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  1. Hello all, My spouse is scheduled to enter stateside shortly after obtaining her CR-1 visa. However, due to my upcoming move, she will be arriving at a new address (same state - NJ) and I was wondering what is the best way to document the same with the USCIS? I have used my current address across all forms and have requested the SSN, GC to be sent to my current address as well. I want to make sure the SSN and the GC dont get delayed due to this impending change. I read somewhere that a change can be requested at the port of entry (POE). Is that accurate? If yes, what additional details will I need to provide to the immigration officer? If no, do I have to submit an AR-11? Any other options that I need to consider? TIA for your timely assistance.
  2. Hi VJ🙂 I now this thread probably does exist but I just cant seem to find it. If theres one already created please could you kindly point me to the right direction.. My husband filed for my son and myself back in March 2023 (we’re both British citizens).. My son received his biometric appointment and mine followed a month later. I’ve kept an eye out on our progress and theres a month difference between our progressing time. I-130 update is they are actively reviewing our case and nothing needs to be done and the same goes for i-485. Is anyone else in a similar boat as us? Or is there anyone that have received travel documents, social security or even interview date? If so how long after your biometric was this? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello House, Please my husband submitted my I-130 form online on 14th May, we got married in Nigeria on 9th February. But up until now our case file is still showing Unavailable. Please how long does it take to receive a feedback from USCIS after submitting form I-130 online? My Husband filed my I-130 form on 14th May, but we are yet to receive a feedback from USCIS after we got our receive number immediately he subOur case status is still showing Unavailable. mitted. Please how long does it take for your
  4. I'm new here, so let me say Hello first. My husband (US citizen) is in the US military so we met and became a couple while he was stationed here in Germany. We just got married in February and he's doing the application now. I'm a lil bit worried if the additional evidence of our marriage isn't enough and I can't live with my love. Because we weren't apart until he got stationed back in the states end of 2022 we weren't traveling to visit each other so there's maybe 2 boarding passes he could upload. The other thing because he lived in the barracks we never lived together. The additional evidence to our marriage certificate we put online so far: -Joint lease for the apartment in the states -Docoument I'm on his health insurance -Document I'm on his life insurance -Statement of our joint bank account in Germany even if it's more for savings for our future. -Verification he has a financial power of attorney -Verification of my pregnancy from my Obgyn -My dependent military ID card -Screenshot of the information system I'm his dependent and contact person -a few pictures of us -affidavits from our family and friends What y'all think we could upload or is it enough? I hope someone can help Thank you :)
  5. I am a US Citizen that has lived in Canada for 30+ years. I want to move my Canadian Wife and our 5 dependant children to the US. I have heard that I should start with filing an I-130 for my wife and each child. is this the best way and if it is what is the next step from there?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'm very sorry if this is a dumb or repeated question, but I'm so confused because of conflicting things I've read. USCIS website has a blanket statement saying we can file online if we are living abroad, however the Tokyo Embassy website says we MUST mail a paper application of all documents because they don't have USCIS representation in their embassy. I called the Tokyo Embassy directly and the visa representative told me the same, I can only submit it through mail, but when I told them the USCIS website says otherwise, they backtracked and basically told me they don't know for sure. Other support websites have said online filing is perfectly fine from Japan... I'd love to hear directly from anyone who has had success submitting everything successfully online, from Japan, to make sure I'm not gonna lose $535 when I submit this 😕
  7. Guys, please advise!! My AOS marriage based interview was completed, but the case must be reviewed (Initial Review). 06/2017, my LPR husband filed I-130 before I-485 (non-concurring), receipt 09/15/2017, approved 06/25/2019. (Beneficiary, me decided to file AOS within US). We had our AOS interview last week, it was short but went smoothly. We felt very confident—per officer’s verbally told us that he was satisfied with our case. Because our I-130 was already approved, but the officer told us that still needed our physical file of I-130 from other location prior to finalizing my AOS application. We didn’t bother asking what location. (I-130 upgrade) We notified NVC National Visa Center and NBC National Benefit Center right away after my spouse became USC. The complete packet AOS we submitted was included the copy of I-130 approval notice. I am a Canadian, born in Thailand. NVC New Hampshire had notified us back in 2017 that our I-130 case will be forwarded to US embassy in Thailand where I don’t have any tie with my birthplace no more since immigrated to Canada. When typed in the NVC case number+invoice id sent from NVC NH, I see my I-130 case has been ready for an interview at US Embassy, Thailand since 2017. “My questions” 1. Any Ideas, where is my physical I-130 located, NBC, NVC New Hampshire or US Embassy Thailand? 2. How how long does it take after the USCIS local officer has requested the physical file I-130 from above locations? Any advice or sharing similar experience is greatly appreciated.
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