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  1. I don't think it's the same for I-485 cases, i don't think there is any pattern related to the number of cases. Its because many type of visas fall under the family based i-485, it's also FO dependent. I don't think there's a way to know if a I-485 comes from a k1 visa or a overstay of a b1/b2 or immediate relative.
  2. Hi everyone! I received my GC in the mail 13 days after approval and 3 days after card produced. The mail just showed in my mail box, i didn't received any tracking code from uscis neither from usps (i have informed delivery). good luck to everyone who's still waiting🍀
  3. Finally today after 10 days I am about to receive the approval notice of my GC! they are taking their sweet time to produce the card and ship it
  4. thank you! this is our timeline: AOS noa1: 17th January 2024 Biometrics: 9th February 2024 RFIE: 14th March 2024 RFIE response: 19th March 2024 Approval I-485: 12th April 2024 No approval of the EAD/AP
  5. The problem is that my husband is going on this 9 days long work trip, i don't want to be alone in the house and i can't drive by myself yet (learner permit plus we are in a small town that doesn't have public transport) so i am going to stay with my in-laws who live 2h from us. I can try to ask to my MIL to take me to my house to grab it, technically I should get a tracking code to monitor the shipping. I don't really feel comfortable contacting USPS because they just did damages in the past 5 months and now it should be all good. If it takes more or around 3 weeks then is all good!
  6. I got a text message on the 11th saying that USCIS took actions on my case and the status changed on the 12th and on that date i also saw the approval notice in the doc tab. I hope to get it in the mail in the next two weeks cause i'll not be home from the end of the month to the start of May
  7. We just got our GC approved and I never had any update on the EAD/AP. Good luck everyone 🍀
  8. Of course! NVC timelines are fluctuating and Consulate appointments availability too. As far as I know scheduling the interview in Italy for a K1 visa is way faster than for CR1/IR1, also I know many people that requested to be transferred to the Italian consulate and on average it takes probably 2 weeks, and some people requested it directly at the NVC stage before receiving the case # (showing proof of citizenship/permanent residence). I can only speak about my experience and specific embassy, maybe other places are less efficient or have a higher volume of petitions. That's something that needs to be considered too.
  9. Hi! I recently obtained my Green Card through the K1 visa route, and as many have noted, it comes with its pros and cons. Personally, I have some reservations about choosing the K1 visa route, primarily because I filed early in 2022 when the average processing time exceeded 15 months. Nowadays, USCIS processes cases much faster, with an average wait time of 7-8 months. The embassy transfer process is relatively straightforward, particularly if you're transferring to the Italian embassy. Generally, interview slots are readily available. For instance, people are currently booking interviews for mid to late May without much difficulty. If your priority is to be together as soon as possible, I would recommend opting for the K1 route. Furthermore, Green Cards, Advance Parole (AP), and Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) are now processed swiftly for K1 visa holders. Many individuals receive their EAD or EAD+AP approvals shortly after biometrics. Regarding restrictions, such as obtaining a driver's license, it varies significantly by state. For example, I was able to obtain my driver's license in Texas without needing an EAD. However, I've heard that California and other states are more stringent in this regard.
  10. in my case my progress went from longer than expected to now 1 week for my I765, I don't have high expectations lol I indeed requested an expedite a month ago and yesterday I called costumer service and she said that a tier2 agent will call me back to make sure they'll handle the decision. She told me that usually the NBC takes between 7-10 to adjudicate expedite request, I wonder what's going on there lol I didn't even see the acceptance on the status of the case, I just see my referral code in my inbox. I am afraid I'll have to ask for an expedite for the AP too, because my grandma is in the hospital and probably she's not going to make it. all this process is extremely dumb and unfair, I don't understand how there are people getting the GC in 2 months and other people waiting 5+ months just for the EAD. I also don't understand how if all the EAD/AP are processed at the NBC but the majority of cali/chicago applicants get approved the same day of biometrics or a couple of days later, meanwhile I know some people form NC who are waiting since months and also here in Dallas, I know 2 more people who have Dallas as a local field office the are still waiting since months and one just got the EAD approved after almost 4 months
  11. At the end, the Request for Evidence (RFE) was regarding my Joint Sponsor's W2, as she files taxes jointly with her husband. Although I had read the instructions, we overlooked her tax return. I have successfully uploaded the RFE response online. Please refrain from spreading misinformation regarding IOE cases/e-files. It appears that your replies in other threads lack updated information
  12. Today I was finally able to see what the RFIE was about. It was about my joint sponsor W2s, my MIL fills for taxes jointly with my FIL so I had to provide a proof of just her salary. I was able to upload everything online with no problems. I saw the change of status online on the 14th, I had to wait until today to see it uploaded in my document tab online and it was also dated today.
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