, his name on the I-797 was not spelled correctly. It was a minor error, only one letter was wrong, so we figured he could correct it at the biometrics appointment, which happened in August of last year. At biometrics, he corrected the spelling on the form and told the person processing his case. They said they could not make the correction, which seemed strange. It seemed logical to me that the biometrics staff would see the error on the I-797 and biometrics letter, because the green card, passport, I-751, and driver's license are all correct, so why would they not simply make the correction when doing biometrics? The first attempt to fix this error after biometrics was via the online USCIS typographical error feature, which he did and then we waited. Nothing in reply. Months went by. The 24 month extension I-797 arrived and had the same name spelling error. Another typographical error request was submitted online in late April of this year. Again, no response. In late May we sent a letter to the Missouri Service Center, to the address listed on the I-797, requesting the name spelling correction, and included photocopies of both I-797s, the biometrics appointment letter, and green card. He also asked USCIS in the letter to link his I-751 case to his USCIS online account. Because of the spelling error, the I-751 documents and status were not linked to his account, even though the A numbers and date of birth on the I-751 and original CR-1 case were the same. All of this confirms the incompetence of USCIS, which seems to happen to many people. Yesterday, the USCIS case status showed "name was updated" for the I-751 receipt number. Finally something positive! We're hoping to receive a new extension letter soon with the corrected name because we are going to Canada for vacation in two weeks and don't want to have problems returning to the US because of the error. If the I-751 is not linked to his online USCIS account in the next few weeks, he will try to call and speak to a tier two officer. In the meantime, we are hoping for a waiver of the ROC interview based on the new guidance and our very strong ROC package (more than 500 pages of quality evidence). He will file for naturalization in August, at the 3-year mark of his entering the US as an LPR and living together as a married couple. Lesson learned in our case: sending USCIS a formal letter with documentation got a quick response and action while the online typographical error tool did nothing. Good luck everyone with this long, frustrating process!
  18. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  19. Timeline Dec 2018 - submitted I751 to remove conditions on green card and received 18 months extension Jan 2019 - Biometrics Jan 2020 - Ready to schedule an interview No update after that. April, May 2020 - multiple calls to USCIS to get an infopass appointment, but they asked me to wait until last week of the expiration. June 2020 - Extension letter expired After it was expired, USCIS say due to covid19, only emergency appointments are allowed and a medical reason (surgery, death or similar), new employment offer or a employee termination letter will serve as an emergency that will allow to schedule an infopass appointment for ADIT stamping. Recently, my disaster loan was denied because the small business administration couldn't verify me as a qualified alien. Due to covid19, business is very slow and it is very important for me to get the loan to keep my business afloat. Tier 2 is going to call me this week and I want to know if mortgage denial letter from sba.gov is sufficient to qualify for an infopass appointment. (not important) - Also, I'm eligible for N400 naturalization. I'm planning to submit N400 while I751 is also in process. Will there be any affect on either of it if I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  20. Creating this topic thread for all the March 2020 I-751 Removal of Conditions Filers
  21. My wife has not received her NOA for her I-751 and her GC expires on the 14th. She has to travel for work. What can we do??
  22. Hey guys! I filled ROC package in December, 2021 and got assigned to LIN! and they misspelled my last name on the I-797, notice of action, I recevied! The biometric form had the same mistake. I had my fingers taken though. I tried to ask the guy at the local office who took my fingers to change the error. He said it is systematic and I have to go through USCIS to change. I am 1000 % percent the mistake is by their side since I have kept a copy of my apllication. I filed a typo error report. It has been two months! Nothing has made change about my name on my I-797! so frustrated! I am worried my 10 year green card will come with wrong last name..... Any one in my situation? Please leave a comment if so! Thanks!
  23. My husband file a I-90 instead of the I-751 within the 90 days in March 2017 in order replace ny green card on a CR1 visa entry. I did the Biometrics in May and in November USCIS asked for a copy of the green card. Every month later we received an email stating USCIS is still reviewing our case. It is only by the USCIS Denial letter of December, 2018 that we realized that I was supposed to submit Form I-751 for the Replacement. Preparing to file the I-751 as soon as possible with an explanation letter of my 17 month expired green card but as I see it, a mistake like this is not consider a "good cause". We have a 10 year old child (IR2 10 year visa) that joined us 3 years ago from Vietnam from my previous marriage. Any advice? Thank you H.
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